Forging Ahead, Anvil Behind [III]

From where I left off in part ii, I was talking about the loss of collective memory and how it condemns mankind to a vicious cycle of ignorant repetition. Looking at current geo-political events, especially those presently being undertaken by the United States on behalf of Israel, mass amnesia is the only possible explanation for why so many lemmings are marching headlong and lockstep to the cliff’s edge.

albert pike

I recently had the pleasure of meeting a German gentleman who was a survivor of the horrific “allied” carpet bombing campaigns of WWII. Although there was a language barrier (my German being significantly worse than his poor English), he managed to convey the frightening similarity between the “cult of worship” following the non-German Hitler, and that following the non-American Obama. I pointed out another similarity; that both of these outsiders were/are working on the behalf of outside interests to destroy the country they were put in charge of.

That is where our agreement ended. While he even said the Wars (I & II) were instigated by the British in order to destroy the economic threat a united Germany posed, he could not bring himself to entertain the possibility Hitler was working on behalf of The Crown and the Rothschilds. He readily excused Hitler’s repeated key “mistakes” as the acts of an idiot [interestingly, the same way Americans excuse the repeated failures of their government to stop “11 of 9”] but could not accept him as a traitor. I guess the indoctrination/propaganda of his youth ran deep.

nazi scoutsorwell's scoutsfascist scouts

I could go on and on, but to try and stay on topic, I’ll point out that Hiter was a meth addict (tying us back to part ii), and the BNW (1980) movie showed us a couple of anecdotal supporting pieces: (a) implying Adolf and Rockefeller ware mere betas and (b) showing us that the alpha in charge of the society, did not designate himself in any way that made him stand out above others, hence remained hidden within the society, while maintaining complete, yet discreet control of it. {*1}

Whether Hitler Youth, Boy Scouts, or whatever they called the Orwellian child brainwashing Brigades in the Soviet Union or the “Hell on Earth” known as Maoist China, anytime you see children in uniform (including the informal garb “free” society calls “fashion”), united under a common cause (including what on the surface appears as the mimicry of mindlessness), it should be cause for alarm. Forget that Norman Rockwell propagandized Scout image [George Washington kneeling and praying to some Christian “god?” Puh-lease!]. The reality of such “national” hierarchical groups is usually far from the romanticized vision.

Sadly, as I look at the face of the young German girl in the first poster, I can only surmise were she fortunate enough to survive the war, she suffered multiple gang-rapes at the hands of the Russians (or others). And I’m further saddened, because should the Americans not change their ways, and continue to earn the enmity of the rest of the world via unprovoked wars, and the promotion of torture and indefinite detention of innocents, the wives and daughters of its military men are condemned to the same fate. Perhaps, by discussing this and Pike’s “vision” (i.e., plan), I have drifted back into the realm of the Orwellian hammer?


One reader accused me (in part i) of engaging in a little fear-mongering myself, and I guess, at the moment, I stand somewhat guilty. Sometimes, it can be a challenge, trying to look beyond the forge, while so many [hammers] stories [intentionally] vie for my attention. Just today, heard that a guns for food program took place in the USA. I, having some memory, recalled that the last time I head the words “guns for food,” it was the United Nations implementing such in Rwanda, thus more than any other event, enabling the genocide. It’s hard to say if that’s a hammer of persuasion, or a Soviet-like hammer of death and destruction. When we sheep don’t move to the anvil of our own accord, the latter is sometimes resorted to.

Tying it all together with the image crafted above, there is no solution coming from within the system. For if we turn to another hammer, the gavel of the Saturnalian courts for “justice,” they will grant us just that. On the surface, it will appear solid and substantial, yet the moment we walk off the court, it will begin to melt and fade away. “We want justice!” scream the peeple, and they get it, to the letter.

I recently watched Chris Everard’s Illuminati II, which, in one segment, depicts both major communist systems of youth indoctrination propaganda. The examples are so patently absurd and obvious, even the most mind-numbed of Westerners will immediately identify them for the “brainwashing” propaganda they are. But, oh the beauty of the Hegelian dialectic: those same Westerners will then encourage (be it directly, or through financial support) their own children into all forms of idle/idol worship, thinking it’s innocent [¡wrong!] and natural [¡wrong again!].

pyramid clubimbecile fanshanna club

Note the pyramid forming behind Hitler and his fanatic worshipers. Now interject that with the image of Hannah from the entry page for her fanatic worshipers. Three hearts [i.e., vaginas], forming an upside-down triangle [i.e., a vagina] of vaginas. Do I really need to now comment on why obvious choice of pink for the background was made by whatever mindless repeaters of indoctrinated memes? {*2}

Huxley’s futuristic BNW envisioned the eradication of “families” and children being born/nurtured in labs. That’s a hammer. The reality anvil, is that outside of the “third world,” should you decide to have children, they are yours in name only. You then turn them over to the state for indoctrination via their “social” education centers. Their values will be programmed by the television, then reinforced via the peer-feedback loop. Parenting is already becoming obsolete. Trying to take away negative influences (like Disney and MTV) while sending kids to the school system, nets a near-guarantee that your child will be a social outcast, and thus resent you.

