A Split in Time [VI]

First of all, I’ve been getting a lot of great comments this series, so (1) I’d like to thank all of those who have been contributing and encourage more of you to do so, and (2) remind those who may not be in the habit of reading the comments there’s a lot of really insightful information within. One reader, Dana, made a connection that had completely eluded me. When I wrote of this colony [last chapter], aka Earth, I was thinking more along the lines of “outpost,” not colon[ee].

In Portuguese, whenever a word ends in a consonant, you pronounce the obligatory, yet unwritten “ee” sound at the end. So, saying we live in some colony, could, by some stretch [no pun, really], be the equivalent to saying we live inside some colon. Sadly, that makes a little too much sense. Our lives at this juncture of space and time are basically a routine of a constant stream of shite being rained down on us (turn on the news if you want the forecast of the latest shitstorm coming your way; war, depression, chaos), or getting fucked [which, as part iv should have made clear, will be happening more often now, literally, for both sexes].

On rare occasion, some satellite [e.g., a tongue] will come along offering a brief round of respite, but not often enough dammit! 😈 And, if you’re a [mature] adult, you should know by now, such random acts of generosity are usually self-serving [unless, I guess, said person has a fetish, and part v would imply a lot more of us will have it in the coming years]; it usually means you’re about to get fucked [be it mentally, financially, emotionally, or physically] shortly thereafter.

blue or redviagra hard blue rear hole

The other thing I think we should all be wary of, is those who are offering us “choices.” I already expressed reservations about the mind-manipulative Matrix series (last part). So, which pill should we take? Red or Blue? Coke or Pepsi? Republican or Democrat? How about the choice not given: no pill [as part ii would suggest]? Why does the “choice” we are given always have to be a dialectic one?

Maybe we should also grow up and stop spending so much time exploring different rabbit holes. Just cause the nooks and crannies vary by some slight degree, and some are worth spending more time in than others, doesn’t mean they actually lead anywhere (that would include some intriguing synchromystic routes of exploration). Didn’t I already say my ass it the place I’m known for conjuring many a white rabbit out of? If your man above is making an effort to transcend the worm/rabbit hole, well the above picture connotes he is literally going about it ass backwards.

At the end of part iv, I was pondering the significance of the Little Five Points area in Atlanta, in correlation to the star symbol’s somewhat anal implication [¿how else to interpret this symbol?]. Johnny Peepers, an Atlanta resident from the L5P area, remarked on a phenomenon that never occurred to me when I was frequenting the locale. Across the street from the Star Bar, lies an eatery called The Vortex [below center]. Holy f’n shit! I previously inferred our digestive tract is a stargate / wormhole of sorts, with an entrance at our mouths, and an exit at our anus.

atlanta stargate vortex

Now, this [the locations of said establishments] is not one of those things you can put down to plan (i.e., conspiracy), or something as meaningless as coincidence. Hence, through some cosmic machination, a good number of people in the new Atlantis are entering the Vortex (where they stuff their mouths), and ending up at the Star Bar (as it is open later), where they are then free to stuff their anus should they so desire (particularly on Tuesday). If any of you Atlantans learn of an underground tunnel connecting the two, please, do let us know!

The Medes have been directing much of the public’s mental energies to the idea on stargates over past few years, no? What I can deduce is that our personal stargate, starting at our mouth and ending at our anus, holds much wisdom. Thus, I wouldn’t suggest running headlong into any stargate you may encounter. One, if you’re hoping to go anywhere, you better make sure you’re entering the right end (else, just another rabbit hole). Two, wisdom dictates that when you come out the other side, you will be spewed out as shite. The only remaining benefit you will offer the cosmos, is that you may serve as nourishment to the seeds of lower life forms.

But, that’s not what happens to all the food we take in is it? The other part, a small percentage of what we take in serves as nourishment to us. It is transmogrified and absorbed, and becomes part of a higher being (in our case, ourselves). {*1} Thus, the questions we must ask ourselves, before we enter any stargate is what kind of nourishment do I offer the being this stargate reflects, and am I ready to either become part of something greater than myself, or broken down and shit out into oblivion? But, unlike Morpheus, I will not limit you to two choices (enter or don’t). The alternate is: “Do I want to be something more than Food of the Gods?”

kermit unpiggedrainbow food pyramid

Per said prior foray into this stargate topic, I noticed the four food groups were officially replaced with the food pyramid, which is now known as “MyPyramid,” implying a personal attachment. I also made the association between rainbows and the process of going through a stargate and “crossing over” to the other side. William Truther [back in the blogosphere again] had written an article in his old blog, of Osiris-resonant Kermit the Frog singing “The Rainbow Connection:”

Why are there so many songs about rainbows
And what’s on the other side?
Rainbows are visions, but only illusions,
And rainbows have nothing to hide.
So we’ve been told and some choose to believe it
I know they’re wrong, wait and see.
Someday we’ll find it, the rainbow connection,
The lovers, the dreamers and me.

Who said that every wish would be heard and answered
when wished on the morning star?
Somebody thought of that
and someone believed it,
and look what it’s done so far.
What’s so amazing that keeps us stargazing?
And what do we think we might see?
Someday we’ll find it, the rainbow connection,
the lovers, the dreamers and me.

All of us under its spell,
we know that it’s probably magic….

Have you been half asleep
and have you heard voices?
I’ve heard them calling my name.
Is this the sweet sound that calls the young sailors?
The voice might be one and the same.
I’ve heard it too many times to ignore it.
It’s something that I’m supposed to be.

Can you say childhood mind-fuck? Do those look like lyrics aimed at the conscious mind of children? Now, I remember as a child, that song stuck to me. As a matter of fact, when I brought the subject up with my sister, it was the only song of that movie which we could remember, and could even sing along a good part of it. The first comment I saw in response to the YouTube video read: “Kermit could connect with you like no one, couldn’t he? Something about his voice is so soothing.” Let’s introduce Kermit the Frog to Ian Curtis and see where they intersect: {*2}

I never realised the lengths I’d have to go
All the darkest corners of a sense I didn’t know
Just for one moment I heard someone call
Looked beyond the day in hand – there’s nothing there at all

Someone take these dreams away
That point me to another day
A duel of personalities
That stretch all true reality
That keep calling me – they keep calling me

I’d like to remind us that prior to getting involved in children’s programming, Jim Henson made a movie about a man who found himself inexplicably trapped inside a cube, only to finally graduate/escape, and then alas, find himself trapped in yet another just like it. I will advise just one thing: take the frog’s words to heart/as guidance at your own peril. All I can say is that when I was putting this section together, something about it just “felt” very wrong [¿my Uranian sixth sense?].

