My Dinner with Stygian Port [0]

Here’s the first ever podcast of the Celtic Rebel v/w Stygian Port “Dinner With Andros” series [in stereo]. Technically, it’s the 3rd broadcast, but the 1st recorded.


So, why the hell is it numbered “zero?” Because, this show, like all things that enter this world, was birthed of the hole of the goddess. {*1} So, the second, yet unheard podcast, will be released with a “1” designation. Yes, I know, it’s very confusing.

Rationalization: this was our first recording and we, at one time, thought it a bit rough and not release-worthy, hence another reason for the convoluted numbering scheme. Upon review there’s some invaluable material (in our opinion) regarding immortality, chaos, Tanerlorn and personal responsibility. The download link.


Had I thought about it beforehand, I’d have released this in time for the great American slave holiday called “Thanksgiving.” It’s a time when many fools gather together to celebrate being granted a couple of days off the hamster wheel, dig their graves, consume mass quantities of tortured flesh, seal mankind’s karmic destiny and gather around the television to watch the gaynefel’s homoerotic gladiator spectacle (oddly, always featuring “lions” and “cowboys”). {*2}

Please don’t get in the habit of questioning this, or other, “traditions,” as I did when young. The cool kids will surely start to exclude you from the slave clique/cult of normalcy [i.e., “death”]. I’m sure some foolhardy child such as myself [one not yet conditioned to accept depravity as the status quo], back in the days of [glorious] Rome, said “Mommy, do we have to sacrifice both a Christian and a Moor this year?” He was probably met with a similar response: “Shut up! It’s tradition.”


Among my many pet peeves, most of which stem from the unfathomable depths of the abyss of human ignorance, is that at this time of the year many an dumb cunt, in an effort to be cordial, passes along a “Happy Turkey Day” greeting. “Turkey” Day? Oh, please. You programmed robot. Shut the fuck up!

Ignorance aside in honoring a tradition, like many Holy Days, ones given to us by our masters, to commemorate events of significance to them, do you have to go so far as to label a day after the sacrificial victim? I doubt the Romans went about in days great numbers of Christians were roasted or fed to the [Detroit] Lions in the Colosseum, casually saying, “Happy Christian Day!” On second thought, considering man’s propensity to happily wallow/sink in his ignorance, they probably did.


The Priests of Holy Wood have instilled the average dumb cunt with a romanticized notion of what the holy day is about and thanks to legions of brain-dead monkeys posing as “historians,” tracing the true origins of Thanksgiving a quagmire of surreptitious fiction mixed with a few facts here and there. Of the latter, of the most interest to me, was the Vatican recognized/blessed the holy day in 1888.

One of the early “Thanksgivings” in Plymouth was celebrated aside the head of the chief of the local “friendly” Indians impaled on a pole, from where it graced the 24 great givings of thanks that followed. Here’s but one account. There are many other undeniable facts demonstrating the “Pilgrims” were a bloodthirsty lot, and not the persecuted god-fearing hippies the lying brush of history repainted them as.


Speaking of dumb cunts, this podcast was recorded prior to my including Carole Leifer in a tirade about zombies. I think we discussed the topic of programming the expiration date of the slave mind fairly well, so I have little to add.

Of interest, if you see one relevant movie in your life [the story beneath the surface], make it Star Trek: Generations. Here’s some related/revelant dialogue:

Dr. Soran: The Borg came and they showed me that if there is one constant in this universe, it’s death. Afterwards, I began to realize that it didn’t matter. We’re all going to die sometime. It’s only a question of how and when. You will too. It’s like a predator; it’s stalking you. Oh, you can try and outrun it with doctors, medicines, new technologies but in the end, time is going to hunt you down… and make the kill.

Picard: It’s our mortality that defines us, Soran. It’s the truth of our existence.

Dr. Soran: What if I told you I found a new truth?

Picard: The Nexus? [¿a vortex?]

Dr. Soran: Time has no meaning there. The predator has no teeth.

The film featured prominently in my Burning Ring series, of which the main part is technically done. Part VII deals with you, and is probably overdue. Part VIII will be pile of odds/ends, including a video, and who knows when that will be released.

Amazing synchronicity: I included clips of the song “What’s the time, Mr. Wolf” in the podcast, prior to finding the [above & below] quotes. A WOLF is the archetypal predator, syncing us to the FLOW of time, and Soran’s [¡Sauron’s!] “predator.”

Picard: Someone once told me that time was a predator that stalked us all our lives. I rather believe that time is a companion who goes with us on the journey and reminds us to cherish every moment, because it will never come again. What we leave behind is not as important as how we’ve lived. After all Number One, we’re only mortal.

Riker: Speak for yourself sir, I plan to live forever.