Sure, there are options, but thanks to programs like radical feminism, welfare’s [intentional] decimation of black nuclear families, wages growing in inverse to the cost of living, the instilled perception of monogamy as “tradition,” the “prince charming” syndrome, the breakdown of communities [¿ever wonder why they call “flats” apart-ments?], those options are dwindling. One friend, expressed frustration at trying to find a home-schooling “network” that didn’t have an Evangelical [falsest cult of Christianity] core. The system? Vaster than imaginable.

jesus camp

Phrases like “no child left behind,” imply the public school system will be a factory of gammas (“We’re not too stupid and we’re not too bright. To be a gamma is to be just right.”) and deltas, with the epsilons dropping out (¿to pursue careers as rap stars?). The overly priced (in regards of quality of education for money paid) private schools will produce the betas and alphas. Home schoolers, already sought by the top universities, may be the new top alphas; their ability to think outside that confining box makes graduates of even the most prestigious private schools look mentally challenged (though, there is one “problem” confounding think-tanks: home-schoolers aren’t vaccinated, and may thus outlive their cycle of usefulness to society). What may seem as “rebellion” can serve the system.

Aside a few remaining true geniuses, those [God forbid] “free-thinkers” (which, as Huxley suggests, would be shipped off to some island, for they will not fit in ANY system), {*3} these religiously home schooled alphas, will have been raised to “believe without knowing” [kind of the definition of “faith,” no?], under a system / book so corrupted and convoluted (thanks to the blood-thirsty Roman Catholic Church and that derelict King James), that spirituality and religion are now polar opposites. None can understand the book unless they seek occult knowledge, and most are dissuaded by [cleverly programmed] fear of a pitchfork-wielding “devil.”

Lastly, the only deity promoted is the cruelest, most persnickety and misogynistic of all, Jehovah. So, there’s choice, albeit a dialectic one. For those with daughters, it’s rather simple: (a) turn your daughter over to the media / social-schooling system and watch her grow up to be one fine-lookin’ “hoe” with zero self-esteem, or (b) turn her over to religion, so she’ll grow up piously worshiping the one deity who despises her beyond all others. There must be [is] some other way [other than throwing the dice up into the air and hoping she’ll fall somewhere in between) {*4}

jehova's love letter

One thing I neglected to add to the above image was “How you like them apples, bitch? PS: I never REALLY loved you! Don’t bother calling, cause I won’t answer. OK? Don’t ever … call me. OK?” Perhaps, I could have modernized somewhat with rebuked Jehovah posting saucy pictures of his prior intimate moments with Eve on the internet? Do you like the stationary I picked out? Moving on…

Whenever you get groups of people together, united by one common fanatical goal [they don’t call them “fans” cause they keep you cool on hot nights], you get an extreme form of groupthink. Any groupthink, is a dangerous thing, yet desirable to the architects of society, because it is far easier to manipulate (as Bernaise made clear) than the individual mind. In BNW (1980), “solidarity patrols” scoured the streets, looking for suspicious characters. “Suspicion” was raised by anyone who was alone. [Of interest: the UK Boy Scouts have Solidarity Patrols.]

That’s not a hammer. In many parts of the world, that anvil is already in place. I spent a few years of my life traveling by myself whenever and to wherever I could. As a result, I actually prefer going out alone [and couldn’t imagine traveling any other way]. Now in the habit of going out solo, I’m regularly faced with people wondering, and sometimes “beta” females even asking, “What’s wrong with you? Don’t you have any friends?” Um, why do I need a cadre to leave the house?


My experience found that reaction to solitary wanderers varies depending on where you go, and I had found New York the most hospitable to such. My worst most challenging experience, by far, was one particular night in the megalopolis of Sâo Paulo, Brasil. Here’s is an excerpt from a shared travel journal of from that night at a bar/restaurant, commencing after two waitresses and the manager had already come by my table to ask if anyone would be joining me: {*5}

One of these Brahma [a popular beer] gals comes over to my table and asks me to come take the tour of the truck, adding it involves a “free” sample. Now, I am a bit annoyed by her pointing out that I am here by myself [“Você está sozinho?” trans. “You are alone?”] But, I am not in the habit of saying “no” to beautiful women, so I go. [Actually, that was a lie. I define myself by the act of saying no to beautiful women.]

The “tour” involves them explaining how they make their beer, and ends with you getting to pour your own. Hence, they have to put an “idiot apron” around you. The lovely blond putting the apron around me, makes a point of saying. “Are you the one who was sitting over there [points] by yourself.” [In Portuguese.] Yes. That was me. Sozinho! Now, she has to repeat it. “Oh, I remember seeing you. You’ve been sitting at that table alone since we got here.” Yes! That would be me.