It feels as if some guiding hand is overplaying itself. The question is, which hand? Is it that of our architects, those mortals among us who are seeking a technological shortcut to godhood? Is it their overlords and hidden masters, who simply use them [our masters] towards their own ends, and will discard them the moment they are realized? Is it the Gods themselves? When I began this exploration of the hammer/anvil, a friend was quick to remind me of a virgin-born Greek shaper of metals and men, Haephaestus, whom while he may not have a planet in our solar system, does have one in our predictively programmed minds, no?

vulcan anvildenver hammerfabian society

We had a Star Trek sync in the last part, and now, thanks to this one, Vulcan (the smith’s Roman name), we’ve got yet another coming, but will have to stay on topic for the moment. Sometimes, good things do come in threes. Sometimes, as the montage of pictures above shows, not. There are many forces at work seeking to mold the minds of men. Aside from Haephastus, we’ve got the forces behind the artist who drew the above [center] surreal [¿so real?] one at Denver Int’l. Alas, we have the wolves in sheep’s clothing known as the Fabian Society of London. {*3}

Again, I want to stay away from the choices we’ve been given and seek an alternate solution, or route. What about the ultimate smithy: ourselves? Looking back out our own personal stargate, the most overlooked (by the masses) means of determining our day to day temperament, our overall health, our state of mind, and ultimately, our fate, is what we choose to take in. So, what do most of us put into ourselves?

mcdonalds kraft taco bell

Garbage. Industrial waste. A chemical concoction of preservatives, hormones, and mind-destroying chemicals. On another level, our culture has been changed to where we choose food put together by unhappy people in assembly line kitchens, instead of prepared “with love,” by those who love to cook instead of it being “a job” and of course, those who care about us, and our own well-being. {*4}

“Men dig their graves with their own teeth and die by those fated instruments more than the weapons of their enemies.” –Thomas Moffett

“A good set of bowels is worth more to a man than any quantity of brains.” –George Bernard Shaw

Now, this isn’t the place for me to get into Codex Alimentarius, but it’s real (and worth looking into if unfamiliar), aside to say that when you hear [y]our leaders bandy terms like “neo-feudalism,” it syncs with stories of how under old-time feudalism, the nutritional content of peasant food was so low, we were on average, a foot shorter than the landed gentry. There is an old wisdom that we learn us kids, but most of us never stopped to seriously consider the meaning. “You are what you eat.” Which, brings us to the somewhat related topic of cannibalism.

human tender loinshuman ground round

While I was in said college (part v), I had to contain myself one day upon hearing of the plight of a member of a neighbor’s congregation, who had gone deep into the recesses of some jungle to spread the word of Jesus. So impressed was the tribe with his oratory skills and air of intelligence, they killed him, cooked him up and ate his brains (in hopes of inheriting his higher facilities). I did manage to get out the words, “Well, that’s ironic,” to my distraught neighbor before I reentered my abode, where I was free to emit howls of laughter with the roommate. {*5}

Now, while I could lay claim to being somewhat smarter than the digested one, I could claim to be no wiser. At the time, I had taken the [rebellious] path that all that religious mumbo jumbo was nothing more than just that and turned my back on all of it. Hence, I posed no more of a threat to the priest class / theocracy / powers-that-be, than that fool who sacrificed his meaningless life while furthering someone else’s agenda to replace the last vestiges of ancient wisdom in remote corners of the world with the falsified teachings of the “one god” cult.

To give credit where credit is due: the Church. In the past, they had to bribe ruffians and brigands with promises of gold to carry out their agenda of destroying history and shamanistic wisdom. Now, the only payment fools require is a ticket outside the box; one the church will never ever have to cough up. Genius!

missonary heroesmissonary man

One reader, Eugene (formerly of Underground Stream), responding to my first Octopodal journey, left a comment, which now demands my/our attention:

This is the very message of the One who returns dressed in red and says to the “birds of the heavens” eat up! Revelation 19 mates this event as the wedding feast of God! Don’t you love the table? Le humanity foie gras, delicacy of despair. [LINK]

When we and all our ancestors have been force fed lie upon lie upon lie the comparison to foie gras is disturbing, way way way on down down down in the deep of my jelly mind…

The only consolation would be…does not the eaten eventually see through the eater’s eye?

Tophet, tophet, tophet, tophet, tophet, tophet, tophet, tophet…

19? Hm, we’ll come back to that too. One could conclude, that those who wish to shape us, have been playing us, like the fool I mentioned earlier. Have we been turned into our own smithys, albeit one’s working at saving those who wish to forge us the effort? What are we making of ourselves? Despite the repeating cycle of indoctrinated false knowledge that advancements are being made by mankind, those with eyes and ears can hear and see mankind devolving at an alarming rate.

To any out there who honestly think that man is on the verge of some kind of evolutionary leap in consciousness, I think you are deceiving yourself. Mankind is on the verge of something OK, but from where I stand, it looks like the abyss. But there is hope, for some of us. I’m not trying to judge myself superior to anyone, or create yet another subset of us (the new mystics) versus them (the believers), for sometimes I question if I am delusional by hoping that I myself are worth “saving.”

hand of godsaved by the bellopen your three holes

The word saving would imply the act of some external savior, which is pretty much the whole church indoctrinated brain-washing: look outside yourself for salvation. It is also the repeating meme from comic books to cinema, that someone, maybe some super-man, maybe the one, will bring an end to our misery.

Egads! I can only assume that the person responsible for creating the above right poster is so utterly brain-washed, that they couldn’t see the subliminal implication that those hoping for salvation may need to offer up their mouth and vagina to whatever intermediary promises you “Jesus.” Turning back to Ian Curtis:

I’ve been waiting for a guide to come and take me by the hand,
Could these sensations make me feel the pleasures of a normal man?
These sensations barely interest me for another day,
I’ve got the spirit, lose the feeling, take the shock away.

Outside the Biblical school, when we start to understand that we are lower life forms in the multiverse [to think we’re at the center of anything, on this remote outpost on the edge of the Milky Way does seem kind of foolish, no?]. Seeing the conditions mankind has been imprisoned/enslaved by a nefarious higher life forms, dare we hope that some extraterrestrial or extradimensional compassionate beings will come liberate us. I must ask again, WHY are we, mankind, even worth saving?

Going back to the Biblical metaphor, we are the alleged shepherds who the Lord “God” gave dominion over the lower life forms of this planet. Going up the evolutionary ladder/food chain, it implies an obligatory shepherding the higher life forms (in this case, man) have to the lower (in this case, animals). What kind of shepherds have we been? What is the outcome of that “dominion?”

dead human meatmeat is murder

I know many of my readers [non-vegetarians, hence I’d surmise most] don’t want to hear about this, but it is an integral part of any solution-speak. What have we done to lower life forms on this planet? Confined them to short lives of barbaric and utterly useless medical experimentation, unnatural lives of unmitigated cruelty on factory farms that bear not even a slight semblance of comfort, but offering only pain, suffering and insanity, or mercilessly anally/genitally electrocuting them (so as not to damage their “precious” skins), so that rich corpulent whores can adorn themselves in the trappings of luxury. A few quotes to contemplate (source):

“For as long as men massacre animals, they will kill each other. Indeed, he who sows the seed of murder and pain cannot reap joy and love.” –Pythagoras

“While we ourselves are the living graves of murdered beasts, how can we ever expect ideal conditions on earth.” –George Bernard Shaw

“But for the sake of some little mouthful of flesh, we deprive a soul of the sun and light and of that proportion of life and time it had been born into the world to enjoy.” –Plutarch

“It were much better that a sentient being should never have existed, than that it should have existed only to endure unmitigated misery.” –Percy Bysshe Shelley

The living graves of murdered beasts. Beautifully said. Do note the Hollywood machine has also been working overtime to scare those so inclined, that the New Order won’t let the slaves eat meat (e.g., The Island, etc.). Honestly, do you think the same people who brought us animal sacrifice, would dare to elevate mankind?

If I can return to the Biblical narrative for a second, I turn to one of the parts of The [surviving] Book, which I feel, for whatever reason, remains true, even though it bears much resemblance to the “heretical” gnostic gospels [which begs the question, why was it left in?]. The words in the passage below, sound strikingly similar to the words of the legendary/mythical native American, Chief Seattle:

“I said in mine heart concerning the estate of the sons of men, that God might manifest them, and that they might see that they themselves are beasts. For that which befalleth the sons of men befalleth beasts; even one thing befalleth them: as the one dieth, so dieth the other; yea, they have all one breath; so that a man hath no preeminence above a beast: for all is vanity.” –Ecclesiastes

“This we know: the earth does not belong to man, man belongs to the earth. All things are connected like the blood that unites us all. Man did not weave the web of life, he is merely a strand in it. Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself.” –Chief Seattle [source]

Now, if you like to eat meat, or are of the philosophy that it is “natural,” fine then, go out and hunt it and kill eat for yourself, or seek out your own plot of land to raise your own animals in harmony with nature, allowing them to live their natural family existence, prior to sacrificing one when you determine its time has come.

boy loves mother

But, if you go to the store and buy a pound of this tortured flesh, then choose your words wisely my friend, for they mark you a hypocrite when you then rant about the “New World Order,” the pointless wars of mass human sacrifice, or government sanctioned white slavery rings. Why are those who we’ve conceded the shepherding of ourselves to, bound by a higher moral binding than we ourselves adhere to?

