Conquest of the New World [Series]

Am presently in the middle of a multi-part series dealing with the process and history of European colonization in the “New World.” Unlike most of what you may have or should hear on the topic, this series delves deep into the multitude of macro factors driving this period and especially, its remembrance.

plymouth rock border fence illegal immigration

Part I (July 19th): set up the conditions in the European continent at the time prior to the start of colonization, and dealt primarily with the “discovery” of the lands and the Spanish method of dealing with the local inhabitants.

cherokee nation theft trail tears illegal jackson

Part II (July 26th): looked into the cultural differences between the two worlds (old and new), and focused on the English reasons for and methodologies of colonization [brutality], expanding into the arena of propaganda and disinformation.

palestine israel america natives indians truth

Part III (August 2nd): got into comparative analysis as to the whys differentiating the two methods and the psychology behind the copious amount of pseudophilosophical energy spent back in the old world, and expanded into the new markets were sought for the process, and the reasons behind them.

white babies america

Part IV (August 9th): will get into the details of the unique Australian experience, the nuances between this and prior methodologies of conquest, and the impetus behind the latest round of local pseudoscientific rationalization for denial.

aborigine australia dumb drunk racist

Note A: The shows have been starting between 11:00 PM and 11:30 PM on Sunday, with various parts being repeated throughout the week on the stream.

Note B: A package of the entire series of shows is now available for download at the Gumroad Site. The are raw unedited versions of the original broadcasts.

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One Response to “Conquest of the New World [Series]”

  1. There is a little bit more to the HIS-story of America than I ever realised…

    part 23 The Unknown History of America, It was all quite different…….


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