The Hammer & the Anvil [I]

For time immemorial, since the old secrets of metallurgy were lost, to the modern days were necessity and tradition have given way to automation, if you wanted to shape metal, the hammer and the anvil have been the tools of the trade. Without going into the entire process of forging, suffice to say for our discussion, the hammer was the primary shaping/molding tool, while the anvil was the pre-built awaiting immovable surface the malleable metals were hammered against.

war hammerhammersanvil

An anvil can weigh upwards of 300 pounds. Thus, it is not a very practical device to move around or ferry to where your raw materials are. In a more modern sense, the kiln and the smelting plant are places where you take the raw materials for shaping. In a metaphoric sense, humans, aka human resources, are the raw materials you need to get to the anvil when forging a new society. This new society, is in fact the “New World Order,” a phrase once a mainstay of the alternative media, and now so bandied about by the mainstream media, it’s been [intentionally] trivialized.

There are several types of hammers used in the forging process. Let’s not forget that, in the real world, a hammer can also be used as an effective tool that drives the resources to the anvil. As even the site where I got the middle image from informs, “Hammers provide mass for friendly persuasion.”

That all said, back in the first half of the 20th century, two “visionary” futurists put out two seminal works of how they envisioned our future. Aldous Huxley wrote Brave New World in 1932 and George Orwell wrote 1984 in 1948. Both of these insiders, spent years working for British Intelligence, Orwell allegedly for MI5, Huxley for MI6 (i.e., the Queen’s drug distribution empire’s control centre).

1984brave new worldorwellhuxley

I believe these two authors were exposed to different schemes/plans for the upcoming world, and based their vision on their own compartmentalized exposure. Of the two, I see Orwell, who’s real name is Eric Blair, as the humanist. His biography is worth a perusal for the unfamiliar, and here, I’ll just note that he even endangered his own life, taking up arms [and a bullet] to fight fascism in Spain.

As for Huxley, who was also a member of Tavistock Institute, and allegedly involved in the MK-Ultra program, having heard his matter-of-fact way of speaking about us, the commoners, I can safely surmise that while I’ll grant him “clever,” he is merely elitist scum who feels the womb he crawled out of grants him some type of right to lord it over us. His family also featured vermin like Julian (World Wildlife Fund, UNESCO, etc) and Thomas (aka “Darwin’s Bulldog,” credited with pushing Charles Darwin’s Herbert Spencer’s convoluted misleading “theory”). But, enough about that brood of Malthusian eugenicists.

The two books both became required reading at school programs throughout the crown colonies (that includes America), and I’d hazard a good part of the entire Western world. Speculatively, one could guess there was some mild [subversive?] form of predictive programming going on. I believe these two books foreshadowed the coming Cold War, as the two systems (i.e., the two futuristic visions) were tested against each other. As with any type of proper laboratory environment, you need to separate the test subjects to prevent contamination. Hence, the need for the “Iron Curtain” and the protracted Cold War that followed.

cccpberlin wall

What we witnessed in 1987 when White House spokesman Ronald Reagan {*1} said the famous words, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall,” was the end of the experiment. What the experiment proved, beyond doubt, is that the best slaves are the ones who are under the impression they are free. After years of tyranny and oppression, the Soviets knew better than to believe a single word that came out the state controlled-media. Professors in universe-cities will give dissertations on how capitalism and the spirit of entrepreneurship beat out state-planning, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah … but logic dictates the simplest truth holds the most wisdom: a slave who knows he is nothing more than a slave, is not inspired to work very hard.

The best slaves are the fools who think they have a “free press,” and swallow wholesale whatever lies their media spews at them. The best slaves are those who encourage their children to go off to the indoctrination center and memorize and eschew all the propaganda they are fed, and then reward them for excelling at the regurgitation of falsehoods. The best slaves are those who work under the impression they are getting ahead, and don’t realize the system of progressive taxation you’ve place on them has effectively made them “for-hire slaves.” The best slaves are the ones who then spend their remaining money at your “company store” (the corporations you own), instead of using it to, god forbid, help build each other up. {*2} Simply put: Huxley’s “vision” won. Orwell’s lost.

It was time to take the best of the defunct Soviet system and incorporate it into Huxley’s dystopia. The current events we see taking place around us would not have been possible under the Soviet system. Had the 9/11 Ritual been broadcast on Soviet Television, maybe 10% of the public would have believed that dimension shifting Arabs somehow pulled it off, while I’d guess that on that 11th day of September, somewhere near 99% of the American public swallowed the fairy tale.

orwell quote

The theatrical release of 1984 begins with the above quote from Orwell’s book. As I suggested, here in our Brave New World, this “choice” tenet will be incorporated into the “free” state. A few months ago, a friend came across an example in a little fear-mongering book (The Little Book of Pandemics, not recommended) featured next to the register at Barnes & Noble stores across America:

“Just under a month after the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center, 63 year old Robert Stevens died in a hospital in Atlantis, Florida, two days after developing breathing problems and a high fever. It turned out that he had inhaled anthrax spores while in his office. He worked for American Media, a Florida based company that owned a tabloid newspaper that had been publishing insulting articles about Osama bin Laden. Over the next few weeks, spores and infected people showed up in only a few places, but the resultant panic affected the entire United States.” {*3}

My friend was so infuriated by the above, he drove all the way up to my house after seeing it. “Can you fucking believe this? They’re changing history at will now, right in front of our eyes. First of all, this guy wasn’t even a writer, he was a photographer. Second of all, he never wrote anything about Osaba bin Laden. The guy was pissing off George Bush because he kept publishing pictures of Jenna Bush stumbling about like a drunk whore.” Qui bono? Qui bono? Qui bono? {*4}

drunk jennajenna's bushhail satan

In fairness to Jenna, she’s just a typical end-product of our Brave New World, so shouldn’t necessarily be held to a higher standard than the average American young lady woman female. The last image above, while the least conspicuous on the surface, however, suggests she’s by no means innocent (assuming she’s not as mind-controlled as her father). {*5} Coincidentally, after the photographer in question died from anthrax, the documentation of Jenna’s lurid escapades abruptly ended. I hope you’re happy now you dirty murderin’ Osama bin Laden!

