Katy Perry Super Ritual Decoded

I could not believe what was unfolding before my very eyes as I was subjected to the mass predictive programming ritual known as The Super Bowl Halftime Show™.

Transhuman Lucy No Fur

I rushed home immediately to do an emergency broadcast, because I care about saving you [and your family] from the evil emanating from The Mind Control Box©:

I’ve since edited the show down (because THE MESSAGE is super important AND stuff) and added a few sound effects (to emphasize the PURE EVIL we witnessed).

White GenocideMy Boobs Were Once Huge

Oddly enough, just recalled that Katy Perry and what she may endured to get onto the big stage came up in one of my first few podcasts (not for the timid).

Multiculturalist Marxism

Can you handle The Truth? There was a hell of lot more sexually degenerative false-flag occult satanic illuminati mk-ultra monarch freemasonic überjoo mind-control covered in the show that went far beyond the most blatant examples demonstrated here pictorially. If you value your future, and being around to actually enjoy it … then this show is a must-listen. To be forewarned is to be forearmed!

worship the big black cock

Are you just going to continue to let THEM do this to YOU? Can you face your future children and say, “Hey, yea, I could have tried to stop it, but didn’t. So sorry!”

Jumping the Jewish Shark Tank

Incidentally, considering the time of broadcast (11:00 PM), I could safely surmise this was the first “break-down” analysis of the Halftime Show aired. I could also probably just as safely surmise pretty much everything broadcast afterwards was no less wildly speculative and no less ridiculous.



Note: Those of you who enjoyed this show, will probably enjoy reading an article I wrote in a similar vein a few years back. Those who didn’t, would probably hate that one as well. Yea, it produced some hate mail (people need to lighten up).

~ by celticrebel on February 2, 2015.

One Response to “Katy Perry Super Ritual Decoded”

  1. Thank you for making these archives available to us…your is the ONLY relevant show that’s on the leading edge of what is REALLY happening.

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