The Art of Revealing

Based on my research into the purpose/utility of mass-market movies, I have come to the conclusion that members of secret societies have infiltrated the medium at many levels, and use it (the medium) to push their social engineering agendas. I am furthermore of the opinion, that just as we see with false-flag events and crises, the cinematic construct is used for multiple purposes and via multiple means.

holy brainwashing

Before I enumerate them, I would very much like to give credit to Michael Tsarion, whose body of research has greatly inspired me, Michael Hoffmann, for his theories on the psychology behind the psychology, and Alan Watt for his insightfulness and common-sense philosophy.

I would also like to point out, that I am, for the most part, talking about mainstream movies which are written, directed and released with the intent of catering to a mass audience and going on to become “block-busters” [I can’t help but now wonder, if that term is supposed to carry the double entendre of a head/mind destructor]. Although I can’t say it with complete certainty, I feel that independent movies and foreign art-films would normally be exempt.

Additionally, I would like preemptively address those readers whose own sense of skepticism or paranoia may soon lead them to ask, “They can’t ALL be in on it?”

meeting of men

The answer is no. Like any operation of espionage or infiltration, all it takes is few key people in a few key places. The rest are just your standard groups: useful idiots [“mindless repeaters”], culturally bankrupt and brainwashed dolts who would do anything for a fame & fortune, legions of Zionist crusaders afraid to question the morality of their dogma (because they don’t realize that Judaism and Zionism are two entirely separate entities), and lastly, the most useless people on the West Coast, the soul-less mind-controlled zombies which we call Scientologists. {*1}

So, without further adieu [or inflammatory opinions], I present my theory on the six facets of movies as a tool of social engineering:

1. As a superficial means to sell products. Placement, placement, placement. Product placement. One can’t help but notice dozens of periphery products placed throughout the sets, if not right in front of your face. However, far more invasive, is the psychology of consumerism that is sold subliminally by the vehicle (the film).

Watch the immense joy in the women’s faces, as they strut around with their bags of freshly purchased goods. See the sex appeal of the male lead with the brand new sports car. Does he get the girl? Of course he gets the girl.

entourage shoes

Home Box Office (HBO) is notorious for producing shows which serve as nothing more than repeating minimal plot elements, staged around the marketing of products and ideas. Sex and the City comes to mind as a prime example. Sitting through Entourage, on the other hand, forces one to wonder, whether your are watching a show which advertises a wide array of products, or an 25 minute advertisement with some plot elements thrown in.

The latter is mere more than “advertising pornography:” who cares what the plot is, as long as it moves you from one product [sex scene] to the next. It is a superficial showcase of clothing, cars, music, and conspicuous consumerism to the extreme. They’ve even gone so far as to dedicate the plot of two entire episodes to the cast trying to procure a particular brand of limited-edition high-priced shoes!

2. The real sales pitch. As Michael Hoffman illustrates, the real sales pitch comes after the audience lets their guard down. They assume the pesky advertisements are over, and they are now being “entertained,” not marketed to. These are the most insidious and perception-altering forms of social engineering.

A recent instance of such programming is the depiction of torture. Notice how it is becoming more and more prevalent and common in television and movies these days. It is conditioning. Conditioning the public to become more accepting of it.

iraq shame

The last James Bond film is an example conditioning along these lines and more (noted in prior article). Each successive Quentin Tarantino film, has depicted torture more graphically and overtly than the prior. Without this flood of PR, do you think it would even be possible for us in the USA to even be having the present “debate” on whether torture is necessary or even acceptable?