Speaking of bin Laden, I know several have already made the logical comparison to Orwell’s Emmanuel Goldstein. I mean, the similarities are beyond obvious (and maybe that’s why the book has been taken off the curriculum in most public schools across America). Hence, I feel no need to explain how they are one and the same.


Read the following interrogation from the 1984 book critically. Upon contemplation of those words, I was tempted to replace “Photo Not Yet Available” in the above image with “Paste Your Own Photo Here.” WE are the enemy of the system. We, those heretics among us, who dare question the banality of our controlled society, are not an organization by any means, but a conspiracy of [liberating] ideas. The spirit of “true” (i.e., not programmed) rebellion [¡ooh!] is what the system fears most. Nonconformity is terrorism. [see definition]

O’Brien: There are thought criminals who maintain that the resistance is not real. Believe me, Winston, it is very real. Perhaps you are not familiar with how it operates.

Winston Smith: I am attentive to the news.

O’Brien: Indeed. Then perhaps you imagine a huge network of conspirators prepared to commit any atrocity to weaken and demoralize the order of our society. The reality is infinitely more subtle. If Goldstein himself fell into the hands of the Thought Police, he could not give them a list of his agents. Such a list does not exist. They are not an organization in the sense we know. Nothing holds it together but an idea. Individually, they cheat, forge, blackmail, corrupt children, spread disease and prostitution, in the name of spreading knowledge from generation to generation, until… in a thousand years…

Since we’ve stepped into the arena of fear, I’d like to take us back to the hammer. The hammer which serves as the fear-generation tool, used to frighten those brave sheep (i.e., those who question), whom dare stray off the path towards the anvil, and steer them right back towards the anvil they are hoping so desperately to avoid (albeit, via a different path). One such hammer, is that paralyzing feeling of anxiety/despair you feel after listening to Alex Jones for three hours.

riot actred level alertwar is peace

Look at something as simple as the Homeland Security “advisory system.” Many have pointed out this system makes little to no sense, and suggest it was crafted by morons. Were there actually a group of “terrorists” hell-bent on causing chaos, they could check the daily “color” and execute their attack on the day Homeland Security lowers security precautions; gives them the “green” light, so to speak.

I’ll argue that the system was crafted by intelligent people. For one, the sheep in the population (those who’ll believe ANYTHING) get their daily dose of fear or comfort, falling into a cycle of consenting that others manipulate their emotional state. The smarter sheep, will naturally, understand the absurdity of the system, AFTER someone points it out to them. They will then pass this learned perspective off as their own knowledge, patting themselves on the back for being clever enough to see through it. They, with their newfound “awareness,” are now ripe to conspiracy culture, and its gatekeepers … i.e., the persuasive hammer used to guide the sheep who dare stray off the path to the forge/awaiting anvil.

idiot family

I really cannot envision there ever coming a day where we are rounded up at gunpoint and forced to get vaccinations, or be microchiped. Vaccinations may be an afterthought. Most of the sheep do it willingly, and think themselves the better for it. A relatively new neighbor brought her kid over to play, boasting about how he “didn’t cry” when he got his vaccination. My friend who doesn’t vaccinate her kids suggested she might wanna talk to me before she does that again. The woman just “shut down” for lack of a better phrase. She could not process the possibility, as if some nested logic loop prevented her mind from even going in that direction.

As for microchips, by the time the masses start to get them, they will be lining up and fumbling all over each other to get one. Hannah Montana, or whoever the biggest Disney child-influence of the time is, will get one on her show. MTV will be plugging how “cool” and “rebellious” the latest chip is. The hottest Nintendo or X-box games will require a chip interface. Bars will be offering VIP treatment to guys with chips (already happening). Guys, unlike women, are not as responsive to direct programming (e.g., they don’t change their entire wardrobe every year because shoe fashion is rotated). However, they have their known flaws and can be counted on to do most anything that they think will help them “get pussy.”


Note that the symbols for the former Soviet Union were the hammer and the sickle, not the hammer and the anvil. The hammer, when not heeded as a warning, does have yet another function, it can crush the skull of whomever dares to oppose it. However, you need raw materials if you are planning on forging any type of society. Hence, the hammer is a more useful as a tool to drive sheep rather than kill them.

Come to think of it, the symbols of the Soviet Union were overly appropriate. The sickle is something used to cut down wheat. Without a harvester, it is only a tool of destruction, not growth. Synchronicity may have been telling us from the start what the Soviet Union, a nation which killed somewhere between 20 and 60 million of its own citizenry, was all about. Growth and shaping of a society aren’t possible when all you have is a harvester-less sickle and an anvil-less hammer.

pink's hammers

Well-trained monkeys, I’m sorry, I meant smart-people with college degrees, will debate how there was some type of proletariat/worker/common man “revolution” [¡ha!] along the lines of Karl Marx’s “ideas” [¡ha again!] and that the symbols were representative of the down-trodden masses. Those with synchromystic insight and who’ve taken any amount of time to research history on their own, will understand the function of the symbols and the functions they served. Those wiped out were the intelligentsia, and as an added bonus for the Vatican, a huge population of non-Catholic [Orthodox] Christians was thrown in the gulag meat-grinder; carried out gleefully by the most derelict members of the Jewish mafia.

