A New Dawn Fades [V] Xmas

While strapped down in the middle of part iii, and on the way home from yet another completely unrewarding night of human interaction in this Brave New World, I popped a CD into the car stereo I had not “heard” for quite some time. It had been buried in the back of pile of CD’s, some in boxes, some not. The black and white sine-waves tugged at my eye, and my mind took a walk to prior times. My salvation/escape from Room 101, came from the words of Ian Curtis:

I travelled far and wide through many different times,
What did you see there? I saw the saints with their toys,
What did you see there? I saw all knowledge destroyed.

Ian Curtis, the voice behind Joy Division, was definitely connected to something deep within and therefore, beyond. Either that, or he was the channel of some entity that wanted to reach into our worlds/our minds (technically, as science is slowly starting to concede, our minds are our world). Now, whether Ian took his own life because the experience overwhelmed his fragile psyche, or due to mind-control programs of the time [the film 24 Hour Party People suggested he was realizing Bowie’s words of “Don’t wanna be alive when you’re 25”], or the most ignoble of reasons (a broken heart), I’ll leave for others to debate and ponder. {*1}

joy dj division

The “why” is inconsequential, but the what, that he produced/created only two albums one black (Unknown Pleasures) and the second white (Closer) is. The opening line of the above stanza (not that the subsequent two don’t speak volumes in relation to this series), synced all too well with a response I got from a mentor; that while our memory, or lack thereof, allow us to repeat ignominious cycles of ignorance in this lifetime (as I stated back in part i), lack of spiritual memory is what allows us to continue the cycles of repetition eternally.

In the meanwhile, the song [in question] “Wilderness” beats onwards in my head:

I travelled far and wide through prisons of the cross,
What did you see there? The power and glory of sin,
What did you see there? The blood of Christ on their skins

“Prisons of the cross?” If you didn’t read my Octopi, Phalli, Cubes post, well, you should, but from it, I’ll remind of how a cube unfolded forms a cross, and how Salvador Dali, be it by learned secrets or by connecting to the great infinite, drew this painting. As I suggested in part ii (of this series), religion, sans occult understanding, condemns mankind, to the prison that is this 3D reality “cube,” and I am strongly suspecting into the 4D matrix of cubes that encompasses time and space, returning us not necessarily to this branch/dimension [intersection of X,Y,Z & T coordinates] of our multiverse, or to at best, one quite like it.

Of interest, all three of the major Abrahamic religions worship the cube. The Christians, the cross as said. The Jews have the star-of-david, seal-of-solomon, Saturnian hexagram (anything with that many interpretations is obviously meant to be shrouded and understood by few, and particularly not the devout). Thanks to my listening to Michael Tsarion’s interview on Red Ice, finally realized the six pointed star is actually a cube in three dimensions. As for the Muslims: what do they do on their holy of holy days? Make circles around a big cube.

muslim cubechristian cubejew cube

Now, I’m not familiar enough with the Eastern religions, aside from the Tao, and from a spiritual voyage I once undertook, can personally tell you that that book as well, while providing good insight, is blatantly incomplete, and therefore can be dangerous. This was the case to my young self when I found myself challenged in a realm where I was far outside of the depths of my knowledge. Seeing the growth of the Chinese machine, I can see now, how it can, to one who lacks understanding of multi-layered complexities of the universe, serve as a watered-down guide to subservience (“have faith in the way things are,” “make no waves,” “don’t climb up or down the ladder”). If, per the Holographic Universe theory, we are but ripples in a bottomless lake, then to not “make waves” would translate to “don’t be.”

However, I am not absolving myself of guilt and blame. I failed to recall the most important words of Lao Tzu, “The tao that can be told is not the eternal Tao.”

Before I go any further, I need to go backwards in time to when my mind was being pulled in two directions, that of the corporate training ground called “university” and the material success and riches it would lead to, and that towards unguided explorations of the within. Anyone walking up to my doorstep at the corner of Samford and Gay [¿hm?], would come face to face with the below sign: {*2}

this is the way

For some reason, I was compelled to warn anyone who walked up to the door, that they may be opening themselves up to a viral infection [of the mind] and also, remind them that should they enter, they are doing so of their own free will. I recall the Geminis, two brothers coming, sitting a spell, and leaving with two completely different experiences; one having joined me on a rather bizarre extra-dimensional journey which defied every tenet of “reality” we were ever taught [later, it “freaked him out” so much, he was loathe to ever discuss it again], all the while the other just stared at us, asking, “Where the hell have you guys been?

Why do I share this now? Well, I did say I was going to put out, and felt the cube section served a good teaser to put some in the mood. However, I guess, some part of me feels, that those who’ve stepped in here for whatever reason, should read the above before proceeding any further. You’ve been warned. It’s official.

Pardon me if I sound condescending, and pardon if I sound nebulous. My dilemma is my variety of readers and trying to meet a workable medium. For those still here, come, “take my hand, and I’ll show you what was and will be.” Step inside:

Asylums with doors open wide,
Where people had pay to see inside,
For entertainment they watch his body twist,
Behind his eyes he says I still exist.

You’ll see the horrors of a faraway place,
Meet the architects of law face to face.
See mass murder on a scale you’ve never seen,
And all the ones who try hard to succeed.

And I picked on the whims of a thousand or more,
Still pursuing the path that’s been buried for years,
All the dead wood from jungles and cities on fire,
Can’t replace or relate, can’t release or repair

Ian Curtis had a gift for putting into a few words pretty much the entirety of parts two through four of this series (i.e., a gift I cannot claim). The words are self-explanatory, as is the title “Atrocity Exhibition.” Other than embold some interesting syncs from a song I had not “heard” in years, the only other thing I’d like to point out, is that back then, had you ventured in through the door, you would have been entreated to another art-work of my own (in terms of execution, not conception), the only that emblazoned my walls [literally]: a big black flaming “X.”

x firecommunicationtelepathy

The second dilemma I’m having with “writing” this at the moment is trying to present information in a linear fashion. I’ve been sorely tempted to “give up” and go on writing about a far easier topic: social engineering agendas, one which I’ve had several friends express during this series, that it is remarkable how I can see the big picture (e.g., as discussed in parts i through iv) of these.

Is it? To me, after doing this for a while, it’s as if when I walk into a chess game and see a pawn fall, it seems pretty intuitive to be able to automatically figure out the last five to six moves which led to that pawn being taken. Maybe it’s practice? Maybe, it’s because of all the god-damn clues they [the engineers] intentionally leave behind? Maybe, it’s refocusing my energies from putting myself inside a vagina to understanding the deeper esoteric meaning of a vagina?

