Age of the Vikings (Series)

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Last week, I did a show about the Age of the Vikings. Many common assumptions and myths were dispelled, and a few fascinating new truths were discovered. Not only has television been wrong about so much of Viking culture, but history itself.

Viking Falsehoods

Tonight will be Part II of this new series. The show will commence tonight (Sunday) somewhere between 11:00 PM (Eastern) and Midnight (tune in). Part I, for those who missed it, has been posted and made available.

Conquest of the New World [Series]

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Am presently in the middle of a multi-part series dealing with the process and history of European colonization in the “New World.” Unlike most of what you may have or should hear on the topic, this series delves deep into the multitude of macro factors driving this period and especially, its remembrance.

plymouth rock border fence illegal immigration

Part I (July 19th): set up the conditions in the European continent at the time prior to the start of colonization, and dealt primarily with the “discovery” of the lands and the Spanish method of dealing with the local inhabitants.

cherokee nation theft trail tears illegal jackson

Part II (July 26th): looked into the cultural differences between the two worlds (old and new), and focused on the English reasons for and methodologies of colonization [brutality], expanding into the arena of propaganda and disinformation.

palestine israel america natives indians truth

Part III (August 2nd): got into comparative analysis as to the whys differentiating the two methods and the psychology behind the copious amount of pseudophilosophical energy spent back in the old world, and expanded into the new markets were sought for the process, and the reasons behind them.

white babies america

Part IV (August 9th): will get into the details of the unique Australian experience, the nuances between this and prior methodologies of conquest, and the impetus behind the latest round of local pseudoscientific rationalization for denial.

aborigine australia dumb drunk racist

Note A: The shows have been starting between 11:00 PM and 11:30 PM on Sunday, with various parts being repeated throughout the week on the stream.

Note B: A package of the entire series of shows is now available for download at the Gumroad Site. The are raw unedited versions of the original broadcasts.

Genghis, Bolivar & Delusion

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This show was inspired by viewing three different “historical” films. The Liberator (2013), about Simon Bolivar’s campaign of freeing South America from Spanish rule and racial disparity. ’71 (2014), a soldier’s tale, about the complicated situation in Northern Ireland. Lastly, Mongol (2007), about Genghis Khan’s rise to prominence.

simon bolivar the liberatornorthern ireland seventy onemongol rise genghis khan

The question that came up [repeatedly], the same which had come up before (during the look into genocide), is what is a director’s responsibility [or obligation] to the truth when shooting a historical drama? The answer to that question may, like many things in this complex world, not be as simple as we would prefer.

In one case, it could be argued that truth borders on outrageous lies, yet the same film also provided us with a slice into the heart of matters that cuts deeper on a level the pathetic alternative media can never hope to reach. I have to apologize in regards to being confused as to the origins of the line, “If you keep dancing with the devil, one of these days he’s going to want to fuck.” Still at a loss as to source.

banker globalist money control central banking

If we put expectations on the the makers of a historical films, then should we heap the same level of trutherian ideals on pornographers? Do they bear responsibility for the idiot masses who mimic the behavior viewed on ventures designed purely with the bottom line (i.e., money, in this case), without the slightest mental process if the acts they witness are performed solely for market-driven considerations?

sex education reverse cowgirl dumb slutboy learning pregnant gang-bang internet

The topics this show is willing to broach, are but one of the reasons this broadcast has more value than all the conspIndustry shit combined. Outside of imaginary top-down speculative conspiracies, these are real events that may impact your real life. And the impact of a penile fracture is definitely something every male out there would be best served by gaining a little knowledge on how to best avoid.

cognitive mimicry learning bears cubspink floyd mama wall baby penis fracture

Our very survival, is aided by our natural instinct to mimic while young. However, when we refuse to grow up, a [fascist] nanny state may feel the need to rise around us and protect us from our worst enemies, ourselves. If we provide the nanny state with enough impetus to be overbearing, who can we realistically blame when those nannies turn out to be no better than us (when they suffer from the same malignant failings as we)? Away from the conspiratorial “answers[which amount to a pile of shit], we can ask questions: such as, when we put someone in a position whose livelihood is based on their avoiding obsolescence, are results not predictable?

british intelligence agents

It really is a shame that there are those out there so poisoned, they even interpret truths like Snowpiercer in a conspiratorially negative light (fully reviewed from a reality based perspective). But as I said within, “A person who is suffering from delusion will overlook any facts and any logic that run contrary to that delusion.”

genghis khan temüjin statuedouglas macarthur giant cock

Though I may have overused the word “phenomenal,” if ever there was a word well-suited to describe Genghis Khan’s accomplishments, that would be the one. In light of these labors, we must face the question of why are they under-appreciated by so many historians of all branches and so many among us? Beyond implicit perverse reasons and explicit conspiratorial factors known to cloud history, we are obliged to add a couple more to the list: ethnocentrism and cultural bias.

map empire mongol horde genghis kublai khan golden rome alexander the great

What saved Europe from Genghis Khan? Distance. Though I do realize that the word “saved” is a subjective term [see next paragraph], this simple herdsman would change the shape and makeup of the precolonial world like no other. Had Mongolia been located just a little further East, not only would the map of the world be entirely different today, so would the global power structure and its ethnic makeup.

savage mongolian horde battlemongol riders approaching fear terror

Here’s another perspective [found after the show, from a book I’ve yet to read]: “The Mongol army led by Genghis Khan subjugated more lands and people in twenty-five years than the Romans did in four hundred. In nearly every country the Mongols conquered, they brought an unprecedented rise in cultural communication, expanded trade, and a blossoming of civilization. Vastly more progressive than his European or Asian counterparts, Genghis Khan abolished torture, granted universal religious freedom, and smashed feudal systems of aristocratic privilege.”

mongol warrior fully armed equippedbeautiful mongolian girl

Within this podcast, you will find a frank discussion of Mongol military tactics of value found in few other places. It was a fascinating field of exploration for me, and hopefully, for many of you as well. One item implied, though not specifically delved into was the egality among the Mongol ranks. The Khans placed such a high value on the individual Mongol warrior, they outfitted and equipped him to the benefit of his success and survival like no other army before or [arguably] since.

mongol horsemen polish crusader knights battle

During the show, I should have said “Western Civilization” is based on post-Roman world built on top of a Greek/Alexandrian foundation. This foundational back-bone of the modern world, upon its consideration as the time-frame shaping our reality, can lead to some rather interesting avenues of discourse (see Fomenko show).

portraits genghis chinese arab omar shariff john wayne mona lisa

In relation and of interest are modern Russian efforts to reclaim Genghis, after the Soviets spent years trying to wipe his memory from hearts, minds and archives. With no official sanctioned portrait left behind, many have tried [and failed miserably] to reshape the image of the Great Khan to their own biased view.

mongol horsemen riders charging mountains steppes

When the Mongols came, they came with a tenacity and ferocity few could withstand. Add to that the [begrudgingly by those subjugated] granted cunning and intelligence, and you have an unstoppable force. Imagine yourself a common soldier [trying to] stand your ground as they approach. Can you? Try not to shit yourself.

riddle liberator fanny mirror lenses eyes

Once again, this show was not a review of or about the aforementioned movies, but the thought-streams they helped produce. The most intriguing of which may be, that those mirrored lenses we use to shield ourselves from the prying eyes of others, may best serve us were we to flip the mirrors to face inwards.



Note A: In regards to the discussion to comparison with English Longbowmen, worth noting (but not mentioned) is that the [inferior] European longbow technology did not come into play until long after the Mongol peak.

Note B: A few [not already linked] shows those who found this of interest may want to check out: Skeptic Descartesian Philosophy, A 100 Years of Calamity, 2000 Yeas of Military Tactics [not available yet].

Surreal Cereal Killers

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I finally got around to one of the shows I had been promising for years, and while it may not have been as “sexy” as the dubious tales of conspiratorial gore I might have once [re]canted, to a keener mind, this version should be more interesting.

tom ford sexyson of sam berkowitz

This was a nonconspiratorial, pragmatic, and down to [this] earth look at the serial killer phenomenon, along with some of the myths and legends behind it. Speculative bullshit available elsewhere is likely far sexier, but practicality has more value:

There are few headlines as titillating as “a serial killer is on the loose.” From an infotainment marketing perspective: such advertisements pitch the ideal product. The product, while posing trivial danger to our persons, [optimally] stimulates the reptilian fear center and captivates the mind with endless worst case scenarios .

miss cleo cereal devilthe wire serial killer ribbon

Beyond the corny pun [above left], the terms “cereal” and “serial,” may not be entirely unrelated (discussed previously). Truths are, more often than not, released incidentally, though in a few rare case [above right], narrated rather overtly.

henry lee lucasottis toole

Beyond fear and audience manipulation, the topic of Serial Killers can yield an intellectual gold-mine of incisive philosophical truths. Such nuggets merit the analogy, due to the difficulty inherent in their procurement. Seekers must first get past the teenage mindset of pointing fingers at “them,” and then look at them [or the phenomena], as a mirror; a reflection of who and what we may truly be.

animal house citizen x donald sutherlandlost boys kiefer sutherland

What a smarmy pair the above make. Of course, neither of these guys appear on anyone’s [subjective] roster of Who’s Who. I’m not alleging anything about Donald the Father (discussed before) or Keifer the Son (discussed before), just observing the seedy syncs which go right past most people’s [limited] fields of vision.

looking for mister goodbar richard geretheodore bundy

Coincidentally, Looking for Mr. Goodbar (1977) was released after Ted Bundy had already begun his “quiet” predatory spree. These two media releases did more to curb the careless sexual hookups of the seventies than all the Schoolhouse Syphilis Super-8 Reels combined. Not coincidentally, the message behind both parades was the same: the confident guy who approaches you with a smile is going to rape and kill you, you should have slept with the nerd [too late now, cause you’re dead].

friends sexy city seinfeld jeffrey dahmer

The reality of statistics and rudimentary police work tell us quite a different story, but don’t let that get in the way of ratings and social engineering conglomerates pushing copycatting upon those who can’t help but mimic (romance angle). If you find a guy of whom all your friends approve, that’s more likely the one who will be [most literally] feasting on your naughty bits, and not the handsome stranger.

dexter serial killermickey rourke union station

Though I’ve been leaning towards the out of control system angle versus that of conspiratorial, there are strong cases to be made for subterfuge and subversion via the documentable twisting of minds of victims [the audience] away from bases of reality. On the other hand, it can be rationally argued that when a spider reinforces and protects its elaborate web, the act falls under the definition of “natural.”

repo man john waynejohn wayne gacy is gay see

Beyond films, the amount of books written about Serial Killers has paid for the lifestyle of many an author, and shall continue to. This leads to more theories than the word credibility could ever extend. Repressed Homosexuality, could we get past the approved list of modern political correct limitations, is definitely a commonality found in such regularity among the top number crunchers that it can’t be ignored.

alexander pichuskinfrancis de assis pereiramoses sithole

During this podcast, I named a person who serially tortured and murdered over 500 people and kept a detailed diary of every act he performed, noting the name of every victim. That diary is a document of public record, yet you will not find this person’s name in any book or website listing the most prolific killers in history.

peter niers peter stump

To comprehend the bigger picture, we must first dismiss the conspiratorial revelatory nonsense spoon-fed us by the infotainment industry [e.g., MK-Ultra]. Then, we can separate reality from illusion further by wrapping our minds around the shit-stream of marketing floating around our neural pathways [MK-Mega].

conspiracy industry mel gibson julia robertscatcher in the rye tattoo pussy holden caufield

As I just implied above, a lot of theories attempting to separate the fake and real don’t account for one [plausible] crafter’s dilemma: how does one best control economically liberated people suffering from too much time on their hands. When left to their own devices, they/we tend to gravitate to the stupidest of activities.

charleze theron aileen wuornos trance formation

Whether it’s about money, control, or for sake of argument, something else; the media presentation of the concept and the gory details, is huge business. Time after time, extraordinary lengths are taken to reMind us how sexy serial killers are.

sexy cinema brasilairbags boobs funbags safety eight

Serial Killers are bad, but Sexy is good. Sexy sells. Sexy makes the world go round [literally]. And no matter how much you try to suppress your own animal nature, you can’t deny, whatever your gender, the above [right] image genuinely makes you feel really Safe.