“We knocked on doors of Hell’s darker chambers, pushed to the limits, we dragged ourselves in.” –Ian Curtis

I know there are likely quite a few reading this who are under the impression that they are somehow “free,” and would like to believe the system-schooled notion that man is born free, and if he’s willing to work hard, can achieve whatever his heart desires. We never heard the phrase “within certain parameters,” i.e., the confines of the box we’ve built for you added to that, did we? The subtleties of language are there; everyone’s had to deal with some “human resources” department in their lifetime. Replace “human resources” with “human livestock” and the picture comes together. Thanks to Rob Chowdah for bringing the following video to my attention:

Now, while I don’t agree with everything said above, in particular the time-line of how such “farm” systems came into being [I believe the constructs/methodology has been there a lot longer that most care to realize], it presents a pretty good narrative of how the “farm” system works. Again, I am compelled to ask: why would our owners feel the need to show compassion to those who choose not to, and lack the stamina to slaughter for themselves? {*6}

I surmise some will be “turned-off” by the PETA images I’ve used herein, and the reason for that is that you’re supposed to be. PETA, like pretty much every other NGO out there, has taken the efforts of well-meaning individuals and via whatever means, be it infiltration or financing, has been subverted to serve the system [a topic I previously addressed]. Even I had to turn my nose in disgust from PETA’s latest dung-toss, jumping full-bore on the global warming bandwagon:

al gore man bear pig chicken peta

Quite easy to discredit the vegetarian/compassionate shepherd philosophy by attaching Al Gore’s quest to prove to the world that Man-Bear-Pig [i.e., Global Warming] is real, no? It’s an age old game our cruel shepherds play. Give people two dialectic choices and let them squabble over which one is right. Liberal or conservative. Darwin or Jehovah. Red Pill or Blue Pill. The slave-masters of the centuries past learned from the social engineers, who learned from the priest class, who learned from “the gods.” House-slave. Field-slave. Let the fools fight amongst each other for whatever scraps the master tosses their way.

Yet another dialectic trap is being sprung: the deniers versus the believers [see part iii]. I caught Mercury Garden’s Global Warming vs. New Ice Age recently while pondering whether the “global warming” hoopla was meant to distract us from a coming ice age. [¡Carissa, sush!] But, the fact of the matter is, there’s absolutely nothing that we, as individuals, can do about it. All the human power consumption over the last 2000 years still does not even equal 1/500,000 of the energy the sun delivers to the earth in just one day [thanks to Fintan Dunne for statistic].

hot and coldheat miser

Well, I don’t want to get caught up in the Heat Miser/Cold Miser dialectic, was quite startled to hear the former sing that he WAS “Mr. 101.” Stygian Port then caught the Snow Miser saying he’s “Mr. negative 10.” In other words 0-10, hence 010. The dialectic! What do I plan to do? Just one thing: send Mr. Obama a bill for all the carbon I produced this past year, as if I were to believe his hogwash, then I’m obviously helping our efforts to stave off the next ice age.

Note: Of interest, there is one well-supported theory out there that the chemtrails we see over our heads, are actually an effort to cause global warming (sulfur hexafluoride is a “green-house” gas). Of disturbing nature, Jesus Obama has recently pledged that one of his priorities in his first year of office will be “to make sure there’s no one left in America who denies global warming?” How’s he going to do that? Round up those of us who still trust our own senses (e.g., we can go outside and feel the cold) in lieu of the television and have us shot???

Now where were we? Oh, yea, thanks to many a gentle nudge, some of us are realizing that we are but for-hire slaves, and even as They Live suggested, “livestock.” [Pretty much what Charles Fort said too.] Congratulations Western World, as the above video suggests, substituting “free-range” for “freedom” should enlighten your predicament. The caveat [again]: if we can prove to someone or something that we’re worth saving, will they come along and set us free?

earth stood still

The idea that some alien liberators may take pity on our plight, has been on ongoing subject of speculation in alternative forums, and of course, the Hollywood mind-control machine. Although, since Contact, we’ve had a pretty regular stream of movies suggesting Aliens are coming, intent on stomping us bugs to death.

Speaking of such movies, I caught an interesting related sync in the latest social engineering vehicle, The Day the Earth Stood Still. For some reason, the film is being bandied about cyberspace and beyond as DTESS [perhaps because DTESS reduces to 13; a logical abbreviation would have been DESS, or TDTESS, but those don’t resonate the required number]. Out of curiosity, let’s look in wingdings:

day the earth

Hm, so what does this mean. “Nay/Death” for mankind says the emperor? Some kind of geodesic/crystalline sphere structure. OK, yes, we see it. Rain? Lots of rain? Like a biblical flood type? OK, maybe I’m reaching, but it was kind of fun, and I doubt I’ll be doing a full write-up of the movie, as I don’t think it merits one.

What I do find extremely interesting is that it was the first movie beamed into space. The message[s]: (1) We are a bunch of out of control retards who’ve left our planet on the breaking point of eco-collapse, threatening all other life forms. (2) Our rulers are ruthless sadists who will capture and torture anyone who dares lands here. (3) We think you “the watchers” are a bunch of morons too, cause despite all the eons of observing us, you change your mind after your galactic journey, because of one short horribly acted out scene between some indoctrinated science woman and the television brain-washed idiot child of some guy she used to fuck.

aliens megan mccarthyalien windshield splat

That speaks right to the topic of not only is mankind been programmed in such a manner to make any potential alien saviors think better of it, but now we’re going to broadcast it, along with a condescending snide message of implied superiority. [The 1st above image is just for humor, not recommending MM‘s book as revelation of events.] There is one golden moment on the screen, however: the “war room” leaders catch site of a strange tentacular creature being lifted from the sea (when the “arks” are leaving the earth, saving one of each creature, man excluded).

Kathy Bates/Hillary Clinton: “Is that them?”

Science Dude: “No, it’s us. Cause we’re ordinary cephalopods. [You know] squids, octopus.”