While still on the subject of hammers, I’d highly recommend a viewing of Pink Floyd’s The Wall, and suggest watching it sober. I’m sure anyone who’s seen it will recall the ever-present hammer metaphor, and may do a double-take upon seeing the basketball fans below (especially after contrasting it with the prior 1984 image).

xavier hammers

I previously pondered the significance of hammers from a different perspective, that of a mind-control trigger. Reaching briefly into the multi-tiered functionality and interpretation of the meme, I’ll note how a hammer can be used to nail us to the cross, the unfolded cube of our reality box (see Octopi, Phalli, Cubes of Life).

The below right image is modeled after the infamous Apple commercial which was first-broadcast in 1984, on January 22nd of all days. The wikipedia page produces a lot of interesting numerical syncs, and just having read it, was a little taken aback myself to read the commercial featured a brass hammer (the three “persuasive” hammers in the center image at the beginning of this article) [the commercial]. Worth noting, Ridley Scott, just having finished Blade Runner, was the director. Big Blue. Big Brother. Shattering Glass. Oh, the rabbit hole is tempting, but I’ll abstain.

floyd's xmacmercial

For those wondering about Pink Floyd, and whether they should be grouped with controlled assets of Tavistock and the Queen like the Beatles and the Stones, or proven CIA assets like the Grateful Dead and Jimmi Hendrix, the [my] answer is no. According to Michael Tsarion, the book Saucerful of Secrets, talks about how Pink Floyd was approached by the Cult of Dionysus, but rejected them. {*6}

Another good indicator is Roger Waters insistence on writing “Tear Down The Wall” and “No Thought Control” on that travesty known as the Apartheid Wall in Palestine. The same Western media which was “rejoicing” when the Berlin wall came down, remained relatively [¡understatement!] quiet as the Israelis constructed their monolithic tribute to injustice, separating Palestinians from their places of work, their fields and in some cases, even their next-door neighbors.

roger waters

Roger, I must say, showed good sense and humanity. Rather than withdraw, citing that he “wouldn’t refuse to play in England just cause he disagrees with Tony Blair,” went ahead with the show, but only after making his statement, and insisting the concert play in an Arab-Israeli village rather than anywhere from which Palestinians were cut off. To any of my somewhat regular critics who are now getting ready to hit that comment button and accuse me of unfairly criticizing Israel, followed by the standard repertoire of tired nonsensical phrases, I will preemptively respond, “I will stop when the Israelis stop killing children and then blaming their victims for the atrocities they themselves commit.” Fair enough?

Getting back to topic, and to ponder solutions, instead of just detailing agendas and nefarious realities, any [New World] Order or “shape of things to come” relies on one crucial element, aside from us arriving at the forge by hook or crook. Unlike non-sentient [for the sake of this discussion] raw materials , we must consent to being molded. Whether we ignorantly race headlong to the anvil, or back into it for fear of the consequences of not doing so, we are doing so consensually.

Hence, to frame this discussion in the proper context, I am including a video I made to the song Big Brother by Hazel O’Connor [must hear if unfamiliar]. The solution[s] are the minor rebellions; those I feel are the real “final revolution:” {*7}

Hazel was reaching deep into the universal mind within this album [if you enjoyed the song, here’s an amazing live performance]. Should I have time, I may look into Breaking Glass (movie too) further. She was part of a unique time in music history, when the last (some may argue ONLY) major grass-roots rebellion took place. I may have to devote some time to the topic a later day, but the music of that period, is among the most lyrically poetic and incisive ever, true rebellion in the making.

The industry was caught flat-footed, and had to readjust, consolidate and seize control again. I believe Malcolm Mclaren’s (another MM) Sex Pistols were part of that effort to commercialize and trivialize. Unless the masses (or mASSES I recall some synchronaut saying recently), reject ALL of the music industry’s offerings (as I implied in the video), I can’t see another musical revolution happening again.

breaking glass

For those who refuse to acknowledge the system of control, I will add that it’s not some grand conspiracy in the making. It’s actually quite simple. Industry consolidation has left few outlets (outside a minor window of opportunity via the internet, one that will likely be closed/trivialized in due time). The people working in the upper echelons of the record companies are just mindless repeaters of what they believe they’ve learned from their training/experience. Their ego tells them they have a bead on the pulse of the youth’s tastes, and are putting out product to meet that taste and make money. They are too ignorant to realize that another division of their own company is dictating to the youth what their taste is.

All it takes is a few key people, in a few key places, to tell the sycophants around them “what time it is” (to borrow a tired phrase). There is no proverbial “creme” rising to the top. It’s more like a toilet bowl where the shit floats to the top. The headline music acts of our day are not part of some grand plan to destroy music or the minds of our youth [though, Jay-Z may be an exception to this). They are the natural results of the physics of water being denser than shite. I imagine about six years ago, the following took place within the halls of some record conglomerate:

Unknown Artist: “My songs are about the oppression of the self. I write about the hypocrisy of conforming to a world that devalues the human spirit. I also write about how every time a true black leader arises, the system cuts him down and gives us a soulless materialistic Uncle Tom for a substitute.

