Black Hunter White Heart [1]

I really wasn’t going to do a Dark Knight post. EVERYONE in the synchrosphere (all 38 of us, according to Secret Sun) seems to have done one, and my rebel nature disinclines me from doing the same thing as everyone else (if you wanna consider 38 people as “everyone”). Additionally, many of these individuals have already put out excellent pieces covering this sync-filled and I’d hazard, largest mass consciousness shaping movie in ourstory (¡fuck him and his-story!).

Preamble out of the way, a couple of conversations with friends, and a few syncs down alleyways that I am not aware of others having traversed, my own Dark Night post is under way. That is not a misspelling. I chose not to use the K intentionally. A knight (as I’ve surmised before), is one who’s promised his loyalty to the service of the Crown (be it the figurehead/queen, or that six square block area of London). He is not a “people’s champion.” Thus, exactly who this figure, BatMan is, and what/whom he represents, is THE question:

Believe it or Not

Hollywood, has been inclined to tell us for years who the good guy and who the bad guy is, and as we (society at large) have become more and more dumbed-down, its safe to assume our critical ability to exercise our own judgment, and determine for ourselves, who is good or bad, has been replaced by dictation of said “facts.”

Keystone sync-master Heath Ledger, arguably the one who connects everything to everything, has now been firmly embedded in the public mind. The flip-side of the question is: who is this “villain,” and what is his purpose? I’m also going to try and look outside the neuro-lingquistic programming aspect, and see what can be derived from looking at this joker/fool from outside the box:

Heath JokerThe Other Side

“If there’s a smile upon my face, it’s only there trying to fool the public. But when it comes down to fooling you. Now honey, that’s quite a different subject.” The joker is trying to communicate to us (from the other side of the mirror, the reality we are blocked from seeing). As synchronicity (via the medium of music) indicates the public will be fooled. They are meant to be! But, you [you reading this] should know better than to fall into that same cuboid trap.

Early on in my teens, I was fed up with being told who was good and who was bad. I remember watching Die Hard and hoping/praying someone (¡anyone!) would put a bullet between Bruce Willis’s eyes. I couldn’t see the bad guys as bad, simply because they had stereotypical German accents. C’mon, that old Hollywood racist agenda of painting Germans as “bad” was what 50+ years old already? There were no “bad” race/nationality of people in WWII, just some bad leaders [known] and their evil masters (the ones untouched by justice, who thrived on afterwards). {*1}

Die Hard 911Quantum of SolaceArnold the Enemy

But, I digress, seeing the Willis character laying dead in a pool of his own blood, to me, would made the movie infinitely more palatable than hearing him say “Yippee ki yay, motherfucker” one more time. However, I realize now that I fell into a logic trap: oppose the order and rebel, to the other side of the coin. From one extreme to the other. Scouring the web looking for a Die Hard (1988) image, it wasn’t until I put the image on this screen it occurred to me, the 9/11 prescient image showed me what my flip kept hidden from me. {*2}

If you want to know who the “bad guy” is, here’s a subtle hint: he’s the mother fucker that’s pointing a gun at you. Yes, he’s James Bond who belongs to “her majesties” secret service. He’s in no way beholden to you, the common man. He is sworn to protect the dark forces behind him (as poster from 22nd movie connotes). You are the enemy of the Order of Death (as Arnold’s belt-buckle reminds us).

Harvey Dent FakeHarvey Dent Real

Speaking of coins, a main plotline in the Dark Night film, is the “good” incorruptible District Attorney Harvey Dent, and the Joker’s intent to turn him from daylight to the knight. The public (being fooled) will see this as how circumstance can turn a good man to bad. But the sad clown, I’ll argue, sought out to expose this person for the fraud that he was. The media’s job is, after all, to only show us one face of these public servants (while keeping the unsavory one out of the light):

Rudy TimeGay RudyRudy as Marilyn

If you’ll recall there was another infamous District Attorney in the public limelight for a while (I’m sure him standing on two towers, above, is coincidental). Another alleged “crime-fighter” who claimed responsibility for cleaning up Gotham (New York): Rudy Giuliani. And much like Harvey Dent, he had a very malicious dark side (if anyone out there has a copy of Jack Blood reading my linked top 9, 10, 11 list off his show, it would be greatly appreciated if you can send my way).

