Major Site Update(s)

A couple of years ago, I decided to take some spiritual advice from God. Technically not God, but the actor who plays God [and coincidentally, the male fabricated polar opposite of Lucifer, aka Red, aka Luscious Fox]. No, that advice wasn’t the trendy “have sex with a young blood relative,” but the older and familiar conjunctive:

Get Busy Living

Hence I took that advice [the former option in picture] and seriously neglected this site [understatement]. Hence, not only have shows not been getting posted, but pretty much any task pertaining to my web presence was neglected. After the archive server terminated, this site turned into a frustrating myriad of broken links, became a general mess and is presumably, anything other than “inviting.”

Natasha Tends to Halt All Production

Life’s granted me some free time of late. Also, Natasha has gone back to Russia and is no longer around to distract me with her evil devotion to frivolity. So, I have undertaken the monstrous [understatement again] task of updating this site. You may have already noticed a few of the more obvious changes.

I plan to eventually make all shows available again [discussed in detail Sunday], but that will take quite some time. A few have already been made available (check the respective podcast menus). You can encourage me to speed up the pace of putting more out [and free] by buying the improved HQ (128K) Versions of prior shows.

New Menu

Once I get [more] caught up, there will likely be no more shows posted in the chat room. I do realize the time of broadcast is not conducive to everyone catching live (even though it gets rebroadcast a couple times after end). A remedy may be to rebroadcast the show every week, say Thursday nights @ 8:00 PM? Chime in.

Keep an eye on the image menu [to the right] for updates and the top listed articles on this site (“stickies”) for changes. And yes, as mentioned (on show), this means I can now finally get around to do those long-promised topics I’ve put off for years… 👿 And heck, maybe even, start making videos again. 🙂

~ by celticrebel on April 17, 2015.

3 Responses to “Major Site Update(s)”

  1. Thursday nights at 8, excellent!

  2. Thanks, Rebel!

  3. how fantastic, went looking for one of your videos after see this article today :

    “Soggy Bottom” boys.

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