Perpetual Adolescence [Stage 4]

Continuing from Part III, it’s been over three years now since I did my first show at Oracle, the inaugural Vagina Day broadcast. Do at least a few more people get it now?


Hence, got into the adolescence propagating [NL] programs that twist the minds of women away from men and honor, into the realm of boys and lies:.


The arrested mind-frame is what allows for “bad jokes” like the present child abuse trauma story Fifty Shades of Grey into masturbation fodder for millions [referenced link].

This series will continue for at least one more part, as it has opened up our minds into solving present-day mysteries, which were once “social phenomena,” but are really just par for course. Are we “slaves” ready to grow up and leave the plantation?

Note: There was a network side drop that resulted in a 15 minute dead air gap in the middle of the show. As of this update, the file (linked and playable above) has been replaced with the dear air removed and includes a bonus of the after-hours call from Simone on the Rebel Music stream.

~ by celticrebel on February 27, 2013.

6 Responses to “Perpetual Adolescence [Stage 4]”

  1. All of your listeners should use this. I’m guilty as charged. I had no idea that this is what the problem was with me, and it fucks up one’s social skill. In retrospect, I realize that I missed out on A LOT of pussy by virtue of this sort of shit; not even knowing/recognizing when women wanted a smashing.

    Addendum; I’m considering floating those links throughout this “MGTOW”/”MRA” community. Most of what they complain about can be solved with this.

    PS; Sold my Xbox. Had to make rent! Those things come cheap though; very easy to get.

    And I still smoke weed.

  2. Rebel, can you please post the links to the 50 shades of grey analysis on this entry, if possible to upload? This insight makes sense, and needs to be shared with people who are willing to entertain possibilities. I would like to share this research to assert these positions with other inquiring minds into this matter and help inform them of what is taking place underneath their radar. The sooner we teach critical thinking to our youth, the better off we will all be.

    We should all contribute more to this show, and donate whenever possible. If any of you have gained anything by this show, please donate and continue to support these artists, philosophers, and teachers that uplift the human spirit instead of degrade it. We may not be able to stop what is happening, but we can spend our energy into productive living, and uplifting our fellow human beings.

  3. Celtic, I swear I never had the eyes for these things until you pointed them out. And it has been pointed right at us. Under our eyes. I sometimes watch old commercials and I found this. Check around 0:30 to begin the second commercial and around 0:40 was the shot. Amazing. Before this site I never would have seen it. You really opened them there.

  4. Another great installment of “Perpetual Adolescence.” The 50 Shades of Grey part was mind-boggling. Thanks. It was a fitting denouement to the show. BTW, just posted Part 2 of Phi Ratio and Human Reproduction at .

  5. What is that song called at the 4 and half minute break called? I can’t seem to find it anywhere. Good show by the way, I like the direction it’s heading. Keep it up.

  6. Interesting posts. I think the perpetual adolescence comes from DOMESTICATION and most of the efforts of the ruling class are actually aimed at the total domestication of the human animal. MK ultra and similar brain washing programs have huge Pavlovian influences.
    Look at the domestic cat, it is well known that its behaviour – compared to that of a wild cat -is that of a perpetual adolescent.

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