Octopi, Phalli, Cubes of Life [II]

Continuing from Octopi, Phalli, Cubes (I), I was arguing that tentacles are a two-way connection between ourselves and the world around us. Which way the polarity flows, depends on exercising our own free-will. Returning to the negative [in connotation] polarity, even though it was meant as a joke/tease, and even though I’ve already devoted copious blog space to The Disney Beast, I now fulfill my tease of “more octopus rape” for fans of the genre.

The below images are from the same tentacled monster that we not only allow to [mentally] rape our children, but arguably, drop our children off at its doorstep. The first of them, is the perfect transition from Part I to this Part, because whoever the “artist” may be, they chose to display the perpetrator as a three tentacled creature. One could deduce it’s a logical trifecta, seeing the princess only has three orifices worth penetrating, but I’ll argue, herein, 3 is sign-if-i-cant.

Aladin Plugged UpMiley Mind ConrolUrsula's Tentacles

Do note the resident spirit (definition of djinn) has blocked the entrance and exit of the localized wormhole known as the human digestive system [a topic I will be revisiting]. While I’d like to say nothing from Disney surprises me anymore (having examined the lurid depths they sink to), I still did a double-take in the grocery check-out line, and seeing the above cover staring at me.

Oh, how boldly they hint at the mind-control of Disney’s tools at us. Zoom in on the image and judge for yourself whether the red dress, pink circle/hole, “exclusive,” “she’s only 15” advert seems like something other than a promotion of said fact, and if anyone with a rational mind would argue the placement of the phrase “nude photo scandal” is coincidental. Oh, so many ways that Disney’s slimey tentacles twist inside the minds of our young.

Moving on, neglected a huge movie where the beast surfaced, Lord of the Rings:

Innocent Beast

While we are programmed, like obedient little puppies, to always to root for the protagonists in cinema, the beast in Fellowship of the Ring, was not to blame for the attack. It was laying peacefully at the bottom of the lake until one of the hobbits threw rocks into its home. If someone were to throw rocks into your home as you slept, who’d be to blame for the ensuing violence?

“One ring to rule them all, one ring to find them, one ring to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them.” — J.R.R. Tolkien

Reading the infamous quote from above film, note that it takes three rings for the “trap” to be complete. Speaking of tentacles and rings, the number 8 is composed of two rings. Dedroidify has published a post related to permutations of the number 8 [would recommend reading now], and just in time for the 08/08/08 Olympics [the 29th olympiad : 9 + 2 = 11, hence duality) : commenced at 08:08 PM].{*1}

Optical Illusion 88Nazi 88 Guns

The first of the above images, is supposed to be an optical illusion[zoom in and stare; the rings are supposed to look like they’re moving], but my eyes can’t see it. The Nazi hierarchy, were so focused on the occult, nothing was chosen by chance. Their main battle tanks [considered, by far, the best of WWII], their artillery and even their anti-aircraft guns used 88mm shells. The Russians were developing 122mm guns on their tanks, even going up to 152mm on their self-propelled artillery units. So, why wouldn’t the German’s upgrade for more punch?

Why not simply round up to 90? The answer should be obvious. Note that HH [H is the 8th letter in the alphabet, and I suspect the “bridge between” two I’s], is 88 numerologically, and found in Heil Hitler, Heinrich Himmler [arguably, one of the true powers behind Hitler]. Point made!

Since we are on the topic, I am convinced Adolf Hitler was planted inside Germany to destroy it. The result of his rule says plenty, but his actions scream louder. While exercising occult precision during his rise to power, once in total power, he proceeded to root out and kill the occultists. He would even override his generals not prone to launch military campaigns at times not favored by planetary alignment.

Dagon LegsOld Time Octo-Love

Back to tentacles, the above [left] scene from Dagon, is where the brother was about to couple with his lovely long-lost dreamgirl [and sister], until the startling discovery of her lower torso hidden under the sheets. Nothing new here bro. It’s been done before [right]! Refrain from judging. Dagon’s story, like much of the Bible, is meant to be symbolic. Not to be taken literally.

The [material] mirror, by definition (see Part I), lies to us and deceives us. Do we really have even the faintest idea of what we truly look like? If the nature of this universe is indeed Holographic, then a holographic mirror might prevent us from seeing not only ourselves, but seeing each other as we truly are.