Spoken like a good little slave Picard, I’m gonna have to side with Riker on this one. Don’t forget, Picard had already been “ass-imolated” by the Borg once, hence he would naturally be more accepting/rationalizing of the programming. Who knows what they did to his “lil cute ass” while he was in their custody? Requiring little mention: the parallels between the Borg and the social engineers of our world.


Whoever it is that puts together South Park, I have to respect the fact they make fun of their audience regularly. I love how the Thanksgiving special shows the idyllic imagination of how Turkeys may meet/meat their end right out of Soylent Green.

As insane as the preposition may seem, it may be logical to conclude the reason this factory farming system, beyond rationalizations of “cost saving,” has been crafted and tailored to the present levels (causing unimaginable suffering), is for the purpose of raising fear, dread and terror to extremes in the animals/victims.

Rat Teddy Bear Suffer

Any “naturist” carnivores reading this, please spare me your debate. I AM NOT addressing these thoughts to you. While I may not agree with the practice, I have some respect for those willing to raise and slaughter (or hunt and kill) their own animals [certain “humane” guidelines applying].

One day you might hear someone knocking, loudly at your door
And you know it must be bad news, absolutely sure

You must realise before you, strike the very first blow
He’s the one who only tells you, what you already know
Lay not a finger on him, beat not oh bruise not, his skinny skin skin

Understand he came a long way, only on a lonely road
Multiplying were his trials, heavy was his load
Understand his heart was breaking, never once did he sleep
And no hollow log kept him warm, no council did he keep
Give him food, give him a bed, touch not one single hair on his head

No, don’t ever harm the messenger. It could be you.

But, ye who support unmitigated torture and suffering upon our animal brothers, via apathy or indifference, well, you already know your crimes. After all, I’m just the mirror-bearer, The Messenger, “the one who tells you what you already know.”


Jennifer’s Body (discussed at length), was probably one of the most subversive, yet honest films of the past year. Another suggestion to those wondering why it then failed at the box office: it was too revelatory (or as I recall a reader, Jonathan Nolan once saying in reference to another film, “too prescient”). Above, is the relevant [revelatory] scene, as Jennifer prepares to eat her next meal. She shares, to the detriment of her victim, and for our [audience’s] benefit, precisely what the Succubus requires of the morsels of flesh she’ll consume. {*3}

An earlier scene, one not discussed previously, is the strange elements added to the preparation and consumption of another victim, the gay football player (#92).


Why were the peaceful woodland critters gathering about, all so captivated by the murder and slaughter to follow? Why would a herbivore “dear” feast on the remains of Jennifer’s latest kill? I have no idea, but someone should call Mr. Hardly and ask.

There does seem to be an uncanny parallel to another set of woodland creatures, those born of the twisted mind of the fascist/authoritarian Erik Cartman, no?


Per the episode (Woodland Critter Christmas), these critters alleged to be “the most evil cartoons ever imagined,” set about killing and sacrificing to bring about the birth of their antichrist. Another tidbit of revelation, the 66th episode of South Park aired, was “Scott Tenorman Must Die,” featuring cannibalism. {*4}

Speaking of, Hardly’s Thanksgiving “special” showed the number I’ve associated with “death,” 22 [2B] as the Turkeys were being unloaded at the killing station. Also worth noting: the carcasses were then picked up at station 3C/33. Of more striking significance: Soylent Green takes place in the future, in the year 2022.


Moving on, I had considered creating a poll where readers could vote on a new name for the show, such as “Less Talk, Moore Cock,” or “The Chaos Pulpit,” but reconsidered, else the next show might end up being called, “I Like Kitty Cats and Puppy Dogs featuring Celtic Rebel and Stygian Port.” We’ll do a few of these “Dinners with/tween Andros” and then either quit or worry about a new name then.

David Shayler had come up in a previous post, but his story is insane enough to warrant a new image (the prolific commenter and kindred spirit we speak of, is one Daniel Peter Skipp). It would also seem some of the church images from the last show (particularly those relating to “salvation” and “deliverance”), fit in too.


Alas, this episode comes to an end, and I think I’ve gotten my point across. Spare me any diatribes about the importance of gatherings and giving “thanks.” There is much magic in people sharing food, love and appreciation with each other. That’s something you can do at any time, sans the blessing of/permission from the state.

Free-men of free-will, meet at times of their choosing, honoring their own gods, or themselves should they so “choose.” The [free-range] slaves on the plantation worship whatever and celebrate whenever master commands, feigning freedom and faking free-will via rationalization, justification and nonchalant participation.


This tradition needs to die, like all the rest that our masters [the priest class and nobility] have sanctioned. Unfortunately, it is beyond doubt at this juncture, that the United States of America, a nation built upon the graves of native peoples, who’s people have become obese “living graves of murdered beasts,” and proudly revel in their own ignorance, will one day [according to plan] perish as well.

