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You have been speaking, and I have, on a few recent occasions, actually been listening. Yes, honestly! 😉 As I’ve mentioned before, I have been making an effort to make prior shows available, and doing so rather prodigiously of late.

Eyeing the Boobs and Not Listening

However, many of you are not content to wait for the edited shows to be released (and understandably so, when I contemplate how long it may take me to get around to all of them). What you are saying is that you want access to the archives now.

Membership Subscription

Alas, I have found a means of doing so, and though I was previously disinclined to Membership plans, there is really no other way to deliver them (no, they will not be posted for free in the chat anymore). Now, there is a new option available:

A Membership: gives you access to approximately the last month of shows, and every new show posted while you maintain your membership. This will be the raw unedited stream of each week’s show (with minimal technical adjustments).

george martin sansa stark truthernest hemingway nobility

As discussed in the most recent show, there come times where we (myself, and better men) walk away from the grind, for good reason, and then, we eventually get back to it. This is still the best show in the entirety of alternative media, it has gone way beyond where most have settled, and whether you appreciate my doing so, or not, it is [way] past time I made some type of effort to assign a value to it. Yes, you will still be able to listen to the live show for free on the caster stream.

Director George A. Romero on Set 1985

So, now the system I’ve talked about for so many years, is finally in place. Which can only mean one thing: the shows I’ve been promising for years now, are a’comin.


Note: Whether you get a subscription, or record the live shows, please be advised that reposting the shows or any portions thereof, is your agreement to buy a site license of the broadcast and pay site license pricing.

~ by celticrebel on June 9, 2015.

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