Social Engineering 101

At a store recently, I saw a magazine on the rack that said, in reference to the zombified one, “Genius, Icon, Legend, Superstar.” I had to pull the magazine off the shelf, to see if there was a box below the list marked “none of the above.”

michael jackson finally dead

I’ve spoken my peace [piece] about the subject already, but did get to watch Lenon Honor’s detailed break-down of the mind-controlled one’s “Beat It.” Basically, the song was about a homosexual group orgy. Yea! Awesome! Anyway, enough about the Wacking Jacko, the only reason I bring him up is that the words of a true legend came up in my recent endeavor. That would be Bob Marley.

Like Peter Tosh, it’d be safe to assume Marley was killed. Even though he died of cancer, the fact that there are two stories out there are cause for suspicion. The fast-acting cancer started in his toe, and there’s one story dealing with a doctor giving him an extremely painful shot after a soccer game in France. The other, of a visit paid to him by CIA Chief William Colby’s son, bearing a gift of cowboy boots.

bob marley killedjew slavers

While working on the podcast, it occurred to me, Redemption Song says either, “Old Pirates, yes, they rob I,” or “Old Pirate’s just a Rabbi,” speaking to Ashkenazi involvement in the slave trade. {*1} We’ll probably never know “officially,” so, adding his name to that of Peter Tosh, I hum “How long will they kill our prophets while we stand aside and look? FYI: Michael Jackson was NO prophet.

social engineering promo

So, what has kept me busy? The following “podcast” about Social Engineering. You can either download it from here or stream it directly with the player below:

I’m tentatively entitling the above version 1.0. I have about 20 to 30 additions, modifications, and corrections I’d like to make to it. Seeing that it runs about 2 hours 10 minutes, am also considering converting it into a documentary. Hence, all feedback, even that involving technical issues is welcome.

The above, is, as you guys have probably grown to expect from me, quite controversial. Thus, in advance, I will apologize to all the socially engineered zombies, sycophants, racists, idiots, replicants, and butt-munchers. This will undoubtedly result in my getting called a few names by people who’ve never bothered to look within. So, that will be like, really different than normal. 😉

i love lucifer

After taking a step back [which I feel was not necessarily bad, as I know a lot of the content here is way too out there for most], I’m preparing myself to take a few steps forward. Yes, I’ll [eventually] finish diving into Lucy’s burning love box [three parts left]. There may also be an extremely “interesting” supposition regarding Jesus on the Cross. Couldn’t resist adding the below homages to Lucy’s fur-piece.

wacko jackotricky dicky

To close this off, dragged myself downtown one night and found myself sitting in an area where all the mindlessness and degeneration just seemed to be on overdrive. As I sat back on the couch of the lobby bar, I couldn’t help but laugh as certain thought entered my head. “This is what Ancient Rome was like before the fall. The end of this culture [i.e. American] is indeed near.” A prostitute [a safe assumption] was sitting to my left and in some variant of English asked me “what’s so funny.”

“Not sure if it would make any sense to you.”

“What? You think I”m stupid or something?”

“Of course not sugar. I was laughing cause well, I’m thinking this is like the end of Rome here.”

“What? How so?”

“Well, hon. I’ll make it real simple. When the average guy wants your booty hole more than he wants your pussy… that means our society is past the point of decline.”

She laughed her ass off [well, not literally]. She got it. Anyway, seems fitting to close off these few words around my podcast with the end of our internal stargate.

megan fox loose anus

I didn’t know what to do with the below passage, cause in all honesty, I’ve delved into enough crap since I got into this whole ass business. Yea, whatever. But, finding a picture of Megan Fox-Hole, aka Megan 666, laying on a carcass/FUR [¿hm, what was that about dead rabbit’s aferissmoon?], thus I’m sticking it [in] here as an endnote of sorts (from a defunct website called “stuff bisexuals like”):

It’s no great secret that bisexuals love them some ass. While other erogenous parts are hopelessly gendered, the ass remains neutral, and the qualities that make it arousing can be applied to anyone with hind quarters. And, aside from having the second highest concentration of nerve endings (the first being the genitals, obvs.), the asshole is also the equal opportunity orifice; it evens the playing field of sexual conquest and exploits the heteronormative dichotomy of penetrator/penetratee.

