What Would You Say?

Have I got a deal for you! “You pay me $50/month and I will do the following:

  • I will feed you nothing but lies and disinformation about the world around you, and distort any understanding you may have of world history.

  • I will make you feel powerless and unable to affect your environment

  • I will lower your IQ by a few points

  • I will make your wife and girlfriend [or you, if you are female] feel insecure and worthless, then convince you/them that the only way to temporarily relieve those feelings is to run out and spend money you don’t have on things you don’t need.

  • I will alienate you from your family, friends and neighbors.

  • I will take away 12 years of your life

And, as an added bonus, for no charge, I will turn your daughter into a little slut.”

What would you say, if I came up to and made you the above offer? I think, you would, very likely tell me to “go f*ck myself.”

But you don’t, do you?

Nope! You continue to pay them to do exactly the above. As a matter of fact, you even pay extra for more channels of useless “programming.” You even ask, “How much extra for the premium package?” You personally talk about “mindless entertainment,” the “boob tube,” the “idiot box” and your favorite “programs,” but never even stop to reflect on the true meaning behind those phrases

But, don’t take my word for it. There are several articles and studies out there that validate this line of thought. Here are just a FEW of them:

Research and educate yourself. Ignorance, in regards to this matter, does not and will never, yield bliss.

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*1: This is not some preachy misguided do-gooder nonsense about v-chips, television content and morality. What I am saying is “don’t watch ANY television, or at a bare minimum, drastically limit your exposure to it.”

*2: Those interested in subliminals, or what I sometimes refer to as “superliminals,” may find this article of interest [Back-linked 04/04/08].

~ by celticrebel on October 25, 2007.

9 Responses to “What Would You Say?”

  1. I’m 101% agree[ing] with you.

  2. young fella,

    i just found your sight a few minutes ago. in the first video you said ‘people should unplug their TV’. i said to myself, there’s a smart fella. i will be catching up on your vast trove. turning off the tv is the most important thing to do to start the journey of gaining consciousness.

    i listen to alan watt. he feels the same and says that there will be withdrawal!!

    my own personal experience was to wean back. you discussed that ALL programs are programming the listener. someone suggested muting cnning fox ‘news’ and just reading the streamer on the bottom. while they are talking the war news is going sideways (fast) on the bottom. i personally fell better and now cannot really be in the room when the tv is on. the music, subliminals, flashing, ‘info’ seems to raise the BP, heart rate, and all sorts of mind functions.

    i have been trying to figure out a way to make turning off the TV (cell phone, video games and on) … a cool thing to do. the only thing i come up with so far is to run a contest drawing from the quitters pool with an award of th big-ass hi-def tv.

  3. Totally agree! I threw mine away a few years ago… The best thing I have ever done.

  4. Neel, you can keep the extra 1%. One, not possible. Two, reminds me too much of that room they took Winston into. 😛

    robbie, haven’t heard from you since, so not sure what you thought of the rest of what you found within. You raise a good point though. Know a former intelligence man, who tells me he bypasses the BS for the sheep and only looks at the tickers to figure out what’s happening in the world. I asked, “Did it ever occur to you it is in their interest to keep you programmed as well?”

    Leon, did the right thing mate. I keep one in the house, but only for watching movies I want to pick apart.

  5. I shit canned my tube years ago as well, smartest thing I ever did, next went the cell phone, second smartest thing I ever did. I suspect that the internet will be next on the chopping block, but at this point, I cant be certain of that. To put it simply, all these things are just variants of the same thing “telecommunications”, artificially induced extra sensory perception, created and controlled by the hands of men. If it is natures intent for humans to communicate with each other remotely, the means to do so would develop biologically over time. I have often pondered thoughts on this matter, where humans simply have not yet developed the mental capacity for extra sensory perceptions by natural means. There is an excellent expose of this phenomenon in the film E.T. It suggests to me that “empathy” might be a form of extra sensory perception (telepathy) in its early stages of development. This brings me to the conclusion that telecommunications (artificial telepathy), suppresses what would otherwise develop into the next genesis of the human condition, effectively preserving the establishments parasitic strangle hold on the inhabitants of this planet.

  6. Totally trying to eliminate watching tv. I find myself more creative when I stop watching tv for awhile.

  7. There is interesting information within those articles.I have read four and a half of them.Besides limiting my viewing of television,how can I repair the damage done to my concentration and mind ?

    Thank you for sharing this knowledge.

  8. Yeah but sometimes there’s good stuff on… like Father Ted, and David Attenborough documentaries. Plus you can watch quality films like ‘Baraka’ and ‘Pompoku’ on your brand spanking new 46″ HDTV! Actually, the television manufacturers really play out their marketing plan quite well. I’ll bet TV’s could’ve been flat screen and HD about ten years ago. That’s when wide screen TV’s started to come in to replace square screens. Then it was wide screen with flat screens. Then LCD’s led on to flat screens. Then it was HD TV, and now just a little while later it’s 3DHDTV! HA! They played that out good, maximum profits! Watch a documentary called ‘Surplus’ too. There’s too much waste created by all this reckless upgrading and format changes (analogue to digital). The dumps keep on growing. But yeah, the majority of programming IS shite. And with digital, ALL the commercial breaks are on at the same time! It’s a well oiled machine. But yeah, having no TV is great too, cause it forces you to talk with other people in the room. I think a lot depends on the content you view and read. I like to read a lot of Charles Bukowski and Henry Miller. Flann O Brien is amazing too- The Third Policeman. Anyway, the telly is just a tool, use it wisely.
    When the Scottish inventor, John Logie Baird, was congratulated on inventing the television he replied, “Aye, but there’s fuck all on!”

  9. IllustriousDissident, good for you man, in my present state and place, I think I’d find it hard to discon from the cell phone. You do raise a good point, about what may be behind this technology. As Lenon and I discussed on a prior show, is this tech meant to suppress our inherent telepathic abilities.

    Emily, good luck to you. In this day and age, it does seem like the social program is also meant to make non-viewers [appear as] social pariahs too.

    L.a.n, well, that’s a fair question. It’s what I touch on in my blog’s direction (stripping the false implanted program dsiquised as self) and demonstrated in the first 30 minutes of Part II of my latest documentary.

    Charles Venus, you raise a great point about the mountains of waste this move to digital will cause. It does seem like a bizarre choice for the government to fund this in times of a great economic downspiral too. I get the feeling were we to wake Baird from the dead, he’d say, “There’s still fuck all on!” 😀

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