From Starfish to Stardom

As above, so below. On one level, that could very well be a valid interpretation of why these stars Hollywood presents us with, play the roles of countless archetypes, heroes and gods of myth [i.e., planetary bodies] over and over again. Requiring little mention, is how most of the fools on the stage, are too stupid to even have a clue of the significance of the role they’ve been cast for, nor the wherewithal, to understand the precision with which their careers have been guided.

It has long been my suspicion, and is now my firm assertion, that fame does not come cheaply. The Medes, who I’ve gotten into the habit of calling the Wizards of Id, have presented us many a “tail” of Faustian bargains made at the cross-roads, where the rights to one’s “soul” are traded in for the “right” to a few fancy baubles, and the adorations of legions of mindless fanatic zombies [i.e., “fans”]. But, I suspect that is a scam as well. Our “icons” are nothing more than eye-cons.

gay satanthe devil is gay

I do however, firmly believe, that while there may be no “devil” to pay, at least not, for the scum of the earth, those we call actors, the same joke of a “profession” looked down upon from the days of Rome through well until the advent of the motion picture, they will inevitably find themselves at the cross-roads, so to speak, but there will be no devil there. Just a dirty old man. The Devil who chooses Armani over Prada. In layman’s terms, he prefers shit over shinola.

These devils, or moguls, as they like being called [i.e., golum = golem/gollum; the lexicon does not lie], have no use for one’s soul, it is something, which they, having consigned themselves to their little slice of this 3D existence, have little use for, and I reckon, wouldn’t even know what the fuck to do with it. But, potential stars do have an “ASSet” these old men hold in high value; the life force they can draw from the young, hoping to extend their miserable yet materially luxurious stay on this realm, and if they learned anything through the occult teachings most are indubitably exposed to, they surely fear the wheel of kharma may, in fact, be just.

pink starfish backpackchecking the rear hole

So, how do they go about engaging in the transfer of life energy from stars in the making? Well, what would have seemed preposterous to me not all that long ago, thanks to a circuitous route of occult studies, synchronicity and intuition, leads me the human “stargate” exit, the anus. Coincidentally, the anus, in “insider circles” is referred to as the starfish, or on some occasions, the “pink starfish.”

daddy's roommatesponge bob is gay

Yes, there is a reason why “gay” SpongeBob, the one with a bulbous yellow penis in lieu of a nose, has a pink starfish for a “roommate.” And of course, where else would you find a starfish but in a Bikini Bottom?

The above links would be required reading for anyone who thinks I’m making a leap of logic here. It is not my intent, in this exercise, to explain how the process works, but to go over example after example of what, hopefully, when compiled together, will make even the most skeptical [i.e., programmed to deny the obvious] mind realize the joke that’s been played on them, and discourage such fools from either engaging in idolatry of the wretched, and definitely, discourage their children from practicing such, much less dreaming of becoming “stars” themselves one day.

ricky martin is a bottom

I’m sure were one to ask Ricky Martin, what he had to do to “earn” his shot at superstardom, he’d either grimace and confess, or has been programmed / traumatized by the events, he’s blocked those memories permanently. Most telling to me, was my recent discovery realization that when enough fame/notoriety has been achieved, in other words, when you’ve bent over and had the requisite number of penises put inside your “pink starfish,” you are awarded the highest of honors [¿on all fours?], your own “pink star” on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

There’s a good reason why that conjures up the phrase Walk of Shame. Indubitably, that is a far more honest evaluation of what takes place. And, when it is time for one’s ceremony, your star is put on the ground, the paparazzi shows up and you, unwittingly or fully cognizant, bend over, pose next to your pink star, while assuming the position you ASSumed countless times on your road to fame [¿would that be the effeminizing HerShe Highway?], exposing your ass, and bringing a smile to the old men golems, who smirk and nudge each other, “I nailed that. Did you?”

long spears up her asstim robbins bending overpfeifer the prostitute

A long time ago, I watched a YouTube video which showed how almost every major black actor/star, assumed a feminine role on his way to “the top” [i.e., coming to the conclusion that we live in a world that is upside down, as I’ll explain in the next installment of The Burning Ring, “the top” would then be “the bottom”]. It stated the one exception to the rule was Denzel Washington, who while he didn’t put on the bitch dress,” did bend over and symbolically take one [a bullet, i.e., a hot shot] in the ass [in the appropriately entitled Training Day]. {*1}

It also went on to speculate that the reason Dave Chapelle lost it (per the controlled Medes), is that he refused to wear a dress in Blue Streak [hm, Sirian djinn spirits are allegedly blue, speaking to the possession “route”]. My suspicious about that wHOLE incident are pretty much similar. That video seems to have disappeared.

will smith taking it like a mansmith cruisingfresh gay prince

Will Smith, went the extra mile [i.e., took the extra cocks], while he was still young (but, it may have been no big deal for him), and that is probaby why he is being cast as the lead in all these major block-busters [mind-destroying] movies of late. Heck, he even showed his true bisexual nature in Six Degrees of Separation: a story of a young black man, doing whatever it took, to be accepted by the [white] blue-blood socialites he idolized. The DVD I saw, did not contain the gay scene between Smith and the son.

Six Inches Separate Sutherland from Smith

As the mysterious Mr. Hardly, the true controller/manipulator behind the facade of the Hardly-ingenious South Park duo of Parker and Stone admitted, if you wanna work for Spielberg and Lucas, you’re gonna have to let them rape you up the ass first. Don’t underestimate the “art of revealing,” they have to amuse themselves, while the average dumb sheep is busy amusing themselves to death.

will smith gay dancingfuck will smithwill smith likes anal

I think their plans are so far along now, and society at large, even those who consider themselves awake, so pathetically ignorant, what difference does it make if a few of the smarter sheep figure out the punchlines of the jokes they’ve long been on the receiving end of [in some cases, literally]. One video I recently came across said that the only reason Samuel L. Jackson earned his part in the “Star” Wars trilogy, is because he let George Lucas fuck him up the ass. With that statement, I will have to agree 100%. You can bet your bottom dollar on that!

spielberg and lucasthe rape of indiana jones

Note the phallus-resonating python of the Cohen/Kahn/Con priest class Samantha El Jackson is “dealing with” [below]. Biblical tales of turning staffs into serpents are by no means “miraculous.” Ejaculation accomplishes the same miracle. It’s simple fluid dynamics. The priest class knows this. Why do you think they named the new temple Holy Wood?

A staff is made of wood. A hard penis is called wood. Serpents can be turned into staffs as well. All it takes is the proper amount of pink motivation. Voilà! Pink turns purple. Slithering serpents into rock hard staffs. A bloody fucking miracle.

samuel jackson eyeing the penislook at my long staffass lighning

Again, Mr. Hardly, who spends his time in a playground [park] down under [south] advises us. During the project Stygian Port and I are working on [coming soon], he informed me the “talent scout” for Team America, was called Spottswoode [i.e., spots wood]. The “star” he found was called Gary Johnston [i.e., johnson].

This up-and-comer young actor, Gary, was wise to the routine when his casting call came: “Oh, I get it. I’m supposed to get in your car and let you put your finger inside me.” Spotswoode repLIES, “No. I’m not from Hollywood. I’m not going to fuck your mouth.” The film also carries and implicit suggestion [¿admission?] that the best actors, are used for intelligence work [mockingbird]. That is a rather interesting Luciferean “choice” of covers for Season Six [sex], no?

check out that asscraft services

When his loyalties were later questioned, Gary got down on his knees [all fours] and fellated Mr. Wood. He’s a team player. Truth, disguised as humor. The priest of Holy Wood are quite amused. The Black Temple is a place of sorcery. They take our imaginations [and act the sheep consent too] and shape the world of the future.

Stars are “cast” [their stargate exits stuffed] and during any production, regardless of budget, there is one requirement, that food is provided for star, extra and crew alike. Stargate entrances must be fed. Thanks to my friend Anesti, I learned that on every movie set, large or small, the feeding of the crew is called Craft Services.

anus kisseslick the starfish

Since we touched on the non-sexual aspect of the human stargate, the digestive system, when its “exit” is not being violated, does serve a requisite function: the elimination of waste. I’ve always had a problem with the defecation suggestive shape and color of Hershey’s “kisses.” Thus, I was a little dismayed [yet, not surprised] to find there was in fact, a product available, where the two intersect: pink starfish kisses.

Which led me into a stranger “territory,” a “villain” called Starfish Hitler. Odd, considering my prior explorations, that it would be found on a site called “pink tentacle.” But, fear not the pink tentacle, the purple one is far scarier. Miley seems to always find herself virtually surrounded by them. And the wizards laugh, at us.

miley for hirespongebob and his butt buddybarney penis butthole

“Mommy, mommy! There’s a pink weenie looking thing with SpongeBob in the park. Can I go play with it?” Of course you can, cause your parents are fucking stupid. If they’ll let you play with an aroused throbbing phallus [i.e., Barney], they’ll surely not worry about a floppy little pink thing. I’m reminded of a song:

“Anytime you rise, I’m here,
And I’m crazy for you pink thing.
You make me want to laugh,
You make me want to cry,
When I stroke your head I feel a hundred heartbeats high,
Pink thing.”

Oh, sorry, some may now be wondering, “What the fuck is a Starfish Hitler?” Again synchronicity reveals much to us. When Hitler is used as a verb it is suggestive of smearing feces across one’s upper lip. Mr. Hardly devoted an episode to the topic, and in said Team America, prior to doing what is required of him, Gary gives his infamous speech about pussies, dicks and assholes [i.e., about how if dicks didn’t fuck assholes, we would all be covered in shit].

shit moustachevomit that sperm out

Oddly, before he does so, Gary throws up [during our project, Stygian said he’d been looking into how scenes of regurgigation/throwing-up appear in almost every movie]. In Team America, I could hazard it was symbolic that what he was about to go do, required his stargate exit stay clean. Hard to say. Yet, hard to dismiss.

