Tying Up Loose Rear Ends [VIII]

One of the subtleties that I feel may have been lost in the last post was the closing poster [I’m assuming, cause it was lost on me when I first put it up]. Divided the world. They sure did. Divided friends. Divided families. Divided lovers. I know of at least two people whose marriages ended [albeit indirectly] due to the actions / inactions of the “Magnificent 19.” In reality, how can one stay married to someone who sees a different sky every time you walk out the door than you do? {*1}

reddit is broken

I was further reminded of last issue’s 9/11 premise [a joke of a premise] when I tried to go to reddit.com for “news” after the Israelis commenced upon a new round of child sacrifice to some bloodthirsty god and was met with only with the above “Truman Syndrome” suggestive screen. WHAT the Fook?

Yea, we were divided. Divided in more ways than we know. I can even see it in my personal relationships. Now that I’ve moved on from talking about how the towers could not have fallen “as advertised,” to talking about the deeper significance of The Towers as a symbol, I see the nudges and snickers by acquaintances, friends and even family; those clinging tenuously but stubbornly to ignorance, as if acting superior to one somehow makes it so.

Calling into an early AM “alternative to the alternative” radio show one night, I spoke to the host about how we shouldn’t focus so much energy worrying about where the next full-frontal attack may come from [i.e., be it martial law, FEMA camps, looming wars, stripping of civil liberties], and how as a former military man, he should appreciate that the real attack always comes from where one least expects it. I summarized that if we’re worried about our “future” then we should focus on our children, and see what kind of social engineering they are being put through, etc. [as I’ve talked of before]. Anyway, after the call I looked at the station’s “chat room,” and was entreated to some “9/11 Truther” saying “the caller needs to keep on drinking his fluoride.” Ah, so close, but yet so far away.


As I summarized last part, there were several reasons for the creation of the “Truth Movement,” and not all of them were benevolent [do note the appearance/use of DESTRUCTIVE “peace” symbol]. More divisions. Those who believe the “official” conspiracy theory. Those who think it was an “inside job” [¿what’s that mean?]. The Jews did it! No, it was the Vatican. The Freemasons! No, you morons, it was Aliens!

And, so on, and so on, and so on. More divisions. More people thinking they’re superior to someone else, because THEY “know” the truth [after “hearing” it]. While I do see a positive side, that being more and more people are turning within, becoming their own gurus; there are far too many out there, who’ve turned their back on the mainstream media, but the net result is they’ve traded one master for another. They’ve stopped taking the blue pill, and started taking the red one.

There are probably a few reasons why I decided to start blogging. Like many others, I felt the need to do something to “wake people up” and help change the world. Looking at my old blog entries now, I barely recognize them. What started off as “a quest for truth,” has turned into some weird form of self-therapy. Interestingly, the more within I have turned, the more my readership has grown.


Now, of course, on days where Anderson Cooper is featured prominently in the lime-light [debates, election, etc.] well over half the hits come from I’d surmise those thinking either, “That dude’s a fag!” or “Ooh, do you think that hot little man-hole is on the market?” But, since I’ve delved into some more bizarre, ahem, areas of exploration, I’d say about a third of my hits go to the Cooper boy, another third to I’d surmise “disappointed” perverts looking for pictures of little girl anuses and whatnot, and a third are from genuine info-seekers. Here’s but a sampling from just one day [in descending order of “popularity/use”] via Google search:

“anderson cooper gay” “is anderson cooper gay” “anus” “celtic rebel” “bukkake” “hollow earth” “bukake” “anderson cooper is gay” “vulva” “tentacle porn” “tentacles” “asslick” “tentacle rape” “smell the glove” “the celtic rebel” “poppy bush” “female anus” “anüs” “herpes anus” “hpv anus” “facials” “virgin vulva” “anderson cooper is he gay” “rimjob” “nazi jews” “disney subliminal” “human anus” “hippies” “little girls anus” “gay anderson cooper” “squid girl” “anus skin tag” [?] “vulva comparison” “dumb goyim” “dr henry killinger” “naked mouseketeers” “big gay anus”

That all said, I do appreciate all the readers that come here, and that somehow, in my own journey of growth and self-exploration, I’ve helped them find themselves, or whatever else it was they were looking for. I do foresee taking some time off in the near future, as in my newfound appreciation for “balance,” I see the need to give my head a rest for a little while and let my heart and penis enjoy the now.

So, I’ll have to take a few months and get the hell out of the overly social-engineered America, where sans a full-frontal lobotomy, such is proving impossible. And, as I said during last part of series, even copious amounts of “zombie sex” are only so rewarding, feeding the ego but leaving the heart adrift.

think sex nowdevil butt

I’ve had some topics on the back-burner for a while, and encourage you the reader to “vote” for which you’d rather see me explore before a break is undertaken. Please use the poll on the upper right column of this page [open while it’s still up]:

(A) The Cross the Crown & the Jew: Who runs what exactly and how?
(B) Hollywood and The Code: Does “independent” cinema even exist?
(C) The Future is Now: A [VIDEO] look at how Idiocracy is not futuristic.
(D) Time of the Gypsies: The hidden holocaust and the reasons for it.
(E) Deliver the Goods Already: More Ass! More Titties! More tentacles!
(F) Why Romance is Dead: Homosocial Engineering, Sex and the Shitty, Your Fucking Friends, Dysfunctional Advisers, the New Collectivism
(G) Hearts ARE Vaginas: History of Valentine’s Day, taking an [Ellen] Page.
(H) The Zombie Chronicles: Diary of the Dead, George Romero speaks in parables, a historical [VIDEO] introspective of the zombification time-line.

In case I’ve again managed to convey the wrong impression in the last few series, I’ll state this is not some moral campaign against anal sex. How else do you think I’ve managed to stay so young looking all these years? 😯 But, fortunately, or unfortunately, I do have a conscience. Thus, being far too lazy [nor having the means] to go about contacting them all, I’ll just write within here: to all of most of those of you lovely ladies who were not among the ranks of the living dead: if I’ve somehow added some time to my life, by taking some from yours, I do apologize.

the ravenno more heroes

Another blogger in my sphere of confluence, is Michael at Hidden Agendas, who was recently pondering the significance of the trinity of black crows outside his window. I passed along some wisdom from my favourite Octopus, “If you wanna see what the future holds, the black crow knows.” {*2} Another such blogger, Stygian Port recently wrote an exploration of the womb to tomb theme that syncs with the second image. I actually own the pictured “3D Holograph” edition of the Stranglers The Raven album. The only reason I even brought them up, is for many a year, a deeply resonant song by said group, commenced with “As the first commandment reads, human flesh and blood is sacred, until there is no more food.”

