Oliver Stone 911 Truther [2]

I had put off watching Oliver Stone’s World Trade Center and the more I “heard” about it, the less I ever wanted to. After United 93 (2006)came out, there seemed little point in watching yet another fictional propaganda film supporting the official conspiracy theory; you know, the one about Osama boom London and his Arabian Flying Circus.

United 93 qualifies, in every way imaginable, as a public mind-fuck. The funny part of the joke is that the audience actually pays for the privilege. Personally, I’m starting to think the original Flight 93 was never intended to strike anything. I’d hazard its primary purpose was to give the public some confidence in their defenses and raise a scepter of infallibility in the terrorists,solely to make the conspiracy theory [i.e., the official story] more plausible. A 75% success rate, while ludicrously high, is a lot easier for the gullible public to swallow than absolute perfection.

made up bullshit

The rest of the Flight 93 story is just fodder for conspiracy theorists [researchers that are making an finding out what actually happened] to waste their energy investigating and arguing over. Was it supposed to hit WTC7? Was it supposed to hit the Capitol or the White House? Was it blown up in mid-air by the Air Force? Did it crash and disappear into the dirt? Were the phone calls real or staged? Were the passengers unloaded in Cleveland? Diversion after diversion. I will refrain from exploring those endless avenues here, but will note, that the father of [¿fictional?] American hero Todd Beamer, of “Let’s Roll” fame, was notorious for signing off on his internal company memoranda with the “Let’s Roll” phrase for years before 9/11. {*1}

Back to World Trade Center, I remember someone calling Alex Jones, expressing how disappointed they were with Oliver Stone; adding how they ran into Ollie at a restaurant and relayed their “disgust.” In the caller’s mind, Stone had “sold out” by making a mainstream movie complicity approving the “official story” of 9/11. This call actually prompted my own interest in the movie, because despite the common perception of Oliver Stone’s JFK, I knew that film [on the surface] didn’t let anyone know anything about the JFK assassination which dozens of researchers had not already made widely available. However, anyone taking the time to look between the lines of JFK, might actually learn something [as previously discussed].

jfk court

Thus, when World Trade Center was scheduled on one of the pay channels, I walked down the street to my friend’s house, to watch it for myself and find out whether Ollie’s film was going to “reveal” anything. The verdict? I was overwhelmed! Oliver Stone’s WTC is a 9/11 truth film.

If anyone out there thinks differently, then you were just not paying attention. Of course, I do realize that many who consider themselves part of “The Truth Movement” were hoping that Stone would lay it all out in black and white, a la Loose Change, 911 Mysteries, or some of the other “Truth” movies. {*2} But, they, you and I, should know better than that.

The film begins with the K2/Giza resonating Paramount logo. As if I really even needed to start watching the movie, the DVD Cover alone is full of Da Vinci and ∏ (pi) resonant imagery. {*3} That should be a big clue that the depths aren’t shallow.

jesus pi supper

No knowledge is going to come to you unless you are seeking it. Didn’t Jesus himself say, “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you?” No one is obliged to tell you anything, or divulge anything worth learning, if you are not deserving. That would be education, aka indoctrination. Per my personal study of Freemasonry, there is no dishonor in lying to the profane (the unenlightened masses).

However, when a truth-seeker asks a question, though divulging secrets to the uninitiated is forbidden, they are obliged to lead them on the right path, but with indirect truths [for them to decipher] or half-truths (for them to choose the path, even be it the wrong one). I am not aware if Stone is a Mason or not, but the subtext of his films does seem to follow the aforementioned philosophy.

I hope to devote an entire article [“Edumacation”] to the topic, which I touched on in my last video/article. Even beyond the Masonic sphere, there is one common wisdom: For the teacher to come along, the student must first be ready to learn.

cage coppola

Another sign that this may be a film which contains more than meets the eye is the presence of Nicholas Cage Coppola. Lately, he’s been appearing in a plethora of esoteric movies: the National Treasure series, the remake of the heavily occult Wicker Man, and the dreary fear-mongering (predictive programming?) Next. {*4}

The film starts the same way that day in September started; routine giving way to confusion. What? A plane’s hit the World Trade Center! Was it an accident? How the hell? A group of New York City policemen ride to the bus on a rescue mission. On the bus, one claims his wife heard a report that the second tower was also hit. The rest don’t believe him.

