The War for Young Minds [7]

One of the skills below can, even after a lifetime of practice make you stand out as slightly better than average at best, while the other, even after a minimal amount learning, can make you stand immediately head and shoulders above your peers.

dick lollipopart of cooking

Can you guess which is which? This show focused a bit more on the practical, getting to the root of what we’re supposed to be fighting for, while continuing with a bit of the harsh male energy that this series has been about:


For those who’ve been thoroughly and hopelessly programmed and still think there is some legitimate skill involved in putting a dick in your mouth, you are (a) very wrong, (b) very stupid, and (c) probably a “whore.” Learning to cook, especially after years of practice, to where you finally get to the point of no longer needing recipes or measures, relying on your own instinct [gut] and creativity, makes you a wizard, a shaper of yourself and all those around you. Oh, and as an added bonus, you can still look damn sexy doing it, even without having to take your clothes off.

whores suckgorgeous chef

Has anyone else ever noticed that the two below movies are essentially the same story? Oddly, the Morpheus character in the latter [right] was named Pigeon Bob.

neo wants papa bearmy private idaho

And we should know well by now, we shouldn’t go advertising or boasting that “we got a ring” within earshot of certain people. What’s the old adage about being careful, cause someone could lose a [third] eye? Oh, poor deer Paris Hilton!

jonas brothers anushilton sodomized

The below clip from Happy (Gay) Days is like a test, if you’re male and make it through the nonstop homoeroticism without getting aroused, you’re a homophobe [Episode: “Kiss My Sickly”].


Note: There is always a deeper layer to the subversion. Euguene from Underground Stream was good enough to create this interesting analysis of some of the “chance” (cough, cough) elements in the scene[ry].

It’s the same old story, the media, as my work should have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt now, has long been about subversion, particularly subverting the young.

robin shamedrobin facialrobin the cradle

It is a long running predatory mental program on the young, particularly on boys. Your parents do not appreciate you, they can’t see your [fantastic] hidden talents. Don’t you worry though, there is always some stranger [inevitably, an older man] out there, who’ll see you’re “the one,” take you in and appreciate you immensely.

liquid stranger facial

The rewards of that appreciation, just like with every other truth that comes from the pederast media, is whispered, implied, and over the heads of [du]m[b]asses.

aquaman semenspiderman semen

What’s that batman? Fonzie has to leave town? I guess there’s only room for one closet-homosexual pederast fecalfiliac in Gotham. Papa bears don’t like to share!

pederast showdownfonzie wants buttsex

I know I swung the wiffle-bat about, and wouldn’t have felt the need to while those of different opinion synchromsticize all day long. But, when the fanboys start to proselytize the same talking points as the Israeli Intelligence Network, well …

the secret sunjason bermas bitch boy

After all thanks in large parts to such wankers, there is a rapidly increasing number of fools who’d look at the below [left] image and think it means those two bitch-boys have now “joined the illuminati.” Argh! Next time you run into a crack whore and he/she makes that sign, are you gonna assume they too have joined The Jesuit Antichrist Order, rather than the most simple of sexual admissions?

my asshole is this bigjesuit conspiracy

Oddly enough, Dicks apparently used to do commercials as a child. Am I wrong to suspect more scripted shenanigans? Isn’t the [center] film poster [yet another] rather open admission of what part of the body Holy Wood revolves around?

anus asunbottoms upshallow gravy

The alternative media has excelled at scaring the shit out of people, now we need to [rationally] start asking why they are doing it. There is Method to Madness.

a girl is a holeteen battleshits

And of course, as discussed, we should have a pretty good idea of what will follow after our digestive tract is evacuated and we “relax.” Oh poo dear Paris Hilton!

anal televisionanal kingdom

The media, all they have to do is put out the memes, and get us all moving in a certain direction. The rest just follows on its own, as it might down a circuit board. Because we are that stupid, and spend one-fifth of our lives being hypnotized by the degenerate [hojepe] engineers [on average, today’s generation, a lot more].

ass piratesass abuseass chocolate

A lot of what many fools label as synchronicity, is really actually rather predictable. All a crafty person really has to do is get the ball-rolling, give it a gentle nudge … the meme-stream and pre-installed collectivist programs ensure the rest.