Interestingly, the Joker calls for the citizens to murder a lying sack-of-shit media prostitute in the film. [¿Is that a “good” or “bad” act?] Bruce Wayne, shown several times watching the news (swallowing the lies) sets out in his conspicuous [as in consumption] Lamroghini to save him. [¿Is the film’s GCN network a nudge towards fear salesman Alex Jones?] The world is indeed turned upside-down.

Disinfectant Please!Two Face

The media, as with Dent, presented “the public” with only one side of this two-faced DA cum Mayor, letting his other face remain in the shadows. Yes, every once in a while they threw out lame little “morsels” about infidelity or other paltry “moral” crimes, but never brought out the big ones (fraud, embezzlement, racketeering, etc.). Should these public figures actually start serving the public, then the media whores will be ever so glad to expose their darker side.

As for Dent, after his two-face transformation, I found it interesting he chose to unbuckle his seat belt right before killing the driver of the car he was in. Coming from a “law and order” guy, you could assume it’s because he knew by unbuckling he was increasing his survivability of said type of crash (rollover). He knows the “joke” played on the general public: under the guise of “protecting” us, they pass laws that are only meant to give them more control over us (if you think Seat Belt laws and Drunk Driving limits are about anything other than control, aka ORDER, you’re drifting back into the public category).

Now, to our “hero,” Bruce Wayne aka the Batman. I nearly flipped when I logged into MySpace one day to find a close-up of the top part of the first image below staring at me. Not realizing it was a Dark Knight promo, I assumed it was a subconscious trauma trigger, to remind us why we need them. {*3}. Thus, Batman is officially another tool used to keep the ignorant masses in a state of fear:

Batman's 911 ReminderBad ManWho's the Fool?

There’s enough subtle hints from the comic and the movie promos (e.g., red blood dripping from the batman logo) to suggest Batman may not necessarily be on the side of decency. Note, I didn’t use the phrase “law and order,” on who’s side Batman, in this film, is clearly on. But, we have to ask ourselves the most important question: “Who’s law and who’s [new world] order?”

I recall Freeman once saying that the 33rd episode of the campy [1966] Batman TV series, reveals Bruce Wayne’s great grandfather was a founding member of Skull & Bones (aka the Russell Trust, aka the Order of Death). I’ve since discovered that episode was called Fine Finny Friends (i.e., 666), featured a villain called The Octopus, and even had an HH/88 (Howie Horowitz). [Mercury Garden has the clip with the admission on his blog.] Bruce is a billionaire, blood-line descendant of the ruling class. So, who’s interests do you think the Batman is protecting?

The answer should be obvious. Dedroidify takes it one step further, linking Batman with the Dracula lineage, and Pseudo-Occult Media just synced in with an awesome piece looking at Vlad the Impaler and puppetry (the latter I’ll soon touch on).

China TorturesBatman TorturesKSM Tortured

The Dark Night has officially set (as in the Egyptian god of the death). Batman has turned to torture as a tool of interrogation (note how it severely back-fired). Just like America itself has been set on the course of ignominy by it’s out-of-control rulers, so has Batman, this childhood “hero” of many. Another country where torture is a de-facto means of punishment (not even euphemized/concealed as “interrogation”), China, is now hosting what was at one time considered [disguised as] a ceremony/celebration of peace, the Olympics (all who’ve been participating and watching should be ashamed of themselves).

When an obviously tortured man like Khalid Sheikh Mohammed is trumpeted out before the media, and a good number of the American public actually believe he is the mastermind of everything from 9/11 to the sinking of the Titanic, we have to ask: is this not a world turned upside-down? [The film gives us another subtle hint near the end, with the Joker hanging upside-down, and the camera turning over to present him as right-side up, Batman upside-down] The following images tell us more than any amount of words might (about the path America has taken):

Uncle Sam is a JokeBush Rear EntryBrainwashed Moppets

One mainstream Australian article compared Bush Jr. to the Dark Knight. While it raises some vaild points, I will disagree with the direct comparison, because even though they (Bush and Batman) both serve the Queen, I don’t see the Bush-man as anything more than a useful puppet. Just can’t see “W” personally engaging in the above interrogation activity. Well, at least not the torture part, though the position is one we can safely assume he’s been in several times.

Speaking of agendas presently receiving heavy rotation, can’t leave out “spying on the citizenry.” [This week up to No. 3 on Top of the P[sy]ops.] God-resonant Morgan Freeman doth protest, “Spying on 30 million people isn’t part of my job description,” but that number could just as well be 300 million (the population of the United States). {*4} Morgan resigns in disgust, but the government has no shortage of bankrupt souls willing to spy on themselves.

