Valentine’s Day is Over

On this past Sunday, February 14th, a day that most of this world’s zombies, replicants and [unwitting] agents refer to as “Valentine’s Day,” I had my debutante outing on Oracle Broadcasting. The subject of the day was, of course, vaginas.



As long-promised, I finally got into the issue tearing away the facade of romance and innocence the priest class has beaten us over the head with for aeons. {*1} There is nothing “innocent” about the above photos. The show, [imho] was a hoot:

As stressed during the show, it really is remarkable, how we have been conditioned not to see the obvious, regardless of how many times it has appeared in our face [on occasion, literally]. The [programmed] conspiracists would suggest /repeat that it’s been “hidden right under our nose” … shouldn’t we have smelled it then? 😉


If you’re curious, I didn’t have to draw too many lines to convert the valentine into an obvious vagina [far less detailed than the rought sketch below]. However, I know there are always those who need more proof, hence am providing a fruitful supply below [the image is from Burning Ring of Fire III, a deep exploration].


I really would be surprised if anyone could actually listen to the entire show and still think the symbol somehow represents a “heart.” Well, I should probably delineate that with “any sane person.” And yes, the image also looks like a cutaway of Eve’s apple, that with which she so tempted Adam in that garden of lore.

Thank you for the things you bought me thank you for the card
Thank you for the things you taught me when you hit me hard
That love between two people must be based on understanding
Until that’s true you’ll find your things
All stacked out on the landing, surprise, surprise
Valentine’s Day is over, so over

— Billy Bragg

Had hoped to play the above song after the elucidation and after midnight local time. However, sans a sound board or a drum machine, 😉 I’m technically incapable at this juncture. One minor correction: I misspoke during the show and implied Juno Fevreir was held every month. Meant to say “every February.”


As implied by the show, the Medes who craft the imagery we use, digest and regurgitate know exactly what they’re doing. Oddly enough, the overtly implicative image below [center], also reminds us of Miley’s age in the above “promotion.”



Actually, the horror and pornogrophy genres are technically the most appropriate for the holy day. And upon reflection the “tag-line” of the above film, using different words says pretty much the same thing I said in reference to Miley’s ballon pic. The crappy film below combines a little of both. I wouldn’t recommend it (couldn’t even finish it), but damn, look at that [healthy] picture of Denise in the Red Dress. Can’t decide whether to fuck her or stab her? Oh, wait. What’s the difference?


Coincidentally, “Fevreir” is not only the Roman word for February, but also the root of the word “fever.” Probably got something to do with “heating up” and all that stuff a vagina is known to do. “Peggy Lee,” as Golden Earring might suggest, “is coming on strong.” What’d she say? “You give me fever, when you kiss me, fever when you hold me tight. Fever, in the morning, fever all through the night.”


Nothing is accidental. Few “traditions” are innocent. Ignorance is a tired excuse.


I’m sure some fools are still gonna fight to believe The Beatles [who came up last podcast] were either duped into charging 666 for entry to Lucy’s Vagina Dance, or just “ignorant.” I gather the rest of the images require little [to no] explanation.

She surrounds his name with hearts and flowers
Talks on the telephone for hours and hours
You little fool, little fool

— Elvis Costello

No, there’s nothing wrong with same-sex couples dancing together, however when promotion crosses the line from acceptance to conversion, some will [hopefully] start to look past themselves [and their indoctrination]. Just a subtle reminder: when the scales tip too far into that direction, love dies along with humanity.


Hence, why the medes have devoted a furious amount of energy in the past towards driving a wedge between the sexes and pushing us further towards each other. The Simspons, yet again, reveals itself for the force of social degeneration it has so sublimely served. I’d like to thank Jaspal for the subsequent [honest] revelation.



As said in the show, I gather a hell of a lot of butt sex took place last Sunday, more than most would ever admit to. It’s part of the conditioning process, which has been gradual. The glamourization of female bisexuality and “threesomes” were not just fads, but small steps along the way. Very gradual. Right Betty Boop?


The “sun lotion” ad [below], by the way, was released in 1984. If you think the rectal-insertion suggestive placement of the bottle is accidental … well then, you are an idiot. Altough, one “has to” find some humor in how men who’ve been made “anally obsessed,” will find the tables turned on them one day, no? A little? 👿


As documented in Burning Ring of Fire V, the spade symbol is basically an upside-down b[l]ack “heart” with a penis going into it. The same priest class who brought us Vagina Day, will be [b]ringing the “Black Hearts” and the “Black Celebration.”

