Intercising the Soul

Some friends and I sat down to watch the Golden Compass (2007) recently. Rather than do an in-depth analysis of the movie and the story beneath the surface, I’ll tell you of the voyage of discovery and realization on which this movie has led me.

lyra rearlyra front

One of the more interesting surface elements of the storyline is how everyone in this “fictional” universe has their animal spirit, or what the movie called “demon,” physically with them at all times. A couple of my friends mentioned this was a “cool” plot element, but I realized there was something more afoot symbolically (especially due to the aetherial symbiotic connection between the persons and their daemons). Early into the movie, I remarked: “Those are their souls.”

It is very telling that the term “daemon” was used to refer to the soul. I’m not sure if this was the author’s connotation, or that used to signify the sentiment the Majestirium (organization in the movie which paralleled the Roman Catholic Church) holds towards the spiritual. According to Merriam-Webster’s:

1 a: an evil spirit b: a source or agent of evil, harm, distress, or ruin
2 usually daemon: an attendant power or spirit: genius [¡huh!]
3 usually daemon: a supernatural being of Greek mythology intermediate between gods and men
4: one that has exceptional enthusiasm, drive, or effectiveness

A correlating plotline of the film is that something must be done to sever the connection between children and their souls/daemons; because as we grow older and some major cosmic event approaches, “stardust” begins to seep into us through our daemon/soul, and that can lead to the process of awakening [¿transcendence?]. Well, that certainly puts a new twist on something I once viewed as quite damning of the church’s vengeful/spiteful Jehovah:

Ash Wednesday: As the ashes are marked on the forehead, these thought provoking words are recited, “From dust you are made and into dust you shall return”. Hearing these powerful words evoke emotions of humility as it brings home the realization that man for all his might and glory is only but a frail creation made from dust and through death, man will again return to nothing at all from whence he came forth.

Perhaps once past the forced “humbling” of mankind as dictated by our own Majestirium, like all other things, once we look past the surface tale, there are clues embedded not of our insignificance, but of our infinite potential. I recall another line from another movie, Gladiator (2000), where Proximo reminds Maximus: “We mortals are but shadows and dust. Shadows and dust.” Again this reference to [¿star?] dust and Plato’s allegory of the cave. {*1}

jesus transcends

Another reason I care to defer a “review” of the movie, is that this “trilogy,” which some call the anti-thesis to the solar-king Narnia trilogy, {*2} has yet to even start filming the sequel. One can only wonder as to why? I guess I could read the book, but my focus lately has been on matters that enter the public mind, and in our present society, books just do not. I know the Christian community has been worked up to fever pitch in opposition to Philip Pullman’s Dark Materials series, because symbolically, Adam and Eve rise up to kill “god.” Well, if we follow the Gnostic school of thought, they may have had the right idea: {*3}

“Adversary” belongs by right to the first and cruelest “Adversary” of all other gods-Jehovah; not to the serpent which spoke only words of sympathy and wisdom …. The Great Serpent of the Garden of Eden and the “Lord God” are identical …. Satan, the serpent . . . is the real creator and benefactor, the Father of spiritual mankind. For it is he who opened the eyes of Adam.
–Helena Blavatsky, The Secret Doctrine, vol.3 p.386

Were one to rely on critical thinking and common sense, instead of church dogma and pulpit influence while reading the Eden story, then it should become quite obvious: this vengeful/petty “Lord” (Jehovah) comes off more like a master of some plantation (despite fanciful names like “the garden of eden” and “paradise”), than some kind creator/mother. A mother’s instinct to nurture would not dissuade her children from spiritual growth and enlightenment.

Is it not a mother’s role to encourage her children to reach their potential? What kind of “paradise” is this? Why forbid any tree of “knowledge.” {*4}

garden of eden

In the movie, the Majestirium’s course of action to address the problem [awakening], is a process called intercision: the removal of the connection between the child and his/her daemon. They’re talking about severing the silver chord that connects us to our souls?

