No More Secrets No More Lies

Following up from Goddess of the Vulva, I was surprised to see a commercial on Disney Channel announcing the upcoming double CD featuring Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus. I had already surmised in said blog that she was without doubt the product of trauma-based mind-control. But, oh how boldly they now throw these clues to these multiple personality disordered children at us now.

An analysis of the below advert yields an abundance of encoded [yet some not so subtle] messages. Duality. An MM, and an HH. And another MM and HH [when we use the 2 as a multiplier]. The Alpha and the Omega [[her palindromic name]. Subconscious hints at mountains (¿pyramids?). The dog star (Sirius). Announcement that her two personalities are finally going to meet [[confirmation of MPD]. Finally, the digitized image with the pixelized fade could be seen as an implication that she’s not real [which, outside the minds of her hypnotized fan base, she is not].

fake miley

Is there a connection between Disney and Target? Well, the below sync would imply just that. Face it, during the panic of 1929, the ruling class came in and bought up all the publicly traded companies for pennies. The interlocking boards of directors have kept them in line since. Competition? Ha!

Which brings us to 9/11, hence the following image from Spiegel’s article entitled Thirty Naked Pensioners at Ground Zero [complete with Mickey Mouse masks]:

“The naked stand for people without means, the victims of capitalism, the underclass, who don’t have anything any more.”

For completeness sake, I’d add “communism and every other ism” to the above statement. The article could have a synchromystic analysis of it’s own, but I’ll just focus on nudity and Disney. For one, in the quoted context above, childhood Disney programming is what allowed us to be fleeced so easily. Secondly, the more I look at Disney, the more convinced I grow that it and nudity/sexuality are inseparable.

mind control clubnaked mouseketeers

In the aftermath of the Vanity Fair photoshoot of one Hannah Montana, a few people have come to me and congratulated me on my prediction regarding Miley Cyrus [in the aforementioned Goddess of the Vulva article]. Pardon the colloquial, but “I didn’t predict nothing.” I simply looked at train map and saw the line ran from El Paso to Albuquerque. When the train pulled into El Paso, I told you it was going to Albuquerque next. I’m no Edgar Cayce.

Curious, I went online to find out what all the fuss was about and came across this fluff piece in Forbes, which asks “Who’s Minding Miley?” No, that doesn’t suggest mind control. Who? Her handlers maybe. The below “sanctioned” pictures of the child-turned-teen star [far more lurid than the VF reaction test] should be an overt reminder of what “image” Disney is protecting and what it is selling us:

miley for salemiley for sale

She is Disney “property.” [In every way conceivable.] She is a mind-controlled tool doing exactly what her handlers tell her. The “sex kitten” image on the right suggests she’s had the “sex slave” programming which Cathy O’Brien spoke of, and she may be “available” for the right price to the right individual. {*1} Strangely enough, backmasking the “Best of Both Worlds” song reveals that perhaps that Hannah’s “love [is] for sale.” Ugh!

The train is on schedule and exactly where it is supposed to be. All you need to do is look at the progression of Britney Spears to see where the Disney track leads:

brintey usbritney keteerbrintey mousebritney boobsbritney ass

I like [am annoyed by] how Disney spun the incident: “Unfortunately, as the article suggests, a situation was created to deliberately manipulate a 15-year-old in order to sell magazines.” If you believe that I got a truckload of Pet Rocks to sell you.

Let me remind everyone that Annie Leibovitz is a Disney photographer. [Sync Hunters may find the pics of use.] Finally, I was [not] so amazed to also learn that Disney makes and markets lingerie in China (see Disney’s Dirty Little (Victoria’s) Secret). [The models are over 18, so you don’t have to feel “dirty.”] Well, at last, I finally figured out what the “V” in Victoria’s Secret stands for [yes, these are genuine Disney sanctioned advertisements for intimate apparel in China]:

disney lolitasdisney vulva

While the public was mostly focused on the Miley’s [allegedly topless] sheet shot, I found the suggestive “lovers” pose between her and her father far more disturbing, and also, supportive of the incest angle, which I also, ahem, “predicted” [same article]. Vanity Fair’s own “behind the scenes” video offers an even “creepier” look that Miley gives her father. [0:38]

But all the proof one really needs are the two publicity shots below. See Minnie and Miley, both in red, both in a similar pose. See Minnie kissing Billy Ray as Miley turns away; suggestive of not seeing [or not wanting to see] it happening. Programmed MPD’s have no way of seeing what their other personality is doing. Voilà!

