A Match Made in Hell

I’ve been taking a little time off to [try and] enjoy life, upgrade my computer so I can begin doing video projects, and research two [what I feel are] important upcoming articles: the real story behind the creation of the MPAA and the true meaning of Valentine’s Day. But, a new story came out this Sunday that I, despite trying, could not ignore: Condom maker seeks endorsement deal with Miley Cyrus.

I really can’t imagine this “deal” taking place. While Disney is not above subliminal (and superliminal) sexual messages, such an unholy alliance might actually lead to the average Disney brainwashed parent thinking: “Hm. Something about that doesn’t seem right.” Then again, I may be seriously overestimating them [the parents]. If any pile of shit properly marketed, under the [false] guise of protecting “the children,” the general public will swallow anything … anything.

Got Semen?Satan Rocks!

Here’s Miley marketing toxic rGBH laden milk in the first picture (among other things, obviously) and I’m not sure exactly what in the second. I’m aware that many remain willfully ignorant of the the facts about milk. Spend just a little time researching the topic, and why anyone would drink something proven beyond doubt to cause cancer, and proven beyond doubt to contain 10% puss by volume [caused by effect of rGBH on cow’s teats] is beyond me. {*1} If you become aware of these facts, and then still give this stuff (regular rGBH-laden milk) to your children, then your problems lie outside the scope of what I will be discussing in this article.

Cum Mustache

Back to the condom thing, it looks like NY Daily News broke the story, and since, most variations [this was picked up by nearly every major outlet: suspicious] that have come out have borrowed from the source. Here’s an excerpt from the original with some comments [embedded in blue] from yours truly:

Miley Cyrus says she wants to be taken more seriously by an adult audience, but LifeStyles Condoms wants to harness Cyrus’ appeal to her younger audience … by encouraging tweens [¡agreed upon range is 10 to 12!] to embrace safe sex [¡ha!].

The prophylactic peddler [¿apropo monicker, no?] wants the 15-year-old singing sensation (who has professed that she will be a virgin [¿inside the family doesn’t count?] until she gets married) [never mind, just marketing for Christians] to be its new spokesperson and is willing to offer Cyrus $1 million [¿kind of low, no?] to shill its brand.

“Pop culture proves that teens are more ready than ever to discuss the subject of sex,” [yea, that’s cause they are more sexualized than any generation in modern history] said Carol Carrozza, [¿KK?] VP of marketing for LifeStyles. “With recent reports showing that one out of four teenage girls has an STD and the high level of teenage pregnancy, we believe that Miley is both influential [¡understatement!] and relatable to this afflicted set [¿odd choice of words?] – and is the obvious choice to get the message of safe sex out to teens across America.”

LifeStyles is also generously offering Miley a lifetime supply of condoms for “whenever she decides the time is right.” [¡where’s that damn air-sickness bag!]

I’d prefer this not feel like a homework assignment, but this article is is going to touch on topics I’ve covered in prior blogs, hence I’d recommend the following “101” articles. I’ll try to refer where possible, but consider these a must read for anyone unaware of the agendas at play here:

In case my regular readers are now wondering if they’re in for yet another angry rant, I’m going to [for the moment] say no. My anger was tempered by a comment I found attached to one of the aforementioned variations of this story. While I can’t surmise this person is fully aware of the truth about condoms, it is refreshing to see someone actually using their intuition:

“J” – A lifetime supply of LifeStyles is not an incentive. Those things are awful. I’m fairly sure the “lubricant” is rattlesnake venom, and they break like 60% of the time. If your lifestyle involves vaginal chafing and unplanned pregnancy, this is your brand.

In the meantime, Miley [or one of her handlers] has released yet another batch of salacious pictures. I’ve concluded these [now regular] “accidents” (like the main story herein) are tests, to see just how far Disney (and others) can push the envelope before the average parent wakes up: My guess? Pretty far!

Want Milk?Flashing Yet Again

The above, are actually not the latest pics in question. But, if I wrote an article every single time Miley decided to flash someone her panties, well then I might as well rename my blog and replace the new “warrior” header with a Hannah hearts and flowers collage. {*2} On top of that, I would then have to devote all my time responding to “hater” comments from her fan[atic]-base.

Celtic Rebel vs. Walt Disney

On second thought …. no. Worth a view, however, are just a few of the [unedited] comments found on one such saucy “exposition” site:

“J” – Hey, Leave her alone, People are so obsessed with disney stars these days..Hey if i had her Body, i would be doing it too.. & im 13. She is A Normal Girl who works for disney.. that shouldnt make her a bad rolemodel.. just a teen girl that likes to have fun

“T” – She’s a beautifull girl and she did not do anything wrong. These pictures after all were never intended for public use… It’s just because her ex bf posted then online… Let he who is without sin cast the first stone a wise man once said 😉 So stop messing about trying to ruin a wonderful actress and fantastic singer’s career!!!

“K” – Miley Cyrus is just like anybody else, she goes through rough patches and everybody needs to leave her ALONE!!! I like her and i am 12 so what! I L-O-V-E to sing and she is my insperation!!! I also have all of her CD’s!!!

Scary, no? As I previously stated, fan is a stem of fanatic which means “marked by excessive enthusiasm and often intense uncritical devotion.” Only one comment showed even a remote glimmer of independent thought, but at the end, just redirects the blame [falling into another Disney preprogrammed bucket]:

“J” – oh my goshhhhh! people are taking up for her! the pictures get worse, you know that right? but the part that bothers me the mostttttt is that she blamed nick. she tells everyone that nick was beggingggg for bad photos. but he knows better. i love the jonas brothers; hateeee miley cyrus and selena gomez. and not bc im obsessed. so i have a badddd case of OJD. [look into it] but ughhh. people these days.