I knew I was onto something with that Octopi thing! I have to share, that my Greek relatives are quite distraught that I will no longer partake of the delicacy that is pickled octopus. “Why can’t you eat this anymore, do you know what this cost us?” I just can’t. Maybe it’s cause should the great Cthulhu arise, I’ll give him one more reason to spare me, or maybe it’s cause it’s starting to feel a lot like cannibalism.

split man beastda vinci man

Note how, for some reason, Leonardo da Vinci, chose to draw us with four arms and four legs. I’ll say one of my personal “aha” moments where old bullshit came together and I began to finally see how the old myths (Biblical and prior), may have an underlying truth, was when I heard Michael Tsarion relay the following::

“Zeus gathered the gods in council to express his concern that these unusual creatures would one day challenge their hegemony. He was loath to exterminate them with his thunderbolts, though, because there would be no one to bring the gods offerings. He solved the problem by putting each creature into a trance and then splitting it down the middle…Upon awakening, each half only dimly remembered what it had been prior to being cleft in two. Zeus explained to the assembled gods and goddesses the cleverness of his scheme. These creatures would no longer pose a threat to the gods, because they would dissipate their considerable energy by spending the rest of their days searching for their missing halves.” – Leonard Schlain

As I summarized once before: “Vainly looking for our missing half in the eyes of others.” You can put it in flowery language and sketched symbols (i.e., replacing vaginas with hearts and flowers) and say you’re “searching for your soul mate” [you know, “the one”]. Or, you can be more succinct, admitting to “chasing hole.” [I guess females could say “chasing pole,” although conditioning still bemoans most females to instead draw a vagina, and write in the initials or name of the female and male element that she wants to combine in her vagina]. Whatever the case, you are still spending/wasting copious amounts of energy in a quixotic quest.

vagina elementsfairy love

As many out there have that ingrained conditioning taught by the school system that the Ancient Greeks, who were far wiser and far less superstitious, created the myths of gods to explain event that today’s science can, like wind and rain, I now go to the Biblical text, yet an apocryphal one, The Apocalypse of Adam:

When God had created me out of the earth, along with Eve, your mother, I went about with her in a glory which she had seen in the aeon from which we had come forth. She taught me a word of knowledge of the eternal God. And we resembled the great eternal angels, for we were higher than the god who had created us and the powers with him, whom we did not know. Then God, the ruler of the aeons and the powers, divided us in wrath. Then we became two aeons. And the glory in our heart(s) left us, me and your mother Eve, along with the first knowledge that breathed within us. And it (glory) fled from us; it entered into […] great […] which had come forth, not from this aeon from which we had come forth, I and Eve your mother.

But it (knowledge) entered into the seed of great aeons. For this reason I myself have called you by the name of that man who is the seed of the great generation or from whom (it comes). After those days, the eternal knowledge of the God of truth withdrew from me and your mother Eve. Since that time, we learned about dead things, like men. Then we recognized the God who had created us. For we were not strangers to his powers. And we served him in fear and slavery.

I wonder why Rome felt the need to take the above out of the Bible? 🙄 I had “discovered” [from a personal viewpoint] Mr. Tsarion back in the days when my quest was to find and expose the nebulous THEM. Michael spoke of turning within and fixing yourself first. How boring! It’s much more fun to hunt for the enemy, and battle the beast that is the Hydra, than it is to look at your own self in the mirror, because who knows what kind of ugly painful frightening truths you might find there (perhaps even an octopus)..

Aside: Recently came across Illuminatus Observor’s The Hydra as a Representation of Osirian Organisational Power Structure. In it, he speculates on the nature of the hierarchy (them) and whether the hydra or octopus metaphor is more apropo.

Tsarion further preached that this informational/conspiratorial quest will, at some point, be realized as a spiritual one, and hence there is a certain sacred quality to the path; one not to be taken lightly. Well, despite my initial aversion, I will have to concede this: inevitably, it is where we will find ourselves. Every other route leads you right back to the anvil that is the New World Order being crafted by others.

tear us apart

How did a young Ian Curtis, who only made it to 23, in so few words, speak in such unison with the revealing passage from the Apocalypse of Adam?

“A legacy so far removed
One day will be improved
Eternal rights we left behind
We were the better kind”

So, some of you are gonna hate me now, cause I’m going to reach in and pull one more white rabbit out of my rabbit hole. [Just be glad it isn’t Easter, cause of the nature of the bunny that would imply.] Yes, to be continued. I should have known: that day I stepped on that soccer field as a kid. All the other kids who considered themselves the “star” fighting over the numbers 3 and 12. I picked out the number 8. “This one is for me.” That’s “unlucky” I was warned. “No. The 8-ball is magic.”

So, yes, there will be eight parts, but the final part will be the next. Of this I am sure, as it’s already drafted and tease: contains a box-shattering revelation. For those disappointed by the lack of anus syncs, we’ll get back to that never-ending well. As for the 8th part, it will be more of an addendum where I craft a fun social engineering experiment/diabolical scheme of my own (well, fun for me, maybe not for mankind) and try to summarize this series in some kind of video.

Alas, I will talk about the split I see coming for mankind. In the meantime, do try and avoid hopping into any stargates shalt thou knoweth not where they lead…

:: :: :: :: :: :: ::


*1: I’ve looked into the percentage of how much of the food we consume is absorbed versus “passed on,” and it varies by too many factors to come up with some numeric formula. Of course, one of the biggest [factors] is nutritional content. What I can say, is that there would appear to be a correlation between it [the percentage], and how much of mankind will survive global depopulation efforts (somewhere in the neighborhood of 3 to 15 percent). Perhaps 1/8? [LB]

*2: I could do a whole set of articles focusing solely on interpreting the words of Ian Curtis. For those interested in full lyrics to all Joy Division songs, this is the best site I’ve come across. [LB]

*3: The Denver Airport image was brought to my attention by Stygian Port, the same source I borrowed the “blue pill/rabbit hole” image from. The stained glass Fabian Society image is from Jordan Maxwell’s page on the group. [¿hm, bang bang maxwell’s silver hammer?] 😯 That also came to me via the Stygian route. [LB]

*4: “Think outside the bun?” I doubt this was crafted to misdirect the minds of humans to equate spiritual growth with feeding their top hole, but who knows? Taco Bell is shaped like a church. Most likely, I’d surmise this was the work of marketeers, who patted themselves on the back for the campaign, thinking they were clever, never so much as fathoming the bigger picture. [LB]

*5: We weren’t necessarily cruel, but attending uni in the “Bible Belt,” was hard to walk around campus without some brainwashed stooge trying to stop and tell you all about Jesus. Had any of these people actually bothered reading and interpreting the Bible for themselves, the conversations may have been worth it. Even back then, I’d ask, “Are these your opinions you wanna share or those of your preacher?” That was usually followed by a quick painful jab to the ribs from the girlfriend.

Worth a view: an intrinsic missionary admission from a Christian gaming company. [LB]

*6: Am unable to get away from Matrix Metaphors: have to present The Meatrix for consideration by those so inclined (to fund animal suffering). I should note also, that we need to use magick to our own aims: thus, this was released at 13:13 on the 31st. [LB]

~ by celticrebel on December 31, 2008.

30 Responses to “A Split in Time [VI]”

  1. Always good to encourage comments, as much as I want to leave the most ‘constructive’ comments possible it’s hard to do so without resorting to those white rabbits which are inexplicably lodged in my cavity.

    Speaking of which, I’ve been inside the Vortex in Little 5 Points. If it’s anything like a real stargate, inside a stargate are the snobbiest, most stuck-up yuppie filth you will ever come across, and not even the type with wealth to back up their shitty attitude. My apologies to those who current little 5, but I stay away from the place for a reason. They can’t accept how great I am. Such is the nature of ordinary social interaction. People have taken their stupid new age mentality and turned it into what it really is, a social weapon.

    8 always reminds me of Chaos Magic. There are 8 types of magic: Red for war, blue for wealth (control of other humans), Yellow for ego, green for love, purple or silver for sex, orange for cunning or thinking, white for purity (it also charges up any other color magic you’re using), and black for death. You can easily observe how these colors are used by the media to trigger certain reactions, usually whatever they want you to feel or think.

    I never listened to Joy Division but I will eventually.

  2. Hierosalyma Est Perdita!

    Thanks for the nod. You know the place where Cain wound up! It B east of the garden. Its a place where someone wanders and others sleep. Kinda like those homeless bastard “juwes” who cast the net of myth, causing sleep “in god we trust” masses, tweedle dee and tweedle dum, released to feast under the sun.

    This BBQ, aka Bayt Bayt Qoph, is two houses or two women and back of head, a real manage-troy. They set the controls for the heart of the sun, Shinar. We built a couple of bases there, or rather a ghost did, were there now. Maximum Tweedle wink. Sheen-aur, the fire light of the great BBQ of God.