If you were a priest
I would wait at least
Up unto confession time and
Crawl into your box
Breathing like a fox
Hunting for obsession time and
I’ve thrown a lot of time away to be with you
So please don’t lock away your eyes

— Robyn Hitchcock

I left off a lot of the Ellen Page syncs in order to take phone calls. {*2} As said before [worth a read], not only did her “star” rise when she played Juno, but this year, they will be releasing Peacock, another strong connection to Juno/Hera. The following syncs to said goddess, while somewhat subjective, just add to the mix.



Peacock will be about a mismatched androgynous pair, Page and Cillian Murphy [no questions asked]. The first of the below shots syncs eerily to another illusionary-suggestive pic of Miley Cyrus [the first image in article], and let’s not forget Page played Hannah Montana [as Alaska Nebraska] in an episode of The Simpsons [featuring a 666, along with alpha/zed, hence birth/death resonance].


The Tracey Fragments is of course, about a mind-controlled person (Ellen) and the way it’s shot is pretty much an admission of it. Oh yea, couldn’t leave gender-blending out too [above right], cause you oughta recall both Juno and [emasculation vehicle] Jennifer’s Body were written by the same cunt [oops, i meant “person”].

Hence, Page’s ass-backwards magazine cover suggesting the vagina and the butthole are being swapped [as did the latter film]. Alas, while writing this I learned that Page was also one of the X-Men: ShadowCat. The character can phase between dimensions and her alleged “real name” is, get ready for this … Kitty Pride.


How much more pussy-resonance can one woman girl have? Adding to the Sex/Death Womb/Tomb track the Dinners/Podcasts have occasionally taken, is her death resonant image below [left], also from Tracey Fragments. Not only is she wearing the skeletal shirt, with the blood red jacket suggesting she’s been torn open, but heck, she even looks dead. {*3} The closing shot, also from Fragments, is just another “in your face” shot of Ellen’s, ahem, “little” heart.


Though I still haven’t seen it: this, ahem “independent” film, Fragments, ahem, “coincidentally,” runs for 77 minutes and took 14 days to shoot. Page’s character is 15 years old, and the film took 9 months to, um, “edit.” 🙄 Oh, written by an MM.

While I didn’t say it during the show, the Ellen Page syncs, combined with learning that 7/7 is another holy day devoted to Juno/Hera, and seeing that the Lucifer Project is scheduled to occur on that date this year serve a very strong case, and have pretty much convinced me that yes, Juno = Hera = Mary = Lucy Fur. She’s the Holy Mother, the most powerful and most senior of all the female gods.


Heck, the sacrificial HER-O is only one letter off from HER-A. I gather her vagina would probably burn up a mere mortal. I guess I oughta wait until I’m mortal [i.e., “immortal,” stolen from SP] before I, um, extract some energy from her. Case closed! What’s that we were saying about the V and the O last article? Bra V O. Well, there you have it, boys [above right]. Smoke ’em if you got ’em. 😉

If you were a nun
I would surely run
Way down to the hospital and
Cover all your charts
With decorated hearts
A palpitating ritual and
I’ve spent a lot of time on this to be like you
So please don’t lock away your eyes

— Robyn Hitchcock

The priests of Rome and the priests of Holy Wood, have long conspired to have us pay homage to their goddess in one form or another. Ignorance=bliss (not always).


So, we looked at the surface, so to speak, now those who care to probe deeper, there’s a lot more revelation taking place under Mary’s robes. Are my eyes seeing triple? There’s probably a good reason for that too, right Trinity?

the HOLY mother

I’ve included the lyrics from several songs I would have included had I done this in the form of a podcast. Some lyrics say more than others of the Vampire Queen.

My funny valentine, sweet comic valentine
You make me smile with my heart
Your looks are laughable, unphotographable
But you’re my favourite work of art
Is your figure less than Greek ?
Is your mouth a little weak ?
When you open it to speak
Are you smart ?
Don’t change a hair for me
Not if you care for me
Stay little valentine, stay
Each day is Valentine’s day

— Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart

After the show was over, it hit me like a brick wall. What is the highest honor we bestow on a soldier? A posthumous Purple Heart. How obvious can they [now] be?