Note: The above podcast is Commercial-Free and a Remixed, Edited, Improved and Normalized 128K version of the original broadcast aired.

Descartes Skepticism Philosophy

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Picked up where the last show left off, on the subject of perversion, and reminding us that perverts never consider themselves to be perverts, just that the rest of the world lacks the proper amount of exposure to their “truth.” That is important.

perversion defined

A pervert, in his own mind, is nothing more than a member of a misunderstood or unappreciated minority. Hence, now that we are all connected [exposure just a click away], “perverts” are compelled to invade and flood every online nook and cranny with “proof” of: the joy of golden showers, the beauty of fat naked pregnant women, the fact that “911 Was an Inside Job,” or the Joos control the world [etc.].

smoking nazi fascismbeyond good evil nietzsche

The above [left] image encapsulates so many historical and logical incongruencies, that it [may] stimulate unpredictable mental contemplation and digestion. It’s kind of like an enigma wrapped around a paradox and stuffed into a spicy burrito.

This week’s show focused on the need for healthy skepticism [download]; the often ignored legacy of the great René Descartes. To arrive at a beatific truth, we must first confront ourselves, dearly held logical fallacies, and get far beyond our flawed penchant towards dualistic/binary perspectives. What we need is philosophy.

rene descartes table of knowledgei complain therefore i am

The quest for truth leading away from the personal, leads to truth movements, which leads to Truthism. Like Communism is a perversion of community and Fascism is a perversion of fashion, Truthism is perversion of truth. Truthism is ideology. Truthism is what leads to ridiculous conspIndustry narratives such as:

victim of the solar cultthe sun is evil and stuff

When Korey Johnson and Ameena Ruffin from Towson State University won the 2014 Cross-Examination Debate Association college championship, hate-filled right-wing perverts were practically trampling each other [¿at basement door?] in their rush to flood the net with conclusive toxic perspectives. Alas, they found the “smoking gun” to validate their paranoias and bigotries (i.e., their perversions).

towson state debate champions

This smoking gun turned out to be nothing more than [self-incriminating] proof of: their own ignorance, what gullible pawns they are, their inability to research (so much hate, so little time), and their racist prejudice [effectively] blinding them. The singling out of these two girls was shameful. I guess the reaction also proves that long after the rape of Africa, the slavery of its peoples, the Civil Rights and Apartheid eras … racial intolerance and willful stupidity still plague us to this day.

davos and stannis at iron bank

Instead of taking the time to address system-wide issues emanating from our own flaws, and focusing on the root of the problem, haters shake things up by stirring [reinforcive] dissension. On the other hand, the well-meaning healers of all disparity, meddle in systems they don’t comprehend, making matters worse. Hate and kindness while being polar opposites, are both equal enemies to reason.

not descartes place in the 9 to 5 worlddo gooders suck and kill usyour nose is all up in my biz'snatch

The truth movement is an automaton, serving someone’s outside interest [and in many a case, no one’s]. It is the pseudoscientific equivalent of pharmaceutical industry trained doctors; devotedly finding and addressing symptoms, yet never fathoming root causes. Truthism is [perpetually] adolescent narcissists, minding everyone else’s business except their own. Truthism is the death of intellect.

arbeit nicht macht freigeniuses nap not the lazy

Many of you guys have been asking for ages, and I’ve [for the most part] refrained. However, during this show, I got perilously close to giving out advice to guys on how to occasionally get some hole. Also, read a “Celtic Rebel Success Story,” which the net effect of was: Life sees a new face, Truthism loses a victim, Women gain a [potential] victim, Repel Path loses a regular listener, Humanity gains a member.


I may have to adjust my improvised analogy on how Knowledge and Experience are the Hammer and Anvil in our quest to form Wisdom. Upon reflection, Time is an overabundant resource, like Air: that some use wisely, others not. Philosphy is the fire that makes our [re]creation possible. How hot are you willing to let that burn inside you? Most remain content in the tepid embers of simmering reaction cycles.

voltaire's quotations

Voltaire, who was known for throwing around as many witticisms as possible, hoping some might stick, allegedly once said, “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.” The context in which this was said remains unknown [it could apply to practically an infinite number of relationships], and there’s even dispute as to whether Voltaire actually ever said it. For shits and giggles, Google may amuse with the sheer number of reactionary simpletons who cited this quote as the flawed conclusive basis to support their perversion(s).

women cheat more than menwomen lie all the time about everything

A definite feature of Truthism, is the reliable talent pool it draws [its victims] from. For the most part (99%), this pool consists of [socially inept] beta males. It goes without saying that female companionship is an extremely rare fish in such waters. Hence, the application of deviant citations ends where self-interest begins, further ensuring the concepts broached by the surrounding imagery will continue unabated, and women tacitly encouraged to keep on being [uncontrollable] girls.

your true ruler is your femalecome on my tits silly boy

Oh, and I should add, with the exception of the last [image], which if you listened, will make massive sense. In a vain effort to find a better closing than said image, I will add: Whether you wish to influence people for the betterment of the world, or to poison your betters and bring everyone else down to your level … remember one thing: you are defined by what you do, and what you do is who you are.



Note: There are some shows related some of the topics mentioned, unfortunately they are not available at this time. I will try to back-link them here when they do: Gay Playas and Enemy Mirrors (last week), [dis]Functional Femme Fatales, and You Got Two Boobs: I Got Two Eyes.

Rise and Fall Ye Apemen

•August 22, 2011 • 25 Comments

This week, I was joined by fellow human being Eugene from The Underground Stream, to take a look at the gloomy and potential future of nuhamkind.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes Promo

Our source of inspiration for this discussion was the remarkably compassionate, yet extremely significant recent offering from The Priests of [Dead] Wood: Rise of the Planet of the Apes. Fret not, this was not a fanboy review. This was interpretation, application and transcendence. This was inspiration. This was creation.

The opposite of reaction is flow, moving along in time with the Season Cycle, and instead of fighting nature and clinging desperately to dated ideas as we find ourselves cramped, confined and suffocated. When the time has come, let go.

Fetus Gate Time ContainerThe Cycle of Seasons

Caesar (from the movie) does just that. He becomes Cain. He slays his own vanity and in the process changes the world. In case anyone is still speculative that the film-makers were not in sync with Eugene’s hypothesis of the comparison between Caesar crossing the Rubicon to destroy Rome and establish a blood line that would rule the world, and Caesar the Ape crossing the Golden Gate to create a new world in the Redwoods, you need to take a closer look at the below imagery.

Ceesar Crossing the Golden GateCaesar Crossing the Rubicon

The conspIndustry definitely has a useful function: to redirect you far away from the type of topics discussed on this show. It is imperative that you ignore the obvious. Anyone who calls themselves a “teacher” and fails to espouse the all important lessons of empathy and compassion, is utterly useless to you, and either a damn stupid nuham or a damn good conman, telling you exactly what you want to hear.

Evolution is Revolution

There is not a single human event, not one period in all of recorded human history, that is anything more than a minor blip in relation to the amount of animals that we collectively abuse, mutilate, torture, and slaughter on a daily basis. Not a one.

Animal Testing Damns Our Souls

And, as I stipulated long ago, if we see the bars and fail to see the mirror, then we are indeed doomed, and rightly so. When our time is up, our last hope may be that we are left with only one face to acknowledge and point a finger at: our own.

Ape Cage MirrorMan Cage Mirror

I’m glad I brought Eugene on, for he brought his obscure perspectives, and from these came the moral of the story of Peter and Judas. That lesson, is among many, those shifting from one reactionary perspective to the next, will miss [by design].

Monkey JesusLight Input Subdivisions

Our gates of light, have many lessons to offer us, and if we meditate on them in tranquility and with wisdom, we may pick up cosmic cues. As I realized after listening to [and reflecting on] the show myself, the “noise” of the conspIndustry was very likely designed to help us make sure we, the monkeys, miss them too.

Monolith 2001 Apes

We’re too busy stuffing death into our π hole, and lavishly decorating our own hell, with the shit that comes out of our other π hole, or that noise we regurgitate out of our former π hole (you know, that shit we spew out and and label as our “ideas”).

Mark Ryden Angelica CarnisGehenna is the Aparment Hell we Create with our Mouths

A real teacher like Plutarch will tell us “But for the sake of some little mouthful of flesh we deprive a soul of the sun and light, and of that proportion of life and time it had been born into the world to enjoy.” A shit/noise merchant will tell us that the pope is the leader of some imaginary Babylonian alien fish cult. When we open our gates to the latter, even for entertainment’s sake, wisdom seeps like diarrhea.

Led Zeppelin Pederast Hole BonanzaPope Wears a Fishy Vagina Hat

The chains by which our enemies bind us, are the same rules we forged to prevent those who annoy us from interfering with our [temperemental] sense of what is “right”. The blame for sapping all joy from even the most basic of natural activities lies squarely on our own lap. We even restrict our own relationship to the water, that which connects us to every one and everything on this planet [and beyond].

Beach Is No FunWestern Beaches Have Too Many Fucking Signs

But, what is the point at this late stage of our [de]evolution? Below, Ceasar has apparently [blatantly to those with their eyes not covered with crud] grasped the lessons of empathy and compassion. The creature he is “feeling” for is one who is not even his own species. As for as humans, most are far from capable of that accomplishment, and a good many are so hopelessly stupid, we can’t even feel that for those of our own species whose skin-tone is a few shades darker or lighter.

Ape Empathy and Compassion

Some won’t like this film, for the heavy hand the film-makes took on occasion; the lovely mockery that is the flinging of our own poo back in our face (an activity us apes relegate to our captive “superiors”). Several thousands years have failed to instill this lesson, so you can’t blame them or the many teachers who have come and gone. It’s all part of the [meat] show.

Note: Here’s a few of the links to some of the mentioned prior shows, and [not mentioned] related subsequent shows: Wading in the Drowning Pool, Dark Knight in Retrospect, Event Horizon Jesus, Waters of History, and Snowpiercer Got It Right.

An Undying September

•September 8, 2019 • Leave a Comment

Devia ter amado mais
Ter chorado mais
Ter visto o sol nascer

Devia ter arriscado mais
E até errado mais
Ter feito o que eu queria fazer…

Those words, which oddly enough were heard verbatim through the cosmic randomness of synchronicity, seem quite fitting a few days into the journey. I’ve decided to finally take some of my own advice and am out and about, wandering this wonderful world full of joys and sorrows. There won’t be any shows through throughout this month, because I will be busy living.

There will be shows again when (and if) I return. Maybe I’ll even address the (dearth of) archives issue. But, as the opening words imply, such matters seem ridiculously irrelevant at this point in time.

For those who’ve contributed dinars, dollars and drachmas during the period, I appreciate your patience and support. We will speak, when the day comes I find myself on overly familiar shores again.