Another example is the conditioning the uninformed masses to have perceptions of certain groups of people [i.e., negative ones], in order to facilitate “selling” a certain idea later. This racist theme has been omnipresent [examined previously]:

  • Painting Arabs with a negative broad stroke in order to sell the Iraq invasions [both of them]

  • Instilling the public with constant fear that Middle-Eastern terrorists are out to get us, in order to sell them the idea that some far-off Arab boogeyman brought down the World Trade Center

  • Constantly depicting Arabs as scidal psychopaths, in order to keep public pressure off of Israel’s policies of apartheid, economic strangulation, and methodical genocide towards the people of Palestine

Ideas and themes, distributed effectively through multiple media outlets [movies, television, magazines, music, fashion, etc.], can be used to “program” entire generations. Read Edward Bernays on how easy it is to control the public mind, in lieu of the individual mind. Not one of the following “social movements,” was by any means, accidental: the 60’s drug culture, the sexual liberation of the 70’s, the rise of feminism and the current extreme degradation our youth. {*2}

death to gentiles

In some cases, powerful special interest groups, can simply use the medium to finance their own cause. All they need are a lot of money and a few connections. Consider the movie Swordfish. A bank robber pulls of a grand heist of an American bank, kills [in a rather horrific manner] all the hostages, and gets away with it.

The movie’s closing scene is of Scientologist Jonh Travolta [the bank robber] speeding off into the sunset on a luxury yacht, and tells the audience that “it’s OK” because he is a former Mossad agent and will now use that money to go after Palestinian terrorists.” Thus, the “message” sold to the gullible American public: killing a few Americans is fine, as long it benefits Israel. {*3}

3. The ritual act of revealing. This is probably the most controversial of angles, and for some of you reading this, likely to be seen as the most speculative. However, there is an occult aspect to the practice of human sacrifice, that per Michael Tsarion’s teachings, and my own independent studies, requires that one inform their victim specifically what they will do to them before they do it. There seems to be an obligation by the practitioner of the black arts, to tell their victim.

mayan sacrifice

The other perspective on this idea, is that the more terror you create in your victim, the more power you gain, or something to that effect [I have never been involved in such practices, so can only draw conclusions]. Members of Satanic cults, and the necromancers from civilizations past (Mayans, Aztecs, etc.) would allege that if you are going to tear the heart out of your victim and bite into it before their very eyes, then in order gain their “power/vitality” from the act, you have to tell them ahead of time (and be specific).

A modern-day example of this ritual revelation occurs in the film Independence Day (released in 1996). In one of the scenes, Jeff Goldblum’s character, announces he has figured out that the alien signal is a count-down to attack. He then drives from New York City to Washington DC to inform the President (despite both cities being evacuated at the time, and the impossibility of making that drive in four hours, even under ideal conditions). As they escape on Air Force One, Goldblum looks at his laptop (at the count-down clock), and the display reads “09:11:01.” Voilla!

independence day

Hence, even though the message is near-subliminal, the practitioners of the black arts have fulfilled their sacrificial obligation to inform us. The us, in this equation was their victims; those killed on that day, and the rest of us who were traumatized by the event; emotionally, financially, or mentally.

There are dozens of other examples of prescient 911 ritual revelation from cinema [this article by Jack Valentinihighlights a few]. The pilot of episode of The Lone Gunmen, on the other hand, bypassed the realm of the abstract and sublime, opting to brazenly and explicitly advise that day’s victims of events to come.

4. As a disinformation vehicle and/or as a whitewash tool. What a better way to discredit legitimate “conspiracy researchers” or “awake individuals” than to downplay actual misdeeds through a whitewash process, or disinform the public in preparation for a future truth encounter. Give them just enough info so that they are aware of the process, but not enough to comprehend its true significance.

An excellent illustration of this concept, comes from the The Good Shepherd. The movie introduces people to the idea of Skull & Bones as a powerful organization, without disclosing just how far their tentacled reach truly goes. It shows the initiation ritual of one lying naked and revealing a personal secret, yet obfuscates the homo-erotic masturbation, ejaculation and sexual nature of the confession.

naked coffin

The film, of course, neglects the use of real skulls, altars to horned gods, the use of blood and other occult rituals, much less the society’s long-standing connection to drug trafficking. Instead, the movie even goes so ludicrously far (into the realm of misinformation), as to depict the members as old-time barbershop-quartet singing, silly-natured fraternity boys.

The end result of this calculated campaign is that the audience has [dis]information embeded into their memory. Over time, the origins of the “knowledge” are forgotten. Thus should they later be confronted by someone in possession of “real” information, they are resistant. Pride and ego take over.