I wait until they find a few more people to warrant a tour (they won’t do it for just one). A guy and a different girl lead us into the truck and explain the “process.” I had told them beforehand, that I would understand absolutely none of it, but am surprised, I actually do comprehend some of what they are telling us. And then, before it is my turn to pour, the guy asks, “So, you are here all by yourself?” Oh, for fuck’s sake, man!

Groupthink is a must for uniting a society under a common purpose. Of course, most fools who follow “planned” common purposes don’t realize the ultimate end goal of the forging process is always their own imprisonment. The spiral of silence (i.e., that “a person is less likely to voice an opinion on a topic if one feels that one is in the minority for fear of reprisal or isolation from the majority”) ensures most won’t question the logic of what they’re doing. [Thanks to reader “C from Germany” for pointing out.] How else could anyone explain the squadron of robots below, out protesting “global warming” in the middle of a spring-time blizzard?

global fools

Forget long-term memory, even short-term is gone: Global Warming protest frosted, Global Warming conference postponed due to snow, Global warming conference canceled due to Winter Storm (again). Forget red-flag names like, ahem, “environmentalist” David Mayer de Rothschild (ahem, “author,” of The Live Earth Global Warming Survival Handbook) attaching themselves to the cause. Heck, even Spencer Tunick (who can thank the “engineers” at HBO for the extent of his fame) got a few hundred naked fools citizens to pose on a glacier (would be safe assumption that none of the guys at the shoot scored any dates after the event).

This collective loss of memory astounds me. A recent visit to some old friends, found “green-minded” individuals citizens discussing Obama’s plans to combat “climate change” [the label’s been officially changed from “global warming” for fear of triggering some embedded logic loop in the mASSES, in what is already turning into the coldest winter on record]. Anyway, our conversation went something like this [picked up after one said “global warming was a planetary threat”]:

“C’mon. Honestly. Don’t you remember, we used to skip school at this time of the year and go to the beach.”

“No we didn’t.”

“Yes, we did! Regularly.”

“Maybe, but only if it wasn’t cold.”

“It was almost NEVER cold at this time of the year here. Heck, only six years ago, me and the ex came down here and went skinny-dipping in the Atlantic Ocean, in the middle of January, at night!”

“Well, that was a long time ago, it was a lot warmer then.”

“Yes! Yes, it was!”

“So, what’s your point?”

WTF??? I’m going to have to wonder if Obama’s planned green brigades will be wearing green sashes? While scouring the net for images of fan[atics] engaging in idle worship, I came across this image of these four trollops [I’m sure they are nice moral upstanding young ladies … um, probably not] which set off a sync-bell in my head. Alas, I dug up the subsequent image of sash-wearing femmes from 1984.

green sash whoresred sash nuns

While trying to envision a “road-map” from here to an Orwellian Anti-Sex league becoming our reality boggles my mind, an inference could be made from the above images that red sash means “No.” Hence, would the green sash imply “this hole’s completely available and there may be a couple of more at your disposal?” {*6}

In case anyone‘s wondering, I am not anti-sex, or in any way prudish (as one random reader accused, after my detailing Disney’s sexualization of children). I am firmly anti-establishment. This “whore culture” is not rebellion (or liberation), it is mass indoctrinated top-down conformity. If we were living under some extreme theocratic form of government, this rebel would be writing about how people need to stop worshiping the nebulous “being,” get naked and start fucking!

It’s that damn Hegelian dialectic in action, give people two extremes and make it impossible to stand in the middle ground without being attacked by either side. It’s the same as the pointless Evolution vs. Creation “debate.” Just try taking the middle ground when confronted by either group of extremists, be it the literal creation mythos “believers” (i.e., that we are all defective byproducts of the Adam, Eve and Cain incest line) or the [scientifically unsubstantiated] “Darwin is my religion” howler-monkeys [that’s actually what they call themselves] {*7}

In Huxley’s vision of utopia, the label “sex deviants” will be applied to those who don’t engage in copious amount of sex with random partners (¿already happening?). In Orwell’s, the act itself was a crime. If anyone hasn’t seen/heard Annie Lennox singing Sex Crime (from the movie’s musical score), then you now have to:

sex crime

It’s heart-breaking to see/hear the above combination of intelligence and talent, one sorely lacking in almost every diva that’s since followed (from Madonna, to Britney, to Whitney, to Celine, to Mariah, to “insert-name” of talentless pop sensation here). As I said in part i (and discussed in related article), if you’re an architect crafting a soulless society, then it is imperative your minions take the “soul” out of music. Welcome to my Room 101! Spending time here, I can’t help but identify with my fellow rebel Winston, over in his parallel universe of opposites:

Winston: ‘Listen. The more men you’ve had, the more I love you. Do you understand that?’

Julia: ‘Yes, perfectly.’

Winston: ‘I hate purity, I hate goodness! I don’t want any virtue to exist anywhere. I want everyone to be corrupt to the bones.

Julia: ‘Well then, I ought to suit you, dear. I’m corrupt to the bones.’

Winston: ‘You like doing this? I don’t mean simply me: I mean the thing in itself?’

Julia: ‘I adore it.’