hooters shockersnever regret self debasement

Aside for the occult reason behind the term “the shocker” that long-time listeners of this program may readily guess at, we should laugh [or cry, alternately] when considering that unless you pulled the stunt [the shocker] on a Western woman that was over 60 these days, she wouldn’t really be “shocked,” and probably not even “surprised.” The above [right] image is actually a combination of two images that were randomly in sequence on some self-realized individualistic girl’s facebook.

pick the whoremale emasculation

Whether it’s the whorification of women [turning girls into boys] or the bitch-boy fecation of men [turning boys into girls], the results are devastating to society. Hence, the need to preprogram fools to defend the indefensible (discussed during this show on a multitude of occasions), and the reasons for anchoring strong reactions against anyone who suggests these trends are by no means natural.

handmaid's tailspill your guts

Perhaps this great period of change we are undergoing, is meant to force us all to finally look at our own shit, and hence force the human organism to evolve into a higher state. On the other hand, I have to account for the [possible to assured] likelihood that many of these social engineers are not as smart as we/they may think. As the last image (which oddly came up while looking for the aquarian evolution book) suggests, the best plans can flip to nightmarish scenarios at the blink of an eye [the original too graphic to share, was on a mysterious fear site].

joker truthhuman stargate

The Truth, as I keep repeating, is really really simple. But, I know it pales in comparison the the grandest and most fantastic tales of the highly improbable.

prophecy club springmeier bullshitbeat bottoms

Next week, I’ll be wrapping up this series, tying up loose ends so to speak, and focusing a bit more on The Bears.

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Note: I was back on Live Free or Die with Lee Rogers this past Wednesday (March 7th) [show unavailable]. The last hour is relevant to next week’s show.

~ by celticrebel on March 6, 2012.

24 Responses to “The War for Young Minds [7]”

  1. Good show, Alex. I liked the write-up too.

  2. spot on, the esoteric hegelian dialetic will get you fooked up the black hole sun, good show mate, kudos

  3. Wonderful ‘eye’ opening show..;) Couldn’t get over the Happy Days video, unbelievably blatant! Found this little ‘educational’ interview with Winkler, which is quite telling.

    Also in regards to the gay ‘buffer’ you talked about, it may seem that the foundations that were laid long ago, may need to be dismantled now for some reason or another. I call this the ‘fishing’ season. They throw out some bullshit controversy (bait) wait and see what kind of fish from different sides will ‘bite’, discard the useless ones and reel in those that will assist them in shaping/forming the new ideal, whatever it may be this time :

  4. London calling, Mongoose here.

    The festival of Carnevale has just finished in Venice.The word carnevale seems to come from the Latin carnem levare orcarnelevarium, which means to take away or remove meat – carne + vale, meaning “farewell to meat”.

    The end of the festivities is marked by the burning of the Bull effigy as well as the slaughtering of the 12 pigs. These represent the rebels who tried to free themselves from the hold of the Doge.

    Then it came to me that people always wear masks. Masks to scare others, masks to hide themselves, masks to portray what they think fits in. Do real men need masks? A parasite needs a mask, the immoral need masks. They need masks until they don’t need the masks, and that is the end.

    Mongoose out.

    “Love or hole…whatever” – not your best slogan

  5. Great show, as usual Rebel.

    Interesting about Knowles over at SS. I use to read his site, but got really turned off about a year ago when he kept bringing up transhumanism and saying how great the developments in that area were going to be. I had just started the rebel path so I didn’t know the half of it at the time.

    I always like it when you say ” OK, I know many of you don’t want to hear this”, then I know you are going to say something really good, often about animals. Hope you will talk about Harry Israel Harlow some day.

  6. Personally, given the option between recieving either a good meal or a good blowjob, I would choose the good meal. Sadly I have only ever been given one of those options from women. The only meal I recieved from one was burnt, unseasoned and tasted like nothing identifiable.

    On the topic of food and blowjobs… and jews, Manna.
    Its white, its dew, and Jews liked to lap it up. A-man… A gift cast down to them from their favorite bearded pedorast in the sky?

  7. I know that you’re doing a great service to your species here, the things you’re saying; need to be said. It’s of a necessity and value not to be underestimated in my opinion, and I am eternally grateful for your words, stories, and effort. Thank you.