Even one of heralded Founding Fathers, of conscience, admitted: “I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just; that his justice cannot sleep forever.”


Do yourself a favor. Listen to the closing song in its entirety [it’s “Big A, Little A” by Crass]. Probably one of the best songs ever written. Goes really well with the content of the podcast. It should also make it pretty clear why a song like this and any movement associated with it had to be crushed, and replaced with the mindless crap most fools call “music” today.


:: :: :: :: ::


*1: For any curious, the two “goddess” symbiants represented by sculpture are, in order, Britney Spears and Angelina Jolie. Hopefully, the date of the recordings [MP3 filenames] help minimize the confusion. [LB]

*2: The agenda-serving GAY-NFL came up in a prior article, and is probably coming up again. The reason for the “Lions” should seem obvious before this is over. As for the “Cowboys,” I could probably reach [around] in a post-Brokeback world, as to the shady nature of the suggestive “Lone Star” on “America’s Team.” [LB]

*3: I gather I may lose a few readers, for as one “Ray” surmised, people take their food way too personally. And, it makes sense, as nothing (and no one), gets more “intimate” with us than what we consume. Those who do choose Butterballs, or any other good slave brand of “Meat/Meet,” would you rather be ignorant, or aware of exactly what it is you are getting intimate with [torture, sodomy, hopelessness, terror]? [LB]

*4: Most telling, in a disturbing manner, is that there’s a dispute about what the 66th episode of South Park is. Officially, its the episode about “shit” [It Hits the Fan], but the cannibalism episode, easily the darkest, was the 66th “aired.” Regardless of misdirection, they’re respectively focused on separate ends of the human stargate. [LB]

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33 Responses to “My Dinner with Stygian Port [0]”

  1. It’s true. We must be care-full about what we eat, lest it con-sumes us. And that applies to every thing we consume or ingest. Further, what we ingest mentally or emotionally is even more important than what we physically consume. Or it may be that it is all equally important. ?

    btw, I’d say this (edited from above):

    What I leave behind is {as important as} how I’ve lived. After all, I {plan to} live forever.


  2. Mat 15:3 But he answered and said unto them, Why do ye also transgress the commandment of God by your tradition?

    This is a reason why holidays suffer such high suicide rates, the disconnect of reality from the image of what a holiday should be is to much to bear… to be thankful for the sacrifice of your savior was the way the priest class chose to celebrate the snuffing out of an ascended master

    The jinn certainly appear anywhere in between the sun and shade as they exist in the electro magnetic spectrum. A good example of this are the spirit orbs you see when you light a fire in the dark or have a source of light that that creates the distinction in the darkness like here

    These orbs are a type of jinn and certainly when you offer a sacrifice to the fire you can attract even more demonic beings like the shadow people or reptilians… They feed off that energy of sacrifice even the Sumerian tale of Gilgamesh makes reference tot he gods enjoying the sweet odor of sacrifice.

    Is it possible the great burning to come is a grand sacrifice for which the jinn to have an orgasmic orgy of energy? It seems this is where your drifting to rebel.

  3. I was a vegetarian for a long time, but I always had times when I ate meat; but most of the time I don’t. We live in a world where people want to eat dead animals almost every day, but don’t want to know or see how it is “made” Ignorance everywhere!

    About the human age: I have plans to live at least 120 years, but mostly for fun (sounds strange, but so be it). But in the end it’s all a joke, because we are NOT the body (sadly most people believe this).

    Here’s a very good text of my friend James Swartz; one of the few western (and one of the best) teachers of the Indian Vedanta philosophy:

    I mean, isn’t it true? – Isn’t fear of death pure ignorance? Eventually every human (body) dies – but not that what we really are. Identification with all this material, wordly and emotional stuff leads to suffering. So in this point I disagree with you, Rebel, because I believe one can always escape this “prison” – now matter how short or long one’s incarnation may be.

    But, I (as a limited human being) am not free of fear and desire too, but most of the time I KNOW what I am! Yes, it is the limited “I” that enjoys your blog and your podcasts, the human part, the “rebel inside” 😀

    I say, we all are at all times free. Free to do what ever we want, free to BE, what ever we want… the only trick is to realise the true nature of ourselves.

    By the way; I have to agree with Captain Picard: “…I rather believe that time is a companion who goes with us on the journey and reminds us to cherish every moment, because it will never come again. What we leave behind is not as important as how we’ve lived. After all Number One, we’re only mortal.”

    Again: The human body IS mortal, but NOT what we really are! And as long I exist in that body (or to be more correct, as long that body exists in me!) – I try to LIVE – but in the end it’s just an illusion – MAYA… the past is gone and the future just a dream. There is only the present – and in another way – there is no time at all.