Coincidentally, said movie, is on Quentin Tarantino’s list of “ten best movies ever made,” and worth a laugh, per Stygian, Spottswoode referred to Gary as his “Top Gun actor.” Remember, that asshole [QT], is responsible for all sorts of subversive shite [and as revealed in interview, admitted to gay subversion in action films]. He just made defecated a snuff film to please his Zionist massters. Speaking of them:

jewish pimps

Indubitably, some nitwits reading these words will interpret them as antisemetic, because a lot of these soulless dirty old men (golems/gollums) that run Hollywood, are and have been Jewish. First of all, the phrase “anti-semetic” is an intelligence test; anyone who believes it actually has any meaning, fails it. Should I ever get around to it, I’ll fill any and all unaware in on how Hollywood was pretty much set up/taken over by the Jewish Mafia long ago.

The likes of Golan and Gobus do fit the dirty old men and ethnic profile to a tee (their first names are Yoram and Menahem). You can thank that duo for countless racist action films, socially engineering Americans to hate Arabs. Bud, as Godfather III showed us, no operation of such great magnitude is allowed unless the proper authorities give it their “blessing.” The depths of human stupidity never cease to amaze me. The pope and his cardinals openly wear Yamakas/Yarmulkes in public and most are busy arguing whether The Jews or The Vatican controls the world.

worship the pope

For the sake of argument, we’ll just use the phrase “priest class” and forget all the the petty wings of it commoners are given to think there’s actually any difference between rabbi[t]s, priests and mullahs. As Stygian Port once enlightened me, the former two (at least) have long kept packs of Temple Dogs, attractive young men who are there to service (i.e., take it up the ass) from the Holy Men.

Since ancient times, these dogs [named so because they spend a lot of time on all fours], would also use the earnings of their trade to finance the church/synagogue. Of note, “dogs” are among the few animals on this planet that will consume their own vomit.

Trying not to go off tangent, but just the other day, my friend Renée asked, “What function do those hats represent.” If I had to guess, it is because the normal route to possession, is through the crown chakra. I’m not suggesting a thin layer of cloth necessarily stops it, like cotton panties aren’t a barrier to rape, but represents a modicum of modesty. As a woman, you probably wouldn’t expose your snatch in front of a group of drunk horny men, so why expose your opening of sorts, when working with spirits yearning to invade and experience the material world? Why temp the spirits/rapists so brazenly (barring the occasional accidental tease/flash)?

girly boypapal pedo dreams

One related Vatican sponsored movie, the heart-warming tale of a little boy who liked to dress like a little girl made it across my desk recently. The movie Bruno (2000) [aka The Dress Code] stunk to high-heaven of propaganda.

This manipulative gay-agenda serving little vehicle starring Shirley MacLaine and every major fat actress in the business willing to accept pork-loins for pay was beyond irritating. I’ll spare you all the g[l]ory details, but for now, share that, the star, little Brun-ette has his dream comes true at the end, and we see him in a hazy dream-like sequence, frolicking through a garden in his dress, skipping to the arms of the awaiting pope. “Not a dry eye in the house.” Are you fucking kidding me?

naked effeminate savage boy

The above image [left] is one from the Mission at San Juan Capistrano in California. It was sent to me by my sister and her friend, after they visited and were wondering why most didn’t find the statue, at least somewhat disturbing. I think the juxtaposed shot from the movie, pretty much fills in all the blanks.

The priest class has long flaunted their pedophilic predilections to the dumbed-down masses, programmed from early age to disconnect sex and religion. Of note now, taking into account the Hollywood “dry eye” insider/biz slang in conjunction with the following stanza from “Pink Thing,” should open an eye or two:

“You make me want to laugh,
You make me want to cry,
So why is it I’m happy when there’s tears down in your eye?
Ooh, little pink thing.”

Back to [adult] Temple Dogs, I hope that no one has gathered the impression, that only black stars are subjugated to such treatment. If you start looking at the biggest [i.e., most stretched out] of the white Mega-Stars, you will see the same pattern repeating. Let us not forget that the guy now playing the “point man” for the Dan Brown disinformation series, the same guy that “earns” $20 million per picture, Mrs. Tom Hanks [¿shank?], had a very effeminate start to his career.

gay tom hankstom hankes earning his checkbosom buddies

Hm! Career. KahRear. “Kah” is the Egyption word for the spirit/soul [¿need I explain what a rear is?]. As I’ve speculated before, anal sex, somehow either short-circuits the chakra system, allowing a bleeding of life-energy from the sodeomee to the sodomite. More speculative, but sure to be resolved sooner or later (in my eyes at least), is that how the insertion of positive electromagnetic force [the penis] into the base of the chakra-system may temporarily disrupt the natural flow of the protective EMF, allowing for possession to take place via the “back door.”

Ever wonder why aliens are allegedly always probing the assholes of abductees? Trust me, they aren’t that curious as to what you had for dinner, and very likely didn’t spend their entire journey to Earth being degeneratively programmed by watching nothing but anally-themed pornography [all modern porn] and Sheisse videos. Some suggest, that said particular aliens, lacking souls themselves, are trying to locate the human soul. I have yet to figure that one out, but it’s safe to say they, unlike programmable humanity, don’t have some weird anal fetish.

star search anus gatefame for bending over

As Stygian Port was also good enough to point out, in Stargate (1994), as the assembled team (hence, “aliens” wherever they were going) prepares to enter the stargate, what’s the first thing they say? “Send in the probe!” I also recall someone saying that American Idiot, oops I mean Idol, has a stargate sequence on stage and at the beginning of the show. So, I ask, does anyone in their right mind think the forces behind American Idol have the best intent for their audience in mind?

As I said once before, there are two potential results by entering the stargate, neither of them necessarily favorable to the ignorant. Also, how do we know that’s a stargate entrance and not an exit? The latter makes a little more sense, because, metaphorically, the show is taking a massive crap on the minds of its audience.

star butthole searchcan you suck and bend over

We’d be well reminded, the show is not so new. The same thing was done before, except the title was a little more honest back then: Star Search. No longer satisfied with pickings of the lemmings of inbreeding, and the derelict kids from broken homes, those who left home looking for fame and fortune, telling Mom and Dad, “I’m gonna be famous one day, just you wait!” [i.e., following the programming the television embedded them with, cause they “do what they want”]. The moguls of sodomy fanned out their search for fresh pink stars to probe and “consume.”

While I may have mixed “star searches” for the first of the above images, I chose the background cause, as you can see, someone took the time to draw a breast on the image of the obviously young girl. Have you got what it takes [to be a star]? Well, I don’t know. Why don’t you bend over for them and they’ll let you know.

rear vaginabrad pitt's vaginaadam lambert and penis

Oh what an honest series of magazine covers. Yes, women have a rear “V” too, ending that stupid exchange of energy idea [a process that can take place during normal sexual intercourse], cause it does those old fucks no good. It doesn’t extend their life, so you gotta do a lot more than that to be a star, “Baby!”

Now, I’m not exactly sure why they tend to favor men over women, or better yet, boys over girls, but Brad Pitt is a big star now and the V cover does suggest his rear exit/entrance has been used a hell of a lot [“the biggest V ever”], and also hints at the process “Brad to the [on the reciving end of the] bone.” So, Adam Lambert’s been “liberated?” Is that what they call it these days? Again the snake reappears, as with Miss Jackson. Note the butterfly next to his “snatch;” aside from being symbolic of mind-control, it also speaks to the fluttering “lips” around the [front] female hole [in case any males have forgotten, it’s called a “vagina”].

hale berry licking ass

Adam, the “little lamb,” is symbolically a woman [heck, not far from literally either]. But, now I’m wondering, considering the rewards granted to the runner-up of the last American Idol, what did the “winner” have to endure? Which brings us to Hale Berry [above, do enlarge]. You know the pride of black women everywhere, cause she took on that role of the poor black woman who couldn’t even afford to pay her rent [yet, somehow managed to maintain a $500/month white woman’s hair-do] until she was fortunate enough to encounter her converted racist savior Billy Bob Thornton (another overtly-effeminate “star”).

Perhaps Halle, guilt weighing heavily on her conscience during her “unveiling” ceremony, felt the need to confess the extra mile she went to get to where she is, kissing/licking many a pink star along the way. It may not add to one’s lifespan, but it does humiliate your star in the making, and feels pretty good to boot. It’s nothing a Disney Princess wouldn’t do as well [in the new world at least].

bruce willis bending overbruce willis gay dancing

Speaking of, I seem to recall Berry played opposite another confirmed homosexual megastar, Bruce Willis in Perfect Stranger (2007). The movie was hard to sit trhrough, so I gave up on it, even though in the 10 minutes I saw, Bruce’s “screen icon” he used for internet chat was the all-seeing eye atop the pyramid. Top? Hehe! Bruce, like almost all big-name action stars, is most likely a bottom.

During the filming of Surrogates, tinsel town was abuzz with rumors of how Bruce got caught blowing a production assistant. Shirley, many a beer-swilling fan of macho action movies will have a hard time accepting his idols are poofers, but that’s been another long running joke [also discussed during Dark Knight interview]. Above, Bruce seems quite happy in the middle of a Gay German disco.

chuck private dancergay chuck norris

Which brings me to Chuck Norris, the gayest of the action stars [that’s hyperbole, hard to say who is the “gayest”]. Last time I brought Chuck up [hm, regurgitation], I received several argumentative hate mails from one of his fan[atics]. The funny part is as to “why.” They were upset that I said Chuck Norris was a Jew, and argued endlessly, that “Chuck is not Jewish!”

