The Shape of Things to Come [IV]

Moving along and trying to find a [positive] way out of my Room 101, a reader commented he thought Brave New World was being made into a big-screen movie. Lo and behold, a little checking shows that it, alas, is will be, but isn’t planned for release until 2011. One of the reasons given for the delayed release date [per gossip: apparently Leonardo Decaprio owns the rights and has been in touch with the Huxley family brood] is that Ridley wants to make The Forever War first.

huxley forever war

So, I have to wonder what made the cinematic realization [predictive programming] of The Forever War vision, more pressing, or should I say, more sequential, than that of Huxley’s outopia? Is there a reason the director of the “illuminated” Blade Runner, chose/put-us [or was directed to put us] on this path? Per one site:

“Aldeman’s novel centres on a soldier who returns home from battling aliens for a few months in space to find his home planet has advanced many years into the future, and is unrecognizable. One aspect of the new society which jars with returning military types is the pre-eminence of homosexuality, which has been encouraged by the government to help relax overcrowding.

I’d guess two of the above agendas, the Alien war [one that would last “forever”] and homosexuality (aka kinder/gentler population control), are higher on the list of priorities than the formal announcement the Brave New World Order is here. Gotta prep the people for the Bluebeam experience, and of course, make homosexuality more mainstream. Heck, just spending two years away from the USA led to my own near-literal “shock to the system,” when trying to relate with American women (whose cultural programming had advanced so far in such a short time, my prior “charming” ways were culturally obsolete), so I can empathize with the idea of a soldier gone for 20 years returning to an engineered world he doesn’t recognize.


That “future” world may not be so far off. There is a methodical, incremental and rather ingenious campaign to increase the percentage of the population that is homosexual, leading to a day in the not-too distant future, where self-professed gays and lesbians are the majority. As I’ve said before, it’s a “humane” form of population control, preferable [by those being culled] to famine, plague or war, or any other “horse-man.” {*1} While researching/viewing the latest MTV mind-fuck aimed at young women, Paris Hilton’s My New BFF, I caught an extremely insightful advertisement for the above upcoming “baby-step” program for men (NOT the actual promo poster for it, but it may as well be). The program described itself with the phrase “a bromance is a bond between you and your go-to guys.” Fuck me!

Of course, the average person will remain skeptical that Aldeman’s “future world will be their own one day, despite all the signs it’s already happening around them. You have to look at the gradual approach of “selling” the lifestyle to us, and selling the lifestyle, means (per the Edward Bernaise school of marketing), giving us the impression that it was “our idea” in the first place. Men, as I’ve said before, are a little less receptive/more resistant to direct marketing than women.

Do you remember the failed metrosexual “movement” from a few years ago, which included the coinciding “chance” release of the extremely “popular” (i.e., heavily promoted) Queer Eye for the Straight Guy show? There is no such thing as “popularity.” That would imply people expressing taste. How can people express taste or preference, when it is dictated to them by the controlled media?

queer eyemetrosexual

That was an experiment. They [the social engineers] learned that most American males just weren’t gonna run out and start getting manicures and pedicures, buying expensive frivolous clothes and home furnishings, then “getting in touch with their feelings,” just cause beautiful babes on the television were telling them it was “all the rage.” Sure, a bunch of GQ-reading upper-class moneyed corporate [hence, already effeminized] guys fell for it, but heck, those guys would do anything they thought might make them cool/desirable [they already read GQ for christ’s sake]. Thus, it was time to pull the plug on that nonsense [the experiment], derive a few lessons from it, and get back to the drawing board for the next one.

One thing I’ve noticed with increasing regularity, is that when I do leave the house, I can’t walk into a bar without at least 3 guys (friends or acquaintances) coming up and hugging me [eerily, a bunch calling me “bro”]. It wasn’t too many years ago, that most men did not engage in public hugging. Me and some of my close friends may have, but that’s because we didn’t give a shit what people thought of us, and were capable of occasionally expressing ourselves without fear a bunch of homophobes (i.e., closet homosexuals) would call us “queers” and beat the crap out of us [i.e, engage in intimate brutal physical contact with another sweaty man, and have their peers deem it “masculine”]. But, that was us. We weren’t following some TV-indoctrination guide-book on how to behave.

Note the Bromance link said the winner gets “to be part of his [Brody’s] entourage” [promo too: notice all the hugging?]. Now, that piece of social-engineering / marketing disguised as entertainment [HBO’s Entourage], has, as part of a much bigger picture, been responsible for the mimicry of “hug it out” and “my bros” and further ingraining collectivism as the “in-style” way of getting guys to plan / coordinate the simplest venture [getting out of the house] like girls have/had been [trained to]. I previously pointed out the pathetic nature of the show in terms of product / life-style marketing, but a year-older and a year-wiser now, I can clearly see there is a much bigger agenda behind it. Is Entourage “illuminated?” Let’s see:

entourage eye anus

The above scene is from an episode where the female partner was recognized for being the 33rd most powerful woman in Hollywood. In the closing minute, we see, in sequence: a lighting bolt on the brother’s shirt [see Stygian Port’s elucidation of symbol], a 23/32 on a hanging jersey, the lead [Vince] saying “Know what? Tomorrow is a new sunrise.” … and then crossing directly in front of the eye as he ascends the staircase. Fade to black. Roll Credits. Quick promo for next week’s show: a segment where the evil German director (referred to directly as a “Nazi”) was going to be taken down/put in his place by the lead character’s agent, the good Ashkenazi Jew Ari, announcing, “The Jew has arrived and he doesn’t like Germans.” Damn, I was unprepared. Vomit bag wasn’t handy.

The clip shows him “arriving” on the scene in a helicopter marked N388JC. There are a few ways of interpreting the [numeric] sequence. Substituting N with 14 (alphabetic), we get 14 + 3 = 17 (which carries its own implications), but reduces to 8, thus 888 + JC (jesus christos), or 13 reduced. Using gematria, where we get N=50, so 50+3=8, thus 888 + JC (also 888 resonant). For my thoughts on 888, the Christ and beyond: see prior post. Whatever interpretation, or system you choose, I think it’s [beyond] safe to assume, the selection wasn’t accidental. {*2}

entourage helicopter

Not to go too far off topic, but I’ve recently learned the show’s Ari Gold character (a “super-agent”) is actually modeled after Ari [¿Z?] Emanuel, the brother of America’s newest Chief of Staff, Zionist-infiltrator Mossad-asset alleged-human, Rahm Israel Emanuel. He’s the son of a man who had two passions in life: pediatrics, cause he loved helping children and [real] terrorism, cause he loved murdering children. In sync: the admitted bomber of the King David Hotel, took on the family name of Emanuel in ’33. The other “brother” is Harvard-grad oncologist [i.e., methodical mercy-killer] and bioethicist [¡ha!] Ezekiel, a director over at the NIH, so some connection to eugenics can be assumed.

