Sing Our Own Song [VII]

In a book I read a very very long time ago (Star Signs), Linda Goodman mused that when we take the S out of Self, we end up with “elf.” The other relevant thing I recall Linda proselytizing is how elevating ourselves can be accomplished through rediscovering and singing the hidden language of creation. {*1} On the other end of the [truth-based] spectrum, we have Lloyd Pie, who states a pretty good case that even “science” has proven that we, unlike our apish brethren, have 23 chromosome pairs to their 24, and that pairs 4 and 5 appear to have been fused together.

Part of this system of control is beyond our ignorance [have to love the name of Pie’s book, “Everything You Know is Wrong”], for how can we ever become what we’re meant to be, if we don’t even know what we were? Were we dumb monkeys the gods inexplicably chose to procreate with? That wouldn’t make sense, unless we had already been modified to our present form, that where the [idealized] female of the species, is indeed hard for anyone to resist [as the Nephilim and Olympians found out]. Or, were we high elves, as Goodman suggests, and even Tolkien hints.

elfsapesdragon masters

Well, if the key number 19, is also the serpent path, is it the serpent DNA we’ve been imbued with as well? Note: it is the 19th letter of the alphabet. Were we elevated and then de[con]structed (as prior Olympus/Apocalypse of Adam parables suggest)? The only place to really find any answers is to look within. Who are we?

The hardest place to look for an answer is not in the mirror, but beyond the mirror. The mirror reflects the persona, the image of ourselves we project to the outside world. Hence, that “image” is one we’ve crafted prior to presentation, and one open to crafting by the powers-that-be. It’s an eternal feed-back loop of sorts.

octo mirrorfoggy mirror

But, dare we look beyond? Which brings us to the other number I intuited/pulled out of my mystic rabbit hole, 36. 36[0], the cycle on this side of the mirror, would equal 72[0] when combined with that which lies beyond. Two cycles. Twin cycles. Twin selves. Two elves. In the sequel to one movie I mentioned (part v), Ocean’s 13, the “bad guy” had to contribute 36 million, which was then “flipped” into 72 million, only to see it all taken away. Yet, the act, ended up changing his status from “bad” to “good” and netted him an appearance aside the Goddess, Oprah.

The recently released Unborn movie features a poster which resonates deeply with several topics this series has addressed. Beyond the mirror lies her lost twin that [courtesy of hollywood mind-manipulation], she has to battle to avoid. [From Ben’s foray into the film.] Conditioning? Of course, it’s a horror movie, programming fear of the unknown [only your masters are allowed to contact the spirit world, you silly child]. And alas, all the sexuality of the poster is solely focused on her back door.

unborn assnumber shark

We’ve got to be willing to step outside ourselves, or as Ian Curtis cajoled, “This is the way, step inside.” Looking to the [forbidden] Gnostic gospels once again, I found an extremely relevant passage inside “The Gospel of Thomas:”

“But I could not recall my splendour;
for, it was while I was still a boy and quite young
that I had left it behind in my father’s palace.
But suddenly when I saw my garment reflected as in a mirror,
I perceived it was my whole Self as well,
and through it I recognized and saw myself.
For, though we derived from one and the same we were partially divided;
and then again we were One, with a single form.”

That speaks to fractals, to where every single piece reflects/contains the whole and the holographic universe model (something modern physics has only recently begun to contemplate, nary fathom). Reading the passage, it’s simple to intuit why the Romans [¿or, should I say those who controlled the Romans?], found it so important to take the Gospel of Thomas and the aforementioned Apocalypse of Adam out of the Bible (along with all the other “heretical” Hellenic gospels).

mirror shatterglass shatter

A friend, Anesti, once asked about the significance of breaking mirrors. Why is it that doing so leads to 7 years of bad luck? I it just superstition or a remnant of old wisdom, from a time when the significance of the act was understood? Perhaps, because whatever one does to the mirror, one [theoretically] does to the self. Or, is it an indoctrinated teaching by the powers that be, for what if the act of breaking the mirror, is somehow a liberating act, one destroying the illusionary matrix, yet but one box by which the minds of men are controlled?

At the beginning (part i) we found synchronicity in Hazel O’Connor’s “Breaking Glass” album. A lot has been said in this community on both ends of the spectrum, as to whether “breaking glass” is symbolic of fragmenting the mind, or “breaking through” the metaphoric stargate. Do I have an answer? No. I just wonder if we should be more focused on breaking the mirror, instead of glass, which is but a mere vantage point which lets us see things as they are. Hence, the act of breaking [glass] has absolutely no effect on perspective, or what we can “see” afterwards.

The above image of the broken mirror, comes from the game “God of War II.” While poking about the net for mirror images, I culled this from a game site:

Kratos [you, the player] finally confronts the Sisters, Lahkesis, Atropos and Clotho, who operate and defend the Loom of Fate, which rules the lives of mortals and gods alike. As he fights Lahkesis, Atropos intervenes from the three mirrors in the room, meaning Kratos must fight both at the same time. Kratos destroys Atropos’ first two mirrors, then traps Lahkesis and Atropos in the last mirror and destroys it, trapping the two Sisters in the past for eternity, and opening the path to Clotho who pleads with Kratos as he approaches that his manipulation of fate will destroy everything. Upon reaching Clotho, Kratos impales her in the head with a swinging blade, leaving him to control the loom.

I mentioned the fates (end of part v), and the direction I’ve been heading in since part vi, is that instead of making choices, the only solution, in terms of liberation, would come from creating our own choices.

Turning deep within last part, I suggested our eating habits, which exemplify cruelty and apathy to the Nth degree, may be a contributing factor to accepting responsibility for the world we have made. I know many either dismissed or were offended by the connection, though I’ll thank the person who wrote in reminding me that “If you’re doing your job you will make nearly everyone uncomfortable.” When I was young, I was [rightly] accused of regulary going out of my way to shock people. Perhaps, even back then I [somehow] knew that you need to push someone outside their boundaries, if you wanna find out who they are, behind the persona.

dead pigsdead manpigs

One commenter, Ray, wrote of an almost “reptilian” attachment people have to their diet. Is it? All I can say is that people seem far more comfortable when I speak of kissing anuses than when I speak of cruelty to animals. Did mankind turn to meat-eating due to some cataclysm (the design of our digestive system screams herbivore), or was the “diet” pushed on us by our controllers? Rather than delve further myself, I’ll go from weaving spiders, to other eight-legged creatures and muse inspired song; re-presenting the tentacular Robyn Hitchcock:

You wear the lizard’s shoes
And afterwards you get confused
You wear the lizard’s coat
And afterwards you fail to float
You take the lizard’s path
But look who’s lying in the bath
You wear the lizard’s skin
No man can be a god and win at all

You take the lizard’s mask
But look who’s lying in the cask
And when the clocks have stopped
You’ll find out what the lizard dropped
You know the lizard’s won
But you can’t work out how it’s done
The lizard is your friend
And will be ’til the very end of time

Since we’re now on the subject of Octopi, I’ll go back 11/22, a day I was flipping through the channels hoping to catch anything relevant through the broadcast aether. “Oswald” popped up on the guide, and I thought, “Ooh, another, ahem, documentary, made for complete morons singling out Oswald as a Lone Nut.” You know the ones that show you how someone could have squeezed off enough shots from a Mannlicher-Carcano in time, or how if you move Kennedy’s seat 3 inches to the right, the “magic” bullet theory holds water. Yea, propaganda for sheep. {*2}


But, it was a cartoon featuring a blue octopus wandering about, pulling a little red wagon. His sidekick/companion was a little wiener dog (actually, a a cartoon hot dog). OK, a couple of phallic references, but I’m sure the idiots who draw this haven’t delved into hentai or ever spent time thinking about why a hot dog is shaped like it is [from WRH].Then, a sexy looking female character, a cactus with very enhanced feminine features, walks up and, out his cart of belongings, pulls out a garden hose and starts playing with it. Then, she uses it like a lasso and forms a hoop, and then, the “wiener” jumps through the hole.

On second thought, this went way beyond ignorance. This was subliminal sexual programming for the future generation. I can only surmise that Oswald is gay, cause (a) he sounded like it, (b) he hung out with a cock, and (c) the girl with thorns very likely represents the way Oswald views women. As for the dog, he’s a cock, and I’d surmise bi, because as we all know, a dick sans persona, has one sole purpose, to fuck everything. Caveat: the cartoon is “aimed at a preschool-age audience ages 5 and under” and owned by non other than MTV networks.

escher maze

What I do know for sure, is that not everything is as it seems. As a matter of fact, it’s safe to say that nothing is as it seems, and the only way to really start having an idea of what going is to [try and] develop one’s intuition. There is choice, but I get the feeling, all this New World Order, Brave New World, Master of Mankind squabbling among those who would consider themselves to be our gods, is ultimately inconsequential to us, should we choose not to participate, thus enable their system. Of course, there is much more afoot.