Record Company: “Next.”

50Cent: “Yo! Wass up dog!!! WAZ UP!!! I writes songs about booty, hoes and coochie … i like the coochie … yez, and i also got some songs about slapping bitches and shootin nigga’s … and uh, uh, uh, sometimes I writes about titties too.”

Record Company: “Baby, we’re gonna make you a star!”

Simple automation. Big Brother not required. Speaking of, 1984 transferred fairly well to the big screen in Michael Radford’s adaption Nineteen Eighty-Four (1984), though I found Terry Gilliam’s Brazil (1985) to be the most impressive interpretation to date. The question most pressing is, why has there, to date (as far as I’m aware), not been a big-screen adaptation of Brave New World? The below poster from Huxley’s radio broadcast does imply/give-away volumes though, no?


There was a lame made-for-television version put out in 1998, featuring future “Adam” Peter Gallagher and Kabbalist Leonard Nimoy, and superior (in comparison, yet campy) made-for-television version in 1980 (worth a view for humor and sync value if you can find it). I think I can safely say why there has not been a major adaptation of Huxley’s novel yet. Because, if you wanna see what that Brave New World looks like, all you need to do is walk outside your house or tune into any of the “reality” shows on television.

It is because we are already living in the Brave New World. It has been and continues to be built up all around us, and no one is obligated to flat-out tell the masses of sheep about it. Though, hints do abound for those who strive to see above the level of the “profane,” and those willing to trust their feelings over their ego. As Hazel O’Connor laments in yet another incisive song from Breaking Glass, “Have you seen the writing on the wall? The shape of things to come.”

I think we/I have spent enough time looking at the hammer. The only other thing I feel the need to mention is that when you hammer an object without bracing it against the anvil, lacking the force of resistance, the material hammered will move and react according to its nature. That, is not permitted. There is no room for “nature” in the new society being forged.

Next, I’ll be taking a deep look at the omnipresent “inevitable” [or so they’d like us to think] immovable anvil. O brave new world, that has such people in it. I suggest you bring a vomit bag along.


:: :: :: :: :: :: ::


*1: In case anyone is unaware the Reagan assassination attempt was effectively a minor coup d’é·tat, transferring control of the Reagan white house over to Skull & Bonesman, CIA “company man” George Bush Senior. You can read some of the details here. Reagan had actually started looking at how the government functioned, where the funds went in his early days in office and that had to stop. Hence, the coup was likely sanctioned, and Reagan was properly reminded he was in charge of nothing.

Also worthy of consideration: after following orders and bringing about an end to the Soviet experiment, Mikhail Gorbachev moved into his office at the Presidio, former top-secret military base, and now alleged to be a “globalist” kettle. [LB]

*2: One facet of American culture I found particularly disgusting upon returning to these shores, is how the masses have been brain-washed into dining at chain restaurants, instead of supporting independent restaurants. In some parts of the country, it is near impossible to find that latter. How does one convince the public that knowing what you’re getting and inferior ingredients are better than experimentation and supporting one’s neighbor? Never underestimate the power of the machine. [LB]

*3: Outside of the conspiratorial implications, there seems to be a deeply occult synchronicity (alternately, ritual) to his dying in Atlantis, and him being 6*3 years old, hence 666. [LB]

*4: In a humorous bit of timing, at a recent social function, I met someone who worked for one of the agencies investigating the anthrax case. Stern frowns and kicks under the table, kept me quiet on the topic, but said person expressed interested in my blog. Thus, if you are reading this, I present you with Crime Solving Tip 101: Ask the question, “Who benefits?” 90% of the time, that person is also the perpetrator of the crime. [LB]

*5: I had at one time, included the subsequent image of Jenna changing into her bathing suit, but thought the better of it. Wouldn’t want to risk getting on Osama bin Laden’s bad side and receiving a strongly worded missive of my own. If you really want to see Jenna’s, er, “bush,” it shouldn’t be too hard to find using Google. [LB]

*6: Per IMDB, an actress named Margery Mason played Marjorie Mason in The Wall. Also worth noting, is that the film starred BoB Geldoff, who as I and Ben at Pseudo-occult Media have pointed out, “chose” to name his daughters Pixie and Peaches. [LB]

*7: I’m parodying Huxley’s “final revolution” in his Tavistock speech I feature in They Live, We Sleep (II) video. What he means is my antithesis: “brainwashing enhanced by pharmacological methods.” [LB]

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  1. This should be interesting! 🙂 Thanks Celt!

  2. The Hammer and The Anvil , as in – How to ‘forge’ an Empire/Bank etc .
    Dodi Al-Fayed was connected to the film 8th Day.

  3. Eloquent vid, lyrics went very well indeed.

  4. one of the most important video’s to ever come out…it speaks loud and clear and i respect your time and effort to educate us and i hope reach many others who are feeling the frustration and the desire to to confirm their own natural instincts…kudos, lanz

  5. Michael and Wise Woman, thank you both. Getting the text out was a real challenge this time. Massive head-ache now. Hope you guys like.

    Afferismoon, I was thinking of incorporating some of Hazel’s “8th Day” song into Part II. Do let me know if you have additional insight on the Fayed/Movie connection. Sent you an e-mail too.

    Lalan, thanks so much hon! If the kids/words combo scenes can reach anyone on the verge/edge, the hours put in would be well-worth it.