Eye to Eye

A cock of sorts, and a “suspected octopus” [as discovered during my original tentacular journey], Roby Hitchcock, queues in to help us fathom the absurd, via his song, “Flesh Cartoons,” from the aforementioned EyE album:

“Life’s a movie, Life’s a dream
I love you, baby, Things are always what they seem”

“Loony, oh loony, oh loony, oh loony, oh”

I can now argue the movie Dagon has EVERYTHING to do with the events we see unfolding around us presently. Duality is rooted in Gemini, the twins. Below, we see [one of] them again. Rather than join his other half [in sexual congress, marriage], and recognize his true self [his genealogy is of fish-creatures, like hers], he immolates himself. The sis rushes then rushes slithers to save him [pictured].

Phoenix GeminiSeen This Before

Save him she does, taking him with her down the well. He awakes, reborn, having stepped through the water door, finding he can indeed breathe under the water of life. The phoenix has risen from the ashes. He unites with his beastly twin, in love, societal prejudices and antagonism removed. Together they hold hands and swim towards the great eye (I). Is this an alchemical wedding of sorts?

The subsequent above image, is another example of prorogation of themes through subconscious transplantation. On the topic of the universal unconscious, the below image from the Residents ties into an infamous trio I brought up earlier: Shadrack, Meshack, and Abednego. The surface story is that King Nebuchadnezzar threw those three I’s into the fiery furnace, for not bowing before his God.

However, as I heard Jim Marrs comment once, you really need to read between the lines on this Biblical tale. The reason the king put them into this “furnace” is that they were mystics who held ancient knowledge of its inner workings. Reading the passages, it goes into great detail about how they donned their special/sacred “garments.” Were they putting on their anti-radiation clothes? Is that why they were the first to survive the “fiery furnace,” while others died at its entrance?

The ResidentsFiery Furnace

While working inside the furnace, the trio was joined by another being. A creature from another dimension unlike themselves? Is this the archetype the Residents were tapping into above? Any other translation makes little sense.

I’m sorry for you literally-bound Christians and Jews, but “God” did not protect them from some kind of normal fire. He’s had plenty of opportunities to save Christ’s followers [think Rome and Nero] or his chosen people [think Holocaust, i.e., “burnt offering”] since and not been so inclined. Will accept, however, the literal translation image [above right], resonates strongly with the phoenix metaphor.

An elven visitor to my site recently informed me, Lovecraft’s intention was always that the Old One, aka the great Cthulhu, would be represented with three eyes [¿as are we?]. Perhaps the Residents serve up that hint as well. Why does the physical not correlate with the eternal? The below images, served up alongside the oft-repeated movie phrase, “life will find a way,” suggest sometimes it [life] tries.

Real OctopussyKali ReincarnateOctopus Tree

Another extremely significant feature of the number 8 is that when you place it on its side, you get the infinity symbol (). Syncing back to Galaxy Quest (1999), Tim Allen, also did the voice of Buzz Lightyear in Toy Story. What has his catch prhase? “To infinity and beyond.”

Another, is that eight is the first cube of a number after 1, i.e., 1 cubed equals 1 [the singularity] itself. Thus, 2 (duality) cubed equals 8. Turn that over in your head a few times, cause we’ll come back to it. For now, the two images of infinity below are worthy of meditation. The first does conjure up a tentacular realm, while the latter makes the connection between cubes and the great infinite beyond.

Tentacular InfinityInfinity Cubed

Now would be the time to put on your mental seat-belts. Things are about to get real “interesting” [I’m not going to say “weird,” cause things don’t get any weirder than octopus sex]. According to Gematria [note the tria, Greek for three], a system of mystic Hebrew Numerology, the word “Jesus” decodes to 888.

Also, as Dedroidify pointed out, 888 is also known as the Lion’s Gate. Can’t say if I follow latter person’s logic, but found it intriguing she said the tetrahydron [ i.e., 3 sided pyramid] was “key.” There are many Lion’s Gates worth exploring further, but the one I’d like us to contemplate for the moment is the one Jesus the Christ walked through from prison to execution/ascension.