Firstly, I think it is pointless/impossible to even speculate on the nature of our creator; the creator of our souls, not that of the architect of our [cubic] prison or the interloper we read about in the Abrahamic holy books. As I wrote once before: “For us to contemplate the nature of the [true] creator, is the equivalent of the frog outside my window, trying to divine what I’m doing on my computer at the moment.” The one thing I do have “faith” in is the immutable law of karma. [It appears, so do the architects, hence their compulsion for occasional charity.]

dimension chess

But, it is well within our grasp to understand the nature of those who’ve convinced themselves they are our “superiors” [though, as I’ve been stating throughout this series, they are correct when it comes the average zombie among us], and even the nature of their hidden masters, be they named Jehovah, Zeus, Ba’al, Lucifer, or Amen-Rah. There is indeed a great battle taking place on a plane unfathomable to us, and it is over the minds of men. These “architects” who walk among us, are seriously deluding themselves, if they fail to realize, that in the big picture, they too are but pawns, of pawns, of pawns. {*3}

Free will! Free will can be a dilemma. Free will to choose Coke or Pepsi is the extent of choice most of our brethren ever exercise. The most pervasive meme of choice in our lifetime, is the two towers, and their destruction. There are two ways of looking at the event in my mind: (a) a great spell was cast, where the hope of some “wizards” was to take away our choices (and as I recall someone saying, it backfired), or (b) the plans for dumbing-down society had exceeded expectations and the planners/architects were faced with a dilemma of too few alphas and betas around, hence something had to be done to wake us up [¿perhaps more?].

wake the fuck up

The alarm clock rang on 09:11. It [the act] was done in such a way [broad daylight, defying physics, defying logic and common sense], that only the dumbest of sheep would fail to see through the facade. And most of us still failed to see it, myself included. This “rebel” who, despite having a decent view of events from building, turned on the TV to find out “what happened” [after many calls of alarm rang].

Oh yea, speaking of personal aggravation, the entire act, ringing phone, anxious [intuitive] cat, etc., combined to serve as literal coitus interruptus to this angry rebel. [¡and for that, someone must pay!] And, though it pains me to admit it, I fell for it. Sitting aside my date that morning, I marveled and said something to the effect of: “Bin Laden’s flying circus must be staffed by python-esque geniuses!”

ocean eleven

Reaching into the syncrosphere, I pull out the above image from the appropriately named Ocean’s 11 (mentioned in part v), which shows the demolitions-expert character, sitting in front of his TV watching the controlled demolition of a Vegas hotel, rather than going to his window to the clear view behind him.

Anyone out there who doesn’t wonder whether this “truth movement” was not engineered by whoever (or whatever, which then influenced whoever) needs to stop consulting voices [yes, including those in the alternative media], and look within for the answer question. Despite the mountain of clues indicating the “official conspiracy theory” was utter nonsense, very very few people actually figured out the physics defying demolitions for themselves. Hence, after the obvious failed to sync in, someone or something [aware of our materialistic psyche], felt compelled to take the extra step of tossing some “loose change” in our direction.

Two towers. Two choices. Two doors. So, will it be the lady or the tiger? Both?

matrix choicetiger lady

While many out there in the syncrosphere speak of a coming quantum leap in consciousness and some kind of evolution of mankind as being around the corner, I just can’t see this happening. For every awakening or aware person I have the pleasure of meeting, I’ll find seven or eight that are embedding themselves deeper and deeper into nonreality; television/media ingrained reality. There are far too many among us running around claiming to be “awake,” as if it were some badge they merited of their own accord. Sadly, many of these same people shut down the moment you try and get them to question their own sacred cow topics: evolution, sexual practices, their holiday traditions (i.e., holy days), their shopping habits, and every other aspect of their indoctrinated identity they so desperately cling to.

Again, there are two ways of looking at the matter: (a) those of us who are making an effort to grow and seek truth, should not be overly concerned with what the rest of our brethren are doing, because we are part of the same organism, hence the brain cells shouldn’t be overly concerned with how much fun the vagina, penis and anus cells are having, or (b) there is a test of some grand proportion occurring, where free will is giving us the opportunity to decide our own fate [my feeling].

Some of us are trying to stop the tsunami/get out of the way … but, when you look at the [new] world rising around us and the flood of utterly nonsensical news announcements, it [the tsunami of dystopia] is already here. That, may well be one reason why so many people are starting to notice; all these years of conditioning have still not overridden the last vestiges of intuition … but I’m surmising these percentages are within specs. Going back to the the digestion/global depopulation agenda metaphor, it would be a fair assumption that 80% to 95% of humanity is already gone/dead. I hate to say this, but it is too late for most of us. The call’s been made. There’s only so many lifeboats available. Save yourself!

titanic syncing

Help only those who are seeking help, no point in even bothering with those who will mock you until the very day the water starts pouring over the deck. The best the rest of us can hope for, is that a split in mankind does occur, and we are on the side of the split that makes that quantum leap. The universe, and a titanic ethereal ship of symbols [¿the syncing ship?] tell me that a split is coming. {*4}

[Addendum]: I know some may feel it is a rather harsh indictment of our fellow man. But, I think despite the dumbing down agenda, we were all presented opportunities in our life-time to break free of the norm. Maybe it was a boy you liked, but your friends didn’t think he was “cool,” perhaps when you decided to turn your back on music that resonated with you in order to like the same music as everyone else and “fit in” to the pack, or went shopping for a uniform, less risk exclusion. Well, the moment you did that, was the moment you sold your soul down the river. [End]

The best modern-day example of this process in action is chemtrails. How many people do you personally know that have never noticed them, ever? Then, when you point them out, they’ll rationalize them away using the faintest excuse for reasoning, and then label you as a lunatic should you push the issue. God forbid you should mention something only an insane person would notice, like how the sky isn’t as blue as it used to be, or ask “Where have all the birds gone?” [¿anyone remember the great flocks that would migrate north and south each season?]

great flocks

So, as the world grows more and more insane (last week there was a news story catering only to the insane, about how Facebook had started a terrorist recruiting group in the USA, and had already recruited over 100 Caucasian jihadists ready to carry out terror right here, before “authorities” shut them down). Insanity will theoretically be the only rational response to the world growing around us. The New World’s Gods of Order are already planning ahead. Some interesting quotes from Ben Fairhall’s look at the new “Truman Syndrome” described these “patients:”

One: “had a sense the world was slightly unreal, as if he was the eponymous hero’ in The Truman Show, the researchers wrote.”

Two: “showed up at a U.S. government building asking to be released from the reality show he was sure was being made of his life.”

Three: “believed that everything – the news, his psychiatrists, the drugs they prescribed – was part of a fake stage-set world in which he was the involuntary star.”

Are these just people who stepped into the syncrosphere, while ignorant [by indoctrination] of how such a world operates? Isn’t their response a rational one, considering the only reference point they have in life is what they see on the television? Now, if the TV told people about the chemtrails, every sheep out there would start noticing it and expressing their personal “opinion” on the subject.

But, I get the feeling were the television to start telling the public the sky was red now, and no longer blue, we “blue-sky” conspiracists would be tossed into lunatic asylums. Sadly, today’s generation of children, those who will be adults in the next ten years, will have grown up never having seen a sky without chemtrails.

life in prison

Realities are diverging. People who’s definitions of reality split can only co-exist for so long. Thus, the bad news: the realities of World War III, global depopulation, the four [or eight] horsemen are coming. The good news: but not for all of us.

NOTHING is hidden from us, or “hidden right under our nose” as insider Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code informed programmed us. You don’t have to hide anything from the ignorant. Was someone coming to my house who had not even the slightest inkling of what a “gun” was, I could keep a loaded one on the mantle, right next Dolphin crystal, or locomotive model; no need to “hide” it from them.


Aside the obvious aforementioned dystopian “prison without walls” reference in earlier image, do zoom in and note the Communist/Chinese star on the planes spraying the chemicals. Hell, even the latest episode of American Dad showed his [Dad’s] old Communist adversary speaking directly of his Fabian approach [to take his son’s heart/soul away from him, “let it stew and simmer,” “slowly, slowly”]. Oh, and there were at least five to ten overt homosexual/ass-fucking suggestions implanted throughout the show. Hm: Come to think of it, there were three blatantly anal references within the first ten minutes of the last of the “Ocean” trilogy.