  6. Am fascinated by and appreciative of the intelligence and effort displayed here.
    In looking at several of your past articles, it reminds me of the scene from ” A Beautiful Mind” where Nash culls relative info
    from walls of seemingly unrelated data.
    Have you read any of James Shelby Downard’s writing –
    King Kill or his autobio “The Carnivals of Life and Death” ?

  7. This is a fascinating article. I’ll be looking forward to your next one.
    The Soviet Union, while incorporating the hammer into it’s coat of arms, also issued a series of definitive stamps from 1917-1921 in which some issues show a hammer placed next to an anvil:

    Two others of the same design were issued: a 500 Ruble in blue, and a 1000 Ruble in red.
    If you look carefully, you’ll also see the sun and its rays bearing down on the hammer and the anvil. The logo on the sun being the Russian abbreviation for R.S.F.S.R. (Russian Soviet Federal Socialist Republic), which was the name of Russia until it was fully known as the Soviet Union in 1923.
    As a stamp collector I really couldn’t help myself as it stood right out in my mind when I first read your “Preview to The Hammer & the Anvil”.

  8. Well done Celt, really enjoyed the hard work and common sense you put into this post.

    Having those “few people in key places” was really all they needed. The M-asses just followed the “slipstream” without question.

    I thought a Brave New World movie was in the making? Maybe I am mistaken. Always an enjoyed visit here at the sensible Celtic Rebel!

    Peace bro.

  9. Revelation
    16And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:

    17And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

    18Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.

  10. Dale that was very inspirational feedback. Thank you!

    I read KingKill33 after Hoffman’s book on Psych Warfare, opened my mind to possibilities beyond surface conspiracies. I’ll assume the bio is recommended? If so, will put on the “list.”

    Emil-Szarvas so glad you’re a reader. Don’t think I would have seen that stamp otherwise. Thank you! Wonder if at one time, the plan was to focus on forging, and then the true bosses called up their cappos (lenin, trotsky, etc.) and said, “no, we just want you to rape and murder instead.”

    Guess they couldn’t leave the term “republik” in the name when [on the surface] trying to build a true democracy (rule by the many, whose will is determined by the few)…

    Michael, you are correct, there is a movie in “the making” which I’ll bring up in part ii. Do you know who said “m-ASSES” .. was it you? Wanted to credit…

    Danny, when quoting scripture, especially revelation, which I feel does contain many hidden truths about plans long in the making … it is important to remember that that royal prick King James, of which everyone cites his “authorized” verse-ion, had all but one of the translators put to death upon completion of the work.

  11. “What Orwell feared were those who would ban books. What Huxley feared was that there would be no reason to ban a book, for there would be no one who wanted to read one. Orwell feared those who would deprive us of information. Huxley feared those who would give us so much that we would be reduced to passivity and egoism. Orwell feared that the truth would be concealed from us. Huxley feared the truth would be drowned in a sea of irrelevance. Orwell feared we would become a captive culture. Huxley feared we would become a trivial culture, preoccupied with some equivalent of the feelies, the orgy porgy, and the centrifugal bumblepuppy.” – Neil Postman

  12. We DO live in a “brave new world” – so true.
    I am aware of this and for so many years more and more awaken about it. But WHAT SHALL I DO?
    I mean: I enjoy reading your blog (I think it satisfies my cynical part…)
    I am 30 now and I just don’t know what to do with my life, so I try doing art and am a cogwheel in the gear as I am working as a security guard in a factory of the world’s largest food corporation…

    I can’t really complain about life. I could say (and maybe you too) that we all are much too comfortable, lazy and live in a way too high standard. We “westerners” belong to the richest people in the world… Of course it’s an unfair system and I try my best (well, not always) to avoid being a complete zombie. I am a vegetarian, I live quite healthy and after a month I didn’t miss tv… 🙂 …which is many years ago now.

    As a very spiritual friend says: Life’s a joke!
    He too doesn’t believe in this 2012 crap and says the world was NEVER better.
    Okay, in the past we didn’t have this level of dumbing down the masses, junk food and shitty poison everywhere, no vaccinations and other strange stuff, but even the celts enjoyed being drunk and having a good party. The romans knew this and delivered wine to them (the same thing like giving native americans whiskey).

    I can say it with a bit irony: I’m glad, we live in huxley’s version of the world…

  13. I didn’t think I’d be posting on this one, but the comments have forced my hand. First, to KnowNothing, thank you for posting that awesome quote from Neil Postman. Too true.

    And to C who praises the modern world, you pose some intersting perspecives. In many ways the gilt and comfort of the cages we live in give us every reason not to protest. (Free range food tastes better after all.) But do not deny to yourself that the brave new world we live in is, on many levels, nothing other than a complex system-of-the-down.

    And as to civilization, I turn from my own poor words to those of a fellow who saw things clearly and related clearer still, R.E. Howard:
    “Barbarism is the natural state of mankind… Civilization is unnatural. It is the whim of circumstance. And barbarism must always ultimately triumph.”
    When we are well fed, and warm, and happy we slumber blissfully in the false Eden that life seems to be. But when disturbed from our slumber, a rage wells up, and with it can come the power to make ourselves the masters of our own fate. What was that line of the Joker’s in the recent ‘Dark Knight’ film…

    “You see, their morals, their code, it’s a bad joke. Dropped at the first sign of trouble. They’re only as good as the world allows them to be. I’ll show you. When the chips are down, these… these civilized people, they’ll eat each other. See, I’m not a monster. I’m just ahead of the curve.”

    (Good God, I’m quoting villains. And my mother had such high hopes for me.)