A friend of mine is considering taking in a “troubled tween” relative who has been exemplifying what would have once been considered aberrant sexual behavior. I asked her if she knew what she was getting herself into, and what made her think this behavior was not the norm for girls her age today. Our conversation affirmed both to the negative. The influence of the media, arguably the primary factor in the molding of today’s youth, has made “parenting” obsolete in some cases, and for those who allow regular media access, a nearly hopeless endeavor.

Monkey See Monkey Do

Hence, Disney’s been given carte blanche to do as they wilt. As I’ve speculated before, the reasons for the responsibility “hand-off” is likely from a combination of “too busy working” (a stock answer from many parents I know) and the natural “goodness” [for lack of better words] in most people. In other words, they either are so repulsed by the concept, investigation of makes them feel “dirty,” or locked into a mode of “living in denial;” being unable to image they (they, as in the nebulous “other people” who would be looking out for your kids) would allow such a program to proceed unabated.

I’m sure the people at Tavistock figured all these factors out a long time before I surmised this, and rely on them to push their social engineering agendas. The devolution of mankind proceeds, exactly as the Huxleys and others told us it would, and ultimately, we have chosen to [and continue to] proceed down this [well-paved] road: “O brave new world: That hath such people in’t!”

Camp RockLook into My EyesTiger Beat

As I pointed out above, here’s the [Jonas Bros] bucket the other lost tween fell into. Notice how Disney has taken over the entire list of idol [¿idle?] [“lacking worth or basis,” “a false conception,” or “an appearance without substance”] choices now? Frustratingly, another friend of mine, who has expressed concern over her daughter’s influences, limits her television exposure to only the Disney Channel? [Breathe in. Don’t get angry. OK.] Ever wonder what kind of adults these Disney kids are supposed to turn into? “O brave new world.” Find out: read the book! {*3}

Lost Jonas FanLost Hannah Fan

Yet another friend of mine who is making an honest effort to be a good mother to her six year old, attended a birthday party for one of her daughter’s schoolmates. At the party, the girls went to the birthday girl’s room to look at her new posters on her wall. My friend walked in, and was shocked to find said wall covered with posters of Disney boys, some of them shirtless. She took her daughter away and the other “mothers” chided her for being too austere. “This is what little girls are supposed to do.” Ah, no. They’re six. It most definitely is not!

What ever happened to “parenting?” Well, specifically what happened is another article in itself. For now: an incremental path leading to the current state of affairs, where the lunatics are [metaphorically, though sometimes I wonder if literally] in charge of the asylum, and everyone else is trapped within its confines. The following stories show an unnerving trend:

Perhaps one of reasons for this change, is that “graduates” of these massive dumbing-down agendas (particularly in the USA and UK, the testing grounds for the programs) are now of child-rearing age. Have to confess, since I came back to the states, it is hard to meet a 20-something woman who I can even remotely relate to, and a good portion of 30-somethings are beyond hope as well. They are materialistic, ego-driven, non-critical citizens of the Brave New World. Thus, the Disney Corporation is free to do “whatever” [the hell] it wants:

Sweet 16 TimeMind Controlled

Looking at the above images of Disney asset Emily Ozment, a non-citizen will spot the butterfly mind-control symbolism. Why’s the programmed “BFF” for Miley all in pink? The average non-critical mind, unaware of color symbology won’t even realize the significance of the “16” being pink, her dress for the occasion being red and why she is surrounded by the color purple. Those more aware, may realized exactly what Disney is marketing, and why she is holding the 16 where it lie.

One such individual [on those who does understand Disney’s motives], Michael at Hidden Agendas, has been posting a great series explaining the “Oz” programming [blog offline], hence saving myself and others the effort. If you really want to understand how pathetically open to suggestion the average consumer has become, sit down and spend just a few moments watching MTV’s My Super Sweet 16.

This show, aimed at your average middle-class teenager, glorifies spoiled rich princesses and the money their families spend on their Sweet 16 parties:

Super Slut Sixteen

I had concluded, after only a couple of viewings, that the gullible public, now pressured by their children through the media (compounded by their peers), had moved from backyard gatherings to commemorate a mundane occasion, to taking out loans to pay for lavish parties they could not afford. Struck up a conversation with a friend who works in mortgage collections:

“By chance, do any of the customers you talk to, tell you they are in dire straits (i.e., in danger of losing their house), because they took out a home equity loan to pay for their daughter’s Sweet 16 party?”

“Oh my god! How did you know? It’s not like one or two people. It’s like 1 out of every 6 people I talk to. These people took out loans ranging from 20 to 30 thousands dollar loans for them.”

Oh how pathetic we’ve become. Ring a bell and Pavlov’s dog comes running. Bye-bye middle-class. A little reminder when looking for someone (be it your politicians or some foreign country) to blame for the economy: you did it to yourself. Sometimes, I wonder if they could get people to buy rich people’s shite if it were marketed right [turns out, I’m not the first to wonder]. Moving on:

Daddy LoveMeaghan & MinnieMiley's Incest Secret

Not to rehash an old topic, but trauma-based mind control victims [note Miley’s butterfly wings], have almost all (per Cathy O’Brien, Fritz Springmeier and others) experienced some form of incest. Disney themes go hand in hand. From Mickey Mouse to Marilyn Monroe to the newest face on the [¿chopping?] block (above center), Meaghan Jette Martin. The below [mm] video, synced with the above images of Miley, should raise the hair on the back of a few necks:

A lot of people, despite voluminous evidence (synchromystic, indirect, intuitive, and sometimes even, verbal and physical) to the contrary, and several authors pointing to multi-generational incest as a de facto mode of trauma based MPD programming, refuse to acknowledge the obvious when it comes to celebrity culture. Question: is it ever appropriate for any father be rubbing tanning oil between his daughter’s butt cheeks?