“Dutch of the terrace. Never grew up. I hope she never will.”
–The Stranglers, “Duchess, Duchess”

While I may personally resonate strongly with Uranus [¡oh yeah baby!] and its mysteries, I can’t say whether I am the Black Crow. I, by writing within the synchrosphere am undoubtedly casting my own spells to help shape an alternate time-line, but do I “know what the future holds?” No. But, I do know two things for certain. There’s gonna be a hell of a lot of chaos, and a whole lot of ass-fucking!

jon stewartkerry forever

I didn’t bother to watch the confirmation hearings, or should I say sycophant love pageant, for the new Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. I don’t think I could have sat through it. Watching the highlights on the Daily Show, I was entreated to seeing Bonesman John Kerry bring up a book I mentioned in part iv [the “gay” agenda]:

“…but recently reading a wonderful book, which I commend you, by rory stewart, er, you know, the places in between, uh, and, another book, uh, THE FOREVER WAR, and there [are] a whole host of them, that really give the flavor of this, uh, your really wannna, uh, gertrude bell, the dessert queen is a fascinating study of, of some of the region…”

Has it always been this obvious? Again, had I not already devoted time to studying synchronicity I’d have to guess I was the star of the Truman Show and my hidden audience was now laughing about my taking up blogging. It really is amazing, how after I uncover something, I can’t turn on the media for nary a second without seeing confirmation. Flipping through the channels on the same night, I saw the Hannah Montana concert was on. Obviously, this was not something I could sit though, in hopes of finding some syncs [Ben over at Pseudo-Occult Media has been on a tear, actually even watching High School Musical]. Fortunately, I didn’t need to, within two minutes, the footage cut from the concert to some radio promo:

drag racemy dad's a fag

Since Hannah Montana tickets were only available to the rich [by the way, if you are guilty of underestimating the influence of Disney’s teen harlot, do you realize no band in history has ever sold out so many stadiums so quickly?], some radio station found it in their “heart” to offer working-class sods a chance to win tickets for their daughters. What did they have to do to win them? Win a race in high-heels.

Even in deviant mode, were I immersed in some orgy featuring nymphets, porn stars and midgets, my mind would not be capable of such evil genius. Now, while, the first image may not necessarily be from the same event [the second is], IT MAY AS WELL BE. I didn’t depict the actual winner cause I feel really sorry for him.

NOTE: Though, I may have to use the snippet of him proudly shouting “Hannah Montana Baby! Whoo! Here we come,” if I end up doing a video montage trying to summarize this series. Should inspiration and perspiration meet, I’ll insert said video right here.

In case any of you are missing the subtlety of this, allow me to hammer home the message. The “father figure” is supposed to be the image of masculinity that young girls will be basing their future mates on. These girls were cheering as their fathers effeminized themselves, all in hopes of winning them tickets to some mind-control experience which will only serve to make these girls even more dysfunctional. Next promo result: “My dad took all of Jeff Stryker’s penis up his ass for me. Hannah Montana baby! Whoo! Here we come!” {*3} Mankind on the verge of a quantum leap? Seesh! My magick will focus on bringing about the split.

gay homerlisa the shiksa

Here it is was Sunday night again [my TV night], and as I’m in the kitchen cooking, I overhear Homer Simpson say, “Marge. I’m going to a hardcore gay bar tonight and I won’t be home until 3 or 4 in the morning!” The agenda is in full swing. If anyone thinks the [depicted] scene of Homer and his dance buddy focusing on the rear “heart” of “random” dancer facing away from them is coincidence, then you are a victim. Someone, has crafted you into the fool [¿that’s some image, huh?].

What should be even more infuriating to the average American viewer who hearts the show, is the subsequent image suggesting Lisa, the intelligent one of Marge’s “noble” Bouviet lineage, will end up with a Jew. Lisa’s response? “Probably.”

sex up your shittermind controlled

Is that what they have in mind for the best of the Shiksas? Judging by another show, today’s primary vehicle for shaping the minds of women [i.e., not “girls”], Sex and the City, the best of the bunch, Charlotte the blue-blood member of “Daughters of the Revolution” not only shacked up with a Hasidic [as if], but then converted to Judaism [AS IF]. Of course, it wasn’t the “liberated” slut [now meme’d as a “cougar”], or Plain Jane, or the Ugly Duckling [conversion unnecessary].

“Broken down TV sits in the corner, picture’s standing still, standing still” –The Stranglers, “Duchess, Duchess”

Later the same night, I surfed into another mind-shaping trap, The Parent Trap. I debated whether it would be worth my time to watch in entirety [mentioned in a prior blog], but after a just a few moments, I was entreated to the opening camp scene. A somewhat husky, but slightly more developed little girl appears. Young Lindsey Lohan eye-balls her as she walks away, and recites the following dialogue:

my kind of womanlesbo lohan

Coincidence, I’m sure, that future lesbian Lindsey, would focus on this little girl’s ass and say such a thing, and end up exactly as she is now, so many years later. There was a lot more to the trap, and it may merit its own write-up. Oddly, when one looks up the word “trap” in the Urban Dictionary, you get “a man who likes to dress up in women’s clothing and make-up. He even thinks he’s a woman at times, also acts like one and has an odd phobia of not wanting to show his naked body.”

The movie is about a pair of 11 year old twins, who were both born on 10/11, leading to a lot of 11, 22, 33 combinations. Speaking of traps, it of course, has the requisite reminder of the physical/spiritual trap I’ve dubbed the “X-box:”

x-boxesbald jew

Again, one can dismiss it. I’m sure there’s plenty of airports out there that have white picket fences on the tarmac [if someone has encountered one, please do let me know]. Coinciding with the timing of inexcusable barbarity of the 51st state of IsraHell, saw the above sickening scene where the Shiksa’s leg comes out the limo at some posh resort where coincidentally, only the unfurled IsRaEli flag is shown.

My brief time on REDDIT, showed there was a coordinated campaign sponsored by the Israelis to spin and skew stories coming out during this round of mass-murder. There is a piece of software out there called “Megaphone” which 40,000 ignorant brain-washed souls derelicts direct coordinated attacks against any on the internet trying to expose Israel’s anti-human, anti-Semitic agenda [the Palestinians are actually Semites, while the predominantly Ashkenazi Jews of Israel are not: read here, recently updated with pictures for my “more literate” 😉 of readers].

leading jews

One phrase these numskulls parrot is “Pallywood,” going so far as to insinuate that the media [movies too] have a strong “anti-Semitic” (i.e., anti-Jew, anti-Israel) slant. As if anyone with a functioning brain [which I’m deducing is less and less people] would believe that [now with pictures]? I can’t help but find irony in the latest, ahem, Pallywood propaganda piece Defiance coming out the same week that Gaza was turned into the new Warsaw Ghetto, children were being burned alive with white phosphorous, new DIME weapons were being tested, schools were being bombed, and the IDF was going house to house shooting children in the head.