Here she [Julia] is below, being a good citizen, yet noticing Winston and speaking loudly with her eyes while her body stays silent. Next, she’s faking it [her hate for whatever imaginary enemy the system puts before her]. Wait, let me try it with our imaginary enemy d’jour: “Ooh. I hate you Osama bin Laden. You’re such a naughty little Arab terrorist. You bad bad little boy. I hate you.” [Was that convincing?] No, I didn’t think so. Women have always been much better at faking it.


Finally, we get to see her in all her naked beautiful honest glory. The producers of this movie at least had enough sense, to keep with the Orwellian theme, and not present us with some media-influenced starlette sporting silicone plumpies and a misnamed “Brazilian” [a nonsensical term bandied about by the media, and then repeated/copied by the public: the erroneous expression and the “style”] {*8}

Another fear generation-device, is the regular reporting of our sure move into a complete surveillance society. As I noted while looking into the latest Batman, even he is now an open proponent of Orwellian ideals. But, second image reminds us the Queen’s servant, Batman, has always been an advocate of the tools of “order.” The dark [k]night simply upgraded his system, integrating technological advances.

batman spiesbatman sucks

If we should hope to avoid becoming products of the forge, we need to recognize Batman never “turned to the dark side,” he is simply keeping up with the times [i.e., the program]. We need to reevaluate ALL of the childhood heroes “given” to us by the same system we now rebel against. ALL OF THEM! Be your own hero.

Yes, it [the surveillance society] is coming. But, gradually. Day after day, we get more and more stories of how they are putting cameras everywhere: cameras that can see through your clothes at airports, cameras in school bathrooms to stop your kids from, ahem, “doing drugs,” cameras in department store changing rooms to “make sure people don’t steal clothes,” cameras in school showers [¿to make sure your children practice proper hygiene?], cameras put in the bedrooms of retarded couples by CPS to make sure they engage in normal sexual congress [article exists, can’t find at the moment], remotely accessible cameras and microphones built into your home computer to make sure you [¿masturbate regularly?] … oh, whatever.

bathroomdressing room

Since there are no “real” terrorists out there, other than the occasional poor sod who’s had everything take away from him, and feels as if he’s go nothing left to lose [e.g., the Israeli plan to try to breed terrorists among the Palestinians, and the current terrorist training-ground in Iraq, run by the US liberation occupation army], it’s safe to assume all these technological advances are aimed squarely at us. So then, why is the mainstream media now openly telling us/reminding us?

When Fox News “broke the story” of how cell phones monitor your conversations even when it is not in use (something the alternative media had established years before), the picture came together. Big Brother requires not only your fear, but your consent. He/they don’t want you talking about anything of substance. The people monitoring the phone-lines are normal people just like you and me [although, just a little dumber cause they think they’re going to “stop the next plot” and become the toast of the office, and perhaps even, famous]. We can’t risk waking them up!

My cell phone, for whatever reason, be it this blog, or cause some woman at the phone company thinks I’m cute, is tapped regularly. This fact has not changed my conversational habits or topics of discussion. If I had “something to hide,” I probably wouldn’t be blogging. What I recommend is that anyone who suspects they’re being monitored, tune their radio/computer to a “Patriot Radio” show and leave their cell-phone by the speaker whenever it is not in use. The last thing any surveillance society planner wants is for their “believers” to realize the fallacy of their job. While I’m not a follower of Alex Jones, he does excel at scaring the crap out of and waking up even the deepest slumbering of sheep. {*9}

surveillancebig brotherspy cams

But, the reality of the matter is these cameras may be superfluous. As premise in this series has been: what’s the point of Big Brother, when the Brave New World is already here? Why put cameras in everyone’s bedroom when everyone’s willing to engage in all sorts of lascivious (yet not “deviant,” the deviants of this future world will be those that do not masturbate in front of their webcam) behavior openly?

Those presently “informed” [i.e., kept “in line” by the mainstream media] will watch the parade of fools flaunted on Dateline’s To Catch a Predator, and fail to recognize they are being turned into a parade of fools themselves. After the program[ming], they’ll rehash the views expressed on the show, as the “dangers” the internet and its legions of “predators” pose to the young. The persuasive hammer is swung about, and the right environment of fear and mistrust is seeded [allowing for consent to other Orwellian measures, such as censoring the internet]. Most parents of young children, while they may have no idea what their children do online (or even an inkling as to the content of their television shows), have memorized all the neighborhood “sex offenders” from the online registries.

The subterfuged reality is that a good number of teenagers are already freely displaying their sexuality online willingly and consider it “rebellious,” and in some cases requisite. [If this is “news” to you: look up “camwhores” and proceed at own mental peril. However, this page, is a recommended humorous take.] The anvil is myspace, webcams, phonecams and the constant [programmed] need young women have for physical approval, compounded by a muti-pronged attack directed at them: (a) the [advertising] media telling them they are far from perfect, (b) a queue of role model after role model of morally bankrupt “stars” openly promoting their physical assets as being the sole and entire core of their self-worth, and (c) popular music literally beating into their head what “hoes”/”bitches” they are/should be.

cam whorecam slut

But, most parents know only of the hammer, and should they stumble across the voluminous anvil, they quickly dismiss the sighting as an aberration [thus risking it falling on their heads]. I know of a woman who caught her 12 year old daughter posting extremely suggestive photos of her in her panties on her myspace. What did she do? Took away her computer for a week. A friend suggested, “How about taking away her myspace until she is old enough to technically be on it?” Her response? “Oh, no. I couldn’t do that! She’d never forgive me.” Egads!