The only solution seems to be not to attempt trying to present this in a linear fashion, because this “gnosis,” if I may be so presumptuous as to call it that, came to me in an extremely non-linear fashion. To try to present it to others via the intentionally confounded method of exchange called language, or even a video medium is proving impossible. I am faced with the paradox of meeting Terence McKenna’s daunting challenge while recalling Lao Tzu’s prior wisdom:

“If the truth can be told so as to be understood, it will be believed.”

This exploration has further convinced me of a growing suspicion that we are born with all the knowledge we need, and “systems” of education and socialization were designed for the purpose of depriving us of that knowledge. I remember back in school when the idiots standing in front of us idiots told us that some idiot named John Locke, a “philosopher among philosophers,” said that the mind of a baby is a “blank slate.” Yea? Bullshit! Fuck you John Locke! You can take your Royal Society membership and stick it right up your bony dead ass.You sir, are either no smarter than those monkeys you and your secret society buddy Darwin would have us believe we “evolved” from, or you are “in on it.” {*3}


Again, when I rely on observation over indoctrination, I see that almost every animal in the world, should they find themselves in water, starts swimming, except for the dumbest of all animals on this planet, man. And, it’s not because man is not “born” with this knowledge, it’s because it’s conditioned out of us. Babies, born in water (read up on water babies) seem to take to water quite well. Those put through the whole traumatic “modern” version of the birthing process and then conditioned by their parents to only trust their five sense reality (or God Forbid, put in front of the TV at an early age and effectively retarded) sync like a stone. {*1}

Total darkness to blinding light. Enveloped in warmth to clinical cold. Comfort to sterility. Connectedness to isolation. Woman to man. Silence to noise. Welcome!

male butchersdelivery horror

It would seem the birthing process has over the years been redesigned and tweaked, against all common sense, to be as traumatic as humanly possible. And, what is the point of trauma? To cause the mind to split/compartmentalize, thus causing memories of events leading to the trauma becoming inaccessible to a sane mind. Now, I am going on the assumption that reincarnation of the soul is fact. It’s the only process that makes any type of gradual/graduated sense.

I also suspect/know/feel that this prison we find ourselves in, is not just this three-dimensional box, but a four-dimensional one, and possibly beyond that. Our spiritual memory confounded by the trauma of birthing, and perhaps further by modification (per theories that “the gods” genetically hacked/cut-off our ability to access our higher facilities), someone/something has condemned/trapped us to live cycle after cycle in this colony (i.e, “prison of the cross”).

Charles Fort was under the impression this planet was a colony, summarizing: “Pigs, geese and cattle. First find out they are owned. Then find out the whyness of it.” And, Ian Curtis sang of life in this “Colony.” He wailed, “A cry for help, a hint of anaesthesia”, adding “God in his wisdom took you by the hand, God is his wisdom made you understand.” Under-stand? As in ” to accept as a fact or truth or regard as plausible without utter certainty?” Or, stand under him? Order!


What happens to the lab rat after it makes its way out of the maze? Is he free to forage, frolic and fornicate in the wild, or is he returned via a means he does not understand (in his case, the “unseen hand” of his captor), right back into another maze, and sometimes even, the same one? Hence, I must wonder, what function does this “welcoming” warm light (i.e., beacon) so often seen during “near” journeys past death’s door? Is that part of the system? Proceed at own spiritual peril, for I know not what I’ll do next time I face the big light.

One symbol I’ve had staring back at me every time I view/edit/tweak my blog is the “flower of life” on the right column (hm, two of them). Well, taking a look at the flower, in conjunction with observations on the three Abrahamic cults, shows how both the cube and the star/seal are either integrated with it, or a method of manipulating/containing realization of the totality that is the flower:


Looking at the flower with renewed vigor, and trying to “think outside the box,” I counted up the number of vertices in the eLF. There are 19 of them. That seems rather significant. I keep seeing the numbers like 33, 23, 17, 13, 11, and 9 [etc.], discussed and put before the public eye, but have heard little of the number 19, which, by the way is the 8th prime number (keeping the tentacular/chaos path).

In the Octopi Phalli post, when I arrived at the number via different methodology, I surmised it was a “key” number, for (a) it was the base of both the number I intuited was the optimal number of cubes to create a four dimensional prison [link to section] and (b) the realization of the gematraic name “Jesus Christ.” [Of note: the Rubik’s Cube designer was headed down the same path prior to his passing.] I also interpolated it as the lowest possible singular building block (using Roman numerals) to build the most complex of geometric grids. This may help illustrate:

the gridwingdings

Now, I’m not exactly sure what exactly that means, but it seems/feels important. Any Dead Kennedys fans shouldn’t have too hard a time seeing the symbol embedded randomly throughout. {*5} Have to wonder if the trinity of Kennedy assassinations, beyond conspiracy, was just a intersection in the space-time grid? The Greeks believed the Fates [¿daughters of Chaos?] spun the great web of destiny [a fair exploration of that trinity]. Holy shit! I just remembered the Tholian Web.

Recalling there was some chance find indicating the events of 9/11 in Wingdings (for those curious, the code is Q33NY), I tried XIX (19) and got the above result. Hm, two Templar crosses and a hand of five fingers (five points) in between. Not sure what that means either. Lastly, I note that 9 and 11, in Roman numerals are capable, when used in conjunction, of creating the same grid that 19 can.

the ark

Supposition: The Templars were alleged to have found the Ark of the Covenant, which some suggest was a body of knowledge passed down by the gods on how to control/imprison/enslave the minds, bodies (and perhaps, souls) of men. Is the cube/grid part of that “technology” which some would call wizardry?

I recall one of my “smarter” friends (smart in some ways, as he still believes some Arabs acquired the latest Romulan cloaking technology and pulled of the demolition of the century), being frustrated that the media forced the “9/11” meme on us. He would snarl, “Why don’t they call it The WTC Attack, or the September 01 Attacks, or ANYTHING else more logical?” Looking back now, I think they had to put the meme before the public using a very specific combination of blocks.

Ever since I did my post on the Dark [k]Night, the above image has been troubling me. Aside from what I perceived the first time, my mind would not relinquish, or dismiss the placement of the symbol on the upper left. If something in a scene in a movie that will reach this many minds seems contrived or out of place, there is a reason for it. Obviously, in the above, it holds no structural function.

Since then, I’ve seen that symbol over and over again more times than I can count, in more movies than I can name. Below, are just two examples. The first, is from Entourage (the male-engineering show I discussed at length in part iv) and the second, from Ocean’s 11, which I just happened to catch this past weekend. Note in the scene from the former, the El Ari’s head is dead center at the X and the street sign, per chance, creates the vision of another slice in the grid.

el rageocean's

In the latter, the “x-box” is the first thing that George Clooney steps onto right after he walks out the prison gates. So, symbolically, he is stepping out of the prison (the state penitentiary) within the prison (this 3D reality construct) into another (the materialistic trap: he is going to “live it up” on the loot). While the entire figure is not shown in the scene, the repeating pattern extending towards the horizon of the screen cues the brain to fill in the unseen one George has stepped into the middle of.

