Welcome to the Machine

How often have you heard ridiculous phrases like “you have free will” or “choose wisely” or “blaze your own trail?” Well, this week’s show was about the utter frivolity of assuming any of those phrases still somehow apply to us or our world. Most of the “choices” we are given were mapped out a long long time ago.

computer circuit logic board

I delved into the idea of The System (The Machine) in far greater detail this show, from its structure (engineering and architecture) to its workings (operations and laws). No, this was not yet another homo-erotic matrix analogy, but a very practical demonstration of how such a system functions [free downloadable 32K version]:

For much of the world, even the notion of individualization may be but a mere flight of fancy. As for the Western[ized] World, the game may already be is over.

travel jet into the sun

If you wish to infect your [own] soul with seeds of life [real hope for I’m-mortal-i,ty], then, by all means, go East (or South) and sample the [r]air for yourself.

“The use of travelling is to regulate imagination by reality, and instead of thinking how things may be, to see them as they are.” — Samuel Johnson

Long before silicon circuit boards were ever a vague reality, there were architects mapping out logic gates and working on notions of further reducing the possibility of true randomness in our world. Machines have been with us for a long time.

machine by erik brede

I don’t wish to inspire fatalism, or acceptance of the inevitable end cycle (zombies, machination, analprimacy). There is can be hope, and it comes only from those who accept the reality of the external system, and then proceed to change themselves.

“A good traveller is one who does no know where he is going to, and a perfect traveller does not know where he came from.” — Lin Yutang

The “poison” of our input stream (programming), and unconscious reinforcement of said poisons by well-meaning machine-folk around us, is a more daunting challenge than any obstacles [things that may block movement aka “growth”] we may ever end up facing. Throw in a subliminal response anchor like Vanilla Sky, and you may find yourself doing something truly stupid. A leap of faith can be a really bad idea.

the bridge across forever

Circuits are logical [yet preset] routes to get from here to there. No matter how much time you spend [re]Searching them, you will keep [re]Peating them. Bridges, whether as a construct, or a notion, can be so much more than that.



Note A: In regards to “poison,” got into Victor Salva’s sugar-coated pederastic [western] mindfuck Peaceful Warrior for a bit, but didn’t wish to taint the above write-up with it..

Note B: A spark for the path to change is hinted during the Vacation Special. A related and somewhat preliminary show is As Below, So Above.

~ by celticrebel on June 4, 2013.

17 Responses to “Welcome to the Machine”

  1. I gratefully welcome back the “old” Celtic Rebel. It would be sad to see you go, but all things must change… if that is your choice, so be it. This was a fascinating show and i have already shared it around. Particularly insightful (incite full) was all that computer programming stuff… wow. I wish everyone could hear this. I would be less certain about the ability of the frog to think or be self aware… have you seen this video: [How to Piss Off a Frog] … takes less than 26 seconds… humans should be so unaware.

    Thanks again for the most excellent show.

  2. Hello Celtic Rebel,

    first I thank you very much for your insights, your humor, cynicism and your sometimes shocking pictures. I read your blog almost in one piece (well, it took a couple of days) and all of it was a real eye-opener. There are so many sites who get into dogmas of any kind, most likely into religious, and yours is a fresh breeze with a wholeheartedly yackfou! in the face.

    But: As I strolled along the Internet I recently stumbled onto this blog: illuminatimatrix.wordpress.com, and this one is mind-blowing in a complete new fashion. I never read anything comparable, and I strongly recommend it to you and any other human being who reads this words.

    Wish you all the best, thank you and stay strong!

  3. Good show Rebel. Have you seen movies:Nirvana (with Christopher Lambert ) and The Thirteenth Floor? If not, you should see them, very underrated, forgotten gems, imho. Have been a hard core computer games player for over 30 years now (since 2000 mostly online , UT99 i have seen all sorts of hacks, aimbots, cheats, trying breaking the”game system” ) I have never given a toss about characters or avatars i have used, i just entertained myself. Hence questions:our owners(you call them evil beings) who control the system, matrix, xbox, reality whatever you name it, simply don’t give a feck about us, pawns? So what? We don’t care about our games characters (unless someone falls in love with Lara and wanks about her 😉 we don’t think about:cows, pigs, chickens, fish etc, we just eat them(why should they care about humans). Why should we assume, there is a supreme being (god, architect, great programmer, engineer or whoever) who loves us? Who created evil beings which feck our chess board up? All loving creator? !? More like all despising creator. And since you mentioned Lao Tzu:Heaven and earth are ruthless, and treat the myriad creatures as straw dogs;the sage is ruthless, and treats the people as straw dogs. Not my concept of kindness, lol. You say Honor and Integrity, i say Empathy, It is the key to all doors, imho. Main sources of my outlook:dreams, glue, lsd, magic mushrooms computer games and the internet. Looking forward to your next show, it was real pleasure to listen The Machine.