    KeRmiT makes page 69 with Swine. Right on the iron (26) anvil of the Ktr Hhss. KTR is KETER, Katherine, Katrina, Erika, Kali as in

    “Eleven is when we say goodbye”…

    “Because if Im the man
    then youre the man as well
    so you can point that fucking finger
    up your ass.”

    Love makes the world go round!? Not!

    The great dragon in the sky makes the iron in all the little bb’s dance death magnetic. And yes its a Cow of all things!

  3. Tommy, well, the Vortex is a “burger joint,” is it not? In keeping with the theme of this article, one shouldn’t expect it to resonate on higher frequencies. And yes, I do believe they are using a combination of colors and sounds to manipulate us emotionally in the cinematic medium. How many times have we found ourselves crying during some sappy scene to stop and ask, “Why the fuck am I crying?”

    Eugene, I can always rely on you for bizarre (yet insightful) comments. I was unaware Dylan’s album was released on this key “theft” date. I could see Erika being rewritten as “Emily” [the most popular name for girls every year since 1996] for the Zionist 4th Reich of America.

    If Chaldea is Europe [see here], then perhaps Shin`ar is Rome at the intersection of the Tiber and Aniene.

  4. Blessings for the coming year from a former strict vegetarian of 3 decades. I do appreciate your efforts although I have a challenge for you on the vegetarian aspect of it. I had guessed about half the way through the series that this was leading to a vegetarian rant. I had hoped to be wrong as there are points in this series that I agree with and feel important connection have been made. I usually do not argue these points because I was part of that culture and I understand the way it works and the emotional response behind it. You seem to be an open minded guy who often makes sense so I’ll give it a shot and throw in my two sense. Belief System = Blind Spot = B.S. We all have these blind spots and the only way to work them out is to challenge and examine.

    With all due respect, I think that your vegetarian belief system is your personal blind spot and leads you off course. It imposes the dogma that you mange to avoid in other areas. I notice a tendency toward consistently throwing the baby out with the bath water when it comes to the subject of animals and animal foods. This is all part of the Archonian (human self loathing) agenda. Anyone dealing in Gnostic ideas must confront that agenda and think about it in relation to who we really are and what (we) might be-coming.

    Yes. Food and nourishment are important. I agree that there is an agenda involving food and it ties into the spiritual and physical de-evolution of the human race, and profits for the medical industrial complex as a side benefit. However, it isn’t the type of food. It’s the quality and the source. The source is the key. There are reversals here… layer upon layer of reversals. Those who (think they have) escaped the indoctrinated idea of original sin have often simply adopted or been co-opted into a new version, a new and improved level of self loathing. The Archons delight. No. I am not saying you shouldn’t be a vegetarian if it works for you. Not at all. It’s just that it is more complicated than you seem to think.

    The assumptions and generalization used here are that…

    1.) vegetarianism correlates with enlightenment. Oh pfiffle. I am not sure why you are missing the fact that there is a push towards eating less meat and the long term push toward convincing the public to eat less fat and cholesterol by the authorities and that there has never really been a time in the history of the Agricultural age when the masses had access to or were encouraged to eat good meat and fat. There is a reason for that. Meat is encouraged only in it’s cheapest, most conventional, most degraded, and now sugar and chemical laden forms. It is marketed only to the masses along with junk food and heavy starch consumption. Then there is the lean and fat-free merchandise for the inner party members who are always encouraged to some form of semi-vegetarianism. That isn’t new. Fats and meat from naturally and appropriately raised and fed animals with the all important brain food cholesterol are not and have not been popular since 1947 thanks to edible oil industry tool Ancel Keyes.

    2.) that meat is not necessary for nourishment to at least some if not all of the population. Read Weston Price for details. In addition there seems to be a willfull denial from vegetarians (despite the evidence) that there is a growing number of long time vegetarians who are going back to eating meat but only from pastured animals or by hunting, which has greatly improved our physical, spiritual, and emotional well being. They are not backsliding. Quite the contrary, they are adapting and rethinking what works and does not work. Here you are missing an important part of the puzzle involving atavistic traits in humans and the agenda to wipe out humans with those traits. Think about it.

    3.) the fact that vegetarian diet generally support large scale agriculture and chemical business and that 4.) many meat based diets such as those supporting small scale local food production do not…and 5.) the growing number of ex-vegetarians who are reverting to a more simple hunter/gatherer lifestyle and support for small bio-dynamic and sustainable food production and that 6.) this preserves the same traditional lives and family values that you constantly point out are being subverted and that 7.) there is no real difference by the big agricultural alternatives that do subvert a more natural human existence. It makes little difference if the production is animal or non-animal foods. The destruction and cruelty and wastefulness of this type of food production is consistent. IT has little to do with whether it is meat or milk or breakfast cereal that is being produced for the consumption mass.

    The Consumption Mass. The Great Ritual.

    I really think you are missing the point by concentrating on the vegetarian cliche meat=bad. The correlation to cannibalism doesn’t make sense in that all animals except humans are assigned as noble and worthwhile by vegetarian philosophy except humans. Humans are deemed corrupt and not worth saving, in part because we eat animals…something that all (and yes all) other animals do. There are no true vegetarian animals in nature. None. I’ve seen your gentle herbivores like wild deer eating baby chicks. Herbivores are at the very least partial insectivores when allowed to eat naturally. What I discovered after three decades of vegetarianism is that eating much less food in general, including red meat in small amounts, was physically and spiritually transformational. I am certainly healthier in mind, body, and spirit. I am more awake and aware and resistant to indoctrination than I was before. I am happier and more creative. I’m sure I have my own b.s. to deal with. I know that I do. It’s a process.

    We are animals. We are fat, muscle, skin, bone, water, minerals, blood, and spirit. That is what and who we are. If you are what you eat, then eat what you are…or you just might become something else. 😉

  5. despite K‘s voluminous rationalizations, there is NO excuse for our “industrial” treatment of animals

    it’s vile and incredibly selfish, period

    that’s what happens when nations worship money (and/or the goddess) — anything goes as long as i profit from it, as long as i’m Empowered

    the human race will never be healed — or sane — until it stops torturing animals/other humans, and blithely disregarding the suffering of others for expedient reasons (and no, i’m not a PETA pal)

    carnivore humans are *extremely* defensive about meat “production” and consumption, suggesting the issue goes far deeper than most imagine — into the limbic/reptilian layers of our bodies, no doubt

    also, my observation of carnivore humans indicates that many have a deep emotional attachment to their diets — often i find they prepare and eat exactly the same dishes, lifelong, that their mommies prepared for them as children — there’s some aspect of infantile-attachment going on here, which is likewise evidenced by the strong reactions generated when animal-cropping and meat-eating are questioned or criticised

  6. K, I’ve mulled your answer over for a while, as part of my process of enlightenment is deconstruction of the self, and always looking within. If I have a blind spot, that blind spot is compassion. That all said, I appreciate your effort at presenting a counter-argument.

    Some of what you say, seems like it is coming from a place of reaction (I can’t help but equate ex-veges to ex-smokers), as some of the points you raise speak to exactly what I said. I didn’t say “don’t eat meat,” I said [roughly] “don’t be a hypocrite and expect to be treated any better than the food that ends up on your plate.” I respect those who are willing to hunt for themselves or raise and slaughter their own animals [in accordance with nature]. I have far less respect for are those who turn a blind eye to the suffering endured and use dissociative terms [pork, burger, etc] to conceal it from themselves. To quote Emerson, ““You have just dined, and however scrupulously the slaughterhouse is concealed in the graceful distance of miles, there is complicity.”