Caught in the act of gauging who his daughter’s “heart” belongs to, is Hulk Hogan [pro wrestling is a HUGE influence on the young, primarily boys]. I know I keep saying that one day, I’ll fully explain the origins of that heart symbol, but didn’t Marilyn say her “heart belongs to daddy?” Ew! Have to wonder why Angelina Jolie and dad (Jon Voigt) are “estranged?” Body language should not be taken lightly:

WTF DadBody Language

Speaking of Meaghan, very few pictures of or information about the Disney mega star in the making, could be found online. Did she just get out from under the tunnels [Disney’s mind-control center]? Her trivia page from IMDB, synchromystically analyzed, hints there is much much more to her “story:”

  • She was seen in the workshop of Jason Robert Brown’s musical “13[a conspicuous number, to say the least; also syncs with the unrelated movie, which details “tween” behavior discussed herein] as Kendra.

  • Meaghan loves reading and is a huge fan of the Harry Potter [mind manipulative] series. She also enjoys writings by Mitch Albom [suspect + syncs us back to AJ’s daddy, Jon Voigt], Stephen King and Lewis Carroll [extreme mind-control programming].

  • Loves the UK and would love to visit [¿if she’s never been there, than why does she love it?]. {*4}

  • Her favorite Disney Channel show is Hannah Montana [¡of course!].

  • She would love to work with Johhny Depp [syncs with condoms, see ItGDF] and Tim Burton one day.

  • For her Camp Rock audition, she sang ‘Brand New You’ [¡brand new alter personality!] from the James Robert Brown musical play, “13”.

  • First professional [¡word conspicuously missing!!] was a fashion model in a Disney fashion show when she was 5 [shouldn’t there then be some a lot of info/pics available from the past 11 years?].

Speaking of “new” stars, Disney is hard at work. Knowing the demographics of the [in-place] North American Union, it’s well under way to extend its appeal to the Latino market. {*5} Here is one of these next Disney properties, Selena Gomez, definitely already under the control of Disney wizardry, and ready to be the medium to extend that reach into the minds of Latino youth up and down the Americas:

Wizard's SpellSelena Gomez

Crafty marketing aimed at the Central American market by combining the name of deceased superstar Selena with one of the most common surnames from that region, no? Aside: Have to wonder, with the former dying at the significant age of 23, it there’s more to that story? The other Latino star in the making (I guess Disney wants to cover all bets) is from the new Camp Rock [depicted earlier]. Her resume also produces some interesting synchromystic connections:

  • Her mom was a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader during the the 1982-83 season [at the time, the group were media superstars, sought out by the rich and powerful], and was a country recording artist [per O’Brien, the hub of the CIA’s drug-distribution and mind-control network].

  • Her favorite band is Paramore [¡absolute shite!] and her favorite song by them is “Born for This.” [bloodlines and programming]

  • Her best friend is Selena Gomez [of course Disney assigned her this BFF].

  • She started acting at the age of six [again, early start], when she landed [¡ha!] her first series regular role as Angela on Barney & Friends [been meaning to look into the purple dinosaur].

I now present you with Demi Lovato earning a few bucks recruiting for the US Army, and proving to even the most-programmed of minds, that Disney is selling us a lot more than “innocence.” The center clipping speaks volumes of the early mind-control princess programming that even she herself [Demi] is oblivious of:

Join the ArmyDream ProgrammingNot Innocent

“I never wanted a part more than this,” and “it was a dream to work with him?” Reminds me of something I once read/heard about young Princess Diana, and how she was programmed from an early age [¿princess programming for princesses?] for the task of mothering the future King of England [and perhaps, even more than that]. There was mention of how in her estates she would reside [and on the walls of the rooms she would sleep in], there would be exquisite portraits of Prince Charles posed in heroic warrior / white-knight poses. {*6}

Moving from the new Disney kids to the old, we find Lindsey Lohan back at work [finally]. Here she is selling condoms [I Know Who Killed Me], selling us cars (I think) and finally, worn out from all that marketing. While her film may have “sucked” in every sense of the word, the themes of multiple-personalities and mind-control were so overt, it was actually kind of fun [for me] to sit through. The alternating reds and blues were not subtle [may write up]. A giggle: immediately following her pitch line, cheesy porno music begins and they “get busy.”

Selling Fake SecuritySelling CarsRelaxing

Lindsey’s even been up to a little cross-marketing, selling us condoms [for LifeStyles, no less] and lesbianism [another agenda receiving heavy media rotation these days]. Katy Perry’s staged rip-off of Jill Sobule’s “I Kissed a Girl,” took what was once a decent song and turned it into a soulless teen anthem. I had been speculating that probably led to increased experimentation among teens/tweens, so was surprised to hear Freeman affirm that while on Alex Jones, of all places [forcing a revealing sync with a prior image of latest lesbian fantasy girl].