miley mousebilly mouse

Keeping with the spirit of my last article, I wondered what other Disney property had been demonstrating her vulva in public. Ah, Lindsay Lohan. {*2} I was unable to ascertain whether she was a Mouseketeer, but confirmed her debut role was as the “twins” in Disney’s remake of The Parent Trap. Interestingly enough, the twins of the original Parent Trap, were played by yet another HM, another Disney property, and yet another “most popular child actress of [her] era,” Haley Mills. {*3}

A visionary of the time [and arguably, genius director of all time], Stanley Kubrick, saw through the Disney facade even back then and cast her as the perfect nymphet to play Nabakov’s Lolita. But, “Disney reconsidered and pulled her out.”

lohan snatchlohan splitlohan gash

Mills, was also born of royalty. I laugh back how at one time, as a child, I believed the lie that “if we worked hard enough, one day we could become President of the United States.” Genealogy has proven that ambitious path an impossibility. I am growing convinced [as is Atlantean Times] that the notion any of us commoners would ever be allowed to be “stars” may be yet another fairy tale we are sold as children. Not only are politicians chosen for us, but so are our “stars.” Even People magazine is now telling us that Hillary Clinton is related to Angelina Jolie and Madonna, while Barrack Obama is related to Brad Pitt and George Bush? {*4}

On one hand, a mainstream admission of secrets normally relegated to “conspiracy nuts,” and on the other, Disney throwing their deceptions in our face. This seems beyond Michael Hoffman’s “revelation of the method.” Are they so confident of how far along the general public has been dumbed down now, that they feel they can openly boast of what’s going on in front of our face. Or, is it the effects of Pluto? Answer found below, their admission of: “No More Secrets, No More Lies.”

hannah fucking montana

The above picture also yields several other synchromystic nuggets. The four stars, four sides, four background personalities. The one in the middle, or pinnacle/eye resonant of the xmas tree/pyramid. Strong imagery of Isis / Cybele / Astarte [or Queen Sumerimus/Statue of Liberty, if you prefer].

The five points of a pentagram? Finally, the intentional placement of the flower (and what that suggests), with the stem intersecting Miley’s vagina. If you think for a moment that none of dozens of staff working on the campaign somehow failed to notice this, than I’m sure you’ll also rationalize away the following photos too:

vanessa buttvanessa kissvanessa total

The Vanessa Hudgens fiasco, which I’ll not get into here, went remarkably smooth for Disney. “Outrage” over, she has been retained as a Disney Property and will star in the next High School Musical too. The photo on the right speaks for itself (¿are there two frogs behind her?). I included the one on the left, because I’ve been wanting to ask the parents of preteens who buy their daughters shorts with the words “juicy” on the butt: “What the hell is wrong with you?” Backmasking again, forces us to deal with Miss Hudgens singing of masturbation (and coincidentally, her ass). {*5} How many cycles of exposure, outrage, apology does it take to break Disney’s “parent trap?” [Infinite?]

So, let’s get back to Hannah. I mean Miley. Oh, whatever! I’ll denote the [new-age meme of] safety projected by the color blue [I gather that’s aimed at the parents holding the credit cards], but will leave the rest for you to interpret:

miley whorehannah whore

I was nearly floored by the following discovery: Miley’s “best friend” is co-star Emily Osment. [¡Oz!] Are you f’n kidding me? Their names are anagrams of each other’s. The handlers must control every aspect of these girl’s lives. Notice how the below cover of Teen magazine tells girls “what not to do,” yet shades out the word not in a softer tone/color, thereby perceived by the brain as “what to do” followed by the next word our eyes take in, “hot guys here” or “rock stars you love“.

teen whoresgreen teamdon't think about it

A delayed checkout at the grocery store, allowed my own eyes to wander about long enough to stumble on a synch from a preteen tabloid entitled Pixie, which contained a story (blurb) about how Emily & Miley were BFFLs. {*6} Per wikipedia, “In Holly Black’s works, pixies are green-skinned, human-sized faeries with shimmering wings. They have a command of glamour and a type of power to charm or seduce others.” So, finding a pic of Emily on the “Green Team” at Disney? I’m overwhelmed. How do these girls cope with all this control and debauchery? Well, as Emily synch-winks us: “I don’t think about it.”