“The derriere isn’t a body part as much as an embodiment of personality,” claims the June issue of Elle magazine in its six-page spread devoted to the visible posterior. Of course, they were trying to hock their new butt-hottening regimen, which includes creams, waxing, tanning and massages that “facilitate lymphatic drainage, causing the skin to plump, making dimpling less noticeable.” Nothing turns me on like talk of lymphatic drainage.

Oh, whatever. THE END!

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*Note: Despite history according to Steven Spielberg, there is strong evidence the slave trade was run by Jews (but one article, and another). It would make a lot of sense, as the Talmud (the book the Zionists follow), pretty much sanctions it and advises rules to follow when buying and selling human cattle. Of course, as my prior article suggests, such a “business” venture would not have been allowed without the blessing of either the nobility (e.g., The King of England), the priest class (i.e., Vatican) or both. [LB]

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  1. haHa! Re: Dead Rabbits, actually rewatched Gangs of NY last week.

    ‘ Every year the natives celebrate the death of my father’ and other relevant lines.
    Ray at ‘Da Black Whole’ wrote that into his July4th uhhhh celebrations.

    I believe the Rhode Island slavers John and Nicholas Brown also had family member Moses Brown who was an abolitionist.
    It seems that its more convenient for everyone just to be called ‘white’ when it comes to such things as slavery.
    I feel some in the Jewish community are happy to have ‘whiteness’ for some purposes, then suddenly some imply theu are ‘not white’ in the ‘whites have ruined the world and are shite’ aspects.
    Susan Sontag – The White Race is the cancer of history – and it alone……’
    She was not required to retract that statement. Of course the ‘white race’ doesn’t even exist, or if it does its very large and diverse [ like all the false colour races], but I get the impression she does not include her ‘whiteness’ in that statement.

    The Weathermen , a majority of whom had middle-class Jewish backgrounds said ‘every white baby is a pig’. A pig does for ‘Goy/gentile’ in racist circles.


  2. Great Podcast, Rebel – nothing new to me, but always great to hear it. I think, I go shopping now… 😀

  3. The cupboard pic … priceless!

    The first thing I said was ‘good riddance’.

    He is the fruit of a long unfolding of a certain train of abuses.

    Up next is the pitchforks and torches!

    More truth than 2000 years of Mass!

    Hierosalyma Est Perdita!

  4. 33_hertz, thanks. Judging by how many previously unheard from commenters the podcast brought out, I’m thinking it was a good move.

    Transcend, let’s not forget Peter Tosh’s part [and slaying] in the Positive Rebel music. Adding to what I said to “R” above, MJ was the first international popstar (neither Elvis or the Beatles reached as big a non-english audience), thus helping achieve infiltration/destruction of local/regional musical spirit. Perhaps also, one of the reasons why MOST associate Raggae primarily with getting high [mede programming] instead of the message.

    C, about right, except none of the boys patted each other on the ass by scene’s closing.

    Quantum Observer, my sexual habits are not open to discussion. 👿 All I have to say is, I don’t think I ever claimed that I’m completely immune to all forms of social engineering.

    Well, that’s a lot of information. 😯 Was unaware of the FBI’s interest in I Love Lucy’s Fur. Some funny [sic] shit there! Am hopelessly behind on e-mails and my blog list … will [try to] get caught up.

    knowglow, thanks!

  5. Fresh from the Disney garden!

  6. You should have a look a little deeper into MJ’s death. It goes much deeper than most people care to believe. Check it out:

    More On Michael Jackson, Numerology & Synchronicity / 02 Arena Imposter

  7. Excellent podcast!

  8. Nice bruther, and thanks, looking forward to more…!
    That’s crazy, I never heard that about the ‘gift of boots’ to Mr. Marley, though it’s not surprising at all, of course they had to kill off the leader of the only true Positive Rebel Music of our times…
    All the more reason to turn off all the other mainstream crap and tune in to what the Marley sons are all still putting out…Positive Vibrations… 😉

  9. VIDEO: The American Akira (Coming 2011)

  10. I am hoping you have never popped a girl in her pooper cause that would make you quite hypocritical ,lol. I don’t really think it seems like a good idea at all and like I said before I collect lesbian porn and it pisses me off cause (no shit) %80 of it is girls fucking other girls asses, I really don’t want to see that nor understand it? what the fuck is that all about? That one needs a post or two for you to get through that shit, pun intended.