When you combine what “the wikipedia” cites, along with Styigan Port and I’s last discussion about how the cunt [“country”] needs the blood of heroes [her “o”‘s], the below should make a lot of sense [and sounds remarkably similar to what a victim might hear atop an old Mayan temple]:

The actual order includes the phrase, “Let it be known that he who wears the military order of the purple heart has given of his blood [i.e., willingly] in the defense of his homeland [i.e., cunt] and shall forever be revered by his fellow countrymen [i.e., men bourne of cunts].”

Oops, almost forgot, the other accidental finding that really drove home the connections, hence the conclusion, is how the Purple Heart has 14 leaves. Well, while exploring the Lucifer Project, there was a rather strange 14/41 sync going [part ii of ii]. Well, we all know when Vagina Day is, and 7/7 also adds up to 14.


For myself, it’s starting to make a lot more sense as to why the military prefers volunteers over draftees. Not much has changed. Just like in the “barbarous” days of old, the proper amount of propaganda can make any fool sign up for the “honor” [one, as I surmised before, the ruling class managed to cleverly avoid]. [¿on her?]

In the end, it took me a dictionary
To find out the meaning of unrequited
While she was giving herself for free
At a party to which I was never invited

— Billy Bragg

As I said early in the show, regardless of how obvious the symbol is, and the constant repetition of the compulsion to pair the two [the “valentine” and the vagina], we still don’t see it. It’s fucking remarkable really pathetic/depressing.


Come to think of it, the term Cat-holic can be seen in a new light. Cat-hollic = Pussy-holic. Makes perfect sense now, no? How many Hail Marys will it take?


While speaking of relationships, had wanted to mention what a ludicrous concept “unconditional love” is in relation to them. There is no such thing, and promising that to anyone just makes us liars. Heck, it’s dumb enough to say “forever and ever” to anyone, but not to add an “unless” in the statement is just plain stupid [e.g., “unless, you cut out my kidneys and sell them on the black market,” etc.]


The Lesbian training program known as BFF’s came up in a prior article. The lesbian training film, Jennifer’s Body, also emphasized such a “relationship,” while cutting to the heart of the matter. Again, I really can’t recommend this wonderful agenda-promoting degenerative sick revealing mind-twisting yarn put together with much help from the omni-present engineers (whom read this blog) enough.

‘i understand how everything sometimes
turns out to be nothing,’ you say
but i wonder if you do
and if we understood each other
there’d be no need to talk
but even that, even talking is out of reach
should i say it with flowers or
should i say it with nails?
i’m not the kind to push you around
but i don’t want to make myself vulnerable
and if i was on my knees
you’d have a pretty good view of my skull
and i happen to know you’re carrying a chisel
but in linctus hotel
in my flesh hotel
i don’t care anymore

–Robyn Hitchcock

The following image, at first, just seemed mildly amusing, and held potential for a light-hearted closing, but it does reek of that partisan left-right dialectic so many fools are hopelessly entrapped. However, I think were we to ask Trinity her opinion, she’d tell us that “3” years very specifically qualifies [bam! ah!] “O” for just that.


Had brought up the Monologues before too, but I grimace harder now when I reflect on how the gullible mAsses believe the “logs” were actually put together by some woman who just happens to be called Eve. Their imagery [strongly] suggests they know [and have known] exactly what “vagina day” is. By and large, the [agenda-serving] programs promote “liberation” and “self-expression” via the “right” to insert plastic waste into one’s vagina [sponsored by the Rockefeller Oil Trust], female homosexuality, and of course, the mistrust of all men as lechers, cheaters, molesters and rapists. No surprises there, just another “natural phenomenon” to turn women inside-out. Proposal = a more honest title: “The Vaginal Discharges.”


“I vagina my vagina?” That makes no fucking sense. Literally! A weird bit of synchronicity brings Jack Nicholson back again, as somehow, an old film of his Terms of Endearment connects to this. If you recall in a prior podcast, we spoke of how dear [as in “my love”] and deer [as in deer-hoofprint/camel-toe] can be interchangeable. Hence, one could put forth a somewhat valid argument that “in” + “dear” + “ment” [relating to the mind] is a convoluted way of saying “mind-fuck.”


The poster certainly supports that. Carissa once commented on “the elite’s” fascination for the thrill of domoralizing mother/daughter pairs sexually. Now, tell me you can honestly look at the above poster [especially as a man], and not get the feeling the two aren’t giving you the “come fuck us” [or alternately, “let’s see that cock”] look? It is after all, for some reason, a XXX “term.” Another “hint!” Man, I’m hoping it gets a hell of a lot fucking better than “this.”