Batman SurveillanceWatch Me

Hey Batman [feel free to plug NSA, CIA, FBI, or any three-letter combination of agencies which no longer recognize your rights], you aren’t watching criminals! You are watching me! The public’s been fooled into believing they need to give up their rights, so that imaginary boogeymen and terrorists can be hunted down. Common sense is gone! Since the declaration of the [appropriately titled] patRiot Act, there are now over one million names on the [ahem] terrorist watch list. {*5}

A tentacle stroking the inside of my own mind, queues me back to a prescient song from a suspected Octopus, Robyn Hitchcock (written in 1986, years before any announcement of, or most Europeans even realized their sovereignty was fleeting):

He’s the president of Europe and he’s talking to the dead
They’re the only ones who’ll listen or believe a word he said

When I hear the word “Security”
I reach for my shotgun

Was it a lot simpler before, or perhaps were we much more naive then? The good guys were the ones with the white hats. The good guy was Shane, riding in to town to help out a widow and her starved [for a father-figure] little boy. I’ll avoid the laundry list of horrible substitute father-figures now comprised of morally destitute actors, athletes and musicians, but note the “cowboy” figure is about to be turned on its head. The disturbing Wicker Man is being remade as Cowboys for Christ.

Cowboy ImageCowboys for Christ

My heroes have always been cowboys? Wait. I’m confused. If the “cowboys” were the ones who brought law and order to the chaotic Wild West, then why did it turn to shit after the order of civilization came to it. Another Hollywood mind-fuck we’ll presume. The real story of the Wild West (forget that Hollywood shite) teaches us that those who are armed, respect the fact that others are armed as well. The natural order of the not-so-wild West was replaced with planned controlled monotonous partial and cruel order of the Eastern cities. Back to the Joker:

“I try to show the schemers how pathetic their attempts at control really are. Introduce a little anarchy, you upset the established order, and everything becomes chaos. I am an agent of chaos. And you know the thing about chaos, it’s fair.”

So quoth the Raven, I mean Joker. The public might see the blowing up of a hospital as a despicable act. Those who realize that hospitals have been turned into highly profitable death centers, and the sick joke (literally) that modern “health care” has become, could reason that by forcing these patients out of the hospital, the Joker, may actually be saving a few lives.

Chaos InsigniaJoker Hospital

But, be careful not to jump on the Joker the Hero rebellion train [of thought]. That’s just another pre-programmed bucket for those too smart/intuitive to fall for truncheon blow of dictated cinema. Nothing in the above scene is “accidental.” Not the Dorothy-ish [Wizard of Oz] look/feel of Heath’s EMERGENCe from the Hospital, nor the twin checkerboard patterns he stands between, nor the underhanded “el diablo” gesture he gives. Though, I must give kudos to the movie for [the 9/11 syncwink of] demonstrating to “the public,” that steel-framed buildings do not fall, unless ALL of the pre-set explosives go off properly.

Per chaos-master Michael Moorcock’s mythos (detailed in 1st tentacle exploration), man’s job was not to serve the gods of Law, or the gods of Chaos. Man’s role is to maintain balance between the two sides. Don’t pray to [empower] Jehovah just cause some brainwashed preacher tells you he’s “good,” and don’t praise Satan just cause some tool in a metal band tells you it’s “cool.” Before you “worship” anyone, learn their true nature, and whether its Order, Chaos or beyond.

Regardless of how out-of-control the chaos gets, the surest thing in the world, is that the order which comes after that chaos will be brutal in comparison. Yes, it’s the cycle of order out of chaos, the anarchy is planned:

Gestapo USAGestapo ManualGestapo USA

But, I won’t dismiss The Dark Night as massive social programming agenda film, because it has got way too many positive hints embedded deeply within it. I’m still not sure whether it’s the universe’s way of speaking to us in whispers (my present inclination), or if there’s an obligation among the architects to assist those worthy, while further imprisoning the profane.

From unrelated sources, we find (a) Howdy Doody reminding us there is always some force (an evil-looking one in this case) behind the clown (we’ll revisit this puppet in part ii), and (b) an amazing as-above so-below, mirror-image rendering of the crow (from Temple of Solace). The raven/crow is known as “the clown” of the bird world (expanded on in detail in Konkrete Junkyard’s The Darkest Joke and Dedroidify’s Heath Ledger Syncfest: Crows, Ravens & Bats). But, what I found most enlightening was the “Jack in the Box.”