    Another thing I don’t understand is me personally love phat (fat) asses, love them so much!!! And sometimes I go in threads on porn sites that say things like “nice ass thread” and it is all these girls with small (boy butts), that I don’t understand either.

    Anyways I was never really a fan of gay anything but had friends who were. I was even sponsored (as an actor) once by ,but my wife “came out of the closet once” and I FREAKED THE FUCK OUT but then had to admit I was “in the closet” about my love for lesbian porn, so here I am trying not to be a hypocrite.

    Anyways do you get into the fact that Lucy & Desi were agents for the FBI. Have you read the files they disclosed on them two? funny shit about Cuba and her ratting mad people out in Hollywood. meanwhile our cross dressing head of had a file on both of those two that was just as funny. The funniest was the one disclosed document about Harpo Marxs hinding something under his tophat for the agency, to sneak out of a country or some shit. You can’t make up better shit.

    Plan to listen to the podcast later when I got some time, make sure you check out my other blog ‘Order of the Stars’, I got a real interesting post coming up tonight.

    Peace TQO

  11. Thank you for the podcast! I hope you do more for those of us who want you to go deeper.

  12. aferrismoon, yea, I think we’ve really come into something there [no pun intended] with dead rabbit’s, lucy’s fur-pease, and Stygian’s “sex is death” analogy. Didn’t know that about The Weathermen, but it would make sense, as with the leaders of the bullshit feminist movement, the slave-traders, and the heads of the neo-nazi groups, they’d conveniently leave out the true ethnicity of those responsible, but misguide the mAsses with “white.”

    C, thanks! No! Don’t shop! Turn within man, turn within 😉

    eugene, thanks for the words. Was going to mention the Dead Rabbit Slave was matched up with the Dead Fat King’s mind-controlled daughter. I shudder when I wonder what kind of abuses she endured as a little girl.

    Brian, priceless! Seeing her on the pole at your site, can’t help but wonder if the Medes selecting this symbolic fruit (like let’s say, over oranges) means they’re ready to turn her out [publicly]. Bye bye Britney!

    R, no doubt, there is much more behind the Gloved One’s passing, but I will not be focusing my energies on him. What was his contribution to the uplift of mankind? A few late-in-the-game positive messages do not make up for a lifetime of degenerative programming and his huge role in the destruction of independent/good music.

  13. You’ve got a great voice Rebel, one that’s perfectly suited for podcasting.

    I’ve been keeping up with this blog of yours for some time now, and I cannot overexaggerate how exited I am, now that I can finally listen to you on the go! Eagerly anticipate the finished work!

    Love to you Rebel! Thanks for shining a light on all the awful shit pervading our collective consciousness!

  14. I was wondering why you seemed to buisy!

    One thing, everytime you say “on my blog (title)” when referring to a previous blog post/article, I think “Oh, shit he has another blog!?”

    “Loving death” was an interesting outro, sign of things to come (“Romance is Dead”)?

    I emailed you a critical analysis of the podcast.

  15. Finally I have something that I can give to my non-literate friends and crowbar their eyes open a bit. Hopefully the podcast will reach a larger audience and get that message out. Awesome selection of tunes as well, dead kennedys, clash, morrisey…fucking right on. I remember Lee Scratch Perry’s first words to the audience when I saw him were: “I Love You.”

  16. Oh hi, I think we’ve met.

    If you want to get to know me better, stay the way you are Celtic Rebel.

    Be seeing you!

  17. This was great! I liked the various sound clips you added. You should do you’re next article in this format, and maybe a short page of links.

  18. This was great! I would love to see more podcasts and videos!:)

  19. Ghost, as I was saying above, I’m feeling good about choosing the format. Thanks for your words.

    ViolatoR, yea, I caught that and wondered if it’d be confusing. I recorded under conditions that are hard to reproduce, so neglected changing a “word” here and there. Hm, interesting observation on the closing, was completely unintentional [well, at least consciously].

    B.L.Donnelly, was unfamiliar with Lee Scratch Perry. For what it’s worth, noted he goes by the alias of “the upsetter,” which got me wondering about that word … so by “setting” things/people UPwards, you “upset” them? Hm. Glad to hear the tune selection grooved. Would be interested if any of your “non-literates” had an extreme reaction, whether positive or negative.