Oddly enough, the word “intercision,” does sound a lot like another barbaric process visited upon children, circumcision. Reflecting on Blavatsky’s words on Jehovah, I sought out the Biblical narrative, Genesis [¿the genes of Isis?]:

9 And God said unto Abraham… 10 This is my covenant, which ye shall keep, between me and you and thy seed after thee; Every man child among you shall be circumcised. 11 And ye shall circumcise the flesh of your foreskin; and it shall be a token of the covenant betwixt me and you. 12 And he that is eight days old shall be circumcised among you, every man child in your generations, he that is born in the house, or bought with money of any stranger, which is not of thy seed. 13 He that is born in thy house, and he that is bought with thy money, must needs be circumcised: and my covenant shall be in your flesh for an everlasting covenant. 14 And the uncircumcised man child whose flesh of his foreskin is not circumcised, that soul shall be cut off from his people; he hath broken my covenant.

Again, this Jehovah personage is demanding blood, and calling for the torture and mutilation of infants. And, apparently not satisfied with his handiwork as a creator, of the man he allegedly [re]made in his own image and, more importantly, of slaves. And what is this covenant that must be paid in flesh?

slave markingpoor baby

Followers of the ancient astronaut theories may be forced to conclude that our “master” was, and in a rather specific way, physically different from us. Thus, removing a part of ourselves [and at great pain to our person], in order to honor and emulate him, was a sure sign of our servitude. What not a better way to “honor” someone than by mutilating yourself to show your subservience. Mimicry as a form of flattery? One need not look far to see examples of self-efacing celebrity worship, and to what ludicrous lengths “followers” will go. {*5}

So, how did I cross the bridge from all the above to one of “great revelation?” Well, I had just finished working on a prior blog (about the effect of Disney “programming” on the minds of our children) and was out “clubbing.”

Opposite me, were three girls waiting the bartender’s attention. It quickly struck me was how similar they looked [facial features and choice of hairstyle], how similarly they dressed and how similarly they acted. More striking was the “air of feigned indifference” they tried to carry [which to the intuitive, utterly failed to conceal the strong undercurrent of programmed lack of self-esteem]. {*6}


Most disturbing, however, was the void behind the depths of their eyes. Not a single glimmer of “light” in them. Was I seeing a void where the spark of their soul should lie? Back to The Golden Compass:

As dæmons were the physical forms of humans’ souls, the separation from their humans would leave humans soulless and extract any real meaning from their lives. Characteristics like creativity and ambition were reduced to minimal levels.

The above is from Wikia’s page on the effects of intercision. Am I reaching by making a connection? Having spoken with parents of small children and having observed them, I’d say not. Several of these parents I’ve talked to tell me about the challenges of trying to limit their children’s television time and how taxing / frustrating it can be for them.

The seduction of the television reinforced glamour is too effective, intrusive, subversive. Peer stigmatization of children who don’t keep up, is harsh and swift.

nicole kidmanglamour

The quandary [to a man/woman] is that children complain of being “bored” and not knowing what to do (despite a room full of toys and games). Part of the problem, is that real life is far too slow in comparison to the television [and/or video games]. The other part would seem to be, most children no longer have the creativity / imagination to stimulate themselves or create imaginary scenarios by which to fascinate themselves personally.

A friend’s daughter was having a slumber party, and I was asked to bring my tent over and set it up in their living room. As the mother and I watched, they girls ran to and from the daughter’s room, loading the tent up with pillows, blankets, dolls and stuffed animals. They then colored/created some “no boys allowed signs” to tape to the entrance. All precisely as one would/should expect.

tent sleepover

The mother and I went outside to talk/drink and when we came back inside, all the girls had left the tent and were sitting on/around the couch watching TV.

“Why aren’t you girls in the tent?”

“There was nothing to do in there.”

Where is the creativity? Where is the imagination? When I was a child, if you gave me a box of clay, I’d keep busy for hours, and sometimes, days on end. My parents would literally have to drag me out of my room to eat or to join them on a venture out of the house.

I created world of monsters, heroes, landscapes, cities and epic battles. Some friends tell me they didn’t even need that much; a couch and the resulting “pillow fort,” could easily keep one occupied. Creativity is what connects us to our creator.


A synchromystic look at a recent South Park episode yields a few clues as well. In said episode, “terrorists” [¡boo!] had seized and were threatening to take over imaginationland [the imagination]. The government/military decided that the only way to prevent the takeover was to nuke/destroy the imagination.

