Rebel Path Radio

The Rebel Path

The show commences every Sunday at between approximately 11:00 PM [USA Eastern] and midnight and usually lasts from 3 to 4 hours. See following link[s]:

The Audio Stream:

For the time being, the show is rebroadcast sometime after the Sunday show ends, and occasionally, again Thursday nights @ 8:00 PM [USA Eastern].

An interactive chat room is available for the time immediately preceding, during and after the [live] show. If you wish to participate, please read these rules first!

Chat Room:

The stream at runs [nearly] 24X7. Most of the time, it plays good music (which contains within more truth than all of the truth conspIndusry).

Archives (New): Archives of the most recent shows are available to Subscribing Members. The subscription allows you access to the past month of the Raw Stream and every show going forward (more info). You also have the option of individually purchasing from among the most recent shows (listing).

Archives (Old): I am in the process of making All of the Show Archives available within this site (more info). The archives of my time at the now-defunct Oracle Broadcasting are no longer online, but will also be made available here over time. Any other recordings you find may have been edited or altered [not approved].

Legal 1: Said archives (i.e., shows, podcasts) are property of The Celtic Rebel. Redistribution or reproduction of any portion thereof, without the express written consent of The Celtic Rebel is expressly prohibited.

Legal 2: If you rebroadcast or post a copy of, or any portion of, any of the shows or podcasts without obtaining written permission, you are agreeing to site license pricing. A site license begins at US $1000.00 per show (or portion thereof), and an additional $1000.00 per 500 impressions, and an additional $1000.00 per 100 downloads.

5 Responses to “Rebel Path Radio”

  1. loven the show, laughing my ass (no pun) off. I’m jus amazed your bravado, you must take some heat from the comments. But (ha, did it again) keep up
    the great work. truley artistic with it’ own unique style.

  2. I didn’t know we could comment on here. The show has been great Alex really, get Eugene back on soon tho. The Jesus show was one of the best.

  3. yo, just have to say the radio show has been awesome, listened to every one since you started. Keep on truckin! 🙂

  4. Alex, in Spanish butter is man-te-“qui”lla, qui pronounced Kee, and the word for shit is ca-ca.
    The word for Key is llave pronounced “yave” and anus = ano. Many gay friends of mine understood Keanu as “which whole” but just thought it was a coincidence of sounding words.
    I love it that you’re sol bold.

    PS: Quote of the Year from medicine Nobel Peace Prize winner Brazilian oncologist Drauzio Varella

    “In today’s world, more than five times is invested in medication for masculine virility and in silicone for women, than is invested in researching Alzheimer’s. Within a few year, we’ll have old women with large tits and old men with hard penises, but none of them will remember what they are for”

  5. I’ve really been enjoying your archived radio with Lee Rogers, it’s an inspiration to get moving. Trying to get up to date with who I can trust now, will keep looking.

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