What f’n difference does it make? I got tired of arguing the obvious points of the article and his demands I “retract my statement.” The biggest hint that Chuck is a Jew? Well, he’s successful in Hollywood. As for Chuck being gay, a close friend having observed Chuckie on the party deck of a boat bound for Mykonos, shirtless and very touchy-feely with the gay revelers aboard, is enough for me. {*3} The “brainwashed” will never see.

chuck norris is gay, get over it

Previously, I included an overtly suggestive Chuck Exercise Equipent Prom [gone], not just because Miss Norris advertised his own “macho” set of exercise equipment, but because I think many fail to understand that when I say the Medes, I refer to those who control the media. And when I say “the media,” I mean every aspect of it: film, television, print, pornography and advertisement.

For some reason, those properly brainwashed/indoctrinated via years of exposure can’t let go of this concept of “competition” [¡ha!] and “how supply is catered to meet demand.” Utter nonsense! The social engineering is being directed from high and every single outlet of media is steering the ship of society in that “direction.”

man crush bromanticmaxim chocolate ass

The “Shake Weight” was designed with one specific purpose in mind, subliminal implantation of homo-erotic ideas into the minds of guys who are already, even if unwittingly, on that path [male body/muscle obsession]. I’ve written at length about the gay agenda already [read here] and the reasons behind it.

Can anyone think of an [unrelated] “reason” why a “men’s magazine” [particularly, one like Maxim, allegedly aimed at heterosexual guys that “love pussy”] would have a “Gay & Lesbian” issue? Take a close look at the cover, there is a hell of a lot of revelation of the method taking place. Pop Quiz: In the above scene from The Simpsons, how many Saturnian references do you see? {*4}

Even though I mentioned him before, I would now like to take the time out to honor one of the Medes with the Celtic Rebel JAC Award. In the past week, he’s not only been trying to implant the gullible left-leaning intelligentsia [¡ha!] that the gay agenda is about homosexuals organizing and “taking up arms,” but promoting the H1N1 vaccine to the same fools by (a) boldly lying that it has been tested and is preventative, even (b) suggesting anyone who doesn’t take it, is a “FOX-viewing” conspiracy cook associated with Bill O’Reilley and Glenn Beck. Very slick!

flu vaccinationjohn stewart is a wanker

Oh, before you get too exited Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz, the “JAC” is not yet another Jewish American Committee award. It’s something else. So sorry!

I’m rather frustrated, as I know several gay people who I’d describe as [somewhat] intelligent, but they, like all homosexuals across this country are presently being inFormed by the Medes they somehow don’t have “equal rights,” and they believe it! Which, is laughable, considering that gay men, in particular, tend to be in the highest income bracket and we have a bisexual president in office, who was preceded by one that was, in all likelihood, homosexual.

Heck, it would be hard to walk down the corridors of power in any corporation or country [not really that much difference between the two anymore] without finding more homosexuals than one could “shake” a proverbial stick at! They [the gays] are being used/manipulated/conned, just like all the heterosexual fools out there [I won’t use the media-fed term “straight,” which is, meant to be denigrating].

anal vaginal confusionshirtless dudes

As I’ve been saying, for a while now, the “point route” from here [nature] to there [the future war] is through the woman’s anus; the object of an incredible amount of media-fed hype and obsession. The above image is from Giselle’s “V” spread [cover depicted earlier]. Note the lacings, the front/back switch suggesting the most useful manner of taking off her shorts leads to the rear entrance exit. The “world’s richest” supermodel last name is Bundchen: in Brasil, Gisele’s home, the ass [i.e., “bunda”], is arguably, the center-point of female sexuality.

Of interest, upon being asked about the “revealing photo,” she explained, “You do it for V.Care to tell us who “V” is Gisele? The follow-up picture is from a related “Hercules” spread and features “half of the supermodel’s ex-boyfriends naked.” Holy fucking shit? Is that paradoxical poster of ludicrousness gonna start to make sense in the near future? Oh, man, we [humanity] are so fucked!

All I could find on the “men’s magazine” Hercules: “Launched in October 2006, Hercules is a refreshing publication that offers a different point of view, for a reader that knows how to appreciate the best things in life. tailored to man conscious of style, culture and the social life around him.”

Kind of wordy for a magazine featuring naked men, no? As for those who are already gay, whether by programming [I’d guess most at this stage of the game/agenda], or by nature, they’ve taken the Luciferean rainbow [that was given to them] and scream/yell as programmed, meanwhile pushing the state to more Orwellian control, while the average Joe/Betty, is afraid to speak out against the obvious homosexual programming of their children, lest they be “politically incorrect.” The engineers are smart. The pawns, on the other hand, far from it.

dad complex savage gaystewart ass immolation

Seems like Star Trek makes into just about all of my posts lately, and with good reason[s]. For one, the above Dad[dy] Savage poster is about the gayest thing I’ve ever seen [in this case, not hyperbole]. So yea, another actor effeminated to get to the bottom of his profession. Also, Patrick the Steward, carries the name of King James, the “flaming prince” credited with rewriting/gutting/dumbing-down the Bible. Two, if one were to intersect the Gay Agenda I discuss, with Lenon Honor’s Borg Agenda, the synchromystic tool suggests they are, in fact, connected.

Coincidence Alert: In the Star Trek Universe, Captain Jean-Luc Picard, played by Patrick [starfish namesake] Steward [gay king namesake] was “assimilated” by the Borg. After the process, his [re]makers gave him the new name of “Locutus of Borg.” So, would that be as in “low cute ass” or “lil’ cute ass” ???

“Attention: Men of Earth! Resistance is futile! You will be assimilated!” Ass immolated? Hm, “flaming.” Everything brings us back to the Burning Ring, doesn’t it? Wasn’t the Terence & Philip movie in South Park called “Asses of Fire?”

duchovny homosexual handler

The sister recently appraised me of a show called Californiacation. Viewing one episode was enough. This overt social engineering tool is definitely one of those programs the Wizards of Id have crafted for their amusement. The revelation of the method is so over-the-top, they surely laugh for hours at the sheep watching.

Said episode feature temple dogs Evan Handler [the incestuous pedophile from Sex in the Shitter], and David Duchovny [the FBI agent from the team of Skull & Murder, brought to you by psychological warfare operative Chris “mind-fuck” Carter]. The premise began with David and Evan whining about their domineering girlfriends, and drove the point “home” with a scene featuring Ducockny getting his ass beaten by one of the new breed of media-programmed aggressive females [him donning the pink gloves, and “acting” like a little girl during the fight].

The mind-fuck is the sex scene between Evan and David, disguised [to the sheep] as a “threesome” with a woman, whom to the alert eye, they drop enough hints, is not really there. Their “tryst” is interrupted by their girlfriends who walk in just in time to see Evan get a facial [disguised as a “squirt”], and are so disgusted, they leave. The men follow them out to try and “explain,” but end up deciding it was for the better, and walk home embracing. Oh, how subversively revelatory! {*5}

gay wolverinedancing gyrating starshave your anus

So, who’s the biggest of the “macho” lead males right now, taking on the role that countless boys dreamed of while they were growing up [that would be Marvel’s most popular character Wolverine]? Some time ago, someone sent my a video of Hugh Jackman Jackass wearing leopard print pants and singing show tunes, while straddling the piano like a diva [I think it was Brian from Elluminati, but lost it].

Well, how the fuck do you think he got the role? What do you honestly think took place at his “audition?” Jackman “tired of dealing with gay rumors,” yet same article continues: “In other news, Hugh left his mark in Hollywood just yesterday by having his hand and footprint cemented at the Grauman’s Chinese Theatre.” Oh, sweet irony. Again, the Medes have a common goal, a directive they must follow. They work in unison, not just to sell people useless products they don’t need [e.g., 6-blade razors], but to shape the personalities of future generations. {*6}

australia wizard of oznicole' sweet ass

I’m starting to fall under the impression, that it all starts and ends with Oz. You know, that place “somewhere over the rainbow.” Seeing that the topic/movie, Australia/Oz, came up a lot in the discussion of my last article, I took the time to watch it and was [Shick™] Extremely disappointed, because Nicole Kidman didn’t live up to my expectations; failing to bare her delicious rear end [also located down under] even once. Yes, even for me, the programming can be hard to resist.

However, she was asked, by a child (hence, one not yet programmed to be blind), if she was “the rainbow serpent.” My thoughts on the movie are in the CR/SP Project, so more on that soon. I may also do a short video on some interrelated ideas [time permitting]. For now, I’ll just say that Zion, is an anagram for “In Oz.” Trust me though, it’s not someplace you wanna be. It is a prison. It is “Hell on Earth.”

olsen twins abusedmandel loves analinappropriate trump

I could go on endlessly, pointing out mega-star after super-star that took it up the ass to get to where he/she is going, but this article would last forever. If you want, play along, I encourage you to comment on your own findings below. Note: Arnold Schwarzenegger’s already been done [literally too]. The only reason the media is promoting his [scripted] strong anti-gay stance, is not that he “hates fags,” but most likely “hates” the process he endured before his star was allowed to rise.

It’s a safe assumption, that if anyone “earned” a pink star on the Walk of Shame, they didn’t do it based on “acting” talent. This was unveiled/exposed to me in regards to HBO’s “talent scouts” finding/spotting an amazingly talented young actor to star in True Blood. A rather popular [allegedly-hung] boy-toy of late, the “actor” known as Ewan McGregor may have unwittingly shared his acting “secret” recently [speaking to another agenda aimed at the dolts once called “men”].

goosed himdeaf not spared anal

There is something very odd about the prior picture of the Olsen Twins. Why are they both sitting on their heels, foot blocking anus? Hard to say if it’s an advertisement the duo is not available [the elites love twins], or a feeble plea to please leave them alone. Even the deaf aren’t spared.