Wait a minute … oh my … behold the brothers Larry, Moe and Curly of the Apocalypse! Am I reaching? Maybe. Is there a uncomfortable bit of truth embedded within my attempt at humor? Well, I had the “pleasure” of seeing and hearing a roast of Rohm from a few years ago, where Obama joked:

“Rahm is very serious about it [his faith]. He keeps the Sabbath. He doesn’t just talk about God’s Ten Commandments, he lives them … with some modifications. One [being], thou shalt not kill, unless [of course] he is a target.”

Hahahahaha! That is so funny! He kills only when his bosses tell him to. He’s so devout. Hahaha! “Change!” Hahahaha! Stop it Obama! You’re killing us! Killing us. Watch it for yourself if you want. Try not to shit yourself laughing.

No LubeKing David Hotelhorsemen cometh

Apparently, “change” means we’re no longer gonna be granted the luxury of being properly lubricated when they fuck us up the ass. Hm. Well, that provides a good segueway from the Orwellian political hammer to the forging process men are undergoing. I know there are many here among us, who still can’t see the roadmap from hugging one’s bros to a night of hot sex anal with them. It’s a gradual path.

nothing says i love you like anal sex

One clearly marked road on our itinerary, is the chemical effeminization process we [mankind] are being subjected to. The social engineers experimented with putting estrogen in baby formula back in the 50’s, but that had to stop. For one, the corporate engineering process of ensuring only the most derelict of humans would advance to the top had not cycled through yet, and two, people were a little smarter and put up a lot more resistance to such then. {*3}

Now, they put estrogen in the water supply [while “scientists” seek to scapegoat those damn women peeing into toilets], and in some cruel inside-joke, also directly into the masculine drink-of-choice, beer. You must read and contemplate this: “It’s official, men really are the weaker sex” [thanks to Alex Ansary for finding].


The effects are undeniable. Girls are hitting puberty earlier and earlier, and becoming super-effeminate, both physically and culturally (as discussed in part iii) while boys are seeing their average age of puberty delayed. Apparently, on the feminine side: they’re even named the “syndrome:” precocious puberty (from wiki, so expect some disinfo). The above pics are from a [presumably] well-meaning yet severely misguided campaign to discourage viewing children as sexual objects [¿but what do you expect from today’s average genius?].

A few decades ago, social scientists [i.e., for-hire researchers prostitutes], ingrained the populace with propaganda that “girls always mature faster than boys,” so that we [predictively] wouldn’t grow alarmed [or even notice] as the differences between the adolescence cycle of the sexes grew more extreme. Today, New Scientists [as in the, ahem, scientific, I’ll concede seance-tific to Michael Skaggs], are suggesting the delayed puberty in boys is “great,” cause now these poor boys will be granted the luxury of being able to change their sex to female easier! One “side-effect” of precocious puberty? “Breast development in boys before the appearance of pubic hair and testicular enlargement.”

Eventually, the meeting between proverbial rubber and the road will take place. The physical [chemical engineering] will meet the mental [social engineering], and the coup de grâce will be when the average guy thinks he’s made a choice to be “true to himself” and be gay. I’m sure many, particularly homosexuals themselves, will argue with me, that it’s not nurture, but nature. {*4} And, I used to think so too. I recall watching several fascinating “programs” about how science was close to isolating the “gay gene,” and even a convincing one about how brain differences, particularly the size of the hypothalamus, may influence sexual orientation.

The Gay Gene

However, when I start relying on life experience instead of the joke referred to as “higher learning,” I can say that a good number of the homosexuals that either I or close friends have known well, confessed to some form of early childhood molestation. Undoubtedly, there are many other environmental factors, as well as non-environmental ones, such as brain-chemistry or hormonal-imbalance. But, I am speaking of days past, when the media wasn’t heavily promoting the life-style.

As implied, there has always been, and will always be, a certain percentage of the population [a minority, as nature dictates any species where that minority approaches majority faces extinction], that for whatever reason, are attracted to the same sex. Our higher culture, owes much to individuals [of any ostracized group] that “didn’t fit in” to the herd group-think mentality of their time. But, the “reason” was never, ever genetic: there is no cancer gene, no autism gene, no gay gene or any other mumbo-jumbo gene eugenicists are forever “hunting.”

Genetics Eugenics

Some, will debate the promotion aspect, arguing that “homosexuality” has, in modern history, always been taboo, pointing out to witch-hunts and culture forcing the lifestyle into “the closet.” And that is true to an extent, but those times have passed. One could easily deduce “homosexuality” was severely discouraged [probably even punishable by death at the hands of the church], after the bubonic plague [which William Bramley argues was engineered]. Same could be said for periods following the endless wars in Europe up to the Napoleonic years.

Just this past century, while the gods were commanding us to “be fruitful and multiply,” you can rest assured “the gods” weren’t promoting homosexuality. The ranks of humanity had be swelled for the mass human sacrifice that took place on WWI, and then do it again for the greater blood offering to the gods of the gods [¿the macrobes?] on WWII, and then repopulate it after. Now, per the Club of Rome’s edicts, it’s time to depopulate and bring down the American empire.

boys don't cry

The scare tactic [i.e., the hammer] is that this “alternate lifestyle” is somehow still taboo, amd scaremongering films like V for Vendetta and The Handmaid’s Tale, suggest it will be a capital crime in the future. However, voluminous evidence indicates a majority of the world’s leaders are, and have been, homosexuals themselves. Throw the former in with over-reported and media-capitalized instances of genuine homophobic murders leading to “hate crime” legislation, supported by a gay community in classic PRS style, hence encouraging public support for Orwellian measures. It is horrible when any human being is tortured or murdered. Labeling the murder of someone who belongs to any group as somehow more horrific than the murder of another is simply anti-human.

Media manipulated gay activists focus egregious amounts of energies demanding more money for AIDS research (i.e., feeding more funding to the same group who created and released the disease). AIDS , or should I say, “the HIV hoax,” wasn’t first released on/propogated to the gay community because someone hated gays (studies on the genetics/eugenics of HIV/AIDS prove it far more likely to infect/be pushed on the negro race, there is no “homosexual” race). They were selected using an age-old proven formula that, if I’m allowed to quote myself, says:

A small, yet well-to-do minority, when they feel discriminated against and threatened, can be relied on to do almost anything in the act of self-preservation.

That formula is exactly why those who think they are gods “chose” the Jews to take over Russia and carry out the pogroms there, and why much like “hate crime” laws, calling someone “a Jew” was a capital offense after Lenin and his Brooklyn Mafia were installed. “Hate crime laws” are what prevented most Russians from openly asking the logical question: “Who the fuck are all these Jews who just showed up and are now running/killing our country?” Hitler used the gays [his brown-shirts] to get to power, and then cast them out [had them killed] when they were no longer useful. Those who would be gods, choose and drop people as it suits them. {*5}


Now, we have the latest divisive fad and hot-button “political issue”: gay marriage! [¡cue ominous music!] When a homosexual friend expressed his outrage at the state’s recent “anti-gay” ballot measure, blaming “the government,” I had to ask, “First off, our own governor is gay. But, more importantly: so what? Why do you care about marriage?” It usually comes down to this feeling that all these right-wing religious nuts are conspiring to keep the “sacred institution” of marriage as one defined by that of man and woman [I had accidentally put the word “versus” in there, and I think that my subconscious advertently chose the correct word].