Guess I have to include two quotes that pretty much summarize the two feet marching us lockstep to the Brave New World Order [responses to a gossip site article about Miley’s latest ahem, “accidental” release, of more half-nude photos]:

Foot A: “wow, im 13 and i finger myselfand take pictures of it and send them to people. this is nothinn.”

Foot B: “I’m a parent of a 12 year old girl, I look at these pictures and see nothing wrong in them. this just a young lady doing the same thing [sic] has her pears. the only difference here is that she famous.”

Did I say “marching?” I meant running. Has anyone else noticed the ongoing trend in television/cinema for “hip” tweens and teens to refer to their parents as “the rents.” That would be short for “parental units.” Clever, no? It’s [yet another] baby step towards Huxley’s vision. This is the reality of the system: the final breakdown of the family, cameras everywhere and no one around who really even cares. The future’s so bright, I gotta [rip out my eye balls and] wear [a blind man’s] shades.


I know I’ve taken all of us to a deep dark place now, but this is what Room 101 is supposed to be like. I thought I could wrap this series up with this third part, but here I am, still stuck in this damn room. I should have also surmised getting out of Room 101 wasn’t going to be easy, as the above image reminds coincidentally, the third “Brazil” reference in this article!], and implies more.

Perhaps I needed to break the cycle of 3’s? Considering that when one looks at a triangle, you see three sides, however a triangle in three dimensions (as I started exploring in Octopi, Phaili) is our “real-world” [a very subjective phrase] pyramid, which has four sides. The juke-box in my skull, for reasons known only to my subconscious mind, enqueues the following song song:

“They say the darkest hour is right before the dawn
And in the hour of greatest slaughter the great avenger is being born”

–Paul Kelly, “Bradman”

Now, I’m not promising the dawn. As these three parts have made clear in my own mind, there is no simple solution to the quagmire we have conceded to ourselves being put in. Plus, the limits of language may convey the false notion I’m promoting the subversive agenda of some solar cult. There is a way out, and the universe hints with a few high notes of music playing in my head [¿recall the end of Brazil?], that some type of vibrational elevation is part of the solution, some shift/escape.

I’ll start off part iv by closing up with some disingenuous programs aimed squarely at the male gender, and from there, all I can promise is that I will at least, look for a window from where we can see that [proverbial] dawn.


:: :: :: :: :: :: ::


*1: Himler and Goebels, among others, would have been the A+ designees of the Third Reich. Huxley’s implication. however, would be the true controllers were some alphas hidden within the system, hence unknown to most, and of course then, immune from prosecution after the fall (we could speculate some of their names were Onassis, Rothschild, Windsor, Krupp, and perhaps a few that will remain unknown). Have something which has been in the draft queue about the hypocrisy of Nuremberg and indirect proofs Hitler was working against Germany from the very beginning. [LB]

*2: And the diamond encrusted heart/vagina positioned over Miley’s own, and held in place by a red belt, is pure symbolic overkill. I’ve written enough on that incestuous Disney tramp-lette: start at A Match Made in Hell and back-track, IF interested. [LB]

*3: Ever since I read the book [BNW] as a child, I’ve been speculative there would be some “free island” these original thinkers who slipped through the cracks of the forging process would be sent to. Anyone else? [LB]

*4: My friend Renée, has done an amazing job with her little girl, who’s eight now. Everyone who meets her expresses what a “pure joy” it is to meet a girl her age who is still very much a child. She has no “magic bullet” of advice, and faces the same challenges I’ve described herein. One thing that helps: Being upfront with your kids and telling them exactly WHY you won’t let them watch Miley, Jonas Brothers, Bratz or ANY of the other “whorification” agenda programs. [LB]

*5: That’s the original text, sans the [blue] part I interjected for clarification herein. If anyone really really really wants to read the full original just contact me. [LB]

*6: That’s actually a play on a phrase said to me by one young lady here in America one night. I’d share the original for humour, but “ought to” to keep some personal things, “personal.” 🙂 [LB]

*7: I mention the Darwin/Evolution “debate” again, not just to drive that nail further, but will be cross-referencing in the final part, when I get get into “solution-speak.” [LB]

*8: I’ve lived in Brasil extensively and can, pardon the suggestion, consider myself an expert on the topic. Brasilian women almost always leave a “landing strip” on that part of their body. Thanks to Sex and the City and other mind-bombed repeaters of falsehoods, most Americans misequate the “hairless” [¿dare I suggest prepubescent?] style popularized by the American porn industry with the country of Brasil. Yea, it [the false perception] is a pet peeve. [LB]

*9: No, it’s not my paranoia. What some may find of interest [and very telling] is the phone never disconnects/acts-up when my conversations lean to the conspiratorial, but breaks up/cuts-off regularly when they turn to the esoteric. [LB]

~ by celticrebel on December 6, 2008.