Even our “perception” of what we experience is yet another area where we’ve been heavily brainwashed/indoctrinated. In all honesty, there are two types of actors we usually see: bad ones, and ones that are half-decent, cause in actuality, they are up the screen playing themselves. Yet, countless numbers of idiots sit around talking about “what an amazing job” some dickhead did playing himself in some stupid movie, and believe the pipe dream that those who got to the top are “good actors.”

gay israeli auditionshonest anal auditionsgeorge michael lucas

If you want honesty, the Mede’s porno wing, again, is probably the best place to find it. Brought to you by Lucas Entertainment? WTF, Mr. Hardly? The Medes usually lie, but synchronicity rarely ever. The above three images, taken as a wHole, speak volumes about everything I’ve been discussing herein. There’s that 22 again (the pyramid of butt-flesh), coincidentally, the room number of the two-programmed beer-swilling dolts, who confronted Homer Simpson in the earlier scene.

I also ran out of time space to properly contemplate the effect of the life-force drain on individuals over time. Linsay Lohan, Brooke Hogan [the one with the anally obsessed father savage daddy], and Britney Spears come to mind, all looking 30 by the time they turned 20. Perhaps, that’s one reason some of the overused cubs are put to sleep before they get too old [Ledger, etc.]. Yes, I know, it’s somewhat speculative. Still, the promotion of memes like “12 is the new 20,” aside from programming some 2012 hysteria, probably help cover up something increasing hormones, combined with decreasing morals, still don’t quite account for.

bruno gay twinkbruno gay man

The reason I found the “priceless” Bruno movie I mentioned, is cause I was flipping through the channels, and thought it was Sacha Baron Cohen’s latest. And how come the name “Bruno” is always coming up gay? So, let me get this straight Attitude Magazine? The same gay Jew, somehow put out the “most homophobic movie ever made,” and the “most antisemetic film,” Borat, as well. That poor self-loathing boy must be a total mess. 🙄 But, in all honesty, his name suggests he’s just following the agenda-serving script. Has the Temple Dog become a Priest?

I do try to hold out hope that humanity will wake from their lingering slumber, but in all honesty, find little to suggest they may. A safe bet: the average heterosexual male will probably not ever figure out what happened to them, not even after they find themselves face-down on all fours, with a cock up their ass.

stick up your ass

To those I’ve somehow enlightened on a process that should now seem transparent, feel free to comment or share this as appropriate. Those who now feel the compulsion [itch] to call me a few names, cause the automatic subroutine implanted in your head is telling you to, please spare yourself the time of responding, and me the aggravation of having to delete it. I’ve talked to the Borg Collective once, and am disinclined from doing so again.

That’s all folks! That’s “the end!”

A Couple of Arbitrary Celtic Rebel Posts on Related or Similar Subject Matter
Feb 2009: Sunday Night in the Foxhole Apr 2010: Boy Toys of the Gaylites

*1: I can’t find that original video, just different segments of it. Here’s substitute, which while I may differ with author on a few points, makes some damn good ones. [LB]

*2: The song is by Andy Partridge of XTC. On a humorous side note, a friend’s old attractive opinionated, yet no so bright girlfriend, used to argue with me endlessly that “pink thing” was about Partridge’s new “baby.” 🙄 [LB]

*3: As came up during a discussion point following my last post, mainstream story comments are usually full of idiot-regurgitating nonsense some call “opinions.” One such place is Yahoo Answers, where one can ask any question, such as “Is Chuck Norris gay?” What follows: countless responses from idiot after idiot, most [attempting to] answer a question he didn’t even ask. [LB]

*4: Answer: there are three. One on each t-shirt and one on the door. Finally, I, to my satisfaction, have figured out why I keep seeing the number 17 appear over and over. It is a coded Saturnian sygil. [LB]

*5: The show, er programming exercise, is named “The Devil’s Threesome.” There’s another episode I’ve been meaning to see, that someone else summarizes below:

“Within seconds, the writer socially combusts and interjects delightful non sequiturs like “Little girls with pretty boxes” and “Have you ever spent time with an eleven year old boy and wanted more than he was willing to give?” as guests attempt to enjoy their sweet potatoes and polite conversation.”

The above, lends weight to my postulation the Medes control what is and isn’t “politically correct” [only things that serve the present agenda]. I’m sure were the same script to have included an anti-gay comment, the reviewer would not have used the word “delightful” in his, ahem, “opinion.” [LB]

*6: Probably more meriting of a write-up, instead of a footnote, is how the NFL, is yet another controlled media wing. Note how their stables of slaves are used to hype up every anti-freedom agenda there is. Plaxico Buress for civilian disarmament. Larry Johnson for free-speech reduction. Tom Brady for Gisele’s fine Bundchen?

I guess some will take issue for my using the term slaves to describe these modern-day gladiators, who like those of Roman times, are idolized, sexually sought after and well-paid. But, unlike their historical counterparts, are they free? Well, if a condition of your contract, is that you have no say so, and have no control over what slut or pervert with a press pass [something “anyone” can obtain] can come and watch you paraded naked before them, you are a slave. “Dignity,” is beyond reach of your measly millions. [LB]

~ by celticrebel on November 3, 2009.

61 Responses to “From Starfish to Stardom”

  1. sorry, i normally only lurk here but i had to chime in on the simpsons still: did you not notice the buttocks “hidden” in the guy on the left’s hair?

  2. Great post. I’d like to hear more of your thoughts on the NFL. I don’t watch any sports at all (obviously that means I’ve caught “the gay”), but my dad does. Whenever I see it, all I can really notice is men groping and falling all over eachother while a crowd cheers them on (and the crowd NEVER stops cheering, it almost sounds like the noise has been altered to resemble souls screaming in hell, or something like that) while the announcers are foaming at the mouth obsessed with this act talking about “magic”, and every male watching is collectively making orgasm noises every time something “important” happens. My dad totally thinks I’m gay (because I don’t watch sports), but it’s really ironic when I witness him staring at muscle-bound men fondling eachother in front of thousands of people (millions, including the TV audience).

    Can’t wait to see the CR/SP collaboration, your blogging powers combined should provide quite the enlightening read… Oh, and have you seen “The Cleveland Show” yet? In one of the episodes (Episode 3 I think), a running joke is how Cleveland can’t talk to young boys without making numerous sexual advances towards them. This Star/Anus connection is quite disturbing when you look at childrens’ programming… Btw, did you make the Blazing Star/Flaming Anus connection in your Burning Ring series?

  3. Wow….icons = eye-cons…i love it and i have not even finished reading it yet…

  4. wh00ps, lurking is acceptable and yes, that does look like a butt’s been put on the idiot’s head. Considering his words, that says a lot.

    Tommy, I think your dad’s got the NFL ass-backwards, literally. 😉 It seems like gay opera to me. I too, was swindled and drawn in until not that long ago. The Patriots win the Super Bowl, shortly after the Patriot Act is passed. The fix is in. Isn’t that right Larry “Johnson” [odd name for someone/something that “hates fags,” yet homosexual men love].

    The collaboration will be more of a “listen” than a read actually. No, on Cleveland. “Blazing star,” no, but I’ve made it now. Thanks!!!

    lalan, hope you’re not stuck somewhere in this rabbi[t] hole. 👿

  5. Wasn’t the Terence & Philip movie in South Park called “Asses of Fire?” Aren’t T&P from Canada? Gays can legally marry in Canada. And Pride Toronto has been chosen as host city for World Pride in 2014. Oh goody!

    Actors do play themselves over and again. First time I booked that was with Liz Taylor many aeons ago.
    Eye cons definitely. Once upon a time people gazed upon the celestial stars, wore stars in their hair and twinkles in their eyes. Nowadays most eyes are glued to a tube, feasting upon plastic-enhanced stars, and there are fewer and fewer twinkles, replaced by zombie glares and blank stares. 😦

    And now for something completely related:

    *Spoiler Alert for Pelham 123*

    btw, see The Taking of Pelham 123 (remake) for much homo/scat “banter” between the hostage taker and the corrupted go-between man. Also a bizarre story involving dog teams, shit, Norway, and an Ass Model. Along with many refs to terrorists, “coded” references to 9/11, and a finale where the “good guy” and the “bad guy” argue about whether we owe god a death or a life. har-de-har-har

    Hmm? Under this movie still they call Travolta’s character Blue or Mr. Blue but he’s not called either of those in the flick. His “name” is Ryder, like the truck.

    Oh, they’re finally “out” about 9/11. quote: It’s always about the money. The mastermind, hijacker, kidnapper, terrorist, stock-broker, ex-convict (oops bad guy) tells us so.

    A movie that has everything? 😉

    And re-call too that Travolta was the lead/mastermind terrorist in Swordfish, 2000.

    How bout this movie poster putting the Big Stars together:

    Those two leading “star” men look long past their best-before dates. Make-up and special effects or Expired? Already dead? sigh
    If you add another O to Oz you get Zoo, nest-pas?

    According to Desmond Morris in The Human Zoo c 1969 “Under normal conditions, in their natural habitats, wild animals do not mutilate themselves, masturbate, attack their offspring, develop stomach ulcers, become fetishists, suffer from obesity, form homosexual pair-bonds, or commit murder. Among human city-dwellers all of these things occur… Other animals do behave in these ways under certain circumstances, namely when they are confined in the unnatural conditions of captivity. The zoo animal in a cage exhibits all these abnormalities that we know so well from our human companions. Clearly, then, the city is not a concrete jungle, it is a human zoo.”