I’d actually recommend reading the the Teen article for some odd indirect quotes about their staged lives. Seeing them with the puppies [below] and noting how the one’s black pyramidal jaw is pointing up to Cyrus makes me think of Sirius (the dog star). Which leads to this interesting picture of the joker (the fool) communicating to us (or Miley) from the other side of the mirror [¿the “other side”?]. [Pic from Inside the Cosmic Cube.] Does everything going on presently have to synch back to Heath Ledger? Maybe. So, am I reaching with this Cyrus/Sirius connection? Well, the best answer to that is n their own words: Miley Cyrus Star of Disney’s ‘Hannah Montana’ to Take Over SIRIUS Satellite Radio Music Channel. R U Serious???

miley emily

What about the fans? The first pic below is from some event where all the girls who came got “Hannah makeovers.” Um, excuse me, but doesn’t it seem kind of inappropriate to have all these little girls holding microphones with purplish/pink tinted heads on them? Didn’t any adult working this event (or attending) say, “Um, this just doesn’t feel right?”

The grown woman to the right [of the first photo below] is appropriately pictured; some random object blocking her face, because though she has eyes, she cannot see. On the right, some random screaming Hannah Montana fans. So, Who’s Minding Miley? Who’s minding their own children? If you are an ignorant piece-of-shit excuse for a Mother, please raise your hand and scream. Thank you!

pink phallistupid mother

Reminds me of another fanatic group of young women from a long time ago. The two girls on the right, were chanced upon [and if I recall correctly, from a spoof site], but that seems apropo as we connect back to back to the joker/fool, and syncs wonderfully with “the smiley face murders” written by one Daria Invica.”

miley nazisjunior nazis

I was unsure where this blog would take me once I began to write/compile it, and whence in the middle of it, I could find no way out … until presented with the below image of Miley Cyrus in an article written by one Bain Fairhall. I’ll concur with Ben and leave Miley’s “devil-salute” for the likes of Texe Marrs and others to interpret, but am wondering where have I seen that face before? Aha! Found it!

miley deviljoker devil

Predictably, after I wrote Post-Subliminal Era Has Begun, pointing out Disney’s repeated use of sexual imagery, many criticized me as “kooky” or “paranoid.” I will assume that after this, many of those same people will call me a “pervert.” I’m getting the impression those are programmed responses designed to prevent anyone from really looking into such matters.

But, my question is: What is the appropriate response to a mother/father who turns over the development of their child to the Disney corporation? What is the appropriate response to someone who repeatedly denies the obvious and dismisses all those who try to open their eyes to truth? What is the appropriate response to those who work in the belly of the beast (so to speak) and propagate these ills on our children? Because, there are no programmed responses to them.

Well, I have crawled along the underbelly of the beast and I don’t like what I found there. Yes, I do feel dirty. I am going to go take a long shower now. I need to wash this stench off my soul.

This article may not necessarily reflect the present views of The Celtic Rebel, and has been left in the archive to show stages in growth and development of The Rebel Path.

*1: Cathy O’Brien’s Trance-Formation of America goes into disturbing detail about the sexual programming of children that takes place in the Monarch mind control programs. Aside from the role of the mass mind-control I’m discussing, she details how Disney themes are used in the creation of “sex slaves” for the rich and powerful. The book comes across as shocking and unbelievable at first, but further research backs up some her claims. [LB]

*2: In an odd sequence of timing, or should I say synchromysticism, the Vanity Fair issue in question, came out during the same week as the murder of “DC Madam” Debra Jean Palfrey (if you think it was a suicide, you’ll believe anything). The cover of the issue features Robert F. Kennedy, and incidentally Dan Moldea who wrote a book supporting the “official” account of RFK’s assassination (and denying mind control of Sirhan Sirhan) was also the media source for her alleged, and laughable, “I am not going back to prison. I will commit suicide first” statement. And let’s not forget that Kennedy was intimately linked to another infamous MM, “suicided” mind-controlled sex-slave Marilyn Monroe. [Oops! Synched back to Heath Ledger.] [LB]

Linsey Lohan posed as Marilyn Monroe. [¿ LL + 2 (11) = MM ?] Click image for full, ahem, spread.