17 Responses to “Forging Ahead, Anvil Behind [III]”

  1. I’ve had a feeling for a while that four, not three is the ‘magic number’ – say whatever else you need to say – someone has to do it!
    Sometimes I think there is more power created in speaking out than in all the ears that choose to hear.
    I hope you come out of Room 101 without too many burns & bruises!

    All the best

  2. Bravo! If only I could think as concisely. There is an internal gauge of truth and mine is pegged to the positive side with what you say. I applaud and encourage your investigations so that I and others may be edified outside our box. I do however realize that the majority of what I have been taught in every school I attended is wrong as well as every other popular notion expounded for the benefit of the people. Thank you for your diligence in reportage.

  3. Very nicely put together, you’re really cutting through the ‘hammers’ in our society. Funny you mention your phone being bugged, my cousin and I always joke about it, and he increases the likelyhood by saying a bunch of “red-flag” words into the mouthpiece. Funnily enough (is funnily a word? I don’t care, I like it!) we used to get cut off everytime we mentioend “Freemasons,” but it was probably the poor signal-strength of the area he was driving through after school when he always called, and not someone uppity Mason at AT&T(NSA). But it happened to a high enough frequency to really wonder, “what if we are being bugged?” I would imagine if we talked about Israel/Zionism we would get bugged since like 99% of calls inside the US go through Israeli owned phone routing systems.

    Hey, have you ever read Aldous Huxley’s “Island?” I was just reminded about it from your comment on a ‘free island’ for those who don’t fit into the brave new world.

    Oh, before I go, I was just talking to someone about how the real evil villan in James Bond is not MI5 or the KGB, but the third unseen party, acting above the view of the two puppets he plays off of eachother, in order to produce an outcome none of them anticipate.

    I look forward to part IV with quivvering anticipation!

  4. Wise Woman, your positivity appreciated as always. Our 3D world, the misunderstood/mispreached “trinity,” the mason tripantheon of ruling deities. Have to look beyond all that.

    In the beginning was the word. Words made music. I’m almost out.

    Algiz, thank you for the inspiration. Admission of ignorance, is that critical humbling first step (was for me), but the most important one can ever take. Glad to have you along.

    ViolatoR, actually any “masonic” revelations have led to disconnections for me as well. As you say, the Israelis, which for all intent OWN the connections between every US phone system, prefer to listen in to hear what we’re saying.

    I was unaware of Huxley having written such a book. The customer reviews were a little disturbing, from the uncritical indoctrinated “literary” praise for Huxley as humanitarian/visionary [yak!]. One BNW perspective I hadn’t explored yet, was the allowance for certain amount of independence to “test” the system. Would there Will there be an “island” I wonder?

    Quivering anticipation? Damn, I’ll try not to dissapoint.

  5. Greeting Celt,

    4 parts…nice.

    Being an only child I’ve dealt with the “Your by yourself?” garbage all my life. It has always allowed me to really take in a scene and view others and my enviorment with better perception/discernment.

    I hadn’t heard of “the rents” as of yet. Sad, the family is just about to finally reside in the abyss. Thanks for the ‘camwhores’ link, that’s some funny shit. Dawn huh? We’ve been in a/the Dark ages for millenniums, it’s realizing that the mASSES need to ‘get’.

    until next time

  6. Celt!

    Great write up! Well done. The “group-think” is just nuts. Not sure about how many cameras are mounted in “plain site” where you are, but they are pretty much at the large intersections of cities here in the extreme N.E. I kindly give them the ahem–Finger, when I go by or am sitting at the red light feeling like I am being stared at.

    Bravo on picking apart the social engineering! I read in the Flesh Machine [Eugenics Manifesto posts I did] just how “set up” society really is. Scary stuff.

    Absolutely right on the aimed societal pressures for younger tween/teen girls. It appears that the PTB’s want “bitches/hoes” [for lack of a better term!] for their “future endeavors” I guess, since those bastard “Immortal Transhumanists” will only need their heads and sex organs to live forever, at least according to Ray Kurzweil, guess they want all the easy sex for themselves, while we get the “Lucy Liu Bots”. Go Facebook/MySpace–Not.

    Really enjoyed your series and points on BNW. Fear still is the major hammer to work the M-asses, so maybe half of those cameras don’t even work? There for show? Who knows. I know cell phones not only can be used to spy, triangulate your location, but can be used to put out a “pulse” to knock you into a stupor [I think thats what Nick Begich said?] or just make you “more stupid”? I am glad I don’t own one.

    I’ll be glad when the exposure of Disney finally takes place…spot on with the comment of “consent” needed and the medias actual coverage now, I guess it might be a test to see if the M-asses truly accept whats happening without retaliation? Accepting it as the norm.