    Hope this isn’t too long a “comment”?!

    btw, I’m uncomfortable reading about this shit, due to said subject matter. And can only imagine how difficult it must be to research and write about it. Still, I get the reason why you do and agree the import of it. So thanks Celt. Ciao,

  6. I wonder, does natural selection trump all here? by which i mean, those who buy the homosexuality thing necessarily do not breed; and those who do not and understand the rules of the game and play it necessarily get more chances to breed. could there be hope snatched from all this?

  7. Yes, 1+7 = 8, Saturnine Mater, The Prison The skullcap.

    While your theory on crown protection from vamping has some validity it fails in practice as a merely nominal shield which is no good against real attack. The unguarded eyes and exposed skin are just as open. If they wanted to cover that spot they could have used any number of different hats.

    No, the “Jewish” skullcap is no sign at all of JudaoQabalistic control of the Church, though they are close in mind and spirit. It is a symbol of their shared EL-ite God, SATURN. Same reason monks had the shaved tonsure. Saturn’s rings. BTW SS, King Killjoy has recently officially got an extra wide outer ring, whatever that’s supposed to mean. Another bigger ring to bind us profane I guess.

    PS: Aferrismoon says in Hebrew CABALLAH, “77 = OZ – a goat; strength = MGDL – a tower”. So indeed Oz is The Tarot Tower, last refuge of the scoundrel! Quick Everybody! Click your Amygdalas ON and UUUUUP!

  8. This one is truly masterful rebel…you brought me to tears, i did not think i could be overwhelmed by the enormity of it all, but it hit me like a ton of breaks seeing all of this…what can anyone do indeed, i fear they might succeed in shutting down all consciousness it becomes harder every day to maintain a state of awareness

    btw. i meant to write you back but ive been wrapped up with so many things happening…the Simpson zombie thing was more for you lol, but you can move it if you want i guess

  9. annemarie, that “gay marriage” issue is a joke of an issue though. It’s simple contract law, so technically any two people who can sign a contract can enter an arrangement. But, they are making the gay fools demand that “daddy” blesses their contract aren’t they? Great point about stars in our eyes, reminds me of image @ 0:57 (“stole his soul”).

    May have to see this Pelham 123 one day. Note, travolta’s name was “rider.” As in cock-rider or ass-rider? Was he the top or bottom? Swordfish: a Zionist ass-fuck of the American mind, brought to you by the mossad [“ass-mod”].

    Great comment. So poignant about the human zoo. Manimals too will engage in all sorts of derelict behaviors after their CONfinement. As for me, going into these arenas, is sadly, a lot easier than it used to be. Friedrich Nietzsche: “Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he doesn’t become a monster”

    wh00ps, you’re gone from “lurker” to “chatty cathy” in short order. 😉 Interesting you chose the word, “snatch.” You’d think think THAT was one possible outcome, but sadly, it doesn’t work that way. These interactions, via controlled programming, will be jading the resistant members of both sexes to the extreme. Those so inclined, unless they can organize they can move to some island en masse, are bound to “give up.”

    Peter, I think I explained that “cotton panties” don’t stop rape, just discourage it. Though, on the other hand, speaking with a yogic one, he explained that even a sheet stops your energies from dissipating into the ground. Still, like I said an observation. Don’t think I claimed the skullcap indicates control of anything.

    Javier, wow, didn’t think it would be that impactive, but perhaps I’ve grown too jaded to reflect on the enormity, or perhaps, a little “monsterized.” No prob, went ahead and shared it.

  10. Heh, “that’s all folks!” I was flipping through television channels when I started reading this and on the (Masonic)History was something about nuclear tests and the “Starfish Prime Event.”: “While some of the energetic beta particles followed the Earth’s magnetic field and illuminated the sky, other high-energy electrons became trapped and formed radiation belts around the earth.” Hmmm….

  11. Great work Celt, as usual your clear thinking is too clear for most … clear as in dingleberries!

    Operation Starfish Prime was about getting through the Van Allen Belts safely. They only ended up adding more radiation to it than what it had before. So how does one get the hell off this hell?

    New piece at Ustream = Barfly … would like your take on it. ItZZ a fly POV piece.

    Bruno made this Ustream Piece. Leads straight to the whole game.

    The Hugh Jackman OZ poster also made Ustream years ago.

    Salmon must know!

  12. Did you say Nick as in the kid-man from down under? Oh my.

    Nicole Kidman reveals her love life has been kinky as she opens up about ‘strange sexual fetish’ encounters

  13. Loved it! In regards to Hugh Jack(s)men play is called “Boy From Oz”. A review of the play with really gay pic Bringing the boy home

  14. Once again, rebel of a Celtic nature, you blaze your Gnosis on roads seldom traveled. The Starfish Prime info is completely new to me, perhaps an attempt to blow a hole thru this black iron prison. The Stargate as an exit of the anus is speculation of the highest degree.The 17 as sigal of saturn? The Hexagon on the south pole of Saturn is an indicator of something of immense value me thinks. Bush as a Homo is a done deal. The huge nefarious ring of Saturn is much to think about.Annemarie is cool. Much kudos to Rebel of a Celtic nature for illuminating this topic for us lesser syncromystics. You have many tie in’s and references to back up your theories. I for one am sick and tired of the constant man bashing that goes on on the media paradox. Every sitcom wants to destroy mans essence. Embrace the wonder that is man. Enjoy the mystery of a mans soul.
    Shineforth brave souls. Dennis(ps you are sometimes of a crude nature Rebel).

  15. it’s all coming together beautifully, celt.

  16. ViolatoR, interesting tidbit you found there. Wny the fuck would they call it they Starfish Prime Event? And by “prime” do they mean “prepare” as in “to lubricate” or “put at ease?” Actually, surprised you didn’t comment on the borg image.

    eugene, actually the Lord of the Flies will be making a reappearance at the Celtic Rebel in the near future/past, so I’ll see what you gotta say. I am trying to figure a way out, though in retrospect, this didn’t help build the ark.

    anne-marie, are you trying to ruin my Nicole Kidman fantasy for me? 😉 That image, to me at least, is quite unsettling.

    Brian, no luck on the video either? Well, the pic does say “No” on it, doesn’t it? But, I get the feeling the boy down under the desk was saying “yes” quite a bit in those days.

    Dennis Igou, crude and harsh, is something I find myself becoming more and more of as I turned my back on the effeminizing structure of CIVILisation. I appreciate you bearing with me. To me, there is little speculation anymore, on something I admit, seemed quite insane when I first hypothe3sized on it.

    I think the Hexagon/Cube is in the North Pole, no? The “South Pole” of our dear friend Saturn, looks like something else

    raffi, thanks for the encouragement.

  17. Bombastic motherlode of info Celt. I love to straddle the RAW’sian middle ground of indifferent observation, but that was a lot ‘o dots. Take Tom Cruise (gay slang for fruitful anon-sex locale) and John Travolta (Scientology cured my gayness) for instance. I am certain Johnny got plenty of hardened penile “volts” to the dookie-chute by the midget Miscavige. Cruisey also spent months in seclusion in their compound with Miss Cavige as his only companion. Shadow-self negation on the order of Ted Haggert. Keep up the great work kind sir.

  18. A revealing unveiling if ever there was one – no ASSuaging of that STAR(k) message. Though the tale is not pretty you make damn fine sense & I admire the guts it must take to stick to telling it like it is. Bloody good work!

  19. Kundalini meditation involves reversing the flow of chi back up the spine, from the pelvic chakra, and blasting it out of the crown chakra. Maybe a bully-ramming from the old dragon has the same effect, or else alters and drains it somehow. In the John Waters film “A Dirty Shame” (a proper piece of crap) Johhny Knoxville has some weird uber climax where his dick turns into a python and he blasts semen out of the top of his head. The semen then become stars and he flies off into the sky. He is wearing a white suit.

    And to anyone reading this the whole thing about seven sacred chakras is a pre-programmed myth. They can and do exist, but the human body can manifest an energy portal anywhere, they just work better at certain nexuses of nerves, bones etc. They probably want us all working with the same energy network for a reason.

  20. Thought some here would find this of interest: True Blood vampires and the explicit TV sucking the innocence out of our children

    holy what the fek! i almost missed this one about dis-ney: Mickey Mouse gets a makeover in Epic new video game – and this time Disney’s giving him a dark side quote from disney link:

    “It’s hoped the makeover will make the mouse appeal to the modern broods of texting, technologically savvy children who currently make up the markets.

    ‘There’s a distinct risk of alienating your core consumer when you tweak a sacred character, but at this point it’s a risk they have to take,’ said Matt Britton, a managing partner of Mr Youth, a New York brand consultant firm.

    Mickey Mouse made his debut in Steamboat Willie in 1928.

    The character, which was originally voiced by Walt Disney himself, has evolved through various costume and anatomical changes throughout the years, although all retained his cheerful and happy demeanour.

    News of Mickey’s rebrand comes as China finally gave the green light for Disneyland to build a Disney theme park in Shanghai – after 20 years of negotiations.

    It is hoped Shanghai Disneyland – which is expected to cost around $4billion – will unlock a giant new market for Mickey and his fellow characters.”

    Broods? As in Cronenberg’s hideous, monstrous “creations”.

    So MM the dis-ney sacred, rodent mouse (freeze-dried walter himself) is about to become a RAT for The NeXT Generation. Of Broods. I wonder, Will Russell (comic creep) help with the re-BRANDing (ownership, marketing, renaming, and burning with a hot poker on the ass). Like he’s helping Katie Perry with her “rebranding”?

    Katy Perry wows the MTV Europe Music Awards with her 12 costumes… including West Ham lingerie for boyfriend Brand


    Giant. New. Market. The Pirate ships are being launched? n.w.o. version 2?

  21. Johnny Peepers, “bombastic motherload,” I like that. If mem serves correctly, I think HBO put together a documentary on Ted Haggard that actually makes one feel sorry for the dude, while neglecting to focus at all, on just how that fuckhead chose to make a living in the first place.

    alex, thanks. But, perhaps, I am jaded at this point, and feel little revulsion. As the new header image suggests, this Rebel has chosen to hack away at the legs of the Hydra instead of the heads for the time being.