  4. anne-marie, eloquent, concise and beautiful.

    javier, good quote/find/addition. And, I’ll concur, getting people to celebrate/commemorate the priest class torturing and executing mankind’s liberator is a sad joke. As to your last query, who knows. But, it does seem that mankind is consenting to “the great sacrifice to come.” They’ll gather from dimensions far and near. Ignorance does not let one off the “hook,” a very ethereal, yet very “real” phenomenon/binding.

    C, when I was in Germany, I was a bit flabbergasted that there were seven [or more] types of meat available at the breakfast buffets of hotels. Serious overkill. Hm, in more ways than one I guess. I’m more partial to a traditional Greek Breakfast: coffee and a cigarette.

    You are free to disagree, obviously. My studies suggest the nature of soul migration has been, in this realm, manipulated and short-circuited. To think one can escape the prison, when one does not know that one is in prison, much less even aware of what a gate or key might even be, seems a bit like folly. That’s who “the light” is for. I’m wary of Eastern philosophies/religions, when taken as an alternative. The priest class is global, ALL teachings have been corrupted.

    I’ll take the words of the illuminated Riker over the assimilated one, who adheres to “rules” and hierarchies, any day.

  5. Here’s those lyrics to the Crass song.

    Cool video too; basically what I was trying to say in the podcast. Actually, it reminds me of another book by Carlos Casteneda about his time with the shaman Don Juan. I haven’t read the book, just this part online, but it mentions Don Juan’s “allies” (spirits) and how they feed off human emotional energy, and if enough energy is produced they can even materialize! Not all allies were bad though, and the emotional energy could be positive or negative, just so long as it was sufficiently strong enough. Hmm, that’s like the Pixar animated movie, Monsters Inc, where they use children’s screams as an energy source, but find that laughter is even better (tho not as desireable for some reason?).

  6. The human spirit is inviolable except by consent. When we eat them poor beasties their pain and suffering is transferred unto us. How can we ever escape the cycle of death if we keep stuffing dead flesh into our maws? I for one do eat meat, and feel it necessary for a body that can break boards and do cartwheels and other ninja-type stuff. When I eat the flesh I honour the living being that died to perpetuate my existence, it is the highest honur an animal could afford us. We are lucky mother nature doesnt snuff us for our hubris, so I show fealty to the dead flesh. Vegetarianism does not agree with everyone, and if you work hard at anything you need protein. I had a serious bout of illness after quitting the meat for a few months. When I practice chi gong the orbs often appear, I even have a few on camera. They are nothing to worry about IMO. Great podcast once again, but I’m worried that we are just seeing the bars of the prison more clearly defined. How about some solutions Rebel and Styg!? Your first podcast was amazingly uplifting, I want some more lovin’ Rebel! In a world built on hate, would love not be the most destructive force we could summon? Is that not the anarchy of the spirit that you and styg extoll so eloquently?

  7. “Every particle has an anti-particle.” from above vid. Very interesting considering what I just posted the other day.

    also This “Hmm, that’s like the Pixar animated movie, Monsters Inc, where they use children’s screams as an energy source, but find that laughter is even better (tho not as desireable for some reason?).”

    I keep trying to explain the above, but no one listens. and the “topless” hermaphoditic flying half goats in the disney movie “Fantasia”. why would they need tits in a childrens movie. and baphomet? [04:45]

  8. ViolatoR, hm, by your comparison are you suggesting mankind has been reduced to monsters then? 👿 Perhaps, from dining to relationships to “occupation,” they/we do seem to prefer the negative tingles over the positive ones.

    B.L.Donnelly, your philosophy seems tuned in, now you just need to find a farmer willing to sell you compassionately killed beasties. This isn’t addressed to you personally, but I think for any, it would be hard to come up with a prayer/ritual that would begin to compensate for what today’s system of cradle to grave torture/abuse does to animals:

    “It were much better that a sentient being should never have existed, than that it should have existed only to endure unmitigated misery.” — Percy Bysshe Shelley

    I personally, thought this podcast offered many “solutions” regarding chaos, balance and uplift, unless you’re talking about mankind as a whole of course. 😀 BTW: “You may want to look into “The Protein Myth.”

    Steve, fantasia was not a children’s movie, by any means. Well unless by “children,” you mean the dimwit products of the state whom they figured out how to turn over fiduciary responsibility over to the suckers who raise them. 😀

  9. Rebel of a celtic nature, all human beings are hunter gatherers by nature. I like Thanks-giving because it brings together my family, the ones before me and after me in age. Your use of the dumb C word is crass at best. Your essay would be well served minus such tomfoolery. I happen to live in the country. People in cities think their food source is a supermarket. My eggs come from my 12 feathered friends in the back yard. Getting back to nature is key. There is always some killing on the farm. Give thanks for all food. The burnt offering does attract demons, but cooked/tasty foul is welcome at my table. Dennis

  10. Fame at last!

    Cheers, lads!