If you look for it, you too will start seeing it throughout the medium. After I polled Stygian Port on the symbol, within a day, he already saw it in both Back to the Future films. [Per SP: “It was on a clock on the coffee pot in the opening scene of Part1, and there were two windows with pink neon X’s over them in Part2.”] I could suggest that the symbol is some kind of requisite enabling cue, but to be honest, this discovery still seems a little beyond my depth at the present.

Of significance, in the Batman image, the top and bottom of the figure is missing. I’m wondering if the implication is that the Joker, who resonates the rebellious / liberating force of chaos has blown out the prison gates [breaking us out]? I did say “x-box” earlier didn’t I? Well, that seems to be the most descriptive phrase for it, so let’s turn to another mind-manipulation medium, the world of gaming:

nintendo 64game cubex-box 360

One of my concerns with the “industry,” aside from how it is being used to program the minds of young men for whatever agenda is coming down the pipe (one could logically deduce that would be war at the moment), is that as computing power increases, it allows for the creation of virtual constructs. The above images again resonate the cube imagery, and looking back on prior findings on expanding the 8-board into 3 dimensions, I’d say that when Nintendo can bring out the 512 cube, the virtual world and the physical world will be near impossible to differentiate.

The other number besides 19 I feel does not get enough “coverage,” or perhaps I should say gets too much coverage (i.e., as in to be cloaked or concealed), is 36 (which came up in part i). So, one apocalyptic [“removing the cover/veil”] interpretation is, as in the X-Box above, the 360 degrees of a circle. I’ve heard that “universal” Freemasonry contains 360 degrees (humans limited to the first 180), and that would make a lot more sense than the common perception of 33.

volkswagenseal of monsatangram

Note that all three of the Abraham religions also involve an encircled cube. Inferring multiplication, 36 gives us three 6’s, or 666. The star/seal having six sides, six points and six triangles has an implicit 666 built into it. The [in]famous Volkswagen logo consists of 3 V’s, thus VVV, which translates to 666 in numerology. Note that both symbols intersect the bounding circle at six points. The alleged Satanic pentagram resonates the two dimensional representation of man (end of part iv), yet in no conceivable manner can the “number of the beast” be derived from it.

Looking at man in the image, it would appear his anus is dead center (we’ll come back to that). What I can say beyond doubt now, is that there’s a good reason why Hollywood has devoted copious time, energy and money instructing/programming us to fear “evil” extra-sensory beings and the unknown/unexplainable that science cannot/willnot account for (lest they should communicate the eternal).

I will now share that I am descended from seers/mystics, but my parents, pursuing the protestant work dream, took me away to the fabled “land of opportunity,” far away from the the “superstitious” influence of the old ways. School taught me to dismiss the ethereal, and Hollywood conditioned/entranced me to fear it. While young, I was sometimes visited by passed loved ones, friends and even acquaintances, and terrified each and every time. Eventually, perhaps sensing the fear they were generating/trauma they were causing me, they stopped coming.

666panreal satan

So, while it makes for good Hollywood drama and serves to scare children, I think that if we hope to ever break out of this prison space, these symbols of “the devil”, instead of being avoided at all costs, need to be drawn near us, investigated and understood. If you want to find the real “devil,” a good place to start would be by interrogating one of his minions like the murder-preaching racist hate-mongering sack-of-excrement conman John Hagee [above, right]. Am I being too kind?

Stygian Port adds: “If you add all the numbers in 36: 1+2+3…+35+36 it = 666. In relation of Man and 666: Man (and all life on earth/cubic-prison) is Carbon based, and Carbon has 6 protons, 6 neutrons, and 6 electrons. Like I said before, Mother Earth is seen as square, having “four corners,” and even recent seismic evidence reveals that the center of the earth is not a ball of Iron, but more likely a large Iron cube.” [wacky? no!]

Prometheus (aka Lucifer) sought to liberate the minds of men through the flame of wisdom. Is that bad or good? Was Yahweh’s demotion and oppression of the daughters of Eve good? Would the rebellion of Ea (Satan) against tyranny be bad? Would Zeus constantly raping mortals that struck his fancy be considered benign? Why does Hades position as overseer of our loved ones who’ve passed on qualify him as evil? What of Jehovah, who demands all his covenants are paid in blood?

megner cubessilk

[Addendum]: Of significance, Stygian Port informed me of a Taiwanese movie called Silk. It’s about scientists creating a mathematical construct known as a Menger Sponge [above image] for the purpose of entrapping spirits. [End]

The below images, once you get past the Rothschild’s tag/brand for their chosen people (first, marking them for sacrifice in the great “burnt offering”), show that beyond the cube that is the IsRaEli symbol lies an implication of cubes within cubes. It also suggests a certain multi-tiered puzzle of [un]imaginable complexity: one that serves to trap us further and further into an [in]escapable reality.


A little within the scope of this series, are studies of how what was once Judaism, split into two branches, one being Hellenism, the other Sephardic (not the present diluted Ashkenazi version of Talmudic slant). As expected, the great contributions of this offshoot of Judaism were the Apocryphas and the Book of Baruch. Of course, those had to be taken out of the Bible and marginalized, as they posed too much of a threat to the powers that be (e.g., the apocryphas talked of reincarnation). Wikipedia chimes in: “In general use, the word “apocrypha” came to mean “false, spurious, bad, or heretical.” So, “spurious” writings were somehow a threat to Rome, but mundane exchanges of sheep and cows were Bible-worthy?

That kind of supports my thesis about why the enemies of the Greeks sought to rewrite their history as homoerotica. Enemies? Yes. Two groups of people that make up my identify are the Greeks and the Irish. The latter, despite centuries of enduring rape and murder at the hands of the Britons, raised several “Royal” Irish volunteer regimens to go fight and die for The Crown in WWII.

As for the Greeks, my grandma’s 2nd husband once stunned a young [indoctrinated] me by saying, “The biggest mistake we made during WWII, was not shooting the English when they landed in Crete. The second, was fighting the Germans on their side.” He was right. After the war, the Partisans (recognized by most military Historians as the bane of the Germans, and one of the most effective guerrilla forces in history), were rewarded by being hunted down and killed at the Queen’s behest. While the Royal Air Force, despite the horrors they caused, still had a moral objection to dropping Napalm on the Germans. The empire’s eugenicists [USA too], however, had no qualms with the darker Greeks being burned alive. {*6}

light cubeqabalahescher

Oh, the cube. Sorry, got sidetracked. The first image is of a ready-to-ship system for 3D Display. The second, implies a need for keys to successfully navigate/unravel the cube. If you recall the Matrix, while those outside the system could hack into the virtual construct, they could not access the higher dimensions unless they found the keymaster. Actually, when you start looking at the movie in depth, you see repeat after repeat of themes straight from Kabbalah (and some Buddhist tenets).