Anyway, I know this is meant to pull me back into a place of hate, and advance Albert Pike’s “prophecy,” and fools the world over are marching towards their own assured destruction. Do I think Jews are evil? No. But, I do think those that support their own damnation are “useful” fools, hence why they were “chosen.” {*4}

But enough about the evils being perpetrated on our consciousness, as I said I wish to move away from that. But, first can I please finally get back to my own “evil designs” I’ve been brewing, that I was previously so rudely interrupted from…



Now assuming I had the resources and the connections, I could near guarantee you that I would have girls across this country shagging German Shepherds within two years. Why would I cook up such an evil scheme? Why the fuck not?

dog chitgerman shepherddog posse

The first thing I would do is get a couple of those disposable stars like Lindsey Lohan and Paris Hilton to come out publicly and say they’ve given up on men and women, and are now quite happy with [wo]man’s best friend. Some tabloids would put out a few news stories speculating that there may be a sexual connection and I’d have the actresses hint at it [but not confessing] when confronted.

Next, I’d start looking at statistics to see if the trend was in any way catching on, or being explored by the more extreme/perverse segments of the population. Internet chatrooms would be monitored. Pet shops and animal shelters would be checked to see if there was a spike in German Shepherd purchases/adoptions. Were there not, I’d simply check both of these actresses into rehab [to reprogram them] and then put out enough stories about childhood trauma they endured, or how they were misled, to salvage them for more important future agendas.

bad doggiebrian and mate

But, were there even a slight up-tick, I’d move on to full program blowout. Full scale “vertical marketing?” Any of you Madison Avenue geniuses prostitutes feel free to provide me with the proper terminology. On second thought, as the great Bill Hicks once suggested, why not do humanity a favor and kill yourselves right now. Are you still here? WHY the fuck are you still alive? Please kill yourself. Now!

Anyway, were I to seek your dead counsel, I’d then have Britney Spears and Miley Cyrus paraded in front of the paperazi with their new puppies. We’d say Miley decided she wants to be a good Christian girl and not have sex until marriage, but she has her “needs” and will be happy to be with Rex until her Prince Charming arrives. And, you know, that her “creators,” those devoted to Sirius would be quite happy to go along with the symbology of the goddess mating with the dog/god.

betty boop rapedr phil

The porno industry would start literally flooding the market with pornos featuring canine/human sexuality. Talk shows across the spectrum would now have women coming forth [our women] and sharing how “great” their dogs are. Dr. Phil would make an appearance and say something like, “Well, it’s not natural but seeing that it isn’t hurting anyone and it’s consensual, then I don’t see a problem with it.”

Merck’s bona-fide teen, ahem, “doctor,” Doctor Drew would interview teenagers on his MTV show and say that he “thinks it’s safe, but you shouldn’t take any chances, so better get buy the CPV [canine papillomavirus] vaccine and for good measure, of course, always wear a condom.” A catch-phrase? “Wrap that puppy!” No reason not to separate fools from their money in every conceivable way. A large donation to PETA could net a program aimed at liberal “anti-establishment” chicks.

doggy fleshlightdr drewbate

You’d start seeing a lot more German Shepherds in the latest slew of hip-hop videos on MTV. I’d get the derelict heads of the music industry to heavily promote only those, ahem, “artists” who promote dog-sex in their, ahem, lyrics. But, a complete program change would be unnecessary, the modern lyrics “Do the dogg,” and “Bow, wow, wow,” would just take on new interpretations. Some minor changes: “Drop yo panties bitch, and shake your ass in the air. Let Fido lick yo coochie like you just don’t care.” Yes, basically more of the same “whoredom disguised as rebellion” theme so prevalent lately. I’m sure today’s top soulless and morally bankrupt rap stars could come up with far more “clever” degenerative lyrics.

It would probably be critical to do a LifeTime movie, starring Kate Jackson. Basic Plot: she had a dog when she was a teenager, and he stopped her Stepdad from raping her, by biting off his testicles when he tried [the emasculation agenda]. She gets married later in life, but her physically abusive ex wins custody of the dog. With a serial killer roaming the streets, she hires a good-looking lawyer, whom she falls for to win back custody. But, it turns out the serial killer is the lawyer, and Fido saves the day and castrates again. She decides that men are all horrible [a natural conclusion were she to also watch LifeTime], and that the most faithful lover she could possibly have is that dog. Roll credits. Not a dry eye in the house.

male line-upkate jackson

On Sex and the City, Sarah J[!] Parker would trade-in “Mr. Big” for “Mr. Big Dog.” On Entourage, Vinnie Chase would whine like a little bitch [as usual], cause some starlet left him for the star of Rin Tin Tin. Alas, on HB-hOe’s latest [mind-manipulative] offering, True Blood … oh never mind … already happening.

Pretty soon you’d hear reports of girls showing up at High School Proms across the country with their well-groomed German Shepherds in tow. If not, a “block-buster” teen movie would be released, giving those rebellious teens “the idea” they should be original and [just] do it. But … when “Christian” mothers start appearing on the daytime talk circuit, speaking of how proud they are of their daughters, because they’re honoring Jesus by not engaging in non-canine sexual relations until marriage .. I win. Time to uncork the champagne. Pay up, suckers!

While I’d like to think I’m somewhat smart and have a pretty good pulse on what mankind can be driven to via good marketing, sometimes I am capable of making mistakes. Should for some reason, the plan not catch on, and too much of the public start waking up to how manipulative the media is over their personality or there is a well-organized grass roots opposition movement forming, plan gone.

dead paris

We could salvage Miley or Britney, blaming it on youth, drugs, bad advice, their “handlers” [hence putting that term out further into the public psyche to discredit truth-tellers aware of mind-control]. For Paris or Lindsey, a suicide tragedy might be in order [a twisted variant of kill the messenger, but not the message]. Some sacrificial lambs would get fired from the major studios, of course getting nice fat severances to keep them quiet, hence rewarding those in the top echelons by allowing them to disgrace whomever they view as a future career threat. [FYI: The above sculpture is entitled “Paris Hilton Autopsy.”] Those who choose not to stay quiet, would most likely befall extremely bizarre fatal accidents.

After all that, we’ll just let all the hoopla die down and everybody forget about it. Then, about six months later, we’d just do the same thing all over again, but with a somewhat less intimidating dog breed. Perhaps a Dachshund.


Haha! And there it is. My evil plan. Haha! 👿 Genius isn’t it! What? You think it’s unrealistic? Really! Do you not realize that I am an architect? I am an engineer! I am the creator of your personality. I am your forger. I am a shaper of men’s willls!