Jesus Christ 888Mary Land 888

As to the second image, I’m not sure why I found a road marker for a Route 888 that may or may not actually exist in Maryland. There is a bus route of that number, but I chose this image over others. It syncs with Christ’s mother [which I discussed in The Butterfly Legend. and whom the worship of is definitely related to a particular hole/ring]. There is a Route 888 in Israel, which may or may not be significant, in case anyone more familiar with Hebrew may wish to look into.

What I did find while looking, was noteworthy: at 888 Bestgate Road in Maryland, you’ll find a slew of radiologists [¡chaos insignia!], ready to expedite the process of you shedding your mortal coil. Note the subtle eye/pyramid hint. Oh, and of course, this “beautiful” and “advanced” death facility is located in Suite 101. The universe has fulfilled its obligation. You have been warned. Enter at own peril. {*2}

Going back do Dagon for a moment, the undersea eye [¿I?] which I mentioned earlier [the one the Gemini twins swam towards at the end], does resemble two unif-eye-d Jesus fish. Hm, let’s come back to that! Of some humorous value, was the locals destroying all the Catholic icons in their small town, to replace them with those of the Dagon cult. Anyone’s who’s bothered researching the symbology behind Roman Catholicism [as this article by Mehmet Sabheddin has], should realize such an act would be superflouous, for they are basically one and the same.

Dagon EyeJesus TwinsPope of Babylon

With 08/08/08 approaching, I went clubbing out clubbing for the night. In the back of my mind, was the mystery behind the number, and an e-mail from a reader that said I hit on something important in the James Cameron’s 3D quote.. It hit me I had been looking at it two-dimensionally. So, that night, instead of chasing hole [seeking to feed my primary tentacle], I sat in an alcove with a pen and flyer paper, scratching out this mystery.

888, does add up to 24 numerologically, but that doesn’t really tell us anything [though, Jim did say “24 frames per second in 2D mode]. Looking at the date, and computing from left to right, we get 8 divided by 8 divided by 8, which is 1, the singularity. We already know there are 64 squares on the grand chessboard, where per my new header image, those who would be masters play their game of domination and mankind are mere pawns. But alas, cubing the cube, expands our thinking into 3D mode, to match our perceived reality of existence, and we end up with a matrix of 512 squares cubes.

The most famous “cube” in modern history is undoubtedly Rubik’s, which was, in fact, a puzzle. Those who’ve seen the Hellraiser series, will surely recognize the puzzle cube used by the nefarious and innocent alike to open the “gates” of hell [below center]. Sounds like a scare tactic to me. Perhaps, understanding the cube, can lead us to opening a “lion’s gate” of sorts instead?

Rubik's MazeHellraiser CubePerson in Cube

The last image may be the most appropriate, as I’m suspecting this matrix we are trapped in, is in fact, a cuboid structure. What I found really compelling, was this quote from a page devoted to Fred Holly, the inventor of the Rubik’s cube:

“As the Cube craze subsided, boxes of cubes began to appear in thrift shops. We scooped up just as many as we could find. He expanded the patterns using 64 cubes. My mother tells me that he wanted to create a pattern using 512 cubes, but regretfully, that wasn’t to be.”

There’s a building called “The Cube” in Dubai (do watch intro vid), where all sorts of deeply occult structures are being erected. Hence, we now sync back to the muddy waters stirred up in Lord of the Rings. Recalling Atlantean Times (I’ll resist labeling him, as he is the one blogger I’ve encountered more averse to belonging to any group than this rebel) prior post Dubai may be the new Mordor, I’ll now recommend seeing these structures while you can, before the final cornerstone is laid. As Tolkien forewarned us, “One does not simply walk into Mordor.”

Dubai CubeCubicle Hell

The second above image is from the set of a movie I’m about to get into, but hints at another often overlooked “reality:” corporate cubicle culture. Those who’ve a deeper understanding as to why things happen, instead of relying on others to form their opinion, could logically conclude that there was purpose [beyond surface cost-cutting] into turning the Corporate workplace into cublicle city. There is an undeniable dehumanizing effect [this video says it all]. That is precisely the idea!

Sitting in that alcove, I recalled a series of movies seen long ago, Cube and Cube Zero (the former of, incidentally won 13 awards). The plot of the movies is that some people wake up inside a large cube, and subsequently discover themselves trapped in a maze of cubes. Eventually, they realize they are prisoners, not expected to figure their way out of the complex (of cubes). Many of the cubes are booby trapped [grisly deaths abound] and to put a Rubik’s twist of complexity on their near hopeless endeavor, the cubes move around [i.e., change positions].