You’ve got Zion, a twisted take on the tree-of-life, an architect instead of a God, promotion of the legitimate/supremacy/immunity of the Merovingian bloodline, the sixth incarnation of the matrix/wheel and even wraiths (those who can travel between dimensions). In response to one of my They Live reviews, someone once commented that nothing like it [They Live] had come out until the Matrix.

tree of life

The more I think about it, the more I disagree. There is enough mind-control (e.g., external-savior) and subliminal triggers/queues in the matrix to make me wary of it. {*7} Plus, over-time I have leaned that anything that appeals to the mAsses always has an agenda behind it. That actually wasn’t meant as a double-entendre!

Looking at the Qabalah tree, you find 22 paths and 10 points/spheres, thus requiring 32 keys to get through (levels of Freemasonry). So now, we have another 22 to add to the mix of the multitude of significances that number holds. {*8} Looking at the above tree in relation to the below Saturnian hexagram, a correlation of symbols is evident and a possible deduction the star/seal most Jews are exposed to [worship] keeps them usefully limited to one level of the tree. The most significant observation I inferred from the tree: 19 is the serpent. Aha!

saturn signsx-box 360

Alas, knowing that El is another name for Saturn, and a little of its history (e.g., associated with the color black) makes the packaging of the X-Box 360 rather clear. Were the rings even necessary? Well, homage must be paid. Jeremy from Stygian Port had been taking the path along a different quadrant to arrive at Saturn [recommend Chapter 8, New Religions, Revolutions], so we’ve been corresponding on mutual themes. One exchange connects us back to syncmaster Heath:

On Saturn/Uranus: Saturn is the planetary force of Order/Time and so on, and Uranus is of Chaos. This is like the recent Batman sequel with the saturnian black Batman vs. the self described “agent of chaos” Joker. Joker is played by Heath Ledger who was in Brokeback (cowboy buttsex) Mountain. Peter from family Guy sings cowboy buttsex directly hinting at that movie, and in another episode he mispronounces a characters name as Anus, and Brian corrects him “You mean Ennis?” Ennis (Anus) is Heath’s character’s name in Brokeback!

Many have already seen the hexagonal pattern over Saturn’s north pole, but how many have taken a closer look at Saturn’s back-side, aka its South Pole [a place where the “sun don’t shine”]? What does that look like to you? So, those familiar with the Lucifer Project [defined, updated] know of NASA’s big plans for Saturn. So, um, we’re going to jam a satellite loaded with plutonium up Saturn’s ass???

saturn mouthsaturn anus

Actually, that kind of makes sense. As below, so above. Looking at today’s list of “superstar” celebrities, it would be hard to find more than a handful who didn’t achieve their star status until after some derelict producer, politician or other member of the ruling class jammed something [i.e., a cock] up their anus. Saturn, is named after the Greek god Kronos, who most definitely is male, so the south pole would be the most logical entry point for the satellite.

Stygian Port had some additional thoughts to weigh in on rear portals, the aforementioned theme of aliens/gods, sodomy, prepping for the act and “stars:”

I just re-watched Stargate the movie for fun. What happens to rednecks (cowboy buttsex, “Deliverance”) when they get abducted by aliens? Anal-probe of course! (Same happens to Eric Cartman in the first South Park episode, and a joke is made of it in Independence Day: “the aliens did ‘sexual things’ to him.”) And whats the first thing the general says when the human aliens of earth open the stargate to another world? “Send in the probe!”

So, what we’re seeing is the reverse of “as above, so below.” For it is not the old gods exercising their will on Saturn, it is those who would be gods, those mortals among us, wishing to express their will upon the heavens. This is the way stars are made around here, so now a little “in heaven, as it is on earth” is in order. Baby [Saturn], we’re gonna make you a star! Oh, but first….

rim job guyrim job girl

Now, anyone who, hm, how do I say this? What am I DOING? OK, um, um, er … well, unless you’re completely clueless about how the human mind/body work, and make up the growing majority of people who’s sex education came straight from watching pornography, you [should] know you can’t just go jamming ANYTHING up someone’s ass unless you “prep” them first. So, it’s safe for us to assume that the two-year extension, i.e., delaying the sodomy and promotion of Saturn from mere planet to star, was required to get him mentally prepared.

What better way is there than to orbit that pole/hole for a while first? Which brings us to another agenda, some call it a “rim job,” and others have for some reason which I still fail to grasp, “tossing salad.” Of course, the porno industry has it on heavy spin at the moment, but not only has it come up on Sex and the City (for women) and Entourage (for men), but even Oprah has talked about it on her show.

oprah anal

Think about that one for just a second. Some loser shows up on Oprah with a book, and boom … that book automatically rises to the top of the best-seller lists. What do you think happened on that eve following the Oprah broadcast. It’d be safe to guess a lot of men came home to either receive quite a pleasant surprise that night (or a rather unusual request).

As mentioned in prior article, even Disney’s been actively programming its young audience to prep them for the dystopic future world (the New Order), where performing the act will be expected of them. The below sequence, from Enchanted (07), is when Princess GiseLLe pays her proper respects to the manhole [literally].

disney rim job

If anyone thinks I’m reaching you should watch the scene with your own eyes a couple of times. Her facial expressions (revulsion mixed with curiosity), her leading with her nose, the sounds she makes, all combine to scream RIM JOB. If you can’t see it, well, then your programmed denial of the obvious is beyond my help.

Did I mention satellites orbiting? What say you my favorite Octopus, Mr. Hitchcock? Have you anything on the subjects of social engineering and stellar circles?

every day the satellite, seems to be the door of someone’s reach
satellites and stags, i’m growing betsy in a bag
and she don’t mind, as long as things are round

I’m going to try and look beyond good and evil, and say that whoever crafted the above scene is only guilty of properly preparing today’s young girls for the future that awaits them. Yes, honey, you too can be a princess and meet the man of your dreams, but you may have to lick a few manholes first. Yes, it’s wrong. Yes, it’s disgusting. But, [i guess] it’s not evil. Argh! Which, brings us to Your Anus.

rings of uranusmoons of uranus

I’m not quite ready to go in there just yet, so let’s look at it and what it represents first. The planet is named after the titan Ouranos (I’m going with the proper greek pronunciation, oo-rah-noss). He is the son of Gaia (she was of the first generation of gods/beings in this universe), and is of virgin birth. He mated with his mother and created the titan Kronos (Saturn, not Chronos, pronounced hro-noss, the god of time). Kronos, feeling his father was depriving him of his “time in the sun,” castrated Ouranos (speaking to the theme with part iv), and took Gaia for his own. Yea, the elites/stars have always been an incestuous lot. Right Miley? yes!]