    Synchronicity, well my curiosity’s up. We’ve met?

    brian, thanks! I think I’ll at least be doing the “Romance is Dead” article in this format (of course, adding a few words/pics to keep all happy). Can’t say how regular it would be, cause this took a LOT of time.

    Leon, I’m seriously contemplating beginning to put this out as a documentary. Thanks for the traffic/eyes you’ve been sending my way…

  20. I guess I’m the only one who didn’t like the music clips, in between serious discussion. I don’t like other people to force their music on me. Plus, it makes me think of mind control, as the tone of your voice makes me hypnotized. Please leave out the clips of music?

  21. Re: Africa and China

    This happened in the middle of last year:

    “The High Court in South Africa has ruled that Chinese South Africans are to be reclassified as black people.

    It made the order so that ethnic Chinese can benefit from government policies aimed at ending white domination in the private sector.

    The Chinese Association of South Africa took the government to court, saying its members had been discriminated against.

    An estimated 200,000 ethnic Chinese live in South Africa.”

    Dunno if it makes them ‘kaffir’ though

    Also there’s a book online [ free to read] by JayEdwardEpstein – ‘The Diamond Investigation’ – worth a read


  22. Great podcast; thought provoking and soul challenging if there is such a thing. I was sitting there beside “Murder By Injection” and hoped you could possible expound on the hot brick and vinegar cure, like a how to maybe. Which ever format you choose, podcast, video, or blog I’m looking forward to the next expose. Oh yeah, do one on the composition of TPTB so we can confirm or refute, the readers that is, not TPTB.

  23. Thank you.

    Enjoyed the podcast 100 %. Spreading the audio now through some sites i visit regularly. Hopefully it will find new listeners and learners.


  24. And lo, did the prophecy come to pass:

    [EDITOR: note, above link may not be suitable for all eyes –> PG-13 Synopsis]

  25. Katz Freedman, wait, did you just say my voice has a hypnotic effect on women? Hm! 👿 Oh, wait, today’s average woman’s attention span is limited to a cell phone screen. Rats! 😀 Kidding aside, I appreciate the comment, and I’m sure if you didn’t like the music, your comment represents the opinion of a few others. However, it [the music], to me, was a critical element of the production.

    aferrismoon, good info. Thanks for finding the supportive passages and book.

    Algiz, is there such a thing? Hm, that’s a good question. Looks like Lalan has answered your question regarding the brick/vinegar cure below. As for the powers that be, it’s basically the same structure that’s existed for 1000’s of years, but I should probably put it in words in an upcoming blog.

    Corbeau, thanks. Appreciate the words and promotion.

    B.L.Donnelly, egads! Had to put a “warning” on your link there. I won’t say thanks, cause I’m seeing more and more signs, my prognostication is being realized … and can’t say I’m happy about it.

  26. Rebel: thanks for doing what you do. I especially appreciate that you kept the podcast ‘PG-13’ , Much more accessible to the likes of my heavily NLP’ed family & friends.

    Anyone familiar with the King Tubby murder story? Supposedly by Prince Jammy who became King Jammy(was he just a replacement pawn),,stinks of agenda either way. I noticed that all KingTubby songs I’ve heard so far are NOT tuned relative to A440

  27. Thank you for the podcast. I enjoyed it. As a newbie to the discussion, I liked the way you spelled it out to make it very understandable.

  28. I’m not done listening to this but I tuned in to your Mystic Politics show last night. There were some great topics being brought up. It was pretty entertaining.

    King Tubby? Prince Jammy? Why have I not heard these names before…

  29. No doubt Bob Marley and Peter Tosh were modern day prophets taken down for rebelling against the [matrix] system and awakening so many minds. And Michael Jackson was simply a TOOL, to set and implement their agenda. But in the end Oligarchs/Elite/Medes felt M.J.’s influence would best reach this present generation by making him a dead ICON too, nicely packaged for immediate worship [and judging by the records sales it’s working to perfection.]

    Great podcast.
    Will at least you were firing on all cylinders [didn’t appear that your host and hostess did enough prior research on your work. But they at least brought on their show so they get 2 points for that.]

  30. A documentary sounds even better! And not a problem. Hopefully, you got at least a few visitors!:) I will continue sharing your work. I find it enjoyable and just painfully right on point!

  31. Dave, you’re welcome. It was a challenge. Hence, I avoided naming too many people directly. 🙂 I’m unfamiliar with Tubby and Jammy, if something’s telling you there’s more to the story, there probably is.

    mjd, thanks for chiming in. As I was saying before, seeing how many new [to me] voices this brought out, this was a good “step back” [of sorts].