I’ll begrudgingly give kudos to the creators [whoever they may be] for the implication that terrorists are imaginary [¿why else would they be in imagination-land?]. On the other hand, their depiction on the surface as Palestinians, only serves to reinforce Zionist propaganda painting Arabs as crazed lunatics.


Forget all the divisive racist fear-mongering coming from the mainstream media. Forget all the crap about armageddon and rapture preachings coming from the Zionist evangelical whores [i.e., fundamentalist preachers]. Forget all the scary conspiratorial preachings of the alternative media (regardless of if true). There is no need to worry about bird-flu, plagues, concentration camps, oil shortages, nuclear winters, asteroids, aliens, and monsters lying in wait under your bed.

nuclear blast

Our children are our future. When one gauges the potential for creativity / independent thought coming from today’s average child, then the future does indeed look gloomy. And that is a future I’d want no part of. Sun Tzu’s The Art of War is quite clear on why most of us never saw this attack coming:

“Attack him where he is unprepared, appear where you are not expected.”

This entire time, while they’ve kept us busy wondering from where the breach / chaos will come, they’ve been going after our children. Unlike in the movie, there is no quick electronic process. The “process” (the severing from the divine) has been going on slowly [but surely] for at least 80 years, likely with the inception of the mass mind-control vehicle known as Hollywood. One of the books in Pullman’s triology is, in fact, entitled “The Subtle Knife”?

Hand-in-hand goes the now monopolized music industry, filling the mainstream with only the shallowest and most debasing forms of programming. It is a heinous one-two punch on the faces/minds of our youth. Does anyone doubt the effects?


Have you noticed the continuing degradation of the arts? The continued decline of music? When was the last time that an influx of truly original music came out? Personally, I would say the 80’s, though some might argue the “grunge” scene. Without fail, wherever one may travel around the world, be it some remote beach-side bar in South America, some scarcely populated Greek isle, or some mountain top in the Alps, you’ll surely hear some of better songs of that period [e.g., Joy Division, the Jam, XTC, Splilt Enz, etc.].

Yet, throughout most of America, one has to go out of their way just to find a place that does not play the popular crap passed off as music by the likes of Viacom [MTV] and Standard Oil of NY [oops, I meant Sony]. Instead of hearing Robyn Hitchcock’s insanely creative lyrics paint vivid swirling landscapes, or Kate Bush’s imagination reaching for the stars, we hear the guttural grunts of subhumans fixating solely on money, body parts, body fluids and material trinkets. {*7}


Aside: A local teen had argued with me about the above summation, saying she likes the “popular crap” because it “was her own taste in music,” and that I shouldn’t “dis” something just because I don’t like it. One day, after introducing her to my non-TV viewing niece from France, she unwittingly asked, “You don’t watch any television? Then how do you know which music to listen to?”

Some may ask me, “Do you have any proof that this [the separation from the soul/severing of the creative artery] is happening?” Were a team of researchers to set about the task, surely some inside information could be obtained and compiled. But, I’m relying on something much more useful: my intuition. This need for “official” channels and certified “experts” is exactly what got us into this mess we’re in.

To those I say: what better source of information is available to you than your own eyes, your own ears, your own mind and your own experience? Look at all the propaganda and lies that have been wholly bought into by legions of useless scientists, theologians and holders of doctorates. When will you start being your own person? When will you stop looking for your daddy?

Luke 12:57 [Jesus says] Why don’t you judge for yourselves what is right?

There have been many programs designed to further entrap us, and the 24 hour time clock may well be one of them. Same with the 9-5 work day. I never functioned in either of these aforementioned systems, and instead of getting medicated, I manipulated the system to my maximum benefit, until I could break free [hint: “rebel”]. 😉 Finally, it occurred to me why, when I first heard Joey Ramone singing “It’s not my place (in the 9 to 5 world),” it resonated with me so. The simple chord progressions didn’t dazzle me. The simpler lyrics didn’t pique my intellect; the song spoke directly my soul.