    Maybe the social mores we cling to are just another control mechanism. Why pay taxes to a corrupt government who’ll turn around and pass those funds over to white-collar criminals? (Why pay taxes? Because if you don’t the government sets their trained dogs – the police – onto you. Like all good criminal mobs, they have their enforcers.)

    But can’t we protest? Not really, not in the USA the ‘land of the free’. Protesting where it might be notied is now illegal. If I may quote Bart Simpson, “the Constitution? I’m pretty sure the patriot Act killed it to ensure our freedoms”. (For those of you looking for some interesting reading on the subject of the repression of personal liberties I recommend both the rants Keith Olbermann the talking head and the ‘Alan Shore Closing Speech’ from Boston Legal.

    Time to bring this rant to a close. Some people like the cage. Some people like the comfort. (Some people like the nightlife and like to boogie, but that is something else entirely.) Babies like to be swaddled, to feel wrapped up and protected. Don’t pick that life for yourself and for those you love, Struggle. Fight. Live deeply. And NEVER be content, for the bliss of happiness bring with it the stupor of sleep.

    “To drive free, to love free, to court destruction with taunts, to feed the remainder of life with one hour of fullness and freedom, one brief hour of madness and joy.”
    – Walt Whitman

  14. Charles: I wouldn’t say that I praise the modern world, but I would say it is as it is. I don’t want to fight windmills. I can do what I can do. Play my part in this world, in this surreal existence, in this theatre of tragedies…
    By the way: I love R.E. Howard and I can absolutely agree with his words on barbarism. I am VERY aware of this true nature of mankind too. you only have to look at the stanford experiment and the milgram experiment (both are very shocking and tell so much about human nature.)

    An hour ago I was at a discotheque and had more or less fun. Okay, most of the audience was barely 18 and me and my pal are over 30. By the way – I’m from Germany, which is no big difference to the USA (as I said – western society).

    So, on the one side there were of course the stupid teenagers who just want to have fun, drugs and sex, but what I always find very interesting (and I can ask myself too.) HOW does it happen, that someone wakes up? I spent a great part of my childhood in front of the tv and my parents are everything else than rebels. But I did wake up. I felt it in my earliest childhood. I always felt, that there is something “wrong” – I always hated the shit in the indoctrination center…

    I think, there is always a kind of balance in the universe (more or less). When two idiots stand up, at least one awaken human being is there. Okay, it’s not balanced, it is more like 80:20 or 90:10… whatever…

    so much for the moment…

  15. KnowNothing, that’s a nice quote. Was unfamiliar with Postman, but another quote of his, “Children are the living messages we send to a time we will not see” resonates strongly with some of the themes I’ve addressed. My only disagreement with the above quote is I would replaced “feared” in any phrase following the name Huxley with “worked towards” or “relished the idea.”

    C and Charles, am I going to have to moderate? 🙂

    C, I could understand how the spiritually crushing BNW may seem preferable to the physically crushing 1984. I would have challenged your last statement myself, but I think you’re explained your perspective in the second with the idea of balance … the balance in almost any walk of life is erratically skewed … just like Moorcock envisioned mans role to be to strike balance between the lords of chaos and those of law we must to maintain balance between anarchy and ANY system (for a system is inherently full of law/control).

    But I do believe there were periods where the world was better. On the plains before the settlers came. Periods where the laws of nature took precedence over the laws of man. And, even reading the letters of the average 18 year old Civil War soldier, shows you that while stupid enough to fight their own brother to the death … they could at least express themselves (unlike the average oaf of today who has lost the ability to speak in complete sentences).

    Charles, always enjoy when you bring Howard into the mix. We are barbarians and the sooner we realize that, the better off we will all be. Many equate that word with “brute” which is not the case, I believe those experiments you mention can only take place in a CONTROL-led environment, where there are no consequences to action … the result of a system that assigns authority … I was pulled over and harassed and threatened with being taken to jail, solely because one of the cops thought my wife was the best-looking thing to ever come through his town and with me out of the way, his dimwit self might have some “chance” with her. Would such happen in a barbarous world, where retribution for his actions would have not only been my right, but an expected consequence?

    You’re not quoting villains, just an agent of chaos whose role was to reawaken the sheep to the hidden fact that they are indeed human (now where you to quote the villain Batman, diff story). Has protesting EVER really changed anything? It’s still a method of the system. Nice Whitman quote.

  16. C – well posted. I am always sadded when I think of the Stanford & Milgram experiments. Ordinary humanity , while capable of such wonderful things, is also capable of dreadful nightmares-of-the-psyche as to make me despair for its collective soul; and it is when I reflect upon such those experiements(and those of a similar outcome) that I realise how much I tend to deslike the common man.
    “A person is smart. People are dumb panicky animals and you know it.”
    – Agent K, ‘Men In Black’
    I cannot answer your (rhetoric) question as to how someone ‘wakes up’. I too was raised by the television, did what I was told at school (mostly), and even worked as a guardian-of-the-establishment for a while. While people when taken as a group might be worthy of litle but contempt, as individuals they respond uniquely. Who knows what might help one person as they struggle to shove off the blanket of sleep? Perhaps that is why we leave ourselves open to possibility of aiding people around us.
    And as for the world we live in, with all if beautiful people, flashing lights and intoxication – some days we fight because we like to; other days we are tired and fight simply because we know we must because the alternative is to accept a slave’s life; and some days we just don’t give a fuck and we yell ‘bring on the cheap wine and cheaper company’.
    Hey, even Conan got sauced off his head every now and again! 🙂

  17. I mentioned these experiments (Milgram and Stanford). Yes, true – only in a controlled (brave new) world can it happen that average persons refuse every responsibility. It’s the very human part called cowardice. People are afraid of dying. Because of FEAR Systems work – from school to military, police and so on.
    And also true: In a decadent, controlled world full of luxury and superficial pleasures, people fear loosing this stuff.