TRUTH: Any “institution” is a place you wanna avoid. According to Webster’s code book: it says, “see ASYLUM: an institution for the care of the destitute or sick and especially the insane”. Who wants any part of that???

And of course, the average straight guy would say the same thing when looking at their “bro’s” anus. As I touched on briefly (in part ii), the “porn industry,” another massive cultural engineering force, was responsible, more so than any other program for the latest “style” of pubic hair worn. So, what’s the theme / grand climax / central-plot of most pornography made now? Anal sex. Do note: the full title of the “cartoon” below is “Gonad the Barbarian: the Search for Uranus.”

Sex in her ShittyGonad the BarbarianWeapons of Ass Destruction

I challenge anyone to deny the mass societal effect the industry has had. Nearly every average Joe out there, suddenly considers it [the anus] as his “primary goal” of conquest with females. Several books and [predictive programming] shows have already remarked on bizarre trends among teenagers, who now consider “anal sex,’ along the lines of “oral sex;” something that “doesn’t count” as sex. Excuse me? When I was a kid, that counted as like sex times ten. Oh, how times change. When you have “Christian” mothers appearing on talk shows, preaching that the lord wants teens to keep their virginity in tact until marriage, and then advising them to fuck each other in the ass, it’s safe to say that your agenda’s wildly successful.

Pardon me for being crass, but another phenomenon indoctrinated cultural meme I have to am electing to point out, is how I’ve observed with increasing regularity now is an “expression” guys use (i.e, “bro-speak”) to express degrees of beauty. While good-looking girls are merely deserving of “Man, I’d like to bone her in the ass,” and great-looking ones with, “I’d like break my dick off in her ass,” the highest level of intoxicating beauty is surmised with “I would stick my tongue up that girl’s ass.” Whether such has emanated from my own lips would be off-topic.

Girl on GirlRight Way Threesome

For those with memory, you’ll recall that several years ago, the plot/highlight of most pornos was girl-on-girl, and of course, what us gods-among-men could accomplish, a threesome. The same act/dream/goal, while not graphically demonstrated, was “coincidentally” supported/promoted heavily in almost every sitcom of the time. Guys all over the crown colonies (and likely, the whole world), began desperately trying to get their girlfriends to engage in such with their girlfriends, only to be met with the the appropriate response [at the time], “Gross! Why would I put my mouth on my girlfriend’s vagina?” How times have changed.

Some bolder women [back before MTV took away the remaining brains they had] would counter, “How about we do it with one of your friends?” A female friend told me of how she challenged her bf with the above, promising to engage in a 3-way with a female after. I guess the experience was too much for him. Days of tension and awkward silence were followed with him deciding she was too much of “a fucking whore” for him and ending the relationship. Be careful what you ask for.

faux lesbianSurrounded by Lesbiansboob lick

But that was then. Now, guys are faced with dwindling prospects, and they can blame themselves. In our quest to become gods (yea, I fell for it too), we became tools of the agenda, promoting bisexuality to women right alongside the media. Many girls, particularly among the young [thanks to Disney product/program Katie Perry and countless other “former” Disney kids like Lindsey and Britney choosing / “experimenting with” same], have grown up in world virtually surrounded by the promotion, and notion that it’s chic and raises their social standing. A few girls are now just choosing homosexuality, and for that, we can also thank another agenda, the [programmed] combative nature [and impossible expectations] of male/female relationships. But, that’s another blog in the queue. {*6}

Suffice to say, for now, that your average [and, in particular] white heterosexual male will slowly be seeing fewer and fewer coupling opportunities. Many will point to the Ancient Greeks as a culture that thrived while promoting homosexuality, but common sense suggests otherwise. No empire can thrive under such a system, because for any culture to “thrive,” it requires one simple fact, prorogation of its peoples. For every male and female in the society, you need, at a minimum, two offspring. Any society which falls short, is leaving itself open to a dwindling of its core, the required immigration of foreigners with different values/beliefs (hence, the dilution of its culture) and eventually, its sure destruction.

The more I cast aside the bullshit notions I was schooled with, and look into real history, the more I see how Michael Tsarion’s tracing of the “sun cult” makes sense. If you follow/trace these “parasites” (via their symbols) from Egypt, to Babylon, to Greece, to Rome, to Germany, to England and its colonies [USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia], you will see a pattern of intentional destruction of every host culture they left. I’d presume the reason is to wipe out traces of their footsteps. Let’s also not forget: the Greeks were subjugated by the Romans and then [given to] the Ottomans where their culture was [allegedly quite brutally] suppressed (a total period of 1700 years). Thus, much of the history of the Greeks, was written [¿edited?] for them by British historians [see above “route”].

Homosexuality among the Greeks and its promotion as the only real “true love” that could exist; requiring reciprocation of feeling between equals (thus, excluding those inferior female creatures, whom “the gods” continue to reduce to/promote their mere objectification), speaks to the decline, not ascension, of Hellenism. Are these the same Greeks who sacked Troy all cause of some pathetic woman? {*7}

real hellenics

Reading The Lysistrata [which, to this day is hilarious, depending on translation; avoid stodgy British scholars with the word “sir” in their name], speaks of a society that does not “jive” with the common perception of homo-erotic Greek culture, and also, how matriarchies, still a major [though subtle] influence in Greek life, yielded great power and influence even back in the “Classical” period. Aristotle’s school of logic would suggest that for Aristophanes comedy to have been so “successful,” he must have touched on a deep underlying cultural truth of the time. We have evidence of contradiction, so must consider that much of what we know is bunk.

But, looking towards the future instead of the past: what’s an average male to do? He’ll be facing a world of fewer and fewer coupling options, having “bromances” in lieu of friendships, be so stoked on female hormones that his nature is effeminate, while the culmination of his sexual thrust is already the “little hole?” The future does not seem so far off indeed? The End Game can be seen from here. How long ago would the below advertisement have been impossible [pose and product]?

hg wells shapemtv butt wax on

Padded bras [in this case, underwear] for men [surprise, MTV in the middle of it]? Oh how far we’ve come already in the effeminization process. Jeremy @ Stygian Port had some additional insight on this gradual, yet observable cultural trend:

Good stuff all around, covered a lot I’ve been thinking about like the feminising of men, with a focus on American men (i.e: the rape of the American cowboy, “Bareback Mountain”). I think this was one of the goals of the Soviets, in preparing the take over of America by limiting resistance from a historically “manly” nation.

The cowboy. An image associated with America since the romanticized days of the Wild West through the days of “the Westerns,” a genre of films that were shown throughout the entire world, deeply embedding the association of the words “American” and “Cowboy” even into the furthest of remote villages in the third world. An icon. An archetype. The symbol of the American “free” spirit.