    Enjoyed the live show, I’m not historically much of a night owl so I rarely catch it. The chat has some good folks in it. Personally found it difficult to pay attention to both simultaneously with any real efficiency and; missed a few things all around I’m sure.

    Thank you to the folks in the chat who were welcoming.

    Take care.

  8. Great, I’ve been waiting to see who would bring up The Secret Sun…and you did!! Actually, as I am going through all the various blogs and websites (there appears to be a LOT of them) its starting to be easy to pick out who’s in it for spreading the BS, asking questions or who is in it just for the money 😉

    Charlie Veitch is suspicious? Naaa….how can that be… I mean, just cause his father works for BP or something, just cause he worked for some huge Banking conglomorate or whatever, just cause he is best feinds (spelling mistake intended) with Jones et al, just cause he magically got loads of money to travel around the world stirring up the locals to get THEM arrested, when he got arrested in Toronto but couldn’t produce any kind of proof of what happened to him?

    Naaa…he can’t be suspicious at all!!

    😀 I bet I could come up with a list in about 5 minutes of which blogs/sites are bogus and which are simply run by ill-informed thinkers.

    BTW Celtic, I think you should refer to women of a certain age when you talk about ‘learn how to cook’, etc. and whats more important for women to be doing now that the whore agenda is almost complete. I believe there is still a percentage of women who have reached a certain age have not been brainwashed enough to become cougars and whores as you define them. Remember, you have listeners over the age of 30! Which I think you should consider as a good indication that you are doing something right in this world!

    I think you and your male followers will love the latest Agent Provocateur advert for lingery which is actually aimed at women…..go figure….

    It just got passed by the censors!

  9. well, isn’t this neat?


  10. This will sound really old-fashioned, but I think that one of the most loving things I can do for my family is cooking healthy meals. If it were up to my husband, he would eat candy all day and so would my children.

    In my opinion, the Gloria Steinem feminists contributed to the screwing up of society. I am an older Gen Xer, and many of us are highly educated stay at home moms. There has been a resurgence of so called “feminine arts” like knitting and homemaking. We also don’t seem to have the anger of the previous generation and don’t see the political aspects of our life choices. We take our husband’s name, or not. We have children, or not. We work outside the home, or not.

    The feminists claim that our freedom was made possible by their hard work, which is true to a point, but that comes at a cost of denying that men and women are different. We can celebrate our differences without becoming whores and cavemen.

  11. Regarding Lars’ comment, above, I don’t think anyone is going to give that link a “thumbs up,” even though it does prove the Rebel’s point.

  12. Regarding the Priests “prepping” us for penetration – a little pot usually helps ya loosen up. I wonder if that’s Pat Robertson’s reason for supporting legalization –

  13. Lars! That linked article was awful. The author is a degenerate POS (and looks like an extra from Planet of The Apes). If you look at the company she works for it’s logo is an owl and the website is decorated with lightning bolts! lol

  14. Lana Cantrell said in her book “The Greatest Story Never Told” that a good woman would feed her husband properly and thus create a powerful man who could achieve all she needs him to achieve.

  15. @Lars: fucking hipsters. Enough said on that, unless you’d like to read my comment from last week about what some “scene kid” tried to do to me recently, fucking gross. Gave her the ol’ ‘heave-hoe’, so to speak.

    Went on a date with a real woman last night. We ate vegetarian, talked for 2.5 hours honestly and openly, and afterwards, I walked her home, she invited me in to meet her housemates and take a tour of her home, after which she walked me to the front gate, we kissed each other on the cheek and said we’d see each other again. Now THAT’S sexy. It’s called dating, and i don’t think anyone under 25 has heard of it before (she’s 30 and looks 23, funny what a lifelong vegan diet can do…).

  16. The attack on us all has come from so many fronts, but successfully breaking up the family meal has been one of the most debilitating. Every day of my childhood we would all sit around a table eating a meal lovingly cooked by mum, proper food giving us all not just physical nourishment but also a manifestation of maternal love. The love expressed in the food preparation is absorbed and becomes part of the physical being, its absence is deeply harmful. The Hare Krishna’s believe that cooking the food they give away in the spirit of Krishna Consciousness, called Prasadam, spreads Divine love and I think they could be right. Incidentally, I just looked up a couple of links about Prasadam and found this page which should nourish both body and soul.