They willl argue, “Oh, I know all about Skull & Bones!” Yet, they won’t know, much less be able to recall where that information they “know” came from, because they, vainly, will consider it part of their personal body of knowledge.

fat moore

Michael Moore‘s documentaries would fall under the category of “white-washing.” Generally, they scratch the surface of a particular problem, and then shout loudly about the dirt they’ve now found under their fingernails. Yet, they completely ignore the real incriminating evidence that lies underneath. I could give examples from Sicko, Fahrenheit 911 and Bowling for Columbine, but for the sake of brevity, will save Moore and his devious films for a later article.

5. As a means of internal communication between those in the know. This is akin to flashing gang signs. Some stealthy symbolic act or scene will be shown, in order to alleviate the concerns of insiders that any information “revealed” was either accidental, the disclosure efforts of some rebellious insider, or “snuck-in” by some truth-activist writer or director.

The best representation of this concept that comes to mind, is again from The Good Shepherd. {*4} In the scene, the CIA Agent meets his KGB nemesis in a safe public location, the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The KGB Agent’s bodyguard complains the museum won’t accept rubles, and since this is his only time in America, he’d really like to buy something for his daughter. Hence, he asks the CIA guy for a dollar. Yes, a one dollar bill. The CIA guy conspicuosly hands him the bill, middle finger pointing to the Illuminati Pyramid/Eye symbol and the KGB guy conspicuosly receives it. The camera zooms in on the symbol and … “cut”:

dollar sigil

What costs one dollar, especially something one would want to take back for their daughter after their ONLY trip to America? Why not five, ten or twenty dollars? The dollar bill is the only denomination with the symbol on it. Again, plot and logic were not required. What was required is that they let concerned insiders know:

“Don’t worry, we’re not going to unveil anything important about the CIA or the Russell Trust (a.k.a. Skull & Bones). We are on top of this. We are in control of the information flow. This is propaganda for those profane sheep we master.”

6. Lastly, there is the actual dissemination of arcane knowledge. This is the issue I am presently struggling over the most, because I can’t say with great certainty, why it takes place. A part of me believes, and maybe, I should say “would like to believe,” that there are factions out there, who do wish to enlighten those of us who are seeking truth, and subliminally lift the veil of ignorance from the eyes of the masses. But, my present leaning, inclines me to believes there is hubris in the ruling class, thus they feel the need to boast of their accomplishments.

matrix architect

A good example of secrets being revealed, takes place in the Matrix series, which as much as any other set of movies, perhaps with the exception of the James Bond films, include all the elements I’ve been discussing herein. {*5} When the Neo character meets the ruling god in the white room, behind the metaphorical door, does he meet the “creator” of the matrix, aka the Lord God of Christian, Muslim and Jewish faith.

No, he meets the “Architect.” Read up on Freemasonry, and you will learn that they, among others, worship “The Architect,” not the The Creator. They are boasting in your face n your face [if you’re one of the less than one percent of the population that has bothered to research this stuff, and can make the connections] and telling you outright: “Yes, it’s us, but what can you do about it? Nothing! {*6}

Another good illustration comes from Oliver Stone’s seminal conspiracy film JFK (1991). The movie was credited with renewing public interest in the assassination, creating a push to release sealed Warren Commission findings and leading to the creation of the Assassination Records Review Board. Did it expose anything?

back and to the left

While the film does manage to completely discredit the Magic Bullet Theory and dispel the notion of Oswald as a shooter, wouldn’t even a minimal amount of research convince anybody of these same facts? Does Stone tell us who killed JFK?

Well, not directly… There is a scene where Jim Garrison meets “Mr. X” [allegedly Colonel Fletcher Proudy] on the Capitol Mall. Proudy tells him to look past the mire of bit-players like Oswald, the Mafia and the Cubans, and ask the most important question. “Why was Kennedy killed? Who benefited? Who has the power to cover it up?” The camera is initially zoomed in tightly on their mouths and ears, and slowly pans out, until Proudy speaks the last of the above words. Proudy & Garrison appear insignificant to the Washington Monument towering ominously over them. There you have it. Ask yourself who erected the obelisk, and you’ve answered:

JFK Proudy Monument

For those further interested in the topic, I’d highly recommend this excellent supporting article, which details all the Masonic elements of the assassination.

