Post-Subliminal Era Has Begun

What do you do when your plan to dumb down the general public has worked better than you anticipated? Well, someone on Madison Avenue is inevitably gonna realize, “Hey! Why is our subliminal advertising no longer working?” Time to adapt. The Dumbing Down of America is way ahead of schedule.

Apparently, the general public is so far-gone now, that clever subliminals, so long a staple of neural programming and consumer-based demand-generation, are literally, going right over the heads of their intended audiences. I guess the “geniuses” at Tavistock failed to realize that when you dumb-down the conscious mind, the subconscious mind will eventually be stupefied as well.

So, it is time to go super-liminal, or in layman’s terms, “like, obvious.” {*1}

target vagina or anus

From what I understand, feminist organizations are now complaining that the above ad, which recently debuted in Times Square, is “overtly sexual.”

Note to radical feminists: you think? So, for years and years, you were quite content to shop at Target, who’s logo, is an ancient symbol signifying the anus [i.e., the part of her pressing precisely against the bull’s “eye”]. However, the moment they clue you in on what that symbol may represent, you shout “chauvinism” and threaten to boycott?

Sudden concern is no justification for years of symbol illiteracy. To paraphrase Michael Tsarion: awareness does not begin when you realize “someone’s been selling you a lie,” but when you admit to yourself that “you’ve been buying a lie.”

Can we get now back to the task at hand please? And, that task would be: the agenda of turning all of your little girls into complete sluts. Oh, thank you noble sirs at Viacom! I remember back in the day, if you had any hopes of seeing women you just met run around naked, you had better get them drunk first. It’s so nice to see your company dedicating its MTV “programming” towards the charitable goal of saving us gents a few dollars on alcohol. Much obliged.

By chance, might some of you other mega-companies out there wanna pitch in and hurry the process along? The boys are getting horny. Oh, thank you Wal-Mart!

who needs credit cards

Maybe I’m kind of obtuse, but, if I read this correctly, it’s basically saying, “Who needs money, when you’ve got a pussy between your legs?” Wow, now that is Super-liminal. It’s kind of like a corporate symbiosis between Visa International and the National Association of Pimps and Pornographers. Cross-marketing? Help me out Madison Avenue. Symbiosis? What do you guys call it?

Regardless, I’m sure the world’s largest retail chain was more than happy to contribute. Good to know that Wal-Mart, while resolute in their focus to destroy the American middle-class, is also willing to lend a hand with a few other agendas. {*2} Conscious of the fact that molding an already developed mind can prove extremely difficult, Wal-Mart chose to distribute these panties in their Juniors section [i.e, girls aged from 8 to 12].

Alas, I will finish this by addressing those males who somehow ended up on this blog via Google search, solely because I threw words like “vagina” and “naked” in here. [and, I seriously hope, your query didn’t also include: “+ little girls”] Don’t you worry! These companies are listening. And, what they hear you saying is, “I don’t care about this shit! I just want more blow-jobs!”

Your friends at Walt Disney are way ahead of you. Today’s graduating seniors come pre-programmed. The good people at Disney figured out that phallic objects were passé 12 years ago. {*3} Multiple studies had proven that children were being mentally stunted from over-exposure to television in their early years. Thus, Disney, in keeping with the times, moved from penis-like objects, to penises.

celtic rebel little mermaid penis

Now, were I to believe in a place called “Hell,” I would finish this by saying we we’re going to it in a hand-basket, or something like that. Being more pragmatic, I will instead ask, What makes you think we’re not already there?

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*1: I thought I had created a new word [“superliminal”], but as a reader quickly pointed out to me, not the case. Ah, the ego would so like think we are in some way unique, but alas, keeping with the theme of this blog, we are all but repeating parts of a prior consciousness. [LB]

*2: Wal-Mart’s full-frontal assault on middle-class is well-documented, and a topic I plan to address in upcoming articles. There are plenty of resources out there which detail what the Bentonville company is really about. The High Cost of Low Prices movie is a but a good intro. [LB]

*3: The penis on the Little Mermaid cover, is the literal “tip-of-the-iceberg” when it comes to Disney and sexual programming. Just do a little research for yourself, {*4} and you’ll be surprised at how many sexual images and references regularly appear in Disney movies. Priests with hard-ons. Topless women. SEX in the stars. “Good teenagers take off your clothes.” Implied coitus. Anal fixation. All manner of debauchery. [LB]

4: Apparently, Snopes, the so-called “definitive Internet reference source for urban legends, folklore, myths, rumors, and misinformation,” claims we should not trust our lying eyes, because the penis on the Little Mermaid VHS cover is “a hoax.” If you would rather accept anything from this “for-profit” site as gospel, then you, my friend, may belong to the “general public” I mentioned above. [LB]

~ by celticrebel on January 22, 2008.