    B.L.Donnelly, great comment! Alas, that would make utter sense. The “chakra system,” like most common wisdom held by [granted to] us plebeians may be misdirection. Who’s to say I am not capable of generating/concentrating untold amounts of energy from/in my hand?

    anne-marie, egads. I recall talking to one woman who was complaining she can’t stop her 10 year old from watching “True Blood” at friend’s houses. Of course, the chance release of Twilight for kids in preparation was coincidence.

    As for the mouse, his dark side has been there since the start. I’d guess with the plan so far along now, Mickey like all vampires, is naturally coming out of the closet, so to speak. Great eye:

    shanghai: to enroll or obtain (a sailor) for the crew of a ship by unscrupulous means, as by force or the use of liquor or drugs.

    Judging by the extent of her fame, Katy’s sphincter must be on the verge of collapse, despite her deception that it is “rusty.” Oh my, that one pic of the cocksucking temple dog duo of Jaye Z and Bono is wretched. Haven’t the Germans suffered enough already?

  22. You could subtitle this awesome work “the Secret of Success” or perhaps “Sucks S”, the “S” being the path of the ‘human stargate’ – Just look closely at its anatomically correct shape.

    After reading this, I’d guess there’s more than one reason all Sucks S’full Holy-Wood types have an Assistant.


  23. kim kardashian complex foto


  24. Very interesting post again. Thanks for the mind-bomb!

    Read this a few days ago and it reflects the mASSive shift to androgyny in Japan…

    The rise of Japan’s ‘girlie man’ generation

    I am from Ireland and …

  25. oops, meant to leave a comment on that dis-ney “story”: I wonder, will the sacred MM’s reBRANDing be assisted by Russell (creepy jokeR guy)? Like he’s now helping g/f Katie Perry? Everyone’s a metro-sexual these days, it seems. The agenda is working?

    Katy Perry wows the MTV Europe Music Awards with her 12 costumes… including West Ham lingerie for boyfriend Brand

    See that well-placed Valentine. Har-de-har . NOT. Just in time for O2 in Berlin? Ach du lieber, Ich liebe dich, nicht vahr 😉

    And the NeXT Generation, the Broods? As in Cronenbergs’ Brood?

    Shanghai? Exactly who is about to be Shanghaied? Are the Pirate ships launching for the start of nwo version 2? Now that Version 1 has been sufficiently MILK-ed to death? Angels and Demons, eh. It’s all-ways tales of angels and demons. Ain’t it. sigh

    *lest we forget that Mickey M is the late (what an odd term for dead) and freeze-dried Walt’s altar [sic] ego

  26. Nice new headliner! You made me realize how sick I am of all those symbols. Can you possibly add some animation where you slay each and every one of them (finally wiping the board clean with the corpse of spongebob)?

    Excellent read.

    This blog reminded me of my first ever roommate in a dorm at college. He was 8 years older then me, very creepy, and very very Jewish. He prominently displayed on his wall a calender of just butts (hopefully female) that still bugs me to this day.

    Some synchromystical connection you might find interesting (possible one of first implentations of your current social engineering observations?):

    The short lived television show “Quark” (Comedy, 1977)

    (I’ll simply reproduce the DVD back cover description and….. yes, please no hassle I did purchase it for nostalgia; I hadn’t seen it since it originally aired when I was ten and coming off of a HUGE Star Wars high ):

    Set on a Sanitaion Patrol Cruiser in the year 2222, RICHARD BENJAMIN (WESTWORLD) stars as Commander Adam Quark, who longs for more adventurous assignment than picking up space junk! His spacey crew includes the Vegeton science officer Ficus (RICHARD KELTON), identically-cloned twin engineers Betty I (TRICIA BARNSTABLE) and Betty II (CYB BARNSTABLE), the cowardly robot Andy (BOBBY PORTER), and first mate Gene/Jean (TIMMY THOMERSON), a half-man/half-woman “transmute.” Orders come from Otto Palindrome (CONRAD JANUS, TV’s “MORK AND MINDY”), keeper of the top-secret weapon “The Source” and his boss “The Head” (ALAN CAILLOU), whose floating noggin appears on a video screen.

    Wow, for some reason I just got creeped out by typing “JANUS” and thinking how most of the cast seems mind-controlled to me , so farewell…

    invisible sun

    PS: The actor’s name is Conrad Janis not jANUS. Cause of slip should be obvious.

    Remember saying that when you peel back the layers of social engineering people can be disturbed by finding very little at the core?

    After over twenty years of studying conspiracies and the paranormal (in my own personal quest for truth), I became greatly disillusioned after being suckered in by the “conspiracy industry”. Carter, Bell, Jones, Horowitz, not the least was that god-awful ZetaTalk. All I know is that I know nothing.

    What is this reality I am experiencing? It has to be more than nothingness surrounded by satanic trickery and crudeness.

    I’ve been re-examining my childhood influences. I loved “Land of the Lost” until I saw the movie recently. The homosexual references were too numerous to count, and Will Ferrell literally travels the T-Rex stargate. You’ve got to be fucking kidding (baby goating) me!

    They implant your memories and then rape them.
    Fire in the Hole!

    invisible sun

  27. StrangEye, well said. Well said.

    grace, that image fits beyond extremely well in my next post. What the fuck?

    Brian, [at least] one of the social engineers would seem have a thing for the Japanese. They do seem to be a testing ground for a lot of this dehumanizing break-down of social fabric agendas. You kind of left us hanging there.

    anne-marie, I was about to accuse you of competing with DPS in here, but now see it’s a rewording of your prior post. I’ll go ahead and combine/break-up as warranted. Hm, this time I noticed a “anus camel toe” [for lack of better words] on Katy Perry. WTF? WTF! And the word “Ka Ka” is “poo” in many languages. Oh, my.

    invisible sun, thanks for the being the first to mention. The new header image seems more fitting to my focus. Perhaps, if someone out there is good with graphics, such animations would be welcome.

    Fire in the hole indeed. Who would I be today had I not spent my formative years being mind-raped? To rebel is a headstart on the road to gnosis, but meaningless if you end up in a rabbit hole. It’s a game. But one, I for one, intend to win.

  28. You have to take your hat off to those who set the Global Social Engineering. The implementation of the Homosexual Agenda “NORM” is now on auto-pilot. Case in point – one cannot even discuss the homosexual phenomena without dotting their I’s cross their T’s or be accused of being a “Gay-Hater”. Point being – there are now countless number of individuals, media outlets, and organized groups (who have been conditioned to blindly and thoughtlessly upholding this norm) that are “self-appointed guardians of the NEW norm/lifestyle”. Nice! We’re officially a sheep herd that no longer needs a sheep-dog to control ourselves. And control they do, by ostracizing those who step out of the “NEW” norm.

    But what’s the bigger picture of the Oligarchs? It’s population control, or I should say population reduction. Many of their blow horns [take a bow Henry Kissinger] have call for world population reduction from 6 billion to 500 million. The Homosexual agenda is just another tool (a long with war, famine, plagues, and poverty) to achieve their goal.

  29. Pressed submit to early there…

    In Ireland a sports star came out. First ever gay sports man. The media loved it and went into overdrive about his bravery, etc. All the papers said this will enable Ireland to move to a new phase of acceptance. Will be interesting to see if the abuse he receives when he plays stops, as shouting gay insults become a big no-no from the ASSimilated public.

    A few weeks before this, Stephen Gately, a gay member of a retarded Irish boyband died aged 33. (STAR)gately ‘s death was odd. He and his husband brought back some dude from a nightclub and he was found dead the next day. Press called him a “hero”, “brave” etc. Then a writer for the DailyMail wrote a piece saying that the death was sleazy. This caused a huge storm. All English and Irish papers went nuts on how dare the writer call the death sleazy, it insults gay people, stop gay-bashing etc. You could really see the social engineering in full effect…

  30. Love your Blog!, and great stuff and work in this one. I’m not a big fan of Duchovny or Anderson as “Celebrities”, but i really love their truth-seeker characters in the X files. Calling Chris Carter a “mind-fucker” really surprised me, after watching your post about Oliver Stone, John Carpenter and Stanley Kubrick and the Wachowsky stuff.

    I’m not an X-phile or something, however this series have a very special place in my heart, and in my live as a truth seeker. Many people (myself included a few months ago) think that the x-files is just about little grey aliens and cheesy monsters, but in fact, the day i’ve started watching the full seasons dvds (in wich i sadly admit it started with an “entertain me only” mindset). I realized this series is from 1993, a date in wich the only stuff you could find in tv was Stupid and Brainless Comedy and Drama Shows ( i.e. Friends, Seinfeld, Beverly Hills 90210 and so on.. The X-files at least invited you to question everything, and of course it cultivated the spirit of curiosity in many people)

    But the main X files premise is really about antigoverment stuff (they bring on the table the idea that the goverment is hiding you some “truths” in the early 90s where the bubble of the American Dream was still very strong!!) There are also heavy topics about the abuse being given systematically to children, black-ops since WWII, mind control programming, and of course the occult and paranormal stuff.

    It wasn’t either about magical UFO’s flying around you with corny music and rainbow neon lights, fullfilling people’s New Age Dreams and solving all our problems with magical technology, like we see in many other Hollywood stuff (Spielberg’s…)

    We rather see trough the 9 seasons the evolution and development from primordial questions like “Are we Alone?” to the more disturbing Pandora Box-like “Who are they?” “What they Want?”, exploring topics like ancient astronauts, ancient civilizations, depopulation and genetic intervention.