  4. Wanda, Well, I’m not going anywhere. Yet. 😀 Just getting back to the roots of my work before I outsmarted myself on a prelaid circuit. Those who are ready for this will find it. Had seen the frog video before, but it’s much better in this context.

    Linda, All in two days? Are you OK? 😉 Thank you! As for iMatrix, I digested that a few years ago, quite interesting and mind-bending.

    Tomek, one I have not seen, the other I vaguely remember. Perhaps, I’ll re-see them with new eyes. The scenario you paint is more complex no? Some care, some don’t. Isn’t empathy a prereq to integrity and honor? For if one cannot gauge how their actions may impact others, then how can they have such qualities? And, thank you.

  5. Ne te quaesiveris extra!

    Thank you, Rebel.

  6. Celt, you have provided yet another well of information and an interesting perspective concerning the reality we find ourselves in today. The analogy of the computer with the System by which we are currently trapped in is especially apt. I agree with the main points of the show.

    However, I would like to point out that you have continued to discuss the issue of Socrates in your show, the second time, I think, without footnoting and revealing the sources in your blog for this belief that Socrates was a pederast, aside from an excerpt of Athenian politicians claiming that he “corrupted the morals of the youth”. Socrates, among many other Western philosophers, were preached as people worthy of emulation, told to us by our teachers from an early age. You have spoken many times on giving credit where credit is due, but I have yet to see any evidence on your blog where Socrates is proven to be a pederast. This is still conjecture, and must remain so until you have amassed evidence that can fully convince a Greek that Socrates was not who they said he was.

    Evidence, facts amassed to build up or tear down an argument, is what I believe to be the most beneficial thing to persuade people to your way of thinking. Showing facts, revealing your theory, and explaining this theory in a logical way, as you have always done before and in this show concerning the System, will do more than suffice to back up your allegations of Socrates. I enjoy reading this blog and listening to your views on the hierarchy of the Powers That Be, as I find your views to be very honest and strikingly accurate, which is why I have also endeavored to bring this to your attention accordingly.

  7. Ma-ching!

    Perfecting the aura-fice that produces so the fish in the net are all the same. As you alluded to .. rubbing out the anomalies.

    “Behold I will make you fishers of men!” – The dead and yet ever alive Puppet who says to the Petrefication Principle left to shepherd the net to its end of “all fish with bended knee”.

    The piles of bodies on the fire of lit by the Hell-Dancers burns as bright as the day it was lit across the chasm of the Age of Pisces to today. Since its self building and its gravity is systemic .. the way is in. Where is this? To even say where is to also falsify. There is nowhere. All is all anyway.

    There is only you facing you and the fight of you to see you .. through Maya. A map to the inside of the box, and a clue out…

    Judas Jesus Peter Mom Whore Wife
    No one You Someone See it Touch it
    Terrorist Patriot President History Hope
    Ghost Im real You are real I want I want to keep
    No where Here Up here Enter Escape
    Heresy Me You will Please obey Do it for me
    Kill faux Protect Defend Home Bed

    Love the admonishment to get out and be. Fear and sheep pens, ie lines on maps kills the interaction with out real mother. The machine does have all kinds of system warning lights, buzzers and hazard stickers.

    If the message of quadratic water is true .. even if you die .. insert bridge over troubled waters here .. everything is on track. The system cannot overcome the one thing. All division is illusion meant to teach the rain drops there is only one water. 90 vs 270 is still 360.

  8. KidMC, excellent expression. Had to look it up, hence learned something new. 😎

    SirTrollsALot, fair point. For me, the case against Socrates, is a culmination of various factoids and coded tidbits that finally reached a tipping point. I do not believe I have presented them all during one specific show, and perhaps you are right, it’s a big enough change of perspective for some, it may be warranted I do it in one place. When Eugene comes back on (in two or so weeks), will probably get into the philosophical poisons he espoused. Oh, and got a nice chuckle out of the name and e-mail you chose. 😆

    Eugene, cryptic, eloquent and beautifully put. Look forward to having you back soon.

  9. loved the comments about classical music. Most of these composers’ (Beethoven, Tchaikovsky et al) were basically UN-creative thieves of folk music. They basically took the common ‘folk’s music and just ‘orchestrated’ them (which is a paint-by-numbers theory and application of instrument choice – I’ll concede it requires vast knowledge and a tiny bit of creativity). In fact it’s quite a boring and time-heavy practice. Original melody (not counterpoint) is the goal of the aspiring composer. Not only was early classical composition limited to the mega-rich, but it now serves as the background music to movies & games (programming).