[Addendum]: One thing I neglected to add at publication is the strong resonance that Batman and the Joker have with the Saturn and Uranus archetypes. The illuminatic “Order ab Chaos” phrase, suggests a linear sequence of being, i.e., Ouranos begat Kronus. Well, as we saw in the first Batman movie, did not the Joker beget/create Bruce Wayne’s Batman? “You complete me,” said the effeminate Heath in the Dark [k]Night, i.e., you can’t have “order” unless you have chaos. Lastly, instead of killing him, Batman spares the joker’s life, but imprisons him, thus taking away his reason d’etre, to cause chaos, i.e., neutering him.” [End]

Speaking of the ELites: I don’t recall the school system ever teaching me Uranus had rings too. Worth noting: the name of one of YourAnus’s EL satellites was used by the Disney machine and we were shown Ariel’s ass!], the other [credit to SP], by Futurama: the “impenetrable” Umriel of Old Atlanta. Also, Ouranos (the planet) holds a special appeal to me; astrologically it “represents a shockingly different and unique way of looking at things,” and is harbinger of rebellion, destruction, and the sixth sense. But, we’ll have to stop short of exploring the “rabbit hole.”

ass rabbitto be cont

Now, I guess some are going be disappointed that I am extending this yet again. I could take the cheap cop-out, reach into the jukebox and pull the Pixies lyric, “if man is five, then the devil is six,” but then I’d worry about the following line implying yet another piece, “then god is seven.” I could also say that Saturn and all the sixes suggest six parts would be optimal, but then I may get accused of being a little too crafty and “pulling [virtual] rabbits out of my ass.”

But, I dind’t “lie.” I did put out. I just need to take a break. Time to let this mish-mash of thoughts circulate [¿orbit?] our minds and the blogosphere for a while. At the end of the last part, one reader left a comment saying “rebel, you go really deep into us.” That prompted that jukebox in my skull back to Mr. Hitchock:

i’m into you so far, i’m out the other side
and orbiting is just a waste of time
next time i get into you, i swear to god i won’t come out again
swear to god i won’t come out again

So relax baby. We’re just getting started!

In the mean-time, happy [X]mas. 😯


:: :: :: :: :: :: ::


*1: Some point to the myth/story of his remixing “Love Will Tear Us Apart,” prior to his suicide as a sign of his heart-broken state. However, analyzing the song should lead one to conclude, when he says “us,” he’s not talking of me and you, but the “we” as in unhinging us from our [s]elves. Death at 23 could also imply a story untold. [LB]

*2: For whatever reason, I chose to use graph paper. Just considering Crowley’s “oz grid” page from his Book of Law (image from Occult of Personality)and also, the cubic implication. The image is a faithful recreation, I no longer have the original. Same with the Flaming X mentioned after. It was painted into the wall. I have not read the telepathy book. But, it synced well with the black/white theme and the subject is one of the few remotely scientific explanations of discussed “shared” experience. [LB]

*3: It’s hard to say if Locke was just another useful idiot, or his ideas pertaining to the self were used to the detriment of mankind sans his consent. His membership in a society dedicated to spreading nonsense and junk science (e.g., forcing us to believe the planets beyond Jupiter were “discovered” after 1700 is utter hogwash), and pledged to the Queen, makes him quite suspect. He spoke of the developing mind as an “empty cabinet” that education could fill. Well, thanks to my “education” I’m now spending most of my days going through that cabinet and clearing out all the garbage thrown in there. My sis called up with this Mark Twain quote: “I never let my schooling get in the way of my education.” [LB]

*4: Yea, another in the draft queue. Plan to get into the idea of birth trauma and the history of how we got so far away from nature, also showing how mortality statistics have been fudged over the years. And yes Anesti, your notes on timing. [LB]

*5: At one time, prior to a punk concert, I may have carved the DK symbol into my arm. Not sure what that means either. Sometimes, I have to wonder if I’m the messenger or the medium. [LB]

*6: I”m sure some of what I say there may come as a surprise to some, as it contradicts the Oxford Press [the “official” pornographer of falsehoods] version of history instilled at the indoctrination centers. Do a little research and “learn” ourstory. Learn how the British had plans to invade Norway (yes, make “aggressive” war), but were preempted by the Germans. Most importantly, get past the idea that there were any “good” or “bad” sides during the war. All sides had sick misanthropes in their [top] ranks. [LB]

*7: I’m falling under the impression that Carpenter made They Live under the radar of the powers that be. To anyone involved/observing it would have appeared, especially after casting Roddy Piper, some hoakey [Roger] Cormanesque production was in the works. Watching the thoroughly ridiculous Ghosts of Mars suggests Carpenter was paying some penance, i.e., forced to discredit himself somewhat. [LB]

*8: According to some sources, the Gypsies were responsible for bringing the wisdom of the Tarot (with its 22 major arcana) to Europe. Another topic I plan to explore is questioning the “official” disconnect between the Gypsies and the Egyptians. My grandmother tells me the Gypsies she knew (prior to WWII) were healers and mystics, of “oral tradition.” Thus, we can guess one of the primary agendas behind “extermination” camps, was to remove this group from history [an effective campaign]. [LB]

~ by celticrebel on December 24, 2008.

31 Responses to “A New Dawn Fades [V] Xmas”

  1. I strongly suggest you to see Nassim Haramein’s lecture:

    It’s 8 hours long but I’m sure you’ll love the information!

  2. nice blog/rant
    I think it’s a bit wierd that so many people worship phaluses and anuses.

    And it’s verry wierd that all religions worship a cube. What did they all though ?
    -what a nice cube ,i think it might represents life,
    -yea ,sure looks like it…
    -let’s all gather around and worship it…

    It makes me think that the world is much wierder that it looks and there may actualy be a creator.

    or maybe the reptilian theory is true…

    PS: Congratulations again for this blog. Just found it but it’s one of my favorite places on the internet.

    And i wanted to say .. this ppl are really crazy. They want to jam plutonium up Saturn’s ass ..lol this isnt real. The whole world is too crazy to be real.

    btw. you say say Saturn means order, Uranus is chaos, and Pluto i think is change. Maybe it symbolizes the new world order ?