And, in one fell swoop entitled Brokeback Mountain, an image destroyed. No, one movie about gay cowboys is not capable of doing that on its own. Not that many people actually even went to see it [I’d venture the boring plot more responsible than homophobia]. I’m sure there have been plenty of gay pornos where sweaty ranchhands found themselves in dire need of a massage, and got what followed. The guy from the Village People made nary a dent on the image. It was the media’s psychic driving of but one theme [anal sex] from the movie into the public mind.

broke backcowboy sexraped cowboy

The mind’s association of images and words was being subliminally manipulated in a rather crafty manner; thanks to all the jokes on late night television, and all the “controversy,” which, in all likelihood, was purely a media fabrication. It’s like that word association game: someone says “cowboy” and now instead of saying “John Wayne” or “frontier” or “Marlboro Man” … you’d say “butt sex.” Finally, just in case the dumbed-down general public still hadn’t arrived at that mental association … Family Guy’s Peter Griffin [prior thoughts on show], came along with the “sticky” [as in hard to get out of one’s head] song “Cowboy Butt Sex!”

The American Cowboy has effectively been raped and tossed aside. What exactly was the reason for calling a movie that takes place in the “heart-land” of America “broke-back?” Perhaps, as in the proverbial “straw that?” Drawing inference from Stygian’s above comment, should raise an eyebrow or two (or a few million). The “cowboy” archetype resonates independence, and there will be no room for that in the collectivist society known as the New World Order (as discussed in part iii).

Now, take a look at the following Warner Brothers image [credit to Stygian Port]. We’ve been debating if the WB is depicted entering a vagina [my initial read] or an anus [SP’s]. I’m now leaning towards the latter, and can perhaps thank Katie Couric’s worldwide-satellite colonoscopy broadcast. What do you think? {*8}

The Warner Brothers (per chance, both Jewish) remind me of another set of significant siblings, the Wachowski Brothers (by sheer coincidence, also Jewish), who gave us the “liberating” mind-fuck known as The Matrix Trilogy. What I am noticing within these last few images is the repeating theme of two men vying for one hole, and the implication/suggestion of some type of rape [“mental” counts]. Reminds me of South Park’s depiction of another infamous Hollywood duo, Spielberg and Lucas [¿care to guess what “minority group” they belong to?] raping Indiana Jones [image/more from Dedroidify’s “double”].

With the above in mind: this video exposé, about how rising black stars are forced to serve “the agenda” is a must see. Did someone drop a gay bomb on us [oh, that may be “real”]? Speaking of WB and virtual worlds, there is now a Brokeback Mountain Mod for SimWorld, just in case the only thing that made sim[ulated] life unsatisfactory was a shortage of gay cowboys. Of course, synchromystic keystone Heath Ledger is right in the middle of it all. Can anyone name a single agenda he wasn’t used for prior to his sacrifice? I’m getting out of this rabbit hole!”

Last night, I watched part of the latest Warner Brothers offering, Body of Lies; as much of it as I could stomach (about forty minutes). Verdict? Crap! [Hm: it stars Leo DeCaprio, alleged play-toy of movie moguls in his youth.] It: (a) pushes the idea of a vast “Al Qaeda” terror network run by supergeniuses, (b) programs the mind to the futility of escaping the omnipresent big-brother eavesdropping total technological supremacy “system,” and (c) embeds “rationalizations” into the public mind that excuse contradictions in the 9/11 story [e.g., they even named Mohammed Atta while speaking of the “new breed” of fanatical devout Muslim super-terrorist, willing to do drugs, wear a crucifix, and cavort with prostitutes and strippers, in order to “fool the enemy.”]. Guess who directed it? Ridley Scott.

So, will Ridley’s Brave New World, be another futuristic world machination, an encoded dramatization of “the shape of things to come,” or will it be two hours of reality programming; following the average everyday young person around with a camera and showing the mindless, soulless and meaningless existence humanity has already been reduced to? Judging by Scott’s latest, and seeing that he is still “paying some penance” by making a movie about the nefarious Gucci family [one who literally made their fortunes off the skins of tortured animals], I’d guess more likely the former (with a few hints for the aware that the film is actually taking place in present world). No movie is obligated to tell the profane anything.

As I was to recently hear, James Cameron, The Director among directors in Hollywood, may be the son of Dr. Ewin Cameron, The Mind-Kontrol Programmer of mind-kontrol programmers [Hidden Agendas wrote of him here]. I couldn’t find anything confirming, nor denying this bloodline, so will just consider it as a possibility. They do share the uncanny similarities of sharing the same surname, both being from Canada and both being pioneers in the field of mind control.


The above film, Avatar, is the latest from the director, and yet another in the barrage pushing the alien agenda [¿anal?], supporting the Bluebeam programming premise. In a prior blog, I mentioned Cameron’s been working on cutting-edge [some say classified military] 3D imaging technology (which this movie will be released in) and how he expressed excitement that with the technology, the “visual cortex is being cued, at a subliminal but pervasive level” directly [see full quote].

The image of Cameron (from his wiki page), contrasted against this image of another secret society member (from prior Obama blog) and his deliberate use of words like “magic” and “craft” imply there’s a lot about him we should consider. The film’s name and content, speak volumes to the box withing a box theme of compounding layers of virtual reality upon reality I spoke of previously. Now, I’m not quite sure what to make of this article, but for those who choose to partake of the coming 3D experience (whether for entertainment, or sync-hunting), I’ll advise: entering the theater means you are doing so of your own volition [free-will].

mk ultra

On a related note, this coming February, the USA will be moving to HDTV. Due to an uncanny accident, my Mom needs a new television, and is convinced it has to be one those big flatscreens. Hence, my technical help is being called on and I’ve had to familiarize myself with the pros/cons of competing technologies. A conversation with a local [non-conspiratorial] A/V expert, turned to the topic of DLP (“thousands of tiny mirrors”). He advised staying away from the clearance specials on such sets cause instead of broadcasting a picture, they send “a beam of light into your eye” (making for a crappy picture when viewed from the side), and added, “they’ve had to move away form the technology cause epileptics were having seizures.”

Are you serious? “Yea. I looked into them somewhat and it turns out the technology came out of NASA and was funded by the CIA.” Hm, so one big mind-control operation [NASA], with the funding of the agency responsible for funding MK-Ultra and pretty much every other mind-control technology, is connected to HDTV? While it is undeniable that movies, as many syncronauts are discovering have several embedded layers in them, and contain several embedded bits of truth, I’d like to remind some of us, myself included, that a lot of the people doing the producing and embedding, are, most definitely, not our friends.

colbert spider

Sitting in my own [non high-def] TV-induced stupor one night, waiting for Steven Colbert to say something funny, the above image [I recall the story was one about NASA], caught my eye and attention [understatement]. It served to remind me a couple of things: (a) Steven Colbert and Jon Stewart, who occasionally point out some things that make us laugh, and feel more clever than those who watch the “mainstream news,” won’t EVER go the extra step and point out their own system-serving function, and more importantly, (b) that I need to reshift my focus to the depths my octopus/spider/cubes explorations were taking me.