*3: It also occurred to me that especially with 50’s technology, it would have been far easier and cheaper to find a real set of twins to play the part. It would seem that one person with two roles/personalities was/is/will-be the most important part of this repeating story. [LB]

*4: The suspect Fritz Springemeier details these “bloodlines.” As Michael Tsarion observes, there’s a good reason why celebrities and royalty all walk the “red carpets,” as fitting for those descended of “royal blood.” [LB]

*5: The “reverse lyrics” rabbit hole also finds alleged “Christian” trio of soulless Jonas Brothers ruining a perfectly good Kim Wilde song, but frighteningly [in forward mode] informing us they [and their legions of mindless followers] may in fact be our future. I can’t say without doubt how/if the subconscious processes backwards messages, and can barely fathom the level of intelligence/intuition required to write songs in such manner. I leave you with another backmasking example from Miss Hudgens, which takes a few too many liberties, but it’s entertaining nonetheless.) [LB]

*6: I view the BFFL (best friends for life), BFF, BFFEE and whatnot phenomenon as destructive programming, the same way I view the “princess programming” (happily ever after forever and ever) we subject our daughters to. Simply, it sets up children with false expectations and leads to a life of repeated disappointment. I may expand on the topic in a later blog on shaping the human mind. [LB]

~ by celticrebel on May 13, 2008.

11 Responses to “No More Secrets No More Lies”

  1. Hey man, no need to publish this. Thought you might be interested in this little piece I did on Miley Cyrus a few weeks back. Cheers!

    [linked article on pseudo-occult media]

  2. once again you have done an amazing job at exposing the truth and turning on our minds with images that are shocking and words that are clear and powerful – congratulation…a big fan, lalan

  3. I really love this site. Keep up the good work.

  4. Good ole mind control Disney, hiding the elite and MMC children of America…

    What a great piece though, well done!
    Nice digs!

  5. Celtic, a writer for Lainey Gossip Entertainment has connected the dots between Linsay Lohan and Miley Cyrus in the exact same fashion as you have and has gone a step further to connect the dots between their mothers Leticia “Tish” Cyrus and Ali Lohan as well.

    Thus, a copy of a story posted here: replete with eight fairly good pictures including several of Miley Cyrus with her mother Leticia “Tish” Cyrus as well as one (1) of Linsey Lohan with her mother Ali Lohan to make the visual comparison.

    “History Repeats Itself” “Once upon a time, not too long ago, a longhaired pretty teen became the toast of the town, with a hit movie, a recording contract, and a too blonde, too orange mother-manager overseeing her career. Pretty soon she was living at the Chateau Marmont, dating boys much much older, developed an eating disorder, and in the year 2007 alone, was the proud graduate of not one, not two, but three substance abuse treatment programs.

    Of course, that girl was Lindsay Lohan. It’s 2008 now and LiLo has been replaced. By none other than Miley Cyrus … who also happens to have an omnipresent mother bearing a remarkable resemblance to Dina Lohan.

    Take a look at Miley posing here on the carpet with mom Leticia. Leticia as you can see seems just as fond of the cameras as her mentor Dina Lohan, even working the cross legged pose. Note also that this is the kind of woman, Leticia is, who names her daughter Destiny Hope.

    That’s right. Destiny Hope is Miley’s birth name. The name she was christened with. Her legal name until just recently. Is it wrong of me to ask the question … what kind of a woman calls her kid Destiny Hope??? So what are the odds that Miley Cyrus WON’T end up like the others???

    Take a close look at that expression … how the flash of the camera feeds her, how the soft padding of the red carpet sustains her, how they call for her (Miley! Miley!), how she hears their cries and feels nourished… You really think she’ll escape that fate? You really do???”

    Notice the subject tags “Miley Cyrus” “Lindsay Lohan” “Parent Pimps” <—

    More on the topic of “parent pimps” later.

  6. One of the best articles I’ve ever read!

  7. I’ve neglected to answer replies to this post. So…

    Nice article Ben. Love the Billy Ray Sirius image.

    Chet, Thanks for linking to that Lainey article [hope you don’t mind trimming and formatting]. Lots of interesting synchs in that.

    I’ll answer “What kind of a woman calls her kid Destiny Hope?”

    A mind-controlled slave programmed with escapist Disney themes.

    Thanks to ALL for the feedback and support. Now, if we could only figure out a way to get the average ignorant teenage-minded mother to start parenting… well, there’d be hope for us all. 🙂

  8. Regarding the above comments about Lindsay and her mom…..Like a lot of people I unfortunately partake in reading celeb gossip stuff to pass the time at boring jobs 😉 but not in the way that the average person might. I’m always analyzing and noticing stuff, and it’s kind of hard *not* to notice that Lindsay’s mom is probably just as a mind controlled as her. There were pictures posted on the ‘net about two years back clearly showing Dina and Lindsay (who was maybe about 17 at the time? not sure….) messing around in a hotel room, trying on clothes and just being goofy for the camera, with open bottles of Jack Daniels and who knows what else scattered all over. In later interviews, Dina flat out denies having anything to do with whatever drinking/drug stuff has gone on with Lindsay. So while most people figure she’s lying, or just “forgetful,” I’m thinking another possibility is that she’s a multiple, and truly doesn’t remember half of what has gone on.