A Long Overdue Update

•October 15, 2017 • 3 Comments

Yes, I have not updated this site in ages. But, for those unaware, I am still doing a show weekly on It still airs every Sunday and starts somewhere between 11:00 PM and and midnight. You can hear the shows by tuning in live, download them from the gumroad site, or the best option, to subscribe (support the show).

harvey weinstein

A few have reached out asking for an opinion or commenting that the Harvey Weinstein show somehow validates things I’ve been saying for ages. As usual, there is a lot more going on beneath the surface than the dog and pony show for the masses and conspindustrists. My present series was addressing the root of a far bigger problem and matters related to the Weinstein will hence be discussed.

Beautiful Historical Nudes [Series]

•May 17, 2016 • 2 Comments

Of late, while focused on music from the past, I was trying to find an image to represent the year 1970 and I was fortunate to stumble upon this beauty I might have otherwise never gazed upon. The name of the lovely creature in the white bikini below is Sharon Clark and she is Playboy’s Playmate of the Year for 1970.

sharon clark buttsahron clark perfect

Sharon is now pertinent again for a couple of reasons. One, through the absolute perfection that is her derriere, she has renewed my faith in God. Two, she has inspired a journey where I have learned quite a bit about the modern history of the display of the [rather specific] place from where we all came. The history of the presentation of our wonderfully-constructed fiendishly-divine unstable creatures we for lack of better terms, call women. 🙂 The details of said journey bare sharing.

sharon clark bookssharon clark woman

The first part of the series has already aired [May 8th]. There are many more parts a’comin. The shows cover not only the progressive history of the display of the parts of women that our very own nature compels us to [over] contemplate, but a wide-range of inter-related topics, and a plethora mind-twisting relevant (and revelant) historical footnotes. Of course, you have the option to listen in Sunday nights for free, as there will be generous heapings of “show and tell”. 🙂

Announcement and Reminder

•April 23, 2016 • 1 Comment

My apologies for having neglected this site for quite some time. My energies have been devoted to some real world projects and I have been unable to get the old archives edited and posted. However, the weekly show has been continuing unabated and the Gumroad Site is being updated with the latest show every week.

Blue Adele and More Absurdities

I have recently dropped the price of the monthly subscription to $5.99 [subscribe]. Again, this gives you access to the last six shows and each subsequent show shortly after it airs. I have also dropped the price of the “raw” shows to $1.99 for anyone wishing to purchase them a la carte [view list].

In lieu of editing the archive library [present listing], for now, I have been putting a little more effort into normalizing and fine-tuning the weekly shows, so those could be considered close to a final product. As soon as I get some of the sorting issues worked out, I will be making more of said library available on said site.

If you have not been tuning in of late, the above composite may provide you with some idea of just a few of topics in the most recent series we are in the middle of. The live show airs every Sunday between 11:00 PM and 12:00 AM and is still free. Tune in and find out why it is still years ahead of the competition and still the best show on the net.

George Romero’s Zombies [P1]

•September 8, 2015 • 1 Comment

Well, I’ve finally delivered on part of a long time promise (zombies). Part one of this new multi-part series aired this past Sunday night, focusing on Night of the Living Dead (1968) and the Remake (1990). More to follow in the coming weeks.


For those who missed it, the show is available for download @ The Raw Archive Site. Part Two was on Dawn of the Dead. Part III will be on Day of the Dead.

Subscriptions and Archives

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You have been speaking, and I have, on a few recent occasions, actually been listening. Yes, honestly! 😉 As I’ve mentioned before, I have been making an effort to make prior shows available, and doing so rather prodigiously of late.

Eyeing the Boobs and Not Listening

However, many of you are not content to wait for the edited shows to be released (and understandably so, when I contemplate how long it may take me to get around to all of them). What you are saying is that you want access to the archives now.

Membership Subscription

Alas, I have found a means of doing so, and though I was previously disinclined to Membership plans, there is really no other way to deliver them (no, they will not be posted for free in the chat anymore). Now, there is a new option available:

A Membership: gives you access to approximately the last month of shows, and every new show posted while you maintain your membership. This will be the raw unedited stream of each week’s show (with minimal technical adjustments).

george martin sansa stark truthernest hemingway nobility

As discussed in the most recent show, there come times where we (myself, and better men) walk away from the grind, for good reason, and then, we eventually get back to it. This is still the best show in the entirety of alternative media, it has gone way beyond where most have settled, and whether you appreciate my doing so, or not, it is [way] past time I made some type of effort to assign a value to it. Yes, you will still be able to listen to the live show for free on the caster stream.

Director George A. Romero on Set 1985

So, now the system I’ve talked about for so many years, is finally in place. Which can only mean one thing: the shows I’ve been promising for years now, are a’comin.


Note: Whether you get a subscription, or record the live shows, please be advised that reposting the shows or any portions thereof, is your agreement to buy a site license of the broadcast and pay site license pricing.

Celtic Rebel Calls Infowars

•May 3, 2015 • 1 Comment

I found something in one of my video production folders that was long neglected and almost forgotten. A fan of the blog/show had once created some animation for my “call” to Alex Jones. He abandoned the project, sent me the work files and absconded from the “truth” game. This past week, while updating, I [re]discovered the project folder and the two-minute animation sample was too good to leave buried. Thus, I learned a few new skills, and am now proud to present you with:

I know several have mimicked this segment since [i.e., stolen my shit]. This was recorded over five years ago and for those who have [likely] forgotten the [back] story: Jones had made a big deal about releasing [Live @ Infowars] a controversial recording where Charlie Sheen confronts Obama about the “New World Order.” It turned out to be a hypothetical conversation that Sheen had stitched together.

Jesus Jones Sheen Rebel Crowe

This recording was originally aired as part of the IN2012ZIONOZ Show (podcast now available), which has since been logically decoupled from the related Burning Ring of Fire [VII] posting.


Note A: For those who subscribe to updates via Readers or E-mail, I apologize about last week’s mini flood of posts caused by my splitting up prior shows and posts. I have since figured out a way to minimize that, though some split up posts will still show up as new, but only when their archive becomes available.

Note B: For those wondering why most of the shows made available for download so far have been significantly older, it is because they were the ones already edited. I have nearly gotten caught up with all of those now, and will try to alternate releasing newer shows and “in-demand” archives going forward.

Major Site Update(s)

•April 17, 2015 • 3 Comments

A couple of years ago, I decided to take some spiritual advice from God. Technically not God, but the actor who plays God [and coincidentally, the male fabricated polar opposite of Lucifer, aka Red, aka Luscious Fox]. No, that advice wasn’t the trendy “have sex with a young blood relative,” but the older and familiar conjunctive:

Get Busy Living

Hence I took that advice [the former option in picture] and seriously neglected this site [understatement]. Hence, not only have shows not been getting posted, but pretty much any task pertaining to my web presence was neglected. After the archive server terminated, this site turned into a frustrating myriad of broken links, became a general mess and is presumably, anything other than “inviting.”

Natasha Tends to Halt All Production

Life’s granted me some free time of late. Also, Natasha has gone back to Russia and is no longer around to distract me with her evil devotion to frivolity. So, I have undertaken the monstrous [understatement again] task of updating this site. You may have already noticed a few of the more obvious changes.

I plan to eventually make all shows available again [discussed in detail Sunday], but that will take quite some time. A few have already been made available (check the respective podcast menus). You can encourage me to speed up the pace of putting more out [and free] by buying the improved HQ (128K) Versions of prior shows.

New Menu

Once I get [more] caught up, there will likely be no more shows posted in the chat room. I do realize the time of broadcast is not conducive to everyone catching live (even though it gets rebroadcast a couple times after end). A remedy may be to rebroadcast the show every week, say Thursday nights @ 8:00 PM? Chime in.

Keep an eye on the image menu [to the right] for updates and the top listed articles on this site (“stickies”) for changes. And yes, as mentioned (on show), this means I can now finally get around to do those long-promised topics I’ve put off for years… 👿 And heck, maybe even, start making videos again. 🙂

Celtic Punk Tuesday

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Seeing today’s date and the event, have set the stream to broadcast Celtic oriented music exclusively. I’ll be heading out, but the music will be playing all night.

flaming reptile redhead lucy saint patricia

If you missed Sunday’s related topical show about the Green and the Black … that should be available in the chatroom for a while.

Human Genocide and You

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I chanced upon the new Russell Crowe film this past week. To its credit, it wasn’t completely “horrible.” Not only has it managed to inspire quite a bit of international controversy, but it also inspired a rather productive and incisive show this Sunday.

the water diviner

The main topic it led to the discussion of, is the bone of contention that has led to the “controversy” … what is a film maker’s obligation to historical truth, especially if it touches close to an area of history where genocide occurred?

I had kidded the week before (for dramatic comedy’s sake), that with the recent turn of events in Greece, we better to keep an eye out for some ridiculous omens. So, did find it disturbing to see these said omens had already begun appearing.

greeks are now evil

I could say more in regards to the cheapening of the term [genocide] by wankers with overstimulated imaginations and understimulated libidos crying about illusionary injustice. The once accidental, and now intentional juxtaposition of below images, says a hell of a lot more than any amount of cold logic could ever.

real rwanda genocidewhite hipster genocide

During the show, I tried, and I believe succeeded, in defining GENOCIDE in an objective manner, one free from political correctness, emotional reaction, and personal bias. But, it was a challenge to keep a straight face while considering the team belonging to the thought stream’s inspirator. Are you fucking kidding me?

definition of genociderussell crowe's rabbit hole oh's

The Armenian Genocide, and the brutal methodology employed in every calculated step from inception to execution, is one of the most horrific tragedies (arguably, the most), in the entirety of human history. For those unfamiliar with the details, the podcast contains a detailed college-level lecture on the sequence of events.

armenian genocidearmenian genocide

In fairness, Crowe’s film wasn’t as ridiculous as most in its genre. It was nowhere near as wildly manipulative and historically erratic as the cheesy emotional trigger laden schlockfest known as Shaving Ryan’s Privates. Though far from the absurdity of the flight of homoerotic [Hellene shaming] fancy 300, the [requisite] inclusion of the fatherless little boy meme was a lingering and nagging concern for me.

come and see propoganda

Speaking of absurd, the above may seem extreme, but you wouldn’t have to to search long to find worse. Extreme propaganda, and its resultant polarized victims on either side, gravitate to major historical figures like, well, flies to shit. It’s the rare intellect (Nikos Kazantzakis being a prime example), who can remain free of emotion, look in the mirror before pointing at others, and thus contemplate and see through the human condition, and not end up “smelling like roses.”

zorba the greek kazantzakissaint hitler jesuskamal ataturk

On the other hand, we have the stooges below. For those with [real] eyes to see, the symbols reveal all. Honoring the memory of those butchers is inexcusable.

young turkish rodyoung turk douchebag

Had I a bit more prep time, I would have devoted a few more words to what may well supplant the Armenian episode as the worst “genocide” to which humanity can lay claim: King Leopold and the Belgian Crimes in the Congo. Perhaps another time?

king cunt leopoldcongo hand trafficleopold the hipster

Unlike anything else you may hear in the media victim-net, this show asked the tough questions, those an adolescent mind won’t allow one to ever contemplate. Before we point a finger at, or dare judge, a perceived or imagined oppressor, we better take a long hard look in the mirror first (with our eyes, and heart, open).

tasmania indignitytasmanian genocide

For the record, and speaking to the controversy, the Tasmanian Genocide took place much closer to home for the owner of “The Rabbit Oh’s.” Did I wax on too long in defense of film makers and their obligation to the nebulous truth? Did I read too much into the fatherless young boy angle of The Water Diviner? Take a good close look at the below image. A history of listening to this show and a detailed memory of Don’t Go West in it’s entirety should not need be prerequisite.

russell crowe banging the mudhole

The above showed up with uncanny regularity while looking further into Crowe’s film. Perhaps, its because some people really really like the image, because it’s so, uh endearing? Ugh! Sometimes I hate being right.