Cube ZeroHypercubeCube

The first of the films was allegedly made by some independent film company out of Canada. As I once contemplated before, and am investigating in another upcoming article, the phrase “independent cinema” is kind of a joke. Are you ready for this: the films are made by Lion’s Gate. Feel free to contact the company yourself, but regrettably, they don’t have an 800 number. They have an 888 number.

There was one film of the series I had not seen, the middle one, Cube²: Hypercube. Hence, I had to watch it before I finished this article. In the first film, there were 17,576 rooms [adds up to 26, which reduces to 8], i.e., 26 [2+6=8] cubed. In the final one, the prequel, the number of rooms was reduced to 25.

Hypercube added the dimension of time, and magnified the number of cubes to a theoretical 60 million. Worth a mention, at the end of the film, the protagonist realizing the cubic reality construct was about to collapse upon itself, escapes to come out in this dimension immersed in water (¿the water door?) {*3}

Cube Two

Now, while contemplating the number of cubes “out there” (a meaningless phrase in a quantum world), remember, these are just film makers. And, you should know by now, NO ONE, is obliged to TELL YOU the truth [assuming they even know it], but the universe might. The most important lesson I learned from the entire series, was that the only prisoners who even had a remote chance of escaping the cube, were ones well-versed in mathematics.

Personally, I think Lucas was tapping into a universal truth. Something about the 512 number resonates strongly with me. Were we to try and account for time as simply another dimension, then our reality matrix would have 4096 cubes [8 to the 4th power]. Coming back to the two fish becoming one, adding the “Jesus” [888] to the “Christ” [1480] (i.e., combining the spiritual and material], we get 2368.

Cube TrapCube Team

Both 4096 and 2368 reduce to 19 (XIX). [Note, that XIX is but a piece of an infinite puzzle, a base key which could be used to construct limitless possibilities.] In the Tarot deck, the nineteenth card is usually the Sun Card, which represents enlightenment, and considered by many to be the “best” to pull from the deck.

Found an interesting page with some relevant 19 syncs from the Quran. Do I have the answer to how many cubes comprise our reality matrix? No. But, I believe I am on the right path. Another very important lesson gained from watching the Cube movies: working together also radically increases your chances for survival/escape. So, feel free to comment, explore further, post your own articles on topic. As the movie Brazil queued us, “We’re all in it together man.”

My head swimming in mathematical permutations, old wisdom suggests returning to simplicity. So, back to my primal tentacled beast. Those who read my Shall We Play a Game, may recall the bizarre Wal-Mart commercial confusing Optimus Prime with Octopus Prime. I guess others have confounded the two before, as the 1st image (from the Mermaid Parade), and the 2nd (from the mind of a child) imply:

Octopus PrimeMind's EyeThe Allspark

Something tells me that when a child speaks, we should listen. Prime does imply a numeric quality, does it not? Returning to OctoPi, and for whatever it’s worth, I’ll point out that Octo (Greek for eight) times [Pi] = 25.1327412, which is approximately the number of cubes in the final cube movie. Did the Lion’s Gate math team take the same circuitous path from complexity to simplicity as well?

Of course, in the recent Transformers movie (another winner of 13 awards), the cube called the “Allspark” played a central role. The Allspark bears an uncanny dual-purpose functionality, similar to both the Omega 13 and the Venture “orb” discussed in Part I of this article. Pulling us back into a multi-tiered complexity is wikipedia’s page on the Transformer’s cube:

“The Allspark fragments recovered by the Autobots were later used to restore Omega Supreme to life. They are currently presumed lost after Omega sacrifices himself to close the Decepticon Space Bridge.”

In one of the Cube series, there was a “bridge” room; the portal to the outside world (i.e., the only means of escape). Those who read my musings on I am Legend (incidentally, based on the Omega Man), will recall the “rainbow bridge,” is our own path to transcendence, our only way out of this place. Are forces behind the Transformers programming the minds of youth into destroying their one way out?

