Black Beauties and Real Life

There was a show this past Sunday. Well, as Metro Bob might say, “kinda sorta.” There was also a 90 minute interruption in the middle of it (no, not the illuminati or the jews, the internet went down in my whole area). Thus. the show was pretty much shot and I was forced to reschedule my guest and the topic of discussion. {*}

black beautyinfo whoring pollutes the mind

Said guest was Jonah from Kult America, and he was on to do the show about Phi Ratio and proper age alignment for coupling. Due to the interruption, scrapped the show in progress (consider it a bonus for live audience). However,Jonah and I did an impromptu Tuesday night show which I’ve since converted into a[n old-school] podcast and am now making available to everyone [d/l free 32K version]:

The podcast was prompted by a discussion Jonah had been wanting to have about a passage he read from Black Beauty and how it may relate to the present 50 Shades of Mindfuck. What followed was an impromptu conversation on various topics such as InfoWhoring, fantasy activism, religion, adolescence, creativity and “life.”

teen angstfantasy aryans

I was partly inspired to stitch this together by the extremely positive initial feedback we received on the Tuesday Show and partly, by my replaying of the old pre-Rebel Path podcasts which I’ve been airing on the stream of late.



Note A: Can’t pin down the exact culprit for the outage, though THEY would like us to think it was Time-Warner. Based on the subject matter, we are not entirely ruling out Planned Parenthood as the conniving source.

Note B: For those whose interest were piqued by some of the discussion, let me recommend: Perpetual Adolescence [4], The War for Young Minds and Hardwiring Our Generations.

Note C: The above link is to a High Quality 128K Version of the show, for those who prefer a non-compressed (not “tinny”) version.

~ by celticrebel on May 22, 2013.

2 Responses to “Black Beauties and Real Life”

  1. Will there be a write-up on your last show?

    I was damn lucky being tuned in during the part that won’t be archived but I was too stupid to realize that it was live.

    P.S.: Anna Sewel = Annal Sewer Eel?

  2. I really hope some of last week’s show will be posted. I really liked what you were starting to say about “Barry Lyndon”, but then I had to stop listening and go do something.

    About Kubrick — I think “Eyes Wide Shut” has a very negative or pessimistic message that few people pick up on. Firstly, the Cruise and Kidman characters definitely do not “wake up”; rather, they are lulled back into a normal existence of commercialism and casual (boring) sex. Further, the audience of the movie does not really “wake up” either. We see hints of some things that could mean… something, but Kubrick definitely doesn’t give us nearly as much as his superfans in the conspiracy crowd think he does. I’ve read ridiculously elaborate posts from people who insist that “EWS” is “set in a post-9/11 New York”, and of course people think that the movie details all this stuff about “MKUltra” when… it really doesn’t. It just hints at some things, but so many of the theoretical details are just projections of the individual audience members. They see what they want to see; they see the stuff they’re dreaming about anyway. And that’s the meaning of “Eyes Wide Shut” — these theorists are straining their eyes wide, almost hurting their eyesockets with effort, but it really doesn’t matter, because the eyelids themselves are still shut. The movie is not about finding truth or “waking up”; it’s about going to sleep on a deeper level by THINKING that you’re waking up. That’s what a dream is: it isn’t blank sleep but it’s the illusion of wakefulness that only sets in after you’ve been asleep for a while. And the original novel “EWS” was based on was called “Dream Story”.

    Anyway, good shows lately, man.

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