Perpetual Adolescence [Stage 5]

Continuing on from Part IV, we got into the concept of the Femme Fatale on this show.

fictional femme fataleyoung real femme fatale

The concept, as with most we have been taught (without actually processing for ourselves and learning) leaves out some of the most important details, which might help us recognize our own faults, and god forbid, grow or something [downloadable].


Some may wonder why this series continues on, and honestly, I think those still underestimate the value of the topic. It has led to us being able to revisit many notions and ideas, that for the first time, make way too much sense. Crystal clear?

logan's run freezinglogan's run box

I know many of us are terrified by the notion of actually having to grow up. It’s so much easier to live out an adolescent fantasy, where All Us Young Dudes are actually doing something useful. Well, it is useful, but to someone besides ourselves. The “truth” is much more belittling. There’s always been a slot to fill for eager little world-changers to propagate what they’re given.

I feel that is very likely the end of this series, but most likely, far from the end of the topic. Expect more efforts to synch up with nature. Behold the lesson learned from our humble turtle brethren.

Note: There will be a live show on Sunday Night. There is a movie that fits into the theme of the planned show and that is Being There (1979). Whether familiar, or not, some may find it of benefit to preview the film before Sunday; especially, with a new pair of eyes.

~ by celticrebel on March 6, 2013.

7 Responses to “Perpetual Adolescence [Stage 5]”

  1. The Femme Fatale stuff was spot on.

  2. A word for your show this week: awesome!

    With regards to your music channel and my opinion on the matter, i’ve been following your work for well over a year now, but i don’t think ive ever caught a show live, nor have i ever listened to any talk radio show live. I download your show week after week. (I’ve donated once in the past and will do so again now that i’m gainfully employed) Every reneg**e show you were on I downloaded because i knew i would hear your perspective. You will get listeners when they know they will hear your perspective . I don’t think many of your listeners are alternative media junkies, they just want to hear your incredibly original insight on this crazy world we live in. For me personally, I cant tune into your music channel night after night. But if I know for sure I’ll be able to hear what you have to say on whatever the matter, i will be sure to download or tune in live because I truly value your opinion, and I will continue to reward your creativity in the future.

  3. Great show again.

    I looked further into the Peter Pan stuff, because from my childhood I remembered seeing some bizarre old clips of a creepy female actress playing the character on TV. Sure enough, in a famous Broadway production of “Peter Pan” the lead was played by Mary Martin. She went on to reprise the role again and again. And she was in her FORTIES at the time. A middle-aged woman with super-short hair playing the role of a little boy who wouldn’t grow up. That certainly fits in with all the typical gender-confusion of perpetual adolescents who are really “little girls” at heart, doesn’t it?

    About the future of the Rebel Path, “poetry and prose”, and the Rebel Music stream: All I can say is that it’d be great if you could do a show on Joy Division and really get into what the lyrics mean. I think once before I heard you suggest that Ian Curtis could have accessed some of the verses via something like “channeling”, because the wisdom and sentiments in those songs certainly bespoke a spirit that was far, far beyond his years. I’m sure you would have a lot of great, original insights to offer on all of this. All that the documentaries and music “journalism” pieces seem to say is that Joy Division was just a typical reaction to Margaret Thatcher (even though half their songs came out before he was even elected), but I certainly think that their story and the meaning of their songs is much deeper than that.

  4. Since there is an abundance of walking dead fever everywhere in America today, can you please get into the role of zombies and begin the series on this important topic? I was under the impression that zombies was another metaphor for “consumer”, but this may not be a deep enough interpretation.

  5. Hey… I just had tune in too the Rebel and see what your talking about 🙂

    Great Show on Perpetual Adolescence… & the last show on 50 shades of Gray is dead on… Anything Jew Media Promotes has some gay/jew/commie agenda…

    Take the Grammys who won the best new artist a group called FUN “Who would smash a glass bottle over a girl’s head just for fun” This video makes me sick…

    Take the Oscars… besides the Seth Macfarlane Jewish Joke & boob song

    It was nothing but propaganda… Who won Best Picture “Argo” by Ben Afleck “who somehow wrote Good Will Hunting at a very young age only to never write again” I wonder why? maybe because he never wrote it… I still won’t forgive him for making the movie The Sum of All Fears right after 911 to help push the jewish war of terror… He is guilty of innocent murder in my book…

    Well what I’m writing you is because I just saw Lincoln “nominated for 12 Oscars” by directer by Steven Shitberg… What a piece of crap… This movie is nothing but lies that is going to be shown to every american school kid later this year just like Shitindler’s Shit was shown to me when I was a kid… The part that made me sick is when Lincoln gives this young solider laying in bed a hand shake but not with his hand but his privates… It’s so obvious I could not believe what I was seeing… Steven Shitberg is one sick pervert… And Lincoln was one of the worst movies I have ever seen… But the jews gave it 12 Oscar Nominations… The Oscars is a joke…

    Well That’s all… I heard you got into a bar fight… because of some titties…
    I understand your views on Perpetual Adolescense… I believe one becomes a real man when you become a dedicated father loving the mother “or mothers in some cultures” and rasing kids that are not infected with this jewish propaganda crap… Do you need to be a father to act like a real man… NO but why would you if your single… I agree on Lenon Honor on this point… I think your half way to being a real man… and so am I 🙂

  6. Wow – I have this film – it was referenced in a tarot book of all things and it intrigued me, so I ordered it and watched it once.� Guess I’ll watch it again now. � I think (your right) your series on perpetual adolescence was worth several parts, becasue at first when you talked about it in part 1 I thought ‘yep your right’, but as you’ve spoken more about the subject you realise that this is a very insiduous and present�thing in all our�lives (especially for those living in the western world).� It seems like everyone and ourselves at times wants to be spoon fed the answer to everything, told what to do, but then when were told what to do by society we complain and things still don’t feel right- perpetual victimhood and a perpetual closed loop – totally a mental trap. Yeah – you’re correct there.

    I think all your shows this year have been brilliant, there’s so much food for thought. Letting go of things that stunt your growth is definatley the best thing you can do.� Your new direction is good, I think its always better to walk your own path.

    I started listening to your work January last year and one day on 12th March I listened to one of your early to middle podacasts and when I heard you talk about how humans treat animals I did a complete 180 there and then and decided I would never eat meat again. I remember my blood just turning cold when you described what we humans do to them. (Still its silly its not like I didn’t know). The stupid thing is�I used to be a vegetarian for�ages�but I never pinpointed my reasons for being so and then�becasue of reasons that would take too long to explain I tried eating meat for about 2 years and did so occasionally�- (I was never really big on eating meat but�I still did�eat it even though I remember feeling like I had lost something – I should have listened to that small voice).� Since then going back to being a vegetarian�has been�a major and positive shift for me that has so many�good knock on effects.� Now I kick myself when I look back and look at some of the dumb decisions (i.e. eating meat) I’ve made�- I was asleep.

    So thank you, you bloody well� made a difference – individuals – repeat – ‘individulas’ really make a�difference. Thanks 🙂 Rosina

    PS (I didn’t mean to�write this – but I have meant and been meaning to write to you and thank you for putting out your work but never thought how best to do it- The film made me do it! better time as any I guess).

  7. This guy is floating like Mary Poppins, umbrella and all. He isn’t floating as high as I am though…

    I’ll check out this film though. Can’t wait till Sunday

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