Note: The mentioned show of the prior week where I discuss the events in Greece, and kidded about anti-Hellenic propaganda is not yet available. When it is released, I will try to remember to backlink it here.

Katy Perry Super Ritual Decoded

•February 2, 2015 • 1 Comment

I could not believe what was unfolding before my very eyes as I was subjected to the mass predictive programming ritual known as The Super Bowl Halftime Show™.

Transhuman Lucy No Fur

I rushed home immediately to do an emergency broadcast, because I care about saving you [and your family] from the evil emanating from The Mind Control Box©:

I’ve since edited the show down (because THE MESSAGE is super important AND stuff) and added a few sound effects (to emphasize the PURE EVIL we witnessed).

White GenocideMy Boobs Were Once Huge

Oddly enough, just recalled that Katy Perry and what she may endured to get onto the big stage came up in one of my first few podcasts (not for the timid).

Multiculturalist Marxism

Can you handle The Truth? There was a hell of lot more sexually degenerative false-flag occult satanic illuminati mk-ultra monarch freemasonic überjoo mind-control covered in the show that went far beyond the most blatant examples demonstrated here pictorially. If you value your future, and being around to actually enjoy it … then this show is a must-listen. To be forewarned is to be forearmed!

worship the big black cock

Are you just going to continue to let THEM do this to YOU? Can you face your future children and say, “Hey, yea, I could have tried to stop it, but didn’t. So sorry!”

Jumping the Jewish Shark Tank

Incidentally, considering the time of broadcast (11:00 PM), I could safely surmise this was the first “break-down” analysis of the Halftime Show aired. I could also probably just as safely surmise pretty much everything broadcast afterwards was no less wildly speculative and no less ridiculous.



Note: Those of you who enjoyed this show, will probably enjoy reading an article I wrote in a similar vein a few years back. Those who didn’t, would probably hate that one as well. Yea, it produced some hate mail (people need to lighten up).

Mathematic Antithesis of His Story

•January 19, 2015 • 5 Comments

Having spent the last four weeks talking about “real” history while avoiding “crazy” conspiratorial slants, tonight I flipped the counter-weights full-over to the other side.

Anatoly Fomenko

Before there was a “la-la girl,” another Crazy Ivan would occasionally be interjected into this show. His name is Anatoly Fomenko, and he has some crazy theories about our past.

Got into Fomenko’s theories in great detail (almost 5 hours worth actually). Though, the volume of his writings could justify hundreds of hours of discussion. Patience is a virtue. The show will become available.

Genghis Khan

The man [immediately] above, wasn’t exactly one extolling the virtues of patience, but he may (or may not) have a lot to do with a potential end-game of historical revision.

A 100 Years of Calamity

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The 100 Years War between France and England, was definitely the longest war of all time, and probably, for the common man living in France at least, the most horrendous time in human history to endure this thing we call “living.” The conflict was begun by two kings, neither of whose grandchildren would live to see the end.

English ArchersFrench Knights

On this show, I look back at that period of time, referencing the prior two shows dealing with the reality of the dark ages and the history of military tactics, in order to better understand the then, and more importantly, the now [download]:

The war’s effect on the lives of commoners would [as demonstrated throughout the show] affect the course of human history, long after this war and these ages would pass, well into the now, and far beyond into the future. The battles of Agincourt, Poitiers and Crécy, while giving strategic lessons on tactics to military historians, offer us a wealth of information about ourselves [if we dare face the mirror].

The JacquerieJoan of Arc

As Paul Kelly once sang, “In the hour of greatest slaughter the great avenger is being born.” And during such a long conflict, that formula eventually bore a child: a true “miracle” nascented. But, we can’t let things such as miracles upset social order. The incriminating soot of guilt for the incineration of said miracle, covers not English or Burgundian hands, but abounds on those of the French themselves.

Sweet Mama CleavageThis Monkey's Gone to Heaven

Though, to look at the horrors of the period, without acknowledging the fruits, would make this show plummet into the whiny victim trap that the conspIndustry calls “home.” A pudgy Bavarian Queen named Isabeau not only provided us with some fascinating tales, but left behind a legacy every red-blooded male on this planet is grateful for. 😀 Anyone else have that Pixies song stuck in their head?

Sir John HawkwoodTwo Pope Schism

The turmoil in the Italian city-states dragged in participants from continental Europe and beyond, even those in the middle of their own centurial conflict. Chaos creates opportunity for those seeking fortune in the misery of others. Sir John Hawkwood, turned banditry into eternal life, and word has it that Russell Brand has been greenlighted for an “action comedy” focusing on Hawkwood. Alas, we will now be graced with a fresh look at Sir John from a [very] anally-fixated viewpoint. 😦

Lord Walder FreyBayezid the 1st

When reading fiction, the [inFormed] teacher is usually quick to remind us to consider we are seeing the tale from the narrator’s perspective. The [Western] teacher who cautions us to the [European] bias of historical narrators is a rarity.

Entangling alliances and feudal oaths, are only but a part of the picture of a much bigger landscape. Lord Walder Frey could have consulted Bayezid the 1st, on how to solve the inevitable problems resulting from too many heirs. While Bayaezid’s methods may seem extreme to some [or all] of us, we should consider this “Turk,” not only taught the powers of Europe a lesson in humility, but also one in mercy.

Hussite Wagon Perimeter17 Year Old Czech Girls

The phenomenal accomplishments of the Hussites on the battlefield, paved the way for the weakening of class structure and church power like nothing before. Perhaps, that is why the Soviets had to bottle up the Czechs for so long? Once the wall fell, the Czechs yet again unleashed their crude, yet common, arsenal of weapons on males deceiving themselves as being “battle-hardened” and ready. 🙄



Note A: The prior two shows, which build a good base for understanding a bit of what was going on during this period, are not yet available. The following show, took a look at said periods of history, with new eyes.

Note B: To give credit where credit is due, a big part of the inspiration for this show, and source for a few of the fascinating tales shared within is Barbara Tuchman’s A Distant Mirror: The Calamitous 14th Century. Appropriately entitled, and highly recommended.

Of Evolution and Revolution…

•October 16, 2014 • 9 Comments

Evolution. When did a lizard dream that one day he might sprout wings and soar the skies, or was such a dream even dared, or even conceived? Much of what we know about evolution, like much else, is of theorems, lies, conjecture, and a smattering of truths, all compounded by years of diversion and dilution via an endless child-like game of telephone, where the participants are too smart to realize they are playing.

the lizard who dares

Life evolves. Systems evolve. Cells evolve. People [can] evolve. The entire universe, from the lowest microcosm, to the largest and most unfathomable macrocosm, are constantly shifting, shaping, devolving and yes, even evolving … all towards destinations unknown and unimaginable (to us lizards that is).

To speak of our destination, not only reeks of arrogance, but spells more our ignorance. For we, mankind, have but a feeble grasp of understanding our origins, and an even feebler comprehension of this snapshot in time we call “the now.”

When systems are driven by common purpose, be that purpose something as benign as embetterment, evolution becomes possible. However, there is one caveat to such taking place, and that is the drive must tempered in recognition of the absolute and nonnegotiable constraints of universal law.

Kid, stay and snip your cord off, talk and let your mind loose
Can’t all think like Chekov but you’ll be okay

Kid, swallow but believe us, you won’t die of boredom
Should you have to leave us, it’ll be alright

Welcome to the garden of earthly delights
This is your life and you do what you want to do,
just don’t hurt nobody ‘less of course they ask you

–Andy Partridge

If there is a “war” to ponder, it is the ongoing struggle betwixt those who wish to evolve, versus those who strive to maintain the status quo. Those who ponder the stars and see opportunity, versus those who see an unknown blackness ready to swallow them whole (death). Those who see a journey for which all preparation is moot, versus those who see alien overlords and intergalactic conspiracies. Put into simpler terms, the latter are those who fear change.

A revolution is the completion of a cycle, where you end up right back where you started, ergo “the status quo.” A shuffling of cells, or units, or persons, may have taken place, yet evolution has been thwarted.

The conspiracy movement is aimed at those who fear. It is aimed at the child inside us who wants to stay a child forever. We want to keep playing. We want to face imaginary monsters. We will do whatever it takes, because we “know” (i.e., we “fear”) should we grow up, the fun stops. Better to battle monsters we can imagine, than turn and face the unimaginable. So, we play our games, oblivious to the universe, and the laws of nature shouting: “It’s time to let go and grow.”

captain hook nose

We surround ourselves with other of like mind, others who fear and together we will huddle, reinforcing the righteousness of our paranoia, seeking enemies in the now, those who would keep us down; so that we can revolt against them. We imagine ourselves wizards and warriors, roll our dice and slip further into  a universe filled with peril and danger, one where all powerful imaginary illuminist organizations seek to wipe us out, one where Jews hide under every cushion (right next to the loose change, of course), and snarks and grumpkins undermine our every move.

Trapped in a world where the speed of technological distraction has made real life seem wan in comparison, it is psychologically easier to believe in an illusionary world where what we hear and read encapsulates our mind and overrides the slow paced mundane world of real life we might otherwise be forced to endure and more importantly, observe. Fictional holocausts and imaginary genocides of unseen scales are easier to swallow [believe] than our own ominous shadow, screaming for our attention. He wants us to grow, therefore we must ignore him. Run away!

our own shadow

The Conspindustry [©CR] is a cancer, one which seeks to divide cells against one another, to war, to incite, to enflame, to revolt, to recycle, to stagnate … and stagnation, ultimately, is death. As I began this new direction, I announced to those wondering where I was going, that I was giving you a gift, and that gift was “life.”

At the time, I considered it a word-ploy, a clever way to introduce a new direction along with a song of similar sentiment. Now, from an evolutionary system perspective, in the direction the show has taken as of late, I see the literal interpretation. This is Life. This is The future. This is The Great Unknown.

symbolic mysteries unencoded

Honestly, back then I thought I’d have surely have walked away from all of this by now … though, as I look forward into the hazy unknown, I see a reason, I see a purpose … and thus, the show will continue every Sunday night on the stream. Until I find the time to come up with a system for making the archives available, you’ll have to continue finding them in the chat room.

Those who’ve grown weary of being reptiles are welcome to join us.

Guest MC [Dallas Goldbug]

•July 13, 2014 • 3 Comments

I was indisposed and unable to do a live show Sunday, and the notorious Ed Chiarini (aka Dallas Goldbug) volunteered to fill in. Ed went on to have someone make a video of the entirety of the show and post to YouTube. Thus, am [finally] posting:

As insane as some of you paranoid conspindustrists may think Ed is, Ed was extremely professional and did a pretty good job for his first time hosting a show. Though not in any way meant as a backhanded compliment, it allayed my nerves a lot more than the utter disaster my only prior guest hosting scenario turned into.

Rape Drama Consent & Omegas [1]

•June 1, 2014 • 3 Comments

No denying the current level of feminist insanity has been dialed up past 11, thanks in no small part to the infamous failed “woman-hater” named Toilet (Elliot) Fucker (Roger).

The Rape of Cersei

Well, he’s really not responsible for it. Those responsible are the twisted [self-described] “victims of the patriarchy” who’ve seized on the event spin their webs.