As a matter of fact, Sunday being one of the few nights I ever watch television, the entire 666/FOX channel’s Sunday night line-up was rife with homosexual innuendos: particularly Family Guy. The Simpsons [11/9 episode unraveled by Afferismoon] tossed us the nugget: “based on lies just like American History and religion.” While on Family Guy, Peter wrote “homework is for buttlickers,” and received a rather trivial sentence for accidentally burning up 19 children. [¡flash goes light bulb!]

gay american dadfamily gay

I was at one time going to continue with the anus, stargate and homosexuality syncs that began in part iv, but there’s just way too much material there. Ew! Who’da thunk the anus was such a bottomless well of syncs? SEE! The “rabbit hole” does indeed go deep. Argh! So, I will [try to] to close with some notes:

(a) One friend, James, commented that Anthony Burgess (of Clockwork Orange fame), wrote a book called The Wanting Seed, about a future world where homosexuality was the means of population control.

(b) Stygian Port had sent some more good material information my way, but now, it looks like he’ll be doing his own anus/stargate write-up. Keep an [brown] eye out for it! [Argh! See how easy it is?]

(c) Watching Chris Everard’s Spiritworld II, I was surprised to learn one confession of the Templars, was that during their occult rituals, the practitioners were required to kiss the anus of the priest. {*5}

(d) From Deeper Insights Into the Illuminati Formula (Fritz Springmeier and Cisco Wheeler): The Illuminati believe that they can suck the life spirit out of a person through intercourse with what they call the Eye of Horus (the anus). This is why the World Order (such as George Bush, Bill Clinton and tens of thousands of others) are into sodomy. They are trying to vampirize all the years of life out of the victim to gain a longer life. Some of the sad child victims, who have been kept exclusively for this purpose, do look like they have had the life sucked out of them. Sodomy has its own secret chamber in the cabalistic tree of life.

One correlation Stygian drew was on Zues raping the good-looking Trojan warrior Ganymede (who now has a moon off Jupiter named after him). While looking into the story, came across a reference where Homer suggested the story may not have ben true, but written by the Mycaenians, who were the enemies of the Trojans, to disparage them. Hm, exactly as I speculated in regards to the British/Greeks. What a better way to discredit your enemy than to paint him as a sodomite.

stupid frat boysrear entrance

Now, when your average American you encounter hears the word Greek, they think of the following three things (in order): (1) drunk fraternity boys and cliquish sorority girls, (2) butt-sex (i.e., “Greek” style), and (3) food [i.e., gyros, souvlaki and spanakopita]. Vying for 4th and 5th is mythology, philosophy, mathematics, science and the arts. [I’d surmise some reshuffling to account for Big Fat Greek Wedding] I came across one of Plato’s dialogue’s Timaeus [a must read, contains gnosis on the origins of the universe], which has some rather revealing supports:

Critias proceeds to tell the story of Atlantis, and how Athens used to be an ideal state that subsequently waged war against Atlantis.

The implication is that the Ancient Greeks, who we are but a pale shadow of, had degenerated substantially by Plato’s time. Speaking to Hellenistic Judasim:

“It was subtle of God to learn Greek when he wished to become an author — and not to learn it better.” -Nietzsche, “Beyond Good and Evil”

Supporting my assertions of the movements of the parasitic tyrants of through Rome and then on the The Crown (and its colonies), is another finding. According to Michael Tsarion, the name “Hellene” (what us Greeks call ourselves), means “the shining ones.” Looking at the [intentionally] cryptic etymology of the word “Greek,” which there is NO WORD for in the “Greek” language, reveals it may have been a name given to the Hellenes by their enemies, the [¿sodomite?] Romans.


Again, this dismantling of the myth/fabrication of almost EVERY single common perception of Ancient “Greece,” aside a few remnants of genuine wisdom left from the Hellenes, would take us further from concluding this series. Suffice to say, what I summarized in part v, is most likely [almost beyond doubt] correct. Tracing the alleged routes of the parasitic Atlantean survivors, we find a lot of homosexual hotbeds (Babylonian talmudics, Vatican pedophiles, and “gay” English Lords). {*6}

The more I write of synchronicity, the more I experience it. The universe seems to be working in unison with me, sending experiences my way to help guide my thoughts, and perhaps, enrich these pages. One such event occurred shortly after I wrote part II of this series, which focused on the medical mafia of mindlessness.

drugskids on drugs

I was sitting with two attractive women and hoping, that some situation would lead to their company [that situation is not the old act of “charming them,” I’ve given up on such] for the evening. One of them, out of the blue, brought up how she had found a great “hook-up,” her nephew’s prescription for Ritalin and how it was “great” cause she could stay up all night studying and do really good on tests at uni. Her friend expressed sentiments, crediting the first for this “amazing” cheat.

“Um. Yea, well that makes sense. That’s what crystal meth does.”

“Excuse me! We don’t do drugs.”

“Um, yes yo do. We did the same thing when I was back in college before finals, except we’d cut out the big pharmaceuticals and contribute to the local economy by buying it from rednecks who risk immolation within their own meth labs.”

“Ew! You’re gross. We DON’T do drugs!”

“Actually, you are. Look up the chemical on the package. It’s the exact same thing. Try not do it too much longer or you’ll kill your personality.”

“You’re crazy. You have no idea what you’re talking about.”

Now, my mother used to read my blog sometimes, but I think as my focus has grown more esoteric, she reads it less. Thought I’d prefer that she come along this journey with me, it’s not a [major] source of conflict between us. But, my Mom’s views it as a major problem, that since I’ve returned to America, I haven’t had any long-term girlfriends. So, should she, by chance, read this some day, please allow me the indulgence of leaving this personal note for her:

Dear Mom, I’m sorry you feel this way. However, by focusing on the negatives, you may miss the miraculous that is the positive. You are failing to appreciate the minor miracle that takes place every time I can fake it [keep the conversations mundane enough so that I am not perceived as a threat to their indoctrinated world of normalcy, or drink enough to where I’m incapable of such] long enough to actually get them to accompany me to my bed, and then maintain an erection while I fuck these visually appealing yet [mentally and spiritually] vacuous creatures.

Speaking of zombies…. caught quite an amazing, poignant, yet overlooked little film a week or so ago. It was a twist and continuation of the zombie/living-dead idea named Fido. Oddly, there was a “frowned-upon” eccentric character, whom the locals suspected was having sexual relations with his domesticated zombie.

zombie pussy

One day, I’ll get to that long-promised effort on George Romero and the reflection that zombie movies (the good ones at least) are of where society is now, and is moving. Synchronauts may want to take note of the OZ symbol from ZomCon, the entity that governed Fido’s suburban utopia, or the “con” reference that serves as a double-entendre meaning “scam,” relating to the serpent, or priest class.

In the meantime, rest assured, despite the “waking up” we observe, the number of zombies among us is growing exponentially. When Disney is showing little girls how to properly lick an anus and most parents are too stupid or disempowered to stop it, some evolutionary quantum leap of mankind is not around the corner.

zombie containment

Well, the future world may will suck, but at least, should I end up stuck in it, I’ll get an occasional rim job out of the deal now. That’s almost worth sticking around for. I’m kidding. I’m not. Will “Kiss my Ass” no longer be considered an insult? The question that I still have not resolved (as one reader once commented on after my Condom/Disney post): “Why are we [via the porno industry] being pushed to lick the portal of filth?” One could argue that as of 1969 we were halfway there.

While people may have been smarter when I was a teen than they are today, they weren’t that much smarter. “Ooh! A 69,” we’d think, back when the media was constantly making suggestive references to it, and we’d bump and nudge our friends. Alas, when the opportunity for such congress came, we leapt in.

But, did either partner stop and say, “This is like really fucking stupid. What’s the point of this! Instead of one person focusing on pleasing the other, you have two people doing a half-ass job at half-pleasing the other in a position not really suited for the task.” No. We kept doing our thing, guessing that any sound coming from the other end of the junction, was pressing us to continue. Programming complete.

birth deathoctagonbegin end

Worth a perusal, is the rolled back NASA STS-69 mission, which was due to launch at 11:09 AM, features enough trinities to qualify as a three-ring circus, and even alludes to the first Orwellian society of note, the Spartans. I have to admit, am still a little confused. Are they [the Medes] on mission to get us to jam-up the stargate exit, or kiss it, or both? And, WHY?

