Divide and Conqueer [I]

Race has long been one of the easiest ways to divide people. Yes, there are natural divisions along tribal lines, and yes there is a definite agenda to attack one group while bettering another. But, any nation who finds itself divided will inevitably find itself conquered. Of course, the easiest way to incite division is to trigger emotion.

mandingoblack snake moan

This Sunday’s show focused on race issues, particularly those involving blacks, Negroes, or African-Americans (whatever makes you feel more comfortable) and delved into what may be considered uncomfortable issues, for those programmed to be uncomfortable [downloadable].


One of what I feel, are the most important issues I focused on is that no one, be they Jewish, Black, Female or Other, who is victimized and ingrained with a victim mentality, should ever be put in a position of power over others. To a wise mind, the outcomes are as predictable as the movements of the sun.

black manfuckface

While he can identify some of the schemers and perpetrators, there is no one (aside from a few unpopular voices) free of quilt for the shitpile we find ourselves living in.

ass eater

There are quite a few more insights and ideas I have on the topic. So, stay tuned for a Part II.

~ by celticrebel on December 19, 2012.

21 Responses to “Divide and Conqueer [I]”

  1. I’d like to touch on the diversity hire subject. It should be noted that diversity hiring also has a reverse effect on people of color. Feeling that one might have only been given the position based on race is belittling; a constant back-of-the-mind program for people of color. It seems that all of these programs must require multi-faceted results (fear) as precondition.

  2. Fantastic show, one of your best.

  3. It was very interesting and insightful to hear your take on sexually abused women. I know 2 women in particular who were sexually abused as children and they are manipulative and have so much hate and anger in them. I’m not sure I believe the majority of sexually abused women go on to abuse children or were you saying they take their pain out on other adults, as I see the women I know behaving?

    By the way, Alex you are so Great!


  4. Mr. Rebel, it appears the AP news is also a fan of your show. They make a big mention of “Saftey not guaranteed”, and so I remembered your bringing it up as a verifiable movie without dicks in asses, asses in asses, or gay buttsex references throughout the movie. If it wasn’t for the keen insight of the Beach Patrolman, I would have missed out on this goal-hanging abuse perpetrated out in the open.

    You were correct, MSM leeches from you for your creativity and keen insights. If this isn’t also a calling card and revelation of the method, i know not what is. Take care and stay safe!

  5. Your views on the english language are incorrect… Take the word Peacock… In today’s volcabulary to name one of the most beautiful birds in the world pee-cock sounds like a sick joke right… well back when the english people were free of the Jew/Gay World Order the word Peacock had a completely different meaning… Take the word Richard sounds like Richer well the jews don’t like it because they are the richest… So they gave Richard’s nickname “Dick” a new meaning “penis” so anyone who thinks of being richer then a jew is dick… In all serious your views on the word Christ and equating it too the word S### is a jews wet dream… Jews would love it if every time a goyim said the word Christ they thought of S### since the talmud teaches that Christ is boiling in S### for all eternity… wow the Jews would sure praise your work on Christ=S###

    Did you know that in israhell they tried teaching jewish kids mathematical addition not using the + sign because the plus sign resembles the Cross…

    What’s my point… well the English language during the time of Shakespeare who wrote “the Merchant of Venice” exposing the Jews as being evil & sick… the language was amazing, pure & poetic… today if you walk by public highschool you will hear the english language spoken so filthy and distorted that Shakespeare would have a hard time understanding what language they are talking…

    Like the movie Idoitcarcy… A sick jewish joke on the goyim people… Costco & Fuddruckers are made fun of becuase they are not Jewish owned… Just like Chick Fil A… Chick Fil A is one of the last Christian Business’s that don’t want to work on Sunday’s… If Chick Fil A really wants to make more money all they need to do is be open on Sunday’s… Yes it’s evil how chickens are treated… I am a Vegetarian too… but Chick Fil A would offer veggie burgers if enough customers demanded it…

    Going back to the word Christ… Well it’s a Greek Word and it been around for thousands of years… so to say that the Jews created it to sould like S### is a insult to the Greeks… The Christians wanted so much to be differnet from the Jews that even Saul changed his name to Paul so it would sound less jewish… I believe they also wanted to change the sabbath to sunday so they didn’t worship on the same day as those evil jews…

    Another example… God & Coming have very religious meaning… God “Jesus” will come again is taught in every church… the jews have taught the Goy to say Oh God & I’m Coming when engaging in sex… as another sick joke…

    On last example… the world “ass” was originally used to describe a mule or donkey “even the bible talks about jesus riding on the back of a ass” well the jews have turned the word ass to reference buttocks… Why? it’s a sick joke jesus rides on the back of buttocks… Get the Joke…

    The examples go on & on…

    AssAssIns is a newly jewish created word to describe what they are masters of that is killing innocent people & butt sex…

    They have hijacked what I would consider to be one the most beautifull languages on planet the other being Spanish… I hope you keep learning & growing I know I have 🙂 Thanks to people like the Celtic Rebel… Even though I strongly disagree with some of your work… Like the word Christ

    Good Luck with your radio show & I hope you find what your looking for…

    “Merry Christmas & Happy New Year”

  6. Hüsker Dü – Divide and Conquer


  7. If you ever want to receive a bunch of hate mail, post a quote by the Celtic Rebel on any video of a pop star, such as the quote about entertainers “being prostitutes of the rich and powerful.” I know its “trolling”, but I was just curious to see how people would react (an experiment if you will).