    What I’m saying is, “if you fund the American Cancer Society, don’t complain when a relative dies of cancer,” “if you shop at Wal-Mart, don’t complain about declining American living standards,” and “if you turn a blind eye to the suffering of lower creatures, don’t bitch about the powers that be not helping you out.”

    Those who have deemed themselves our rulers/elite think that we are but animals, a whole different species than they. And, seeing the state of my fellow humans, I can’t say I blame them (our rulers) for thinking that. Sometimes, I think they create some of these social engineering just for laughs. “Hey, I bet within 5 years, we can get all those dumb monkeys to wear their pants around their knees.” “Dude! No way! You’re on!”

    To speak to your final point, I agree, if we eat the brutalized tortured remains of animal that endured a short life of nothing but misery … then we will realize exactly that, and should expect to achieve a life no better.

    ray, thank you very much for chiming in with honest wisdom on the topic. It is bizarre how defensive/emotionally-attached people are over their eating habits. I recall a neighbor talking of just having taken her five year old to go see her favorite movie “Babe” for the 3rd time, and then in the same breath, calling her in to eat some bacon.

    Even as the above speaks of “pastoral” animal-husbandry conditions, that’s part of the cartoon projected reality disconnect. Such “natural” conditions exist for maybe 0.00001% of the animal food supply out there.

  7. Eating habits aside, I think the ideal world would be one where all people took much more responsibility for themselves, and worked at least a little bit to produce their own food. Think about where our “tools” are headed. Like in Wall-E, which reminds me of a vision of the future I read in some probably made up “channeled” information where a super advanced intelligent species wound up living in a space station where everything they wanted was at their fingertips; and they decided to blow themselves up and reincarnate on their “earth” again, because living in a totally artifical world where no work is necessary is completely dehumanizing and negates any reason for them(us) to even be alive. Our legacy would end up being an artifical intelligence capable of reproduction for long term space travel. Not too exciting is it? So, I think a balance of technology and living with the earth rather than on the earth would be the best situation for humanity.

    On a stranger note, I read somewhere (can’t find the info right now so this’ll be quite ambiguous) that some people (in a cult maybe?) were forced to be vegetarians because it facillitated possesion by alien intelligences, and it made them taste better to the Reptillian overlords.

  8. This reminds me of the old days when I used to watch Dr Who & had to wait (im)patiently for the next instalment.
    Lots of very interesting ideas. I think of comments I might make as I read but then as you go on I get cought up in something else.

    I’ve just come back from a trip to Perth, Australia, as I walked through the corridors of Auckland Airport my vision was assailed by a huge image of an orange octopus – I went googling for the image, but no luck however I did come across the link below – scroll down for pic – perhaps orange octopussies are a kiwi thing that I’ve inadvertantly overlooked.


    All the best

  9. Hey wisewoman, I’ve been noticing orange octopuses a lot recently. Somewhere I read thath Thoth’s skin color is orange. Octagonal symmetry is also well connected to Thoth by now thanks to many synchro blogs focusing on both Thoth and Octogons. There’s and orange octopus in the newer Peter Pan cartoon which seems to molest Captain Hook… There’s another one in another cartoon which I’ve completely forgotten at the moment. The octopus was supposedly a solar symbol used in Atlantis.

  10. ViolatoR, well I hadn’t considered that angle before. I do know that when it comes to, you know, that sexual stuff, vegetarians tend to taste/smell far better than their carnivorous counterparts. So, I could see how anyone wishing to eat us would seek to encourage a better diet among its livestock [us].

    Oh, and thanks for answering/adding to below. Wait! An hentai octopus rapes Captain Hook???

    Wise Woman, yea, I know, these things can be all over the board, and believe me, trying to tie it together and limit it to eight parts is an overwhelming challenge. I saw an Orange Octopus in a recent Simpsons image from Afferismoon.

  11. I hope I didn’t cause that little dispute by admitting I’ve been in a burger joint. I don’t care what anyone eats or doesn’t eat. That’s up to you.

    Violator – I agree on working to maintain oneself, a concept which has been twisted into a materialistic death-preparation. It seems too easy, like a trap. The condition of the earth doesn’t seem too good for growing your own food right now, from what I’ve heard, but perhaps someday it will be the only thing we need to do.

  12. Hmm. I don’t think I smell any worse now than I did as a vegetarian. I’m not sure how I taste but I smell just fine. 🙂

    I think we are already a source of “food” of some kind, harvested through something like the concept of “loosh” or what our wacky friend Lynch calls “garmonbozia”. It’s an energy thing and more insidious and complex than people meat…although I wouldn’t rule that out.

    Have you listened to John Trudell’s DnA CD? He talks about how we (humans) are being mined and his take on this is quite fascinating. I think you might find it interesting. There are correlations to what I have read here. That is how he puts it. We are being mined.

    Addendum: What I meant to say in that last comment is that I think it is an energy thing as well as a physical thing. I think there is a physical aspect to it. It is about what we are made up of organically as well as spiritually.

    What we ingest or eat also makes us more or less susceptible to becoming vehicles or conduits for one thing or another. Yeasts, fungi (cancer?) and other physical parasites could be an interface with a more ethereal form of parasite. Perhaps.

  13. No Tommy, you didn’t start it… but, what’s with you and food? 😉

    K, I would assume the eating process of us livestock is more of an energy thing [hence, my argument as to why negative energy may be preferred]. I was unfamiliar with John Trudell. Heard a short clip of him online and was quite impressed. Will seek more.

    I recall being told of an old Howard Stern segment, where some guest claimed to be able to smell the difference between vegetarian and carnivorous women. They brought out a few women and by sniffing their crotch/butt areas, he was able to pick em out.

    I would think that’s something we should all be able to do, but our sense of smell has been so deemphasized, most use only a fraction of it. Hence, why our visual sense is so overly emphasized, it’s the easiest to fool. God[s] forbid we were capable of smelling our food and be able to tell there were toxic chemicals in it.

  14. Oh. As to my comment being a personal reaction. No. I understood what you meant. I don’t take offense. All I was saying is that vegetarians and meat eaters alike, anyone who is buying food from industry sources is *equally* responsible and complicit. I just honestly think that vegetarian arguments are missing an important connection by focusing on the idea of meat rather than how the food industry actually works.

    I was simply pointing out that your (somewhat shaming sounding) instruction to meat eaters to obtain their own food must apply equally to vegetarians or it is disingenous. As long as vegetarians are also shopping at the grocery, you are kidding yourselves to think that buying the vegetarian options is an exemption from the same arguments you make about meat that hasn’t been hunted and gathered. Plant-based (your fruits and veggies) large scale agriculture is a horrendous and cruel (yes, to animals, humans, and earth alike) practice. In addition, practically all packaged vegetarian foods are a by-product of the fodder and feed industry. That is the way it is currently arranged. Who owns what? That’s a real eye opener.

    Unless vegetarians are growing or gathering their own food or supporting sustainable sources that are known to them, they are feeding from and supporting the same industrial food machine and the same cruelty as the people who buy meat at the grocery. Those industries are intertwined. That was my point and really my only point.

    PS: to Ray who said…”despite K’s voluminous rationalizations, there is NO excuse for our “industrial” treatment of animals”

    I do not support *any* kind of industrial food production and so I made no rationalizations. Perhaps the voluminousness of my post prevented you from actually reading through it. I agree that industrial food production is horrific, especially in the treatment of animals. I think I said that. I have no need to rationalize eating. I hunt and gather and grow my own food and I am comfortable with that.

  15. I concur that there is no short-hand way to building a healthy physical and spiritual relationship to one’s food. It’s something I’ve been pondering upon over the past year. I don’t like where most of the meat I eat is coming from, and yet I’m not sure if going completely vegetarian is the answer either.