    I don’t think that all the people working on the media (film,tv,books, and now videogames), are disinfo agents and such. As you’ve said in many post, no individual
    is ever going to know the WHOLE TRUTH, just pieces of the puzzle, and I think that many people who work in those industries like Chris Carter, were willing to share
    some with us. At least, I don’t see any harm or brainwash in a phrase like “The truth is Out There”.

  31. Someone else has mentioned the Katy Perry thing already, but I’ll just add this quote from an article from The Sun which speaks for itself:

    “Ol’ Russ couldn’t believe his mince pies when she showed up on stage with ‘Rusty’ embroidered on her backside – just next to the sheriff’s star.” Katy’s my Upton girl

    Another de-masuclating exercise here on Gerard “SPARTA” Butler:

    I have been re-reading some of Adam Star’s (Inside the Cosmic Cube) work and his attempt to link the new Batman films with The Prestige, having re-watched the Dark Knight in Imax and seeing the ‘rape’ of the Batman, and those other two films, I think he is onto something. Batman Begins in the garden, falling down the well, over a phallic arrowhead, and ends in ‘those old familiar places’. Michael Caine’s character in The Prestige is called Cutter, he is the King of Clubs/Wands. One of the meanings of the name Caesar was ‘to cut’, the Joker’s blade continues to twist…

  32. While I agree that the series will have woken some people up to further questioning the world and their life in it the series is blatantly, just like all the major media programs, designed to program us. Revelations and intimations and implications of skullduggery, child abuse, depop, is all just grist to the mill. Illumination can be blinding.

    One sci-fi series is not going to defeat the mass Media news matrix nor the people’s desperate desire to fit in. It’s the freaks who dig sci-fi, yeah? Chris Carter, cc 33, is a douchebag just like all the fucking rest of them, from Kubrick to Mozart. If you don’t play ball the Dark Angel’s way and you are major player then you get bumped off. Kubrick btw was probably sacrificed for ritual reasons, certainly the signatory numbers add up in time, not because he was “spilling the beans”. C’mon! How can a several months long minimum production process for a film be a guardable secret from the All-Seeing Eye? Don’t be daft! Never mind reaching the cinemas, they would not even finish the first Act before it would be pulled, not sabotaged, just stopped.

    The Truth is not out there. The Truth is Here. A little less of a Mystery and a lot less further to travel.

    Jaspol. Yes! You are on it! Cross-referencing Matrix productions is vital for comprehension. Cross-check everything! Look, very many major music albums and movies use prior releases, as “inspiration” and as synchronization. Film synchs like Dark Side of the Moon and the Wizard of Oz are the tiniest tip of the Iceberg. We need warning of that Iceberg so step up thhe good work and LOOK SHARP!

    PS: Sorry, Jaspal. My eyes ain’t good.

    I am clocking up the infobomb rants on an enlightened SelfProtection forum and may well drop a link to the young Alex into the mix. So expect some extra hits soon, CR!

  33. yo1dude1man, you are correct sir. I think you’ll like the honesty and political incorrectness of the next post.

    Brian, ah I gather that was the follow-up. “Brave” for bringing a strange man home to share with his lover? I wonder would a hetrosexual couple who did the same be labelled as such? Hard to say in this Brave New World.

    chavito01, I too am growing as I write this blog, so my earlier posts may have missed on tertiary engineering I was too naive to catch the first go around. For sake of brevity, I took out some not too kind words directed at Mr. Carter.

    My feeling on the whole X-files series now is that it was indeed psychological warfare aimed at truth seekers. For one, the FBI is nothing but a corporate security force. Two, Duchovny carries a lot of baggage [watch his latest, or Evolution for elucidation] and someone as smart/INformed as Carter WOULD know that. Three, as I evolve, I learn the “truth is out there” is a big lie that sends one on an endless fruitless quest. All truth lies within.

    Jaspal, geez, all three of her holes (taken in conjunction with previous post) are obviously wide fucking open. The repetition of the pussification of men sickens me. It’s so in your face. Literally. I’m sure the word “mangina” was crafted for fools to repeat and emulate. And again, I ask, what the fuck is up with that anus of hers? That is so far from natural. Her star is indeed rising fast.

    The Prestige may warrant another look at some point. I’d guess someone could make a pretty good case as to how Bale’s character is really not a “twin” but an in closet gay man he hides from his lovers, while Jackman does seem unnaturally obsessed with him, no?

    Peter, a little harsher than my response, but true nonetheless. I particularly like “Illumination can be blinding.”

  34. CR, there seems to be a problem when i save your posts for later reading. The pictures wont show anymore. They did earlier this year. Eye am aware that this might not be the most interesting thing to discuss but:) I usually open them with IE.


  35. Jesus Jaspal!
    that katy perry link. with a video clip of her at the katy kat club? wtf and her “banter”

    words fail me

  36. When Hugh Jackman is “playing” a gay guy he calls out sean combs.
    I stumbled onto the newest californication episode last night, you were totally right! It was an*l/as*/gay jokes in almost every scene, with a dashing of pedophilia. The older boss woman even wanted her employee to blow drugs up her bum in the last scene. Absolutely appalling and degrading to watch!

    I guess the embedding didn’t work, Here is the video cited above.

  37. I’m aware of the mass media power, and of course about what the All-Seeing Eye can do to people who start “spilling the beans” as you said, just remember what happenned to people like Billy Cooper or Fritz Springmeier, while other people like Alex Jones, David Icke are still alive, selling more dvds and books than ever.

    The issue here is that the people commented before, talk about some “truths” openly, while some people in the media (again not everyone) uses symbols to tell you something they cannot tell openly). Just remember that the every weapons used against us, can be used against them. C’mon! we are using internet to talk about this stuff, the very internet who was developed with military purposes.

    from Jules Verne, Tolkien, H. G. Wells and George Orwell to Kubrick, Carter, Palahniuk, Stone, Carpenter the Wachowsky and so on… if they are in fact just little puppets helping to certain black agendas, at least they have gave us some pieces of the puzzle, in the very same media used against us, from wich CelticRebel has been doing a good work in a lot of their post.

    You said “The Truth is not out there, The Truth is Here”….OK, again, and thanks to Whom? the major players who spend their lifes and careers (whatever they are) in doing so? Albert Einstein said

    “The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing”

    I sometimes think that life is like a big theatre show, you will never know who the director of the show is, but at least you have 3 choices, be an actor, be an spectator, or just leave the show, is upon you…. And by the way, Im a relatively new in this stuff, i dont pretend to know more than you people, because I simply don’t… 🙂

  38. Corbeau, welcome to the Celtic Rebel tech support forums. 😉 Not sure what would be causing that, but it may have something to do with how my last few posts have all been quite voluminous, or it’s something on your end.

    anne-marie and Jaspal, re-re-flecting on the Katy Perry wardrobe, it would seem the red dress is a fish head. That highlight vid is something else, it addresses so much that has come up in the blog: x-ref of androgyne “lady” Gaga and the big penis agenda, whorification (her saying she has three pianists/penises on her hands), “more [sex] magick later.” To sum it up: Berlin just got “fucked up the ass,” yet AGAIN!

    elluminatiblog, ah, thanks for the clip. Did you see that boy “move?” ONLY a guy who’s taken it up the ass can shashay in such fasion. Case closed. Heck, a young Rebel, long ago did a Diana Ross number on stage in from of 1000 people and his body just doesn’t move that way. Unfortunately for you guys, all the people who had a copy of said video are, coincidentally, dead.

    chavito01 and Daniel Peter Skipp, we/I are not going through this again. You’ve spoken your pieces and honestly, no one here wants to read back and forth banter in the comments. I will be deleting all irrelevant parts out. Nothing personal … a lot of good stuff comes up in the comments, hence several people check them, just trying to keep that experience relevant. If you wish, I can put you in touch with each other.

  39. Damn, the rebel snapped! It’s easy getting jaded with so many voices and images around you. You feel inclined to decipher and give your opinion. I just said fuck it and avoid it when I have to because it’s just another distraction. I’m constantly jumping back into the collective because of school and looking at the Facebook. I try to drag a few out with me but their minds are focused on other things.

    The gaygenda has hit Chicago pretty hard and I’m sure it’s like this in every major city. Taking over one city at a time.

    It’s definitely getting more difficult to get a decent woman than it is to do Calc and physics homework. But what are you gonna do? When you try hard, that’s when you die hard. She will find you and so will truth. I believe there is a collective truth but there is not and should never be a collective consciousness. But anyway I went back and read the hammer and anvil series which was your best writing i think. You mentioned that cube thing. Turns out the director from “2012” destroyed all the historical monuments except for the Cube. Dammit! Haha best wishes man.

  40. that gay sport star and death of the gay retarded boy band story from ireland is very interesting, thanks for letting us know about it brian…

  41. Study mentioned in paper today says women now aspire to boyish frame..

    YOUNG women today aspire to “more androgynous” and “tubular” body shapes than their counterparts in previous generations, according to a study presented at a psychology conference yesterday.

    Women now aspire to boyish frame – study

  42. Hey Celtic, I posted your They Live We Sleep, Deeply vids on the Lenon Honor forums and he dug them, enough to plug you on one of his Q&A video uploads check it out.

    I really enjoy your work by the way, keep it coming buddy.

  43. I can’t believe you didn’t mention Samuel L. Jackson starred in the re-make of Richard Roundtree’s “Shaft”!

    How is 17 a Saturnian sigil? I know a bit about sigils but I don’t see it for 17. Other writers associate 17 with Osiris, Horus, revenge.

    Great post! Thanks!

  44. Well 17 = 1 + 7 = 8 and 8 is well associated with Saturn in modern Astrology. 8 is Material SET. Also 17 is The Star in Tarot. Clearly Aquaria/us is the figure pouring water and s/he is Ruled by Saturn.