Occasionally, there will be an act of true revelation, but I find this to be a rarity. Insiders know that you can hint at certain elements, but if you cut to close to the bone of truth, then there will be the devil to pay, and I am starting to wonder whether the late Stanley Kubrick learned this first-hand?

When you do find true revealing, it tends to be parlayed in symbols and metaphors, or ever so subtly expressed, that only the trained eye of a truly aware individual might catch it. A good recent example is the sacrifice scene in Apocalypto. {*7}

it's called acting

Watch the faces of the elites [the priestly and ruling classes] during the entire sequence. See the disdain they express towards the masses below. See the boredom and ennui they have towards the whole process, particularly when the solar eclipse is coming (because they know it was coming).

The movie is showing us, that we are the ignorant masses, we are part of the idiot class down below, reacting with expected shock and bliss, guzzling our beer and cheering our team, dancing like clowns, frightened by the unknown be it a solar eclipse or an imaginary terrorist]; all so easy to control and manipulate.

The recent V for Vendetta, on the other hand, was hailed by many as a previously unparalleled anti-establishment exemplar about our present move towards a police state. The forthright depictions of tyrannical rule, mass media as a tool of propaganda, false flag operations blamed on terrorists and secret government experimentation on citizenry do all ring true and are frighteningly similar to events happening presently.

However, the most important thing to consider, is what does the film (which I will confess to personally enjoying) say about changing things? The same old true, tired Hollywood motif that has been ingrained on us since we were children: wait for some Superman to come save you, wait for Rambo, wait for “The One.” How does the protagonist reach the masses? Through the television; one talking head is swapped for another (¿really just one form of tyranny swapped for another?).

v for violence

It doesn’t tell us anything about how we, as individuals and communities, need to network, and overthrow the system of oppression by refusing to feed the corporate entities, which ultimately, take the money we give them to buy up our government, and then build a bigger better prison to enslave us. Thus, after all is said and done, I fear the movie serves the proverbial beast.

As I prepare this article for press, I’ll flip through the movie channels and inevitably stumble on more instances, and my stance on this last issue grows more muddled. I catch the tail-end of National Treasure, and there is the “young dumb cool guy” character, looking at the discovered Egyptian statue, and not-so haphazardly saying, “Cool! He’s big with blue-green skin. That’s probably significant.” {*8}

i love osiris

So, I find myself wondering, “Could this be boasting? Yet, how many people out there would actually even get the relevance of the statement?” Maybe, they figure, if you’ve come this far (just like the plot of the movie), then they may as well give you another “hint.”

While I feel that there is no natural ending to this discussion, I will conclude by stressing that I feel this body of research, is one that has been greatly under-investigated. There are a myriad of films out there which need to be looked at for these elements, and even a small team of researchers, could spend their entire lives looking at different films and still miss a lot of relevant acts (and facts). My ambition is that other inspired individuals will do their part, and that we, as a group, can bring all this hidden subterfuge to light.

And lastly, express my hope that you, as an individual, stop thinking of these movies as entertainment and escapism, because the moment you do, the real propaganda and mind-control begins. Look beyond the tired repeating contrived plot elements and look at the undercurrent of social engineering taking place.

Be as a child, and look at everything with new eyes and be an adult, and think critically of all you see.

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*1: An expose of the mind-control tactics of Scientology would require a whole book. This free online resource is a good start. Suffice to say, their founder was a pedophile, he was involved in government mind control projects, his book Dianetics probably came out of how he learned to control his wife “Diane,” and the group’s visible efforts against psychology, and support of the FMF, are aimed at destroying any hope of salvation that mind-control victims may have. [LB]

*2: Each of these topics is well-worth researching, but outside the scope of this article. The one point I’d like to make, is one addressed to those whose conditioned response is that the over-sexualization of today’s youth is simply an ongoing evolutionary trend. Read your history. Compare the 20’s to the 50’s. Compare the Renaissance to the Victorian age. If it was really “ongoing,” wouldn’t we all be rutting in the streets by now? [LB]

