Rebel Initiation

Many of you have contacted me expressing your wish, yet hesitancy to share my material with your friends. And, I do understand. I realize that my material can/will seem extremely unusual [to say the least] to those, pardon the expression, uninitiated to my train of thought.

Heck, to tell the truth, had I seen my own material as recently as three years ago, I would have probably thought the author was a nutter. Hence, I am preparing a sequence of posts to read before one gets to my latest line of work regarding stargates, tentacles, asses, “embedded cinema” ™ and the predilections of the pedophile priest class, i.e., our rulers. So, let’s start off with The Basics:

The Art of Revealing They Live, We Sleep

Now, onto a Little Bit of Weirdness:

Ollie Stone 911 Truther Crafty Tentaces of Love

Now, they may or may not be ready for Serious Substance:

The Hammer & Anvil Octology

After that a look at some embedded Aspects of Ourselves:

Social Engineering 101 Intercising the Soul

A proper [uncensored] radio primer and a Step Away from the Cult of Normalcy:

My Dinners With Stygian Port [Sexology]

Alas, assuming they are still sane and still your friend, Show Time:

The Burning Ring of Fire Septology

Alas, for the latest line of research on the Priests of Wood these are the primers:

From Starfish to Stardom Don’t Go West [Version 2.0]

This is meant to be a living document and sujbect to change. Input is welcome, as I, from where I stand, may not be the best judge of what the best path may be, so all input is welcome. Please, feel free to comment below or contact me.

2 Responses to “Rebel Initiation”

  1. I love your blog. I really do enjoy the articles and all the ways you use the words, it’s really funny. But I feel a bit overwhelmed about the “matter” or should I say shit that turns up really often. Not that I’m offended by it, I like the way this comes up, I love the way you shine the light upon the holy turd, but you know, you find what you seek. You seek and find poo, I don’t know, maybe you are becoming a bit fecalomaniac too 🙂
    Man, the rabbit hole is really deep and…what’s that smell…
    It’s plain disgust that sometimes (let’s say always) I feel when they are pushing laxatives and diapers, not speaking of yogurt (danone activia) in commercial breaks during lunch time


    Do you see what I see? The down arrow, so all the good stuff becoming the matter our cultures worship.

    I even see this ad, “hey gurls lets talk about vaginal fungus” My acid just instantly burns a hole into my stomach…

  2. Hello,

    I am a recent subscriber to the Celtic Rebel, but I am somewhat familiar with this information. There was no toxic shock syndrome for me but my friends and family can’t even handle the informaton from the kosher alternative media so I think they would have a very difficul time with this stuff.

    Just wanted to say that your radio show is great and I the music is top notch. I’m familiar with most of the music I’ve heard so far, but I don’t know many of the artist names. Please consider making a post listing some of the group names and tracks you play, if you haven’t already done so.

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