    As for David… man, you had to be there!
    A really bad jesus impersonator. He was nice but didn’t know the Bible.

    Common Law has attractive qualities but when it comes to it the Establishmnet’s Police just ignore it and if you don’t shut up you get contempt time.
    No matter. We aren’t giving up. Fuck em.
    This topic of astral vampirism and soul manipulation is fascinating and crucial. Keep it coming, folk! For some reason’s record of James Scott Kimball’s writings on vampirism has dried away to a dreg. What’s up with that?

  11. I really enjoyed this podcast! I think this lady has been reading your posts!

  12. The book ViolatoR is talking about is “The Active Side of Infinity” by Castaneda. The last few chapters of the book deal with alternative worlds, energy flows, inorganic beings and the dark sea of awareness.

    Don Juan says to him that Sorcerers can perceive inorganic beings at will, average people can do it but that they are not conscious of an existing twin world and that we are definitely not alone. Don Juan also talks about “flyers”, these are the dark shadow beings, who eat human energies and manipulate the mind:

    “They discovered we have a companion for life,” he said, as clearly as he could. “We have a predator that came from the depths of the cosmos and took over the rule of our lives. Human beings are it’s prisoners. The predator is our lord and master. It has rendered us docile and helpless. If we want to protest, it supresses our protest. If we want to act independently, it demands that we don’t do so.”

    The book has some deep insights and wisdom. Though I found out that later in Castaneda’s life he created a cult called Cleargreen where he was an authoritarian guru dishing out abusive and manipulating behaviour:

  13. Dennis Igou, I think I would enjoy your company over a cold beer or whatever beverage we can agree upon. I would doubt your “feathered friends” spend their lives crammed in a cage with no room to move, no light and robbed of the rewards of interacting with each other. Supermarkets, came up before.

    As for language, I think our reaction to words is also engineered (topic addressed two podcasts from now). The way I see it, we’re all on a wooden boat together and a whole bunch of, um, “people,” are drilling holes in the boat. In the past, I’d mention it’s not a good idea to do so, and they’d tell me I was crazy and to mind my own business. So, what the hell am I supposed to do now, as they’re drilling more and more holes in “our” boat, other than call them the [dumb] cunts that they are?

    PS: We know as much of man’s nature, as we know of history. Our digestive system is not one of a “hunter.” Be it cataclysmic, manipulation, or deportation, “science” has yet to substantiate the caveman model.

    Daniel, if there was a time for brevity, this was the exception. 😮 Did we peg David right? Anything to share about the lad/lass?

    elluminatiblog, ha! Note how at the end, this woman’s solution is to take out the batteries, yet still encourage her daughter to idolize Hannah Montana. If there were only a word or phrase to properly quantify/classify people like her. Oh, if only 😆

    Brian, interesting closing about Castaneda’s degeneration at the end. Is there a danger, that this Rebel, taking his own words too seriously, and having settled in his Amazonian shangri-la, surrounded by wives, namoradas, friends and followers will be reduced to a bloated self-aggrandizing tyrant? Egad! Should that be the case, come to the heart of the [dark] jungle and slay me (at your own peril).

  14. Brian, thanks for posting that info! Kinda sad what became of Carlos’ legacy. He reminds me of the author of the Peaceful Warrior books who also made pretty much everything up. But it doesn’t matter as long as one doesn’t get stuck (in Cleargreen!), and moves on when they learned what they needed to learn. Same as with Alex Jones, Ron Paul, Jordan Maxwell, Michael Tsarion, The Celtic Rebel, ViølatoR, etc. Learn from and build on the ideas of others if necessary, but in the end, be your own guru.


    ‘It often happens that a whole Irish family is crowded into one bed: often a heap of filthy straw or quilts of old sacking cover all in a indiscriminate heap, where all alike are degraded by want, apathy, and wretchedness … To these and other sources of disease must be added that pigs were kept, and other disgusting things of the most revolting kind were found’ (pp. 101-102, Penguin edition).

    ‘the Englishman who is still somewhat civilised needs more than the Irishman who goes in rags, eats potatoes, and sleeps in a pig-sty’ (p. 112). ‘What does such a race want with high wages?’ (p. 124)

    ‘The Irishman builds a pig-sty against the house wall as he did at home, and if he is prevented from doing this, he lets the pig sleep in the room with himself.’