    Sometimes I wish, this strange “civilization” would break down and only the strong and intelligent would survive. If we look at the animal kingdom the strong, not the most intelligent survive. We live in a world, where the weakish nerd can reproduce, because muscles are out, money and success are in…

    I’m no Conan, but I prefer a sharp sword to an I-phone…

    Okay, joking or “romantic barbarism dreams” apart – if this world would go down and we all would have to fight of bare survival it would be really ugly!
    Yes, within a week, people would kill each other, when there’s nothing more to get from looted supermarkets. It would be a second dark age, a mixture of Mad Max and Conan!

    Would we survive? I don’t know…

    The question is: What do YOU do to make a difference? An intelligent, funny and educational blog is great, but I haven’t found the way to change the world – only my own little world…

    Greetings from Germany

    PS: I did a bit research and found the so called “spiral of silence” very interesting:

    From this article:
    “the medium of the Internet has the power to free people from the fear of social isolation, and in doing so, shuts down the spiral of silence. The Internet allows people to find a place where they can find groups of people with like mindsets and similar points of view. Van Alstyne and Brynjolfsson (1996) stated that “Internet users can seek out interactions with like-minded individuals who have similar values, and thus become less likely to trust important decisions to people whose values differ from their own” (p. 24). The features of the Internet could not only bring about more people to deliberate by freeing people of the psychological barriers, but also by brings new possibilities in that it “makes manageable large- scale, many-to-many discussion and deliberation”

    PSS: Wal-Mart Employee Trampled to Death

  18. Thanks for posting the article, was certainly a great read!

  19. Hey there Celt, liked the article. This sentance reminds me of “The Prisoner” tv series:

    “… any [New World] Order … relies on one crucial element, aside from us arriving at the forge by hook or crook.”

    In the opening credits of each “Prisoner” episode, #2 threatens #6(The Prisoner) by telling him they will get what they want, by hook or by crook. There was an episode called “Hammer into Anvil.” ‘Hammer into Anvil’ is about the prisoner/#6 turning the tables on #2. The prisoner makes #2 believe in a conspiracy against him, to the point that #2 voluntarily turns himself in to #1 as a failure. From wiki: “to quote George Orwell’s classic essay Politics and the English Language: ‘In real life it is always the anvil that breaks the hammer, never the other way about.'”

    Good analysis of the hammer and sickle. I am about to post an article which was going to mention the hammer, but I think I’ll save it for the next one. Anyways, have you seen the German kid with the hammer and anvil on the Denver airport murals? Here’s a picture I’m going use:

    I too want a ‘Brave New World’ movie to come out, but the closest we got is ‘Gattica’ which only covers a fraction of the whole theme. The long directors cut of Brazil is a must see though!

    Oh yah, liked the Hazel O’Connor video too. Never heard of her, but I love that early punk sound.

  20. great article Celt.

    Reader comments worth the read as well, good stuff.

  21. “is that paralyzing feeling of anxiety/despair you feel after listening to Alex Jones for three hours.”

    Your blogposts are pretty good at that too if you didn’t realize it…

  22. Charles and C, been enjoying your discussion. Conan, was both a warrior and a priest. Thus, balance. I’m all for balancing spiritual growth and intellectual pursuits with getting pissed and shagging random honeys. Unfortunately, by design, that “balance” is becoming harder and harder to maintain, as people are being pushed to the extremes.

    Thanks for the spiral of silence link. I’ll be using that in part iii. Yes, being “killed by consumers” is a meaningless way to go, had already put a segment in an upcoming vid (may tie to this series) which references.

    ViolatoR, that is PHENOMENAL! I’ve never seen the series but have been wanting to since I heard Tsarion reference. Now, I’m going to need to.

    I hadn’t seen that Denver mural image. So glad you stopped by to point these out.

    bard and Jeff, thank you!

    richard, actually, I DIDN’T realize it. My friends do semi-regularly tell me that the content can be “depressing” or “dark.” I try to look/focus beyond the FEAR and into the esoteric for possible solutions, but will take what you’ve said under consideration.

    On the other hand, I know many don’t like to see Jones criticized, and I’ll say in his defense, that he was a very important part in my own growth. However, I question, seeing how his show seems to stay on a certain level pointing out only the “hammers,” if he’s intentionally staying in a certain space for financial, or OTHER reasons. He SHOULD know better than to point to the American “revolution” as anything other than a scam, and then him having that Zionist fake-Christian charlatan Chuck Norris on the show was the last straw for me.

  23. I’m glad you had mentioned Jay Z when discussing the control within the music industry.

    I first came across some interesting syncs about 2-3 years ago when I came across a blog for a female rapper named Lucy Diamonds. Originally, out of spite for Jay Z signing Lady Sovereign (nice crown sync, especially since she’s from the UK) to the Def Jam label instead of her, she published quite a few syncs about Jay Z and the Illuminati.

    I can’t remember all of them, but she had made mention of things like Jay Z and his crew making a triangle(pyramid) with his hands, instead of the media-assumed “diamond”. There was also the BLUEprint (a plan developed for the process of ‘forging’), which was Jay Z’s best selling album which had a song where the video made for it had his fans chanting at him… “Jay” and “Hova”, another of his nicknames.

