Krazy is as Krazy Does

Recently caught a documentary called Crazy Rulers of the World made by Jon Ronson for the BBC. There’s a lot of useful information in the series, though odd it would be played through the BBC control valve. I watched the entire series, but here’s a short segment of interest [about Waco and psychological warfare]:

The program looks at various nefarious military programs, and shows how the mindset takes something of a spiritual nature and turns it into something vwile. The individual titles of the three part series say a lot on their own: 1: “The Men Who Stare At Goats,” “Funny Torture,” and “Psychic Footsoldiers.” There’s some really odd stuff in there dealing with chakras, “death stares,” connecting to the infinite, mind control, remote viewing, music, subliminal influence and black ops.

Billy Ray Fuckus

The most disturbing/intriguing part for myself was during “Funny Torture” episode when they interviewed one of the poor British sods who was in the wrong place at the wrong time, so the Gestapo, oops I meant the US Military, took him to Gitmo and tortured him. He talks about the round-the-clock Death Metal with the volume on 11, or even worse being subjected to Billy Rae Cyrus‘s “Achy Breaky Heart” over and over (IMO: hearing that just once qualifies as cruel and unusual punishment).

He said the strangest “torture” he was subjected to, was when his interrogators put him in a room, came in and started a Kris Kristofferson album at normal volume and left. They then returned, and subjected him to an entire Matchbox 20 album, again in its entirety and at normal volume. He was asked by the Jon Ronson as what the effects of that were, and he replied, “I really don’t know.”

Mental Jacket

Well, if we follow Cathy O’Brien’s book, she exposes Kris Kristofferson as a high-ranking player in CIA mind-control and cocaine distribution networks, and a rather sadistic prick overall. The above pic depicts Kristofferson in a scenario that one would imagine [from Cathy’s implication], has been all too common for Kris. The scene is from The Jacket [which also features an additional K2 resonant actor, Keira Knightley], and is about, you guessed it, mind control!

Note: Keira would qualify as a veteran of mind-control films. Off the bat, I recall she was in The Hole [which I previously mentioned] and Domino [a suspect film].

But, Matchbox 20? Some bubble gum band out of Florida? {*1} Makes me wonder what other sounds, be they subliminal, or overt, we’re exposed to regularly and what their effects may be? I am starting to concede that both the Beatles and the Stones came straight out of Tavistock. The effects of the overt messages in pop music are obvious. Just go out and look around you. {*2}

Another: Hm, we now have two KK’s and now two Knights. Sir Paul McCartney was knighted on 03/11/97. Why? “When the Queen of England confers a knighthood, it is in recognition of deeds done in service of the Crown.” So, go f*ck yourself Paul! I wonder if another “Knight” will turn up? Oh, yeah, Sir Mick Jagger. I’m sure another ugly boot-licker will rear his ugly mug before this article ends.

I wonder what other forms of mental programming exist that we have barely begun to understand? They have so many ways to “do our heads in.”

crazy signal

Pseudo-Occult Media’s recent analysis “Do you have the crazy? These movies will give it to you” prompted me to contemplate whether the movie The Signal was worth my time, considering the potential for unknown detrimental subliminal effects I might be influenced by [even using my own “symbol shield,” to borrow a phrase from Michael @ Hidden Agendas]. A few user comments left on various online forums ultimately pushed me to take the plunge:

  • “Right from the beginning (tricky!) this movie totally sucks you in.”

  • “This is a cool mind-melting movie. it is impossible to guess just what the heck is going on.” [¿wtf is “mind-melding”?]

  • “It got me from the get-go, and i couldn’t stop watching! FREAKALISHOUS!!”

  • “This movie absorbed me more then any of the latest “zombie” installations.”

Ben [PsOM] does a great job detailing some of the embedded occult elements, which I won’t be rehashing [thus, read his take]. Though, I will include a brief section on this film, which is nothing other than a mass mind-control piece, about mass mind-control, with embedded trauma-based mind-controlled MPD characters:

“On February 23, 2008 two men were stabbed in a Fullerton, California movie theatre during a showing of The Signal. One suffered non life threatening injuries to his arm, while the other suffered a lung puncture.” Knives are constantly focused on throughout the film. I was utterly amazed by the synchronicity of it all, it was constantly about how their personalities were changing, how each person was viewing another person as a different personality to who they actually were. Until someone pointed out that it wasn’t the person they thought it was, which triggered them into seeing it, but then they moved onto another delusion. It was all extremely disturbing (the first few minutes made me think I’d made a colossal mistake in downloading it, but it gets better), do not let anyone who doesn’t know about mind control and all that, view this film.