Who are you to judge me? Who are you? You’re just a bunch of stupid dog-fuckers! Wow! Power, even when assumed, does go to the head rather quickly, doesn’t it?

elite lounge

I think, via this exercise, I understand comprehend THEM, and why they may consider themselves to be our “elite;” our rightful rulers. Were I in the corridors of power, I would likely fall under the same impression. {*5} Undoubtedly, some of these social engineering experiments, while serving the long-term goal of the degradation of man, were just “parlor” bets. Perhaps, they were undertaken, solely to prove to some newcomer in the ranks, how animal-like and gullible mankind is and how their pity may be an undeserved commodity.

Explain people who went to Kiss concerts. Explain [fanatic] women literally falling over themselves to have sex with Gene Simmons [not just ugly, but a racist subhuman personality to boot]. Explain Dane Cook? Explain away that people actually bought 50 Cent records with their own hard-earned money? Explain MTV? Please, someone explain to me why the above agenda might possibly fail!

rancid genekiss sucksdane cock

And just when I was telling a friend about my own “outrageous” plan as I was drafting this, she told me of a “hot” new book that parents are buying their kids called “What Color is Your Underwear?”. It’s a “pop-up book” for preschoolers, which allows them to look up the skirts or inside the pants of various animals; in order to find out what color/type of underwear they [the animals] are wearing. I am not making this up. From just one site “pitching” the book to imbeciles:

“This hilarious lift-the-flap features animals and the underwear they wear! Kids will roar with laughter as they lift each flap and reveal boxers on a horse, furry undies on a crocodile, leafy green bloomers on a sheep, and more. We save the best for last, though–on the final spread, an elephant is hiding behind a large leaf…for good reason. He forgot to put on any underwear! This is a fun way to teach colors … and the importance of wearing your drawers!”

Are you f’n kidding me? When I relayed the above to my sister, she asked, “Where the hell are the grandmothers? Why aren’t they smacking their sons/daughters in the heads and telling them what miserable excuses for parents they’ve become?”

disposable persontake your pillsmemory loss

I”ll tell you where they are. They’re either put away as disposable people in old folks homes, deprived of the ability to influence, or have been, via pharmaceuticals and aluminum ingestion, turned into mindless vegetables. Have you seen those outrageous/pathetic ads on television for systems to manage all the pills they have to take on a day to day basis? Don’t forget to take all your pills, like Lipitor, that are the main reason why you can’t remember anything anyway. God forbid these old stogies should dare forget to take their memory destroying pills. Ha! [¡not funny!]

I’m sure there are pedophiles all over this country now literally salivating at all the opportunities which this little “gem” of a book will provide them. The book, as stated, is aimed at kids of “preschool” age. So what’s the best thing to do to kids about to enter the system than to make them extremely curious as to what color of underwear other people are wearing. I expect the ranks of Child Protective Services, Scout Masters and Guidance Counselors will swell with “inspired” people.

color underweardumb family

Where’s Grandma when you need her? I’d surmise the above family is composed of well-meaning but extremely idiotic parents. They probably rationalized they were not only doing something “fun” for Halloween, but educating their children on the subject of sex and nudity by being more open about it and hence, discouraging “perverse” curiosity. Well, as you can clearly see, and pardon the colloquial … experiment fail!

Watching The Last Mimzy this past weekend [a highly recommended movie], I was reminded that aside from all the [known] poisons we take in, like fluoride, MSG, high-fructose corn syrup, bleach, Aspartame, microwave radiation (cell phones), hormones, and whatnot, there is one poison that is far more insidious, “culture.” Interestingly, the movie depicts the humans at the end, shedding their artificial alien-skins because they managed to go back in time and find a pure sample of what was once their DNA [speaking volumes to several themes addressed in this series, such as genetic manipulation, the 19 key, and the serpent strands].

infinitely gaygay playlist

Culture is indeed an extremely destructive poison, and we have to be constantly on gaurd against it. Sometimes, it can be obvious. For example, I previewed Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist recently, and all I needed to see were the first five minutes. The fem-boy lead from the feel-good bowel movement known as Juno [see prior thoughts on that excrement] is being confronted by his two buddies/bros who are trying to get him to leave the house. He’s heart-broken and depressed, explaining:

“It’s not that easy guys. You don’t know what it’s like to be straight, OK? It’s awful.”

Awful huh? Keep in mind the target audience of this film is early teens. Even more [truly] awful are the not-so obvious forms of cultural “poison”, those that come to us as our “friends.” Jon Stewart, whom I know many of you bloggers like, scored a lot of points recently by being one of the few mainstream American anchors to criticize Israel’s latest actions. Yet, here he was one night, hosting ultra conservative Christian Zionist puppet, Mike Huckabee [old musing]. Left meets right. Red Pill meets Blue Pill. Better sit down for this. It’s going to be a rumble!

huckabee stewartpro wrestling

Gay marriage. Yep. How utterly predictable. Let’s focus the public on the most mundane and meaningless of “issues,” while I play the good guy and you play the bad. Watching the debacle, an image entered my mind via my rediscovered intuition. That’s the image to the right. It’s all scripted folks. All of it. {*6}

NOTE: This past Sunday’s entire FOX Sunday night line-up was rife with homosexual innuendos and bizarre occult agendas. Full write-up forthcoming [¡COMPLETE!].

Technically, this Herculean task I undertook ended the last part, and this last section was [honestly] meant to be a quick wrap-up. I initially envisioned a two-part series. I really had no idea what I was stepping into once I opened the virtual Pandora’s Box topic of Hammers, Anvils and Anuses.

Even though I’ve already said it, I’ll say it again, albeit somewhat differently. If you don’t forge yourself, there are many others, people and entities, that will be glad to do it for you. I can’t stress enough that if you think you are ready to undergo the forging process, than you are most likely NOT even remotely ready.

classroom indoctrinationtv indoctrination

How can one know truth, when one is filled with lies? As I surmised in an old radio conversation, we need to purge ALL the false teachings we’ve endured. A friend once asked, “Do you think it was like this back when mankind was just hunters and gatherers?” I interrupted, “How do you know that we were at one time hunters or gatherers?” How do we know anything we haven’t researched for ourselves?

Going back to the 101 metaphor, I see why all these entry college courses are called [generic name] 101. Assuming 1/ON represents some type of knowledge/skill, it could be assumed that 101 represents: 1 [false notions] 0 [practical knowledge] 1 [marketable slave skill]. Hence, regardless of whether you enroll possessing the most useful binary set, 010, or any other 3 bit variant, by the time you finish the course [i.e., graduate], you end up with the desired 101 result. I could actually show, by using a 3X3 algebraic coding matrix, how such a process is ensured, but I’d feel like I could be [rightly] accused of trying to show off how smart I am.