    Tommy, thanks. I think the show went well, plus I got to throw in some of the stuff left out from the podcast. I’ll be reposting an archive of the interview for those who missed it soon.

    yo1dude1man, that sums MJ’s value pretty well. All good servants inevitably face the day when their masters notice the scale tip to “worth more to us dead.” Can’t say I feel sorry for them.

    Leon, thanks again. Yes, it’s looking more and more like this [the doc] will happen… being able to do vid transitions should help conceal the differences in audio between orig and auditions…

  32. Great podcast, congrats! Great format for long, detailed, exploration of a complex subject.

    I feel sick after clicking on the zootube link above – could you add a warning to that post, telling readers that it’s ‘porn’ aka disturbed people trying to have sex with animals. FFS.

  33. Just linted to the podcast! Great shit…and yes do another one. The Marky Mark shit almost made me piss myself, lol. You covered so much shit I forgot what all I wanted to comment on, but doing the Video on Dawn of the Dead and how it’s about consumerism is a wish come true.

    Like always I agree with most of the shit you say and the shit I don’t agree on you still make a good point. keep up the good work and please let me know how I can post this on my blog to send a few people this way. Send me the code to embed that player with the podcast if you can, to my email.

    I will leave you with a quote from ‘Day of the Dead’ which I see as like a dark microcosm of the world (the movie itself). I am personally not much for a religious type of GOD but you seem to believe in karma and that there was once something good in the bible or Jesus (Personally I prefer Lucifer, lol. Sorry to “judge” you and I may be wrong but I don’t believe in any of that [ie karma or any good every being in the Bible] but understand the point of view) Anyways I thought you may enjoy this line from the movie,


    Peace TQO

  34. Wow! That was an amazing podcast! Wow!

    PS: Algiz, I have tried the brick treatment and it works!
    Heat up a brick by placing it in the over for a while, carefully place it on a surface which allows you to then set it on the floor. Pour plenty of white vinegar on it and figure out the best way to place your booty over it so that the steam can reach the roids…using a towel helps and so does making sure there are no drafts…you may have to do it a couple of times over a couple of days, then maybe again in a few months if the condition’s comical but the results are miraculous…

  35. Where is the proof that Bill Gates didn’t earn his empire? I saw him feature on the Biography Channel and it condradicts you.

  36. Avon, thanks. Actually, when I saw that link, I thought I should probably add a “warning” but failed to while getting caught up. Added!

    Quantum Observer, thanks. Putting it together had me laughing as well. Please, by all means, spread the podcast. There’s actually an “embed this” code generator on the host site. Alternately, you can put the direct url into the Odeo or PodBean applets.

    Hate to use the “matrix” analogy, but I see karma as one of those RULES built into the system, designed to keep it working, like gravity. Even the most derelict elites, practice some type of balance producing ritual. It’s like physics, Newton’s laws, action/reaction and the like. Perhaps, why some elites are looking for a way to put their consciousnes into eternal machines … to cheat karma?

    lalan, thanks and THANK YOU so much for sharing that cure with the readers here. Odds are, some soul will wander in here and find this, just when they most need to, and save themselves a lot of grief.

    Kwazy, when I was in Argentina, I saw Bill Gates fellating a burro. Prove to me that he didn’t! Anyway, I saw a Biography special on Marilyn Monroe. Not once did it mention mind-control, nor did it say anything about her being a prostitute the media pushed in the limelight so they could charge a premium for her services, and lure the rich and powerful.

    Anyway, I’ve spoken enough on the Gates topic before: here, here and here.

  37. Excellent to hear your praxese & salient outlooks presented in podcast form, Celty! Here’s an outside link having to do with the transmigration of souls. You’re a beacon of light in the darkness. Keep fighting the Good Fight! ~ (•:-)}

  38. i loved it!! more audio “podcasts”, please. the music mix was fantastic as well. happy you ended on the solution and love as it’s easy to get siderailed into the negativity/death. forwarded the link to everyone on my listserv…. but prepared for the, “man, you’re crazy” comments. it’s all worth it if i can get one to see what you’re talking about.

    thanks for your special work.