The following dialogue [from film] addresses the surface situation in the movie [a signal being sent out through the television that destroys / programs your mind], but symbolically, talks about our present widening psychic split, between those who tune into the television media unwittingly, and those who know better. It’s also supportive of my recurring theme of multiple layers of “truth.”

“That TV got in your brain and has distorted your perception”

“I’m not crazy like those others.”

“No man. You’re much worse off cause you don’t even realize what’s happening to you.”

The same character relaying the rational side of the above conversation [Clark], was in the meantime, a victim of delusion himself. Thus, throughout the film, he would drift in and out of clarity. Occasionally, the television would be turned back on, and rather strange electronic images would flash across it:

the signal ghost

At one point, this Clark character was also depicted putting tin-foil on his head [¿I wonder who that mind-fuck is directed at?]. Another interesting quote from same:

“We made ourselves vulnerable … I turned the TV back on and there it was. It was replacing my thoughts. I see it. It’s a lie. The signal. It’s a trick.”

The more I think about it, the more convinced I grow that the key to fathoming what transpired on 9/11, is understanding the power of the media to shape perception and reality. I sometimes doubt that any planes hit any buildings on that keystone day, though won’t go as fas as Meta-Logic Cafe’s “crazy” postulation.

911 TV Fakery

However, rationality dictates that in an insane world, where most of the public believes in the imaginary, and is programmed to dismiss reality with an air of indignation, than anything is possible. Clark chimes on:

“There’s a bad sector in the electro-magnetic spectrum which is causing a rift in logical thinking. Rational behavior has given way to primordial action … Chaos is the ruling class of this civilization.”

Looks like The Signal beat M. [k]Night Shyamalan’s The Happening [starring the best shoe-salesman money can buy, Mark Wahlberg] to the gate [ safe prediction: movie will be full of “shit”]. The release date [of latter] is 06/13/08 [ReViewed].

the happening

Perhaps the former movie [The Signal] was a small-scale “trial run?” I may be forced to reconsider whether independent films can no longer be considered safe havens from mind control and social engineering.

I’m presently reading Jerry Smith’s HAARP: the Ultimate Weapon of Conspiracy, which touches on the many potential uses of this massive ELF producing antenna array in Alaska. Theoretically then, in the future, given the system’s potential to broadcast at the same harmonic frequency as our brainwaves, we may not even have the option of “turning off/tuning out” this “bad sector” in the EM spectrum?

cult classic

So, while we still have the option, I may go one step further than Pseudo-Occult Media and say that I don’t think anyone should watch this movie. One of the themes, was the lead female character using her music/headphones to “tune out” the madness around her [yet, increasing the risk of not hearing a pending attack on her person]. Ultimately, however she fails in the end, having substituted one form of mind control, for another. Looking at the poster below [the man holding her head is her lover who made the “mix tape” for her] speaks synchromystic volumes:

crazy love

Coincidentally Predictably, after watching this on the computer (one way of minimizing the impact of undesirable effects on my own psyche), Metalocalypse came on the television, which was tuned to Adult Swim in the background. During one of the segments, the band was playing a “show” and broadcasting its own version of “sublime” effects which looked oddly similar to those in The Signal:

Metalocalypse Subliminals

The cartoon, for those unfamiliar, has the usual gore: murder sprees and bodies being graphically mutilated. [A” little bit of the ‘ole ultra-violence:” courtesy of A Clockwork Orange] Since I touched on the color synch, in same episode, the Illuminati-like organization of world controllers, declared “Purple Alert” when the mayhem was due to begin [but can’t, in good conscience, recommend the show].

Metalocalypse Subliminals

Note: Believe me, I don’t want to drift back into the territory of fear-mongering wherefrom I’ve been moving away. Ultimately, I believe these broadcasted films and events are part of an organized effort to shape our consciousness. That, more than anything else, is what determines our reality. I’ve been reading The Holographic Universe [beyond highly recommended], and that is undoubtedly presently influencing my own mind (which may not necessarily be bad).

Since I mentioned HAARP, I also have to note that in same Mealpocalypse episde, the band (Dethklok) asked the National Weather Service to destroy/divert a pending hurricane, and the latter claimed they didn’t have the technology to do so [nonsense, we’ve had that ability for decades]. Indubitably, this all took place in Florida, which I mentioned earlier, and synchs with an amusing recent post from Dedroidify. What the hell is going on with the “flaccid penis” state of America?

florida penis

There! Maybe that will temporarily improve things? Florida does seem to be origin of most sex scandals reported by the US Media. However, the state’s pending ban on “truck nuts” may be a step in the emasculation direction and won’t help us elevate anything. {*3} 😉 I know when I temporarily returned back to this [mental] state, I feared my sanity might not survive the nightmarish hell the state has devolved to [the word “degenerate” barely scratches the surface].