    Great work keep it up bro! No your not fear mongering so do not worry. Those that are waking up have to be afraid of seeing whats going on around them, then hopefully a little focused anger might be in order.

  7. bard, I think this ingraining of divisions of 3’s is part of keeping us out of sync with natural order: 3 meals a day, 3 periods to our day (sleep, work, relax/drink/watch-tv). There are 4 seasons. That all said, I’m going to have to extend to 5.

    Sorry bout the fam, but I can relate. Unfortunately, the informed general public is so enTRAINED, were the media to tell them day is now night and vice-versa, they’d start calling us crazy for “not seeing the new light.”

    Michael, not too many cameras around the part of town I’m in, then again this is the area where “girls gone wild” got started … so it might be overkill. The EXTENT of control is so overwhelming, that it can shut those who are starting to suspect some control down. I have an insane social engineering experiment I thought up and precisely how I’d pull it off. May have to write up.

    Congrats on finding a way to be part of society without a cell phone and thanks for the moral support.

  8. Hi CR, you wanted my opinion, so here it is:
    I’m a german from a younger generatoin, born over 30 years after WW2. From childhood on, the germans are indoctrinated to believe how super-evil the Nazis were. And of course it was a bad time.
    I think it is possible, that “Der Führer” acted in other interests. Whatever. Fact is: Many germans are sick of being remembered all the time (especially by the jews) how evil they were. And that is at least my impression. The germans are people on their knees! And it’s like this picture: A pseudo-moral Person with a whip stands in front of a kneeling german and every time the german tries to stand up he is whipped and told: “Don’t you dare!”

  9. Hey Celt….

    Something to keep in mind about global warming is that it doesn’t have to be a polarized false two choice dichotomy of either 1) the world is heating up, or 2) it’s getting colder because global warming is bunk. You don’t want to get stuck in the binary thinking mode of the robots, who only understand either/or, black/white choices. So consider 3) that first things heat up…….then everything becomes off kilter and then possibly along comes the ice age. “Global warming” isn’t as one dimensional as Al Gore and his crew are portraying it, and to avoid these confusing polarized false dichotomy arguments it should probably be renamed “Climate change,” which would cover the gambit of all climate and weather anomalies that are taking place world wide, from extreme heat, cold, flooding, drought, record storms, (hurricanes/tornadoes/blizzards, etc. either increasing in numbers or occurring in places that have never experienced them before…) etc. The other issue with the global warming/climate change argument is the *source* of it all, and again, that’s where there’s more misleading polarized black/white disinformation. It’s either man-induced pollution, or it’s not happening at all, period. Those are the only two choices we’re usually given, when in fact there’s a mix of issues occurring, from pollution, to man-made (gov’t/military) weather manipulation, to the sun itself apparently, considering several other planets in the solar system have supposedly also shown signs of heating up. It’s never just one cause, and it’s never just polarized two sides to choose from.

    Anyway, didn’t mean to turn this into a global warming thing. This particular series of entries is interesting as always  Short of quoting everything and endlessly saying “I agree!” I’ll just say it once – lots of good points. Oh, and the reason why the female lead in “1984” wasn’t sporting “silicone plumpies and a misnamed ‘Brazilian’…” is because that wasn’t the trend back when the movie was made. You wouldn’t see Brazilians, or “landing strips” etc. on anybody in a movie from the 80s. 😀 So, um, yeah. cough. haha

  10. C, thanks for expressing that. I “try” to explain to Americans that for them to label Germans as evil during WWII is the same kind of mentality that justifies the rest-of-the-world feeling that ALL AMERICANS should be held responsible for Abu Ghraib, Gitmo and mass-murder, and should suffer worse.

    Carissa, we’re jut going to have to disagree to disagree on this one. No one said anything about it getting colder due to warming until after Day After Manana came out, and Al Gore used it in his quixotic quest to prove to the world that ManBearPig is real. Until I see/hear some proposed solution that doesn’t tidily fit into the agenda of breaking down the middle class or regulating/destroying non-monopolized businesses, I’ll [dis]regard the talk for what it is…

    I’m willing to entertain the notion that we are entering a [non man made] cooling cycle, if not already well into it. Then, it begins making sense: the NEED for disinfo, the military support at so many levels (aerial spraying), the detention camps, depopulation agendas, etc…

    Good point about the um, hair. As I may not be qualified for my opinion from 1984 to qualify as anything other “lucky,” I’ll have to turn to the official record, “Playmates Through the Ages,” which documents that at the time, while not sporting today’s popular “baby smooth” look, American women were wearing the fashion of “neat and trim.” So, a case could still be made her “style” was an intentional reflection of a different world. 🙂 Voila! The magician has pulled another bunny out of his ass.

  11. Rebel of a Celtic nature, I too like travelling solo, went to Jamacia for a week years back. 1984 has never seemed so close. I sure like the woods around here, the rivers and wildlife. Am blessed to have so much nature to help me contemplate my existance, without all the fuss of a society goon bonkers. Shine forth brave souls!. Dennis from Oregon.

