Huck & the Hebrew Hammer

A queasy feeling washed over me Thursday when I turned on the television to see the Iowa Caucus results. There was Mike Huckabee, the boy wonder (yet, establishment hack) who came out of nowhere (a la Jimmy Carter) to become the front-runner, droning on about something (I wasn’t listening). And, standing strategically behind him, staring blankly into space, like a mind-controlled drone, was the actor, Chuck Norris. {*1}

As I’m looking at the screen, wondering what the significance of the positioning is, from somewhere in the back of my mind, a voice speaks, “The Hebrew Hammer.” Huh? Another voice tells me, “I’ve seen this before.” What is going on here? Since I “woke up,” I’ve learned to trust my instincts when they sometimes tell me to question what I see in front of my very eyes. {*2}


This is not “news.” This is theater. Where have I seen this before? Huckabee, the good ole God-fearing Southern boy, looks a bit innocent, a lot wide-eyed and a bit naive. And, here he is on the podium, ready to begin his big adventure (in this case, to try and receive the Republican nomination). Didn’t Mark Twain write a story about a wide-eyed naive Southern youth undertaking a big adventure?

So, today’s Huckleberry Finn is incarnate as the “Christian” Mike Huckabee, who apparently has God in his cell phone’s address book. I wonder what country code Mike uses to dial his “God?” I’ve got a sneaky feeling that it’s 972. {*3}

First of all, Mike Huckabee is not a Christian. He is a Christian Zionist. What is a Christian Zionist? Well, it’s a complicated topic, but it goes back to when the plans for the creation of the state of Israel were first being drafted by the British Zionists (late 1800’s). {*4} Taking ancestral lands from the Arabs through armed force [i.e., murder] and then expecting a survivable Jewish state would be an impossibility, unless you could guarantee that the world’s premier superpower would back it unconditionally. That world power would be the United States of America.


The dilemma was, how does one get a nation of Christians, who at the time, considered Jews to be the “killers/betrayers of Christ,” to support the future state of Israel. First, you’d have to create a movement to reinterpret the Bible in a manner telling Christians they were obligated to die for “God’s chosen people.” Enter the Scofield Bible [“written” by Cyrus Scofield, who’d been serving time in Missouri for forgery]. Enter the rise of Christian Evagelist movement (expanded greatly via tele-evangelism) . Mike Huckabee is an end product of that movement.

Now, back to Chuck Norris. Who is Chuck Norris? Well, officially, the story goes he was a martial arts champion, turned actor, turned Christian writer. He’s got a tough guy image and a whole series of pathetic one-liner jokes dedicated to that personage. But, as we should know well by now, the media propaganda machine can turn anyone into anything. He’s made quite a few movies which portray Arabs as a bunch of subhuman nut-jobs, that Norris comes along to kick the crap out of. A critical mind may [should] wonder who benefits from demonizing Arabs in the American mind. On it’s own, that still doesn’t mean anything.


He’s apparently written a few Christian books, so surely, he must be a Christian. A check on Wikipedia reveals nothing to counter this (but, anyone who’s spent any amount of time researching anything knows that Wikipedia is an utterly suspect source). Trying to dig deeper, we find a few rumors that his real name is Daniel Goldberg and how he’s been seen wearing a “chai” around his neck. Still, a little nebulous until we learn that even his own biography boasts of his receiving the “Jewish Humanitarian of the Year” award.

Aside: Using deductive reasoning, it would be safe to conclude that not only is Chuck a phony Christian, but that he is also a phony Patriot.

Now we’re getting somewhere. So, why would Norris hide his Jewish roots? I’m sure were we to ask his publicist, we’d get the same old true tired tale we hear from so many other Jewish celebrities who’ve adopted non-ethnic sounding names: because they didn’t want to have “antisemitism” ruin their prospects when their career was starting. Does any living person [note: brain-dead does not mean living] actually still believe that yarn? As if looking at any list of Who’s Who in Hollywood would lead anyone to deduce that Jews were in any way excluded.

So, this begs the question. Why would this “devoutly” Christian tough guy try to hide that he is Jewish? Why would he throw his weight behind Mike Huckabee. Perhaps, because Chuck Norris is also a Christian Zionist?


Alas, seeing these two “actors” on the Iowa stage together makes a lot of sense. The Christian Zionist, standing next to the Christian Zionist. The tough guy standing behind the small kid [Huckabee does look a little too much like the scared little boy in the schoolyard doesn’t he?]. But, again, other than “the show,” so far I’ve discovered nothing to let us think that something truly insidious is afoot here.