The Hot Consensual Incest of Cersei

Their prior webs managed to [mentally] entangle quite a few victims. The public outcry due to mass misinterpretation of a love scene in a recent episode of HBO’s Game of Thrones as “The Rape of Cersei” attests to that. Incest, Child-Murder, Torture, Castration, Disembowlement and Mutilation are petty things when contrasted against a woman not explicitly uttering the word “yes” before penetration occurs.


Tonight’s show picked up where the discussion on Elliot left off and got into the [alleged] Rape of Cersei. From there we got into rape culture and victim culture, question facts instead of getting caught up in an emotional Pavlovian web.

All Men Are Rapists

This was the start of a three part series on these relative and relevant issues. The others to be posted…

Snowpiercer Gets It Right (PC)

•March 31, 2014 • 10 Comments

Recently saw the movie Snowpiercer (2013). Afterwards, as time began progressing and I began reflecting, couldn’t help but realeyes that the film is about precisely what I have been speaking of lately. Thus, devoted Sunday’s whole show to it.

Le Transperceneige

This will be one of those rare times I feel I must warn you the show will be full of spoilers. So, do watch it before listening. The film contains some rather well thought-out sequences and quite a few surprises [kudos to writer and director].

This content of the show most definitely falls under the post-conspiratorial slant this show has been taking, and on many occasions borders the anti-conspiratorial realm. Some simple minds may be prone to interpret pragmatism as eltism.

The Masses of Humanity

I found it of interesting that the movie actually points a finger to chemtrails as the primary culprit as to why the world froze over. Those of us who rely on observation instead of information dissemination [mainstream or alternative] have correlated their presence to a rise in temperature. That said, I did come up with my own wacky theory a long time ago. The hinted at songs in the images [below] may not appear on the podcast, but quite a few really awesome songs about trains do.

Chemtrails the CulpritClub Kids Party Train

As discussed, the creator of the graphic novel took some time considering factors such as the circumference of the track and potential consequences to the perspective(s) of inhabitants. For those of you who’ve never seen it, here it is:

The Snowpiercer Track Around the World

It was truly remarkable how well this film about life on a train so thoroughly encapsulated so many aspects of the lives of so many [if not all] on this planet.

Happy New Year

With a lot of the film focused on energy, of both the train itself, and that required by the inhabitants within it; my concept of The Human Stargate is an integral part of understanding the [significantly] bigger picture. Interestingly enough, from a syncromystic perspective, my [prospective] “last word” on the topic was in a post I entitled Back on the Right Track [2]. To its credit, this film is also the first vehicle I’ve seen in quite some time, that did not probe the topic with the compulsory homoerotic coprophile [child/idiot/victim]-friendly bunny rabbit lecture aids.

Celtic Rebel's Human Stargate: Not Meant for the Stupid

As I said at the beginning, it touched on so many key points of my evolutionary view beyond the victimhood, into one of impartial observation and comprehension.

You Want to Save Them?

Dealing with surplus human resources is an age old problem. Not accounting for it, is simply asinine. When those in positions to make decisions attempt to, reactions to said accounts usually swing far towards paranoid, and far from pragmatic.

United Nations Rio Summit 1992 Jones EvilLittle Finger Game of Thrones Small Council

The choice of the two primary victim representatives as “crazy ginger boy” and “crazy black lady” could not have been random. There is a common long historical bond of chains, abuse [and of course, complaining] between the two (discussed long ago). Thus, [not] odd to find these two caricatures, who once worked side by side in the fields [yet tend to hate each other for psych-o-reasons] side by side below.

Irish Slave and Black Slave

Turn the Irony Meter up to 10 please. The folly of conflict between the masses of haves and have nots in the system, was loud enough to be heard by those without layers of conspindustry wax caked [word chosen intentionally] in their ears.

Kill the Pregnant Bitch to Save Our Babies

The synchromystic knife is a useful tool for cutting out a few oddities (unrelated events that are uncannily related). The below [left] image named “Freemont Babies,” was left over from my ([recently] updated post concerning the Fremont Solstice Parade [now available]. Allegedly, said image was unrelated to the parade [hence, why I left it out], yet in a beyond uncanny manner, it syncs eerily to the subsequent image of Snowpiercer’s Boy [¿or is it g-host?] in[side] the Machine.

Freemont BabiesLittle Boy in the Machine

The world within a world within a world. Is it too much to ask for a little love for the architect; he who gets blamed for everything that goes wrong, yet gets absolutely no credit for things actually working and going right (which is most of the time)?


And, whether by cosmic synchronicity, or through intelligent design, it answers the most rudimentary of all riddles. The same all great thinkers through time inevitably arrive at, but continues to evade all of even the most strident seekers of “truth.”

Alpha and Omega

And that’s all folks. That’s the end.



Note A: The mentioned review of Being There with Peter Sellers, can be found at Being in the Garden of Earthly Delight, and a thorough elucidation on the Macrocosm versus the Microcosm can be found at As Below So Above (Wisdom).

Note B: Though I rarely ever do this (for good reason), I feel compelled to applaud Joon-ho Bong and Kelly Masterson for bringing us this superb film, and Chris Evans, Ed Harris, Tilda Swinton, Kang-ho Song and John Hurt for their impressive performances conveying the subtext.

Where Has the Damn Rebel Been?

•November 12, 2013 • 10 Comments

Busy. Dealing with a lot of “stuff” that demands a lot of my time an energy. Have not had the free time I’ve had in the past. Hence, why no uploads or updates.

Tale of Two Cities

I have [still] been doing live shows just about every week (same place). For those not aware, someone has been kind enough to post the shows in the rebel path chatroom the day following the show [for some time}. Wanted to share this:

Why the above song? Cause it’s bloody good; there is not a hidden reason behind everything … hm, maybe I’ll talk about that next show. 😉 Oh yeah, and unless you’re afraid of vagina, be sure to vote for the stream [1500 is the New Goal]!

Epicurus Loves Peaches

As for the free time I’m left with, I’ve decided to heed the advice of a Wise Hellene as to how do best make use of it. So, I’m taking as many moments as possible to enjoy the fruits of this Earth, having neglected them for far too long. Hopefully, many of you also made or are making the transition from “bitching” to “living.”

A Lovely Peach

Nerd Moment: This conpindustry has made us all too rigid, like Stannis Baratheon. When his brother offered him a peach, he didn’t take the time to enjoy it, and first interpreted it as a danger. He would later devote much time overguessing its significance. Don’t let me hear you also say, “That peach will vex me to my dying day.”

Sometimes a peach is just a peach, and sometimes, it’s a hell of a lot more (but not never an evil ploy). They [insert name of group we blame for our woes], are just not that clever.

Will to Power [1]: The Circle

•September 18, 2013 • 6 Comments

Well, after a couple of teasers and few guesses, and an overlong delay, the first of the new series is now available. They mystery of the circle, was, on one level, an overwhelming sense of Deja Vu. So simple, we should have known it as children.

kid coloring circle wash rinse repeat deja vu

That was only the beginning, numerous topics were covered in this show, which I believe to be a solid step forward, not only for a new multi-part series, but also a new direction for the show itself (unless you consider the nature of the circle). 😉

I admitted the nature of the ailment that brought me to the outer edge of the circle, how many others are brave enough to look into the mirror of truth?

alternative media psychological disorder laundry list

The Why, Hows and “Whos” should all be coming together now and a lot clearer once we look above and below the circle, and see a much bigger picture.

magik mind control victim programming holographic universeindependent life em-betterment through self control

And if it doesn’t yet, it should make a lot more sense after Part II and Part III is released…. Perhaps you’ll even get to hear Mike Scott crow, “I’m starting to see a bigger picture. [And now] I’m beginning to colour it in.”



Note: This is part of a multipart series: Part II (Dysfunction), Part III [Pending].

Will to Power [2]: Dysfunction

•September 16, 2013 • 11 Comments

What you see and what you hear, both happen to be sensory inputs which are easily controlled. What you “feel” is another matter entirely. But, unfortunately for many of us, you have to regain your humanity before you can begin to trust that sense.

aleister crowley: the most evil man that ever livedhelena blavatsky: satanic new world order architectrudolf steiner: nazi united nations schemer

Continued from the previous week/show, expanded more on the mystery of the circle, and focused on very real, practical and personal magik that we are capable of. The show is playable below [download 32K version for free]:

Again perspective, as I’ve been expanding on throughout the year, is truly a matter of how much control we have of our mind, and hence, our world. I’m sure, the below image may look foreign, yet eerily familiar to many. On the other hand, perhaps the colloquialism about how all the lunatics are locked outside the asylum may, as far as victims of “the truth” are concerned, be somewhat accurate.

the asylum of truth

The SAD TRUTH is that most who’ve been exposed to the truth have been conned into identifying those around them as Zombies, while doing struggling to avoid confronting the reality of the below “dream home” they long since realized.

choose death: the coffin box home

Sorry for the delay in getting this out, have been quite busy. Should body be able and spirit be willing, Part III of the series should air on Sunday, October 6th.



Note A: The above download is a 128K version of the [free] 32K version included herein. Naturally, the sound quality is a lot clearer and a lot less “tinny.”

Note B: This is part of a multipart series: Part I (The Circle), Part III [Pending].

The Power of Words

•August 27, 2013 • 11 Comments

Words are potent. The PenIs mightier than the sWord. One Simple Word, “No,” can render the sWord imPotent, stopping creation in its tracks. Words are magik[all].

depeche modein the beginning was the word: john

This show was/is/will be about the words, the lingustical constructs, that we string together with our lingual extensions, our tongues [download free 32k version]:

The quest for truth and beauty, and the multiple uses of our tongue are intimately related. We may not be able to utter the name of God (om), but we do apply our tongue liberally in pursuit of both truth and beauty. As the “Stealing Beauty” image [below] demonstrates, one minor lingual misstep on the quest to connect to our creator may lead you us to the truth instead, and that truth is inevitably, shit.

the word om or aumliv tyler's vagina

What effects have the words of others had on you? What effect have your words had on others? What are the shared burdens of the recipient and the messenger?

inspire othersinspiration lantern

If you don’t seize control of your own mind, and become a victim of events, then you may not only find yourself surrounded by events that control you, but also looking at a face in the mirror you no longer recognize as yourself. Roger Waters created an excellent album and a wonderful movie about just that: The Wall.

the wall heartbreak and insanitypink floyd fascist results

Of course, there was a lot more to the show. Many [expected] tangents going off on unrelated stories, and a few unexpected slips bringing us back to the core thread.

binary wizardryno more words

Live. Love. Learn. Grow. Stay your ReAction. Choose your words WISELY.



Note: The above download is a 128K version of the [free] 32K version included herein. Naturally, the sound quality is a lot clearer and a lot less “tinny.”

Hitler und Der Rebel (Alpine Mix)

•August 19, 2013 • 10 Comments

Tonight’s show began with my sharing an article attached to a letter from one of you listeners, one of those “Celtic Rebel was Right” moments, and the [predictable] variety of responses such things illicit. Program A. Program B. Program C. Etc.

billy bragg eye minors and minersalpine sisters are hawt

My quest to find genuine volksmusik, however, was the primary stimulus for most of tonight’s topics. The two lovely visual distractions above aside [that would be to the right, for those confused atm], the quest forced me to take a look at someone who’s music I’ve long admired and respected [left], albeit with new eyes.