If you’ll recall from BNW (movie or book), even some deviation/natural curiosity was discreetly encouraged [recall the case of Bernard Marx, identified as a “potential deviant” while in his fetus-state, yet allowed to be born/injected into society]. This leads me to wonder, whether the reason for this experimentation was to work the kinks out of the system, or to test the mettle of other citizens, through the process of infection (of ideas). Was it in order to further fine-tune (i.e, leave fewer things to chance later), or because individuals who can break-free of such intense mind-control are the true best and brightest, ones worthy of being taken to the next-level, the free-society that lies beyond the box? Huxley and [via inference] Tavistock openly spoke of the goal: “to build a prison without walls.”

Microsoft, from the very beginning, was never anything more than an invasive control mechanism, a planned monopoly from the outset. It was “given” to Bill Gates, the descendant of the eugenicist Bill Gates Sr. [¿Distinguished Eagle Scout?]. If you believe that cock-and-bull story about young “college dropout’ Billy “tricking” IBM and their entire multi-million dollar legal department of the best legal minds from the best legal schools, into signing half of their entire futre business over to him, then .. you’ll believe ANYTHING. The above advertisement is not only an inside-joke, but a public admission [to the symbol-literate].

Gates Senior was born in Atlanta? Hm, I spent quite a bit of time there, particularly in the “Little Five Points” area; home to a gay bar that was quite the fun place to go Tuesday nights. What on earth/the hell is the below [center] image implying / suggesting? Hm. Little five points. The “little hole.” Wait a minute, just remembered that bar’s name: “The Star Bar.” [¿The Dallas Cowboys?] I know I said I’d find a way out and to some it may appear, I’ve just nested myself further in.

There is a way out, and the anus, the exit of exits, has a lot to do with it. I stepped into a topic where I couldn’t just say, “Oh, by the way, all you guys are going to be gay” and move on. I guess I could rationalize now making this a five-part series, instead of a four-part one (as I did at the end of last part), pointing to five being the number of man, and how now I’ve covered the four limbs, and it’s time to move onto the head, but then I’d fear I was guilty of engaging in some form of mental masturbation (appropriate to theme of last part), or dare I say, “synchrobation?” But, the above images definitely suggest/demand I devote part of the elusive final part, looking deeper into Saturn and Uranus [¡yea!].

I feel somewhat guilty of teasing you, promising windows [¡hm!] into dawns and vibrational harmony and elevation, but we’re getting there. I promise, this Celtic Rebel, will “put out.” While I won’t be offering up my anus, I will say that those looking for a stargate, would do best to consider the stargate/wormhole contained within your own bodies; the one starting at your mouth and ending at your anus, for how such a process works and what happens to anything that undertakes such a journey .. and that there are two possible outcomes.

It’s coming. I’m coming. We’re getting there.


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*1: In my view there are 8 horsemen and not 4, because I am looking beyond the reflection in the mirror. The Eight horsemen of the Apocalypse, in no particular order, are Famine, War, Pestilence, Plague, Sodomy, Larry, Moe and Curly. The last three are the unholy trinity of [organized] religion, the media (including entertrainment) and academia (including science/medicine), which have conspired to keep man in such a state of ignorance, that the arrival of the other five horsemen is assured. I guess some [straight] guys out there will claim they fear the Horseman of Sodomy more than the four commonly known ones, but that’s cause they misread this as the “Hung-like-a-horse Man” of Sodomy. [LB]

*2: Another episode features a scene (which I hope/plan to use in a future video) where at some rich girl’s Sweet 16, the daughter is acting like a nymphomaniac who just snorted estrogen, embarrassing her parents by offering to “blow” Vince in front of all the guests. The clueless mother, played by yenta Fran Drescher, rationalizes, “It’s just a phase!” The “bro’s” comment [which, I feel is a little ironic jab at the audience consuming show that promotes said behavior], “Yeah! A phase that’s gonna last her entire life!” Yes, they are laughing at you/us. [LB]

*3: Having spent many a year, in the “belly of the beast,” I’ve put together a rather simple theory of how the corporate process was set up to ensure only those of lowest moral/ethic fiber would rise to the top levels. I see it as more of an observation than a theory, yet when I relay it to people, they usually say, “You really need to write that up.” If there’s enough interest, guess I will, expect a poll by the end of the month. [LB]

*4: Particularly those fans of “Anderson Cooper” who berate me regularly. Note/hint: I would publish your comments and consider your perspective if you did not start off with “You are an idiot!” If you’re curious as to what the main reason a predominantly gay world would distress me: honestly, it’s cause with gays in the majority, there would be no more gay clubs to go to when I’m in the mood to listen to decent dance music; they’d then be playing the same Top 40 shite the straight clubs play. [LB]

*5: And to those who think that “the Jews” run the world, I’ll point out that aside from the obvious [most Jews I know personally, don’t attend secret meetings] these “chosen” people are subject to the same whims. If Albert Pike’s plan is followed, they’ll have outlived their cycle of usefulness to “the gods.” Oh, it’s in the draft queue too.[LB]

*6: It’s actually two articles I may combine into one. Themes/possible titles: Romance is Dead, Sex and the Shitty, Race Relations[hips], Female Gladiators, HB Hoe, The New Collectivism, What’s a Black Girl to Do? Desperate Measures, etc. [LB]

*7: I know this is a “massive thesis” to support within three paragraphs, but intuition and patterns of editing/destruction of artifacts suggest a lot of the Greek [or any ancient] knowledge has been heavily suppressed. Suppose a future scenario where America collapses, is invaded by the Chinese, textbooks are re-written, culture and language suppressed, and artifacts destroyed/looted. Suppose a mere 1000 years later, America regains its independence, with few left that can still comprehend even some of the “old language.” What would a chance archaeological dig of a modern San Francisco bath house or a NAMBLA underground den lead to future academics writing about “how all Americans lived?” [LB]

*8: The significance of the WB is a yet unresolved dilemma between Stygian and myself. I’ve been leaning towards interpreting the W as a Double-V (pronounced “doublevee” in German), thus 66 in Kabalah, but can’t figure out how the B plays into the “bigger picture.” If we take the value of V as 22, giving us 44 (there are two of them), then the B (2), should we infer multiplication, gives us 88 (which syncs with earlier numerological spiel). If someone reading this has an interpretation/insight, please comment! [LB]

~ by celticrebel on December 11, 2008.

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  1. Have but glanced through. came across the Colbert-DNA-Spider pic – I put up a pic of Michelle Obama , DNA and a Spider on my latest post, posted at almost the same time.


  2. Ah the comments are working now. Anyways I dropped you a line. I can’t believe that gay bar was called the star bar! Oh and I don’t think N=12…

  3. The Star Bar was only gay on Tuesdays, the rest of the time it was an excellent place to see live music. I haunted it for a spell.

  4. Ferris, interesting sync. And, thanks for being part of my reminder to focus beyond as well!

    ViolatoR, thanks for pointing that out [my confusing the value of N with 12 and not 14, since corrected]. I knew my staring at it didn’t jive with the reason I made a mental note to capture picture.

    And, thanks for your invaluable feedback, which has led to this modification / expansion of article.

    cadillyst, well, that clears things up. I remember going in on some Friday when some girls from out of town were visiting. I told them “it’s a gay bar, but I guess they have live music once in a while.” Hehe! Boy, was I wrong.