Transformer's Gate

But, there is a cosmic force that demands balance [¿a universal law?]. The answer to the above question is a resounding yes.” But, for every 8 minds that get entrapped, at least 1 will pick up on liberating hint planted at the end of the last movie [spoken by Octopus Prime], or the subconscious hint of the shadowy BoBBy Bolivia (played by number-syncing Bernie Mac] standing at the Lion’s Gate [above]:

“We live among its people now, hiding in plain sight, but watching over them in secret, waiting, protecting. I have witnessed their capacity for courage, and though we are worlds apart, like us, there’s more to them than meets the eye.”

I would be doing us all a disservice by not taking this cube exploration into the teachings of a master mathematician [and philosopher, i.e., friend of wisdom], Plato. His Five Perfect Solids associates the cube with earth (which now, finally makes perfect sense to me), and reminds us it has 8 vertices. Read up on the Tetrahydron as well, which is associated with fire [recall the phoenix], impresses the significance of the 3 further and most importantly, “is dual to itself.”

Reflect for a moment, on the shape of an unfolded cube. Hint: think of the 8 and infinity. Now, take a deep breath, and look at the second image below. Before you read any further, make your best guess as to what that picture represents:

Plato's Solid CubeChild's Truth

From the mouths of babes comes wisdom: “It’s an octopus in a cage on an island.” Wow! Does that not describe our predicament to a tee? {*4} Sometimes, after learning my self-explorations offer more answers than any amount of reading may, I wonder if we are born complete, with all the answers we need, only to have education / indoctrination, television and our peers beat all the answers out of us. Think about the deleterious effects of the following words: “a figment of your imagination,” “that’s just crazy, man,” “conspiracy theory,” and the worst of them all, “only coincidence!”

To give the mind a break, I’m going to temporarily return to the material [world]. Those overwhelmed, may be in need of an Octopus Porn break, take one [be forewarned, you’ll never be able to look at Raggedy Anne the same again.].

A new movie is coming out based on yet another old comic book, The Spirit [made by guess who? Lion’s Gate]. Oh, and it will be released on ChristMas. You just can’t make this stuff shit up. Saturnian SamuEL EL Jackson, will be playing the villain, appropriately (or inappropriately from our new perspective) named “The Octopus:”

The Man-EaterSprit's Octopus

Since we’re precariously back at the baser chakra levels, I’ll demonstrate how one of the Spirit’s villains, the Man-Eater (above) is not so coincidentally pictured with her heart [i.e., vagina] open. Not that I can relate in any way, but several women tell me that chocolate cravings and menstruation are intimately linked. Science seems to concur. {*5} I’ll just surmise the box’s contents are fitting [After I wrote that last sentence, couldn’t help but notice how loaded last few words were.].

Aside: Come to think of it, may have spent too much time in the alcove pondering mathematical constructs, and little towards my lovelife [that, on the other hand was meant to be loaded]. Balance, it is important. As one of my readers (Sedulis Xu) recently reminded me, sexual union does produce a temporary [hopefully, for you ladies out there, not too temporary] octopus of sorts: a two-headed eight-legged beast. I could go one step further and sync the union back to XIX [think about that one].

Break-time is over, time to bend the mind a little again. The ultimate god of Royal Arch Freemasonry, and Aleisteir Crowley’s OTO is often depicted with the body of a spider and three heads (¿recall the 3-eyed spider on the dollar?) Those heads are Yahweh, Baal and Osiris, which produce the united beast/god Jahbulon. The masonic “as above, so below” creed, would seem to overtly apply to 8, 88, and 888. As the follow-up image reveals in a multitude of ways, what we’ve discovered here is ancient, and presumably gaurded knowledge (check out “Box of Woes”):

JahbulonMasonic Cube

“There truly is nothing new under the sun,” and “no amount of darkness can vanquish even one point of light” [the first is Ecclesiastes, I can’t recall who said the latter]. As I said at the beginning of this set of articles, the universe is speaking to us. Listen closely. Don’t dismiss the subtleties of its language.