*3: Ask the survivors of the attack on the USS Liberty if they thought it was OK that a few Americans sailors died so that Israel could gain a little more territory? Israel also has a dismal, or notoriously efficient record [depending on perspective, I guess] of using false-flag operations to further it’s own agenda. The Hollywood film Raid on Entebe, was apparently yet another propaganda piece. [LB]

*4: I’ve used another Good Shepherd reference because one, I recently viewed it, and two, it is overtly appropriate to the theme of this article. I’ll refrain from speculating on whether the choice of Angelina Jolie for the female lead was significant, but some may find this prior article about her amusing. [LB]

*5: The Bond films tend to be full of revelations. Michael Tsarion has spoken at length about hidden elements in the films and the relevance of 007 in occult history. Joseph Farrell, in his book, The SS Brotherhood of the Bell, discusses how the film Diamonds are Forever discloses the existence of two space programs: one, a hoax for public consumption and the other, the hidden and classified real program. [LB]

*6: But, you actually can do “something:” stop letting them influence you. For those interested in learning more about Gnostic Christianity and the origins of such concepts and symbols, I’d highly recommend Graham Hancock’s Talisman [though I have to point out that I disagree with his conclusion about who was behind the 9/11 attacks, yet completely agree with the exposition of the symbolic nature of the targets]. [LB]

*7: Many people ask my opinion on Mel Gibson; whether he is an agent of disinformation or an agent of change, trying to reveal the truth to people. His movies do tend to have a lot of embedded information. Conspiracy Theory (very apropo), does refer to a lot of real projects like MK-Ultra, brings up the interesting supposition that Oliver Stone is a controlled asset in the employee of Poppy Bush (hmm?), yet mixes up important details with preposterous suppositions (e.g., using the Space Shuttle to cause Earthquakes to kill the president). I had been leaning towards disinfo, but knowing about the anti-globalist views of his father, am still unable to make up my mind. [LB]

*8: I’ll leave the relevance of that statement for you to investigate. A hint? Look at the Hindu Pantheon. Read up on the old Vedic texts. [Nat’l Treasure Review] [LB]

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19 Responses to “The Art of Revealing”

  1. actually… the “dollar” scene at the end was a sort of set up to the scene at the beginning of the movie where the kid asks for change for a dollar on the bus and then the dollar is taken back to headquarters and looked up as being a signal that code name “Cardnial” wants to talk to the agency. remember when agency man hands KGB man the dollar and mentioned something about “Cardinal” rules?

    as far as what you could buy in 1961 for a dollar… $1.00 in 1961 had about the same buying power as $6.79 in 2007. plenty for a bauble from a vendor at the museum for his daughter.

  2. Good point about the value of a 1961 dollar. For some reason, I neglected considered the ongoing devaluation of our currency.

    Interesting point about the Cardinal. While that may have been a plot element, I still feel that the way the camera focused and froze on the eye and pyramid, was intentional. Considering the film’s content, it could also have been a sign that the CIA, which the film showed had no governmental oversight, was an extranational organization whose true allegiance lies elsewhere.

  3. As jordan maxwell ( the guy tsarion idolizes) says…Hollywood movies shows us one of the three things, (1) what they have done, (2) what they are doing now (3) what they are planning on doing. To be blind to this is to be asleep. Only people who have calcified their third eye intuition write this stuff off as science fiction, pure fantasy.

  4. Jewish princesses are the only dominant female role models in Hollywood films… Shiskas are there to be enslaved, only the Jewish heroines are elevated. Sad but true. And hardly accidental.

  5. With regards to your final point about the “dissemination of arcane knowledge” – I have understood this in a slightly different way.
    “Come of your own will” is usually written above masonic temples, once you enter the temple, however, I think you are supposed to relinquish your rights unto the organisation.
    I think the elites are applying the same rule when they reveal truths through these films; if we KNOW what’s about to happen and do nothing, it’s tacit agreement, we have come of our own will.

    Brillian blog, very well done

  6. THX_1138, agreed. To this day, I’m still wondering at the occasional synchromystic revelations and whether they are the result of an unavoidable force such as the universal [un/sub]conscious or some hidden hand.