I know it’s much easier to hear about the effects of vaccinations and fluoride. But, isn’t it more interesting to learn that fluoride may actually be calcifying our pituitary gland, our alleged third eye of consciousness? Yes, there are many dehumanizing plans in store for our future, and one need not learn how to interpret the synchromystic to find them. Sometimes, observing blatancy is just as effective:

chip me

Is the obvious a statement of just how far gone we are mentally? [side note: the “Golden Compass” could well refer to the masonic “compass”]? After I wrote The Butterfly Legend, a friend called to tell me of a phrase (from the movie) I missed: “The de-evolution of mankind is now complete.” That may make sense, as rather than killing off humanity, a good number of the survivors had degenerated into a subhuman state, right along the lines of where mainstream society is trudging.

Where our eyes and ears miss the obvious clues, the synchromystic tool can reveal what no amount of research could ever. Subtle hints embedded within the Golden Compass serve to remind us that while fear tactics push us to turn away, and while our minds are being imprisoned — we must struggle [with all of our strength and all our ability] to keep our one-eye [the third eye] open at all times.

one eyeother eye

Can we reverse the trend? I doubt it. Is there hope for humanity? Yes and no. I prefer to remain optimistic, viewing the seeds of pessimism as our choice to plant our own destruction. For a good many of us, it may well be too late, but the rest of us do have the power to change our destiny. His-story will end, and our-story will be written created.

We must not forget the incredible power within us to shape our future, or allow for misinterpretation of words (via the crown and the cross) meant to remind us:

Psalms 82:6 Know ye not that ye are gods, and sons of the most high?

John 14:12 Verily, verily , I say unto you, He that believeth on me [understand my teachings], the miracles [works] that I do shall he do also; and greater miracles [works] than these shall he do

Clearly, “someone” does not want us to ever realize that. Those who may be prone by their own “rebel nature” to discard anything Biblical as rubbish, should be made aware, that, at least two of, the greatest geniuses [¡hm!] the world has ever known, Nikolai Tesla and Wilhelm Reich, using physics and mathematics, arrived at similar conclusions. It should be painfully obvious why these “mad men” to date, are among the most suppressed and little-known “gods” of their time. {*8}

girls makes god

God creates man? Girl creates dog/god? Until next time!

A Few Other Arbitrary Celtic Rebel Posts on Related or Similar Subject Matter
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*1: I’ve always had a problem with the phrase “dust to dust” being said at the passing of loved ones. Looking past the humbling/condemning nature of clay/soil and into the infinite force of the cosmic creative “star-dust” implies, may offer such harsh words redemption. [LB]

*2:* While I’m not going to knock C.S. Lewis, I never liked the the self-sacrifice angle of the Narnia tale. Coincidentally Not surprisingly, recently heard Stephen Ruback’s Red Ice interview where he discusses how as we move into the Aquarian age, the theme of sacrificing one’s self for the benefit of those who refuse to help themselves, will be replaced with one of positive action and personal improvement. Mercurial Talismans touches on said trilogy in his article on the roaming Pope. [LB]

*3: Forget Hollywood nonsense about Arab infidels or the forced conversion of Jews (aka history according to Mel Brooks). The real target of the inquisitions/crusades were the Gnostic Christians who recognized the Catholic Church as the true enemy of our creator. Per Webster’s: a heretic is “one who dissents from an accepted belief or doctrine – nonconformist.” [¿a rebel?] I’d recommend Graham Hancock’s Talisman for those wishing to learn of the Cathars and more. Michael Tsarion’s Red Ice interview on Inquisitions is also well worth a listen. [LB]

*4: Some Christians will argue “tree of knowledge of good and evil,” which to me sounds like a bunch of horse-dung used to further disguise motives. [Unless, one considers it a euphemism for understanding our duality.] Some may argue, with merit, that the tree is a symbol for the DNA spiral and hence, implies man’s understanding his origin. For those who are unfamiliar, watch Michael Tsarion’s fascinating take. Additionally, I wish to point out that keeping the slaves illiterate was a control mechanism in the Americas days of forced African bondage/servitude. [LB]

*5: I am not surprised at how the circumcision debate, in the mainstream media, has taken the culturally-biased “female circumcision” focus. Radical feminists have joined forces with bigoted paternalistic males, and neither side will ever let the idea of what happens to their own young boys enter the debate. It’s much easier to point fingers at others rather than look within, isn’t it? Aside: to any males who were not given the “choice,” please move on with your life, and don’t blame your parents. They only acted in ignorance, observing yet another heinous fashion we call tradition. [LB]