  8. Some thoughts about your last show…

    I think multiculturalism is the infliction of the American disease on all other White countries. It will be the doom of us all. The USA is in the mess it is because of slavery. It would be a very different place if black people were never brought there at all. I think it would be a better place. Africa would be better off too. The only way to bring blacks was as slaves, to make their presence acceptable. They would never have been accepted in such large numbers as equals, or as anything other than slaves for that matter. The powers that brought the slaves knew that bringing them to America was step one, and once there they would be practically impossible to remove. In 1835, then Tocqueville wrote “Democracy in America”, he noted that the southern slave states were 50% black and 50% white. It certainly looks as though there was a long term plan to eventually produce a population of mulattos, and slavery is just a red herring (and lucrative). Slavery was simply used as an excuse, covering the real purpose of mass black importation: to ensure that America would have a race problem in perpetuity. Whether we fight each other, or breed with each other, we all lose and they win. Divide and conquer, merge and conquer. Everyone agrees we all have a race problem. It won’t be solved by destroying the White race though, no matter how strong your faith in the multi cult. Brazil isn’t that good.

    A friend of mine traveled through Africa about 15 years ago. He saw slavery there, blacks being led about with ropes around their necks by other blacks. He asked locals what was going on and they confirmed that it was slavery. He doesn’t think blacks are equal to whites at all based on that, and other things he saw and experienced there. Do you think Africans will ever abolish slavery?

    A lot of people think that the gun massacres are staged to usher in gun control. Yet gun sales go up whenever they threaten to control firearms. If they own the govt, the media, and everything else, then why can’t they stop gun factories making so many guns? Surely they own all the gun factories too? Maybe Bjerknes is right and they want everyone shooting at each other eventually.

    Rebel, you make a lot of fun of white nationalists. Black nationalists are even worse, claiming that the Egyptians were black and that the Greeks stole civilization of the blacks etc. I understand the frustration of WNs, and their anger, but yes they’re barking up the wrong tree. I do think the white race has a special genius to it though. Our achievements in invention and civilization are too obviously great to dismiss that easily.

  9. Well, well, well, look what I found, and I kid you not this is REAL –

    “Nirvana Open To David Lee Roth Fronted Tour”

    Hahaha! Now if that doesn’t get ya goin Alex I don’t know what will! Here’s the link – http://www.antimusic.com/news/12/December/17Nirvana_Open_To_David_Lee_Roth_Fronted_Tour.shtml

    There’s a video interview with Krist Novoselic here – http://www.hennemusic.com/2012/12/van-halens-david-lee-roth-future.html

    And on that same page it mentions that Van Halen will resume their “A Different Kind Of Truth” tour in 2013. Hmmm….

    Hope you had a great Christmas with the family Rebel 😉

  10. Anybody see Katt Williams lately? He callled Jermaine Dupri king of the pedophiles and told a crowd Jamie Foxx was gay. Then he said, “Any nigger that do this deserves to die.” talking about Django Unchained. He said he “got the script from Spielberg, handwritten, and “Fuck you nigger” was written 176 times in the script.

    Calling out Jamie Foxx:

    Calling JD a pedorast:

  11. Haha! Thanks dm. If you go to that first link you’ll see a rather funny comment reply by someone calling themselves “ITSTHEJEWS”. Better be quick though, dunno how long it’ll last.

    On another note but related by virtue of it being entertainment news, check this out and Peter Jackson’s first comment in the article –

    Jackson defends filmmaking method – http://entertainment.msn.co.nz/article.aspx?id=8585862

    Excerpt –

    Moviemaker Sir Peter Jackson has defended his decision to film The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey at double the normal frame rate, despite reports suggesting the life-like footage is making fans ill.

    Moviegoers who caught early footage at the Comic-Con convention in San Diego, California earlier this year were critical of the pioneering technique, but Jackson remains defiant.

    “The higher frame rate gives you the illusion of the real world,” he tells Rolling Stone magazine.

  12. I went back to read the itsthejews comment, then I noticed the most recent comment,

    “Katt is ignorant…I guess he expected Taranatino to depict slavery in a manner not congruent with actual history…and anyone that does is a racist. So…he wants to change history under penalty of being labeled. That’s a dangerous road, my friends.”

    Wow, hehe, how many backwards statements are in this comment? I don’t know history that well, but it seems this guy is accepting Tarantino’s depiction of slavery as completely true. I will say that is the true dangerous road.