No wonder Lindsey needed some rest. She’s been a busy busy girl. No marketing opportunity is let slip, of course, so Katy Perry’s pitching the upcoming “Teen Choice” awards by saying she’s going to lock lips with Hannah and Miley. [It should surprise none this tool (Katy) is yet another Disney creation. Anyone think remaking the song in teen diva style was her idea?] Going back up the Queen of the Vulva lineage, let’s check on Britney [pictured on the Masonic checker-board, center]:

Sick MarketingMickey Mind ControlCrap as Music

I really didn’t want to go there [again], but Hulk Hogan already took us there. Came across a rather disturbing article while putting this article together: The Media’s Silence About Rampant Anal Sex. Yes, that is Yet Another Agenda; this one getting heavy rotation from the XXX “industry.” Pavlov’s bell is ringing!

On the lighter side, I also came across some author’s pictorial of the abuse his daughter puts her doll collection through: Meet the Girls of Cell Block B. The article syncs well with the secondary themes of my last blog, yet still, somewhat disturbing is the question none dared ask: “What influences lead a child to emulate in such a manner?” Well, I think we have a pretty good idea herein. So, read on…

“Don’t ask me to apologise. I won’t ask you to forgive me.
If I’m gonna go down, you’re gonna come with me.”

–Elvis Costello, “Hand in Hand”

While Britney Spears has been remarkably silent on the prophylactic issue, her little sister, Jamie Lynn, while keeping her [upper] lips shut, has been targeted for advertising. I knew it wouldn’t take too long for the programmed masses [who know nothing of condoms, other than catch phrases and standard info regurgitated to them by the media], to subconsciously take up marketing for free [article]. Didn’t take long to find these two random images from random, um, “individuals:”

Jamie Lynn PromoJamie Lynn Nonsense

Viacom, which owns Nickelodeon, hence Jaime Lynn Spears’ ass, also owns MTV, and Comedy Central [notably, South Park], so they’ve got the tweens who are outgrowing Disney, and the teen market firmly under their thumb. All I have to say about the network [aside from the obvious] is to ask: what is the justification for putting out a child band that goes by the name of The Naked Brothers?

Are there no rational people left inside the entertainment field? I found two additional heavily syncing images of Jamie Lynn. The first, a screen capture from Nickelodeon’s “Slime Across America”, which I don’t feel the need, in light of everything I’ve already said, to expound on. As for the second, I would highly recommend anyone and everyone read Stygian Port’s excellent Room 101.

SlimedZoey 101 Dalmations

I should leave it alone, but did come across [ew, no pun intended, really] a fan-site called “disneyjuice.” Per the operator, “I created this blog because I am obsessed with everything disney.” I won’t be linking to it, cause it loaded some horrible horrible song which assaulted my brain while I vainly searched for a way to shut it off. However, the song synced a little too well with the above mileY OzMent 16 theme. It’s called “Now or Never” from High School Musical. If you dare/care to, listen to the lyrics, while looking at the previous images of Emily, and then tell me: Is it about “basketball” or pressuring 16 year old girls to have sex?

Speaking of High School Musical, while I still don’t have a final opinion (if there is such a thing) on back-masking, the five-part video seris [commencing below] does present some convincing arguments for the entire sound-track being subversive subliminals. However, it missed the most rational argument. These lyrics are so bloody awful and disjointed, a room full of monkeys picking random words out of fish-bowls could have produced an equally cohesive lyrical array in forwards mode.

Prior to publication, I also learned the Hannah Montana 3D concert [with guest appearance by Satan’s favorite little “suckers,” the Jonas Brothers], was being peddled on pay-per-view, with Wal-Mart [while “evil” is a highly subjective term, this corporation, as much as any other would qualify for the label] pushing the glasses on its victims customers. My “concerned friend” [mentioned earlier] asked my opinion on the issue [why the show was produced in said manner].

Well, logic would dictate that this isn’t Jaws III, or Friday the 13th III [both 3D movies]. So, what the hell is gonna be jumping out at the audience [¿miley’s rear?]? My guess would be 3D allows for more subliminals. Finding online research on the subject was fruitless, but these Jim Cameron quotes are telling:

“I believe that Godard got it exactly backwards. Cinema is not truth 24 times a second, it is lies 24 times a second.”

When you see a scene in 3-D, that sense of reality is supercharged. The visual cortex is being cued, at a subliminal but pervasive level, that what is being seen is real. So creatively, I see 3-D as a natural extension of my cinematic CRAFT.”

Hm! Referring back to the old sorceress/queen, Madonna, the below series of pics show all these themes and cross-marketing efforts and social engineering agendas are nothing new, they’re just done more openly now [for aforementioned reasons]. The last image [bottom right] forces one to wonder if “Satan” exacts a high price for fame and fortune. Alas, it’s a safe bet, that only the most foolhardy, would expect Madonna’s forthcoming “confession” to be an honest one:

Be a LesbianMadonna CondomsMadonna ConfessionNight of the Living Dead

I finally found a picture of that Pixie Magazine I previously mentioned [do read the definition of the word]. What’s really strange [i.e., a “clue”] about it, is that the magazine has no web-site [look for yourself if you wish]. Another is the conglomerate that owns it, Source Interlink Media [linked to Wal-Mart], doesn’t even list it in their catalog. So, as the cover asks, “Which one are you?” As I’ve begrudgingly accepted, no more subtlety is required about Disney mind control.

Split Personality TestPixie Geldof

The final image, is just a [co]incidentally random picture which ties it all together: a sync to prior magazine. Raises the natural question, who the hell names their child “Pixie?” [And the other “Peaches?” Bob Geldof, that’s who.] A sync of respect for time served to Madonna [old movie]. “Up the amazon” works a little too well placed next to the dark spot going up her dress. Heart of Darkness anyone?