The vast world of music, is just as good, if not a better, a route as any in our quest to better understand the world around us, and for those of us maturing beyond adolescence, hopefully ourselves. Yes, music: the good versus the bad, the fiction versus the reality, the old versus the new. Of course, as you who [actually] listen would expect, there was much more to the above show [download free 32K version].

the clash socialismbilly bragg pinko propaganda

Should it really surprise us that famous musicians are taking bit parts in minor news stories? No, [at this point] not really. As I have long been saying, this is what prostitutes do. They sold their ass [i.e., their “sole” aka their bottom] long ago and do not have much choice in the matter. Bitches aren’t asked, they are told.

perry farrell

Of course, they have provided us with all sorts of crap about the whys and hows, and so cleverly [im]planted to fit our world view that had been steadily fed to us (as demonstrated by the responses to said article). As expected, all squarely aimed at those minds hopelessly locked/trapped in the [perpetual] loop of adolescence.

satanic bullshitconspiracy bullshitteenage devil woship

In some instances, the more you know, the stupider you become. Did anyone really need forensic face, speech and ear analysis to figure out the below face-“men” were never anything more than rented prostitutes? For those confused, the album cover on the left features someone who is supposed to be a man, while the pink wigger on the right, is a “Gay Atlanta’n” that is supposed to be a woman.

jane's sexual identity crisisjane's gender confusion

I’m still [somewhat] flabbergasted by how gullible people are and the extremes they will believe. Well, why not? Perpetual adolescents can be programmed to do just about ANYTHING, flipping from one extreme to the other overnight. Hell, even our masturbation rituals are faddish and subject to change at whim [you may find my old rant on the “T-Spot”© amusing, it’s the second of the two shows on the post].

anal preparationvaginal stimulation

We even revisited our old friend Hitler (the “Ein Volk” dude), again with newer, improved eyes and pondered the man versus the legend [the ridiculously extremist views of sinner and saint held by the polar nutters]. At this point in time, I think he and I would have had one hell of a time together at De Après-Ski Hut. He may have been a lousy military strategist, but he loved the ladies. He loved to party, and I think he would have loved the music contained within this show as much as you do.

hitler setting the ladies uphitler knocking the ladies down

The show ended with a couple of calls, the latter of which, raised some great points about dancing. Get past your sicknesses of hatred (for others and yourself). Being “Emo” isn’t becoming of anyone over 16. Grow up, and please, stop falling for same BS over and over again.



Note A: Yes, in between recording and posting this show, a stated goal was reached, but it doesn’t mean you should disregard that part. There is yet another milestone to surpass/reveal. If you’re bored waiting for the next show to post, you may want to reflect on an old show, and consider how “right” this Rebel may have been about The Nerdernative Media.

Note B: This show featured a pretty good mix of Alpine Party Music borrowing from German, Austrian, Dutch and Scandinavia traditions. The Higher Quality 128k Version of the podcast is recommended to appreciate it.

A Visit from Lee Rogers [#2]

•August 8, 2013 • 8 Comments

Lee Rogers stopped in for a night to get caught up, and put an end to some of the untrue rumors circulating about why Oracle went away and when it is coming back.

lee rogers and vengaboys: european tourconspiracy groupie slut stamp

A lot of the conversation was dedicated to our former network, the krazy kids we dealt with over the years, and of course, the regular topic when we get together: how disingenuous, gullible, opportunistic and utterly vile most of our brethren in this [far from truth] industry are. The show is below [download free 32K version]:

We also got into the topic of today’s [Western] women and what the media has done to them. In “hind-sight,” Oracle was getting dangerously close to the edge of popularity, that place where groupies might be getting the logo etched on their backsides. That was as good a reason as any other to shut the thing down.

notebook twilight hunger games perpetual whoredom

The three above films are merely a small sampling, of a few of the films that I at least am aware of, that contribute to the ongoing problems of the forever ruining any hope of a somewhat natural relationship ever occurring between two people. Below, is one of the inspirations for the discussion relating to the above list.

The below idea is too swell a concept to just let loose. I hemmed and hawed on whether or not to edit it out, but there were too many cross-references to the notion throughout the show. Thus, it’s out there and I may as well try to own it.

big brother conspiracy edition © celtic rebel

We neglected to talk about all the nutters who came up with their own mildly retarded, yet extremely amusing theories as to the “conspiracy” behind Oracle. The most obvious of all the conspiracies surrounding Oracle is the uncanny one below, which should force anyone to wonder as to what the hell was actually going on.

the uncanny connection between the simpsons and oracle

The above is a test of sorts. If you can guess as to which former Oracle personalities ALL of the above are, it means two things: one, you listened to Oracle far too much, and two, you have no life. For those of you who didn’t work inside the system, or had something else better to do all day, I’ll give you one small hint: Lee and myself are not in the above collage…



Note A: The above download is a 128K version of the [free] 32K version included herein. Naturally, the sound quality is going to be a lot clearer and a lot less “tinny.”.

Note B: This was officially Lee’s 2nd appearance on The Rebel Path: the First was back in 2010. I was a guest on Lee’s daily show many times, the first being when Lee Dragged Me into the Oracle.

When Right is Wrong (GoT)

•July 30, 2013 • 7 Comments

The focus of this show was that being Right, can also mean being Wrong, especially when The Right is simply nothing more than a pre-programmed reAction to a series of well thought-out stimuli. Have you ever got the feeling that you may have just walked into a net? No? Oh, then you must totally be like Spiderman [and stuff].

trapped in net

The focus of this show [d/l free 32K copy] picked up where some prior shows left off: the subtle manipulation of our drive and our consciousness. The rather easy trick of getting us to walk exactly into whatever traps have been laid out for us.

Aside from the below memes which more than clearly hint to, for those willing to pay attention, the [long] con-game, several examples of how such manipulation can take place where provided during the show. Basic psychology may help fathom.

arlington roadwhite house down eisenhower

You SHOULD be able to see it now, IF you have taken a few steps back outside yourself. And if you haven’t, some good music may be part of the formula for helping you (some provided during show). Don’t focus too hard on the point of power you so readily perceive. Remember, power is but shadow and illusion.

yat-kha albert kuvezingame of thrones iron king

We can be as “right” as rain. But, it is about so much more than being Right. Clearly, when you step back and look at where you stand, those in the right, are the biggest dupes in this whole GAME. Yes, it’s a clever game, but a game nonetheless. And it relies on the FACT that well-meaning people cause, by far, the most harm.

anti gay multiculturalistspro gay multiculturalism

Got into some topics, which likely made several people very uncomfortable, and you should know, by now, that, that can be a good thing. While I do understand that I may have been a bit harsh, I neglected to consider that the now near-common occurrences of rape in the former Soviet Union, are not so … well, “undeserved.”

russians rapenu ham stupidity

If you are a true student of “history,” you should know that wherever the Red Army went, mass rape followed. The sins of the father may be being visited down on the son, as they have and will be for aeons that passed and are coming. We can only claim ignorance for so long. What you do to others, you do to yourself. Why is it taking mankind so long to figure this all so simple paradigm out? Why, oh why?



Note A: The version of the show [linked just above] is a High Quality 128K Recording. Your purchase of encourages the creation of more content.

Note B: This was the show that featured Metro Bob’s “Live Coverage” of the [um] riots following the Trayvon Martin verdict. And, in related matters, just found it kind of interesting that the subject of “peaches” came up during the Game of Thrones examples, so shortly after randomly coming up during the last Goldbug show.

Note C: The referenced prior podcasts that came up in the show were: Loosely Changed, How to Be a Man, & You Are a Machine.

Of Bloodhounds and Detectives

•June 18, 2013 • 12 Comments

We’ve been on the trail so long, that we forgot to ask ourselves some questions. But, that’s not what we’re “trained” to do is it? To question. To question ourselves that is. Once we pick up the scent of truth, we’ll follow it through to the end, even into endless rabbit trails laid out for us and leading nowhere, regardless how foul.

bloodhounds sniffing out droppings

This show was about asking tough questions; how we should be playing detective instead of being the bloodhound we’ve been trained to [d/l free 32K version]:

We’ve consumed a lot of truth. The problem, is that we didn’t pace ourselves and imbibed far too much of it, far too quickly. I guess we’ll have to wake up again. Good luck remembering everything. I swear I’m never doing this again! Right!

truth hangover: too much bill cooper

The way we’re conditioned to “research” [coincidentally called “cramming”] is also the way we have been conditioned to think, which also happens to be the same way we’re conditioned to drink. Obviously, that conditioning serves some industry.

animal house toga party repeat alcohol industry

What’s the point of fooling ourselves that we’re hunting down hidden mysteries, when the below wankers are paid well to present us with the same information?

david cole donahue gay republican party animal housemontelpro cointelpro

We weren’t supposed to ask questions. After all, we still haven’t grown up. We’re still [perpetually] cramming, soaking up [no]ledge and reacting [as programmed].

cramming your third eye, you'll forget all about it afterwardsjeff wash rense repeat

Ultimately, the result of all this binging is the installment of the “Victim 33.1” Operating System in our brain [and it’s nearly impossible to uninstall]. But, don’t worry, you will find yourself surrounded by others who are compatible to interaction and there will be lots of organizational facades ready to take your funds.

strormfront of west palm beach is the jewish adl

Once you “see” how money has few ideological grounds, you’ll see how and why things work the way they do. Victims beget more indirect victims. Paid propagandists beget unpaid propagandists. THEM? Sit back; watch profits roll in.

instructing future consumer victim doggies

It’s not so much that we’re “stupid.” It’s really just a matter of doing exactly what we were really well-trained to do.



Note: The above download is a 128K version of the [free] 32K version included herein. Naturally, the sound quality is going to be a lot clearer and a lot less “tinny.”

Welcome to the Machine

•June 4, 2013 • 17 Comments

How often have you heard ridiculous phrases like “you have free will” or “choose wisely” or “blaze your own trail?” Well, this week’s show was about the utter frivolity of assuming any of those phrases still somehow apply to us or our world. Most of the “choices” we are given were mapped out a long long time ago.

computer circuit logic board

I delved into the idea of The System (The Machine) in far greater detail this show, from its structure (engineering and architecture) to its workings (operations and laws). No, this was not yet another homo-erotic matrix analogy, but a very practical demonstration of how such a system functions [free downloadable 32K version]:

For much of the world, even the notion of individualization may be but a mere flight of fancy. As for the Western[ized] World, the game may already be is over.

travel jet into the sun

If you wish to infect your [own] soul with seeds of life [real hope for I’m-mortal-i,ty], then, by all means, go East (or South) and sample the [r]air for yourself.

“The use of travelling is to regulate imagination by reality, and instead of thinking how things may be, to see them as they are.” — Samuel Johnson

Long before silicon circuit boards were ever a vague reality, there were architects mapping out logic gates and working on notions of further reducing the possibility of true randomness in our world. Machines have been with us for a long time.

machine by erik brede

I don’t wish to inspire fatalism, or acceptance of the inevitable end cycle (zombies, machination, analprimacy). There is can be hope, and it comes only from those who accept the reality of the external system, and then proceed to change themselves.

“A good traveller is one who does no know where he is going to, and a perfect traveller does not know where he came from.” — Lin Yutang

The “poison” of our input stream (programming), and unconscious reinforcement of said poisons by well-meaning machine-folk around us, is a more daunting challenge than any obstacles [things that may block movement aka “growth”] we may ever end up facing. Throw in a subliminal response anchor like Vanilla Sky, and you may find yourself doing something truly stupid. A leap of faith can be a really bad idea.

the bridge across forever

Circuits are logical [yet preset] routes to get from here to there. No matter how much time you spend [re]Searching them, you will keep [re]Peating them. Bridges, whether as a construct, or a notion, can be so much more than that.