  13. Hollywood & Hypocrisy

  14. Good show.

    Reading over James’ comment up there causes me to believe something; that any discourse on race and history is doomed to an insane degree simply because any discussion on African history always, for some reason, makes people sick when they. Realize that the Ancient Egyptians were Black. Not “white” or European.

    No on is going to debate the color of the ancients who build Rome, Greece, or even the Great Wall of China. Dare acknowledge the fact that the builders of temples in an African country were African and suddenly everyone shits themselves.

    PS: http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=t4gVs0OVs2Y

    There’s an actual Egyptian telling it like it is. Is he being “Afrocentric”, James?


    Even more proof. The white nationalist cunts can go fuck themselves.

  15. so i saw this crap (in every sense of the word) movie at a friend’s house called This is 40… its by judd apatow and it stars his IRL beard/wife and children… with super gay paul rudd playing the dad/judd character. i feel like half of the shit in it was in direct response to your show. graham parker weirdly plays a huge role in the movie. every other song in the movie is by niki minaj. the husband and wife have prostate, colon, vagina, penis, and breast exams… and at one point the guy is laying on a bed spread eagle asking his wife to look at his anus for hemorrhoids. he’s also constantly on the toilet. lots of poop/fart/butt jokes, and promotion of viagra to 40 year olds.

    then there is the grandpa… he has three little boys crawling all over him. and then he’s spraying their backsides with a hose while they are saying things like “murder me daddy! kill me! kill me!” (i dunno i just got a creepy feeling from it… like that one back to the future boy by the train clip.) also, it seemed like every other line the grandpa had in the movie was about being jewish (you know just in case you forgot since the last time he said it) “i just figured out what your problem is… you hate jews!” “you can’t use up a jew card, that’s the whole point of a jew card!” “be prepared to wake up one day with a rabbi… but the good news is he’ll love you forever… it’s in our dna.”

    i REALLY wish that i hadn’t watched this garbage.

  16. London calling, Mongoose here.
    Please, my gift to you to get you into 2013 laughing heartily and yet still keeping a Celtic Rebel theme going is this video. I am still crying from this guy, please get him on.

    Below are some early highlights, but feel free to add;

    36 secs – “Look at the open collar..that shit in the seventies”

    1.04 secs “Look at that thing…I don’t know what the fuck that is..”

    1.52 “Now thats Big Tigger..Back in the day it looks like homeboy had some shit in his system”

    2.45 “These bitch ass motherfuckers is wearing a merse, a purse, whatever the fuck you call it, but you damn sure never going to find me wearing no PURSE!”

    3.29 “He’s a fucking ho, with Gay Zee”

    Also – “Holding a merse!”
    “Those are men’s hands!”
    “Why the fuck you wearing a scarf when you don’t even need a long-sleeved shirt?”

    “This is the preparation for your children right here” – now that is not funny.

    Mongoose out – health, happiness and humour for 2013

  17. Just wanted to say you did a lot of great things last year. Your listeners get a lot of mileage out of what you do here – I know I do – and I think that’s because what you do here is ultimately meant to be positive. That’s so important – because all your sarcasm and bravado could never hold a candle to your empathy. You are so caring, that always shines through, no matter what you do. That’s why the influence you’ve developed through your work here is just a mere fraction of the influence you hold in your real life. Because you’re a good person – and you really do care. Fact. So I don’t have to tell you to use your influence wisely… I know you will anyway 🙂 We love you!! Even your haters love you!!!!! Happy 2013 Rebel

  18. 2 thumbs “way up”

  19. i know someone who isnt a racist, but he feels uncomfortable about race mixing & he was talking about evolutionary psychology & how its natural for men to be territorial & possessive over “their” women because for so long, women were basically property to men & if they breed outside the “tribe,” your genes may not be passed on. something like that, im paraphrasing. but is this bs or is there truth in that? in case youre wondering, hes not white, i think a lot of people wouldve assumed that.

  20. TokenBlack, If I was a white nationalist I’d be highly offended by your insults, but since I’m not, I’ll take it as a regrettable misunderstanding.

    Unfortunately your video links don’t work, but yes ancient Egypt was great when it was black for 5000 years. Unfortunately, Whitey turned up and spoiled it all. Now Egypt is multi-cultural and a mess. Race-mixing will take down all great countries in the end. So be sure to tell all the brothers to keep away from white women or else America will go down the drain too.

    Ashlee, of course its true. I’m not racist either, but I think the basic instinct of a man viewing a man of another race taking his women is to kill that man, and only the forces of modern civilization (police, school, societal norms, etc) prevent that behavior. This extreme of male behavior has many equally destructive female counterparts which are promoted in today’s society. Male instincts are harshly suppressed. The most destructive female instincts are supported and encouraged.

    A very good explanation of these ideas is available at:

  21. Actually guys there is good evidence to suggest that the original Egyptian civilisation was in fact white! Much like many of the tribes throughout North Africa who were originally from Aryan stock. Go dig further…

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