Would “without a paddle” keep that lesbian theme running, or is it a refernce to the proverbial “shit creek?” “Outshone by your children,” ties it back to theme of the new wave of parents powerless to influence their children. The Red and Black, combined with the “choice” placement of the “G” wreaks of Masonic overtones (see High School Musical 3rd Degree Initiation). And finally, the placement of the anchor [over the brain/mind], makes me recall a point another Alex once shared about anchors and mind manipulation.

I really am getting tired of rehashing this point over and over again. I must admit frustration that I sometimes have to explain images like this to some people:

Disney Slut Parade

During one such conversation, while trying to wake those I care about up the reality of what they’re willingly exposing their children to, and thereby consenting, someone asked me about their “options” [e.g., Nickelodeon]. There is only one option. Turn off their TV! No child under 6 should be exposed to any television. After that, limit, but educate [no, not through the schools]. It’s called parenting.

Disney Programmed Slut Parade

While my answer may have over-simplified matters, it was an honest evaluation of the average media growth path (particularly for girls): The point of Disney is to raise sexual awareness in your children,. Then, Nickelodeon comes along and sexually awakens them. After that, MTV comes in and completely turns them out.

This is not (by any means) a new agenda. It’s been going on for a [very] long time:

‘When we look back across the historical time of patriarchy . . . there seems to be some terrible inevitability, a relentless desire to crush the female essence, human and divine. The question of why is among the most puzzling of our time.’
–Elinor Gadon, historian

As previously stated, I no longer feel as much of a pressing need to try to awaken those immediately around me. That is a path of frustration and mental detriment. They have made their choice, and you really can’t wake up someone who is sleeping. Try too hard, and you’ll do nothing but anger them [I’m speaking literally and metaphorically]. But, children are a dilemma to that equation.

Your Whore Daughters

They aren’t making choices, and are relying on their parents to protect them while their mind develops. But, who is protecting them? Parenting has been turned over to the media, and thus, the developing minds of children have been turned over to The Media. The results, speak for themselves. So, I have no choice but to continue my struggle against this Brave New World. I am trying to re-write the book:

O disgust! How many soulless creatures are there here and this void of blackness where their heart once lie! How degenerate yet mankind has become! O cowardly new world: That hath such shells of people in’t!”

Sound wisdom tells me to save only those who wish to save themselves. And, I’m sure many of those have found their way to me, and I to them. So, I ask to those who’ve helped me on this journey, and to those I’ve helped, where do we go from here?

Disclaimer: This article was written at an earlier stage of my development, thus it may contain some minor points which do not necessarily reflect my present belief set.

*1: Just a few recommended links on the topic: White Poison, Not Milk, PCRM’s Stong Bones. Even the media smeared “crook” Richard Nixon had a sense of fear/respect for the dairymen (i.e., the corrupt lobby) after they pressured him into a corporate welfare deal: “They are tough political operatives. This is a cold political deal.” [LB]

*2: Come to think of it, all these “leaked” photos floating about of Hannah/Miley in her undies, actually contradict her Dad’s statement that she “never wore underwear.” [LB]

*3: While writing this, I came across another blog reflecting on how many among us are eagerly rushing head-long into the Brave New World, Secret Sun’s Brave New World, Indeed. And credits to Pseudo-Occult Media for the Dinsey Princess picture I lifted off his page, and Michael Tsarion of introducing me to the Elinor Gadon quote. [LB]

*4: In one of the other articles, Miley says she “loves the UK.” Bobbing to please the Queen? More muppets ponying up for knighthood. Here’s a wacky Jonas Brothers meet the Queen video. Is that really her? Here’s an odd sync from same “tour” where someone throws a condom at them. [LB]

*5: I also found a Brasilian girl in Disney’s mix. What does Disney know that not even the “alternative media” has uncovered? I’m going to go on a limb, but after hearing both Hugo Chavez and the President of Brasil suggest a South American Union may be the remedy to an aggressive imperialist United States, I see a back-door being sold to the public. By hook or by crook? Recall, Che Guevara said something similar at one time. [LB]

*6: Yes, estates. Diana had more royal blood in her than Charles and was by no means some schoolteacher living a fairy-tale existence. Speaking of the Prince William who will turn XXX during the XXX Olympiad in 2012: anyone know what happened to Rik’s Cosmic Mind blog??? We also have a sync to XXX porn lifestyle marketing. [LB]

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  1. Awesome! Well written and extensive evidence you got here! Its sad that all these poor victims have to go through, only to create a mindless populace! The High School music backmasking definitely was valid in certain parts! Forwards the shit is terrible, “get your head in the game”! More subversive homosexuality and brainwashing. It really is quite sad, but there is no point in arguing with people about it. I canceled my cable about 6 months ago, and its GREAT! It is increasingly more difficult to even watch at all. When my friends watch It, I have to leave after a while. More and more ads are being designed, even if your fast forwarding. Last year there was a GE ad that had a fairytale story inserted, but only at the slowest fast forward setting. Suspiciously, it is near impossible to totally skip all the ads! The boxes always mess up a bit, causing you to go back (through the ads) to find the beginning of the program. This is what I have observed across all the different tivo/dvr platforms. Great work, thank you for this article!

