Announcement and Reminder

My apologies for having neglected this site for quite some time. My energies have been devoted to some real world projects and I have been unable to get the old archives edited and posted. However, the weekly show has been continuing unabated and the Gumroad Site is being updated with the latest show every week.

Blue Adele and More Absurdities

I have recently dropped the price of the monthly subscription to $5.99 [subscribe]. Again, this gives you access to the last six shows and each subsequent show shortly after it airs. I have also dropped the price of the “raw” shows to $1.99 for anyone wishing to purchase them a la carte [view list].

In lieu of editing the archive library [present listing], for now, I have been putting a little more effort into normalizing and fine-tuning the weekly shows, so those could be considered close to a final product. As soon as I get some of the sorting issues worked out, I will be making more of said library available on said site.

If you have not been tuning in of late, the above composite may provide you with some idea of just a few of topics in the most recent series we are in the middle of. The live show airs every Sunday between 11:00 PM and 12:00 AM and is still free. Tune in and find out why it is still years ahead of the competition and still the best show on the net.

~ by celticrebel on April 23, 2016.

One Response to “Announcement and Reminder”

  1. “Real World Projects?” So, this isn’t the “real world?” IRL “Real Life?” Why iisn’t there an “ORL?” (Out of Real Life) Oh… guess that would be too close to ORaL and the SynchroNauts would be slobbering all over that in no time.

    Damn. Good thing I wandered into the synchrowhatever community for some help. It’s less real than the shit they bitch about not being real!!! I’M CURED!!!

    Ya know, I don’t have any money, but this price drop thing might just be the thing I needed! Thanks for saving me some money!!! And GL with your new pricing structure!

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