*6: Killing Us Softly is a lecture on how the media/advertising creates this “programmed lack of self-esteem” in women. On the down side, the narrator peers in from a narrow feminist viewpoint, and hence, doesn’t see the big picture, thereby (and I’d surmise unwittingly) becomes an indirect pawn of some social engineer’s Hegelian design. Men are also being effeminized by the same media. [LB]

*7: While hip-hop as an “art-form” does exist, it may be a cold day in hell before the average teenager is exposed to, or may even understand the stylings of the likes of Immortal Technique. [¡Wrong message!] Even the hijacked Punk movement of the period I mentioned, while funneling the rebellious spirit into unproductive channels, at least meant something. As for the future, well, now that Disney has completely taken over Youth music, it is starting to smell a lot like feces. [LB]

*8: At some point, I hope to devote some time/space to Tesla, rather than just citing his summation. Wilhelm Reich was another suppressed genius (¿an attendant spirit of a person? : djinn) who’s book sits on my shelf, begging my attention. [LB]

~ by celticrebel on June 5, 2008.

20 Responses to “Intercising the Soul”

  1. Brilliant, great stuff.

    Am also in the process of playing with a simialr theme tied in to Golden Comapss. Came across similar theme yesterday in ‘Inside the Cosmic Cube’ dealing with somewhat similar themes.

    Believe this is a very important theme whose time has come

  2. Bravo Celt!

    Nicely written up, I thoroughly enjoyed it! I have observed children as of late, and yes, they have gone after their minds (Hollywood, etc) haven’t they? It’s refreshing after being dipped in Mind Control for the past few weeks!

    Oh, just for a small point, Tesla believed in Eugenics, but I do enjoy his work(s) and Reich’s. Guess it doesn’t matter what B.S. system a person has, thus I don’t want to be judgemental. You know my views at my blog on Eugenics.

    Thanks for the terrific candor and theme!

  3. Bravo indeed!

    Great post. Just what I needed at this time.

  4. The nature of TV-controlled people (not just children as you point out) is of a closed-circuit loop. No wild imagination just a small control signal to keep the process in check, without running away into instability….and we become ‘thankful’ for it ?!?!??

    Though don’t believe this 3rd eye nonsense – how do you know what it actually is or connected to.

    Know yourself (thyself) !!!

  5. Knocked it out the park on this one. I agree keeping our third eye from closing is of the utmost importance now. I grew up creating a world of warcraft or whatever mythologies/stories in my head. I use a similar process to enter the dreaming at night. I don’t need a virtual world for that and I never will.

  6. Thanks ALL for the inspiring feedback. As I was writing this, it “felt” like my most important work to date.

    Michael, I was unaware of Tesla’s stance on the topic, which I know is dear to you. But, taking your indication further, even the likes of Aleister Crowley have much to teach us about ourselves.

    Wil/MercurialT: If the third eye is in any way connected to vivid world I voyage during my extended periods of lucid dreaming, then it is one I hold dear to.

    btw: interesting choice of phrase “closed-circuit loop” … have been thinking along the lines of energy and circuits lately…

  7. Excellent analysis of this movie and the true transmission of the subtext. What about stardust as allegory to the entheogenic experience that opens up our awareness and destroys boundaries. In essence lets us see what is the true veil of lies underlying all social structures the indoctrinate from day one. The right brain / feminine / intuitive side is being diminished by the control matrix, as have been in the works for the last 2k years of our “society” We cannot see the message right in front of us. We have become symbol illiterate as tsarion says.

  8. I’ve been reading for a long time, and I agree: this is one of the best and most inciting posts in terms of introspection that you have written. We have a common acquaintance in a student of mine.

  9. THX, I neglected to expand further on the effects of stardust, but really like the way you put it: “stardust as allegory to the entheogenic experience that opens up our awareness and destroys boundaries”

    ventcover, thanks for finally commenting then. 🙂 Now, if we could only find a way to have this “common acquaintance” open up her eyes/mind to the entire point of this article!

  10. This is awesome.

    I tried to attack the subject on my own website as linked to in the reply, but it’s just window dressing compared to this.

    Great job.