    Jonathan, I’m SURE that’s only coincidental and that noticing such a pattern can only mean one is “antisemetic.” OK, I’m choking on sarcasm now. 🙂

    Madame Deficit, nice to find you commenting here. Michael Hoffman, who I mentioned above, talks of the nature of “predictive programming” as a tool to generate consent and acquiescence. As the case in JFK: we did it, now we’re going to reveal how [via our media], and you are going to conclude, “they can do whatever they want,” hence enabling our next act.

    I think the “agreement” is more of how you consent to your mind, hence self being shaped. Not sure if you caught my latest, but I talk of how with the newest technology, we should be weary of that same agreement when we enter a theater.

  7. I see Scientolgy’s disdain for psychiatry as possibly explained in one of two ways: 1) psychiatry is a competing cult 2) well-poisoning disinfo (deflecting rightful criticism of an equally cultish fraternity).

  8. What a beautiful post! Thank you.. Full of great information.

  9. Good post. You would love this band called ‘Tool’
    Their music, the videos, the message…
    I have a feeling, all 4 of them are more than just amazing artists 🙂

  10. Hi Rebel,
    Very interesting post.

    Recently I watched a number of films where I noticed significant acknowledgement of revealing the nature of reality.

    First “Being There”. I thought this was a “forest gump” comedy type film. However it is a bit more. The Peter Sellers character becomes involved with a very rich guy(John D. Rockefeller type), who is revealed as a member of the illuminati. The rich guy meets with the president, has life extension technology and is still working the stock market in his late age. I was blown away by the ending and you are shown illuminati symbols. Worth a look if you have not seen it.
    Second “El Topo”. While is this film is about a spiritual journey, towards the end el topo is a bum/entertainer and goes to a village. Covering almost every part of the village is illuminati symbols. It portrays the rich as a deviant sick bunch. I didn’t notice this when I watched it before so I was really happy to see Jodorowsky go straight for the jugular and expose this crazy world.

    Slighty off topic have you seen the “The Holy Mountain”. I just have to mention this film, as it is the best film I have seen. Very symbolic.

    Jodorowsky is making a new film “King Shot”. I hope this is a huge mindfuck. I think it is a pity that there aren’t that many balls out mind blowing films out there. But at least one 80 year old is still trying.

    Also I recommended, if want to forget the Hollywood horseshit, a film called “Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter… and Spring”. Totally inspiring.

    Thanks for all the great reads and insights.

  11. John, that one is still a bit of a mystery to me. One book I read a long time ago claimed the reason Scientology was attacking Physchiatry, is because “the science” may lead to deprogramming its members. On the other hand, what the Scientologists have to say about the criminality of the latter giving people mind-destroying drugs disguised as cures is extremely truthful.

    Leon, and thank you again. I appreciate you taking the time to comment as you read these.

    cowax, there’s definitely something going on with Tool, way beyond a chance conjecture between penis-obsessed musicians syncing to fertility cults. I may recall Freeman talking about them performing ancient occult rituals disguised as “a concert.”

    Brian, I marvel at how were I to rewrite this article from over 1.5 years ago today, there’d be few changes. I’ve been exploring that last two-way layer for some time now, and the mystery surrounding it just expands and expands.

    Being There, was an extremely relevant film on so many levels. Caught some of it with my new eyes, but will have to watch it again one day. Unfamiliar with the other films you mention, will keep an eye out for them, or find them. Thanks.

  12. Good place to find them is

  13. My view of V for Vendetta is a little different than everyone else’s it seems. I actually did see a true way shown of how to get through the World’s present situation. My viewing background is in Neuro Linguistic Programming which allowed me to see how all my favorite television shows were corrupt. I stopped watching television completely within a week of seeing the conditioning. V for Vendetta has similar themes with The Matrix and even has one scene shot exactly the same. I don’t know if the Wachowski Brothers are pawns, but similarities abound between the two movies. In the Matrix we had the One, and V takes a step forward because the Guy Fawkes masks represent The One. In the movie whenever someone dons it he becomes The One. The ending is so perfect because we get to see what happens when we all become The One. The system itself breaks down. In my version of this world we don’t win by beating the other guy militarily or politically (per AJ). We each become The One and shrug these problems off as we stand up and remember who we truly are.