Before Jim Henson got involved with children’s programming, he made a television production called The Cube back in 1969. Despite its dated nature, and the mediocre acting, it’s definitely worth a view. The plot is about a guy who is trapped in a single cube. People come and go from his cube, but he does not know how to leave it. [found a review, which presently includes the entire movie: runtime is 53:33] I was only able to find a few images of it online, but one was all I needed:

Dali ChristJim Henson's Cube

I told you we’d revisit Bob Dylan before this was over (yea, I know, Heath Ledger, who played The Joker, and Bob Dylan aka “the Jester,” connects to everything). The lines of dialogue are NOT from Henson’s movie, but what other caption is even remotely possible with the above image? Madman Salvador Dali had obviously also tapped into some universal truth with his painting on the left.

I have to stress, that I am not advocating death as a means of escape. Remember what I said about following a new fool back to ground cube zero? Those who’ve had near death experiences talk of the warm beaconing light. How do we know that light isn’t there by design, meant to pull us right back into the virtual matrix we just left? Were I the architect of a multi-level trap, I’d scheme of such a logical ploy.

“We gotta get out of this place” indeed. I hope I’ve stimulated some of you to start / continue thinking outside the box. {*6} What you may be feeling presently, are my tentacles twisting inside your mind. Believe me, I’m not saying that from an ego-centric perspective; a good number of you who read this, have returned the favor, your tentacles reaching into my own. I’ve credited where I can, but undoubtedly, some of these words are imprints of other’s visits inside my own head. Ideas and thoughts, when not hierarchical, can be wonderfully contagious.

The Celtic Rebel

At the beginning, I complained of how when we seek the conspiratorial dominating octopus beast, we end up with more questions than answers. I know I’ve raised many a new question herein, but wish to also leave you with an answer. I’ve looked within and found the tentacled beast within me. I will not slay my adversary. For I now realize, he fears me, as much as I had been programmed to fear him. Instead, I will embrace him (turning fear into love). I will join with him, so that we are one.

If we ever hope to find a way out of here, the universe is telling me that is a crucial first step.

A Couple of Arbitrary Celtic Rebel Posts on Related or Similar Subject Matter
Jun 2008: The Tentacles of Love Aug 2008: Octopi Phalli Cubes [1]

Hm: That’s five 8’s and five rings! Far more than required by Tolkien Incidentally, I had published 88 posts on my blog as of said date. Without doubt, there is method to the madness we are being subjected to. [LB]

*2: The history of radiation treatment is quite fascinating (and disgusting). I think it was Eustace Mullins I first heard tell the story behind the Sloan-Kettering death expediting centre. I touched on the subject in regards to Vacci-Nation. Regardless: if you seek radiation treatment for you or your loved ones, you .. well, I’ll save the expletives … have chosen your method of demise. [LB]

*3: Jake Kotze and Steve Willner have mentioned the water door regularly: here’s one on-topic post. Worth the study time: a good resource on crop circle formations, which goes into the mathematics of Hypercubes and Metatron’s Cube. [LB]

*4: A tee? A T? A “T” is half a (pi). Having spent some time delving into the mystics / wizards use of sygils, I’m wondering at the curious spelling of the name of the infamous MohaMed ATTA. Was he the keystone of the whole 911 ritual? Recall IBM’s (a company steeped in occult tradition) early computer the IBM AT? I smell a new blog cooking. [LB]

*5: I am trying to stay on track here, really. Found it interesting, the Mayans, among other cultures, considered Chocolate to be the “food of the gods.” Michael Tsarion, and some other researches, talk of the Nephilim’s desire to mate with the human females (the Greek Olympians were rather obsessed with it as well). As far as I’m concerned, Lloyd Pie‘s proven, that human chromosome pairs (unlike those of any other creature on this planet) were fused for some reason. Was chocolate devised as some kind of compensation for the resulting effects on females? [LB]

*6: A commenter mentioned the Hellboy II movie, which I had not seen to date. Caught it last night. It’s go so much I’ve talked about in this blog and others: tentacles, elves, mind-flayers, red and blue color imagery, an earth elemental, a fish-man, a ring, Gemini twins, and more. Didn’t have the time to include it, so it’ll definitely require its own write-up. I was going to publish this tomorrow, 08/18, but couldn’t resist putting it out on 08/17/08 @ 11:00 PM (23:00 hours). My own attempt at Wizardry. 🙂 [LB]

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  1. Celt, again bro, amazing. I agree, if this tentacled beast is symbolic of the shadow self, which we need to “co-exist” with, there is no sense in “slaying it” and becoming what we truly are not. I go back to the “balance” idea–mind, body, spirit, maybe thats also part of the way to escape the “trap”(?)