The significance of the [69] number had nothing to do with sexual positions, but with the yin-yang and duality, and eternity. Aside: seeing the [practical] impossibility of closing the mouth/anus stargate loop with two people, will the porn industry soon start idealizing a three-person closed circuit loop?] A lot of significant things happened in that year [may explore the topic/year one day]. One of them was the Apollo moon landing. Sorry, I meant the alleged Apollo moon landing.

moon landing hoax

The above is a great example of why synchromysticism can be a useful tool for cutting through the bullshit. It’s the precise scene in The Hoax, where Richard Gere is accused of being a fake (movie’s about Howard Hughes]. This was not by any means an accidental shot. Someone is trying to tell us the Moon Landing’s a fraud. The only thing I can’t tell you about the scene is whether the director planned it, or the executive producer adamantly told either the director or one of the set people exactly which two prints to put behind Richard Gere’s head [note Iou Jima]. {*7}

Back in last part, I had promised to unravel the most revealing of Star Trek syncs, and now that we’re sort of in space, at least on some Hollywood studio sense, I guess now would be the time. I recalled an old episode of Star Trek: the Next Generation called “Darmok.” It was about the Enterprise encountering a civilization that their universal translators were utterly incapable of translating [synopsis].

Tholian Web

The reason for this was these aliens spoke only in metaphors based on their history/mythology. For example, instead of saying “I love you” to your partner, you would say “Romeo and Juliet.” Hence, a person unfamiliar with their cultural mythos, would have no way of understanding ANYTHING the person said. It just occurred to me this “world” of such language isn’t some fictional construct, but the Brave New World that awaits us. Those who choose to move away form the media mind-control machine will be having a harder and harder time communicating with those (particularly the youth) who are immersing themselves further in it.

Just think about these phrases and the meaning[lessness] behind them: “Talk to the hand.” “Show me the money.” “TTYN!” “Bounced the shizzle off the hizzle my nizzle.” “Take the red pill.” “The rabbit hole goes deep.” “Some fine lookin hoes!” “Beam me up Scotty.” “You be pimping!” “Peace out!” “In da badonkadonk!” {*8}


Yea, it’s pretty f’n sad how willingly mankind is running headlong into mediocrity. Will those who see through the bullshit in future generations look back at us and speak of how much smarter we [present day man] were than them? I did mention I was crafting a dastardly plan of my own to further denigrate mankind didn’t I?

“Then down the hall I overheard such a heavenly choir
They interrupted my evil designs
One day you are up in the clouds
The next thing, you’re down with the Sweet Adelines

—Elvis Costello, The Other End of the Telescope

I guess that will have to wait until the next issue. I’m trying to resonate those of us who wish to make the split on a higher vibration, note, key. Music has been inexorably connected to this entire series. This musical movement was already planned in terms of solution-speak from the very beginning. Though, I was quite flabbergasted to receive an e-mail from a mentor pointing me to the following:


Hammers and Anvils we can use to forge our own society? It’s from this article on the HOWMusic(k) site, a blogger who is exploring the connection between musical notes and our existence. How can we harmonize at a higher frequency, and get past even the language designed to entrap us into serving another agenda? Reaching into that juke-box in my skull, I find an old UB40 song [see/hear live]:

We will fight for the right to be free
We will build our own society
And we will sing, we will sing
We will sing our own song

But, unlike the people of South Africa, who took the songs sent their way by those [evil] forces of division [the British lords that lie hidden in the middle] and found themselves living in a more dysfunctional country then they had been living in (funny to see “hero” Nelson Mandela now flashing all the appropriate Masonic gang signs). The alternate song they ended up singing was simply the other dialectic. Down with the blue pill! Up with the red pill! We need to sing our own song!

The lords of law and the lords of chaos can play their games all they want, and taking the Moorcock perspective, I stress our personal role is strive for balance. To hell with the Gods of Chaos and to hell with the Gods of Order. We must seek our own eternal Tanerlorn, the city that exists despite the whims and over the schemes of the dialectic Gods of Chaos/Order and Good/Evil.

Now, I don’t know if I have any of the right answers, but I do know I’m asking the right questions. Correction, I feel that I’m asking the right questions. How?

Ali Baba & Co.

Well, what happened on that crisp morning of September 11? No, not the endless stinking stream of obvious demolitions, tv fakery, government complicity, dancing Israelis, mind manipulation of the sheep, zionist con-men, chicanery at all levels, but the “official story.” [BTW: the above image comes from a site claiming to be “your preferred source for up-to-date, credible information from professionals” .. in other words, it’s all bullshit.] Forget about Osama bin Scapegoat. I’m talking about the meme that was deeply implanted via repetition into our minds?

Nineteen Arab hijackers with box-cutters. How many “high” jackers? 19! How many [illegally visa’d] aliens? 19! Did what [per propaganda poster]? “Divided the world?” With what? Box-cutters. What? 8OX-cutters!

I told you I was gonna put out. So baby, was that worth waiting for???


:: :: :: :: :: :: ::


*1: Interestingly, the HAARP facility in Alaska is capable of emitting ELF (extreme low frequency) waves. As for Goodman, as I stated previously, you have to take the good with the new agey “soul-mate” fluff. Another knock against her is she speaks to us [the reader] as if we were children. But, seeing how pathetically ignorant most “learned” [i.e., trained] people tend to be, perhaps she was right to. Still, even lacking knowledge of some occult history that followed and ideas that have since become mainstream, she was intuiting something substantial. [LB]

*2: I used to write travel journals going by the pen name of “Lone Wolf.” I was recently “confronted” on the topic in a manner I had not though of before. “Dude, that sounds kind of suspect. Makes you seem kind of scary, you know like Lone Killer, Lone Gunman, Lone Nut, like Tim McVeigh of somebody.” Ah! Yea, I guess the media’s had along running-agenda pushing us towards collectivism and Brave New World solidarity patrols looking for people in groups of less than three. [LB]

*3: I’ve been under great duress as this series has neared closing. During last two parts, I’d hazard, some kind of psychic barrage has affected my ability to stay focused. Some other really weird negative events have occurred too. A fair assumption is some force[s] maligned against me. A mystic friend expressed alarm upon seeing the effects. [LB]

*4: I know that may indeed sound a bit “rapturous,” a teaching that [btw] didn’t appear in Christian dogma until the 19th century. Upon reconsideration, such an event would only make sense IF those elevated somehow earned it. Why would any oversoul wish to come “save” only the most foul-smelling of sheep, those who sat in the pews and swallowed all the shite their Christian Zionist leaders fed them without question? [LB]

*5: In the Templars defense, whether or such anus licking ever happened is suspect, as we know the Templar confessions were gained through the Vatican’s use of torture. While writing this today, I had to do a double-take upon overhearing The Fat Boy from Dallas mention that Benjamin Fullford (the “ninjas are gonna save us” guy), said something to the effect of “An anus is a beautiful thing that should be kissed” [awaiting confirmation].

Under the heading of paying proper respects: I will note that I try to credit people whenever possible, but that apparently, not all of us either care to, or know how to. I won’t point any fingers [this time], but if you publish something based on something you saw here first, then give credit where credit is due! [LB]

*6: Another interesting look at language comes from “gali” the Greek Hellenic word for the French, similar to what Julius Caesar called these “enemies,” the Gauls. Well, the only word you can connect that too is Gaels. Can surmise, yet another group of people now goes around calling themselves a name assigned to them by their enemies (though I haven’t read it yet, I’m sure Tsarion’s Irish Origins of Civilization may elucidate).

Back to “my thesis,” whenever I’d spend time in Europe, I can’t recall a single Hellenic man ever coming on to me. How many times did I chance upon a Briton who was looking for a travel buddy and ended up suggesting I join him at his apartment? Too many. [LB]

*7: Looking back, I’d be willing to bet that those “hamster” rumors surfaced as a result of Gere trying to use his influence to help stop the torture and cultural-destruction the Communist Chinese [servants of the Rothschilds] were committing in Tibet. Sad to see the same thing happening to Jenny McCarthy now that she’s come out against vaccination. I’m particularly appalled by the high number of people in forums of the net, mindless servants of the powers that be, disparaging her name and ridiculing those who choose not to limit the lifespans of their kids via injection. Mankind set to make the leap and raise consciousness, huh? Ha! [LB]

*8: Last side story, another girl once sitting at my table, after she said something which sounded a bit harsh, turned to me and said, “JK! LOL.” She didn’t text it to me, she said it. And, no, she wasn’t 12. She was 26! [LB]

~ by celticrebel on January 7, 2009.

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  1. RE: “Nineteen Arab hijackers with box-cutters. How many “high” jackers? 19!”

    Interesting connection.

    The need to express senseless frustration is contagious. The “perpetrators” will drag you down to their level, if you let them. Consciously avoiding ritual pitfalls is a good way to cleanse oneself of the stain of envy and ego-driven dominance.

    The last time I was at a restaurant, a 16 year old girl did the out-loud “el oh el” thing, a phenomenon which I was previously un-privy to. I gave her a pretty mean look, not-really-intentionally. Oddly, every time I post a comment here it has to do with food or a restaurant.

    on footnote 3: I’m familiar with this feeling. It almost seems like fallout from reaching some form of “higher awareness”, from consciously taking down barriers.