    Which reminds me of the way Cathy O’Brien noted that mother-daughter teams are often used as the elite’s sex slave property, and Dina is definitely somebody who has kept up on her looks, considering she’s as old as she is. So, just makes you wonder. Then you factor in Lindsay’s good looking, charismatic, abusive, controlling father who Lindsay has even said abused her and her mother when she was growing up. Who is he, who is he tied to? And the Lohans weren’t just any family from some poor random neighborhood in middle America. They lived in Long Island, home of many rich and elite. It’s all speculation, and I hate doing that because it’s libelous, but these people are obsessively pushed on us by the media, on every magazine cover, and featured extensively on the internet, so that gives us the right to question what the hell’s up with them. Who are these people really that they want us to worship?

    And in seeing Miley’s mom, the attractive, blonde, blue eyed woman who also looks good for her age, not a dowdy mom by any means, you again have to wonder about the whole mother-daughter team thing.

    And YES, absolutely to what you said I think in another blog posting about how the way Miley was posed with her father in that infamous Vogue shoot was more disturbing than the fact she was topless and covered by a sheet. Back when it was all over the news the only thing I could think was HELLO, what’s up with the way they’re posed??? Does anybody not see this??! So yes, totally agree with you there. Ben at Pseudo Occult found some great pics showing Miley posed with butterflies and such. Between the two of you you’ve got really good coverage on the subject.

    I’m just glad I don’t have kids, and will never have to deal with kid’s music, TV shows, cartoons, movies, magazines, toys and all that mass programming nonsense. (remember Teletubbies? And the one brother teletubby with the big penis sticking out on his head, and the other teletubby who was supposed to be his “sister” who had the corresponding hole on top of her head? And parents didn’t question this????) So yes, can’t even convey the relief I feel that I won’t have to deal with it.

  9. Great article, as usual. I clicked through the photo spread and though the Vesica Piscis embed in the advertising through Nergdorf Goodman (the “OO” of Goodman caste as the Vesica Piscis) was just another of those clever marketing touches that thrusts the Construct in your face.

    Nice work and looking forward to more.

  10. Thank you so much for all your hard work putting all this together, it’s fantastically done, i would say more but just wanted you to know we appreaciate this so much, namaste and yay for people like you 🙂 all the best!! absolutely well done xx

    PS: Funny yesterday on French TV they were talking about old stars of children’s tv…and it featured Douchka, the Disney representative in France, back then they had to have their own French Disney girl lol now it’s just the same spawn as the US that does the whole world 🙂 anyway, she was the classic picture perfect Disney cartoon role model, so innocent, now i’m not sure of her story, but she looks out of it, i’m putting one clip from back hen and one clip of her now, her clip now she has turnd more “bad girl” but obviously not as vulgarly overtly as Miley and the rest, but her video as she is now, in her 40’s i would say, is full of butterflies…

    Anyway she looks like she’s a controlled slave, blonde hair etc, and her whole persona, she looks a bitch, when she was interviewd yesterday, she’s like a blow up doll told what to say. Inhuman.


    Classic Disney rubbish, getting people to trust in its inocence.

    And after:

    Katy perry calls miley cyrus the new britney spears… Also is that the Olsen twins above there with the smiley faces t-shirt? were they Disney owned as well? their lives have been pretty rocky as well and they’ve been child stars since they were out of he pram…one of them had bad anorexia problems…

  11. CarissaC., you raise a very good point. It would make sick, but complete sense that not only would these bastards get off on doing a mom/daughter “team,” but also from the demoralizing effect it would have on the victims. Having one’s mother participate in such (whether knowingly or under control), as sure as anything destroys any sense of self-respect or security or for that matter, anything a developming child would later find useful.

    As to your latter point, I think this pic says it all.

    Dennis Fetcho, ah good point! Here’s a link to clarify. In our face, so to speak, of course. 😉

    celtic isis, thank you so much. Though I’ve moved much further into the area of the people behind the people behind these “stars,” I gather you saw my last article of the series? Was unfamiliar with Douchka, but my that Mickey Mouse video was disgusting. Noted the super effeminate-boy was even made to wear a Minnie shirt in case the audience was too stupid to get the point. 😐

    To an aware person, in her latter video you can see her pretty on the outside, but you can see the shattered tormented soul behind her eyes. Fucking Disney!

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