  5. Hey Celt….great post, although it was hard to read, only because it’s kind of distressing to see where society is going. Or rather, already gone, cause we’re already there, as you noted.

    A mish mash of random points…

    – Bonobos. Anybody who’s studied up on our ape cousins will know how sexual – and bisexual – bonobos are. After researching bonobos and thinking on human sexuality, what I concluded is that bisexuality and promiscuity is often the natural default way for many humans to be. Which can be a confusing point when trying to unravel what seems to be an increase in the number of gays/bis/transgendereds emerging in our society. Is it a case of, this is how things normally are, and with the removal of the repressive veils holding everybody down, now people are free to be who they were all along, which is actually some natural tendancy within apes in general?? Or is there really a conspiracy of some sort going on, artificially feminizing/neutering males and trying to encourage homosexual/bisexuality (and all around promiscuity) with people who wouldn’t have otherwise gone in that direction?

    Throughout human history the pendulum has swung back and forth between open promotion pf homosexuality/bisexuality, to outright persecution (as you noted too). Just one extreme or the other, neither one being balanced. So it can be a tricky subject to figure out, like, what in the frickity frack is going *on* here anyway nowadays?? Is it natural? Unnatural? Neither??? So here’s what I theorize: In the same way that manufactured feminism usurped the rightful emergence of women’s rights, turning it into something insidious, we possibly have the manufactured “homosexual population control” agenda riding on the coattails of the gay rights movement, doing the same. Things then become tangled, and most can’t tell the difference. (So to answer the earlier question posed – yes, there is an artificial hand at work here, but, no doubt that homosexuality/bisexuality is also a natural component of human nature.) Something I noticed back when trying to discuss either feminism or the homosexual agenda subject on a message board several years ago was that people would get a little miffed, thinking I was against women’s rights, or bashing homosexuals, when my mindset is neither. They couldn’t seem to understand, or were reluctant to acknowledge, that there were insidiuous agendas riding on the coattails of legitimate rights movements. Again, because things had gotten usurped and tangled, and they weren’t being very observent, and/or were too close to the subject to see it from a detached viewpoint.

    And I agree with your stance about why gays would want to be fighting for the right to marry. It’s another false two choice dichotemy, as always. It’s also a case of reverse psychology – because something is “denied” to somebody they suddenly feel like they *have* to have it. I’m a straight female with a longtime boyfriend and even I don’t want to be getting married, for multiple reasons, but not least of all because the government doesn’t need to be involved in my relationship, granting me “permission” and the “right” to be partnered up, and then dictating down the line how I can or can’t part ways with somebody (should things go in that direction). Many people will counter this viewpoint though by citing all the ways in which The System, and The Powers That Be, will deny the non-married significant other (be it in a straight or gay relationship) various “rights,” such as hospital visitations, health insurance, etc. Okay, the solution to this issue isn’t……to get married, being forced to buy into the system. The solution is to tell The System, and TPTB, that they don’t have the right to 1) deny people what should be basic rights, and 2) to link things such as “health insurance” and other things with whether or not people are “married.” That’s the real issue here. That’s what we need to be challenging. But as always, options have been removed from reality, people are given only two false choices, and most people don’t even question this.

    – Henry Makow. You’ve probably heard of him. People either seem to love or hate him, he’s very polarizing, and is usually labeled as being “anti-semitic” for exposing the Zionist/Israeli agenda, “homophobic” for talking about the gay social engineering you’re discussing here, and “women hating” for exposing the insidious feminism agenda of the 20th century and the subsequent breakdown of the family and society as a whole. I don’t agree with everything he says, but, he’s right about a lot of things imo, and is where I first learned of the weird gay agenda going on in our media. (since I don’t own a TV I wasn’t really paying much attention to it.) He also talked about the whole trend towards anal sex in porn, and how it’s being pushed on guys as if that’s the more desirable area for a hetero guy to be aiming for. Something else he’s noted around his site is the whole way in which Playboy Magazine, a staple of American life since the 50’s (coincidentally arriving on the scene about the same time feminism did….) actually aims to push the homosexual lifestyle: being promiscuous with as many partners as possible, not settling down with anybody/perpetual bachelorhood, and being all cosmopolitan/metrosexual and such. I can imagine though that people with no exposure to a coherant explanation on the conspiracy may have a hard time accepting what you’re talking about here. I’m wondering if you’ll hear from irrate, inflamed people accusing you of being homophobic, or gay bashing……

    – AIDS – A recommended read would be “Inventing the AIDS Virus,” by Peter Duesberg, PhD. in this society we’re typically only given several options for what’s going on with AIDS: Either it’s exactly what they tell us it is (a virus, which can be viewed under a microscope, precursored by HIV, and which is transmitted either through unprotected sex, sharing needles, or receiving tainted blood transfusions) or it’s a conspiracy manufactured in labs to target ghetto drug addicts and gay men. That’s it. Take your pick. Since option 2 obviously makes no sense to anybody with even half a brain working (how do you manufacture a virus that knows how to target “gay men”?), everybody just accepts the false dichotemy alternative, which has also been proven incorrect for many reasons. Dr. Deusberg points out how AIDS is not a virus, it’s an ever increasing umbrella list of ailments and diseases indicitive of immune failure, and that if HIV was the cause of AIDS then it needs to be present in 100% of all AIDS cases. And it is not. And a pattern that Dr. Duesberg noticed within the key groups of AIDS people was the use of drugs. From ghetto drug addicts sharing needles to AIDS babies who had crackhead moms, to the gay male culture heavily immersed in recreational and street drugs, the one thing they all had in common was *immune system destroying drugs.* And AIDS in Africa? That’s lies and corruption on a mass scale, a subject he also gets into. So if this is news to anybody then this is a book I definitely recommend looking into.

    – I used to post on the Noble Realms forum back when it was up and running, and there was a thread started there by one of the male NR members about being gay. He noted something that another NR poster would also note: that he didn’t start out gay. When he was a boy he liked girls. But something happened at age 16 and suddenly a switch was thrown you could say, and he mysteriously, inexplicably found himself attracted to guys, and so is now “gay.” He wasn’t the only one though. Another guy there also had the same exact same situation – started out liking girls, but specifically at age 16 he “changed.” This second guy – who by the way, is a big time abductee completely embroiled in the “woo woo” – has had a hard time with the whole being gay thing, and long story short, from what I can gather/put together, on a deep down level the whole thing doesn’t feel right to him. ie, *it’s not the real him.* Because he knows he started out liking girls. But his compulsions were so strong that he resigned himself to being a “gay male” yet there is a conflict, and I’ve seen him on the forum refer to certain types of gays as “faggots.” Something that a true gay doesn’t usually do. A third guy on that forum was also gay, but seemed to be in conflict about it as well, not fully accepting his status as gay, as if it doesn’t fully feel right to him either. So an additional theory of mine now involves the idea of abductees and such being experimented on like lab rats, turned into something they’re not. This isn’t something I’m seeing discussed anywhere, and for that reason I think it’s important.