What the hell is “intelligence” anyway? Is it something quantifiable as the IQ charts have told us? If you believe that number actually means anything of relevance, than you are a fool, regardless of how high you scored on such tests. Is is something one can measure like a penis? Congratulations! Your intelligence is of substantial dimensions. You win! Or, in practicality, is it yet another divisive measure?

intelligence ruler

I recall hearing some random caller on some radio show suggest, “How is dog intelligence measured? Aren’t the smartest dogs the breeds that are easiest to train?” And, isn’t it so for the smartest of humans? The ones most trainable get the best compensation. I’ve met some MENSA people in my lifetime and can tell you a few things about them. They are all certifiable idiots; very good at memorizing trivia [by definition] and spewing out opinion after opinion that was given to them, well-INformed on current events, but few have a single original thought in their heads. Come to think of it, a large penis is far more useful than a high IQ.

If you try to forge a sword out of faulty material, impure oar, you will end up with an unreliable sword, one most likely to break apart when you most need it; in other words, upon the first impact/juncture of stress. There is a purification process we must undergo (as parts vi and vii emphasized), and even more importantly a deCONstruction process. I’ve been trying to undergo it, and it is a challenge.

forging a swordfaulty sword

Again, nothing is hidden in plain sight, or even slightly hidden. The word tells you all you need to know. We must remove the cultural toxins that the priest [Con / Cohen / Kahn] class has imbued us with. But we better know what the hell it is exactly that we are doing, cause if it was really all that simple, then taking the “con” out of “deconstruction” could lead to our “destruction.” Brings us back to the tentacled beast within and what I proposed once at one time, embracing him.

I have no answer to the mystery, but I think by posing the question, some soul out there may be led the right way. As the “Cube” movies showed, we can only get out if we work together, sacrifice [let go] of those who hurt us more than they help us, learn the secrets of the mathematic construct and most importantly, we must return to the beginning to find the exit. Perhaps, by looking within our hearts.

I came really close to changing the entire ending of this last night. Went out after a heart-felt conversation with a friend about whether I was falling into a trap of sorts. Had begun to wonder if my focus on a split in mankind was also the influence of forces outside myself. Was I guilty of creating more divisions; those who deserve to move on versus those who don’t. Another CONjunction of time/space?

“And the Rodney’s are queuing up, God forbid!”
–The Stranglers, “Duchess, Duchess” [cue song in new window]

Out that night, I had a few decent conversations with random strangers, even going so far as to communicate with one, about whether Lucifer is some guy with horns and a pitchfork, or some planet that fell from the sky. Even one of the latest Romero zombie epics, Land of the Dead, showed that zombies, not only somehow managed to hang on to a trace of we define as humanity, but were rediscovering it en mass [¿the truth movement?]. I took it as a sign I should consider rewriting this. Couldn’t help but notice the preponderance of “Bud Bowl” posters throughout the bar showing only two numbers; the common 12, and the cosmic [prison] “key” 19.

bud bowlmean girls

Alas, the CONfluence of events led to some random girl, sending signals my way, that she was rather interested. Against better judgment, giving whim to the moment, I wandered in her direction. Only to be met with the new cruelty [so much better than the old cruelty; by the way this “cruelty” is an agenda receiving heavy rotation at the moment], via her [obviously deeply miserable] friend. It was a mistake from the get-go, the lure was obviously just a media-induced ploy to get me to buy them shots [I didn’t]. The one who demanded my attention felt the need to unexpectedly, and rather condescendingly, announce she was “a vegetarian.”

I walked away, feeling no need to share that I too was a herbivore [these same girls will probably be shagging dogs in the next few years anyway]. Vegetarian girls may smell better, but they’re not necessarily any less zombie-like are they? Ugh! So many programmed barriers between us [including the reactionary ones I myself have fallen into], but I’ll save that subject for another blog [one of above choices]. In “spirit,” and in appropriate closing, I turn it over to dearly departed Ian Curtis:

“And all God’s angels beware, and all you judges beware,
Sons of chance, take good care, for all the people not there,
I’m not afraid anymore, oh, I’m not afraid anymore.”

To each and every one of you, those who’ve made it this far in this entry, and especially to those of you who’ve followed along with me on this eight-fold path adventure. From my heart, I send you much love. I do so appreciate you.


:: :: :: :: :: :: ::


*1: The “Mag 19” image/article was also posted on WorldNet Daily. C’mon, does anyone really think such an event was held “somewhere?” Were there such a “conference,” wouldn’t every intel agency in the world salivate over people being stupid enough to stage such an event? “Stage” is the right word. Alternative media? The Huffington Post is a Zionist mouthpiece. Daily Kos is CIA. George Noory is either a spook or a complete idiot. The whole of Patriot Radio is heavily infiltrated with CNP [Council for National Policy] agents [keep an eye/ear out for Josh Reeve’s forthcoming documentary/exposé “The Secret Right”]. There are many liars out there. [LB]

*2: Now that I’ve mentioned the Crow, hence the Raven, I’ve opened a synchromystic “can of whoop-ass.” The conjuncture of where Crow/Ravens meets Heath/Joker was explored by Secret Sun, Dedroidify and Through the Looking Glass. [LB]

*3: I recall that on the socially destructive HB-hOe channel a few years ago, they did a segment featuring the Jeff Stryker character (notorious because of his “ten inch penis of considerable width,” per wikipa?de?a). In it they were suggesting he and whole host of “gay” actors were actually straight guys making gay-porn “only” for the money. Um, yea, I’m sure some idiots actually believe that nonsense [after HBO told them to]. Ask a gay friend if telling themselves they’re not gay makes it so. [LB]

*4: No, I don’t believe that “Jews” run the world. I know many, and they don’t attend secret meetings, and their kids are just as stupid, exposed to the same television programming as the, and I hate this phrase, “goyim.” But, I’ll delve into the conspiracy hierarchy when/should I undertake poll item “A” in the list. [LB]

*5: The “exercise” was in no way, an application for the hierarchy of world planners. However, if any of my, er, suggestions turn into programs, I do expect to be compensated. A nice spread in remote South America will suffice, along with an iron-clad promise to leave me and mine alone. Oh, and if I ever see a movie even slightly resembling my Kate Jackson/Lifetime MOW, I will sue! [LB]

*6: So, after being the “hero” for eight long years while criticizing the Bush admin, Herr Stewart now dares to suggest that criticism of Obama may qualify as “treason?” If you hated fascism from the right, you’re gonna love fascism from the left [just as Benito Mussolini predicted]. [LB]

~ by celticrebel on January 26, 2009.

30 Responses to “Tying Up Loose Rear Ends [VIII]”

  1. Oh dear god… They made a Dog-shaped fleshlight?

    Obama mentioned something about teaching Sex Education to Kindergarteners.

    I agree that the obviously programmed barriers between our minds and hearts make it hard to be actively social, for me at least. I can barely talk to my family knowing why they act so strange towards me. It’s kind of scary, really, in the fact that it self-perpetuates like one of those chinese finger traps, or quicksand. The more you struggle or show true effort the worse it gets.