  39. VIDEO: Star Trek: Beam me up, Hottie!

    PS Okay, now I have some really important or say interesting questions: These elites that rule our Planet for Ages… they must be very relaxed with their plans, because it takes generations and generations to bring up all these “Masterplans” – I mean, it took over 100 years to turn our world in a industrialized, “high tech” world with mass media etc. – and the next thing: If they plan (and already start to) to make mankind gay (like in “the forever war”) – they must have some reserve of none brainwashed men and women – or stay among themselves – to procreate.

    What I don’t understand – if the elites’ plans are to reduce mankind (like written on the georgia guidestones) – why does the catholic church propagate many kids? If the churches, religions and governments would brainwash people to have only one child (like in china) then it would be quite a step forward…

    I think I got it now: Stupid masses are easier to control than few intelligent people.

  40. “And Michael Jackson was simply a TOOL, to set and implement their agenda. But in the end Oligarchs/Elite/Medes felt M.J.’s influence would best reach this present generation by making him a dead ICON too, nicely packaged for immediate worship [and judging by the records sales it’s working to perfection.”

    They might have had other reasons for wanting him dead, i. e. check out the lyrics to “They don’t care about us” or this youtube clip

  41. Great podcast, loved the music and themes covered. Looking forward to the doc!

  42. Mr Rebel

    I’m trying to find an old Disney movie to show my Kids to watch. And thanks to your perspective and examples I find myself getting creep-bumps when viewing most Disney media. You know when the hair stands up in horror. Here’s a prime example.

    ‘A goofy movie’ has a ‘G’ rating.
    May as well be ‘G’ spot…seriously….

    If you got the patience to get through this entire clip your braver than me. I had to shut er’ down early. I can’t believe parents miss this shit…I guess there to busy doing adult things….anyways

    VIDEO: A Goofy Movie Pt 1

  43. Anadæ Effro, thanks so much for your words. That’s a good link. Per my stat tracker, many have clicked on it.

    ralph, thanks for the feedback and the promotion. I get “you’re crazy” all the time, so don’t even notice it anymore. 😀 If it stirs anyone you know up, feel free to let me know.

    C, oh you and your amusing yet spuriously related video posts. 🙂 That’s a tough question regarding the Vatican. You have to remember they are bound to at least pay lip service to The Book they promote to the mAsses, at least until they next major revision. Same reason, they used agents for the purpose of usury. If they allowed countries like Nigeria to modernize, you’d see birth rates drop … but it would seem poverty and famine, serve some other agenda … and perhaps, so other malevolent entity the priest class serves.

    John, that’s an interesting clip. I was familiar with They Don’t Care About Us, plus it was filmed in my favourite coutnry, Brasil. I kind of viewed it as too little, too late. Maybe Jackson was trying to break free, and if the timing of his quote on the Talmudics was precipitous, then … I could be wrong, and he, in death, might share something in common with the great BOB.

    Brian, thanks … I too, thought the tunes rocked! 😀

    Kidder, I got though 10 minutes. Was enough. Little gay father action. A few symbols. The worst part, IMO, comes as part of this idol worship, destined to turn daughters into whores and sons into fembots.

  44. Check this video out,it may provide a little insight into M.J.’s situation.

    VIDEO: Hip Hop and the Occult: p45 Things That Make You Go Hmmmm

    I really don’t believe he touch any of those children. I honestly believe when he stopped promoting THEIR agenda THEY took a collective dump on his name for refusing to continue going along with the GAME. Molestation is one of the best ways to sully someone’s name. Just something to think about.

  45. Hey Rebel, this is in response to your response about MJ’s death. I quote you,

    “R, no doubt, there is much more behind the Gloved One’s passing, but I will not be focusing my energies on him. What was his contribution to the uplift of mankind? A few late-in-the-game positive messages do not make up for a lifetime of degenerative programming and his huge role in the destruction of independent/good music.”

    While I agree with what you said, I wanted you to see for yourself that the picture you posted on your blog of MJ giving all of the secret esoteric hand signs may not have been the real MJ after all. So, you could be, although subtly, participating in the spreading of disinformation.
    I think you have mentioned Freeman in some of your work, he has come across some really bizarre insights on mind control slaves, ie pop stars and how they eventually try and rebel against those controlling them. MJ seemed to be doing just that and perhaps trying to do good for humanity toward the end. That was not him in the picture, please look for yourself. Just thought you should know.