  10. Rebel,

    On this and previous broadcasts, you have expressed vexation at the idea that the subject matter of which you have been speaking has led to a preponderance of White supremacy. Why, then, has this loathsome creature reared its ugly head. The answer is quite simple.

    When a natural tendency is suppressed and then released, it comes forth with a violent energy generally unseen if left alone. Consider a beach-ball floating in a swimming pool. When left alone, it naturally floats gently on the surface of the water. When held down by external forces and then released, however, it comes rushing up through the water and shoots violently into the air.

    National pride is another such natural tendency. It is perfectly normal to have pride in one’s homeland, native people, and culture. In Western nations, this tendency has been artificially suppressed through social engineering from the education system and then reinforced by the media. People of European descent have been taught that to have national pride is the greatest of sins, and that their ancestors are responsible for all of the world’s ills. As a result, in most European people, their natural tendency towards national pride has been suppressed.

    Thus, when they stumble upon the kind of information you’ve been covering, and learn of the propaganda they’ve been fed and the social engineering they’ve been under, they embrace national pride with a violent energy, which, as a result of its artificial suppression, overshoots the goal and morphs into ugly White supremacy. But are they at fault, or is it those that have been suppressing them?

    So don’t be surprised when you see it, and try not to be too repulsed at those who espouse it. For when a natural tendency is suppressed, it comes roaring up with violent energy until it reaches its equilibrium state. This inevitable process takes time.

  11. I haven’t read it in quite a while, but I believe that in “The Symposium” by Plato we find Socrates and his friends talking about how it’s “okay” for an older male to love and fornicate with a much younger one. The caveat they give is that beyond a certain point, once the older man becomes too old, it is unseemly for this to keep going on, and at that time the homosexual man should take a wife (to keep up appearances, basically, and seem socially respectable). To be fair, “The Symposium” talks a lot about heterosexual love too, but if Plato was bold enough to put the other stuff (i.e., the ruminations on man-boy love) out for public consumption, you have to wonder what he and his friends were thinking and doing behind the scenes.

    As far as all those guys go, I think it’s pretty clear that Greek philosophy from Socrates on was the downfall of Greek civilization. It weakened the culture and made it crazy under the guise of making it more civilized and smart. I think Socrates himself had some pearls of wisdom, especially his line about how “knowing that you know nothing” is preferable to “thinking that you know something that you actually don’t understand”, but overall the guy did far more harm than good. The real issue and the obvious fact is that Athens thought he was corrupting the youth. And when you have basically the greatest city-state ever saying that about someone, I don’t see how that public body can really be proved wrong, especially not when the Greek civilization’s fall was concomitant to the rise of the Socrates/Plato philosophy amongst the ruling class.

    Plato was definitely a worse influence than Socrates himself, though. I really think that the simple use of writing, which fixed ideas in people’s heads, did more to destroy the past Greek culture than anything else. Before Plato, you had a living oral tradition. But Plato pointed out how orality is unreliable in terms of pinning down facts. What he didn’t realize (or maybe he did) is that documenting everything forever freezes, stops, atrophies the culture. A living oral tradition changes with the people and keeps them alive. But Plato saw that oral tradition, particularly poetry, was underpinning the people’s natural capacity for (a healthy) irrationality, and he didn’t like that. In his “Republic” he kicks the poets out of his hypothetical totalitarian “utopia”, and simultaneously in the real world, his written (dry, boring, stupid) philosophical texts replaced the Homeric epics that the people sung by heart. Plato was more concerned with thinking about facts than he was with living a healthy life.

    Lastly, Celt, I think you would really like the following books. Aspects of your last few shows have reminded me of them constantly.

    First is “The Technological Society” by Jacques Ellul. Despite having some obvious flaws, particularly in the final chapter (“A Look at the Year 2000”), it’s quite simply the best book I’ve ever read. It was written over fifty years ago but its insights into how technological systems progress are almost always incredibly spot-on and insightful. I think you’d especially like what he says about how magic itself (well, black magic) has always functioned as certain form of technique (or linguistic technology) to control people. It’s a beast of a book, extremely dense, but I can’t recommend it highly enough.

    Second is “The Lonely Crowd” by David Riesman, another 50-year-old book that seems increasingly relevant. When you talk about people locked into an adolescent mindset, who are extremely concerned with fitting in and who look to others to know what to do, it reminds me of Riesman’s concept of “outer-directed people”.

  12. dystopeon, very well put, I chose to read and elaborate on your comment on a follow-up show.

    rolf eder, I hear you, and sympathize. However, this extreme suppression and unleashing, are system-serving. As I’ve long spoken on prior shows, there is an importance in staying centered. I feel many, if not most, caught up in the momentum of this tide don’t take a second to stop and feel they are being pushed headlong into their extreme course.