  2. RE: “Did mankind turn to meat-eating due to some cataclysm (the design of our digestive system screams herbivore) … was “diet” pushed on us by our controllers?”

    You know Celtic Rebel, I was thinking the EXACT same thing just a few hours ago when I was thinking on your last post (Part 6). I’ve been working on creating a collection of essays in the manner of Michel de la Montaigne, and in the manner of a friend I know in Switzerland (i.e. writing about what interrests them). To cut to the chase, I have this one essay still on the proverbial back burner, about carnivorous red deer on the island of Rum, located off the coast of Scotland: [LINK]

    It turns out that they feed off only the bones of Manx sheerwater chicks, some speculate due to a lack of important minerals for survival in the plants of that island. When I first learned about this I began to consider myself, whether man began to eat flesh out of necessity i.e. lack of nutrients for man’s survival due to some form of catastrophy that occurred long ago, or something else. I also wonder if it was learned by our ancestors, only from reading about animal (and occasional human) mutilations caused by extraterrestrials (the usual suspect greys, reptilians, so on and so forth). I’ve even read about an account of a guy by the name of Carl Higdon, who, along with five North American Elk, were abducted and brought to this entirely different planet by a being known as “Ausso”. This “Ausso” fellow stated to Carl Higdon that they were traveling to Earth in search of food, and were taking the Elk in order to breed them for food on their planet. This Ausso fellow even went to say that they were looking for meat as concentrated food wasn’t good enough for them. Higdon was only returned because, as he himself claimed, he wasn’t what they “needed”. By now I should probably add that humans were also taken by these same beings over the years.

    The strange thing is that this is the second time, where my personal essay project has become involved in the web of synchronicities.

  3. Tommy, so you’re old like me, huh? You know, that generations that actually used to roll on the floor and laugh, instead of speaking the initials ROFL out loud? I think when we start reaching deep into the nethers, we may encounter forces that can now reach into us. A friend’s old “gypsy” invocation helped out…

    emil-szarvas, well, almost every culture on this earth tells the tale of a great flood, so a post-deluvian existence would have required feeding on whatever source was available, and we can assume most crops weren’t located on the highest peaks. The pole shift catastrophe, many are now recognizing goes another long step in the direction.

    One friend pointed out the digestive system rather simply: long intestines = herbivore, short intestines = carnivore. These colonic purges which are all the rage in California now defy the basic question of why such would even ever be necessary. Didn’t Elvis die with a total of 20 lb’s of undigested meat in his bowels?

  4. 18 and 19 are key numbers in moon and sun cycles. and this is the dance of ME-tonic and SARON-ic cycles.

    “You and the dark one sitting in a tree k i ss i n g, first comes love, then comes license, then comes the antiyou in a people’s wagon.”

    19 is 9990 if 1 is 147, 2 is 174, 3 is 258, 4 is 285, 5 is 369, etc. etc. Meaning it stands as the sum of all things, ie the 18 before it. This ratio plays as 15:18 is 18:22 is 22:27, etc. etc.

    Qaf as 19 is where Yod clubs itself/Aleph back of head awake. The coming stone age is the true state of man. We have time to see the stars, to be the stars. The megaliths, their alignment grids, their math messages all point to man is on a great time machine. The stars come down to play, not to work. Real work is play.

    A body made of light, swathed in the Pleroma, is the only babe fit to woo the womb tomb of the naughty nut nympho Nuit. Aedipus Rex lives.

    What happened to the days of the honor of drinking your enemies blood, the great privilege of drinking the nectar of virgins and seeing the world of light with eyes that see? It will come again! Quadrature says sow, Abel says baaaaaaaaaa.

    It is truly a living initiation this world of sin-k.

    Hierasolyma Est Perdita!

  5. Interesting to note that the name of the character one plays in the game, god of War II is Kratos … which means strength, power, rule. A variation of kratos is kratia, as in the state. So in the game one would essentially be playing the State or the powers that be fighting to destroy the Fates.

    As for the root meaning of the word Greek. I recall reading somewhere that it means Dog/Cur in Turkish. Unfortunately, I’ve been unable to locate the source. It would also explain why the word Hellene is preferred over Greek.

  6. RE: “The reason for this was these aliens spoke only in metaphors based on their history/mythology. For example … “I love you” … “Romeo and Juliet”

    i have not read past this paragraph but if i wait until the moment has passed i will decide not to tell you this.

    in an uncanny moment of synchronicity i paused my reading prior to this passage you wrote and as i was doing something else i was contemplating (as my son was saying something about speaking in codes!!) that there may come a time where we would need to speak in a language/way that would be un-accessible to the unawakened or their ‘masters’… would we each have to get to know a small group of people so closely that we could speak to each other about one subject but actually be discussing another? everyone would have to know more than one group of course, but with so many small cells it would take a long time for those who would be watching and listening to catch on and figure things out. i hope that made some sense to somebody besides me 🙂
    just a thought. and then i read the above from your fascinating blog…

    thank you 😉

  7. eugene, interesting find on “the Saros cycle contains a total of 8 eclipse occurrences in exactly 19 eclipse years” and to see an old friend “Euler’s” name turn up. I’ll definitely be reading “The Thousand Year Elven Holocaust” [wish that guy would learn to use paragraphs].

    Hm: “AYN is the word for eye in Hebrew.” As in anus?

    Chris, or should I say xristos? Aah! Excellent point. Kratos, of course. Now, recalling the video of the end of the game, in his quest to destroy his overlord Zues, Kratos/The State accidentally kills Athena. Hence, metaphorically interpreted, in the “revolt” against tyranny, wisdom (and perhaps, the last vestiges of religion) will be destroyed and the state will reign supreme?

    That could very well be (the Turkish dig). They were, after all, in control of Hellas for a good part of the last millennium. All etymological sources are so full of spurious references, it seems intentionally misleading. Your comment reminded me of a quote I had neglected to include: [ADDED]

    kimrey, I think I follow you. This cultural/tv lingual programming, could very well end up having yet another Tower of Babble effect on language/communication.

  8. RE: “Why would any oversoul wish to “save” only the most non-questioning sheep”

    …because they are our children, our siblings, our parents, our friends. they are other aspects of “us” (you/me)… that’s why. because LOVE is what holds it all together.

    i agree with the idea of a split. we are separating, absolutely. into two worlds? or more? i don’t know, but i agree that we need to SING our way out of here. you have looked into the subject of the Solfeggio Scale, yes?

    there’s a great article on redicecreations about it,
    i have it posted on myspace

  9. “it is well within our grasp to understand the nature of those who have convinced themselves they are our “superiors” … and even the nature of their hidden masters, be they named Jehovah, Zues, Ba’al, Lucifer, or Amen-Rah.”

    When I read something, I’m always hoping for a “pearl”
    to reveal itself – thanks for this one !

    “There is indeed a great battle taking place on a plane unfathomable to us, and it is over the minds of men. These “architects” who walk among us, are seriously deluding themselves … they too are but pawns, of pawns, of pawns.”

  10. Rebel try some levity in a few essays. Your journey of late is so very serious. Once again thank you for the nourishing brain food. Dennis from Oregon.

  11. Holly sht! Rbl! pro-blematos is theres so very much sht around us (in our Demo-Kpasia) and inside us through food poisoning (I, being here, in the “wild” dreamland of many, find it harsh just to eat without monosodic glutamate (dont know anyone else worried about it, poor fools) let aside GM,s, hormones, arsenic, mercury, all the Heavy Metals! Ha!) And, official and non official (not health priority) infections, like Toxopasma Gondii, one of who´s curious effects, discovered by an L.A. microbiologist, is to populate the brain, and cause the most “colorful” cultural manifestations, besides progressive blindness and “mystic” paranoia on the most sensitive ones… My point is, it is not only our mind processes strugling to make sense into the huge spiderweb of lies and madness, symbols and power games, of which i do not only blame the “elites” (Who knows if also historicaly infected) but humanity´s general evil-stupidity, that has contaminated the earth to a near breaking point (for us). Just to seat at the pc is to be expossed not only to subliminal shit running fast everywhere, but to a complex EMF, some of who´s components could be intentional, and even targeted… and if somebody knows of a place where one could live free of social, chemical, microbiological and electromagnetic polution, please tell me! I wish You Rebel, and the nice bunch around here shall survive this ww3, sane enough to find it interesting, well, even fun, in a kinda devious way… Eufpovh, Mch Lv, strngth, kai pola filakia.

  12. Well Kim, if “love” is the attachment that holds us to all those that bind us to this future world of coming idiocracy and genocide, then it will be the same that drags us under along with the rest of those who are making a choice to live in such a world. When that whole “Rapture” story was fabricated, it’s purpose was to entice the Christians to lay down, rather than fight the coming slave society.