    Friedrich Engels, The Condition of the Working Class in England

  16. you know what those 13 year old girls will look like when they hit 40?…sean connery

    also…in the film, the 40 year old virgin…at the beginning, when the guys realize that he is a virgin, one of them says, “that’s why he looks a decade younger,”…

  17. One maid meat protecting another made meat.

    Ohh the irony of this. Whats a heroic lad to do?
    “This is my cock, this is my gun, one’s for fun the others for my manchurian citizenship in hell.”

    Which is which?!

    Dear Lord,

    Please kill all life on planet earth. This is not a request this, this is a command. Somehow I think hell ovey this one.



    PS – She is way cuter than snake on a stick.

    PSS – In demonology class the naked chicks with wings are called succubi!

  18. ViolatoR, well said, with one exception: The Celtic Rebel! What say ye men? Follow me into the breach! Hm, just realized that takes on a double-connotation when I say it. It could be the bloody maw of death for fools who would be her-o’s. Or, it could be the temporary breach in the spirit grid.


    “As is often the case with socialites, men of privelge, and the dimwit offspring of the ruling class, Fredericka Engels had an obsession for buggery and the end-product of the back holes of comely young men.”

    “The Irishman, in his infinite wisdom, would rather invite a pig into his house, than spend five minutes under the same roof with the foul-breathed likes of Engel, Baflour or Milner.”

    The Celtic Rebel, The Predilections of Scum and Deviants 😆

    lalan, hehe! Good one! Also, was unaware of this revelation taking place in movies. I guess no surprise the priest class already knows this too. Probably why they stick to little boy anus.

    Eugene, that is one disturbing image. I don’t know whether to fuck her or stab her. How’s the saying go, “If it moves then you fuck it. If it doesn’t move you stab it.” Good point about naked women with wings, especially ones sporting the cross/cube.

  19. Hi CR, yes, in Germany one thing is for sure: The animal mass murder and the people who EVERY FUCKING DAY have to and WANT to eat meat! As I said, I maybe once in a week eat a bit meat. About STAR TREK in general. I love this series; yes, I admit it: I’m a trekkie!

    I watched Star Trek my whole life, since my earliest childhood – and I always loved the future that was described there. No wars, no starvation of people, everyone can be what he wants without the fear of dying. People are free in this (utopian) world. And I never felt that there were hidden messages except positive ones. Maybe it is because I am awaken anyways so whatever agendas you may find in Star Trek, they don’t work on me – as in other movies, I like to watch too. (I DO NOT say I am not socially engineered – on the contrary)

    By the way: Riker is a Starfleet officer too, so all I can say he’s a carrier oriented poser who want’s to stay forever in his body… oki doki… One thing is for sure: Star Trek was definetly one of the most intelligent things that was EVER on tv (I don’t watch tv by the way since many years now – today’s tele-VISION is a horror-vision)

    I think there’s a very important point: Most people are in deep sleep for their whole lifes, so whatever they con-sume, it just supports their fears and desires. A “Trekkie” who runs around in a bad tailored trek-uniform is quite sure a stupid nerd who is attracted to military structures instead of being an awakened person.
    I know Star Wars Fanboys who can tell you everything about “techical” data of starships and lightsabers (…) but behave like zombie-sheeple in the rest of the time…

    Okay, so much of the inner nerd of mine – and now for something completely different: Religion.

    Yes, I agree on the manipulated religions all over the world, but Vedanta is NOT a religion, it is a philosophy – and on of the most “common-sense” one’s there are! And I don’t be-lie-ve in a thing just because I want it, but because I experienced it. I am for myself vaguely aware of past lifes of mine, but I was ALWAYS aware of the Self! When I first heard some Vedanta teachings, I immediatly realised, that I always (since my earliest childhood) was aware of my true nature (that I am consciousness) – and not of the ignorance that most people think they are.

    You say: “To think one can escape the prison, when one does not know that one is in prison, much less even aware of what a gate or key might even be, seems a bit like folly”

    –> I agree! First you have to realize it (the prison) – then you can escape. Yes, most people are not aware that they are slaves of the system. They would do everything to protect their cage and their hamster wheels, their shitty “food” and their “existence” – sad but true.

    Greetings from Germania 😛

    PS: To quote the Architect from the Matrix Movies:

    The Oracle: What about the others?
    The Architect: …What others?
    The Oracle: The ones that want out.
    The Architect: Obviously they will be freed.

    I don’t know why (maybe it’s karma) – but if it’s time for a person to wake up, it happens! I don’t know, why I am awakened (or enlightened) – but I cannot go back to endarkenment…

  20. Thanks violatoR. It can be easy to get trapped in the guru cycle.

    I have to recommend to you a profound japanese manga comic called “Berserk”. It is a 26 part series and is really worth watching until the very end. Each episode is only 20 minutes. It really has a lot to say on topics you guys have covered…

    Great podcast as well…looking for to the final piece in the quadrilogy

    PS: shit sorry fucked up the tags (again).