    In the end I do think I have to be more patient with myself in finding ways to rethink my relationship to food and how to consciously think about everything — animal, vegetable or mineral — that I choose to put into my body. It’s going to take time and buying genetically modified tomatoes and corn at the supermarket will not exactly counteract those tortured chicken wings I would get.

    Buying vegetables at the farmer’s market is a better, but not perfect, alternative. But these comments have given me a lot more food for thought.

    On another note, 3 thoughts occurred whilst reading this post.

    1) I concur. Red pill, blue pill — both pills are manufactured by ‘Merck’ in the end, aren’t they?

    2) Since reading up on the synchromystic connections between Jennifer Connely, Jim Carrey and Keanu Reeves, I’ve been thinking a lot about the iconographic connections to Sirius. I don’t think it’s coincidence that Keanu Reeves belongs to a band called Dog Star.

    3) I thought you or someone might find this interesting:

  16. K, I think we’re in some form of agreement, yet splitting hairs. I will take exception to “equally” responsible. Eating the carcass of a tortured creature who live a life of nothing but unmitigated misery while living in denial of one’s culpability, in no way compares to going and buying a tomato from any source. Fate accompli.

    And yes, unlike Ian Curtis, you too lack brevity 😉

    bobblebot, nice to see you here again. It can be near impossible in today’s world to go purely self-sustaining, what I “preach” is harm reduction, to the self, to other species. Is one doing something relatively better than what one was doing before? Is one striving to improve?

    Dogs? Hehe, that’s kind of where I’m going with the closing. And yes, thanks for the Wonder Woman Octopus porn image. Too bad the rest of that set is private.

  17. Celt,

    Great write up! Have to agree with Ray, the inhumane treatment of animals/humans has to stop, but where will it begin? I know I had dropped eating all red meats and foul one year and only at fish and veggies, why I stopped I have no idea…oh wait, yes I remember, I saw that Tofu was causing brain cancer among Japanese men, which really surprised me, I was cooking tofu with everything…hmmm, might have to research that some more. BUT, I will admit I felt a lot better, health wise, when I dropped the red meats and foul, and still had energy to boot.

    I think the reason the PTB’s want us to stop eating meat is that eating meat makes one more agitated and more likely to “rebel”, just a theory though. Perhaps they want a more docile group for the Obama/N.W.O. push coming up?

    On the chemtrails, I had thought they were being used to perpetuate the Global Warming myth too at one point, but in the summertime when it was really hot, they’d trail and you could feel it “cool down” afterwards, Gavin at Atlantean Times told me they sometimes use dry ice in some of them, so not sure what kind of geo-engineering they are up too. Perhaps they know of the coming Ice Age and are trying to stave it off? Maybe thats putting too much blind faith in the black ops government LOL Though, there is always the flipside that I think has more merit, control and testing biologics on unknowing populaces.

    People have to realize its US that need to step up and save ourselves, nobody is going to do it for us…no Jesus, not Aliens, not Inter-Dimensional beings, is society so socially dumbed down that everyone’s too lazy to want to actually do it? Wait, that was a stupid question. 😉

    I’m not a hunter–never was, though I have friends that do and I do make it known that the “mighty hunters” have to kill something to make them feel mighty or mighty special. I like the scene in the movie Powder where the main character touches a dying deer with one hand then the hunter that shot it with the other, and the hunter experiences what it feels like to be the deer. I bet if people got a taste of that, they’d think twice about being cruel to animals or innocent victims. I hate what society has become…but I still hold on that Humanity will save itself somehow, someway.

    Excellent work bud, I appreciate it and look forward to the next installment!

  18. Rebel,
    I have to say I have a headache after reading many of your articles. So much info to process. Like many people, for a long time I knew that many things were not right with the official story on pretty much everything we were told. It was 911 that really made me stand up and say “OK they have gone way too far”. The Official story insults my intelligent so much that I had to look deeper. It started with Alex Jones. I know how you feel about him but he did lead me to David Icke, Michael Tsarion, Jordan Maxwell and others which did help open my eyes but I did not have any idea how deep the Rabbit hole went. I am afraid that I have not seen the bottom yet but thanks to you and some of the other blogs that you list on the right side of the page, my eyes are wide open now. Unfortunately most of my friends and family think that I am a negative “conspiracy theorist”. Pointing out all the lies we are being told makes me a “negative person”.
    I am rambling I just want to say thanks so much for all your work. It is so enjoyable to read. Please keep up the great work.
    DJ Loser

  19. Celt,

    Merely merrily mirroring.
    These odd dots do connect.
    Somewhere enfers hell.

    New piece at U Stream!

  20. Michael, always appreciate your feedback. Tofu too, huh? What I’ve been noticing is that as more and more of the population turns towards [for agurment’s sake, any type of] vegeterian diet, the industry finds more and more ways of shifting toxins into their food supply. Codex must apply to all, huh?

    As for the aggression factor, yea, I could see how they’d want us even more docile AFTER the grid/etc is in place, but for now, they need as much chaos and violence as possible, so turn on each other via whatever means…

    As for the chemtrails, I spoke with someone alleged to be “in the know,” and yes, just like everything else we see, such a large-scale operation wouldn’t be undertaken unless every maximum benefit could be derived from it (i.e., including attacking the immune system, seeding us with barium particles so we could be picked up on x-band radar, etc.). The “global warming” (or cooling) angle at least explains how so many pilots and air force staff could knowingly participate in the program (thinking they’re saving the world, not poisoning the very air they and their families breathe). I recall someone once saying that 90% of Air Force generals think they’re fighting the global warming threat.

    DJ Loser, as I summarized in the next part, the Official Story was meant to insult your intelligence, and stir you to action in a multitude of ways. It is a test of sorts. Those who deride you are those who FAILED.

    Alex Jones, I feel is part of the process, and is really good at waking/alarming the deepest slumbering of sheep among us. You should watch the video my friend put together of me discussing the topic/process on the radio [FROM]. He is very informative, but I feel presents few solutions and stops short of getting more esoteric, or going within. Whether he does this because he’s found his niche, to keep people in a certain state (as Bill Cooper and others believe), or it’s up to the listener to move on ON THEIR OWN … I don’t know.

    Mean Gene, I replied on your post.

  21. RAIN = IRAN
    Search The News Behind the News thread on Icky’s site for copious synchs.

    Also the Flood motif is carved into the sides of the giant Masonic Anglican (neo-)Gothic-style Cathedral of St.John the Divine, NY, NY, venue of regular blatant Luciferi/Satanism.

    The Ark Mariners are Planning a little Washing, to clean up the Taxi Driver’s Streets.

  22. These PETA ads are having the opposite effect on me. I want to know where I can buy some of this “human meat” made out of sexy women.

  23. K is getting short shrift here while he makes nothing but sense. Exercising quality control over what we ingest makes all the difference.

    Like him I made the choice to grow most of our food and prepare it myself for my family to ensure their good health, both physical and spiritual. Look into what Weston Price discovered in the nineteen thirties. Excellent health, not even cavities, and superb moral qualities were observed in native populations that refrained from the ‘displacing’ foods of modern commerce.

    What did they all have in common, from Aboriginals to Zulus? They all prized animal foods to ensure excellent health for their offspring. You mentioned modern birthing practices in hospital settings, well those native women had no trouble giving birth. Their hips were wide enough to give birth trouble free. Price found out that these populations consumed at least ten times as many of the vital nutrients Vitamin A and D (best source are animal products) than his contemporaries in America. Offspring from parents that were vitamin deficient had narrow facial bones and crowded teeth.