  11. Tesla and Reich (and others): what controversial idea did they have that led to their suppression? Is it something as tawdry as free energy or is it something linked to UFOs- Tesla’s fascination with invisible aliens living amongst us in secret? Reich’s theories about the origin and purpose of UFOs? Why is it so often the case that the strangest ideas prove to be the truth? BECAUSE those ideas only seem strange due to the way that some fields of knowledge are suppressed. Without the suppression and the conditioning which protects it from scrutiny we would be as innocent as (some) little children and open minded to all the possibilities.

  12. The end of History (His story) and the start of Mystery (My story).

  13. SuperTrainStationH, thank you. The suppression of the mind’s potentials are destroying our future.

    Jonathan Nolan, as the insanity continues, all the possibilities once deemed insane, now seem like mundane afterthoughts.

    ViolatoR, My Stery. I shall write it. Love it!

  14. Great post Rebel!!!!!! I wanted to comment on the stigma attached to having an uncircumcised member. (You can’t even tell when it’s hard) Stop mutilating your baby boys! I mentioned that I would never do that to my newborn son to my current boyfriend (he’s cut) and he started on how it’s cleaner and women won’t sleep with you if you aren’t cut, and blah, blah, blah. (This topic was a sex in the city episode with charlotte and some dude too) I think that’s utter non-sense (my first boyfriend was uncut and there were no problems) I am amazed on how it’s not just the women who have been made bias, but men have this view towards the natural penis. I’ve noticed this in America and Europe mostly. (I guess where “whities” have had influence??? Sorry, I’m Iranian, and not PC.)

  15. I really like what you have been doing. I have looked into the reason for fluoride poisoning the population too. Sorry, I don’t remember the researcher I read this from. The Pineal gland is the gland that will calcify from fluoride. This gland is also depicted on staffs, looking like an acorn. I think that is courtesy of Michael Tsarion. Thanks for reading this. Glad to know I am not the only one that will listen/read Michael Tsarion’s work. I also found the rest of your site enlightening/disgusting, not in what you have written, but the fact it is there for you to see. Keep up the good work. Oh yeah, and the dinners with The Stygian Port are great!!

  16. hi again alex. felt i had to share this other synchronicity with you. i clicked on the “hell’s ushers” youtube link in footnote 7 only to dis-cover that particular video had been taken down by its user. what’s funny is i had begun to watch some sctv videos on youtube a couple of nights before, after you had reminded me of them in one of your latter/more recent posts. “co-incidence”?: one of the videos suggested in lieu of the missing video you had linked to above was one i hadn’t seen before: “SCTV Doorway to Hell”. how about that, eh? ;-D


    oh and what a video it is. checkerboard/senet floor. twin pillars. rick moranis as “the devil”. oh and it was recorded “live”.

  17. I am a big fan of your blog. I was just wondering….what is your take on religion?

  18. Zahra V, you go right on ahead being “un”-PC, it’s a lot better than the average idiot who has an “opinion” on the topic which amounts to nothing more than what the media told them to think. Even the word “un”-circumcised should be offensive to the rational mind. If you haven’t seen it yet, I delve deeply into circumcision in my latest post/podcast.

    danny, much appreciated.

    juan, HOLY FUCKING SHIT! Had forgotten about Doorway to Hell. “The episode is a bout a man who lives in a box. Was this box in fact, hell?”

    Eliza, thanks. Now, that is a BIG question I obviously cannot answer here. Religion and spirituality are two different things and the purpose of the priest class (be it popes, priests, rabbis or mullahs) is to make sure the latter stays out of the former. My “Hammer/Anvil” series gets into some of it in the latter portions.

  19. Circumcision is evil. If I had my way, I’d say “yes ladies and gents, I’ll circumcise your son. But first let’s strap you both down (or just the mother more obviously). I’m going to put a clamp on the hood of your penis/clitoris, make a jagged cut, or hell, just cut and rip; then quickly sew it back up. All without anesthesia! Then I’ll charge you $500 buxs for it.”

  20. The mention of Wilhelm Reich is a great revelation for me thanks a lot, i have read a lot on Tesla over the past 10 years but for some reason my mind was not ready for Reich. Keep up the good work, there seems to be so many of us out there who cant speak to friends about ideas mentioned in your blogs. Mentioning the even freaking word ‘chemtrail’ brings an automatic reaction of anger. Truely a mad world.

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