This blog is what came out of my time in, hence my resulting grip on sanity. Which leads me down a rabbit-hole of recalling a a call I recently made to The Global Reality Show, where we, among a few other things, talked about HBO pushing the 2000 Florida election scam back into the public mind [download link]. {*4}

florida balls

Looking at the above map, if Florida is the genitalia [The 1st Chakra], then Ohio would be around the heart [The 4th Chakra]. Um, so if the psyop is to destroy the macro-being we call “America;” first you emasculate, then you go after the heart [2004], and finally the head [The 7th Chakra]? If the upcoming 2008 staged election sham focuses the entire country’s attention on one of the New England states, well … then maybe this last musing is not so crazy.

There is definitely a hell of a lot of Krazy Krap going on around us right now.

This article may not necessarily reflect the present views of The Celtic Rebel, and has been left in the archive to show stages in growth and development of The Rebel Path.

*1: A friend of mine has a working theory that there may be something sublime to bands with numbers in their name: e.g., Blink 182, Front 242. The latter does have a name that piques the imagination, contemplating “fronts” for external interests and numerology, especially considering their last two studio albums were entitled “06:21:03:11 UP EVIL” and “05:22:09:12 OFF.” The former’s first album was the Alice in Wonderland (hence, mind-control) resonant “Cheshire Cat.” If anything comes out of my friend’s research, I’ll be sure to post. [LB]

*2: In a related matter, last night I overheard one of these “popular” songs which the public consumes is force-fed now. Some lyrical gems turds from it: “She don’t believe in shooting stars, but she believe in shoes and cars.” [i.e., she’s soulless] “Man, why can’t life always be this easy. She in the mirror dancing so sleazy.” [i.e., she’s mindless] The de-evolution of mankind accelerates at a rapid pace. After I looked it up, it also contained the oddly synchronistic: “I’m more of the trips to Florida, order the hor douvres, view of the water.” [Read on!] [LB]

*3: The “truck nuts” article is worth a view for the humor of reading the comments. Personally, I could care less whether some idiot should be allowed to put testicles on their truck or not. My focus is more what is it in our society, that would lead people to think it is somehow a form of self-expression. One of the commenters emotes, “How do I explain to my six year old when they ask what those are?” Um, and what do you say to your child when they see a male dog? Oh no, poor Fido! Get the hell out of Florida, cause next they may be banning “dog nuts.” [LB]

*4: I was really trying to avoid going down another rabbit hole on this article and also, to keep it light. But, since we’re speaking of “holes” again, those belonging to Keira Knightley were put into the limelight, and public mind, recently [Vanity Fair again]:

knightly hole

The sequel to my last article will have to wait, as writing said blog took quite a mental toll on me. “Just when I thought I was out. They pull me back in.” Oh, wait. Did I just quote a movie? I guess I’ve still got some work to do in deprogramming my mind. [LB]

~ by celticrebel on June 11, 2008.

9 Responses to “Krazy is as Krazy Does”

  1. Great post. Have read Holographic Universe & was much impressed.

    I have a theory that ‘knighting’ = ownership of that person’s exploits – a sort of raking in the rewards without the work. Have looked at Edmund Hillary who reached summit of Everest on eve of Queen Elizabeth’s coronation – knighting him was one of the first things she did.

  2. “Oh heres to my sweet Satan. The one whose little path would make me sad, whose power is Satan. He’ll give those with him 666, there was a little toolshed where he made us suffer, sad Satan.” – Stairway to Hell

    Cisco and Wheeler on Music and creation of Monarch Slaves:

    Dave McGown has a series on how rock and roll is pure mind control. Seems all the movers and shakers were from Laurel Canyon CA and had family ties that were all military.

    She is indeed buying/barring the Stairway to Heaven.

  3. Nice one Celt!

    That will spare me the torture of watching The Signal. Definitely HAARP can do some nasty stuff. Check out Nick Begich’s work on it too. He says cell phones are designed to be addictive, that continuous pulse to the brain is made that way…Hmmm.

    I know when I started my blog I wanted to have fun with it and go Synchromysticism, but it turned out to be a tad bit different. We can still have fun with it, though seeing the droves of mind control subliminals and themes is making it harder to want to watch any of this anymore.

    Gavin at Atlantean Times directed me to some reverse speech vids on YouTube where they played the music backwards from a variety of groups and Britney, was pretty spooky stuff.

    Great work bud!
    Keep it real!!