    Anyway, that’s my mish mosh mash up in response to another good expose….

  6. Most ‘me-norities’ prove excellent marketing tools – logoed clothing for the ‘races’, accessories for the ‘sex-cults’ , team strips for the ‘almost-knights’. Then of course all dressed up , now its time to make legistlation so that uninterested people will be forced to listen.

    I feel that all these ‘societies’ exist but contain the people at ease with their ‘thing’ and who don’t need to con-vert others, then there’s those who squeeze every opportunity to proselytize at ever-increasing decibels. Necessary for this = call a transient human possibility a name and then ‘dung it about with enginery of war’.
    With the hugging thing, I can never understand why people really need to get that close , humans have a fairly obvious electromagnetic surround which seems to serve as a conduit for ‘friendship recognition’. I guess the hug helps others recognise the ‘exclusivity’, some form of group/grope mechanics. One then gets assaulted for ‘not hugging’ with the ‘ aren’t u happy , whats wrong’ etc .


  7. The Gay agenda has been obvious to me in sitcoms and most all prime time tv for at least 20 years. Put downe the buffoon man and accept your feminine side. When I point out this agenda to people they think I am sexist. I do believe a marriage is between a man and woman. Civil unions are fine with me for all other committed adults. Live and let live. I am glad to receive my water from a mountain watershed. I some times wonder about the genetic makeup of gays, seems to be true to me? I think men need to man up and be proud/grateful for our position and power. It is glorious to be a man! No remorse no regrets! Dennis from Oregon.

  8. Carissa, I see you are also one who never mated with brevity. 🙂 For me, during this series, it has been somewhat distressing to realize the level of control, even among those who think they are acting on behalf of their interests, after someone has pushed their appropriate buttons. Sometimes, it feels like I’m getting to the point to when I see a pawn fall, I can see all [most of] the moves that led to it.

    You may be one of the few in here to research bonabos. [I’d think.] I’d like to think we’re somehow above that. I’ve co-drafted a diabolical little plan of exactly how I would socially engineer an unnatural agenda upon us, while convincing us it’s not only “natural” but responsible. Not sure what I’ll do with it.. Maybe an addendum?

    The podium of balance is an impossible place to stand. I’m sure a few that come across this will label me a “homophobe,” while I’ve already been tagged a “closet homo” in my area, just for bringing up the topic. Hasn’t happened here yet, but regularly on that damn Anderson blog.

    I like Makow, even though I don’t always agree with him, because he speaks his mind. I’m also familiar with Duesberg and will say he presents some valid points, however if I recall correctly, his suggestion the reason for the “immune breakdown” occurring among gays first due to poppers and such. It doesn’t explain the correlation with the free hepatitis vaccines and the cities providing them (only to homosexuals). Still haven’t made up my mind on IF there’s a connection between HIV and AIDS, but definitely believe the “cures” are ultimately what kills.

    Thanks as always. Oh, and I’d bet some of the [non-insiders] gays in the industry pushing these agendas, are missing the big picture and would “hate it,” were they to wake up in a world where instead of pointing out “repressed joe six pack,” they are “joe six pack.”

    aferrismoon Me-norities! I love that! As for the hugging, which actually I never put much thought into until everybody started doing it, part of this destructive BFF process, where we put the same ridiculous expectations on friendships we put on relationships, thus leading to more and more cycles of heartbreak and loss?

    Dennis, Note you used the word “committed” in terms of an “institution?” 🙂 I have to disagree and say that if a church wants to set rules on who can or can’t, that’s their right. As for the state, it has none. In the eyes of the state, marriage is simply a contract between individuals, and i don’t think the state can say who or how many people (as in the case of polygyny) topic can enter a contract. I’ll agree with Carissa above and say NO ONE of any sex should EVER get married. How can one be “free” when they invite the state into their bedroom?

    I’m jealous of your hormone free water supply, need to make that my reality. One thing I neglected is how women, in their [programmed] quest to neuter men via feminism and then tidy them up (metrosexuality), are now regularly complaining how they can’t meet a real man. As the song says, “Where have all the cowboys gone?”

  9. Very interesting indeed. My son made a comment the other day that one in every ten guys is gay – all I could think of was who made that up!

    Sometimes I think there is so much made about effeminising men – I do have this question – wtf is ‘effeminate’ anyway?? – is that the way women are supposed to be & who made up THOSE rules? What if any sane woman was just as fearful of the effeminate as men? And I don’t mean that women should be like men either – I’m reminded of your future Chinese-American scenario – the thing called ‘female’ seems to me to be something akin to that – an engineered form of I know not what. I don’t see it as specific to today, although it’s sure got weird, but hey there’s centuries of weirdness at the back of it.
    Not sure if this makes a heap of sense, probably should have taken days to mull it over, but what the heck – I’ll put on my crash helmet & await your reply :).

  10. Good topic celticrebel! You always deep, profound and u go in on us. lol

  11. Celt!

    I had mixed emotions reading this post bro, was contemplating for a long while whether to do a post on several of these topics or not at T.H.A., but you covered a hell of a lot!

    Eugenics has it’s grubby hands in everything doesn’t it? Each subtle injection to a socially engineered society from any angle, and for what? To slow down the populous? To create a non-resistant public? I can see a distinctive “push” to confuse youths–and I cannot stand the subtle androgyny either, that really helps. That brought to mind Ray Kurzweil’s talking about his Ramona A.I. program where “one could be the opposite sex if they wanted too”. Believe me, even in a virtual world, I have never wanted to try and be the opposite sex, thanks [no offense ladies!] because I am happy with who I am.

    I believe in treating everyone equal as “humans”, nobody with special rights, everyone the same, and have alleviated any prejudices I might have once had in the past thanks to the “social engineers”. IMO, everyone deserves the right to live and let live, however, our world leaders need an exile to another dimension or damn galaxy–oh wait, I forgot corporate pigs, politicians, sceance-tists, military industrial complex “familes”..etc..etc..or rather “those that would impose their will at any cost”.

    Great rant my friend, thoroughly executed.


  12. Wise WoMan, well, not a heap, but a bit. 🙂 We have our “natural” roles, with each sex being better suited towards certain tasks. As part of our disassociation process, and keeping us off balance, we keep seeing experiments and sometimes, full-blown agendas designed to make us even more dysfunctional, hence less resistant to the next. One blatant example: men were never ever meant to be “doctors,” or healers or care-givers, hence the witch hunts and the fine mess we are in in that area.

    What your son said reminds me of what my friend’s daughter said one day when I picked her up from the bus stop. I was trying to avoid being waylayed by some old guy there who is just a little too “sweet” on me, and she asked why I was in such a rush. When I explained, she said: “He’s gay? That’s so awesome!” Hm, where did that “thought” [of a 9yo] come from?

    hautesauce, hehe. I’m now reminded of the words of Robyn Hitchcock: “I’m into you so far, I’m out the other side.” Wow, gonna have to use that next part.