16 Responses to “Post-Subliminal Era Has Begun”

  1. Advertising is pure insanity. Yes. It’s amazing how ridiculous it all seems when you stay away from it for awhile. Funny as I make my living with it… And yes, people are extremely gullible.

  2. Super-liminal is old.

  3. Thanks Dick, noted

    Should have recalled the words of Jung first before writing that first note.

  4. Whoa there!

    Before you go off half-cocked, you really should take a look outside of your environment.

    This is not the dumbing down of America; it is rather the awakening of a generation to the puritanical lies we’ve been fed since the wackos and freaks came here to produce a “godly” nation in the first place.

    Sex is good. Sexuality is good. The human body is beautiful. Lust is natural, and is the primary reason our species survives to this day.

  5. Wolter,

    Yes, I’ll admit to being a little over-the-top in this, and that was intentional.

    The “awakening” to the “control” of the church you’re talking about has been taking place for at least 50 years. Now, people are waking up to the other forms of control exerted on us: education and the media.

    I’d highly recommend the aforementioned Dumbing Down book. I’d also recommend The Underground History of American Education or Dumbing Us Down: The Hidden Curriculum of Compulsory Schooling by John Gatto. He details how American schools were converted to the Prussian Model, which emphasizes producing good workers and soldiers, smart enough to run the widget-machine or pull a trigger, but not very capable of critical-thinking.

    I could see how the article may be interpreted as prudish. My own moral inhibitions towards sex are limited. I’m all for the free exercise of it by people according to their own set of values.

    I am looking at the big picture, way beyond “my own environment.” What I have a MAJOR PROBLEM with is when Disney and others, try to subversively shape the values of young minds. That does not lead to the free-practice of sexuality by free-will. That is programming!

  6. OK, I do see what appears to be a penis on the box of the Little Mermaid, and I do agree that the new Jewish-run Disney has been releasing stuff that must have Walt turning in his grave.

    But I’m not following your claims about the Target logo being an ancient fertility symbol. Obviously, the ad with the woman spreading her legs with her crotch in the center of the bull’s eye is sexually suggestive, but the logo itself? It looks like a target to me, which would be consistent with the name of the store.

    Did you ever stop to think that, as Sigmund Freud once said, sometimes a cigar is just a cigar?

  7. Igor, a “target” symbol would involve concentric rings. Some could argue with good merit that the symbol is a solar one, but based on what I’ve seen in this case, I side with the vagina interpretation.

    While the head people in charge of Disney now are in fact Jewish, the agenda’s been gradual (and, should I have time, will detail in an article the company was agenda-driven from go). There was no way they could have gotten away back then with what they’re getting away with now, because parents were still parenting back then…

    As for Freud, there is much to Freud than that oft-repeated phrase, which the media/academia has fixated on. For example, Freud believe the Moses Exodus story was a fabricated cover for the Cult of Akhenaton being kicked out of Egypt. Hence, most who speak of Freud, only know of cigars, penises and Oedipus.

  8. Here’s an example;take the world famous Virgin logo.If you turn it slightly to the left so that where the underline and tail of the g form an X, you’ll also notice the V forms a slightly hidden S and the i, r and part of the g form a broken capital E, spelling the word SEX.
    So you have Sex/Virgin in one word. Very clever Mr.Branson.

  9. i’m starting to get angry and confused. I have a fellow on youtube saying that there are subliminal words mulitple subliminal words like “sex” “seek sex”. And i see a few of them. then i read this article that says the original scientific study done on subliminals is an admitted hoax. then i look at my leg hair and i see the word sex written all over them. i can’t watch movies that are high on sex and violence or even just high on sex because it feeds gas to my fire and makes me go insane, and all i end up thinking about is killing myself. i know the movies are fucking with me. because i come out wanting to kill myself. i think im 1/1100th the person i could be, if i had never watched tv or went to school. i wonder what kind of person would i be. certainly not as weak and pathetic and narcisstic and super-insane ego as i am now.
    i know you don’t know me, and yeah some truth i can’t handle like all that i am is a result of my choices. i believe im a robot with no choices it just happens. would you break apart this article? because right now popular mechanics and anthony pratkanis are sounding more journalistic than loose change and you

  10. Guy, thanks for the comment(s). I think I’ve seen the subliminal videos you are speaking of (about words on images). Not quite sure what to make of them yet. As for the effect of movies upon your psyche, that may be intentional (READ THIS). We all need to understand that we are being programmed (AND MARKETED TO) and NOT entertained. Television and the school system were BY DESIGN meant to break down individualism.

    Pratkanis and Mechanics, are nothing more than hatchet-men, paid by the industry, to discredit practices the same industry engages in. “There are no subliminals” they will say, while their employer has teams of PhD’s trying to come up with more effective subliminals. But please, do not lump me in with the Loose Change guys. They are either “stuck” in that first-layer of truth, or trying to keep others mired in it.