As they arrive on the scene, one of the cops looks up, surmising, “There could be 50, 60 thousand people in there.” To me, that’s a subtle hint to our dormant analytical side. Logic would dictate that the goal of “terrorists” is maximum casualties, not minimal. Wouldn’t terrorists hoping to make a statement of their power to attack America, opt to hit the buildings after most workers had arrived?

wtc hit

Or, opted to fly into the Long Island nuclear power plant [which was in their flight path], rather than a white elephant building complex where the cost of asbestos removal alone was projected at more than a 100-year lease on the whole complex? If you want answers, start with Larry Silverstein.

As the cops prepare to ascend the building, another joins them and informs them he, “heard that the Pentagon has been hit by a missile.” And one automatically replies, Was it Israel?

First of all, there is still a lot of dispute about what hit the Pentagon. Donald Rumsfield himself allegedly said that a missile hit the Pentagon. But, we’re all engaged in a useless debate about the impossibility of a plane making the maneuver, what exactly hit the Pentagon, a frame-by-frame “conspiracy debunking” video that only raises more questions than it answer, and the all-too logical question of: “If a plane did hit the Pentagon, where the hell did it go?”

bush isrealcage curioususs liberty

More importantly, we need to focus on the cop replying “Israel.” Hardly anyone outside intelligence circles [i.e., people aware of Mossad’s long history of false-flag operations] initially assumed that Israel was responsible. For a cop, particularly one that had been hit by a piece of exploding debris earlier [possibly symbolic of his being free of group-think and “await to be told your opinion” mind-control] to randomly say this in the movie speaks volumes. There are classic Mossad footprints all over the 9/11 operation. The general public won’t believe it, of course, but this is the same “general public” who thinks Osama bin Laden can leap tall buildings in a single bound and outrun a locomotive. {*5}

Also revealing, and a little more obvious on the surface level, are the multiple explosions the cops hear as they prepare to ascend the building. I counted four different explosions, the last one just prior to the collapse of the first tower. During one explosion, Cage (the sergeant/supervisor) tells his startled underling, “Don’t think. Keep moving.” That’s exactly what the mainstream media tells us, and what the legions of programmed “truth deniers” reinforce whenever anyone raises a question about the explosions. Voluminous footage from that day (one interesting and highly ‘synchromystic’ example) depicts massive explosions and eye-witness accounts confirm them, yet most of America still denies the obvious. {*6}

up and down

As the police wait for the elevator, the camera freezes on the directional arrows on the elevator bank. Pay attention! The RED arrow is pointing DOWN. Not UP! During that day, how many of us were too busy looking up at the “smokescreen” up above, while all the real action [the controlled demolition charges] were blowing out the sub-basements?

After the collapse, the camera slowly works its way from the underground (where the two protagonists are trapped), up through the rubble, to an overhead helicopter shot, up to a satellite image, to the satellite itself and then finally out through the television itself. Everyone all around the world, stands transfixed, mesmerized, entranced, susceptible, shocked, crying, emotional. This is our reality. Whatever the television tells us. That is how our perception is shaped [and, I must confess, that I too, who was in Manhattan that day, ran to the television upon first hearing of what was happening.]

Stone shows us the effects of emotional manipulation upon the viewers, a mechanism every practitioner of his trade knows all too well. In short order, the public’s trauma is turned from disbelief, to shock, to anger. “Bastards!” shouts a remote policeman in Milwaukee. Back in New York, one frightened female viewer asks, “Why do they keep showing the same thing over and over and over again?”

mind control

Because, my child, that’s how trauma-based mind-control works! First, traumatize (physically, emotionally, sexually, or mentally). Then, introduce the idea you are selling/implanting [i.e., the propaganda]. Finally, repeat the propaganda until it takes firm root in the psyche of the victim. {*7}

Shortly after, Stone shows us a portion of a news report that says the “building was imploding.” Yes, it was. However, as the prior paragraph concluded, it no longer mattered what our own eyes told us, we had been reduced to that frightened childlike state, waiting for our Daddy to come comfort us, and tell us what was going on. And maybe, by following that up with “Utter hell had come to New York,” Stone does tell us that at the highest of layers, 9/11 was an operation of deep occult significance.