    Great musings my friend, was just thinking some more on the 8’s while I was playing around with gorgeous fractals. I must admit, I am not mathematician, but am truly intrigued with what you dug up on Plato’s own musings.

    Although, in this 3-D Maze, there are powers that be at work intent on keeping the dumbed down sheeple here to harness their “energies” (sex/orgone energy) which they thrive off of. I think you’ll/we’ll find out that the Transhumanist agenda is run by those that “desire” to stay on this 3D Plane and keep the sheeple here to fuel their own energies/desires.

    Excellent work! Well done.

  2. Great read celt,

    Yes we must join with our shadow self if we truly wish to “break on through, to the other side”

    break on through
    break on through
    break on through
    break on through

  3. Rebel, now you clustered symbols and words that make like a star of endless rays, I´ll have to chose just some of them to follow… Archetype behind symbols, energy behind archetype; Our starry energy; Lot more than 8 limbs, more like infinite…
    Working together is a timely call, so we dont lose our energy in our plasmoelectric limbs reaching out, to come back empty, so feeding the predators… Shall we turn their: Divide and conquer, to our Unite and Escape? Hugs.

  4. Michael, I think I overlooked the significance of Bernie Mac (pictured above standing at the Lion’s Gate, reaching to us across it), which I added after you read this (normally, don’t like do it, but saw it when Transformers came on right after I posted this).

    Bernie Mac, as many may know by now, passed away, or as some might say crossed over shortly after the 08/08/08 Lion’s Gate. He’s also intimately linked with water, gaining fame from starring in the full Ocean‘s cycle of 11, 12 and finally, 13! Like Heath, his upcoming movies stand to benefit. They are Soul Men and, ready for this, Old Dogs, where he will be responsible for taking care of a pair 7 year old (7/7) Gemini twins. For what’s its worth he closed his career with 11 awards, and is up 3000 at IMDB this week.

    And, as connected in your VR post, the powers that B, have a vested interest in putting us in a box within a box, rather than having us look for a way out of the box.

    Joshua, there have been several hints planted in our head via music haven’t there? Off-hand, I guess I inadvertently quote the appropriately named Animals singing, “We gotta get out of this place If it’s the last thing we ever do.” Was the song so overt, they felt the need to have the soulless Partiridge Family remake it so soon after?

    Diane, I think you may have a point of the vital part energy plays (as Michael also said). The age-old ploy of “Divide and Conquer” is (for a good number of us) is losing its effectiveness. As our own Gladiator syncs to the masters, “The time for honoring yourselves will soon be at an end”

  5. What another fine piece. Heaps to ponder.
    The lions gate theme reminded me of the Menin Gate in Ypres (massive WWI monument) – a triumphal arch with a lion atop (symbolises supposedly the lion of Britain & also of Flanders). It does seem to me that we’re not looking at very many themes/symbols, just a handful in an infinte variety of disguises – reminds me of the passwords that run our life today – if you have too many you keep forgetting them so you just stick to a few you can remember – so is that what we’re looking at just a few symbols endlessley repeated?
    BTW there is a new crop circle in Celtic design looking very like an ornate unfolded box.


  6. Celt,

    Pertaining to Wise’s comment–I think she is right, regurgitated symbols in different forms. For instance, instead of the black & white chessboard design they can use a white person/african american person grouped together/paired so that the eyes see it as the black & white design, might be a poor example, but all these stargate symbols may just be the symbol for the Sun.

    Just more musing. Later bro!

  7. The tesselated mosaic floor of the Masons. Understanding ritual symbols. Making the device work. Sigals as signposts. What memory magic will suffice. Layer upon layer. Dreamtime? Shine forth brave souls. Dennis from Oregon

  8. Wise Woman, that Men-in Gate is a nice add. Checked out the [central resource of common knowledge] wiki and found there are 54,896 names inscribed (i.e., 32/23) and that the gate is “the gap in the city’s star-shaped fortifications designed by Louis XIV (the Sun King). An occult ritual taking place as visitors innocuously pass through?

    Coincidentally, another reader e-mailed me the Celtic Cross crop circle from the Behemoth. That one is very very SIGNifIcant!!!