    And, Darren, thank you for sharing that Virgin symbol with me. I was already aware the logo with the Twin Eves showed knowledge/belief of the mystery schools, but missed this. Very clever indeed.

  11. Thinking that old Walt Disney would somehow roll over in his grave because of Little Mermaid is ridiculous and just shows how well the Disney Machine has brainwashed us for so many decades. Research who Walt was and what he was into for crying out loud. Just look at most of “his” early animations (Fantasia for example): loaded with all sorts of mystic / occult / essoteric stuff with lesser amounts of sexual innuendo. Lord knows how many kids were abducted or assaulted within the underground tunnels of Disneyland. He was a strange duck that Walt, and most likely a high level mind-control programmer and pedophile, which naturally got him accepted into the larger power structures of politics and the military. The rumour that he was anti-semetic was probably just a PR story, but when the agenda is mind control and programming of children, then the high level Jews and Gentiles seem to forget all their differences anyway and happily work hand in hand…

    Nowadays, there is much more sex everywhere on TV, and although Disney may be leading the charge, it still doesn’t shy away from all the mystical / occult stuff that is so important to the World’s Elite. And trying to figure out with your conscious mind what it all means (like claiming the Target symbol is just a target) is exactly their cover, because all the symbolism and subliminal stuff is affecting you at a much deeper level, and in ways you cannot verbalize. In this vein, that is why HD Plasma / LCD TVs are being pushed on us and why cable will go digital very soon; because of all the extra audio / visual subliminal potential and possibly even the ability of disrupting our so-called “auras” or energy matrix.

    In the old days (’60s – ’80s), people could readily magnify the ice cubes in all those booze ads in magazines and see very clear evidence of penises, skull and crossbones, devil faces and more, but those low tech days are long gone. Now, one must have very cutting edge equipment to find definitive proof of all the manipulation, but rest assured it’s there in spades. The only protection is complete refrain from TV, movie theaters, internet surfing, and 90% of mainstream music. It sounds extreme, but you have NO IDEA the technology they have developed and the agendas they are so passionate about. Mark my words.

  12. RE: “who needs credit cards.” underwear

    pussy is “nature’s credit card” – the “slutty” one from The Golden Girls

    RE: “and 90% of mainstream music. It sounds extreme, but you have NO IDEA the technology they have developed and the agendas they are so passionate about. Mark my words.”

    You’d be surprised how much less/non-mainstream and “indie” music has been partaking and is getting more and more involved in this.

  13. Re Wolter’s post:

    Ah, yes, the inevitable “but sex is good!” complaint. I’d partly agree with Wolter’s basic contention, but I’d condition it by saying sex CAN be good. But what celticrebel is referring to, is completely different from healthy sexuality. He’s pointing out the misuse of sexuality (as well as simple beauty, power, etc.) to sell products, to sexualize kids, etc. Many people who give advertisers a pass on all of this, have either allowed themselves to be duped into believing there’s no difference between healthy sexuality and sleaze, or that much of the sexuality advertisers put into ads, isn’t sleaze.

    I’d challenge most people to define what “health sexuality” really is. I think more than a few million would say it involves lots of pornography, parading little girls onstage dressed like adults in a bar looking for a “date”, and so forth. YOU might not think so, but there are plenty more where you don’t come from. But the real-world effects go beyond just sleaze: promotion of stupid beliefs that what attractive people do or say is better than what non-attractive people do or say; pushing people of all ages into behavior they may not feel comfortable with, especially with people whose age they’re not comfortable with; attempts to make women think they’re being uncooperative and prudish if they won’t have sex with just about any man who asks or demands it; a dominance culture (and even when sex is consensual, it can still involve excessive amounts of dominance by all involved); people thinking they want what they say they want, when they either really don’t, or shouldn’t, but can’t figure out the difference because they’ve rarely, if ever, been given other viewpoints other than a sexual one; all the way to the extremes: sexual slavery, pedophilia, rape, etc.

    I’d suggest that Wolter take a look outside HIS environment–it’s more limited than one might think. The kind of sexuality which many people think is healthy, is just formed around and relies on prudishness–“Look what I can do, that prudish people would gasp at if they could see me do it!”

    Most of all this IS the dumbing-down of America, under the GUISE of some kind of awakening–co-opting any kind of real awakening. In the 60s and 70s, cigarette advertising to women was done by telling them they were being new, now, liberated women if they smoked. Now people are being told that sexual liberation involves consuming heaps of sleaze, innuendo, etc. beyond normal flirtation and checking each other out–a corporatized version with hooks into all kinds of manipulative tricks.

    Nobody needs corporations and their advertising to be the arbiter of what healthy sexuality is.