  2. Hi, I have found your sight through a friend and love it. I was hoping you were going to touch on the ebay sell-off of a date with Miley Cyrus and the obvious connection to young women selling themselves…anyways to answer your question where do we go from here? We don’t. Too many of the awake people aren’t having children for fear of the future, while the zombies continue to breed and breed. It’s not getting better anytime soon unless God him(her?)self steps in.

    P.S. And touching on elluminatiblogs post, I just got back from my honeymoon a couple of weeks ago in Hawaii, the really cool thing was being away from TV, Internet, and most of all ads! They don’t have billboards and ads are almost no-existent, but when you get back to the mainland (especially here in the Bay Area), it’s like getting hit in the stomach with a sledge hammer by ads…we went to a Giants baseball game and just looking into the field I could count 36 ads in my peripheral vision…too bad I have my weakness of NFL football and I need to have my Directtv NFL package so I don’t go spend $50 a week during football season at the bar…

  3. Glad you tagged it right (Miley Cyrus) so it would pop up in my feedreader. I agree with almost everything you wrote, but for most of the things only time will tell what will come from it.

  4. Thanks eLLUMINTAI. The first time I watched/listened to the HSM backmasking, I thought it raised good points, but was speculative in parts. Now, I can hear/make out the words in reverse quite clearly. Though I don’t agree with all the interpretations (or the “title”), I’d recommend the full series.

    DasRipper, I was unaware of the e-bay date. Your analysis is right on. The agenda is to make little girls think they are “for sale.” Don’t know if you caught the Wal-Mart panties aimed at tweens and or Hannah admitting she’s “for sale” (reversed). Heck, where I live, it’s now considered pre-requisite to buy a girl a drink for the privilege of conversing with her for a few moments. Why not just give them cash?
    A friend was complaining about the purveyance of ads in sports. I asked how his life would be impacted by not watching them anymore (I’ve been asking myself with football season coming)? In the meantime, I marvel at how they’ve actually brainwashed the general public into “looking forward to” the Super Bowl Ads (which now make up for at least half the program).

    Martijn, refreshing to see someone as young as yourself starting to open their eyes to the deception of idol/idle marketing.

  5. Big Apple Tours and Disney in the Green Zone

    You gotta “evol” it. The last referenced article’s author feels the synch of Milo Mindbender and M&M Enterprises … deeper to the no name sister ie the female’s supreme denigration. No name is also NEMO, OMEN and the birth certificate name of Charles Manson, ie “No Name Mattox”.

    Any thoughts on Keltoi and the rumor of Hebrew LOST tribes as tied to the skin game of race?

  6. Celt, nicely done, again you dig into the relevant agendas that are in our faces everyday. Absolutely right on the attempting to wake those up who don’t want to be woken. Tried to point out Disney’s “tentacles” reaching into every aspect they sell, but people just laughed and said I was crazy. *sighs* Where indeed do we go from here? Well, we do our best to keep ourselves on track and hope others will follow suit and start asking the real questions.
    Did not know of this new “Selena” good catch and analysis, riding the waves of the departed, shame on them. How do you go after such a cowardly group such as Disney other than point out the obvious. Isn’t Disney’s theme parks considered separate entities that don’t fall under U.S. laws or something to that effect?

    Nice catch on Miley’s sign of Aton, more solar/serpent cult ruling the masses through the wonderful programming at Disney and Viacom. Thanks for the hard work my friend. Stygian Ports piece on Room 101 is an eye-brow raiser indeed.

    Be well.

  7. Eugene, perhaps Depleted Uranium and bombs raining death from the sky are, upon deep contemplation, kinder to the Iraqis, versus bringing in the Mouse who’ll turn their daughters into mindless sluts and their sons into ego-centric robots disconnected from their souls?

    Interesting to learn Milo Mindbender was played by Jon Voigt (above). I remember Conspiracy Theory pointed to “Catcher in the Rye” as a mind-control trigger/homing device. Those “Catch 22″ synchs are indeed mind-bending. Recall Elvis Costello singing, “If she’s gonna bend your mind, well I hope it don’t break.”

    I was unfamiliar with the Keltoi, though have recently begun reading “Ireland: Ur of the Chaldees” which strongly supports that the Biblical “Ur” was actually “Ireland.” The Lost Tribe seems to be shrouded in mystery and I’d suspect disinfo, like who killed JFK. I’ve heard good arguments that the Germanic tribe the Gotts (i.e., God’s people) are that lost tribe too. Regardless, we know the followers of Moses (i.e., Akhenaton) and the Ash-ke-Nazis are definitely not them.

    Michael, thanks for the supportive words as always. And, for the work you do on your end I can link to, saving me making my articles longer than they already are. As the movie Brazil sync-nudged: “We’re all in it together.”

    Disney openly does away with laws they don’t like (i.e., do not fit into the agenda), as was the case when they said Florida gun law does not apply to them. Lake Buena Vista does have its own police department, and if anyone thinks they are beholden to someone other than the corporation, they are fooling themselves. I’d recommend this article about Disney’s “futuristic town” of Celebration, where an unelected board can even come take away your family pet if they will it. Does sound like Huxley’s Brave New World, no? Well, here’s a sync: “Celebration, U.S.A.: Living in Disney’s Brave New Town.”