    The chaos before the change, and then the order…

  3. Somehow, i had a feeling i´d read you on the longest, darkest night of the Year. (synch with fee-ling-(am) and o-ur darkest spot!) I relate to the feelings about this mASSive ceremonial days, the diffi-cult to explore it, describe it linear, and yes, the lil “dark mystery” the elites use to manipulate the colon-ies, or the lil sweet secret to in-cul-kate “values” in children, and the status ladder or “rat race” in everybody… (For the spaniards the simple syllabe “cu” (pronounced Coo) is anough for the meaning. To make slaves, you have to deprive them of everything first, then, give them only what you decide, Your article makes it more clear for me, that deprivation starts at birth… Funny that not long ago, i was thinking the birth trauma was the origin of this “freudian” Thanathos insctinct, and gave controllers/merchants the subliminal trick of selling “sweet death” to the poor victims of “life”… Your insight on this is brilliant! Give them (us) hell, then sell them (us) HOPE! HA! Also m finding that what “they” give us as “greek” cul-ture is all edited and mostly bs, but also, deep hidden clues. I confess i still have hope… You Rebel, and the others are searching, spending a great deal of energy to find the way out of the laberint. I also feel that Im not alone in my search, and soon i may come out with my own threads, thanks to you and the bunch, and happy real new year! We survived the darkest night, didnt we? Hugs.

  4. another confirmation that the ‘merkaba’ is a trap…
    thank you for this blog on this eve (dangit!! i have to wait for the rest!!) and merry xmas!!

  5. mB, what I did watch of the first part was damn compelling. Thank you for stopping in and sharing that. Will have to watch.

    George, well the direction I’m going with this is that the proverbial THEY don’t worship the cube, but they have made us fools do so. The cube being a sign of our imprisonment/servitude, hence what better slaves are there than those that love their prison? The rituals, like mindlessly making the sign of the cross, just embed us further into the cuboid trap.

    I don’t know about the reptilian theory, but there are those who wish to keep us functioning on the reptilian part of our brain, the survival instinct, and yes, it would seem that reality is much weirder than illusion.

    Dana, how are you love? You raise some excellent lingus-tic points. COLONy! Oh, can’t believe I missed that. You’ll be making it into part VI. The DARKEST of the [k]NIGHTS has indeed passed, but they say he’ll come back aROUND.

    It’s funny, many of the Greeks around me that I’ve tried to enlighten to the fallacy of their official HIStory don’t want to open their minds to it. It’s like some weird Stockholm Syndrome, where they love their anal-rapist too much to let him go.

    kimrey, patience, patience. I didn’t realize the depths I was stepping into when social engineering brought me to the Anus (aka, the seat of the cult of the sun god). Oh, and thanks for reminding me of a link I had looked at on the way here.

    ALL (and “george”), I neglected to add the support for Order out of Chaos and have added as an addendum. Also, a follow-up on spirits and cubes has been added.

  6. amazing job.

    through language and the asociation of it we are manipulated.

    for example:
    as gurdjieff point it in his book the word soul sounds the same as the word sole coincidence or hidden consequence of a big manipulation.


  7. PS: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-5rKoYpRA_0

    …an unbelievable obvious commercial for cell-phones…

  8. Dys topic world indeed. The C ass inni spacecraft will drift into saturn in two years or so (2012). Will it be enough of a spark to light up the gas giant called Saturn? Your latest adventure in mind meld is curious indeed. Dennis from Oregon.

  9. Yasou(ha, Im half Greek too),
    Funny I clicked on the Charles Fort tag, I don’t know why, and I found out that Charles Fort is a fort in Cork county Ireland- a star shaped fort. I just thought that was funny.

    The whole birthing thing sounds interesting. I heard about dolphin assisted birthing recently. I don’t know how that would work! I also heard some people think dolphins are beings from Sirius. Maybe Douglass Adams was right about them haha.

  10. k, thank you. By using their language, our own wizardry (words made material), a direction I’m going with next part, we may be being manipulated into further their agendas… Interesting note on the soul/sole … looking at the Qabbalah tree, it would seem it’s upside down in relation to the chakras.

    C, the system has assigned you a rather entrancing purple X monster-icon. That second video is quite surreal.

    Dennis, hehe, didn’t think about that whole C [see] ASS [go] INni programming. I think it’s slated for 2010. Had meant to add in here that the event would really heat up Uranus, and then 28 days later, our anuses, but I think the cosmic rays scenario is being overplayed. Would seem like a good time to try some HAARP project and blame its effects on the rays.

    Angelo. Yasou file! Of course, it’d be in Cork of all counties. I’m going to have to let Stygian know of this find, as he’s had some find on chocolate starfish which I wasn’t able to [honestly, no pun] squeeze into this part. God, the well never ends.

  11. I remember the words of the wise plankton “Look at him, square, THE SHAPE OF EVIL”. LOL. Loved this post, very interesting and informative.

  12. 19 is what you think it is…

    in the Quran…

    in the amazing work of Peter Plichta…

    and in my own white rabbit trails.

    Qoph is the 19th letter of Hebrew Alephbayt. It means ‘back of head’, knowledge by dark side of the moon, place of hammer initiation.

    Place of tears

    PS: Sarai to Sarah is I to H
    Abram to Abraham is insertion/union, ie a V, of a H

    This happens to Sarai at 90, this happens to Abram at 100.

    I to H, is her ‘yod’, ie penis becomes a ‘window’. She laughs a veritable flood of change agents.

    V inserting H, is he is split open in his middle with a ‘window’. He also sees, nay through bleary tears, and pregnantly becomes a father.

    Such is the game of windows and behind. Smile your on candida bi-camera.

    Abram and Sarai meet three fellas at a tent, down the road is Sodom and Gomorrah…wanna hear the punchline?

    “The blind eye that weeps is the shape of the thing that comes.”

    I didnt either, butt He.

  13. I see an X box in the Kabala tree. It’s formed by the Sun in the center, and cornered by Jupiter, Mars, Mercury and Venus, also forming the 5 pointed star of elements with the sun in the center instead of the top or “Spirit”. I would consider this combination to be the majority of the reality projected to us yet which we haven’t been conditioned to understand completely. So the “X box” is another representation of our initial prison according to the kabalists, syncing up with the rest of your work.

    “Maybe, it’s refocusing my energies from putting myself inside a vagina to understanding the deeper esoteric meaning of a vagina?”
    I think that’s the part a lot of us have a hard time with, at least at a certain age range. My double entendre was unintentional, too…

  14. Nightghost, hehe, that’s amazing. I had to look it up to learn it was from Spongebob Squarepants, a tool of engineers building the Future War societal structure.

    Eugene, I had come across the Quran’s use of 19, but that link is a good concise summary. Thanks for all the other links, particularly Peter’s work.

    Oh, it just occurred to me the Internet Explorer logo is Saturnian.