  4. Wise Woman, this is the first time I really considered Knight/Night “hood,” outside of how inappropriate it has been for American politicians and generals to accept it, considering the implications and the idea of who they’re bowing to. There may be much more there.

    Eugene, thanks for the Laurel Canyon links. A friend’s since come forward to tell me of how when she was a teen, she attended some parties in the area and that there “was a lot or really weird stuff going on.”

    Btw: I watched a movie “Revelation” a few days ago, and they made mention of the Templar “underground stream.” May look at in here at some point.

    Michael, I had looked at reverse speech a little in No More Secrets, No More Lies and it popped up a couple more times. That’s a great link you provided. The idea of regular everyday speech was new to me.

    While I don’t doubt the subconscious mind’s ability to pick up on the backwards lyrics, I’m at a loss for the “Satanic” messages. Sure, there are different belief systems, but I wonder if it’s yet another layer of manipulation. The question that troubles me is: what person/entity can create in backmask mode?

  5. Krazy Krap indeed, things are about to get a helluvalot Krazier too, IMO soon. Fascinating read, I agree with your take on The Signal

    Check out “Fear Itself” (as in “There is nothing to fear but…”) on NBC for loads of mind control, I’ll probably do a post on it. Also, today’s Doctor Who was about their minds being taken over by an unseen entity, they were trapped in a plane (the viewing public could seriously relate to the types of families and personalities inside it) and became increasingly more deranged and paranoid about who the entity had inhabited (it inhabited a stressed out lawyer woman ((they surmised she was easiest to take over because of her high stress levels)), putting her in a trance and repeating everything they were saying, eventually speaking at exactly the same time as the original speakers’ voice, confusing which personality was actually saying it). The whole of television (and movies)at the moment just feels like a colossal Nazi-style experiment with the whole world as it’s concentration camp test subjects. Which almost makes me want to watch it more… it is pretty depressing though and can similarly relate to Michael’s previous comment.

    Jon Ronson’s book ‘Them’ was one of the first I read about conspiracies years back, can’t wait for the movie they’re making out of it. Good to see him get a mention, nice open minded fella. Interesting quote at the end of his FAQ page:

    “I think I am a mind-control victim. Will you investigate?”

    “Sorry, no. I get many emails from people who believe themselves to be mind control victims. I have decided this is an area I don’t want to get in to.”

    Which is understandable considering the horror of it all (a person’s mind is their entire universe ffs), in a way though we are all mind-control victims through the media’s manipulation and the things you’ve discussed in this fine post.

  6. That Waco clip was also in “Rules of Engagement.”

    One of my favorite video moments of all time is the blank stare of the FBI guy in this clip going, “I don’t know what you mean by psychological warfare.”

    If they didn’t play so stupid, I would probably still be asleep.

  7. Ben, I had someone send me a message via this site making a similar claim. I figured it was a kook poo-poo’ing the site, as I get some once in a while. May need to dig it up.

    I’ve run into a couple of people as of late, that I’ve seen switch back and forth between two (or more) personalities, always triggered by events. Thinking back, there may have been more in my lifetime, but I hadn’t studied/was unaware of such back then.

    Thanks again for all the work you’re doing in the area on the front-lines in the movie/television arena. Keep your helmet on 🙂

    Noble, Sometimes I wonder if all the blatancy is like a cosmic alarm clock forcing us sleepers to wake the hell up.

  8. Just keeping on reading, but I’m finding some errors which are a bit discouraging considering the amount and ease of information regarding film.

    Keira wasn’t in “Donnie Dark” (Maggie Gyllenhaal was, she was also in the Dark Knight and Secretary) nor was Samuel L. Jackson in “21” (Laurence Fishbourne from “The Matrix” played the Las Vegas goon)

    So on that note, if something as basic as actors in the dissected movies is missed, what other and bigger mistakes are going by unnoticed?

    Don’t mean to be a naysayer… just in search for truth.

  9. KnowNothing, thank you for letting me know. I am but human, and will right those mistakes when I get a chance.

    Honestly, I think I’ve been confusing Samuel and Lawrence regularly. Before someone leaps on that as a racist statement, I’ll note that to this day, and no matter how many times I see the film, I STILL cannot tell any of the students in Dead Poets Society apart.

    THE BIGGER ISSUE however, is how critical we [all of us] can be of the alternative media (which I guess I am an indirect member of). Most of these truth-seekers (which your name and words suggest you are one of too) only have ourselves to go on, and mistakes of this nature (minor ones) are inevitable. BUT, the mainstream media which has unlimited resources and staff, including people PAID thousands to millions of dollars, not only makes mistakes, but intentionally distorts information and lies regularly … well, people tend to be much more forgiving of them.

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