Celtic Rebel Calls Infowars

I found something in one of my video production folders that was long neglected and almost forgotten. A fan of the blog/show had once created some animation for my “call” to Alex Jones. He abandoned the project, sent me the work files and absconded from the “truth” game. This past week, while updating, I [re]discovered the project folder and the two-minute animation sample was too good to leave buried. Thus, I learned a few new skills, and am now proud to present you with:

I know several have mimicked this segment since [i.e., stolen my shit]. This was recorded over five years ago and for those who have [likely] forgotten the [back] story: Jones had made a big deal about releasing [Live @ Infowars] a controversial recording where Charlie Sheen confronts Obama about the “New World Order.” It turned out to be a hypothetical conversation that Sheen had stitched together.

Jesus Jones Sheen Rebel Crowe

This recording was originally aired as part of the IN2012ZIONOZ Show (podcast now available), which has since been logically decoupled from the related Burning Ring of Fire [VII] posting.


Note A: For those who subscribe to updates via Readers or E-mail, I apologize about last week’s mini flood of posts caused by my splitting up prior shows and posts. I have since figured out a way to minimize that, though some split up posts will still show up as new, but only when their archive becomes available.

Note B: For those wondering why most of the shows made available for download so far have been significantly older, it is because they were the ones already edited. I have nearly gotten caught up with all of those now, and will try to alternate releasing newer shows and “in-demand” archives going forward.

~ by celticrebel on May 3, 2015.

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  1. 5 Stars.

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