    I fixed your link. Let me know if it’s the wrong one.

    Thanks Dale

    Well Dennis, exploring the netherweb of the cubic prison-space of our minds, bodies, souls, can be kind of a serious topic. Trust me, had I known it would go to eight long parts, I’d probably have opted for the heart/vagina route. 🙂

    DANA, Krasi as in Wine? And if we don’t make it, hope to see you on the other side, and by that I don’t mean reincarnated into a soulless mindless world where even the teat I suckle is laden with mind/body destroying chemicals. Filakia!

  13. Hey there….

    Interesting post, to an even more interesting series. Sorry if my post is long, but I tend to just put it all into one comment, versus multiple comment postings, so here it is:

    – Unimportant I know, but, if you do the ‘net research it says Elvis died with multiple pounds of fecal matter in his intestines, not undigested meat. Now, none of us were there and we didn’t see it with our own eyes, and nor would we want to o_0 haha but if that’s the case, then it would be a wrong conclusion to imply that this means “humans are not designed to digest meat” when that wasn’t what apparently happened. (And I’m not trying to argue meat eating vs. vegetarianism or veganism – to each his own – so, just to clear that up.) If you do the health/nutritional research it seems a big part of why people’s digestive tracts are all out of whack nowadays, requiring the colon cleanses you mentioned, is because we eat so-called “food” that can’t be digested…..because it’s processed, and lacks *enzymes.* There are many arguments about what humans “should” eat, but I think most food philosophies would be in agreement that natural, whole, digestible foods are the way to go, be it veggies, whole grains, meat/seafood or eggs, with plenty of water and fiber. But white flour (which takes many forms, from pizza crust to sandwich bread, donuts, bagels, pasta, pretzels, pastries, crackers, etc.….) pasteurized dairy, candy, all forms of crunchy chips, microwave/TV dinners, canned and packaged/processed foods……none of them have naturally occurring enzymes to aid in their breakdown, and even the body’s generated enzymes can’t seem to tackle them adequately. So most of that eventually winds up over time sitting in the intestines going nowhere. People’s guts are on the increase in size nowadays, and it isn’t all fat, that’s for sure. Most of it is probably literally shit that’s just sitting there (same as Elvis) which correlates to society’s ever increasing junk food, ie, undigestable, diet and the rise in such ailments as “irritable bowel syndrome” and constipation, etc. So people either need to not eat that stuff, or if they do, do so in moderation, and always make sure to take enzyme supplement capsules to help their bodies break this stuff down, drink water, not soda, get enough fiber, and include probiotics in there as well.

    I’ve actually had discussions with others regarding the idea of a vegetarianism conspiracy. Mindless meat gluttony, or going completely vegetarian (or even vegan) are two ends of the extreme polarized spectrum, and as always……is there a middle ground we should be looking at? (it would be nice if we didn’t “need” what meat can provide nutritionally, and didn’t need to kill anything, even plants, in order to subsist……) What I propose is that since we are designed to eat meat, and many do find themselves needing the protein, heme iron, B vitamins and other nutrients to be found in it, then eating humanely raised and humanely butchered meat in moderate amounts is one compromise. Ideally is the way the indigenous people lived – only taking what they need, with a quick and clean death, while being completely mindful and thankful for the animal’s life they were taking, and then using every last part of it so none of it goes to waste. Everybody has to do what’s right for them though, and I do understand the push towards vegetarianism being that I’ve tried to go that route several times now myself.

    – The Oswald Octopus, hotdog, female catus and lasso bit reminds me of the whole Teletubbies thing, with the one Teletubby that had the long phallus on his head, and then the “sister” Teletubby that had the corresponding hole on top of her head…..

    – Totally agree with all of this here: “Again, there are two ways of looking at the matter: (a) those of us who are making an effort to grow and seek truth, should not be overly concerned with what the rest of our brethren are doing […] (b) there is a test of some grand proportion occurring, where free will is giving us the opportunity to decide our own fate [my feeling]…..Help only those who are seeking help, no point in even bothering with those who will mock you until the very day the water starts pouring over the deck. The best the rest of us can hope for, is that a split in mankind does occur, and we are on the side of the split that makes that quantum leap…..Realities are diverging. People who’s definitions of reality split can only co-exist for so long. Thus, the bad news: the realities of World War III, global depopulation, the four (or eight) horsemen are coming. The good news: not for all of us.” I think it’s both A and B actually. Do what you can where you can, don’t worry about those who aren’t interested, and indeed, we decide our own individual fates, so, better get moving.

    – With regards to the whole “Truman Show Syndrome” article: There has been a general trend within the mainstream media recently to debunk or mock these weird “conspiracy” subjects. There was a NY Times article dedicated solely to marginalizing all the crazies on the ‘net who believe they’re victims of gangstalking, then this Truman Show Syndrome article, and another very biased one going after David Icke, and all three of these articles mentioning the internet, and how it gives so-called crazies the platform to get together and reinforce their deluded mindsets and beliefs. While I understand that some people are legitimately crazy, on the other hand it is interesting the timing on all these articles, within several months of each other in 2008 – and by mainstream media outlets no less. If something is so crazy and deluded, then why would the mainstream media even be concerned with it? Just step over it and ignore it, the way they always have in the past and just focus on “respectable” news………..right? Well, unless something’s feeling threatened. The internet has crazies, but it’s also been an excellent avenue for people to get together and compare notes, and start putting pieces together and see an emerging Bigger Picture. And I’m thinking “stuff” doesn’t like that.

    – And man alive, what’s up with that vomiting picture?? o_0 haha

  14. on the anal sex topic, i think they want people lusting after and adoring the gateway to filth.

    lots more gape ass porn, the door way opens.

    next i predict shit porn will become popular.
    they want people to lust after and embrace filth.
    maybe more bi too as the gay agenda launches heavy.
    even good kids today are mind fucked.

  15. Note to previous comment: Toxoplasma Gondii; Pandemic for 40% to 75% world population, mostly “asintomatic carriers” like those in “underdeveloped countries” that carry Entamoeba Hystolitica up to 85%.
    EMF = electromagnetic field, often pulsing, like those produced by radio, tv, pc, microwaves, all electronic communication devises, motors, etc. Did you ever turn on the the radio, to discover they were playing the song you just had in mind? = Our brain seems to decodifie radio frecuencies… and to the joy of the controlers, a wide spectrum, from ELF = extra low frecuencies, to microwaves! EMF´s btw, are addictive.
    Chicken is high on arsenic, as any vegs sprayed with pesticides, and and animals fed with them. Chicken Soup for the Soul? NO Thanks! Neither whore science chemicaly treated beef or pork… No compassionate reasons here, just plain dislike for poisons… and funny taste…

  16. Carissa, you have no short answers do you? 😐

    Elvis didn’t strike me as a “huge” herbivore, so interpolated statement. I’m sure there were a few twinkies and other junk in there too. I’ll concur with the processed food issue, but have to address the “since we are designed to eat meat” statement. Looking at the length of intestines of carnivores compared to those of herbivores, is a strong indicator that we were, at one time, be it pre-cataclysm or pre-indoctrination, herbivores. We can’t throw out all the false history and false science, while holding on to the “protein myth” and other dietary bunk we were indoctrinated with [e.g, “eat three SQUARE meals a day”].

    Yes. I’m sure as the world gets more and more crazy, and the programmed reality disconnect intensifies, they’ll come up with more and more symptoms condemning and criminalizing rational thought. Wouldn’t be surprised to see “anus aversion” come up as a [medicatable] symptom of social deviancy. 😉

    john doe, I feel sorry for the kids today, they are being “bombed” / attacked from so many angles that … well, the results speak for themselves. Yea, the “gaping asshole” trend is insane as is the “actresses” vying for the record of how many penises they can take in their anus simultaneously. But, it is [as this series has demonstrated] a crucial part of the social engineering process, hence why the “porn industry” can keep a straight face when they ask for a government bailout.

    DANA, all those waves violating our personal mind-space have to have some effect.

    Connecting your comment to BOTH of the above, I have this “gem” that turned up:

    Man and Boyfriend: Enjoy Inserting Raw Meat in Each Other’s Rectum 😮

  17. I’m only 20, but yes I remember when people weren’t retarded.

    RE: “I think when we start reaching deep into the nethers, we may encounter forces that can now reach into us.”

    Your posts about tentacles always made me think that. I think you really brought that subject some well-deserved attention. Tentacle porn is far bigger than you could imagine, so much that it’s already a dead issue. There are even more disturbing and fetishistic matters to tend to.

    RE: “next i predict shit porn will become popular. they want people to lust after and embrace filth.”