    Cruelty and Humiliation is the name of the game. The Arm and Sword of “God”. It is hard to avoid morbid observation in these destructive time, if my own life has shown me anything. So I am “struggling”, aiming this radioactive beam of destruction towards the pestilence. I believe you share my plight. We are not the ones full of hate here, it’s the mindless clowns who hate themselves and people around them so much that they surrender to an atrocious scheme just to climb to the top of a big pile of dog shit.

  2. yep, the tv is always suggesting like the hipnopedia brave new world.

    so continue with your work, great job.

    PS: i really recommed you to read some book of J.Krishnamurti

  3. Look at this “banned” peta ad.

    This one also

    Anyways, thanks for putting this series up here. I think it will help people on a similar journey, and the is the true benefit of the medium.

    Thank You.

  5. Tommy, is that what that is? I had no idea, but it struck me as something too bizarre and too in-sync with some of the themes explored here to leave out. Egads! Yes, Obama did say that. As to what’s going on here: I leave for you do decide.

    A friend recently approached me about what she could do, cause her little girl is turning into “quite the bitch.” “When I told you two years ago to get her off Disney, you did nothing,” I said. What’s to do now. Every single “role model,” the most popular girls on TV are all “cruel.” How can kids not emulate?

    cig88, ola amigo! I’ll have to check him out. I liked his quote, “You must become liberated not because of me but in spite of me.”

    Brian, that Cucumber commercial cracked me up. Very clever. Unfortunately, it falls right along the lines of how some of today’s best minds are being used; in this case to sell useless toxic “prophylactics” to fools.

    And thank you Bard!

  6. Hi, First I’ve enjoyed your blog for a while now its quality material, thank you for sharing it.

    I was compelled to say something about the question of grandparents and elder guidance this is something I consider a lot interms of the social engineering is the generational aspect of it. A human life has distinct phases high and low fertility, a general performance curve and wisdom or world view generally widens over the life ect… Things like that.

    Natural transitions in relationships and transfer of roles is basicly aborted due to the incredible level of state/establishment involvement in the process.

    A less than ambitious adult will have a kid or two more than neccesary and send them to the state for an even worse education than he recieved. The kids learn who is really boss from this and little else. They are kicked out when grown to serve this master.

    Adults in this picture chase retirement products, mil retirement, pensions, 401k, IRA, investments reverse mortgage ect. The state that was their daddy in school ages is going to be the sustaining son to them in their old ages. Instead of transitioning from breadwinner to elder/educator and lightwork, one chases these carrot on a stick products than can never deliever in any sustainable sense. Hell with soft language; you’re brain dead if you still believe in any of these things these days.

    The cooperative social nature of the family is just dismantled, and this like this divorce the generations of any responsibility to each other.

    People overconsume and overbreed at the same time. The all but damn the kids they persued for themselves as if they were pets. I guess I should have voted Future is now on your poll, and heard your take on it. The material is all over the place though.

    I guess it resonates with me as I have basicly a scattered family in a celaphane prison.

    Anyway thanks and keep it up.

    I am very much looking forward future work.

  7. I was going to add the peta link above … not far off on the dog love thing … just substitute your favorite veggie for the dog … amazing blog by the way … it’s led me on to some great avenues of study, thank you

  8. Hi Mr Rebel
    Really enjoyed your honesty & inward looking – I find I can connect so much better when the writer is ‘in view’. I feel we have to be a part of any message we are sending – I was in the library yesterday – man, so many books telling you ‘how it is’ & ‘what the answer is’ – how do they know & who the hell are the smiley faced people on the back covers anyway, for they don’t seem to be in the pages they write.

    I wish you a most revitalising sojourn.

    ps the comments section seems to have shrunk, at least it has on my computer

  9. Breezy, you expressed well on of the engineered break-downs of any type of natural semblance of the obligatory generational nurturing and passing of [true] knowledge. The Gypsies, the American Indian, the Australian Aboriginals and others would not give in to such a system, hence why they were targeted for extermination.

    Children as “pets.” I like that. As I’ve surmised before, when people choose to have children these days, they are doing so for the benefit of the state, those children being theirs in name only.

    scarletfire, yeah, it wouldn’t take too much. Plus, it would be the compassionate thing to do, right? 😉 Thanks for the sentiments.

    Hot of the press: Woman invites ‘saviour’ dog to be guest of honour at her wedding!

    Wise Woman, that was so eloquently expressed. Had never consciously expressed that connection [or lack of] between face on the back of the book and personality within. Yea, I meant to include a poll about whether a whitish background or darker one were preferred. I’ve been trying to tweak this template, but the size of the comment text just won’t change.

  10. Interesting wrap-up. The inward journey is arguably the most important one a person can take. In the Alchemical Azoth, the first operation is designated by the word Visita, which means to visit or start a journey. The symbol for this operation is that of a Crow or Raven sitting on a skull (death’s head, or “dead-head,” like Leo DiCaprio in “Cath Me if You Can” who begins his journey by pretending to be a pilot and being seated as the “dead-head” in the cockpit (vagina/tomb)). Oops this isn’t my blog… Well I’ll stop synching now 😀 Anyways the Black Bird represents the first phase, Nigredo, where the subject of transformation is purified by breaking it down. (- Quoting my Alchemy book) The smartest bird is the black bird, crow/raven. Does this just make it the bird which is most impressionable or susceptible to indoctrination (“learning/training”)? Quoting another alchemy book: “You should know that the head of art is the raven. If someone cuts off its head, it loses its blackness and will attract the wisest color of all.” If you clear your head of all the “learning” or “identity” then maybe you’ll attract the wisdom. Remove the ego/self of phrases like: “I am a 911 truther” “I am a student” “I am a synchromysticism blogger” “I am a enlightened individual” “I am a this or that” and so on; removing the ego leaves just the phrase which God/”ego-less state” (‘leggo my eggo’) uses to identify himself: “I AM.”

    Borrowing from Jake Kotzes “everything is a reflection of self” rants: if you want to know the future, you can ask the raven/your-self, but to participate in the journey instead of being along for the ride (acting out your indoctrination), you have to decapitate it/you and take a peek inside. Purify your-self by destroying the false Self in the blackness of Nigredo, ‘Le Noir,’ (¿Lenore?) and feed the ego no-longer. To quoth the raven: “Nevermore”

  11. B, D, F. My choice choices. No need to answer, but it does strike me as curious as to why you feel compelled to not only bring up the apparently brainwashed objects of failed and unfailed conquests, much less choosing to sleep with them. Do you choose to go to such toxic places of your own volition? This is said without judgment. It just strikes me as odd that someone with such a solid sense of self or radar for brainwashed zombies would choose to share company with them or frequent venues where they are en masse. Or perhaps they’re objects of study. O_o-?

    I understand if these questions are too personal. It’s just that they keep *dogging* me so I put them out there.

    As for the emasculation agenda, I don’t know if it’s just yet another mind f*ck or something that may lead people towards androgyny. Mmm. Mebbe not.

