About this Rebel

This blog is not for everybody. If the material in here is not to your taste, then I would recommend moving on to the mileu of other options on the internet. At one time, this blog was about “truth” [see old about page] but I have changed much since that was written, and this blog has changed along with me.

mirror one

It is foolish and foolhardy to pursue “truth” without stopping to properly know one’s self first and you will never get to “know” yourself, unless you are willing to brave the mirror and find out who you are.

When we got through this “waking up” process, and being our “quest for truth,” what we are essentially doing is to ask the three timeless questions every human on this planet wants the answers to. Who am I? How did I get here? Where am I going?

mirror two

However, whether by nature or programming, we tend to go about answering these questions in the wrong order, focusing on the last first. You will never find out where you came from or where you’re going if you don’t first take the time to find out who you are. Doing so requires looking deep into the mirror and breaking down each and every programmed construct of the artificial ego, and then peering into the depths of the void that is left.

Such a journey is not for everyone; it’s a scary place to go. Just try to answer “Who am I” without making references to media influences, religious dogma or state-sanctioned activities. Most, I have found, cannot. If you’re ready to strip away all the artificial layers of tradition and indoctrination, you’re at the right place.

mirror three

This is the way step inside. Come take the journey along with me. Maybe one day we’ll find out how the hell we got here, and more importantly, where we’re going.

Legal/Moral: All blog entries, and/or original sections therein, are the copyrighted (©) work of this particular “Celtic Rebel.” Reprinting or reposting the articles in their entirety, without express written consent is prohibited. Reprinting or reposting portions is permitted, however, only if said portions link, refer to or otherwise credit the source. If you wish to promote ideas I’ve put forth herein, then please give credit when credit is due. Thank you!

I am also the host of The Rebel Path podcast, which has been airing weekly since February 14, 2010. For those interested in the show: read more.

Support: There is a DONATE button to the right. I’m not asking, but “information” does have an intrinsic value to the person receiving it. If anything you’ve come across on this blog has been of “value” to you in your personal growth, and you have the means, then feel free to donate whatever sum you wish.

11 Responses to “About this Rebel”

  1. Woot woot. Fellow tripmaster meister….Here is to the rebel minds and hearts….We would never progress (in the only way that matters…with our hearts and souls) without ya…”…The Cold War now is over but the stakes are getting higher….I’m frightened of collateral damage and of friendly fire and I don’t believe we can defeat no axis of evil by putting smart bombs in the hands of dumb people….”May the dreamers and the rebels and their beautiful hearts and minds blossom and thrive in the midst of this concrete jungle of crap….Waiting for the great leap forwards…..With ya! Skep

  2. Hello! I am a new reader and I have really been enjoying your blog. I came across it after seeing your youtube video on the movie “They Live”. Which was fantastic I must say! I had written this long message but I figured you are probably a busy man so I will sum it up quickly.
    Your blog cracks me up and is very informative at the same time! I like it! Thank You! Keep up the good work!


  3. found you looking a mstar web-site looking forwqrd to your interveiw tonight..

  4. I am in the search for truth and it keeps being me to so many rebels as I am turning into myself. Right now I find it hard to talk to the people that are the closes to me just as you stated in They Lives but I still feel that God loves is guiding me to the truth. Even though I see that most of this truth is trying to lead me against my spiritual love I still believe in God it’s the world that is trying to separate us from the truth. At this point there is not much to say because I am in the learn faze but I still plan to do that as an individual because at this point any new info or old info can become a cult but my heart and spirit tells me different about what I am coming across now.

  5. very intresting.

    times are a changin.

  6. I am in.
    What happend to your Youtube channel? I wanted to watch some of your videos after a while and there is empty space left.

  7. Hey CelticRebel I just want to thank you – I’ve been following your blog/shows for a month or so now, and I was going to put off writing to you until I absorbed more content – but at the moment I am about halfway through Dont Go West – and I just had to pause it and thank you. That’s all I want to say, just thank you, thank you, thank you.

  8. You’re right Alex, the only smokers left are the cool cats. 🙂

  9. Once i heard Michael Tsarion say that the phrase “Know Thyself” is one of his favorites and it is so true .
    you Celtic Rebel are one of the last true Warrios left in this jewpig hell hole
    keep up the fight against the “bitch boys” that you like to call them haha
    and it fits them perfectly !
    by the way your co-host Alex is cool . she’s so real
    peace out

  10. James Evans Pilato’s usually very slick (if compromised) show is silent for the first time that I’ve been listening. Can’t help but wonder if this has to do with the Celt and Lee talking about James being outed last two nights. Krocks radio is silent whereas it’s usually beaming is well produced show. Strange? or just a glitch to be quickly remedied? Well it’s been five minutes now. Maybe he’ll be back on soon…. or not …

  11. What a brilliant, i-opening blog you have here, Celtic Rebel. Have only just discovered it and feel as though I have met a kindred spirit in a world of depraved insanity. Thank you for your fantastic research and hard work. And I love your writing too. It’s hilarious!

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