    I presume you have bought, and celticrebel.seaorg already and the bloated “empire” awaits!!!!

  21. Now we’ve learned that Uchitel told friends that she and Tiger liked to have sex while taking the drug Ambien. Uchitel told one pal, ‘You know you have crazier sex on Ambien – you get into that Ambien haze. We have crazy Ambien sex. Now millions of kiddies will try this out, thanks Mr. Woods.

  22. C, we all have an inner nerd somewhere. On one hand, Star Trek [under Roddenberry] was a global social engineering effort, responsible for much stupification one-world militarization, on the other, as is the case here, lots of embedded truths for those with eyes to see. Do note, more so than any character to appear on any of the shows, Riker is the “maverick” / rebel.

    I’ll answer your second post personally, as it combined with what you already wrote is far too long. Oddly, again, the Oracle and the Architect will come up in CR/SP/V. She, like any “god,” has her own agenda and is not to be trusted.

    Brian, ah yes. I’ve been meaning to tell you wordpress accepts only a limited set of standard html tags. Unfortunately, some other self-professed rebels [or hoarders] beat me to URL’s. I’m thinking my Tanerlorn will [hopefully] not need be registered.

    elluminatiblog, I get the feeling Tiger and “Rachel” had NO sex, which is coming up in next article (soon). To me, it is of little doubt, that Rachel received a nice check from Sanofi-Aventis for the promo.

  23. The dude abides> no problem only lux.

  24. As for the driller-killers, I am recommended by less angry beings a thing called diplomacy whereby we can perhaps encourage them to consider easier and better ways to achieve their goals/gaols of happiness, health and pleasure. Naturally they will need to awake and sacrifice in time but once the suicidal masses stop drilling and start listening it’ll get easier. Remaining friendly seems more practical than my instinctive physically robust response to people who threaten me indirectly. What would we rather have: a slim but never-the-less increased chance of turning some folk around, even perhaps the whole kaboodle, at the expense of biting our tongues OR a little dubious enjoyment degrading the masses that will surely lose as many readers as gain? By saying they are cunts we condemn them and ourselves. I am an utter hypocrite in this as the cunts really are egregioUS, yet I am weak. You are strong.

    David Shayler was kind and seemed “spiritual”. He talked a Common Law/God’s Law profreedom angle but quickly blew his “anti-Babylon” cred with me when he opined about MI5 and terrorism. He is a MK puppet, poor cunt. Sent to discredit our disestablishmentarianist power with lipstick and and ranting when provoked about God’s word and videoclipping how cannabis saves in his underpants. He actually didn’t claim to be the only Messiah. There a few thousand reincarnations of Jesus, he says… whatever. The Tyting Farm effort was too hippydippy to get local support anyway but our collective momentum was set back by this David. Public perceptions were skewed that might have forestalled illegal judicial, police and security actions. Fortunately he has now lost all cred with the world so his antidisestablishmentarianism can harm us no more.
    [A legit use of longest word! Thank you, counterintelligence “Watchers”!]

    As for sex n drugs, the modern youth need no encouragement to abuse whatever dealers and their friends are pushing. Methadrone is popular, being cheap and legal. Ketamine is still up, being cheap and strong. Cocaine rules for most for now. If they can’t get good stuff they will sniff paint or strangle themselves. Dumb cunts.
    But let’s not write off humanity’s future, eh?
    After all it is pessimism that fuels the drive to dissociation so we best be focussed on waking most people up, not just those few truthlovers who frequent the Rebel’s site. It may be an unrealistic view of our chances of surviving the real D.U.M.B.assed nukeloving cunts as we have no DUMBs of our own but it seems the most pragmatic. Positivity. Shit, I dunno, maybe shit does catch more flies than honey.

  25. Another enjoyable listen as always CR. I was gonna put this on another one of your posts but I noticed a sync so I thought what the hell. Why is Cthulhu making a comeback into the public (sub)conscious? I 1st noticed it when I was at a friends house and his little brother had a game called Scribblenauts where you can write in any noun and it will appear in game. You cant really name specific people or deities, for example god and zues give you the same result. But who did they make sure to include by name? Cthulhu.

    Then last night I turned to The Venture Bros. because they have really been cranking up the esoteric symbolism and guess who made a guest appearance? You guessed it, they dont name him specifically but tell me its not him.
    Now to sync it back to this, lets see what wiki says about the cult of Cthulu.

    Cthulhu has a worldwide doomsday cult centered in Arabia, with followers in regions as far-flung as Greenland and Louisiana.[11] There are leaders of the cult “in the mountains of China” who are said to be immortal. Cthulhu is described by everyone as the “great priest” of “the Great Old Ones who lived ages before there were any men, and who came to the young world out of the sky.”