    Sexuality-based advertising isn’t only aimed at getting people to buy a specific product or company’s set of products–it also involves pulling people around by their groins in general, getting people to believe in, buy, and do, all kinds of things they wouldn’t if they were thinking clearly. Believers become slaves, even if they don’t know it. It gets too many people to look at things for their flash value, rather than their actual value, reliability, features, etc.

    Many people who think they’re too “clever, and classless, and free” to be a dupe of all this, can’t see what the hubbub is about. This means you don’t pay attention to how many people ARE pulled in by this nonsense. Just because you don’t think it has any negative effects on you, doesn’t mean it doesn’t negatively affect plenty of other people. If it had no brainwashing effects, why would advertising containing sex, power, beauty, etc. be used so much?

    Currently on TV, there’s a car ad in which a little girl’s hand is positioned over a man’s crotch (some formerly popular football player), as she points to the interior of the advertiser’s car; it looks almost as if the girl is squeezing the guy’s penis. In this shot, the man is standing so all you can see of him, is from just above his belt, down to his knees, which focuses the image on the girl’s hand close to the crotch. The next shot is the man smiling a goofy grin directly into the camera. I don’t have any doubt what that’s supposed to imply.

    There seems to be an ongoing attempt to create an environment in which men can engage in sex with little girls, or at least fantasize about it in what they think is a culturally accepted fashion. Shades of Japanese hentai. Do we really need to see American men, as they ride the train or bus to work, holding up to their faces comic books about young girls having pornographic sex, including with sci-fi monsters, etc.?

    Just because the original “research” on subliminal advertising–“buy popcorn/drink Coke”–was a hoax, doesn’t mean there is no subliminal advertising, and that it doesn’t sometimes work. But we’ve long seen that suggestive advertising usually doesn’t take the form of the dismissed, classic subliminal advertising–skull shapes in ice cubes, etc.–which I’ve always found more than doubtful (when I was a kid, my bedroom’s ceiling was made of planks of bare wood, whose grain and branch sworls formed faces that I don’t think any advertiser put there)–it’s the more obvious stuff, like the most common–showing attractive young people using a product–that has the most impact, and so that’s the approach the vast majority of ads contain. And it’s also obvious that many ads use even more sexually suggestive imagery, as in the Target ad above, and the one I cite.

    We also see sexual suggestions in kid’s TV shows–less in kid’s movies, since there are usually adults in a movie audience who would catch the references. For instance, I’ve been stunned by some of the sexual references and double-entendres I’ve seen and heard in some shows on the Disney Channel, that nobody would get unless they had a long exposure to such stuff over the years (I’m 52). I’ve even read of a confession by someone who wrote some of these shows, who said he put in such things deliberately, both to try to promote a cultural acceptance of childhood sleaze (and worse) but also because he and some friends though it was funny. If I could find the reference to the article (I’m not making this up–the article had the guy’s name, the shows he wrote for, etc.), I’d include it here. Thankfully, practically no kids will get these kinds of references, but many of these kid’s shows contain more obvious attempts to influence kid’s sexuality, attempting to persuade them to act like glamorous movie stars, etc. There’s a lot of non-sleaze on Disney aimed towards children (gee, damned by faint praise), but that doesn’t excuse the sleaze.

    Though celticrebel gives some cedence to subliminal advertising, I think it’s more productive that he’s shifted his attention to super-liminal advertising, which is where the real influence occurs. There’s also how one defines the two–what one person would call a subliminal ad, someone else would say is super-liminal, and vice versa.

  14. Dr. F, I seem to recall you coming in on another post and addressing some of the nonsense programmed responses posing as comments. Thanks again for the wisdom and cutting to the heart of the matter. You may like this image.

    kenley, I know there is still indie music being made, but how many people does it reach? Unlike in the 80’s when the last real musical revolution of significance took place, the conglomerates have really established control now. I’d say 90% to 99% of the music the mAsses hear now is scripted rehashed degenerative shite.

    John Sawyer, thanks for chiming in. I think “wolter” is just responding out of that left/right conservative/liberal dialectic trap people find themselves programmed into. Which is exactly the problem. Too many “liberal” people fighting some imaginary right-wing conspiracy, all the while Disney and Nickelodeon are showing their children suggested anus-licking, fellatio and facials. I’ve since gone further into the breach.

  15. @guythomas hey you’re more mature than you used to be.. I like people like you. Truth tellers .. if u need a friend, reach out.

  16. Thank you to the amazing author of this site. You deserve an award. You are doing more to keep society safe than many who claim to be the safe keepers. You are a hero for recognizing this problem and taking time to open eyes. You were put here for a grand purpose and you’re an inspiration for living up to the task that you were placed here to do. May you be blessed with eternal happiness and healing as you continue this path. Sabali 🙏🏽

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