Don’t Come Together, Unite

How dare we claim to have the slightest clue as to what the hell is going on when they can throw the foulest pornography right at us while we are naive, and then we choose ignorance rather than face the obvious? And, for how long so?

Sunday’s show got into things that have been and remain directly in front of our eyes and we just refuse to see. We will remain victims as long as we choose to, and that choice made, the cycle of fear and gradual change will continue unabated.


Also, to celebrate the New Year beginning and perhaps, a new track being taken, I finally got around to reading some inspirational listener mail [unavailable].

A common theme in these mails, was my work somehow helping many others finally see. It is a process. I too am finally seeing things for the very first time. And, we can best do this by uniting, when necessary and helping each other. The tool of division is but one of many knives of blindness in the arsenal of our lords.

nambla da vinci

There are many others “blades” in the arsenal and Age, is one of their most powerful weapons of division. Hence why societies that once respected it have been decimated. Hence, why societies that intermingled based on geographic versus media-driven factors are being targeted now. Will we let his story repeat?

Note: I was invited to join Delcroix for an impromptu discussion this Friday, January 13th, on awakeradio. A [download] of the show is available to all interested.

~ by celticrebel on January 9, 2013.

16 Responses to “Don’t Come Together, Unite”

  1. Well Ill be damned. I do remember distinctly, I think it was you and Mike Sledge talking about how trutherism and ‘alternative’ approved material would be slowly leaked and accepted into the mainstream, Namely one Alex jones. And here you go, how prescient of you, what a pantomime this is:

  2. In Peru the schools have anniversary parties to celebrate the founding of the school. A couple of months ago while I was living in Lima, I went to one of these parties in one of the poorer districts in which a friend of my girlfriend’s family is the director/principal of the school (K-12 type).

    The celebration started off with the faculty and students performing a wide variety of traditional dances which celebrate the country’s diverse culture and history. This lasted from 7-9pm and I figured this would be the end of the party. But I was pleasantly mistaken. Then they stared to sell beer and wine and multiple live bands played. Everybody danced in a normal self respecting way, children and grandparents included. And this went on for hours and hours, when the kids were tired, they went to sleep at the tables. We stayed until 4am but I was told the party lasted until 7am. They even sold cigarettes!!! Yes at an elementary/secondary school anniversary party, they sold wine beer and cigarettes. And people of all ages (barring young children) indulged as much as they pleased. Some people got wasted, some didn’t drink at all. But guess what, nothing bad happened. Whatayaknow, people can celebrate their school, their culture, spend time with their entire families, drink, and smoke all at the same time. Crazy I know, but it was a great time, and a great experience

    P.S. I don’t believe you would find this in the wealthier, more “westernized” districts.

  3. Haven’t listened to the show yet, but someone posted this on facebook, it is a pretty funny picture of a Rabbi.


    Will someone tell me if the following article seems reliable? Its about Bolshevism and the Jews.

  4. Hello Alex
    If I may post some of my opinions.

    September 11th 2001 was the start of a new cycle in conjunction with the matrix film its main purpose as with all cycles is a further disconnect with God/soul/being human…
    Once removed from the minds of men then there will be no higher authority to serve or appeal to other than government/authority.
    I think the God of the bible you need to insert “the ruling class” “made man in our image”.
    I am sure there is a reference in the matrix film how they made a matrix where people lived in happiness but it did not take, Garden of Eden live happy but don’t seek knowledge don’t question.
    People wont question they will go to wikipedia or what it becomes for information. They want to create a Garden of Eden for us, but in our eyes it will be living nightmare. Those who live within it will believe it to be paradise.
    It is a game of chess with “them” all the pieces are on the board and both opponents can see them, you need to make your opponent think you intend to do one thing while actually planing something else. The “truth movement” is the truth but also the distraction, you cant enter the truth movement without finding out you are a slave how you deal with that afterwards is up-to you. The atheist agenda is what is going on. Try explaining what a nightmare a world run on “logic” would be to an atheist is like banging your head against a wall. The Internet atheists on youtube are everywhere, one or two a little too slick for my liking.

    I am approximately the same age as you (37) and we or I at least need to examine TV shows like the A-team and knightrider for the programming I am carrying and not aware of.

    On advice that grandparents used to give and we didn’t listen to, my granddad used to say “any woman who goes to a pub/club without a man is a whore”

    Take Care

  5. Hey Alex,

    Here is a list of 120 improvements you should make to your show.

    (Only joking.)

    Would you mind linking to your recent appearance on blog talk radio?



  6. VID: Paul Harvey – “If I Were the Devil”

  7. When a nation consists of a single people, division is the path to the conquest of that nation. In a multicultural society perhaps integration of all peoples into a brainless mass and forgetting one’s ancestors is the path to destruction?
    Blacks and Whites should unite to solve their common problems, but this doesn’t necessarily require blending into some new race degraded brown of ignora-masses.
    Blacks are so afraid of White power. They should be more afraid of the day when whites have no power left.