As the two cops lie buried in the rubble, they talk about their predicament. Cage, again the wiser [a similar role to his in National Treasure] speaks from experience (wisdom) on the importance of not sleeping and how they need to talk and keep each other awake. The other cop [played by Michael Peña], again a “common man” counterpart to the illuminated Cage, recalls a line from the GI Jane movie to help cope with his pain. I interpret this as a reminder/warning, be it synchronistic or intentional, of how movies have also been used to shape our reality.

the believergi jane

Having made it this far into the movie, I personally didn’t need further direct hints that this was actually a truth movie in disguise. Stone, however, felt compelled to reach further out to those who were still somewhat frustrated by the story line. Thermite starts falling in to the rubble from above; large amounts of it. Some falls on Peña and burns his skin. He’s flabbergasted, “The fire just goes out like that? How’s that?” A piece of the thermite even lands on the dead cop’s gun and super-heats it, causing all the rounds to go off. {*8}

A bit of irony/humor is injected as the camera switches to a press conference where President Bush vows to “Hunt Down” those responsible for attacks. Yes, so he [Bin Laden] in Bush’s mind went from “wanted dead or alive,” to one year later, “I don’t know where he is. I — I’ll repeat what I said. I truly am not that concerned about him.” As if the bin Laden family would allow Bush to do anything to their own son while he was still alive. And, as for the Taliban [and even “Al Qaeda“], we were at least kind enough to fly them out of Afghanistan before we started bombing.

To be continued [Oliver Stone 911 Truther: Part II]

Disclaimer: This article was written at an earlier stage of my development, thus it may contain some minor points which do not necessarily reflect my present belief set.

*1: I learned this factoid about David Beamer from whistle-blower Richard Andrew Grove’s expose of the web of financial interests and companies involved with 9/11. A transcript can be found here, and the audio here. [LB]

*2: While I will confess to Loose Change being one of the first movies that led to my awakening. My continued awakening, especially to the multiple layers of truth, forces me to wonder if what’s more important about that movie, is not what it reveals, but what it leaves out [e.g., they freely attach Marvin Bush’s name to Securacom, yet avoid the most damning piece of evidence related to security “lapses” at the airports]. Finally, the choice of the “Loose Change” title, always struck me as kind of odd, until I considered a synchromystic interpretation. [LB]

*3: Jake Kotze details the Paramount/Pyramount topic as well as anyone could (latter part of article). We also have the connection between Stone and the Christ/Sun-King Alexander the Great. Jake Kotze also discusses the Pylarmid/Twin Tower synchs. “Pi” is a field of study unto itself. [LB]

*4: Through the Looking Glass refers to him as “Masonic poster boy Nicolas Cage.” I’m sure psychonauts Jake Kotze or Steve Willner would have a field day with Nick as the main topic. [LB]

*5: Hm. Come to think of it, he figuratively did defy the laws of physics and leap two tall buildings that day. Coincidentally, the same bin Laden name associated with this destruction, is also associated with the construction of same, and may also build the world’s tallest building. [LB]

*6: Speaking of explosives, yet another connection linking Israel to 9/11 (the Israelis driving a van full of bombs) was obfuscated by the controlled media. See more. [LB]

*7: Read Goebbels or Bernaisse. Yet, as even the puppet George Bush was too happy to advise us: “In my line of work you got to keep repeating things over and over and over again for the truth to sink in, to kind of catapult the propaganda.” [LB]

*8: So, we can safely assume that either Stone, or one of the people involved in this movie, is familiar with the theory of thermite use put out by Professor Steven Jones. I can’t help but note, that Dr. Jones was ousted from BYU, after being set-up and attacked by Zionists. [LB]

~ by celticrebel on April 4, 2008.

3 Responses to “Oliver Stone 911 Truther [2]”

  1. Ouch, my resistance to facts just got sprained. Great read.

  2. great stuff, my man … keep it coming … i have studied all angles of the gov., 9/11, false flags, masonry, the Moon hoax, zionists, and i still know nothing … all we can do is seek the Truth!

  3. What if the 3rd plane was supposed to hit trade tower 7?
    When it went astray, it exposed the whole thing.
    Have we forgotten that asbestos doesn’t burn? They couldn’t get a demolition permit b/c of the asbestos in the building.

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