    Ron H, very eloquent and to the point. Saves me the trouble of having to respond in detail. 😀 Just one additon: pederasty aside, oral tradition was personal and less prone to top-down control and revision.

  13. To pick up dystopeon’s point, I find it interesting that the protagonist of the novel A Clockwork Orange is in the end not drawn to classical music anymore after he has recovered from his programming.

    By the way, you can read Howard Zinn’s A People’s History of the United States for free, here:


  14. Hey Rebel,
    A few things I wanted to share. I just recently re-watched an old Star Trek episode featuring a captured Borg. In an effort to destroy the collective they were going to have the borg ship recollect him and they would install in his programming an unsolvable puzzle. Every solution to this intricate puzzle only yielded a new problem to be solved thus rendering the Borg Collective in a state of chaos. Reminds me of your explanation for the truth movement.
    Also I discovered on you tube an old Scrooge McDuck comic in which a square cube known as a Bin crashes into the Twin Towers.

    So I was thinking what is the significance of the Bin or Bin Laden? Could it be an abbreviation for Binary Code?

    Which like the cube is another representation of our spirit trapped in a material existence. And so Neo’s license expires on 9/11 when we will be attacked by Bin Laden or Binary Laden. And the truth movement is born further trapping us in the system.

    Great Show. I really like the new direction your going in.

  15. Wow… knocked down by the BIN… the “buy it now”? ebay/paYpal is evil enough… we can see that. Great find.

    PeeWee Herman: Mecca Lekka Hi, Mecca Heinie Ho

    Mecca… where they worship the cube. Islamic terrorists… or abrahamic religions? The genie is Morpheus from the Matrix.

    PS: Ooops… i am wrong about the genie being Morpheus… he is
    Cowboy Curtis… doh.

  16. The black square cube is the altar of Kybele, the Mother Goddess of the ancient world. It was relocated to Rome, from Turkey, during the time of seige of Hannibal .. along with the Corybante priestcraft .. and the cache of the worlds ancient gold .. all harvested from Babylon (the worlds first clay for reality system (read bodies, gold, animals, jewels)).

    This relocation set the stage for the reenergizing of Rome, she had printed too much money to pay the mercenaries and the soldier class, and with the new influx .. made all things new. She feigned her own death by merging all forms to galloi Church and later made it the most subtle negro aquaeous known of all …

    Admiralty Law via Francis of Assisi and Thomas Aquinas. This is the “wedding of the sea” and is the real one and true ring that binds all to the black stone.

    “She sits over many waters and trades in the souls of men” .. only Dorothea can destroy Theodora.

    That stone is also the Kaaba, see Monkey Bizness 191 at Underground Stream. The dead mother of the dead waters with all the dead people. Hail birds of the air .. come and eat.

  17. Just some thoughts…

    I remember an article about Socrates years ago on a White Nationalist website that said a big reason they killed him was that he said it didn’t matter how ugly someone was on the outside (and Socrates was ugly), but what the soul and mind was like inside.

    Greek thinking at the time was more like beautiful body + beautiful mind = beautiful person. Socrates tried to change that, and succeeded by the look of it. Movies program us to distrust beautiful women in particular. They and the jocks are the baddies. (Revenge of the Nerds, etc)

    This might be why they like Socrates so much. All the movies are telling us that our bodies are just machines that our souls inhabit and that if a machine is sufficiently advanced you could inhabit that too (General Grievous in Star Wars?). There are plenty of movies about body switching too, such as Skeleton Key (which is extremely racist against Whites, but of course that’s no concern these days).

    Link for Eugene’s Monkey Bizness page. Thought I’d save others the bother of finding it.

    More about the black stone in the corner of the Kaaba.

    illuminatimatrix is interesting, but he repeatedly says protons are positive and male and electrons are negative and female.

    Its the opposite. Protons are negative. Electrons are positive.

    Ignore the scientists on this one. Even they know they are wrong and use conventional current for everything. (Charge carriers are regarded as positive in electronics too- yet as particles they are regarded as negative. Confusing, yes. They should have fixed the error 100 years ago.)

    The nucleus is female. Think egg. The electrons are male. Think sperm. Such a basic error means to me that Mr illuminatimatrix doesn’t really know what he’s talking about and that his knowledge is pretty superficial. Well that’s my opinion anyhow.

    On page 67 (SHANIA TWAIN) he says:

    Keep in mind that the word NAZI = ZIAN = ZION as in Zionists, which has nothing to do with the Jewish faith whatsoever.

    He doesn’t explain this rather extraordinary claim.

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