Howdy DoodyRaven or CrowJack in the Box

Those who read my latest (Octopi, Phalli, Cubes of Life II) may recall my thoughts on following fools and the cuboid structure of our reality matrix/trap (if you haven’t yet, do set aside some time and read it later). I had to stop and think about this one (note the vagina, triangle and pentagram on the box). So, we turn the handle, repeating the same old mundane tune, but then, if we hit the high note, the jack (fool) escapes the box. Would that note represent a higher vibrational frequency?

In the middle of contemplating whether I was going to be promoting the Joker as the true anti-hero of this Darkest Night, a verbal cue from a song chanced upon over the weekend, deflected the path of my thoughts (¡photons!):

The promise of indulgence in my confidential voice
Approached immortal danger but you’ll never know how close
Then down the hall I overheard such a heavenly choir
It interrupted my evil designs

Immortal danger averted, I focused my goal on looking beyond the black vs white, good vs evil, darkness vs light paradigms. The black and white squares on the grand chessboard reflect no connotation of good or evil, the piece on the square infers his strength by drawing on whatever force is available to him at his position in space/time.

Sure, the joker does possess several “good” qualities (some of which I’ll expand on in part ii). Arguably, he is the exact kick in the ass the “system” needed; a system that promotes the wickedest among the wicked, and downtrods on the rights of the individual. The movie (to the awake) overplayed its hand; the image of Harvey Dent as the be-all, end-all test the people needed. I suspect, the public will walk out of the theater concluding he was just that.

Joker CopWho's Insane?Batman, You're It!

In one scene, Commissioner Gordon even threatens to shoot Batman in order to save Dent. But, those who were focusing on Dent, missed the big picture. Dent wasn’t the Joker’s target. It was Batman. Thus, the Joker won. Batman is “the fool.” As another line from the same Elvis Costello song (as prior stanza) syncs:

The answer was under your nose
But the question never arose

At one point of the film, Dent lamented: “We thought we could be decent men in indecent times.” But, he failed to understand, for he was nearsighted, and as proven, ultimately corruptible. A man of true mettle would say, “In indecent times especially, it is imperative that decent men remain decent.”

Another hint to the story unfolding was when Batman sought the counsel of his Butler in regards to his experience with the unstoppable and innegotiable “bandit in Burma,” and Alfred lamenting: “Some men just want to watch the world burn.” Following up later, Batman asks how they resolved the bandit situation. Alfred’s answer should have resonated within Batman’s mind, as much as it should have resonated in the public: “We burned the forest down.”

He's the Good Guy

Batman failed to remain decent and he does [symbollically] burn the forest down, by becoming the enemy of mankind. His final act of disservice to the people takes place at the end, when Batman decides the Harvey Dent image is too important to risk, so he takes the blame for the murders Two-Face committed, rationalizing:

“Sometimes the truth isn’t good enough. Sometimes people deserve more. Sometimes people deserve to have their faith rewarded.”

With lies? Like the kind of bullshit story we were handed about Todd Beamer, the fictional hero of the made for cinema scenario that [didn’t] transpire on United Flight 93? “Let’s roll,” my ass! Jeremy Glick? Bite me! No, Batman. We don’t believe it! You are definitely not the good guy … anymore.

To be continued in Black Hunter White Heart (Part II), where we’ll look at the Joker’s actions and ourselves in the mirror, and I’ll reveal the origins of the last image you just saw and probe some other movies helping confound this morality tale.

Disclaimer: A Few Points Raised in the Below Set May Not Reflect My Present Views
Aug 2008: Black Hunter White Heart [1] Sep 2009: Dark Night in Retrospect [1]
Sep 2008: Black Hunter White Heart [2] Oct 2009: Dark Night in Retrospect [2]

*1: There are many “inconvenient” facts to counter Hollywood’s “evil German” dogma. Just two examples: Francis Biddle, the Neuremberg Tribunal’s senior American judge writing “the Germans fought a much cleaner war at sea than we did.” US Pacific Fleet commander Admiral Chester Nimitz issuing a statement on behalf of Nuremberg defendant Admiral Dönitz (who was sentenced to 10 years for “war crimes”), confirming that “American submarines had operated in the Pacific just as German submarines had operated under Dönitz’ command in the Atlantic.” Could get into the “war crimes” of Churchill and Roosevelt, but that’d require a whole new article. [LB]