    Michael, I’m gonna have to disagree somewhat, the dark and white squares represent opposing energy forces, which aren’t necessarily good/bad (as Wise Woman contemplated over at her blog). We, the pieces, can move from one to the other without changing vibration / energy / intent. The black/white breakdown among us poor sods (humanity), is a reflection of the multi-level trap of division used to further embed us within that [VR] matrix. Isn’t the sun itself a theoretic stargate?

    Though, you do have a very valid point, as far as symbolism used to queue the mind. For example, it’s not accidental, the white hand is reaching out to black Bernie Mac (representing the shadow self) in that image above.

    Dennis, ultimately, I believe we are being tested. There is a dual-aspect to almost every symbol (and I’d surmise everything). One one hand, we can see a clear pattern of symbols being used to entrain us “in the box.” On the other, some of us, will see the other side/hint within the symbol as a means of breaking the cycle/loop.

    ALL, don’t miss this short video I recently caught on Dedroidify.

  9. “Passing” through Gates-Veils by “magic-(cigam = se-(you)game = (chase prey, wedding) endless double edged s.wOrds/sy.m.bols. Sun = Son = Lion = Gold = Go(l)d?) it is an endless self generating figure system in which we could fall (In a way, just watching, thinking it we already do) and by watching the trees lose the sight of the forest; The present real kings, and their hired sorcerers, shepperd dogs, and dungeon cubes. To me the big octo-puss po-pula-tion pee-poll monster (ever wondered if the sea of the monster is a golden one?) it shall go its set dynamics as ever, maybe lose a limb or two, raise new masters to its head, and go as it ever did. Great mention of Plato! and beware that the new sorcerers for hire have found the way to plague the web automaticaly… ux4uxT/5cckop7x6/ zzzzzzzz lol.

  10. Celt,

    I agree that the b&w chessboard can signify duality too, that I do not disagree with bro. But, from my own blog experience, just going with what I have discovered. Wow, that link to Dedroids Hypercube was freaking wild! The Order/Chaos, White/Black, duality definitely feeds into understanding whats at play here. I remember reading Greg Braden’s the Divine Matrix, where they spoke of an “energy matrix” that could be manipulated by those that knew how, and it that the Matrix they thought did not distinguish between “good/bad” positive or negative. Was an interesting theory he had.

    Be well bro!

  11. “Tesla researched ways to transmit power and energy wirelessly over long distances (via transverse waves, to a lesser extent, and, more readily, longitudinal waves). He transmitted extremely low frequencies through the ground as well as between the earth’s surface and the Kennelly-Heaviside layer. He received patents on wireless transceivers that developed standing waves by this method. In his experiments, he made mathematical calculations and computations based on his experiments and discovered that the resonant frequency of the Earth was approximately 8 Hertz (Hz). In the 1950s, researchers confirmed that the resonant frequency of the Earth’s ionospheric cavity was in this range (later named the Schumann resonance).”

  12. Dana, I’m not sure exactly what you said, but you said it beautifully. 🙂 I agree with all the shiny things demanding our attention. If we keep jumping in rabbit holes, we’ll never know the forest.

    Previewed Day Earth Stood Still last night. They made a reference to the squid/octopus being US (just “cephalopods” they said). Is it insight or mind-twisting. Or, are our 4 limbs they only ones our eyes can observe on this side of the aether?

    Michael, I know we have a fundamental difference of interpretation of “the cube,” and I’m glad for it. It [the alternate discerning opinion] is hopefully, what keeps us both grounded somewhat from going too far in either direction (though, I am speaking on my behalf). Ultimately, good and evil are highly subjective terms, based mostly on ego-based perception. That said, there are still forces aligned against us that wish us harm.

    arc, thanks for sharing the tesla info. Interestingly, assuming those discussing it (i think braden is one) are correct, and in sync with this article, that “earth-heart beat” is moving from 8 “beats per cycle” to 13?

  13. I have a hint: the cube is the emerald tablet, the divining object of the universe, and a keystone and portal in and out of the boundaries of this universe.

  14. I was trying to find something totally unrelated (er, maybe not – I was looking for a picture of an apple, curiously enough) and ‘came’ across this picture: we’ve got a rusty eye, nasty ‘pus, and a rainbow shaft. I thought of this post immediately 🙂

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