Mother’s Day Goldbug Special

Ed Chiarini returned for his 4th [official] appearance on The Rebel Path and we got into Spielberg, Lincoln, Obama, Kennedy, Maryilyn and a bunch of other craziness. The below [right] picture will make a hole lot more sense after you listen.

celtic rebel dallas goldbug marilyn monroe jfk lincoln

I’d like to once again thank Ed for the spiffy [now somewhat modified] promo image above [left], which I get the feeling will phase into some form of permanency here on the site. The entire show is playable below [download free 32K version]:

Ed and myself seem to attract an almost preposterous amount of people who devote a good part of their desperate days, day after day, to trolling, harassing and generally, trying to annoy us. If only there were some product we could sell them.

Linder's Semen Stain Removal Stick

The Truth Movement is a lot of fearmongering designed to convince you that (a) someone is out to get you and (b) you should send your web views, social media plugs and funds to the source telling you about it. It’s got fuck all to do with the real world, which operates on the principles of budgeting and resource allocation.

police apc units

We got into the standard stuff like (a) the bullshit behind Columbine, Saturday Night Live, the Housewives, the Greenburgs, the Clintons, (b) the topics of fake news, actors, media flooding, and (c) flies on the alternative media dung-pile such as Russia Today, Alex Jones, David Dees, Sorcha Faal, Jeff Rense and Lasha Darkmoon. But, we also go into a very real [and rare and likely valuable] discussion about the real world of business and pleasure, which I think you will enjoy.

columbine parker stone

You’ll probably also enjoy Ed’s persistent efforts to convince me of things I just can’t see. There was even a surprise appearance from one Living Tiki. Yes, the Rebel is back, and like it or not, still hosting the best show in this whole [nonrewarding] busyness.



Note A: The above download is a 128K version of the [free] 32K version included herein. Naturally, the sound quality is going to be a lot clearer and not “tinny.”.

Note B: This was technically Ed’s 5th appearance on my show. The last visit to the Rebel Path was Return of the Goldbug [III]. In between, there was an impromptu appearance on the experimental stream: Saturday Night Life show.

Note C: The show mentioned at the beginning of the broadcast is As Below, So Above. If you haven’t heard that podcast, you really need to.

~ by celticrebel on May 15, 2013.

5 Responses to “Mother’s Day Goldbug Special”

  1. Gosh that was a good interview with Ed. I don’t know what to think about his work, I’m one minute thinking its totally true and the next thinking but, but ……………
    Anyway the conversation gave my brain a good rinsing and much food for thought.
    Liked hearing Tiki too.
    And thanks for remembering mothers.
    P.s. can’t wait to hear about Bob Marley from Ed. I saw him in concert when I was very young. I can truly say its the only time I felt “mesmerized”.

  2. If you listen to noise long enough does it become music?

    I have expanded my musical horizons by listening to Noise.

  3. lol @ Peach Bottom – you should probably look into some of the names of these nuclear facilities (Beaver Valley, Browns Ferry, Big Rock, Braid Wood, Zion (why 2 for Illinois? just because the place is named Zion?), Comanche Peak, River Bend, Trojan, Wolf Creek). It lends some credence to the nuclear hoax (which I’m still undecided on). Why are all these people working @ nuclear facilities, trained in the hydrogen sciences? not nuclear?

  4. It is never either or but always a mixture of both. These actors who fulfil the role of bad guy or injured vicsim are the first layer of the deception. They are tri-sexual whores who will do anything for fame and a buck.

    The real shadow control is almost impossible to pin down and would never risk exposure of any kind like these low level fame deviates. If they are skiiing the private slopes in the alps or performing the serpent cult rituals in underground chambers why would they be posting any images on flicker and facebook?

    This internet is just one onion skin layer and we are spoon fed cotton candy information and base level fodder for the chimps. The other layers that are deeply coded and closed off to the m asses will not be accessible even to high ranking politicians etc, so focusing on Jfk and the obviously gay Mr president is a waste of energy.

    The truth, lies, in a web of sorcery and control and spotting out these paid actors at these events is just a more advanced level than watching Kardashians blob around on TMZ.

    I have enjoyed much of your insights in the past and learnt a lot from them. But to think it is just ‘human’ intelligence that is manipulating this reality to such an extent is for me a glaring aspect that never gets covered in these topics.

    Nonetheless you have been a great assistance + thankyou.

  5. Ed is either off his rocker or is paid to make the conspiracy movement look insane. Sure “actors” are used in media, but he has pushed the concept into folly, and because of that people will now dismiss the possibility of “actors” being used. Ed is doing the inverse of what he claims; he is helping media get away with it by being crazy…

    Anyway, I don’t think guest like Ed is helping you. You need “mature” and spiritual beings on your show to help push the “lets be mature and intelligent” agenda.

    Plz choose your guest based on their level of spirituality.

    Good luck

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