  17. my dad (rip) worked for bloke who was a medium-level freemason. He used to tell dad that the holocaust was fiction, and that this is made known at early stages of freemasonry. just thought I’d throw that out there.

  18. Will it be also a fashion to hate jews?

    Speaking of hipsters and “occult” imagery, this seems to be also a growing fashion amongst this group since the fall of last decade. Just take a look on labels like “Sacred Bones” or “Blind ProPHET Records”, both based in New York:

    It’s funny. I really tried to figure out, what the heck this logo of the link above means. Recently, I realized that not only the logo but also the name are merely riped off from an underground metal label, based in Florida. The metal label “Blind ProPHECY Records” was founded in 2007.
    Just take a look on the next link:

    I somehow expected a bit more originality in such subcultural circles. In this case, I were reaching too high with my expectations.

  19. Hey great show reb,

    You brought up a great point about blowjobs and food. I’ve had a great many women tell me how talented they are at giving BJ’s, but only one very special woman that wasn’t my mother or grandmother has ever put her heart and soul into a delicious and wholesome meal for me. (Kelly, my beautiful Peruvian, I will be with you again very soon my love.)

    Anyways, it’s a true sign of the times that a girl uses her alleged BJ talent as a way to pick up guys. This is what she implies: I’ve had a lot of practice sucking dick, i’ve had a lot of penises in my mouth. Penises of very important men, and i’ve taken all their loads like a champ. And I can pick up any guy because of my special talent, you should be honored that im considering adding your penis to my list.

    Now a woman who can cook, that is special woman. When a woman prepares a meal for you, this is what she implies: You are very important to me, i want to nourish you and satisfy you in the most basic, life-sustaining way. I will take care of you, i will support you because i need you in my life. I think you would be a great father to my children.

    Of course, the man is the one who should be using his display of sexual prowess as a way to attract women. While women should be presenting their nurturing and caring ways to find a mate. Obviously today, be are programmed into believing and behaving in the exact opposite way. I wonder why?

    Thanks again for another thought-provoking and entertaining show!

  20. On the subject of outing these money grubbing truth-spiracists : i caught [much like an infection] russell Brand on the secret policemans ball USA. There is currently only this short segment up on the tinterweb, and it leaves out the majority of his performance [the part where he mentions ejaculating because someone had their cock up his ass [i know? hilarious joke right? …”One of my many services”- RB] ] , but here i found it very telling that since Brands foray into trutherpalooza-ville and illicit rendezvous with David Icke and the glorious cave, he has started to include in his act such statements as “Infinite consciousness/Love” and “Death is just an illusion”. Seems he has assimilated Bill Hicks along the way too. He has grown his hair out and now channels Jesus Christ too.

    Also, i’d like to give you a shout out…..for fine tuning my musical tastes, so i recently bought the Pixies ‘Death to the Pixies’ album after hearing it on your bumper music, and i’d just like to say that the tracks “Nimrods Son” [live] and “Carabou” [video] are F-ing Amazing. Ive been introduced to the finer elements of the counter-pop evolution/revolution of the late 70’s and into the 80’s over the course of listening to your show ,and this is a healthy consumption, so thanks, it makes a great difference to my state of being.

    Shine on Crazy diamond!

  21. Speaking of pederasty, here’s another doozie:

    But I get the feeling this one has been let out to pin the blame on one “lone perv,” and take the heat off the Talmudists as a whole. If this were a Catholic priest it would be everywhere on the Talmudvision and kosher media.

  22. Hey Rebel,

    Dan Dicks is his real name, it is not made up as a part of some agenda. I went to the same high school as him. I don’t know about everything else you charged him with but the name is real. Just wanted to clarify.

  23. Here is the complete ‘Secret Policemans ball’ inc Russell Brands performance [which really needs to be seen, and the chap is shaking like a leaf while reading from his notes on stage, not attributed to nerves…]

    And another,um, Brand ‘Asynchronism’ : the title of some stage play he is going to be appearing in:

    ….and a Star is born….

  24. “You don’t see a lot of fat vegetarians”

    Actually, you kinda do. Unfortunately, most of the vegetarians I’ve met have been overweight. Then again, I guess pastries aren’t considered a meat product.

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