  8. Well I want to echo the above comment and say thanks for the hard work!!! So much of this stuff I knew/felt intuitively before I found your website but I couldn’t put words to it or tie it all together. You are doing that for me and I am so grateful. Thank you for taking the time to put it all down in black and white (with great pictures). Your mind-boggling depth and detail blow me away every time. You ARE making an impact and I will be slowly directing more people here if I think there is any hope they will wake up and believe the truth. I too feel discouraged and helpless about all of this and the enormous numbers of people who think it’s all harmless fun. Please keep writing. It does help to know I am not the only one who thinks this way. You are not alone my friend. Blessings to you. ‘

    When we look back across the historical time of patriarchy . . . there seems to be some terrible inevitability, a relentless desire to crush the female essence, human and divine. The question of why is among the most puzzling of our time.’

    I read a book once that speaks to this very question though it may be too “christian” for some tastes. I found the book thought-provoking. You can draw your own conclusions. Don’t illuminists (like Walt Disney) all the way back to the ancient Greeks, worship the “illuminated” Eve (Athena, Ashtar, Esther, etc.– down through the ages) who was deceived (or illumined, depending on how you look at it) by the serpent/reptile? I want to study that more, but there is a connection there somewhere. I really agree with the Elinor Gadon quote however and feel strongly there is a spiritual side to this as well as a corporate side.

    here is a quote from the book: “But most especially, he [Satan] hates Eve. Because she is captivating, uniquely glorious, and he cannot be. She is the incarnation of the Beauty of God. More than anything else in all creation, she embodies the glory of God. She allures the world to God.”

    (p. 84 from the book Captivating by John and Stasi Eldredge)

  9. Well said, but it sickens me at the same time.

    I think I’m lucky to have a son, they don’t seem to be gunning for the boys quite so much or perhaps not watching TV for the last few years has made a difference.
    I’m just stunned at what seems to me the awesome stupidity of parents in buying into all this crap. Mind you I keep finding crap that I’ve been missing so who am I to say, oh bollocks no I will say it – wake up parents, you’re supposed to be looking out for your kids – rule number 1.

  10. Beth, thank you for words, which have touched my heart. Just this past week I had begun wondering, seeing the lack of impact on those immediately around me, was all the time I’ve been spending on this blog worth it. You have renewed my vigor.

    From my perspective, Satan and Lucifer/Prometheus are confused and [intentionally] thrown together to besmirch the latter. The serpent (Luc/Pro) sought to enlighten all mankind (men and women). The bloodline of Isis / Ishtar / etc is not, in my opinion (and many others) the same DNA as that of the Eves. Hence, the Nephilim (or whatever other name you choose), while desiring the Eve(s) physically (?and who can blame them?), are envious of her gift of creativity (from her creator, not Yahweh the plantation master), so have sought to make her available carnally, yet knock her down a few notches in spirit. [btw: love the quote you included] We can surmise they’re succeeding.

    Wise Woman, you tell them. I wonder whypeople are so determined to “have kids” (?programming?), but so relentlessly determined not to be “parents” in the true meaning of the word.

    Going back to what DasRipper said above, it’s a real shame. Many of us (myself included) who would make excellent parents, are opting out of it, because we know what a struggle it will be to keep them our own, and for fear of what type of world they will have to live in. The most irresponsible and mindless, have no qualms pounding out more citizens to turn over to the Brave New World. De facto eugenics?

    The agenda for boys, is not as overt, hence I haven’t really gotten into it. Offhand, I’d say they are over-congratulated and over-coddled, hence by the time they grow up, their opinion of themselves (ego-stroked constantly by girls with no self-esteem) in no way matches the hollow husk of a person that lies at their core. That’s the way I see it, looking at most young men in America and parts of Europe.

  11. Excellent post mate, couldn’t agree more. All these “tween” films coming out show this too, “Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging” is one that’s been pushed a lot lately, starring the new ‘K’eira ‘K’nightly: Meet Midget Jones! Boy-mad and accident prone. Another one, that looks even worse is “Wild Child”, ‘A rebellious Malibu PRINCESS is shipped off to a strict English boarding school by her father’ (from imdb description).

    As I type, my 21 year old sister is watching “A shot at love with Tila Tequila” with her boyfriend, and I’m seeing girls (Tila is bi) wearing checker cab outfits, angels and such, she’s had it on that MTV Reality channel all night (how does her brain not completely fry and the bf not run off screaming into the night), she absolutely loves “Brooke Knows Best”, “The Hills”, and all that crap (my other sister is the same).

    A few Miley (birth name Destiny Hope Cyrus, now Miley ‘Ray’ Cyrus officially changed) links you might be interested in, suggestive of her relationship with her dad, dunno if you saw these. [dunno wtf is up with that site, seems v dodgey and perverse]
    Miley Cyrus and Her Dad Pics: Creepier than the Topless Photos?

    Miley Cyrus Is Destined To Always Do What Daddy Says

    New Miley Cyrus Pictures – Not Naked, But Still Sexy

    Some seriously MK images in that one (is that a skull and crossbones on her black wristband with the tiny piano?)

    I’ve seen a few of those “miley cyrus quiz” popup things, capped one questionnaire thing that impressionable kids would click. LINK

    I’ve been meaning to do a big post on that Lindsey Lohan movie too, but there’s just too many movies to cover, I’ll probably never even start Wanted. You might want to look down my In Shattered Dreams post, where there’s a pink advert for “TEENIE WEENIE GIRLS” called “little miss pop girl” and has the butterfly, rainbow MK motifs, so it’s definitely not just an America/Disney thing imo.

    So anyway, great posts as usual + images. (Apologies for no links by the way, edit them in if you want to save space).