    The system obviously didn’t want the public to see the Mask as being The One so their seriously demented social engineering website 4chan /b/ was manipulated to take V as their mascot and claimed the mask meant Anonymous. That website could use it’s own blog just to document all the NLP manipulation going on there.

    I love the scene when Evie is thrown in prison. It is a re-enactment of the catacombs scene of the Count of Monte Cristo which was mentioned in the movie several times. Neville does a great explanation of this story. Starting on page 138 he places the synopsis on the left page and his commentary on the right page (LINK)

    I always point to Neville whenever I find a religious person who has mostly broken free of the Matrix but still believes the Bible is a historical document and/or there is an eternal heaven or hell waiting. God that would be so boring. Haven’t we each had to endure our own ‘trial by fire’ which both showed us the flimsiness of their imposed Matrix and gave us the strength to stand up and take back control of our world? When you meet the devil and realize he is you the world takes on a very different appearance.

    Using what I’ve learned from NLP and Hypnosis here are a few observations: Start at around 1 hour 40 minutes, when V starts laying the red/black dominos and everyone starts getting the Guy Fawkes mask (representing The One). Notice how the Chancellor wants anyone caught with one of the masks arrested. One cop then says the whole city’s gone mad, a common reference to the true waking up being seen as insanity to those still in the Matrix. Even Pink Floyd hits this one perfectly in The Wall. The other cop even notes that “He knows us even better than we know ourselves” (The One). The Wachowski brothers then use a masterful Lesser Included Structure to give a command to the unconscious to see what’s going on and wake up. The unconscious mind responds to the meta structure (the quoted material) on a different logical level than the conscious mind. The conscious mind pays attention to the movie plot while the unconscious (through symbolism and an extended quote) starts linking together everything that is going on in the world today. This extended quote begins when the cop starts talking about when he suddenly got this feeling that everything is connected. Notice how he stares off into space as if in a trance. Watch the visual symbolism while his speech progresses and realize he’s talking about us and the Matrix. The visual imagery used for each part of his speech instruct us how to fill in his ambiguity. I love how they even included the original Guy Fawkes so our unconscious would know to search back a lot longer than recent times. Watch the dominos fall and see what that means symbolically. After V picks up the last domino there is only one more piece of symbolism left here; to instruct the unconscious mind to wake up, the alarm clock goes off. (The Matrix also uses an alarm clock, right after Neo meets Trinity) But, this alarm clock goes off at 7 am and our favorite cop is already up and drinking, which is an odd happening for when an alarm clock goes off. This is known as a Selectional Restriction Violation. Used by Milton Erickson in his hypnosis to force the client to go into a transderivational search for meaning. An example being ‘a tomato plant can feel good.’ In the standard usage of the predicate feel, there is a selectional restriction which requires that the noun which appears as it’s subject be an animal or a human. For most speakers of English, the sentence quoted above is peculiar. The sentence doesn’t quite make sense. It forces the client to search for another meaning.

    Later that night the Chancellor is on tv with a speech about how no one is to break curfew or face punishment as a terrorist. But this time the televisions are on but no one is home to watch them. As everyone dons the mask (and becomes The One) they march on toward Parliament. The soldiers try to contact the HQ and the Chancellor but they get no response. They are forced to stand down as the crowd gets to them and walks through them. The horns kick in at this moment auditorially anchoring to when you are The One there is no one that can harm you (Neo at the end of The Matrix anyone?). We have one last anchoring moment, the crescendo kicks in as the Parliament building is blown up and we are anchored beautifully to the politicians going bye bye. Don’t you have a smile on your face? Let’s create our own world without war, disease, poverty, famine, or separation. As Neo said to the Illuminati, “I know you’re out there. I can feel you now. I know that you’re afraid. You’re afraid of us. You’re afraid of change. I don’t know the future. I didn’t come here to tell you how this is going to end. I came here to tell you how it’s going to begin. I’m going to hang up this phone. And then I’m going to show these people what you don’t want them to see. I’m going to show them a world without you. A world without rules and controls, without borders or boundaries. A world where anything is possible.” (then ‘Wake Up!’ by Rage Against the Machine is played)

    In reality I don’t see blowing up Parliament doing a damn bit of good since they are pretty much eye candy nowadays. However, if everyone were to become The One, or a large number of us at least, then our evolution can be at hand. It’s not time for the Illuminati to stand down, it’s time for Humanity to stand up.