  12. ViolatoR, Dead-head in the cockpit! Wow! I’ll need to see that again, I recall it seemed really odd he said that, and as I’ve said before, if something seems over-done or out of place, we are meant to notice it. So, the conjuncture of the two Stanglers album covers, the head of the raven next to the floral womb/tomb [fresh vaginal orifice] wreath was subconscious? Hm.

    Thanks for passing on the alchemical wisdom. However, on a mystic journey once past, there is a place between letting go of all “ego” [hellenic for me] and facing oblivion [ceasing to be]. Hence dilemma, cause I AM change. I AM eternal. The Freemasons have always attached a high significance to the phrase “I AM:”

    I was born in antiquity, in the ancient days when men first dreamed of God … Always have I taught immortality, and even as I raise men from darkness into light, I am a way of life. I Am Freemasonry. “The End” but actually, just the beginning.

    Did you “vote” for the heart/vagina? Right now it’s running dead last next to ass and tentacles. 🙂 I’ll assume you appreciated the Homer/Rear Heart image.

    bobblebot, I gather you are opting to inform me what you’d prefer to see [but, if the poll didn’t work for you, please do let me know]. I get the feeling my take / perspective on the op-sex sometimes grinds you more than others, but I will answer.

    There’s an old wisdom I’ve always tried to stick to: “Be in this world, but not of it.” That said, I do have my [physical] needs and while “exploration/study” could serve as a rationalization, I’ll stress that I don’t feel there are “places” [physical locales] where the zombies don’t go. The zombification process is omnipresent and we’ll very likely find a few sitting across from us at family dinner.

    The emasculation of men and push for androgyny [and it’s acceptance] is part of the plan for the near-term future where homosexuality will be the norm. Come to think of it, are you sure you want “F?” There will be a lot of stories of intense social interaction in that one. 😀

  13. Just a quick note on style, it’s probably me but white lettering and a black background messes up my vision big time, perhaps I’m a light stage epeleptic!

  14. wow!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  15. please tell me you saw the hulu.com superbowl commercial…

  16. scarletfire, interesting. I had at one time thought about switching back to dark letters on light, but one viewer commented the current theme goes well with my “dark” content.

    halkatlia, thanks! I guess the CHAOS you guys just experienced is finally making sense. Fast tracked to the EU? How lucky you are! 😉

    arc, actually missed out on most of the Super Bowl, the heavy promotion of Coke Zero [not just Aspartame and HFC, but now with Mercury] to idiots was turning my stomach. Thanks for your timely note, went and found said commercial online. WoW! Alec Baldwin was a little too convincing in that role, no? He MUST be the world’s greatest actOR.

  17. guess what? my favorite people in Icelandic politics, I mean the rebels and anarchists of the left-green party are in control!!! I have never been this surprised in my life, the shaoz was NOTHING compared to this. They are in charge of everything that has to do with nature, animals and money 🙂 if only they could rule longer, in april we´ll have another election and the sheeples here are pretty stupid…

    btw this article is amazing, I didn´t know exactly how to praise it, hehe. I wish you great joy in your plans 😉

    shaoz = chaos sorry

    p.s the left greens are on record as being against EU, I love them 😀 this is such a blow to everything that has ever happened in icelandic politics, you would never believe it.

  18. Hello,

    I think the current format is really easy on my eyes. Maybe you need a poll for that 😛
    And did you know that Paul Allen’s private yatch (once the largest in the world) is named Octopus? I don’t know if that is interesting.


    You are from Iceland? Is it like if Ralph Nader would become president? Heh, somehow don’t see that happening here even if it gets worse. Is Iceland a multi-party system? That probably makes it easier. Now if they don’t get corrupted by power.

    I saw someone said Iceland needs to join the EU now to get some stability with the €. But I also saw someone said they should have listened to Bobby Fischer! Well it looks like The Cross the Crown, and the Jew is winning so maybe we will see if Bobby was right haha.

    One other thing. Is it right that most people in Iceland believe in elves? Is it like in this article http://www.nytimes.com/2005/07/13/international/europe/13elves.html
    or is that exaggeration?

  19. Angelo, yes – I´ve lived here all my life and finally when I was just about to give up on politics for good something like this happens 🙂 it is like if Ralph Nader or Cynthia McKinney would become president. The EU business here is all smoke and mirrors really. It hasn´t been talked about at all, the parties have different perspectives on it, some only want to join the EU (lamest of the lame) and then the left greens and the horrible independence party are mostly against it. But it has not been discussed with any clarity. Iceland does not need to join that´s for sure. We have here a multi-party system with about 5 parties, the biggest by far has always been the independence party that is responsible for all the mess that happened to the banks and the people. It´s filled with truly rotten individuals (individuality has nothing to do with it though) Hopefully they´ll get wiped out in the next election 😉

    About the elves, I´d say that most people here are interested in elves if not full-blown believers. We think of them in terms of being a reflection of the psyche (ours, mutual and personal) or literally as a different group of “people” who share the land with us. Many icelanders have had experiences with eleves, ghosts or some kind of entities and so it´s pretty difficult for the ones who don´t believe (or simply refuse no matter what) to go around calling it all bullshit. About the article, that is a very tipical thing here, it does not happen very often but through the ages there are lots of stories about elves taking revenge on people for disturbing their homes or letting them know through dreams that they should not do this or that. It always gets in the news because it´s not a daily occurrence.

    p.s. Terry Gunnell who is quoted in the article is my old university folklore teacher 🙂

    Iceland is a tiny little place, hehe

  20. halkatla, I don’t want to beat down your feelings, but in my experience, when something in politics seems to good to be true, it usually is. It seems events were orchestrated to bring you guys into the EU fold, so if you do, your laws will ultimately come from Brussels.

    I had been meaning to ask you about the elves! Thanks for sharing that.

    Angelo, no I didn’t know that about Herr Allen. That is useful!

    Actually, that probably will be my next poll. The first time I considered switching back to light background, someone [I think Carissa] said the present layout goes with my “dark” content.

    ALL going back to what Wise Woman said earlier (about comments being really really small), I just discovered that Internet Explorer is a little more finicky about closing CSS statements, hence font colors and sizes go whack. I only use firefox, so was unaware. If anyone sees such in the future, please let me know soonest.

  21. No worries, because I´m not expecting it to last 🙂
    Iceland is always looking for ways to screw itself worse than before, and it´s just what we have gotten used to and some people love it. Joining the EU would be the last straw for me though, non-optional, and I´d move to some island somewhere far far away if it happens…

  22. Please analyse this for me, its explicative of a lot of things. Reminded me of populous the game! I see images of White Jews and black and white and masons.