Note A: In regards to “poison,” got into Victor Salva’s sugar-coated pederastic [western] mindfuck Peaceful Warrior for a bit, but didn’t wish to taint the above write-up with it..

Note B: A spark for the path to change is hinted during the Vacation Special. A related and somewhat preliminary show is As Below, So Above.

Black Beauties and Real Life

•May 22, 2013 • 2 Comments

There was a show this past Sunday. Well, as Metro Bob might say, “kinda sorta.” There was also a 90 minute interruption in the middle of it (no, not the illuminati or the jews, the internet went down in my whole area). Thus. the show was pretty much shot and I was forced to reschedule my guest and the topic of discussion. {*}

black beautyinfo whoring pollutes the mind

Said guest was Jonah from Kult America, and he was on to do the show about Phi Ratio and proper age alignment for coupling. Due to the interruption, scrapped the show in progress (consider it a bonus for live audience). However,Jonah and I did an impromptu Tuesday night show which I’ve since converted into a[n old-school] podcast and am now making available to everyone [d/l free 32K version]:

The podcast was prompted by a discussion Jonah had been wanting to have about a passage he read from Black Beauty and how it may relate to the present 50 Shades of Mindfuck. What followed was an impromptu conversation on various topics such as InfoWhoring, fantasy activism, religion, adolescence, creativity and “life.”

teen angstfantasy aryans

I was partly inspired to stitch this together by the extremely positive initial feedback we received on the Tuesday Show and partly, by my replaying of the old pre-Rebel Path podcasts which I’ve been airing on the stream of late.



Note A: Can’t pin down the exact culprit for the outage, though THEY would like us to think it was Time-Warner. Based on the subject matter, we are not entirely ruling out Planned Parenthood as the conniving source.

Note B: For those whose interest were piqued by some of the discussion, let me recommend: Perpetual Adolescence [4], The War for Young Minds and Hardwiring Our Generations.

Note C: The above link is to a High Quality 128K Version of the show, for those who prefer a non-compressed (not “tinny”) version.

Mother’s Day Goldbug Special

•May 15, 2013 • 5 Comments

Ed Chiarini returned for his 4th [official] appearance on The Rebel Path and we got into Spielberg, Lincoln, Obama, Kennedy, Maryilyn and a bunch of other craziness. The below [right] picture will make a hole lot more sense after you listen.

celtic rebel dallas goldbug marilyn monroe jfk lincoln

I’d like to once again thank Ed for the spiffy [now somewhat modified] promo image above [left], which I get the feeling will phase into some form of permanency here on the site. The entire show is playable below [download free 32K version]:

Ed and myself seem to attract an almost preposterous amount of people who devote a good part of their desperate days, day after day, to trolling, harassing and generally, trying to annoy us. If only there were some product we could sell them.

Linder's Semen Stain Removal Stick

The Truth Movement is a lot of fearmongering designed to convince you that (a) someone is out to get you and (b) you should send your web views, social media plugs and funds to the source telling you about it. It’s got fuck all to do with the real world, which operates on the principles of budgeting and resource allocation.

police apc units

We got into the standard stuff like (a) the bullshit behind Columbine, Saturday Night Live, the Housewives, the Greenburgs, the Clintons, (b) the topics of fake news, actors, media flooding, and (c) flies on the alternative media dung-pile such as Russia Today, Alex Jones, David Dees, Sorcha Faal, Jeff Rense and Lasha Darkmoon. But, we also go into a very real [and rare and likely valuable] discussion about the real world of business and pleasure, which I think you will enjoy.

columbine parker stone

You’ll probably also enjoy Ed’s persistent efforts to convince me of things I just can’t see. There was even a surprise appearance from one Living Tiki. Yes, the Rebel is back, and like it or not, still hosting the best show in this whole [nonrewarding] busyness.



Note A: The above download is a 128K version of the [free] 32K version included herein. Naturally, the sound quality is going to be a lot clearer and not “tinny.”.

Note B: This was technically Ed’s 5th appearance on my show. The last visit to the Rebel Path was Return of the Goldbug [III]. In between, there was an impromptu appearance on the experimental stream: Saturday Night Life show.

Note C: The show mentioned at the beginning of the broadcast is As Below, So Above. If you haven’t heard that podcast, you really need to.

As Below So Above (Wisdom)

•May 8, 2013 • 12 Comments

What is man? What is it that makes man what he is? What exactly does As Above So Below mean, and how does it relate specifically to the former questions?

mind body spirit energy

The Celtic Rebel, rested from a nice long vacation was back this past Sunday to address all of the above . That’s the show below [download free 32K version]:

To answer the questions, had to look back on the origins of man, and the origins or the understanding of man. Perhaps, even the origin of many of us lost souls.

greece origin mythology

Our mythology is a good way to look back and ascertain the wisdom hidden within for those with not eyes to see. Wisdom comes from experience, which includes the luxury of having made mistakes and the maturity to acknowledge them. The adolescent mindset is not capable of such, nor the detective work required to throw out the simple or logical in favor of the emotional, or outlandish.

tuatha de danaan irelandaliens

Hope the wait was worth it. As usual, much more to come on the new reinvigorated Rebel Path. Same time, different channel, making a difference.



Note: This may be one of the best shows I’ve ever done since the inception of the radio show. The above download is a 128K version of the [free] 32K version included herein. Naturally, the sound quality is going to be a lot clearer and a lot less “tinny.”

Full Moon Special

•April 30, 2013 • Leave a Comment

Had just returned near the end of my April Vacation and decided to pop on the stream for just a short [fun] hour and play that damn song stuck in my head.

Dropkick MurphysPeace and Love

Talked about some of my experiences and observations of late, made a good effort to stay away from the negative, and [of course] played a few tunes [d/l show]:

Somehow got on the topic of both [ripe] peaches and [full] moons, but for once, it was in no way allegorical. Also revisited Conant’s simple wisdom from a prior show: “Behold the [lowly] turtle. He only makes progress when he sticks his neck out.”

Peach MoonDogs Don't Suffer from Human Hangups

Of note, was a segment making a rather valid comparison between “truthers” [including all subsets] and other who suffer the effects of [self] abusive socially debilitating addictive personality disorders. Is victimhood somehow like heroin?

Truth is an AddictionAliens Are a Hot Topic

Why do so many still want to talk to me about Aliens? Why do so many among us defer to isolation over taking a chance on companionship? As the closing song says, “there’s nothing to fear, but fear itself.”


Note: the referenced must hear show to follow was As Below So Above; and the prior show was the [even shorter] Vacation Special.

April Vacation (Revelation)

•April 24, 2013 • 8 Comments

I will be taking a much needed break during the month of April. Hence, there will be no posts or uploads during that time. However, do keep tuning in to the stream [] throughout the month, particularly on Sundays at 11:00 PM Eastern (and be sure to “vote” for it if you have not yet). Aside from great music, on occasion you may catch an impromptu live broadcast, replays or other goodies.

go-go's vacation water-ski

Speaking of such, there was a brief broadcast made while I was away. As a treat for you long-time listeners, I am now making that available [downloadable]:

Have done two live broadcast “sandwiches” (commentaries around rebroadcasts) the first two Sundays since the last Oracle show. If you missed the discussion with Jonah, you missed a pretty good and thought-provoking show [now also available].

sunset beach dog

Sometime after I return, I may be making archives of sandwiches, random shows and such available via an alternate distribution model, but not before then.

Who Invited Bob to the Going Away Party?

•April 3, 2013 • 15 Comments

This Sunday (March 31st) was the very last show I will ever do on Oracle Broadcasting, and as a matter of fact (as far as we know), the very last words to every be uttered on the network. All the Bobs (except that limey wanker English Bob) showed up for the “star-studded” event, and then some:


Due to technical matters beyond my control, the show was not fully recorded. The recovered pieces are now [finally] available [or not]. Somewhere around 1:20 of the show was lost, and we’ll just consider that time a treat for the live audience (yet, not so much to those unfamiliar with station politics).

There was an after show, where I took calls (the phone lines stayed up for some reason), and was joined by two of my [now] former Oracle hosts, Andrew Sholly and Dennis Fetcho. At some point, I will be making the extended recording available.

End of the Oracle Era [P1 & P2]

•March 20, 2013 • 6 Comments

This is the end
This is the end
This is the part where all the curtains come down
And they won’t drop Fat Boy on your town
But if they do I hope it’s not a trend

This is the end
This is the end
This is the reel where all the titles come up
And you have no more drink in your cup
So here’s where sweet and bitter rivers blend

This is the end
Of all the bread we broke together
This is the end
Of all that fine and misty weather

I don’t want to hear you’ve been crying
I don’t want to hear you’ve been trying to revive it
Let it go
Let it lay down
Let it go
And if it won’t stay down that’s the surest sign
That something new’s beginning


The March 17th show was a response to the recent announcement concerning the end of the Oracle Broadcasting Network [unavailable]. But, I’ll save my words for those spoken in the show. After all, anything more I could write has already been written.

The March 24th show was a follow-up to the prior show and a review of what this show has done over the years [unavailable]. As a bonus, got some really positive caller feedback near thee end.


This is the end
This is the end
This is the part where all the lights flicker on
And we can see the popcorn is gone
Off looking for new causes to defend

This is the end
This is the end
That mythical place where everybody shakes hands
No hard feelings and no hard glands
The Bible says it’s when cats and dogs make friends

This is the end
Of all the Wars of all the Roses
This is the end
Of kissing ass and rubbing noses

I don’t want to hear you’ve been sorry
I don’t want to hear you’ve been worrying about me
Let it die
Let it lay down
Let it die
So it’ll all break down to rotten
That’s the way we grow new flowers

This is the end
This is the end
Now this is where the screen has led us all to
A sign that says “Please start here anew”
So let me hear the violins all rend

It shall continue.

Note: When this write-up was initially released, the first part contained the wrong link (prior week’s show). You may want to verify you downloaded the correct show.

Being in the Garden of Earthly Delight

•March 13, 2013 • 9 Comments

Tonight’s show was about looking at an old film with a new pair of eyes.

being there

There was a homework assignment (view the film) handed out before the show. Those unfamiliar may find it of benefit to give it a view first before listening [downloadable].


This film has a lot to do with a topic I’ve struck on lately, gardening, as a philosophy for consciousness, the universe and our place in it as human beings in a state of being.

being there

This film also has a lot to do with relationships (be they perceived as intimate, or not) and the rewards we derive from them. There is a theorem in physics which expresses the event[s].

being there

Had forgotten about this scene from the film, as it shows him wandering about aimlessly, but it was definitely a foreshadow and an overt hint as to where (whether he knew it or not), he was wandering to. Very prescient when we fast forward to 2008.

being there

Alas, there are great things we can accomplish when we come of reactive mode and flow in synch with the universe, instead of fighting it and whatever imaginary adversaries present themselves.

Hope you are enjoying the new direction the show has taken this year.

Perpetual Adolescence [Stage 5]

•March 6, 2013 • 7 Comments

Continuing on from Part IV, we got into the concept of the Femme Fatale on this show.

fictional femme fataleyoung real femme fatale

The concept, as with most we have been taught (without actually processing for ourselves and learning) leaves out some of the most important details, which might help us recognize our own faults, and god forbid, grow or something [downloadable].


Some may wonder why this series continues on, and honestly, I think those still underestimate the value of the topic. It has led to us being able to revisit many notions and ideas, that for the first time, make way too much sense. Crystal clear?

logan's run freezinglogan's run box

I know many of us are terrified by the notion of actually having to grow up. It’s so much easier to live out an adolescent fantasy, where All Us Young Dudes are actually doing something useful. Well, it is useful, but to someone besides ourselves. The “truth” is much more belittling. There’s always been a slot to fill for eager little world-changers to propagate what they’re given.