    Welcome to 2006… it’s called “scat” and it’s big in Japan. I personally don’t know any bisexual people (besides the ones who are faking it or on bad drugs) but I hear it’s pretty big. I think sexual deviants might be running out of ideas though. Hopefully that means more regular sex for the rest of us who aren’t insanely fucked up, and they’ll be shipped off to some obscure corner of the universe.

  18. So many fascinating ideas as always.

    I’m with you on the need to develop our intuition – am thinking it’s really the only way to go. I’ve been doing my best to understand it & it seems to work ‘close to home’ – ie it’s about here & now, the future is not of concern. It also seems to require an attitude of ‘not knowing’ (ie switch off the intellect) to give it room to work plus for me anyway, it is decidely centred in my gut, an almost physical feeling.

    Thanks for the nod (although I think the link got broke 🙂

  19. Just had to note this…History Channel is welcoming in 2009 with “Armageddon Week”. As I sit watching “Seven Sign of the Apocalypse” – a ‘scientific” examination of the biblical signs of death and destruction leading to the apocalypse (how can one scientifically study anything with the fictional Bible as a premise), I find myself wondering why I turned off the Steelers/Chargers playoff in search of something more interesting. At the very same hour, SPIKE has a show about Edgar Cayce, Sandler is bending time in ‘Click’, John Hagee is screaming about a snake, femme fatales are profiled on ID (didn’t someone recently write about the coming feminine age), Scientologist John Travolta profiled on BIO, ‘Apollo 13’ on UHD, ‘The New World’ on IFC, ‘In the Time of Butterflies’ on INDIE, ‘The Invasion’ on HBO, ‘The Reaping’ on MAX, ‘Darwin Awards’ on SHO, ‘Rendition’ on HBO2, ‘The Craft’ on HBOSE, ‘Oceans 13’ on AMAX, ‘Deep Blue Sea’ on TMAX, and ‘Deja Vu’ on STRZ2. Do you ever get the feeling that something is working overtime to get a program out there? These are all on concurrently. Are there any out there who read the tea leaves in their TV guide?

    Side note for the Rebel: I just returned from 2 weeks in Ireland and I could hardly look around the sky without seeing inordinate amounts of vapor and chem trails being laid down. More than I’ve ever seen there before. An extra concentration of them was being gifted to us above the Newgrange monument. Why Ireland?

  20. Tommy, when was that “time”? 😛 As to your second point, there may be wisdom in not repeating Cthulhu’s name more than once.

    As for the sexual degeneration, while bisexuality and scatology are quite different, they do share the commonality of both being learned/indoctrinated behaviors. But, I don’t share your enthusiasm for more of anything for those who choose to avoid the norm. I chose to talk less about my own “experiences” intentionally, but will say that intimate sex, in lieu of any form of sport sex or deviancy, scares the hell out of people now, thanks particularly to all the princess programming they were previously subjected to. Show one zombie anything resembling normalcy, they think you MUST BE “the one.”

    Wise Woman, thanks for walking down the path with me! But, in balance right? Fixed the link. Wish more people would mention when things don’t function.

    Arc, sometimes the amount of engineering taking place on TV concurrently can be overwhelming. As a matter of fact, I added pics to an old blog (Satan’s Little Helpers) on the subject recently. Naturally, at first we start wondering if some kind of “Trumanesque” scenario is occurring [pondered also], but when you really start looking at social engineering (tv’s primary function), you REALize this has been happening for a long time, the only difference is that we [some of us] can see it now.

    As far as I’m aware, the chemtrail spraying is global. I’d heard one host say “except in China,” but have no way of confirming that. As said, while it may serve many functions, I’m sure the “extermination” function would be liberally applied to the descendants of the old enemies of the Atlanteans: the Irish and the Hellenes.

  21. It gave me shudders when you mentioned the “Truman Syndrome.” I suffered from that a few years ago, they gave me tons of pills promising a fix when the only solution I found was when I found some truth. The medication was just a dirty band-aid.

    It’s nutty knowing that there’s an actual “syndrome” they’ve labeled now. If only there someone to always say “You’re right, it’s not real…”

    As a side note, check out the movie “The Stuff” from ’85. It has some good themes/lines in it.

  22. Wow what a great ending – BOX Cutters! Well the 19 certainly did cut open the box I was living in, though only after a year or two of living the lie; until I eventually woke myself up.

    Someone above mentioned “scat” porn. I just saw “Zack and Miri Make A Porno” where there is one disturbing scene where a sudden pull-out during an anal scene results in someones face being covered in shit. In fact the actress said that anal was good for fixing her constipation (from all those undigestable foods?). You may already be familiar with viral internet video “2 Girls 1 Cup” which I refuse to see, but you can see the wiki page for more information, or see reaction videos online. Oh yeah, you’re so right about 69’ing, it’s just not as fun as people make it out to be. My friend would make fun of it by saying “did you have your nose in her ass?” and stuff like that. One place no one would rationally want their smelling organ near is an anus, so why do people still do it? 69 is the astrlogical sign for Cancer the Crab. That area represents darkness and wilderness because of the lack of bright stars. 69 = dark hole. Perfect.

    I saw Fido sometime last year, a very pleasant suprise. I’ve believed for a while now that Zombies are really average people, I mean look at them flock to the mall in Day of the Dead, it’s exactly how I feel if I ever have to run in to the mall to buy something, which I avoid at all costs, lest I get bitten by the trendy/consumer virus and beome a zombie. Just kidding that won’t happen (you know what my email address is… It might as well be “zombie killer at hotmail”.).

    About the “evil twin” Unborn movie, do you know how the twin plans to come into the world? I know it’s called unBORN. While it might not be shown in the movie, it seems like the twin plans to be born via the girl. Note the “The” in the title isn’t before unborn: “The Unborn,” but rather inside the “O” (“The O”(pening)) which represents what exactly? Which opening would a demon be born from? After taking a particularly large dump I might say “I just gave birth to a brown baby boy.” (Via my “demon hole” of course)

    About 10 years ago I was still wondering what people did when they weren’t walking around in the background of my “truman show.” I couldn’t imagine that they did anything but wait for me to show up. Then I realized that they have to be different each time I saw them, so they must continue living their lives when I didn’t see them. Now I haven’t thought about it for a while. But even my mom says felt the same way. There’s something about this “reality” that screams movie-set fakeness. Mother Earth, Matter, Matrix, Truman Show, whatever you call it, I’m beginning to realize, via a synchromystic viewpoint, that every story ever told is about being trapped in the Matrix.

    Perhaps there’s purpose to it, like Grant Morrison’s idea that he got from an “alien” encounter (which I believe I mentioned in the comments of one of your tentacle posts): the Human race is really a giant tentacled beast in the higher spacial dimensions. But in 3D it appears as separate individuals. The reason for it living in 3D (+ 1 dimension of time) is that this is the only level in the universe at which things can grow. Obviously in a timeless dimension there’s no change measured against time.

    PS: I forgot to mention that you might enjoy the movie “Idiocracy”

  23. Era, always a solution in a pill, huh? And if we don’t have anything they’ll make some syndrome like “add,” “truman,” or “restless leg” up. Not sure if you caught the focus (Part II), may get into it again, seeing the over-use of viagra and other crap of unknown longterm effects people swallow (literally)…

    The write-up on the movie sounded interesting, will try to find a copy.

    ViolatoR, thank you for all your great additions to this series. I slightly modified the ending since publication, cause I think the subtlety of what the poster said elduded some [myself included] …

    I was going to mention Zack and Miri in another post in regards to promoting porn to Americans who find themselves in a finanical bind in this economic implosion, but I had no idea THAT took place in it. I considered the Scatology & “2 Girls 1 Cup” angle … but I guess I have some kind of shit aversion syndrome (maybe they’ll make a pill for such anti-brave new world deviancy).

    Even when I was young, those zombie films always appealed to me, even though the anology escaped me. I identified strongly with the survivors. I took Fido to help me see the parallel to my sex life.

    I wached some of the Unborn, prompted by your comment. Standard brain-washing stuff and even connecting it to Dr. Mengele and Qabalah. She was “ordered” to break all the mirrors in her house to save her[s]ELF.

    There’s definitely something to the Truman comparison, and perhaps that’s why, for so many years, they’ve been locking up the insane, i.e., those who see things that “aren’t” there, and shocking them to make their vision CONform, and keep them far away from the populace, lest they infect those who hold this reality construct together, and the whole box falls apart. But, now we’re into philosophy.

    I’ve been thinking about writing up Idiocracy. You did notice one of the pics above was from the film?

