Surreal Cereal Killers

I finally got around to one of the shows I had been promising for years, and while it may not have been as “sexy” as the dubious tales of conspiratorial gore I might have once [re]canted, to a keener mind, this version should be more interesting.

tom ford sexyson of sam berkowitz

This was a nonconspiratorial, pragmatic, and down to [this] earth look at the serial killer phenomenon, along with some of the myths and legends behind it. Speculative bullshit available elsewhere is likely far sexier, but practicality has more value:

There are few headlines as titillating as “a serial killer is on the loose.” From an infotainment marketing perspective: such advertisements pitch the ideal product. The product, while posing trivial danger to our persons, [optimally] stimulates the reptilian fear center and captivates the mind with endless worst case scenarios .

miss cleo cereal devilthe wire serial killer ribbon

Beyond the corny pun [above left], the terms “cereal” and “serial,” may not be entirely unrelated (discussed previously). Truths are, more often than not, released incidentally, though in a few rare case [above right], narrated rather overtly.

henry lee lucasottis toole

Beyond fear and audience manipulation, the topic of Serial Killers can yield an intellectual gold-mine of incisive philosophical truths. Such nuggets merit the analogy, due to the difficulty inherent in their procurement. Seekers must first get past the teenage mindset of pointing fingers at “them,” and then look at them [or the phenomena], as a mirror; a reflection of who and what we may truly be.

animal house citizen x donald sutherlandlost boys kiefer sutherland

What a smarmy pair the above make. Of course, neither of these guys appear on anyone’s [subjective] roster of Who’s Who. I’m not alleging anything about Donald the Father (discussed before) or Keifer the Son (discussed before), just observing the seedy syncs which go right past most people’s [limited] fields of vision.

looking for mister goodbar richard geretheodore bundy

Coincidentally, Looking for Mr. Goodbar (1977) was released after Ted Bundy had already begun his “quiet” predatory spree. These two media releases did more to curb the careless sexual hookups of the seventies than all the Schoolhouse Syphilis Super-8 Reels combined. Not coincidentally, the message behind both parades was the same: the confident guy who approaches you with a smile is going to rape and kill you, you should have slept with the nerd [too late now, cause you’re dead].

friends sexy city seinfeld jeffrey dahmer

The reality of statistics and rudimentary police work tell us quite a different story, but don’t let that get in the way of ratings and social engineering conglomerates pushing copycatting upon those who can’t help but mimic (romance angle). If you find a guy of whom all your friends approve, that’s more likely the one who will be [most literally] feasting on your naughty bits, and not the handsome stranger.

dexter serial killermickey rourke union station

Though I’ve been leaning towards the out of control system angle versus that of conspiratorial, there are strong cases to be made for subterfuge and subversion via the documentable twisting of minds of victims [the audience] away from bases of reality. On the other hand, it can be rationally argued that when a spider reinforces and protects its elaborate web, the act falls under the definition of “natural.”

repo man john waynejohn wayne gacy is gay see

Beyond films, the amount of books written about Serial Killers has paid for the lifestyle of many an author, and shall continue to. This leads to more theories than the word credibility could ever extend. Repressed Homosexuality, could we get past the approved list of modern political correct limitations, is definitely a commonality found in such regularity among the top number crunchers that it can’t be ignored.

alexander pichuskinfrancis de assis pereiramoses sithole

During this podcast, I named a person who serially tortured and murdered over 500 people and kept a detailed diary of every act he performed, noting the name of every victim. That diary is a document of public record, yet you will not find this person’s name in any book or website listing the most prolific killers in history.

peter niers peter stump

To comprehend the bigger picture, we must first dismiss the conspiratorial revelatory nonsense spoon-fed us by the infotainment industry [e.g., MK-Ultra]. Then, we can separate reality from illusion further by wrapping our minds around the shit-stream of marketing floating around our neural pathways [MK-Mega].

conspiracy industry mel gibson julia robertscatcher in the rye tattoo pussy holden caufield

As I just implied above, a lot of theories attempting to separate the fake and real don’t account for one [plausible] crafter’s dilemma: how does one best control economically liberated people suffering from too much time on their hands. When left to their own devices, they/we tend to gravitate to the stupidest of activities.

charleze theron aileen wuornos trance formation

Whether it’s about money, control, or for sake of argument, something else; the media presentation of the concept and the gory details, is huge business. Time after time, extraordinary lengths are taken to reMind us how sexy serial killers are.

sexy cinema brasilairbags boobs funbags safety eight

Serial Killers are bad, but Sexy is good. Sexy sells. Sexy makes the world go round [literally]. And no matter how much you try to suppress your own animal nature, you can’t deny, whatever your gender, the above [right] image genuinely makes you feel really Safe.



Note: The above podcast is Commercial-Free and a Remixed, Edited, Improved and Normalized 128K version of the original broadcast aired.

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  2. film school bs about director David Fincher

    Notice at 7:00 “I think people are perverts. That’s the foundation of my career.”

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