  26. Why are more poeple waking up to reality, but less is being done to avoid the slaughter of the little people( thats most of us,although they sacrafice enough of thier own) by the elite? They cut our checks thats why, who are you working for? Probably not yourself So you don’t consume the sacrafices but you take thier occult emblazened money. WE all dwell in hypocracy. Nothing will change, not many will survive the big kill that is comming. We’ll except. Our payday is every friday. Thier payment comes 11/11/2011 at 1:22pm. Holy crapper!!!It’s our very souls,they will have enough soul light to become Gods of the universe. All it took was some paper with thier Royal linages pictured on it. No the little people don’t keep thier own light anymore either. I hope the fire dosn’t hurt!!

  27. Peter, ah you make sense my friend. My own life has taught me that when I lead by example, converts follow (pretty much every friend and lover in my life, has changed compassionately, or at least, made a genuine effort to). I must admit to my frustration (which is probably obvious) as the process is slow and time is on the side of those handing out glossy manuals on how to “drill bigger holes faster.”

    David kept cannabis up under his skirt. Shudder! Thanks for the lovely image!

    Immortallywounded, what the fuck? They really are making an effort to implant Cthulhu in the minds of kids. Hadn’t seen Venture Brothers clip, so thanks for that. Did you notice the gateway to/from hell, looks a hell of a lot like an anus/colon (as seen before).

    The beast rising/emerging from the depths (bowels) does seem inevitable. Oh my, how well your closing paragraph syncs with the closing of my new article. Unfuckigcanny!

    lizzie, well put. Oh how they khan’ed us into working for their corporations instead of ourselves. Dumb cunts all of us. I CONtributed too. Perhaps the “fire” will be dual-purpose (like everything else), cleansing for some, and intolerable to those deserving. Thanks for the reminder to get back to the ark/arc. 😀

  28. Here’s to chaos! I love when people talk about how we need to organize to fight the “illuminati”, “the elite”, “them”. Bullshit! Show me one organization that wasn’t either started or quickly infiltrated by “them”. How do you fight “them” as an individual? Use your damn imagination. For instance, if you work for a corporation or the government (same thing), find subtle ways to throw a monkey-wrench into the machine. Simple incompetence in your job can be very rewarding.

    FTR: I may be the first person to give his own post a “thumbs down”. The reason I gave myself a “thumbs down” was the [DELETED] part of my message. I never should have added it. The first part was the only useful part. And since we don’t have the luxury of anarchy, give me chaos!

  29. My favourite show thus far.

    Thank you both.

  30. Mat, well, your responses were a bit chaotic there, so I guess … that’s the proper spirit. Yea, more workers need to become a cog in the machine and not a part of it.

    Corbeau, well, glad we ended up salvaging an hour from this test run and put it out then.

    C, were the pilgrims depicted beheading the children, that pic would be perfect.

  31. Jumping off from the machine ie. not contributing to it and generating chaos are two completely different things. I’m not comfortable with ‘how to steal from your boss’, ‘six hundred uses for superglue’ etc. After all, anarchy etc. are ‘their’ creations. Such a fighting against the NWO/BigBrother/Illuminati will play in to their hands.

    There is this new thing of anonymous gatherings, where people ostensibly ‘fight the powa’ by gathering to a certain location on signal and engaging in some stupid behavior, then dispersing. It’s called Flash Mob. All I see is electronically connected group mind, a organism whose individual units have even less idea who they are obeying than in the system thei are replacing.

    It works if the problem is contained only on the traditional political arena and if you are an atheist and if you are correct in your view. Even in that case you are working inside electronical machine created and mastered decades before you (video conferences over the Internet in the seventies) by the very power structure you are fightin axainst. Image of controllers as rigid fossiles in suits is childish rebellion against your parents. They are pushing the technology and constantly setting goals and guidelines for it’s adaption to their uses. For example, USA Armed Forces have very interesting public dia-shows (did you know that US Space Command, or whatever it was, have been anticipating space piracy since the early 90’s?). They are settin agendas twenty years ahead and taking in account also unknonw scenarios. Scenario planners are not rigid or narrowsighted. CIA&friends have been using cellular phone operated swarming networks in their Color Revolutions. Now they are into some pretty fucking heavy AI-stuff. I wouldnt’ subsrcibe to a fucking borg! Tweeting idiots who have achieved their first orgams inside cybersapce, think they are the masters of it and the first ones on a virgin ground. It’s a virtual world you live in.

    Destroing and creating are different things. Beauty vs. ugliness.

  32. this is a late comment for this blog entry from me but this was one of my favourite podcasts so far 🙂

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