  8. Unfortunately, I have family members that think The Beatles are the greatest evar. Haha… Me, I’ve always been able to see they’re just a bunch of bitch boi’s.
    No matter how much evidence I present to my programmed family members that The Beatles are nothing but the first “boy band” the more in denial they become.
    Great presentation, Alex. I enjoy your work very much. Because you had the courage to openly talk about the topics you do, walking the Rebel Path has become a lot easier for myself and countless others.
    Thank You…

  9. Hello. Great show! You are correct about those anti-jew white supremacists being wrong. Are you aware of what Andre, the guy who started the Outlawforum, is currently doing? He shut down the forum to devote his time to promoting Hitler’s ideology, white supremacy, along with the whole shebang. Andre used to be relatively sane, but either he lost his marbles, is a payed shill, brainwashed by an agent, or an unpaid shill idiot. This is yet another – give some good info, but then wank on everyone sort of crazy sh(t. You need to talk about this wanker on your show. Heck, I’ll even call in and comment if you want, as I used to be a member of the Outlaw forum and I followed Andre’s descent into shillness. It’s worth exposing, since he claims he is exposing. Anyway, check out the nonsense:

  10. Mr. Rebel, I’m a big fan of your work and as many others have stated before me, it has immensely helped to open my eyes on the subject of the Super(power, global) Structure and the slow envelopment of mankind. What you do is very important, and before the Rebel Path was started in earnest, there were fewer voices unveiling the shadows covering the true nature of things. Most of them were Orthodox Christians, Muslim Shieks, and a few spiritualists bewailing and lamenting the fate of consumerists and materialists. Isn’t it ironic how silent the Pope is in regards to these matters, gilded in golden robes and diamond scepters overseeing the starving unwashed masses? The true irony of Western Christianity. We don’t deal in illusions, but facts. And the minute the facts get distorted for unseen causes, is where the credibility gets lost.

    The presence of technology has only added to the illusory effect, and the intelligentsia, who we are, are set against powers that we are struggling to understand. Words cannot express how influential your work is in combating the ignorance that, inevitably, will one day overwhelm us. Even so, there is much we can learn to prepare for the tide, the consequences of said tsunami, and the aftereffects of the disaster. Again, thank you in full earnest for crafting the Rebel Path for us to follow.

  11. In one of my sleepless nights I decided to watch the brainwashing box (television) and stumbled upon a movie called “The Weather Man” starring Nicolas Cage. I’ll spare you the plot details, but wanted to talk about a few disgusting scenes.

    I’m filing this one under: Hollywood and normalisation of pedophilia.
    Three scenes are worth commenting about:

    1) Nicolas Cage is talking to his ex wife at the park and she tells him that she is dating a man, who is the father of a 7 year old girl. Nicolas turns to her and says – “She is sexy”. The ex says “What? She’s only 7”. He says “I didn’t mean I’d do something about it”. Now, a 7 year old girl can be cute, adorable, beautiful, but sexy? Sexy means: Sexually attractive or exciting, or Sexually aroused. Nothing less! Did they really need to use THAT precise word in that scene really necessary to the plot of the movie? No.

    2) Nicolas Cage is sitting in a car talking to his father about the fact that his 11 year old daughter has “camel toe”. Ohhh, his father is played by none other than Michael Caine, who has been normalising pedophilia since the movie “Blame it on Rio”. Anyway, is Camel toe is a slang term that refers to the outline of a human female’s labia majora (her sex), as seen through tightly fitting clothes. They even show us picture of Camel toe, and even a scene where the dad is looking at her 11 year old daughter between the legs. Was this topic and scene really necessary to the plot of the movie? No.

    3) Nicolas Cage also has a 15 year old boy (not sure of exact age) who came out of a therapy and who has a tutor adult that is gay. The first scene is when the homosexual man has the young boy take his shirt off so he can take pictures. Pfffff! Well… what happens next? The man tries to have sex with the boy in a car (have his dick sucked), but the boy fights him and runs away. The man lies and tells the police that the boy tried to steal his wallet. Was this topic and scene really necessary to the plot of the movie? No.

    So what do we have here? Three scenes: 1) heterosexual pedophilia, 2) incestuous pedophilia, and 3) homosexual pedophilia. That’s damn right!

    The next time someone tells you that “there is no conspiracy to normalise pedophilia in Hollywood movies”, you have the obligation to smack that person for their total blindness. Hollywood is not even hiding it behind subliminal messages anymore; it’s in your face at multiple levels.

    Have no fear in exposing them sick and twisted f*ckers!

  12. Ed Charini was right, have you seen Prince William’s newest skit on RothschildToday?

    (2:09) Try not to cringe.

  13. London calling, Mongoose here.

    Well done productionradical, good nightvision.

    I think that listening to wiser people is the way forward.
    For example if the smart arsed economists of the world had followed my nonno’s motto “I bes e an di gira'” – Money has to go round/circulate and his other favourite “I ai pui entrade che uscide” – I have more coming in than going out – how different would things be?

    Turning to religion when gran (nonna) was upset that she had to cook or clean or was tired and she couldn’t go to church and pray nonno used to tell her; “He can hear you just as well from here.” And that was that. Breathe it in, relax, get those homegrown Sufi vibes going – that’s right, you gold laden, dress wearing mother fuckers, we don’t need you because HE can hear us from here! Unless he is deaf and omnipotent!

    Finally it comes from example. All those years, day in day out, they never broke him, never. When he died, I held his hands that had worked so hard, his massive hands, and he knew he was going, he just kept looking at me and we held hands – he just looked at me and when I said I loved him, he nodded and said “anchje jo” and kept looking at me. NO FEAR – NO FEAR because he knew the truth = love. He had no fear of hell and no fear of not going to heaven.

    Nonno, I have a long way to go, I wish you were here to give me strength, you always knew the right thing to do. There is too much anger in me sometimes. When you went the world should have stopped turning. I know I’ve got a long way to go ma ti ricordo sempre, mio eroe.

    Mongoose out.

  14. The awake radio show with Del is worth a listen, fun and entertaining, found at the end of the article.

  15. hey alex, i wish you a late happy new year and all the best for 2013! just wanted to let you know that i’m still following your work and it still helps me a lot! thank you so much! we have never met but you mean something to me, really. i wanted to tell you, i hope it doesn’t sound pathetic but it’s true!

    ze gerrrmans are watching you 😉

  16. Once the white race is destroyed, blacks will feel the yoke of slavery again.
    And next time there will no white race to rescue them from it.
    This is why we need to unite. We do have some common interests.

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