    Keep up the good work

  46. great podcast Rebel…I powered through twice. Lots of comments, but can’t get them all down.

    1 thought…Sagging, the pants around the thigh thing (drives me nuts too). I had heard that this originated in prisons as a sign of being a “bottom”. No idea of the validity of that rumor, but it certainly makes you think.

    thought you would like this too:
    “Memorandum to President of Population Council (1969): Reduce US fertility by encouraging postponing or avoiding marriage, homosexuality, fertility control agents in water supply, encourage women to work, etc..”

  47. The sagging pants has also to do with prison banning belts.


  48. M.E.R.C., if I recall correctly the “conspiracy guy” in the X-Files movie was framed for having child pornography, what he called a common tactic. While I don’t agree with the video’s summary of Satan as Lucifer, it’s probably a good piece for those still slurping up all the shite the music industry’s been serving them for years and years. As for MJ, who knows .. my mind’s not closed to the possibility, yet his willing or unwilling contribution towards the collectivization of musical taste is “legend.”

    R, good point. That may very well not be him, and the more I look into it, the less likely it appears that’s he making the Luciferean double-salute. Heck, Hitler had a dozen or so Dopplegangers/doubles running around, one of which died in the plot the latest Cruise vehicle focused on. Am I going to change this? Unlikely, I really want all of us to move on past this celeb and actually, all the fuckers that are still breathing.

    hakatai, good info, and they certainly are going about it. The replicants, of course, are screaming and yelling their personality came down to “choice” or “nature” as it suits them. At this rate, I surmise, most American men will be bottoms sooner or later…

    Corbeau, hm, interesting possibility. Yet, someone pushed it to the next level as a desirable fashion on the guppies…

  49. This was a funny informative post. Are you going to write a post about how hollywood celebs really get into the industry/mind control and the casting couch connection? You touched on Marilyn Monroe in the comments, so the subjects came to mind.

  50. AWESOME 101… Not torture at all. Excellent.
    “London’s Burning! But I don’t care cos I live by the River!”

    And her Very name is ALEX. I LOVE U TOO. 😀 😉

    Now I get all too extreme for the 911 crowd. Worth a read if you can stand the idea of astrally vampiric overlords is James Scott Kimball AKA Scorpio Shaping Flow AKA Khephra Sol

    Illumination, Social and personal Engineering, symbology, analogy, Reincarnation and the nurturing and vampirism of talent is extensively covered, mainly in the many writings he removed. I have it all saved so I would be happy to send them to you… They, V, the Elite Psychic Dragon class, remember their past selves and try to make sure we don’t!

    He got his first post of his thesis, which is still up, at Icke’s site, an older slightly flawed model to improved later models he posted at Orange Space. He claims to be pyschically and even physically molded by the Elite… which could explain his hatred of chemtrail theory! and aversion to writing a stepped down 101 like you have.

    Into Reichian theory but waaay better. If u not read him before, prepare to never see Hollywood symbols the same again! He used films to finetune his model. I took ages to grok his kabala model but I like it… 13 field harmonic from Pisces to Pisces. Without reading some of his earlier material the stuff up now will be mostly incomprehensible.

    The idea of evil leeches, fortunately entirely vincible and avoidable with training into the Tao, is a sick one I don’t wish to entertain further than to say this: one of his many sensible ideas is that the standard astral vamp attack in the mythos is but half the story. They don’t solely drain life, including ideas and talent, they also inject their shit, their poisonous semen, the anti-magic karmic load. The ultimate psychopathic denial and projection of evil.

    Sorry if you have read it, sorry if you haven’t! Cos it is alot of heavy and hard reading.

    He stopped posting his film synchs, as in the timing and symbol synchs between art productions, films and al-bums, in 2004. It occurs to me that he may be dead as he took so much down of his articles… but I HAVE IT ALL! Print outs too…

    Sh*t! 6.52 am here I have yet to go to bed! Well it’s one way to stop the bedbugs biting! ;D


    PS I will start co-writing a blog soon with a Brazilian wizard warrior of Love. It will be an ARK out of here to A PEACE OF WISDOM.

    PPS “Childhood’s End” by Arthur C. Clarke. Have you read it? I reckon they may actually beleive in that BEEHIVE MIND BORG IDEAL for themselves, as per EVILution to Terrorform the Universe with their heartless intelliegnce, like Cybermen who are Brought Up by ALIEN SATANIC DEVILS… Hmmmm or maybe they have a Feudalist view with respect for Individuality within Set Limits of Their Sh*tstem?