  12. Was thinking about your reply last night & remembered a book I read recently which suggested that boys ‘shut down’around the age of 5 i.e switch into male mode but for girls this happens at puberty – this is societal training as opposed to a natural occurence. So perhaps that’s why girls are being so targeted around this age. The book suggested that because this happens later with girls they are better able to see & put into words what heppens in this process – the author suggests that adoloscent girls understanding could be pivotal to our release from a patriarchal society that honours no one.
    If interested the book is called The Birth of Pleasure by Carol Gilligan

  13. Truly exhaustive research, Celtic Rebel! You ought to base your masters on the making of “sleepers”, preprogrammed Black Ops operatives, what with all this schism of personalities going on … Miley/Hannah equals Jekyll/Hyde. Is she/they aware of what the alter-ego is doing? I wonder.

    Oh! This reminds me! A warlock & witch couple of friends of mine allow their 5ive-year-old daughter to watch an animated series, “B.R.A.T.S.” I think it’s called. It’s all about a coterie of bitchy, status-seeking, godless materialist “girlfriends”. Creepy, isn’t it? They’re not even aware what the cartoon show is imprinting their little witchling with. They ought to “Gno” better, Goddess-worshipers that they be ( :-)}

  14. On the part about Meaghan Jette Martin, she mentions admiration for writer/author, Mitch Albom.
    The Wikipedia page on him has very interesting stats/figures…..Note, i see he had the ‘usual’ schooling’.

    Albom is the most decorated winner in the history of the contest. Between 1985 and 2000, Albom won first place in column writing thirteen times, and between 1991 and 2000 he won first prize in feature story writing seven times.
    1985 – 2000 (15 years)….13 times column winner
    1991 – 2000 (9 years)….7 times feature story winner
    Highly significant numbers there….references to the battles of 12 and 13 and 7 and 8

  15. Ben, I didn’t mind the extra work. The links were worth it. Backseat Cuddler??? I hadn’t seen that last set of pics before. Let’s see: (a) suggestive fellatio, (b) submissive fellatio, and finally (c) a sea of purple balloons [aroused phalli, note the “faces”] surrounding Miley (cause they all want her), and only one red balloon above her (because the red balloon can only be popped once). I’m sure the programmed will dismiss that as “coincidental.” Since I posted this, another raunchy set of “leaked” photos came out. Pray tell, what has been deposited on her belly?

    I also converted you article name to a link, as it is quality. That “Pop Girl” channel is quite disturbing. Their line-up reads like the XXX rack at the video store: Lola [lolita] & Virginia, Mary-Kate and Ashley in Action, and The Saddle Club. Sick!

    Finally, I couldn’t figure out why they were equating GEORGIA with Keira Kneightly until today, with the potential WWIII triggering events occuring in the KauKasus mountains.

    Wise Woman, that would explain why the media is so focused on barraging girls in that age range more than any other group.

    Anadæ, those BRATS dolls are so overtly sexual, it really shocks me ANY parent actually purchases them for their daughters. I recall a long time ago, while sleeping at a friend’s house their daughter fell asleep watching the Brat’s movie and it was stuck on the repeating song from the DVD menu. It was audible and driving me nuts. My options: go into her room and turn it off (er, no), wake my friends up and have them do it (tempted) and lastly, drive home across town (which I begrudgingly did)…

    Anonymous, I had a feeling (my instinct) there was a lot more to Albom. Very peculiar indeed. As always, thanks for the insightful comments.

  16. Ah yes, the lolita agenda. Here’s an absolutely endless topic. All those Disney subliminals were well known when I was young, and we had all the videos and spotted all the hidden stuff, so I hope by being knowledgable about it, I was less affected. But then after all that – people still trust Disney (et al)! Well, if you’ve ever woken someone up in real life and caught their reaction, you know how hard it is, and how mad they get. Thanks for the shout-out. Love the articles, I keep debating on tackling this issue, but it’s just so massive, I think I’ll let you and the Hidden Agendas and other do the work for me 😀

  17. http://thompkins_cariou.tripod.com/id8.html “Do We Live in a Gynaecocratic Society?” was published in 1936.

  18. weird…that MM video ‘my heart belongs to daddy’ or whatever that crap is called, at around :56 MM says “whaaa?” I noticed the other day is a big thing on Hannah Montana. Disney channel had a tv ad highlighting Hannah saying “whaa?” or “say whaaa?” So i looked it up and sure:

    it’s a common slang the kids say a lot but it’s extremely prominent on HM

    ANd wtf is that ridiculous sheep sound MM makes at 2:26. embarrassing…

    re: Princes Di

    ” …for the task of mothering the future King of England”

    THAT gave me ‘Rosemary’s Baby’ flashbacks *shudder*

  19. ViolatoR, yea, it is amazing how defensive people get over something handed to them/drilled into their brain, something that’s not even “theirs.” Those who expose the blatant sexuality are the first judged as “perverts.” Oh, what a system.

    Exit, that’s a good article. Thanks for appraising me of Julius Evola. I tend to disagree on present situation though, seeing the agenda is to leave little distinction between average woman and animal (a question I probed in recent article).

    kenley, good catch on that “sheep” sound. Note the “mood” lighting around MM is all purple, a color associated with rigid phalli. That was your instinct suggesting some weird Rosemary’s Baby scenario. It’s usually far more accurate than the rationalizations of our brains (similar thought/thing occurred to me in regards to Brit Eklund in new series).

  20. okay, I am 20, almost 21 and I am NOTHING like the disney whores you see today!

    Luckily we didn’t get the disney channel growing up. . .

  21. Great blog! check out mine! I mainly expose Disney but expose a lot of other subjects too on my other blog with blogger.com

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