    Tommy, that would jive with the disinformation that the planets beyond Jupiter were not “discovered” until recently. And, yes, it is a challenge. Even the Annunaki/Nephilim found resisting our women-folk quite the challenge.

  15. Re: “What happens to the lab rat after it makes its way out of the maze?”

    This paragraph you wrote brought me back to late August 2008, when I was doing some private introspection on the soul (souls in general, and the souls of animals in particular). At one point I consulted a World Book Encyclopedia to help me with the concept of “soul”. It did not have the definition of soul but rather “transmigration of soul”. From there I was directed to the definition for “Hades”, and from there, finally to “Lethe”, the definition of which was (according to the book):” was one of the five rivers of the Lower World, or Hades, in Greek and Roman mythology. In Greek legend, a drink of it’s waters made people forget everything that happened before. The spirits of the dead drank from it before they entered Hades, and so forgot their worries on earth. The spirits that left Hades to live in the Upper World drank so that they would not remember their joys in the Lower World. A branch of Lethe flowed by the cave of Somnus, God of sleep. The word Lethe is taken from the Greek word which means forgetfulness”.

    I feel that this finding on my part may not just apply here, but also to your Wikipedia article, because it seems that the powers that be, as they try to keep us in a mental prison, they intend to keep us in a spiritual prison as well.

  16. Here’s California up your back! 🙂

  17. Shwew, head-spinning materiale once again from the (jab, jab, jab jab jab!) salient keypad of the Çeltic Rebel hymnsylph! LOL! Be ye apprised that as a Runemeister my(s)elf (hey, us elves friggin’ TAUGHT the Elder Futhark TO Odin, for gripe’s sakes!) I have to emphasise that the “X” rune, possessing the phonetic sound “g” as in “give”, whose name is “gebo” or sometimes “gefu”, actually MEANS “gift”. But, my scholarly friend & brother, it implies a gift that is given with the expectation of one OF LIKE VALUE to be given in return at some point in the future by the recipient.

    Also, jus’ digging your aquatic babies thread. I cannot tell ya how much I like to swim. Please see Elaine Morgan’s “The Descent of Woman”, about the oceans-shaping powers that evolution has wrought upon human sexual physiology. Then hit Ivan T. Sanderson’s “Invisible Residents”, about that half of the landlubbing population that has, mmmaybe, stayed below the waves & developed their own technology, purportedly far in advance of our own.

    I mean, hey, see any seafaring Ufos of late? Splash! All the best blessedly summery, sunny, bright, fecund well wishes for the New Year & far beyond from high atop the (currently) damnably wintry, gray, dark, dormant moorings of Apple Mountain ~ Anadæ ( :-)}

    PS: Wait! Thanks for posting the preceding pieces to the puzzle, Emil-Szaras, but might I remind you, that another tributary in Hades, one of the five major ones, the River Mnemosyne, was once the Titaness of the same name Herself, percolates up to the surface, where She takes the form of a mirror pond, Whose very name means “memory” (hey, She DID mother the Nine Muses after all!) helps all those who take a draught from Her to remember who they actually were whilst still invenient & in embodiment.

  18. Emil-Szarvas, ah, the River Leathe. It’s really amazing, and I’ll be touching on this prior to series end, how we were so indoctrinated with the idea the old mythologies were created by dumb man (unlike modern “smart” man) to explain things like rain and sunshine, till Jesus, Moses, Mohammed came along and set us straight. Oh, how much closer the mythologies of old are to the truth than the Oxford Press version of “reality.”

    Smiley, I’m not quite sure what you mean there.

    Anadæ my Elfin friend, I’ll have a nice surprise/sync for you in this series before it’s over. I dabbled in the Runes at one time and was surprised at how “on” some divinations were. Wasn’t quite ready to go as far as Odin to learn the secrets.

    Thanks for the insight. Will have to check out the works you mention. Apparently, depriving us of spiritual memory was key to the system for quite some time … which leads me start contemplating modern death/burial rituals.

  19. Hey Rebel, I still don’t get it: Do you think the filmmakers put consciously and absolutely purposeful all those symbol in their movies or is this a so called “synchromystic” thing?

    I tend to the latter, because even if SOME do it on purpose so many things just happen, because for example checkerboard floors are very common everywhere; so it is sometimes hard to avoid it in a big movie. Okay, it is something else in a music video, but… I think you know, what I mean.

  20. in some (probably most) they are put on purpose. there might be coincidences also but i think they are verry few.

    I remmber a movie in witch there was the devil and was sitting in front of the wtc (visible thru a window) (even thought from the angle of the camera they shoudn’t even have been in the picture )

    and then he even walks on those roman numerals (911) ,and more things that i don’t remember.

    That clearly was no accident. Or the simpsons movie..the mesages there are no accident.

  21. Okay, I imagine a secret meeting: Christopher Nolan (for example) with some strange Mr. X: “Okay, Mr. Nolan, for the new Batman Movie you have to put THIS and THAT and of course THIS symbol into your movie, because it will keep the M-asses under control.” It’s not, that I think all this is impossible, but IF it is so, than SO MANY people in Hollywood must be controlled, indoctrinated, manipulated, blackmailed etc. etc. And all this because of some symbols. I mean, I watched TV and movies my whole life and I am awaken (spiritually and mentally) anyway. So, do the “mind control” tricks not work on everybody? – it seems so!

    And another thing: From a spiritual perspective, all this, the universe, the world and all the rest are illusions anyway…

    To quote a good friend and vedanta teacher (James Swartz from shiningworld.com: “Our thoughts and feelings, memories, dreams, beliefs and opinions, fears and desires, etc. take place on the subtle level in the Subtle Body…often called the ‘soul’. The senses provide access to the gross level, the objects ‘outside.’ Experience is not only a transaction between a given Subtle Body and the physical world but it is a transaction between subtle bodies, animal and human. The presence of Consciousness continually shining on the Subtle Body illumines the contents of the Subtle Body. Thus we know what we think and feel. Nearly everyone thinks the Subtle Body is ‘me.’

    I believe: I chose this life, my experiences, my personal dramas and all the rest. The world is how it is. This means not, that I accept everything, eat shit and watch tv (these times are over) – but on a greater scale, all this is just a joke…

  22. the simbols from movies are not for mind control.
    i think celtic rebel said it before, it is to give them the peace that they warned us.

    I don’t think the directors are meeting masons that tell them what symbols to put in. a lot of the directors are masons themselvs. for example the director of the simpsons was a 33rd degree.
    This live may be an ilusion but unfortunatly it may still be the only one we will ever have.

  23. ill u sion

    two ill hills ewe are mene mene’d on as ewe wrestle with the system that says who ewe are or knot

  24. George, thanks for helping answer C’s questions. I’ll try to add something: I kind of covered some of the whats and whys in an old general post (The Art of Revealing).