    G’day! Zzzzzzzzzzzzz

  51. waiting eagerly for your next article lol, your social engineering podcast was very interesting

  52. Jelly, the timing of my response is uncanny. Starfish to Stardom, i.e., the back door to fame is the road most travelled, has been released.

    DPS, I’ll take it you liked the music then. Looks like Geocities claimed a few writings of your multi-named man there. I may be in touch.

    Perhaps the hive mind is their only solution to address the fear of our awakening leading to our reclaiming of our birthright, our advantage over these petty gods. Hence, dumb-down and assimilate.

    Kwazy, thank you. I suspect I know who you may be.

  53. Great Podcast, great music….more please.
    P.s I’ve been ‘Rebel’ for over 20 years now.
    R.E.B. being the initials of my name, my Grandfather was born in Cork.
    Straight Up G!…lol!

  54. Very intriguing podcast, been visiting your site on and off recently and congratulate you on bringing up so much in one piece! Totally agree with about 85% of what you are saying (which is not bad) Don’t subscribe to your religious views and interpretation of bible history however. Good choice of music throughout…your talk is both hilarious and terrifying. I don’t have a microwave either…I read about what microwaves do to milk when it’s heated scared the hell out of me! Totally agree the world is turning to shit and its too late we can’t go back now. I’ve worked in banking for the middle-east elite…I never got to the top for exactly the reasons you describe! Now I work for another elite family and boy do I have some stories, but as you say Celtic Rebel, that’s for another post!

  55. I have heard that the origin of the “pants ’round the knees” was a sign for others of the availability for homosexual activity in prison.

  56. Rebel4E, hello fellow Rebel. And, thanks!

    Marty, thanks for chiming in. Yea, the system is designed in such a way, things tend to work out according to plan, with very little help from them and a lot of help from us. Feel free to contact me if you have anything bizarre to share.

    Devin, interesting. That could very well be too.

  57. Greetings Mr. Rebel. I would like to congratulate you on this excellent presentation, and to encourage you to make more podcasts as the spoken word is so much more powerful than the written. In perusing sites as yours, I notice that rarely is the debilitating effects of democracy (in the modern sense) discussed, especially in how it inevitably leads to the destruction of the family, and the natural elites / leaders that a healthy society will produce. We have a great author up here (Canada) named William Gardner who wrote a brilliant book about this entitled “The Trouble with Democracy”. I would also recommend Hans-Herman Hoppe’s book “Democracy, The God That Failed”, wherein he examines the issue from a economic, time preference point of view. If I may, democracy (the modern incarnation) is another powerful tool in the social engineers toolbox, and needs to be re-thought.

    Best Regards, Helmut

  58. This site has a lot of valuable information regarding the truth of the Slave Trade:

    The book “The Secret Relationship between Blacks and Jews” is a must-have for anyone interested in the subject. The information is from all-Jewish sources as far as I know.

  59. Enlightening! I love your individuality, witnessing yours is an inspiration in finding mine.

  60. H. P. Beyer, thank you. Well, I’ve done a lot of “spoken word” since with the weekly radio show. You are quite right about democracy, which is basically rule by mindless mob. He who controls the mob, controls the people, just as they learned in Ancient Rome. Otherwise, the monarchs and popes would have never allowed democracy to go forward.

    Permindex, will check it out. Hopefully, more black people will look back on their history and throw away their “Uncle Tom” Jewish controlled leaders.

    Godspark, thank you! Holding on to my infividuality has been the story of my life. That’s what the system is designed to squash.

  61. I think it is great that you are dealing so much with social engineering, since it is what affects our daily lives more than anything else, much more than phantom terrorists, imagined enviromental disasters…I speak from experience, being from Sweden, one of the most socially engineered nations in the world in my opinion. This country is a Fabian socialists wet dream! Obey government, go to work, pay taxes, happy happy joy joy!! That just about sums it up, I would say.. .So shows like yours really make my day, an oasis in the desert for someone who still actually thinks outside the matrix. Thanks

  62. I just had to share this page on the poopular social networking site after realizing how long this feculenceness has been in the works. This image prompted me. The album title? “The real thing.”

  63. Celtic, and everyone else, check out House Of Numbers.

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