  24. Oh no, I get to be the twenty-third commentator on this phenomenal piece of yours, Alex? EXCELLENT! So, since you appreciate it when readers respond to questions that you posit, here’s mine . . . we are de-evolved gods, that’s who we are!

    You must pick up Andrew Collins’s “From The Ashes Of Angels: The Forbidden Legacy Of A Fallen Race”. Mark Mothersbaugh & Bob Casale who formed the seventies thru the nineties synthe-pop band, DEVO, couldn’t’ve been more right on! I remember their debut at Max’s Kansas City on Park Ave. So. in Manhattan, recommended by my animation teacher at the School of Visual Arts, Marty Abrams. You see, since everything in the universe moves along a spiral path, and since everything proceeds from a focal point, it only stands to reason that all things would, in & of themselves, descend from a higher order. This is what we’re seeing now all too clearly.

    It stunned me, seeing that you opened this piece with an editorial illustration of an orangutan indulging in Pranayama, flanked by an elven family on one side, a dragon lord on the other. You see, you’re not the only one who was deeply impressed by a book title you’d read long ago (Linda Goodman’s “Sun Signs”).

    When I was just fourteen, I, too, acquired a couple of titles that left their indelible imprint on me. Authored by Rosicrucian Joseph J. Weed, these were, “Wisdom of the Ancient Masters” and its companion, “Psychic Energy: How To Turn Desires Into Realities”. He mentioned an ancient Hindu technique of meditation, Pranayama, that combines controlled breatheing & visualization for optimal psychic enhancement. Whoa. Within under two weeks I was so psychic, I realized why ashrams are built, to sequester the “accelerated” away from the dross of humanity.

    Two more books that address the elf question, Laurence Gardner, a chevalier in the Order of St. Columba (who brought Christianity to the pixies, ie. the Picts) entitled “Realm of the Ring Lords: Beyond The Portal Of The Twilight World” and Nicholas de Vere’s “The Dragon Legacy: The Secret History Of An Ancient Bloodline”, the term ‘dragon’ oft times a title for the elven elite.

    Both suspiciously similar, but with Gardner’s possessing beautiful color plates, some commissioned by a Sir Peter Robson, de Vere’s differs dramatically by being an unabashedly elven supremacist polemic, replete with complete descriptions of the ‘Starfire Ritual’ that imbues the elven blood lineage to its participants, something usually kept under lock & key by long prepared for initiations into certain occult orders & kept secret by sworn oaths.

    Key to the latter two is the conceit that the Anannaki originated in the trans-Siberian steppes (hello, the Scythians), migrated to Sumer (due to catastrophic Earth changes mayhaps?), re-established civilization there, and branched off into two distinct lineages, they being elves & vampires. Well, okay. That’d answer for the tipped ears of both races.

    Once again, you’ve done a superlative job with this, even if it becomes careeningly vertiginous at turns. But, hey, man, I LIKE roller coaster rides, one of my favorites being, yup, you guessed it, the Dragon Coaster at Playland in Rye, New York! Take it away!

    Best, best, best best best always,
    Anadæ Quenyan Effro Von Thüringen

  25. RE: “I was going to mention Zack and Miri in another post in regards to promoting porn to Americans who find themselves in a financial bind”

    An older guy I used to work with until recently made a joke about “Hey, everybody can always just make porn [during these economic times]” and was just being facetious, but it meshes with what you guys are talking about here. The only problem is, now that people can just get all the endless porn they want for free on the ‘net (entire movies, not just still frame photos, and which doesn’t require credit card numbers or personal information checks) then makin’ porn for dough isn’t exactly going to cut it. Who’s going to pay for it when they can just get it anonymously, for free? So my take on movies like “Zach and Miri…” is that it’s not so much an agenda to encourage people to make porn for money (not when there’s no money to be made with it anymore anyway) but rather, just to keep people’s minds completely distracted with base level sex….vs. becoming aware, awakened and enlightened. It’s also the step by step, tiptoe towards *desensitization.* People thought “Clerks” was “oooh! titalating!” because of its dialogue. Now we have the full on Kevin Smith “makin’ a porno” movie complete with shit on the face, taking it to the next level.)

    Flashback to 20, 15, even 10 years ago…does anybody really recall seeing a mainstream movie about “making a porno” featuring the disturbing sudden pull out anal sex/shit all over the face scene described by ViolatoR, complete with graphic dialogue about how it helps rid constipation….playing in regular “family” theaters alongside other mainstream movies? (and it was playing in mainstream “family” theaters here where I live, don’t know about everybody else, although I didn’t see it.) I can’t. 25 years ago that was a movie that would have been playing in those old “porno theaters” they used to have, or at the “porno drive-in.” ;D So I think that’s what the agenda is. Desperate attempts at distraction, as well as desensitization.

  26. Anadæ, always with the reading lists, huh? 🙂 I’m going to have to check out some of those. While looking at Amazon, oddly, one of them had a discussion under it entitled “being gay is natural.” Sure enough some idiot in there was talking about how “science would soon crack the genetic code” of homosexuality.

    Interesting observation on the elf and vampire split. We know so little about our past, I’ll entertain that over all the “textbook history” regurgitations I was forced to endure at the mercy of a couple of moronic “geniuses” the other night.

    Carissa, didn’t realize Zack/Mirni was yet another Kevin Smith bowel movement. Boy, that guy really only had one good idea in his life and it was called Clerks. Looked him up on IMDB, and had to laugh that his last acting role was “Jewish Guy,” preceded by “Grumpy Man.”

    I didn’t necessarily say that desperate Americans would make money at making pornos, but as I summarize in the final part of this series, many will likely be encouraged to TRY after this movie plants the idea in their head (though they’ll think it was their idea). But yes. Desensitization. Degradation. Depravity. Dehumanization.

  27. Hey CR. I’ve enjoyed the recent box series despite my lack of contributions to the comments list. I recall you mentioning you’d do an article on the Conan/Christ/Obama syncs. I was reminded of this with the current hoo-ha about the new US President and some song lyrics I heard recently from Australian 80s band, INXS.

    Sleep baby sleep
    Now that the night is over
    And the sun comes like a god
    Into our room
    All perfect light and promises

    Gotta hold on you
    A new sensation

  28. hello, interesting articles. Excuse me for my english is not that good. People interested in atlantis read the book (*1). you will be surprise because then you may understand why they have so much knowledge about controlling others mind.

    and that led me to the movies, couldn’t it be a possibility that certain knowledge fall into the wrong hands?
    Gurdjieff: Relatos de Belcebu a su nieto.
    Stargate The Ark Of Truth
    MacGyver: Lost Treasure of Atlantis

    (atlantis island in dubai @ secretsun)

    someone who have others please let me know!!!

    if someone is interested mail me.

  29. Carissa – Your point about the backwardness of trying to make money with porn couldn’t be said better. I completely agree. I haven’t seen Zack and Miri but that scene is lifted directly off of a blog called TuckerMax, a story which I read at least 2 years ago. So, not only is it a distraction, it’s a redundant, un-original and stupid distraction. Not too surprising, is it?

  30. Well… About the “raw meat” in holloy places link, yikes! Even for an insanely curious mind, humanNity´s “psyche” can reach depts i only think when interested in putrifiYing processes, no doubt interesting, if we can bear the stench, but difficult to have around home, like they say around here; Cannon meat, loving low and roTTing to sustain holly Tree-somes, and simi(an)lar etile-elites… Well, Aphrodite Porné´s divine mASS makes everything flourish where it seats, or rots…

  31. Charles, ah thanks for the reminder. Been meaning to read one of the Conan books. If you had to recommend ONE, what would it be? Feel free to drop me a note, or I’ll contact you. Those lyrics to so fit the ObaMan.

    cig k, não é problemo. With universal translators available to all on the internet now, we can all communicate a little better since the days those dick-heads, I mean “gods,” confounded our language. 🙂 How odd: didn’t know McGyver was ever connected to Atlantis.

    I assume you refer to the Goodman book by [*1]. The other place where I disagree’d with Linda was in her perception that the Atlanteans were in any way “good.” If they were, the high Helenes would have not been compelled to war with them.

    Tommy, hehe, thanks for the info. Figures, as I surmised to Carissa earlier, that Kevin Smith still hasn’t had a single original idea since Clerks.

    DANA, yea, very very disturbing it was to know that mankind would somehow feel the need to engage in such. Purification. Decay. From the Hellenic gospels: “After those days, the eternal knowledge of the God of truth withdrew from me and your mother Eve. Since that time, we learned about dead things.”

  32. Thanks for the shout out, CR, I’ve enjoyed your blog many times and hope you keep up the great work.


  33. Speaking of zombies….
    The majority of ‘stenches’ are still hopelessly mesmerized by the ‘graveyard flowers’ in the sky.
    Never Mind….(O__o)

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