That is, until, we try to figure out Mike Huckabee’s sudden rise from “Mr. No Chance” to “Mr. Front Runner.” As I heard a host on Oracle Broadcasting say on a radio show Friday, a win in Iowa was crucial for the Huckabee campaign, because now they can generate “real” support from him, solely by relying on the “follow the winner” mentality demonstrated by general public. How many New England Patriots “fans” does one encounter these days, compared to a few years ago?

So, is there anything about the Iowa caucus that may explain Huckabee’s unexpected success? Well, the vote was tallied by a company named Elron Electronics. Would it surprise anyone to learn Elron is an Israeli defense firm? {*5} Why is an Israeli defense company counting the votes in an American primary?


The story on stage is now complete. It’s an old tale, but still makes for good theater. The little boy, Huckleberry Finn, overcoming great odds. The Hebrew Hammer, a not so smart, but tough guy who chooses to protect him (a la My Bodyguard). Should Fritz Springmeier be correct about the extent of these programs into politics and “entertainment,” then it’d be a safe bet that Chuck is thus a [mind-controlled] slave, fait accompli.

And alas, no tale can be told without an narrator, so let’s not forget Elron after the curtain is lifted at the end of the show.

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*1: I’d rather not go out on a limb in this article, but the link between Hollywood actors and mind-control has been fairly well-established. Much has been written on the topic. Although, I must admit, the intriguing parallel to Huckleberry Finn and his slave companion does stimulate the imagination.[LB]

*2: Before anyone reading this is dumb enough to ask, “Dude! You hear voices in your head?” I AM SPEAKING METAPHORICALLY! [LB]

*3: By the time you finish reading this, it should be abundantly obvious what country one reaches when the 972 prefix is dialed. [LB]

*4: The Zionist plans for seizing control of the Dead Sea area and its mineral deposits is a fascinating topic. For the sake of brevity, I oversimplified the events which brought the plan to fruition. I may, one day, expand on the topic, but in the meantime, feel free to research Albert Pike, the Priory of Psion, the Balfour Declaration, Hitler’s Financiers, the Oxford Press, the Scofield Bible, and you’ll be off to a good start. [LB]

*5: The name “Elron” also ties into the old Saturnian cult, whose symbols are omnipresent in our daily life. There’s probably some onomasiological connection to “L. Ron” Hubbard. Consider the implied meanings of words like “Elohim,” “Elite,” “Elevator,” and “Elder.” Jordan Maxwell ‘el’aborates much on the topic. [LB]

*6: Finally, before any brainwashed zombie out there chooses to throw the “antisemitism” accusation at me, please note that one of my main references for this article is a Jewish site.

~ by celticrebel on January 6, 2008.

5 Responses to “Huck & the Hebrew Hammer”

  1. Are pro- Israeli State “Christians” telling the truth about the Israeli government’s treatment of Christians, religious Jews, not just Muslims? Are these groups infiltrated by foreign intelligence agencies, what’s the evidence? Are they then really followers of Christ Jesus?



  2. It’s still not really clear to me what your evidence is for saying that Chuck Norris is a Jew. Receiving an award from a Jewish organization is not evidence that one is a Jew.

    As for Huckabee, well, he may be a Christian Zionist as you say, but that hasn’t stopped the National Jewish Democratic Council from attacking him, or so I’ve heard.

  3. Igor, the nature and tone of your comments lead me to believe you are a bit of an instigator, but I will indulge you…

    Firstly, the “Jewish Humanitarian of the Year” Award is NOT one that is given to gentiles. The nomenclature alone should make that self-evident.

    Secondly, the NJDC is a Democrat organization. Their purpose is to support Democrats and go after Republicans. That’s all part of the bogus Left-Right Control Paradigm much of the world still operates under. My blog is aimed well-past such trivialities.

  4. I’m a bit confused…Chuck Norris does not identify as a Jew because he’s scared of anti-semitism? You reveal that can’t POSSIBLY be true, but posit that Chuck is scared of being outed as a Zionist? And just because he’s remotely Jewish, you think he’s a Zionist? Can you elaborate a bit more on your claims?

  5. The article was an exercise in deductive reasoning, a skill which the present Prussian education model strongly discourages (but, that’s another upcoming topic). [please note: that is not a jab directed at you personally]

    Evidence strongly and surely points to Chuck Norris being Jewish. Which begs the question: Why is he writing “Christian” books? Also, his brand of Christianity, is part and parcel of the false Christianity proselytized by the Evangelical, Fundamentalist, Rapturist and Zionist variety. As I said in a prior post, Zionism is as far removed from Judaism, as Neoconservatism is from Christianity.

    My conclusions are based on logic. I’d recommend researching it further (do read the above linked articles about Christian Zionism and the Scoefield Bible) and drawing your own. Ultimately, that should be far more valid to you than any views any pundit (myself included) tells you.

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