    White Jews have managed to fool every race on the planet except African Jews, ergo the last destruction of blacks and the Obama Fall. But it won’t work and we win in the end! Yay I feel ever closer to the truth? Although I may fail on this task ahead, I know its to experience as much as possible. It is also my task to hone more knowledge and come in the doorway with renewed insight.

    PS: OK put this into the mix, this makes total sense, white jews are the first converts of black (real) ethiopian jews. White jews are wannabes, they sold their soul to satan, the 1000 year chaining of satan.

    PS: Excellent logic and very well presented insights…You didn’t just brainwash me did ya?! lol! Fan from the get-go, have you done a piece on Six Degrees of Separation with the black-jew-gay-castrated men agenda [vid removed by youtube] “If you feel the need to flaunt something you’re hiding something” and the idea that being too macho means you are a closet homo. If it is logic at all. Lets entertain it then, how does this logic apply to openly gay people who flaunt to hide what secret? Their agenda?

  23. Do you realize that no one can ever comprehend the intricacy of the matrix, in fact i would venture to say it is impossible. It means you have to keep an open mind on every aspect, never accept one thing as true, for the moment you claim to have figured out something your quest for truth ends…in that sense truth is not a destination but a never ending journey seeing that your on a quest you have either conscientiously or subconsciously figured this out.

    Celtic you are wise and I share your passion for studying the occult, I believed for awhile that by studying the darkness I could find the nature of light… in the end I found that duality is a prison and made the leap, that is the aspect of light and darkness in some sort of balance is the lie. Light has always been light and does not need darkness to survive, a candle light creates the shadows but the same can not be said inversely. Do no let your ego separate you from the masses, every fractal of consciousness has a purpose, the zombies speak to us about the nature of the universe. There is something else that you probably haven’t considered and would make the mystery of the blue men more clear…Your right about blue and mind control but there is something else you i dont know if you made the connection but the clue is obvious if you look at the genie in Aladdin, the jinn are blue they are made of smokeless fire aka electricity and they need vessels, humans really are vehicles aka mekerba for the gods…so stargates serve a pupose to bring the entities from Sirius into humans…do you know how the blue people truly are? Take a picture of yourself and do a negative inverse you will see your twin, the inner hollow. You might be right about embracing the beast…but should the horse ride the king or should the kind ride the horse?

  24. halkatla , should you find that island. I’ll come join you.

    Carlos Carmona, that was a “children’s cartoon?” Very bizarre indeed. I don’t think it has anything to do with Jews though, more of whatever spirits lie beyond the veil, as it clearly demonstrates even kings/queens are but pawns to it.

    The Black Jews have definitely been repressed/exterminated, as they are to this day in the world’s most racist/exclusive “democracy” Israel. But, this is part of an ongoing Eugenics agenda. Look at the depopulation in Africa in favor of the Chinese. But, “the Jews” are puppets in this game too: read Cross Crown Jew.

    I’ve seen the video YouTube has pulled. It it quite damning, but this sodomy as a route to stardom has been going on for quite some time. The “old jews” who young stars have to go through, while they may be Talmudically racist, are no different from Quincy Jones in regards to corruption.

    Javier, good comment. If by the matrix, you mean the multi-verse I agree, however, if it is the multi-layered spiritual prison that binds us to this realm, it was crafted by an underhanded intelligence, which I believe humanity is capable of matching, or surpassing, are we to realize our potential.

    I had touched on idea of djinn being the root of the word genius, in a prior blog, and will revisit in my present series in relation to Ian Curtis, who featured prominently in this one. I try to share your optimism on the zombies, even George Romero believed them to be capable of regaining their humanity, but presently, they seem to be running in the opposite direction.

    Not sure if I agree with always siding with the light, but appreciate the perspective. I choose to serve as the vehicle for none other than my own spirit, but that is my “rebel” nature. 🙂

  25. Actaully, IQ has nothing to do with memorizing trivia. If these Mensa people you were talking to only knew how to memorize trivia then they probably didn’t have high IQs. IQ measures intelligence, or the ability to figure shit out, not the ability to memorize trivia. People with high IQs are the epitome of original thought – these are the people who have developed all scientific, mathematical, literary, philosophical knowledge. In fact, the people who are the most “trainable” are those whose IQs are not extremely high – the average to above average range is the target audience for the public school system, the others are tossed-out, one because they are too low to be of use and the others because they are too high and pose a threat to the established order due to their ability to have original thought.

  26. Tangent: Do Ashkenazi Jews, by virtue of their history, have higher IQs than the rest of society?

    Only stupid (not in the conventional sense,but people who are arrogant, stuck up jerk wads, who refuse to not once think, the people you know that take trivia as an accurate representation of intelligence,*cough*,*cough* Jay Leno’s J walking segment ?) people need an IQ test to tell them how incredibly more smart and wonderful they are seriously? If people stopped and really tried to define intelligence it would blow their minds. IQ tests are just another way to divide people as well as herd people in groups and throw out garbage, like third world peoples have a lower I.Q.s,therefore we are superior. It just scares me that something like this can snowball with the other issues and create a monster. It wouldn’t surprise me though,look at the other excuses ”the powers that be” have made to further their genocidal acts. Anyways, I’m always caution about groups that herd people into exclusive leagues *cough* *cough* MENSA . They are feeding very egotistical people (they need constant validation).

    (the link that got me so angry) If people only though, they would realize they or handicap, total sitting ducks. Let’s just look at all the strikes against us {we lack critical thinking skills} {we are totally dependent on corporations to supply us with the proper food,clothing,shelter} {we need constant validation: certificates, degrees, trophies, promotions, compliments (little do we realize school promotes short term memory tasks , in order to make us into obedient worker bees} , {our perception of sexuality, sex, love is skewed} {we have a herd like mentality} and finally {we would rather go shopping than go to work (our job, in other words don't stimulate our creativity or imagination), in a sense we work to shop} . We have been constantly told over and over again, those jobs that require creativity are reserved by the select few, and we aren't creative enough. Well that's it ,only nicked the surface but, I feel better. I'm 17, (I'm not an age superiority idiot either, grew up on a farm with barely any TV, so I'm different, but lucky.) so I feel so utterly lonely in my opinions.(I have to bit my tongue so many times, it's good to let all out.

    PS: Ironically MENSA, is the Spanish word for stupid in feminine form.

  27. Have a good site. Liked.

  28. Gratz, love the blog. You sniped me with “carrot bukake” BTW! xD

  29. Doggie agenda initiated http://news.yahoo.com/s/yblog_thelookout/20110505/ts_yblog_thelookout/intense-interest-surrounds-dog-who-helped-capture-bin-laden

  30. Absolutely brilliant blog, like the rest. Just wanted to say regarding your unsuccessful interaction with the woman and her friend at the pub. “I’m a vegetarian” is also slang for lesbian (ergo, doesn’t eat meat!) so it’s possible you were being fobbed off with a euphemism. Just saying …

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