*2: Dedroidify has recently put out an exhaustive compilation of 911 synchronicities in pop culture: 9/11 Media ‘Coincidence’ Mountain Megapost. To give credit where credit is due, Michael Tsarion was the first I recall hearing about rebellion being the other side of the conformity coin. [LB]

*3: That’s a twist on a line from another mass mind-control film, V for Vendetta, which is yet another multi-tiered revelation within opinion-shaping vehicle. Oh, by the way … you idiots out there protesting in your “V” masks … yes, they are laughing at you. [LB]

*4: Just noticed I went from 3, to 30, to 300 in that paragraph. I’ve already synched the 3000 number, and delved into the 300 number somewhat before. A full exploration is now available. [LB]

*5: Thanks to Elvis Costello (mentioned herein), I made a mental jump from the Patriot Act to the Riot Act of 1714 (i.e., 13). The latter was “an act introduced by the [British] Parliament authorizing local authorities to declare any group of more than twelve people to be unlawfully assembled, and thus have to disperse or face punitive action.” The wiki page shows its propagation throughout the Crown colonies. [LB]

~ by celticrebel on August 25, 2008.

11 Responses to “Black Hunter White Heart [1]”

  1. Nicely done. I don’t think the movie has been tackled from his angle yet, but I haven’t read all of the DarkNight/Ledger articles out there. I didn’t even attempt to do my own because I figured someone else was going to go there first (38 someone elses?). Anyways, looking forward to part II.

  2. That’s a very interesting angle – really just shows how many ways(layers) there are of looking at something & that a questioning mind is a must.
    The idea of guns pointing at ‘us’ really rang true – am off to the video shop later – I will be looking with open eyes – thanks.

  3. Wow Celt, great insights, I love the different approach here! Multiple layers indeed!! Well done bro, sometimes it’s not just so black and white, not even gray too. Awesome work, looking forward to part 2!

  4. Thanks all for the motivating feedback!

    ViolatoR, I had read quite a few of them a while back, but stopped reading (even the linked ones) after tackling this topic, lest I be influenced. While some of the points expressed can be found elsewhere, I don’t think anyone’s drawn quite the same conclusions.

    Wise Woman, yes, we must question everything and everyone, especially those bearing gifts. 🙂 If you discovered more on those pointing guns in our direction, I’d love to read about it. Is that a gentle nudge?

    Michael, layers within layers and boxes within boxes, huh? I’m torn at times, wondering if some of it is, as we’ve been discussing, a more clever form of mind manipulation. But, those “gray” (unknown) forces are mysterious. I feel that at the highest lever, we/I are being tested…

  5. “Should these public figures actually start serving the public, then the media whores will be ever so glad to expose their darker side.” I guess that is what happened to Eliot Spitzer, when he was going to take on corruption in Wall Street, isn’t it? Another New York DA.

  6. That was great. Did you also notice the scene where the joker had a money stacked like a pyramid and her burned it up? Basically implying that money is worthless.

  7. Angelo, good point. Spitzer didn’t occur to me while writing this. I’m not sure what the real story behind him is, though delved into the matter looking at the mob takeover of Bear Sterns. He was called “the Sheriff.”

    hautesauce, like the monicker. I was planning on looking at the Joker’s messages about money and consumerism in part ii. Didn’t catch the pyramid shape while watching though. Hm, interesting!

  8. Am I late? ;p Truly excellent man, the “pointing the gun at you” had me laugh out loud from the realization! I think the Dark Knight was a nice example of how we shouldn’t care much about who goes first! I’ve learned fascinating stuff from everyone.


  9. Waited till I could see it again on dvd but just as I thought Harvey Dent fastens his seat buckle before shooting the driver. He doesn’t unbuckle as you say, I think during a rollover a seat belt is probably more helpful than the opposite.

  10. Dedroidify, just a little, but time is an inconsequential dimension. 🙂 Thanks for all the nods on your site.

    B, I just watched this movie again last night [found even more stuff in it] and watched this scene again. It still looks like he unsnaps to me, though it does seem open to interpretation. I was personally involved in a serious rollover crash, and had I been wearing a seat belt, I most definitely would not be around to write this.

  11. I’ve just recently discovered your site and I think it’s pretty wicked cool. Your mention of cowboys and Batman reminded me of a book I read called The Myth of the American Superhero. It goes in depth into the development of the cowboy hero. It basically states that we are programmed to accept that maintainers of orders are allowed to break rules. The book also goes into how Star Wars is fascist programming. Which I totally believe but everyone looks at me blankly and says “but it was the dark side that had the Gestapo uniforms…”

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