    I don’t intend my observations to invalidate the mindfuck stuff they put into V and The Matrix. Just as an entertaining way to see things. I think we can have fun on our trip through this Rabbit Hole.

    p.s. if anyone would like to learn about how Obama is using Ericksonian Conversational Hypnosis in his speeches I recommend this article

    You can actually learn quite a bit about how hypnosis works just from this article. It’s from before he was elected but his techniques are the same. The author obviously doesn’t understand that the other candidates were bought and paid for too. I don’t know the website, just did a google search and found it.

    p.p.s. thanks Brian for recommending The Holy Mountain and Summer, Fall, Winter… and Spring. Greats movies and the end to Holy Mountain was one of the best I’ve ever seen, just perfect. That movie incorporated a lot of what I have been researching recently due to the Tsarion influence (astrology, kabalah, numerology, and tarot). I will watch El Topo soon.

    p.p.p.s. celticrebel, I realize this is a lot longer than a normal comment so feel free to snip it down to size or not post it at all if it doesn’t fit your blog themes. Thanks for your amazing work!

  14. So true on the V movie. At first I was like yes a movie that exposes things. Than I start wandering how the movie was getting to his end.

    In the end people still act like clones or drones(bee’s Robots you name it). All wearing the same mask hiding/neglecting they’re true self.

    In the end they did trade 1 leader that hides for another one that hides and feels itself bigger than them.

    Instead that people do their part and be proud of it they hide who they are.

  15. I see Scientolgy’s disdain for psychiatry as possibly explained in one of two ways: 1) psychiatry is a competing cult 2) well-poisoning disinfo (deflecting rightful criticism of an equally cultish fraternity).

  16. KrazyKarl, your perspective is welcome, insightful and relevant. However, I am weary of any “we all are one” promotion, because we are not. On top of all that, since this was written, I’ve revealed a lot more shady programming from the movies of The Wachowski Perverts. Regardless, your hypnosis/nlp points are appreciated.

    Unomojo, yea, the movie was indeed very shady. I have, of late, <been exposing how The Matrix (made by same lot) was also used to preprogram the truth movement that followed 911. Here's A LINK to one of the first shows where I do so.

    ECR, it could well be.

  17. There’s info on the Snopes site about a lawsuit in between Sophia Stewart and the Wachowski Brother about how she originally wrote a book manuscript called The Third Eye, which she claims the Wachowski Brothers stole to create the Terminator and Matrix franchises.

    Given what you originally wrote about the Wachowski brothers, I’m not surprised in the least.

  18. Hey ho

    I’ve come across snippets of that Kennedy speach countless times over the years, usually presented as if it was catagorical proof that he was warning America of an internal ‘Illuminist’ threat. Surprise surprise, it only sound like that when you take it out of context: namely that he is discussing THE COLD WAR, and international COMMUNISM, in the entirely mundane sense.

    Yes he begins by alluding to secret societies per se, and this has obviously led numerous conspirators (such as the one on the film) to present later portions of the speech as a smoking gun AS WELL AS the motive for the assassination itself, but that requires an interpretive stretch and then some, if you ask me.

    You can presume or imagine that Kennedy had the same understanding of international communism that you do, but you surely don’t think that this substantiates it… Unless you cut it up, that is, as happens over and over again on the web and in documentaries.

    As much as conspiracy sorts like to mock and belittle academics, I find it hard to imagine any I know being so slack and prejudicial as the man who introduces Kennedy’s speech is, or as plain dishonest as those who cram youtube with excerpts from it removed from their proper context, essentially to seduce window shoppers into their worldview.

  19. I don’t know whether to be fascinated by your site or frightened! I’ll let you know what I decided later…ok?

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