    Jay – Hova… Jay – Hova…. Jehovah.

  24. If any of you get the opportunity, Disney has released on DVD “Dr Syn: The Scarecrow of Romney Marsh” and it’s worth the view. Based on Historical characters and events in Britain about the time George III was starting to trouble the American colonies with burdensome laws & taxes, the title character played by Patrick McGoohan helps his locals pay their taxes with his smuggling profits. McGoohan is good in any thing( Dangerman, Secret Agent, The Prisoner even Ice Station Zebra ! )

    As regards Downard’s book ” The Carnivals of Life and Death”, one quote stands out “..the most naive people refuse to understand that the material world is only a cover for a perpetual spiritual battle for the minds of men. Control over the minds of men is the highest and greatest control, alongside of which money, fame, and other powers are so many heaps of straw and ash.”

    I always everyones posts – many good comments !

  25. Celtic,
    Thanks for your blog; I’ve just recently come across it (I’m making my way around the synchromystic blogroll) and have found much of interest thusfar. I was happy to read your take on Alex – I couldn’t stand to listen as much as I wanted to hear the content.

    In response to the reader comment: “Hey, even Conan got sauced off his head every now and again!
    ” Another way of saying he got “hammered”? 😉

  26. Anesti good info on Jay-Hova. We can assume Jay-Z’s tongue is all too familiar with the taste of Rothschild’s anus. Don’t know if you caught the Jay-Z & Russel Crowe public service announcement about what a bad thing “anti-semitism” is. What a lovely pair of Uncle Tom’s they make.

    Dole, I was unfamiliar with the production. Found this snapshot very telling. That’s a great quote you included. It also syncs exactly with where I’m going on the close of this series.

    VacuumVixen, he does work the anxiety levers a little too well doesn’t he? Glad to have you aboard. Hammered! Hehe! I recall reading how alcohol allegedly makes one more ripe for possession, hence the use of phrases like “spirits,” or “I wasn’t myself” or “I don’t know what came over me” after a hard night of drinking.

  27. Celt,
    Thanks for the welcome. I came upon Carissa’s site months ago, then found WiseWoman’s blog and have been visiting Dedroidify as well. Now, I’m here. 🙂 I know there’s lots more. But, I do have to say, I’ve felt an amazing and welcome sense of calm (relatively speaking) and not-aloneness since finding you all.

    I’d heard the same thing about “spirits.” Unfortunately, I think I learned this in the most difficult way possible. 😦 I used to become someone else, someone I don’t really want to be/don’t think I am. Rarely does a drink come across my lips anymore.

  28. “Barbarism is the natural state of mankind… Civilization is unnatural. It is the whim of circumstance. And barbarism must always ultimately triumph.” Someone quoted this earlier, this is not true in my opinion- i.e, part of the brainwashing infrastructure… for why would mankind have any natural state of order or disorder when both are relative ideas defined by a fixed perspective?

    Alex, I fear you have almost convinced me, because i always did have a natural disdain for the sex pistols, johnny cash… etc… but i still dunno about synchroniscity…

  29. Equilibrium, the movie with Christian Bale, is the closest movie I’ve seen to Brave New World. Good movie, btw. Great action sequences! There I go, letting the sheep mind surface!

  30. VacuumVixen, thoughtful women are always welcome here at The Celtic Rebel. One of my many goals in life is to try and force women to change their indoctrinated ways and start thinking. I recently heard an old “rebelious” punk song which dreamed of “going where the streams of whiskey are flowing” [i.e., “heaven”]. Ah, they sure are clever…

    james hendry, that’s a Robert E. Howard quote and I think he was [mostly] right the subject. It’s just the modern-day definitions that are skewed. What passes for “civilization” today is a horrific nightmare of pain and disconnectedness. The brainwashing, I believe, is that true chaos [which I will get into in ring of fire series] is undesirable. I don’t expect you to believe in synchronicity … just to live it 🙂 Til our next beer/chat…

    Guzo, that actually comes up in part ii of this series. The movie had a lot of potential. Unfortunately, as you hint, plot gave way to special effects and mimicry of other movies.

  31. i also would like to believe that Pink Floyd aren’t “them” – but why does DSOTM sync up perfectly with trigger movie The Wizard of Oz? esp. the marching scene (it’s creepy).

    However the album is both lyrically and artistically inspired of freedom. The song Money for example uses the F sharp note in between the ordered notes, like blood in the machine (F sharp can be interpreted as the colour red FYI).

    I really hate to sound like ADL supporter (because I detest the way they group all resistance into anti-semitism), but Rodger could also be inspiring “legitimate” hatred for Israel. A state that “they” have slated for destruction.

    I’m sorry but I really can’t believe that the most popular band of all music history is not part of them. If you wan’t to get all technical about it, they also perverted many aegean and other traditional cultural [paired] dancing music and constrained it into non-danceable [singles] “rock” music. But if one quoted piece of conjecture is enough for you, then ROCK ON!

    PS: Anyway my g-d, you have one of the most insightful blogs on teh internets. Monumentally awesome work friend 🙂 just awesome 🙂

  32. sickle —> cronos: eats his children, just like revolution.

  33. Just came across your blog recently + quite enjoying it. It’s a long time since you posted this, so not really expecting a reply, but would love to know the source of the info that King James had all but one of the translators of his namesake version of the bible put to death upon it’s completion. Spent a while googling, but hard to find anything, given that the content of the book is replete with “killings”, “murders”, and “executions”.

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