    PS: Hollywood is not your friend, Fritz says the Rothschilds play poker with the Devil Incarnate once a year.

  45. Thanks for answering, I think too that the truth lies within and that “Illumination can be blinding” (tought i never said i ate everything the x files offered, just that some of the topics used in the show were interesting from a show for that time)

    I realize that the “Truth is out There” phrase looks a little outdated or as a misleading lie, in post 9/11 times, but my personal opinion about that phrase is that it was directed more to the average people back in the 90’s who trusted blindly, whatever the GOVERNMENT says.

    And about the psychological warfare, that could be posible, but at least in the story the truth seeker found his truth, a truth that he couldn’t handle it at first. The very last message from the show is “DON’T GIVE UP”, but not anymore in the sense of chasing truths in endless and fruitless quests, but now in a sense of FIGHTING BACK.

    Anyways, it would be interesting to see what Mr. Carter is preparing for the 2012.

  46. J, not quite sure what you mean by “snapped,” but jaded I’ll admit o’plenty. Have reshifted my swords blows to the legs of the beast for now, as I said to alex. Chicago comes up big-time in my next post (a few hours from now).

    Brian, no surprise there [for me at least]. Women aspiring to androgyny. In the meantime, per lalan preceding you, one of the new shows aimed at people fucking morons featured a hot woman saying, “Nothing is as manly as an androgynous man.” Huh? Oxy-fucking-moron.

    I’ll repeat something one Lana [cantrell] said to all who are programmed to be so accepting of this “fashion:” biologically speaking, “for any species, androgyny equals death.”

    Immortallywounded, thank you very much! That was rather cool of him, and well-timed (wonder if he read this article). I encourage more of you readers to do similar.

    Caroline, unlike Lucas, I haven’t seen Samantha Jackson’s “shaft,” but now that you mention it, the title does seem fitting.

    I had thought about including an image of the glyph for saturn (here’s a set). Since you asked, I’d guess many who read this had the same question, so probably should have. 24 is Jupiter. 17 is Saturn.

  47. I just wanted to post something according to the topic, but this time happening in videogames.

    The reason I consider posting this kind of “worthy” is that the japanese company that did this videogames, has been working directly with DISNEY since 2000. And more specifically in this game, called Kingdom Hearts for some, reason and i want to warn you that the last two images are very disturbing, an original artwork from the game, and the side effects in the teenagers that play this shit.

    Oh and by the way, the new Grand Theft Auto game is called “The Ballad of Gay Tony”.

  48. The NFL is one of the ELites largest distraction machines. How they must love fantasy football’s time draining appeal. They constantly push the Military, i.e. sending your son to be a ritual sacrifice. This is where DoubleSpeak word association comes in to play. The word they attach is ‘Hero’. They’ve been at this for a long time. Snoopy was called a hero for being a WWI Flying Ace. Today G.I. Joe works for the U.N. and the Navy is a global force. Yes, the voice in that ad was Keith David, Rowdy Roddy Piper’s buddy from ‘They Live!’. He is doing voiceovers for many of today’s predictive programming videogames. And who can forget the NFL’s very own False Flag attack victim Cpl. Pat Tillman. An unknown player for the Arizona Cardinals who was making near minimum salary because of his unknownness, yet was hyped constantly for his heroic sacrifice for his country. Official story is he died from friendly fire. Oops!

  49. This reminded me of the pink starfish conspiracy!

  50. chavito01, wow, those images are rather overt and speak right to the agenda of demasculation. The disney logo says a lot, and I’d suspect the “blue” heart speaks to the rear orifice. Not too long ago, I’d have thought the Ballad of Gay Tony was a joke, but it isn’t. Get em hooked on the testosterone of GTA, and then make them a bunch of panzies.

    Karl, to think, with it’s long established foothold in the minds of “men,” wouldn’t be used to serve every new agenda would be folly, no? It came up again in my latest article/podcast (an image from). A global force for “good” (now defined as corporate security force)???

    Sepa, oh my god! Nice find there. Speaks right to the hidden truth about “what it takes” to earn a star. I guess, so does this clip from same series. FWIW: I wouldn’t call it a “starfish conspiracy,” just a realization of how the system really works.

  51. I’m glad you’re an XTC fan. Have you ever left a message at one of the official forums — the new or old? I expect you have *all* their albums like a good fan… slow down on the coffee perhaps- I worry for your central nervous system’s tendrils being tied into knots

  52. dud i was just watching a new episode of keeping up with the kardashings while reading your blog and they have rob and scott in bed together with their shirts off saying they love each other. you should check out the show man

  53. i can’t believe i read all of that

  54. TempusTransit, always like Andy’s stylings, brittle voice and lyrical ramblings. Didn’t much care for the Beatles side-tracks. But, no, never posted … they and I started parting ways around Oranges & Lemons. Not sure what coffee has to do with this.

    warren, hehe. No surprise there (for me at least). A lot more of that is coming and it will be prime time.

    chicken, I can.

  55. This blog might seem outrageous to the naive. I lived in the valley from 17-21, I saw it firsthand. And I can’t even count how many powerful men, during that era of my life, that were obsessed mostly with putting it in my ass. That’s all they cared about. This blog helps me understand a little better. Synchronicities are not accidents. Thank you for putting this information out there, very cogent way to get some reality out.

  56. just saw a preview for an asstastic horror film. the rectum looks to be featured prominently in it.

  57. I enjoy your extensive posts. Often it proves more strenuous to even attempt going out into the public realm anymore. If you’re not there to ‘react’ to any programs then it really is tough to relate to anybody anymore. The outside world, really I only see it being used as a land of people driving to and from work and in between that they’re merely shopping or getting drunk, inflating the ego. Nobody utilizes or connects to the resources. Cyborgs, yes. You’ve mentioned the child-like state of mind before;curiosities, questioning,playfulness,non-adapting. I think that’s very important. It’s very tough to avoid the programming but refreshing to at least see others like yourself are investigating it.
    It’s quite hard not to cringe or go mad from the public conscious but so ridiculous that sometimes you can only laugh!

  58. Rachel, thank you for commenting and sharing. Yea, those “Holy Men” of Hole Wood are obsessed with the back hole. Heck, the town was built around that passion.

    Witchfinder, probably one of the most bizarre yet relevant previews I had seen to date. As you may well be aware now, that clip made it into Don’t Go West [V2].

    Lee, nice comment. Laughter does indeed heal many wounds, and may be a way of holding on to our sanity, while the insane drones around us are so bloody brainwashed that they can’t see the obvious, hence would dismiss the above exposé as the rantings of a lunatic, while [metaphorically, and i guess these days, literally] sitting in a pile of their own shit.

  59. This article gives new meaning to Prince’s song “Starfish and Coffee”. Um, like EW. The clarity on the worship of anus is a blessing and curse indeed. Excuse the cliche, but if ever there was a time to throw that out there it’s now. The Age of Anus. I am so done!

    It was 7:45, we were all in line 2 greet the teacher Miss Kathleen
    First was Kevin, then came Lucy, third in line was me
    All of us were ordinary compared 2 Cynthia Rose
    She always stood at the back of the line, a smile beneath her nose
    Favorite number was 20, every single day
    If U asked her what she had 4 breakfast, this is what she’d say
    Come on….

    Starfish and coffee, maple syrup and jam
    Butterscotch clouds, a tangerine, and a side order of ham
    If U set your mind free, baby, maybe U’d understand
    Starfish and coffee, maple syrup and jam

    Cynthia wore the prettiest dress with different colored socks
    Sometimes we wondered if the mates were in her lunch box
    Me and Lucy opened it when Cynthia wasn’t around
    Lucy cried, I almost died, you know what we found….

    Starfish and coffee, maple syrup and jam
    Butterscotch clouds, a tangerine, and a side order of ham
    If U set your mind free, baby, maybe U’d understand
    Starfish and coffee, maple syrup and jam

    Cynthia had a happy face just like the one she drawed
    On every wall in every school
    But it’s alright, it’s for a worthy cause

    Go ‘head Cynthia keep singing…..

    Starfish and coffee, maple syrup and jam
    Butterscotch clouds, a tangerine, and a side order of ham
    If U set your mind free, baby, maybe U’d understand
    Starfish and coffee, maple syrup and jam

  60. I have seen this weeks ABC’s Man Up. Digging Deeper At the beginning, so many anal references. I told myself The Celtic Rebel must see this.
    Aired 11/01/11. The only reason I have seen this, is a friend of mine. Made an appearance.

  61. I don’t know if ou will respond I me so I don’t see whether or not I should post all my full thoughts on here. I agree we are all on the same boat. This is all very confusing and by reading some of your other posts such as the octopus one (boy I have a lot to say about that) …I can tell you are very much confused. To here this and consider this can all be very disturbing hurtful and far beyond that .. It makes it seem like why the fuck am I here if we’re all do heavily programmed.

    I don’t like calling myself gay I have so many problems with that word as you have with “straight”. Gay means vivid, happy, and was then stamped on homosexual males. Then in the school ground kids used it as a new te for “bad” the new insult… Programming or not I hope you have some compassion for “the gays” or us humans who really are naturally homosexual by nature.

    You fail to mention or explain how one boy is gay and the other is straight if they are both subject to the same mind programming…. Hmmmm

    I think you should care about a homosexual fan base.

    A lot of your stuff seems like theories and thoughts. So my theory Is that humanity is naturally bisexual… Without all the media and programming and religion etc.. What would we be a ratio of

    This comment was not very well thought out but I still don’t see why anal sex is such a huge tool; why would the powers that were want to depopulate humanity? Don’t read this and call me an idiot .. Be blunt.

    I’ve always thought that homosexuality is natures way of balancing population; obv not just in the human species…..

    I want to be free

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