  12. RE: “Carissa, we’re jut going to have to disagree to disagree on this one.

    Well, this is a subject that has been discussed prior to that movie. That movie didn’t invent the theory. All it did was take an already existing idea that the average person hadn’t heard of, because most people don’t read, and make it mainstream. (funny enough, a channeling source called the C’s, done by Laura Knight Jadczyk, talked about this back in the 90’s, long before the movie. 😉 But channeling aside, there are other sources out there discussing the same.)

    I did my own personal climate research project back in 2005 using data on I researched record cold days and record heat days for a sampling of about 20 U.S. cities, going back as far as their climate records went. (I tried to use cities that had data going back to the 1800’s. For cities that only had data starting in the 20th century I didn’t use them.) I took that data and created graphs in Excel to chart the fluctuations.

    What I saw with certain cities was an increase in record heat days, with a steady decrease in record cold days. With Los Angeles it was ridiculous. The record cold days between 1879 – 1890 is sky high, over 160. By 2001+…….none. That line just skids and grinds to an abrupt halt on the chart, from way up here, to way down there, 0. However, Los Angeles can’t be used as some measuring gauge for global warming only because in the 20th century it increased in population to over 20 million people, with millions of cars spewing emissions in a valley rimmed by mountains, keeping in the smog and heat. So, just because L.A. is heating up doesn’t mean the planet as a whole is. So L.A. aside, what the charts did show me was this:

    Overall, the graphs for most of the cities surveyed were spiking up and down from the 1800’s to late 20th century, periods of heat, periods of cold, (in fact there was a mini warming period in the 30’s or so, followed by a mini cooling in the 60’s…) up and down, with record heat peaking in the late 20th century, and especially in certain cities such as NYC, L.A., Miami and Phoenix. But for most other cities, by the early 2000s both record heat and cold had declined. Things were *leveling off.* The climate as a whole had become mild all around the country, with a lack of extremes. (the calm before the storm?) Which in itself is showing… something is up. What that something is, I don’t know, only time will tell.

    When I look around at the weather and climate happening right now, I see the same thing you noted – it’s getting colder in many places. But there’s no doubt, and I have my personal charts to prove it, that things got warmer, much much warmer, before the switch was flipped back over again.

    The increase in record heat, cold, droughts, floods, snow, tornadoes, hurricanes, etc. happening all over show that something is off kilter. So I think you’re too quick to dismiss things, and seem to be making the mistake of black/white either/or polarized thinking. It’s not a case of “Either global warming is happening exactly as Al Gore says it is and we’re going to turn into planet Venus, or, it’s a load of bunk.” How about, something is happening, but a more accurate term would be “climate change,” encompassing ALL facets of climate, including record cold and snow.

    Anyway, just my 2 cents, make of it what you will…

  13. Dennis from Oregon, I can imagine in the NEAR future, announcing you will travel solo will not only decrease your social standing in the hive, but it will also put you on some watch list. Are you saying you moved into the woods, or you just liked it?

    Argh Carissa, you just won’t let go of that bone will you? 🙂 No doubt the climate changes. Always has, always will. Now, it’s getting colder and I don’t need a thermometer to understand that. That big ball of fire in the sky is the number one factor in it. If we wanna look for the second, the HAARP facility would be the next logical choice. Us? Not even on the chart.

    Wunderground? Isn’t that Obama’s favorite terrorist group? 😉

  14. I just wanted to say that your blog is by far the best one (in my opinion of course) out there dealing with these subjects. The Hammer and Anvil posts have been my favorite so far. I want to thank you for your work and I hope to see even more in the future.

  15. Nice posts…

    Oh… going out alone is no problem. If a girl comes up to you and asks if you are alone she is more than likely doing so because she is interested. In these situations don’t think about what her words mean but rather understand the actions – think symbolically. Thing to do here is lightly write-off the questions (you can say yes but say it like it isn’t a deal) and start up a conversation (one that would be appealing to a female of course and not the stuff you post about on here…) 🙂

  16. “the alpha in charge of the society, did not designate himself in any way that made him stand out above others, hence remained hidden within the society, while maintaining complete, yet discreet control of it”

    This reminded me of the “Upright Man” (“I = 90 degrees”) in Raymond E. Feist’s Riftwar War saga. The leader of the “Mockers” (Mockingbird, crow, blackbird, joker?), the Underground Thief Guild, lived the life of a non-descript trader by day yet controlled the city of Krondor by night – kind of like…a superhero?

  17. Pantheist, I appreciate you sharing that and (seeing how long ago that was written), hope you enjoyed the directions I’ve gone.

    zachn, well, the point is that it shouldn’t be, but the collective is being programmed to perceive it as an indicator of deviancy. I hear what you’re saying, but a “conversation” requires two participants, that can “speak.”

    Devin, that’s a good point. It seems like several comic legends borrow from this theme. Perhaps, they’re reflections of how some elites see themselves as superior to us, and why superheros, like Batman, also have a preversion/fascination for young boys.

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