I feel that is very likely the end of this series, but most likely, far from the end of the topic. Expect more efforts to synch up with nature. Behold the lesson learned from our humble turtle brethren.

Note: There will be a live show on Sunday Night. There is a movie that fits into the theme of the planned show and that is Being There (1979). Whether familiar, or not, some may find it of benefit to preview the film before Sunday; especially, with a new pair of eyes.

Perpetual Adolescence [Stage 4]

•February 27, 2013 • 6 Comments

Continuing from Part III, it’s been over three years now since I did my first show at Oracle, the inaugural Vagina Day broadcast. Do at least a few more people get it now?


Hence, got into the adolescence propagating [NL] programs that twist the minds of women away from men and honor, into the realm of boys and lies:.


The arrested mind-frame is what allows for “bad jokes” like the present child abuse trauma story Fifty Shades of Grey into masturbation fodder for millions [referenced link].

This series will continue for at least one more part, as it has opened up our minds into solving present-day mysteries, which were once “social phenomena,” but are really just par for course. Are we “slaves” ready to grow up and leave the plantation?

Note: There was a network side drop that resulted in a 15 minute dead air gap in the middle of the show. As of this update, the file (linked and playable above) has been replaced with the dear air removed and includes a bonus of the after-hours call from Simone on the Rebel Music stream.

Perpetual Adolescence [Stage 3]

•February 20, 2013 • 8 Comments

Continuing from Part II, felt the need to remind our s-elves of how positive output brings back positive rewards and that it is indeed, well past time to get in synch with the universe and that which is natural. It is called the Law of Attraction.

I appreciate those of you who’ve shared your own personal accounts of your own efforts to break these programs of arrested development and dissociate from that and those determined to keep you tethered in the infantile mind-frame.


I read a couple of such narratives during the show [downloadable], and then continued looking at the adolescent trap so many are in, and also, the reinforcement programs which remind them (us) such behavior is acceptable.

Beyond being intellectually/spiritually stunted, “infowhoring” (defined within show) leads to severe mental pollution. Life, once we get in synch with it, will in turn offer us “real” examples when we are finally ready to understand wise words whose true meaning would have previously been wasted on us:

“He who knows nothing is closer to the truth than he whose mind is filled with falsehoods and errors.” — Thomas Jefferson

“Battle not with monsters, lest ye become a monster, and if you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.” — Friedrich Nietzsche

Were such wisdoms not a good enough deterrent, I expanded on what could now be real life consequences to (1) refusing to look within and grow, and (2) being associated with those leading you into a pit (net/grid) they’ve prepared for you.

Growing only comes from doing. The mysteries of Isis are only meant be revealed to he who proves himself worthy. Overcoming our own fears and risking rejection and ostracization is the only way to see the Light of Lucy. Those who only research and speak, regardless of how intelligent they may be, will never ever get it.

I Saw, I Came, I Conquered.

Note: There was an unplanned bonus after-hours edition that followed Sunday’s show, thanks in large part to an excellent call from “John.” I will be replaying that, along with music, and other prerecorded and perhaps live random shows on my music stream ( If you have not yet, please vote on said caster site (don’t fear the vagina next to the stars); doing so helps with listings and archive options.

Perpetual Adolescence [Stage 2]

•February 13, 2013 • 9 Comments

Continuing from Part I, we picked up with the phenomenon of well-heeled losers, whose aspirations for growth were stunted by creating a false [externalized] self-perception, that failed to match their reality. Reality involves growth.

pack boys omegasadolescent nerds kids losers

Those who are incapable of growth, will find themselves preyed upon to entertain and promote the most ludicrous of notions and theories. This week, we focused on the routine tethering of boys mind’s during adolescence:


We even started the show by looking back on one of the most [falsely] overused references, the movie that made it all possible. The instruction set that many a replicant followed to a tee, the daydream that enabled those who had never accomplished anything to think they might rule the world. Oh, and of course, another subtle hint was dropped that falls right into line with adolescents boys:

matrix lady red dress fear vagina

They are terrified of women. Overcoming that fear is a critical step towards manhood. Those who don’t take it are trapped in a perpetual loop of non-growth that does not match their externalized projection. That projected persona, of course, is controlled by masters of neuro-lingustic group management techniques.

john cusack say anythingunderdog is a loser

Hence, a deeper question must be asked: one that should force all of us to ponder why we root for the losers and seek to tear down the worthy and successful. Next week, we’ll look once again at how the female brain has been conned into doing just so.

Note: As announced during the show, on Wednesday night, February 13th I will be doing a pre-Vagina Day music show in recognition of women and romance. The show will be broadcast on my music stream []. I will post the show for download at some point later.

Perpetual Adolescence [Stage 1]

•February 6, 2013 • 6 Comments

As I try to make another timely shift forward, it is wise to look back and figure out why so many of us are “dead set” against, or more likely, incapable of making: that would be specifically what the title suggests; stuck in a closed degenerative loop.

Judging my cosmic events, I am exactly where I’m supposed to be, and my work is moving to exactly where the universe requires, I explain both ideas further within the show, as well as address some questions:


There are big events transpiring, and as my intro suggests, big events are ALWAYS transpiring. The only difference now is it is time to grow up, get out and be part of what is going on. There is beauty to create. Stop being a victim. I give you Life.

If you are familiar with my early work on the significance the Raven heralds, you may comprehend exactly what is happening in our universe and selves at the moment, but I will not repeat myself here. As quoth the raven, nevermore.

Note: On Saturday, February 2nd, I was doing an ad hoc music show, and took a break to mix with “real” human beings. Afterwards, I returned to have an impromptu “real” discussion with Ed Chiarini about life.

Rebel Radio for Rebellious People

•January 30, 2013 • 6 Comments

There was no show this past Sunday. I participated in something truly “wonderful” which randomly came up. I will be talking about it next week’s show. In the meantime…

DJ Devil and Lucifer

… I have created a place on the internet where Rebel Radio can be found: I had made an attempt to schedule some shows, but this medium is meant for creative inspiration. The planned shows were shite, the unplanned impromptu creative outbursts were anything but (unfortunately, many were not recorded).

bois of the round table

All prior statements about where else to find the rebel are moot. Thanks to a recent epiphany, I will no longer be participating in weekly round tables, which I have realized are tantamount to wanking endlessly and fruitlessly. Sadly, I now finally see the entirety of the conspindustry is an adolescent victim program; one where we whine and bitch about our evil overlords (our parents, the jews, the globalists, the illuminati), while deluding ourselves with [“Neo”] daydreams of how we’ll overcome our adversary and one day, one special day, all the other kids will finally see how awesome we truly are!

fighting over shit

In the meantime, we fight amongst each other over every meaningless piece of crap as if it were made of gold. I’ve had enough. I already alluded to the decision on the stream for those who caught the random “For Uncle Hugh” show.

Hence, aside from Sundays on Oracle [while it’s still around], the only other place you will hear me is on my caster stream. See you next week.

Unpaid Reactionary Talking Machines

•January 22, 2013 • 8 Comments

For the moment, I just want people to listen to what I had to say in this broadcast, and not be distracted by imagery:


Is a new direction coming? I don’t know. Like many of you, I am growing. The Rebel Path, for now, will continue, but hopefully, it will be somewhat different…

Note: Speaking of doing things differently, had the premier of my new music show this past week, and as promised it is now available [not available].

Divide and Conqueer [II]

•January 16, 2013 • 16 Comments

Continued the show on Race and Racism. As ever, be now especially aware of those pushing divisive ideologies, and those reminding us of guilt/entitlement programs.

white guilt

There is a bit of a slow start as I had just taken care of some preventative technical issues, and needed to address some human ones:


As I did last show, I tried to look at racial issues from a pragmatic, philosophical, nonreactionary and above all, human point of view. Many have tried to sew the seeds of divisive algorithims for long before I was around, and many still do.

black preacher sangerblack gaybemama africa

This was Part II of a show from last month: Divide and Conqueer [I]. This week also saw the return of Metro Bob, Asian Bob and Jim Bob from Alabama. More Bobs and much more to come…

Don’t Come Together, Unite

•January 9, 2013 • 16 Comments

How dare we claim to have the slightest clue as to what the hell is going on when they can throw the foulest pornography right at us while we are naive, and then we choose ignorance rather than face the obvious? And, for how long so?

Sunday’s show got into things that have been and remain directly in front of our eyes and we just refuse to see. We will remain victims as long as we choose to, and that choice made, the cycle of fear and gradual change will continue unabated.


Also, to celebrate the New Year beginning and perhaps, a new track being taken, I finally got around to reading some inspirational listener mail [unavailable].

A common theme in these mails, was my work somehow helping many others finally see. It is a process. I too am finally seeing things for the very first time. And, we can best do this by uniting, when necessary and helping each other. The tool of division is but one of many knives of blindness in the arsenal of our lords.

nambla da vinci

There are many others “blades” in the arsenal and Age, is one of their most powerful weapons of division. Hence why societies that once respected it have been decimated. Hence, why societies that intermingled based on geographic versus media-driven factors are being targeted now. Will we let his story repeat?

Note: I was invited to join Delcroix for an impromptu discussion this Friday, January 13th, on awakeradio. A [download] of the show is available to all interested.

Divide and Conqueer [I]

•December 19, 2012 • 21 Comments

Race has long been one of the easiest ways to divide people. Yes, there are natural divisions along tribal lines, and yes there is a definite agenda to attack one group while bettering another. But, any nation who finds itself divided will inevitably find itself conquered. Of course, the easiest way to incite division is to trigger emotion.

mandingoblack snake moan

This Sunday’s show focused on race issues, particularly those involving blacks, Negroes, or African-Americans (whatever makes you feel more comfortable) and delved into what may be considered uncomfortable issues, for those programmed to be uncomfortable [downloadable].


One of what I feel, are the most important issues I focused on is that no one, be they Jewish, Black, Female or Other, who is victimized and ingrained with a victim mentality, should ever be put in a position of power over others. To a wise mind, the outcomes are as predictable as the movements of the sun.

black manfuckface

While he can identify some of the schemers and perpetrators, there is no one (aside from a few unpopular voices) free of quilt for the shitpile we find ourselves living in.

ass eater

There are quite a few more insights and ideas I have on the topic. So, stay tuned for a Part II.

Controlling Our Reactor

•December 12, 2012 • 7 Comments

Project, blame, enrage and ensnare. It’s a tried and true formula that’s been working for so long, that they will keep using it. Unfortunately (for them), there are more of us that see right through it. Hence, they are reacting and responding.

This Sunday’s show delved into plans and back-up plans, and engineering systems to account for all the minds that slip through the best laid plans that mice or men can compose:


Yes, we’ve been had and played for fools, but it’s better to let them freak out about us knowing than us to freak out and react to their agitators.

Their tiny little fingerprints are everywhere: “Adam Lindemann revives ailing art careers with his tears, planning an exhibit of Betty Tompkins’ porn paintings at Art Basel Miami. Betty Tompkins started making fuck paintings in the late 60s, from her first husband’s porn collection, partly in response to what she saw as a complete lack of engagement in the work on the Upper East Side. She’s painted masturbation, vaginas with cows grazing, and dicks larger than the human head. She’s painted two cocks at the same time. She’s painted dicks in the butt. She’s painted a vagina like a soft, glowing peach. She’s done it all.”

And, I’m not advocating a complete trance-like indifference as has been proposed by some of their agents and operatives. We can see, finally, what they are doing.