    Undoubtedly, some symbols make it into movie’s through sheer accident (though, there is the possibility of some unseen hand, unknown intelligence at work). In the Batman image above, there is NO possibility that symbol was not put there expressedly on purpose. At the highest levels of Hollywood, you have the new druids, our new priest class. They know exactly what they’re doing.

    Beneath them, you have a bunch of whores who’ll do anything to rise up and are simply repeaters of memes they were indoctrinated with, and too stupid to know they were indoctrinated.

    I think the Executive Producer position is the most relevant … when he walks up to the director or set designer saying he wants some item in the shot, questions such as “but” or “why” are not asked.

    eugene, huh??? 😐

  25. There was a ‘B’ movie I rented once, called “Cube”. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cube_(film) – Read the description and see how the Cube/prison is escaped into the ‘light’… maybe rent and watch…

  26. Another excellent installment. As I was reading about the cube, I remembered sitting in school, as well as in corporate meetings later in life, drawing cubes endlessly on my notebooks… both of those places hold that exacerbated prison-like feeling. Maybe as I was drawing the box, I was thinking (dreaming of being) outside it.

    With regard to the joker pic – on the left side of the symbol, I’m not sure what’s on the wall, but it looks like an image of two towers (which appear to be on fire toward the top), then there is the “emergency” above Heath’s head… as well as the smoke on the right side.

  27. infinitum, that Cube series put out by Lion’s Gate was LOADED with syncs, truths and as usual, mind-bombs. Discussed the movies in greater depth in my prior Octopi, Phalli, Cubes of Life set.

    VacuumVixen, perhaps your subconscious mind knew you were trapped and was trying to express that to you through your conscious? Interesting observation on the [embedded] towers. One scene can sometimes be loaded with so much information. In the Batman series I commented how shortly after this scene, we were shown that even low buildings don’t completely collapse unless ALL the explosives go off.

  28. i just noticed rothschild is a anagram for Thor’s child and interesting enough his weapon was a hammer!
    about something else this talk about cubes remenber me about a movie cube that was about 7 ppl who is entraped in a series of cubes as a (governor?) experiment and have to try to go out alive with a series of mortal traps there, and there is a series of number on the cubes that have to be resolved to get into the exit!
    there are more interesting things on the movie but i cant remenber too well have to see again to refresh my memory.
    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cube_(film) if y got interested

    PS: ops just saw y already talked about that =p

    the iXi could mens a triangle from a 3d higher or lower point of view!! that for me at least is both going up and down as above so below?

  29. “two ill hills ewe are mene mene’d on as ewe wrestle with the system that says who ewe are or knot”

    To answer your huhhh…

    Once while searching the depths of Lillith I read about the double lammed,LL, in the formation of this name, she being prime mover of pink 🙂 You know Adam wasn’t getting any there in paradise. Wink. She does woo the Devil after Adam jets for pinker pastures.

    Ill, hill, pill. Lammed is connecting agent of actual motion, so double lammed is “whip whip” “goad goad” “driver driver” … you get the point.

    The driver of the whirling wheel. Lammed is spelled L-M-D per Suares and this translates as goad-water-door or prime mover-the medium-the resistance. Material actual bodies being the resistance, ie the slowest, dumbest, nearest to dead part of the equation. All is motion,its just the slowest part of motion, hence reality, rubber on the road, etc.

    The ill hill is our own personal Skull of Golgotha. Two arms, two legs, front/back, inside/outside, two heads, one closed, one open. This twoness is duality and the tension of cycle of compression and expansion to be one thing. If we rest in the center of this twoness, the wheel rolls balanced. If not, crash and burn, just move onto some other turn.

    Ewe, and I and all the rest of the little lambs are divided divided, this in OT Daniel is “mene mene” in the famous finger on the wall incident. We are torn in our own personal crucifixion.

    A pinning that is the system, a pining that is personal resurrection of creative life.
    The system says by the paper identity ruse of “guy faux”, who you are and who you are not. You can touch guy faux by grabbing your wallet and looking at the plastic meat picture of yourself.

    We are meant to untie the knot/riddle by explosive escape from a dead shell mother. Thus Judas steals wisdom from the purse/wallet which is juxtaposed to the oil of Mary Magdalene anointing His feet. Fresh fountain filled with a new lady each and every dip.

    To see MM at dawn you first have to get whipped, crucified and die on iLL hiLL. I suppose there is a shortcut to this by being the undivided host to start with. Hence the bread with wine in it versus the bread and wine served seperately. See John 13.

    Judas or shall we say the escapist. Afterall to “step through the door and it is night” would still be Lammed. How you say? Well Jesus gives the goad (L) of “do what you do quickly”, hands over the liquid (M) filled sop, and Judas, the disobediently obedient one, who exits the door into the night (D).

    Lammed would take a bow here, but this would be against it’s very nature!

  30. Exactly what I’ve been looking for for years, thank you so much. You draw nice conclusions and present them in an informative, yet entertaining way, making this junk easier to sink in. I am the grandson of a Freemason and I’ve always been puzzled by the motivation of the symbol people and their influence. So some type of Jews think they can become gods and enslave the GOYIM? Is that what this whole fucked up thing is about?

  31. I thought I’d bring this to your attention since your referring to cubes and this sponge-bob squarepants that traps spirits Menger sponge sync though i dont know if thats popped for you above.

    The tesseract http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tesseract
    the cube within the cube. Which when it performs a double rotation http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/5/55/Tesseract.gif/240px-Tesseract.gif as seen here draws the outside in and the inside out and in that spin appears spherical.
    This is the action of self reference, consciousness, the motion of the tornado but in a straight line box.
    Straight lines are symbolic of masculinity, artificiality but it’s also possible that this is the nature of the base construct of the ideas that make up our cosmos seeing the star of saturn there may be straight lined underlying structures creating curves or trapping them.
    I’ve had it suggested that the sun is a tesseract which is sensible being it draws in the cosmos and radiates it like everything else.
    However there are images that present the sun as a merkaba a stela octangular, nested tetrahedrons like the portals are said to be in our chakras.
    It is possible one of these resonates with lower dimensional trappings or higher faceted more complex thought trappings for the differing star portals. the nested cube 3d, 5p star pentachoron 4d (this is the symbol in the joker batman picture it is another way to represent the pentachoron in 2d that is not readily identifiable as a 5 point star is), 6p star nested tetra 5d.

    The word I’ve seen coined for this self referral movement is gastropulation much like the gastrointestinal tract loops round on itself the gastropulation action is self digestion.

    When externalizing your thoughts you create your cage in this manner of self referencing, if your thoughts are constantly on seeking a baser conditioned desire they would be symbolic of locking you in the prism prison.

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