Are You Mind Controlled?

I think most people would say not…

But, the number of people I talked to/argued with this weekend, convinces me a lot more of us are a lot more mind-controlled than we think. I had endless people express opinions or argue “facts,” that I knew were not their own. Inevitably, I would ask, “Where did you get this information from? What show did you watch? What movie is that from? Is this something you have actually researched.”

Then, I saw an interesting video which correlates closely to my last article on the subject [this is not the original vdeo; see note below for clarification]:

An example of how instilled the programming is, comes from a conversation that took place at a recent gathering I attended. A storm was brewing on the horizon. One of the guests said the storm was moving away from us because of the time between thunderclaps. Another, countered, no I think it’s moving toward us. I asked, “Is this something you guys know, or is this something you saw in a movie?”

Someone figured out that movie was Poltergeist. There you go. No scientific basis or study of knowledge. A group of people having a discussion based on some silly little scene in a film, and not even bothering to question if frequency of thunderclaps has anything to do factually with which way a storm is moving.


Do note, that I’m not saying I am completely immune to this. We are all guilty of it. How many times do we add to a conversation about the stock market, current events or celebrity life-styles, based solely on something we heard some idiot on a television newscast say? Every day I try to consciously purge “information” stored in my brain that I know was planted there by my own past passive reception and, sometimes, I even catch myself letting it slip out sometimes….

Ask yourself: Where do your opinions come from? Better yet, where does the information you base those opinions on come from? Where do your tastes come from?

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Note: Interestingly, the first video I linked, and relinked, focused on Zionist control of the media, and is now nowhere to be found. Then, the second video I posted, which was not as condemning, yet still pointed out the undeniable Jewish influence in mass entertainment, also got pulled.

What you see now is a substitute, which I feel accurately and intelligently reflect a lot of the problems with television viewing and opinion-shaping. My including herein, does not mean that I completely endorse all the viewpoints expressed. But, if you’re “waking up,” you should know better than to blindly follow anyone, myself included. That all said, if the above video stops working too, here’s a fair substitute.

~ by celticrebel on October 29, 2007.

5 Responses to “Are You Mind Controlled?”

  1. Hi Celticrebel – great Blog! I too search since many years for thruth; about a week ago I first discovered Michael Skaggs’ Blod and now your’s.
    Keep on. Greetings from another celtic place of the world – from southern bavaria in Germany.

  2. This is right on the money. I think we do that with everything, not just Television. We do it with Books, Conversations, Radio and Internet. I have to work on using my own researched information and my own logic/common sense. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. Am I mind controlled? Hell, yes.

  4. Christian, hehe. Funny to look back now and see how you ended up on my blog. Wonder what Michael is up to these days. Good to have you on board mate!

    Leon, yea, good point Leon. Hopefully, we’ve both come a long way since reading/writing this.

    PinealGland, admission is the first step to recovery! 😀

  5. “The video has been removed by the user”

    BOO! 😦

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