    Thanks for the encouragement Michael. I knew I was stepping into a few sensitive areas where I risked further offending even more of my readers. I’ll agree with you thoroughly how we should all appreciate and relish the differences between the sexes, instead of helping the agenda to socially engineer an ideal replica of ourselves to fornicate with.

    Oh yeah, and Fuck all the Eugenicists! Right up their sanctimonious ass! 😉

  13. Superb article – very thought provoking. I live down the street from L5P and thought you might find it interesting that the restaurant across the street from the Star Bar is named “The Vortex.” The MK/death trip themed restaurant has the best burgers in town.

  14. Thanks for doing a post on gender programming, its a big issue for them nowadays.

    I’m still not clear on the population control issue though. I see how there’s a push to make homosexuality acceptable if not desireable for everyone, but what about the propaganda push coming from Hollywood and the entertainment world to have multiple births triplets and twins!?

    There’s a huge campaign for women to feel pressured to have babies nowadays (i.e. baby bumps, even teenage stars getting married and having kids, Juno, Jamie Spears etc.)

    Also, I disagree that women are getting more feminine. In case you ahven’t noticed, the entertainment world appears to be fascinated with trannys and masculinized women. People are always joking about how a female star looks like a man in drag or whatever.

    The young girls that I’ve seen are more muscular with squarer jaws than ever. I think they are actually pushing all of us into being more androgynous. What do you think?

  15. I was not the least surprised to learn of, or rather to have one point out the gay agenda that is in effect around us. I work in Hollywood and it was as if the puzzle came together for me quite neatly. The very night after reading your blog I watched the taping of a new sitcom in which the “hot guy” was bending over when two women were talking about how sexy he was. I could understand the camera zooming in on his behind but a wide shot of his anus? Really? And I am suppose to think this is sexy? On another sitcom the main character’s jock brother comes out of the closet and it’s treated as if he just informed the family that he does not like vanilla ice cream as he has proclaimed for years but in fact loves strawberry. The family asks no questions, is not in the least bit surprised and the only comment made is that, he will now be spending the summer following a certain boy band around the country. That’s it! Normal. Wide angle of a man’s anus on prime time television why? Because it’s sexy and normal to somehow now look at that and think, “I need to tap that.”
    Boy, you did a wonderful job at shedding some light up a dark passage, sorta speak. lalan

  16. —in response to Greydove—

    I think the push/pressure for young girls to have babies is a multi-layered reason (1) if they are having kids at too young an age there is a greater chance for them to “give up the child” to an adoption center [i.e. Illuminati Mind Control picking grounds] and (2) the Hollywood generated “Juno/Jamie Spears/Britney/etc” is centered around “false drama” with dysfunctional relationships where the children are always caught in the middle and “used” by both parents, teaching subliminally or abruptly [whichever you prefer] “how young moms should handle it”, which is never the right way. Hollywoods influence in this department is awful and people hang onto that drama in the magazines way too much!

    The multiple births/twins/etc your seeing by the “breeders” [research Monarch/MK-Ultra and bloodlines ruling Hollyweird] like Angelina Jolie, etc. is due to the obsession that the elite bloodlines have with “twins”. Hollywood has a very dark side to it, and there is more to those “gods and goddesses” that are put in place for all the world to see that we don’t outright know–like they are all from ruling class bloodlines.

    It’s late and I am exhausted, I hope this made some sense at least.

    Be well all!

  17. Johnny, great neighborhood. Wow! Thanks for pointing that out, I had forgotten the vortex. Will HAVE TO expand on the connection next part [vi].

    Greydove in addition to Michael Skagg’s response, which I agree with, I’ll that I feel the increases in teen pregnancy are a natural of outgrowth of overstimulated oversexed teens. Juno, and it’s androgynous centerpiece, Ellen Page, is mind manipulation to excuse the behavior, and if you recall, the baby came into the world with no “family” to speak of [I wrote of this slick piece of engineering before]. As for the look, it is not the result of “hormonal,” but I”m surmising a combination of the heavy promotion of lesbianism and mental conditioning of aggression into females.

    Lalan, thanks for the inside stories! It’s a wonder more of the participants (actors/camera-people, wardrobe, etc) aren’t oblivious to what’s going on around them. On second thought, they’re no smarter than the mAsses. We’ll be going deep into that passage before this series is through. 🙂

    Michael, thanks so much for answering the above!

  18. I was so happy that MTV thought to make such a bromantic show, it brought a little tear to my eye…

  19. Characteristic of the Antichrist
    Daniel 11:37
    Neither shall he regard the God of his fathers, nor the desire of women, nor regard any god: for he shall magnify himself above all.

  20. I almost always agree with you but you’re wrong about AID$. It’s a 100% made-up-out-of-whole-cloth psyop. The 911 of the 1980s. And it’s long since run its course. They (live) killed this journalist for trying to expose it.

  21. coffee, I’m sure it brought a few [proverbial] tears from the eye of many gay men who have “straight” guy fantasies. 😳 I’m sure the weekly hot tub scene is the climax.

    Dan, interesting quote. That could also describe our last two presidents.

    John, I already believe that the biggest killer among “aids patients” are the drugs they are given. And ever since I found out that Len Horowitz was a Knights of Malta member, his work has become suspect. Usually, if you want to find the truth on an issue, follow the trail of dead guys.

  22. You mention the Bluebeam experience

    I can’t see Earth ever having a new age religion. The Muslims will NEVER give up believing in Allah. Unlike the west, where we are becoming more secularised, Islam is growing incredibly and it is stuck in the 7th century. At current demographic rates Europe will be majority Islamic easy before 2100.

  23. The Muslims will NEVER give up believing in Allah. Unlike the west, where we are becoming more secularised, Islam is growing incredibly and it is stuck in the 7th century. At current demographic rates Europe will be majority Islamic easy before 2100.

    what the fu…. btw just using what the nub above me said so it worked

  24. the wb could be a inverted m and could means monarch brothers or even monarch butterflu

  25. Kwazy, yes. According the propaganda that the mossad’s media wing is putting out … the backwards muslims are gonna take over Europe and bring in Sha’ria law and McDonald’s will only serve fallafels (which, IMO, would be a step up). Anyway, in reality, their priest class will fall in line and preach whatever doctrine the globalists tell them when/should the time come.

    HAvey, it worked?

    fabiano, yes it very well could. Good eye. It could also be a “grid” as there are two W’s. Going from there to Grid prison “forever” (from the B=8=infinity). Rotating the W clockwise gives us 3 * 8, which is 24/42, the alleged cosmic “answer” to life. The permutations seem endless. But, at least we know what that anus/stargate is … a doorway to hell. 👿 The netherworld.

  26. Celt,
    excellent blog but one t6hing jumped out at me: The Forever War was written by Joe Haldeman, not Aldeman. I read it a few years after it was first published in 1974. At first I thought the aliens were weird and then I read the middle of the book which had been omitted by the publisher called “You Can Never Go Back” where Mandella goes home and finds out about the homosex, including his own mother having a live-in female lover. Now THAT was weird! Odd that Madella`s girlfriend was named Marygay, huh?
    Uh-oh… I`ve shown my advanced age.

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