    The same crowding occurs in the pelvis, where childbirth then becomes dangerous to the mother. A little bit of rational thinking would make us scratch our heads how millions of generations were born without killing their mothers. Look around you at the faces you see. How many have wide enough faces to accommodate all of their adult teeth including their wisdom teeth?

    The denaturing foods, mainly refined grains and sugar, were causing so many health problems seventy years ago, that the photographs of healthy happy natives who still grew their own food, including livestock, were so strikingly more beautiful than those whose parents had taken the paths to cheap, crappy, sweet foods and who unwittingly punished their offspring with ill health and an inability to have healthy children of their own.

    There is a reason the populace is sick and filled with despair, they have been robbed of their birthright, which is excellent health, robust vitality and the ability to have healthy children. Today’s situation is even worse than in Price’s days. (In)Edible oils, MSG, preservatives, colorings, poisons of every hue are being put in the general food supply, while vital ingredients go completely missing or are substituted with synthetic facsimiles that don’t measure up to Nature’s original.

    Price’s descriptions of the moral fortitude of aboriginals and Swiss villagers alike, as well as Polynesians, Eskimos, Africans and all the varied populations he studied across the globe speak for themselves. Show me a vegetarian Eskimo. They could not survive their cold environment, apart from the fact that nothing green grows in the Arctic Circle.

    Price found traditional cultures, where people went to great length to obtain certain animal foods to ensure healthy children. Couples were given these sacred foods before conceiving. Is today’s vegetarian trend with it’s GMO soy responsible for the infertiliy of thousands of couples who would like to procreate?

    Suffice it to say, that you could experiment yourself, like a lady did, who had too many cats coming around her property. She started feeding them soy food and they stopped having healthy offspring, cat problem solved. She made sure her house cat received raw milk and meat and this kitty had beautiful healthy litters. In my mind, the vegetarian dogma serves its part in the depopulation agenda.

    The food pyramid with it’s heavy carbohydrate loading is wonderful when you’re trying to fatten livestock. Seafoods, organ and fatty meats, egg yolks and raw dairy are the very sources of vitality that humans need, unless you like insects, which are also a great natural food. Sally Fallon has made it her mission to teach what Weston Price discovered. To all those who seek to reclaim their health a visit to her website is well worth their while. My husband and I were so thankful for her nutrition advice, because it helped us cure ourselves from chronic pain and infections, that we became chapter leaders for Weston Price in Germany.


  24. Thank you, Anita. Not a bad comment, in fact very valid, until utterly embarrassed by your example comparing omnivore humans to carnivore cats! C’mon. Of course cats get ill if you feed them soy, any mammal would. They need meat… we are not cats. In future your preaching would benefit from more logical evidence. Indeed the Arctic tribes are not a good example either as they are simply adapting to marginal conditions. Hardly ideal nutrition. Do they have the longevity of Okinawans? No. Green herbs rule! Tribes without greens thrive despite their lack of plants not because of them. Peeps, check out Price’s stuff anyway… Be well. Anyway if you do enough chi kung you get “bigu” state (like “Breatharian”) and don’t need food! Oh dear! Now I’ve gone and discredited myself!

  25. Anonymous, PETA while filled with well-meaning people, at the top levels is as corrupt an organization as you’ll find. Ben over PoM believes their posters are coded MK Victim revalation. Anyway, perhaps you meant to be facetious, but “flesh” as in “flesh for fantasy” and “live flesh” means sex, so perhaps that is a “natural” reaction to the imagery. It’s all about CONsumption; an orgy of flesh, dead and dying.

    Anita, you raise a few valid points in your extremely lenghty diatribe. However, you end up comparing apples, oranges, lamps and pencil sharpeners. Then, via loose causality and conjecture you suggest one has anything to do with the other, as if the list I provide is in any way related, just because they can be found in someone’s house.

    I don’t know who Weston Price is, but if he suggested eating dairy, he had not even a rudimentary grasp of how nutrition or human digestion works. Perhaps he’s not an idiot, but just polluted by “scientific” experts preceding him.

    Anyway, I think the most valuable comment to this entire post is from “Ray.” Nothing is more intimate to people than their diet, NOTHING, not even a lover who’s “crawled up one’s ass” gets more intimate than that. People will go to extreme lengths to rationalize their attachment to such, regardless of the obvious.

    One such tiem: the design of the human digestive system, which it looks like Price overlooked. Hence, man, intimately attached to ignorance, never asks the big questions: WHEN did mankind become carnivorous, and WHY? As Adam confides: “Since that time, we learned about dead things, like men.”

    DPS, I’ll make an exception and let you “off the chain” this once. 😀 Her comparison of man with cats warrants it. Such was the train of thought followed by science-minded vivisectionists, who, in their time, have, thanks to “progress,” managed to cut the average human life-span in half, while programming fools that modern man’s quality of life and duration are increasing.

    And, Anita, nothing personal, but I’m leaving out your [so far] three rebuttals, as your above took up enough screen space and what you say is more of the same (rationalization). The “topic” has resurfaced. The Gods themselves (our ancient masters), carnivorous and warlike, cut meat out of their diets when travelling (astrally and via space) as it’s not possible when one’s system is polluted with the heavy vibratory tone of death.

  26. PS: We’re all in agreement that there is an agenda to decimate (centimate or millimate haven’t been coined yet, but both are more accurate) the population. Now we have people eagerly drinking their soy ‘milk’, eating soy in every bit of processed food and proud to be ‘green’ at the same time. It’s a beautiful strategy, you must admit.

  27. So wise, CR,this Tiger thanks you. Yup, yogic siddhis (paranormal powers) are impossible without a special purifying diet e.g. NO SALT, at least to start with, before the ability to fully process poisons is mastered. Ask any energy master.

  28. Betheney Frankel is “Behind” her book project !!

    image: her ass

  29. Anita and Daniel, you guys are so close yet so far apart. Yet, I side with Skippy on this one. The masters know what they’re doing. Divide and Con-quer, while putting toxins in ALL of the food supply, and most importantly, getting mankind’s consent to their own destruction by blinding them to the kharmic destiny such cruelty to others [their animal brethren] brings.

    Doug DeGrave, a very appropriate picture is SO MANY ways. The whore shows the consumers of her book what they’re in for. And, far more oddly/interestingly, there is a promo for Kobe Steaks above it.

    During one of the podcasts, I had mentioned how I’ve noticed countless scenes in movies where they show dead flesh being carved, immediately either preceded or followed by a woman’s bare ass.

  30. I lean towards K’s views on meat consumption, tending to be very selective about the quality and frequency therein. If I do make something that includes meat for my daughter or I, it will be free of antibiotics, added hormones, and preferably organic. I’ve gone from being a vegan to a lacto-vegetarian to now, omnivorous (in a style similar to the one K mentions.)

    I can understand the moral argument of being meat-free, and see the philosophical underpinnings of what you are saying, Celt. I simply feel that the healthiest diets include (some) meat consumption. I know that when I was pregnant and eating an incredibly pristine vegetarian diet, I was also incredibly anemic — despite supplementation with ferrous sulfate rx, floradix, etc. The only thing that finally ended up bringing up my iron level was including red meat 3x a week.

    (Not to give a life story or be defensive about my diet, Roy…) but I share this to simply say, I know what K is talking about when she says she felt healthier when reincorporating meat.

    AND I have heard this before about red-eat meaters not “tasting” ;0 as good as vegans/ vegetarians but anecdotal evidence of my own doesn’t concur. I knew (biblically!) a vegan who’s semen tasted absolutely foul.

    I offer this bit of advice: eat more pineapple. I think the rest can vary depending on chemistry.

    (although it has been a while 😦 ….that’s a story for another time however!

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