Hope the pics weren’t “over-stimulating.” Tune in again this Sunday [February 21 @ 10:00 PM Eastern] when I’ll be getting into drinking, driving, smoking and not wearing seat-belts. Yes, all of the above connect to each other intimately and every “free” person out there can’t lay claim that label unless they’ve at least once, performed all four of those tasks in unison.



*1: In case you missed it, I was on the Lee Rogers show on February 12th and we focused on the media’s sexualization of children [now available], among other things. IMO, the show went real well and though it may be a review to some long-time readers, it’s worth a listen and sharing to those uninitiated [in denial]. [LB]

*2: Speaking of the calls, had a couple of notes. As to Leo’s point about men not being able to be men and their fear to discuss it. A recent Jon Stewart show, as expected, devoted a segment to making fun of any men who’d question their emasculation. As to Michael’s point about the “friends” over “family” promotion, that’s actually one of the central points I’ll be addressing when I [finally] get into why “romance is dead.” [LB]

*3: Ellen is also wearing the colors of red, white and black, which per the Jordan Maxwell Camelot Interview [discussed], is used in film to suggest death and mayhem [the “death’s head” colors]. It was already noted in BRF’s Star Trek [noted], and vividly shown in Jennifer’s Body [scene not yet discussed]. [LB]

~ by celticrebel on February 20, 2010.

25 Responses to “Valentine’s Day is Over”

  1. Environment vs Sodomy: Doug Stanhope Vid

  2. Great show!

  3. Good show CR, I think I found a way to verify your findings on the social engineering of women from whores to lesbians. Here’s what you do, head over craigslist and go on the “casual encounters” section, go to the “women seeking men/w4m” section and make it so only ads with pictures show up. Browse it for a little bit. Now, go back to the casual encounters section and go to “women seeking women/w4w”, you will find that all the good looking whores have migrated onto there. I have tried this in the listings for different cities and got similar results every time. Seriously, you can’t deny the difference in quantity or “quality” of the whores from the two sections. Next time someone tries to deny the gay agenda when a computers around, feel free to use this example. Although I did notice that in NYC the w4m section is filled with hookers, so it would be hard to wade through all of that to prove your point.

  4. So… What happened to the Valentine’s Day post? Did it succumb to errr censorship or something?! Thought your first Oracle show was fantastic btw! Been listening to various hosts on there for a while and you certainly bring some new stuff to the table. Keep it up (so to speak!). Good vibes from New Zealand dude 🙂

  5. Great first show on oracle! I learned something about vagina day, thanks!

  6. Oh, Doug Stanhope. How I loved your bit on fishing licenses. Thanks for proving you’re JAC.

  7. Tony, started off good, but Doug lost me when he said “carbon footprint.” If you’ve been listening, that’s basically one of those words [like “antisemitism”] that reveals one’s own ignorance.

    The Fourth Initiate, thank you.

    Immortallywounded, valid point. But, I don’t even have to go that far. Every time I see two attractive feminine women together, which is quite often … that’s an open admission of the engineering. They’re obviously not gay, but um, “think” that they are.

    My fellow Celt from NZ, greetings mate! No, I temporarily pulled the post while I wrapped my brain around some stuff not discussed on the show. It’s back, and I’ve move your comment here.

    Anna, thank you. Good to know you’re out there.

    Mat, I really had no idea who the F stan-hope was until now … and well, see above.

  8. Crowley has a list of the prime numbers from 11 – 97.

    For 41 he gives -‘The yoni as a vampire force, sterile’

    The Purple Heart stamp = 41cents.

    Nevertheless all this media ‘love’ seems sterile, and perhaps that’s what it wishes to promote.

    The American female teenager – bored of life and proud of it

    also check Israeli film ” Defamation” , for an inside look at ‘how to make antisemitism’


    PS: Twist = Screw

    also Noah Cyrus poses in front of an Children with Aids / ToysRUs backdrop.

    The logo for the Aids is a child , seated with its back to the viewer , its arms bound within the twisted , red Aids ribbon

    listening to podcast – sonic ultrasonic sparkplugs,


  9. Doug is right, point those fingers in the mirror.
    People enable every corporate monster 24/7 then ritual pretend they can vote those monsters down every 2/4 w/e years.

  10. Good job poppin’ the vagina on your first, own broadcast. You truly made that valentine bleed and secrete 🙂 It was funny trying to hear you restrain yourself from unleashing the filth mouth (which truly suits you and these posts). Too many commercials, but at least we can jump them on your player. Looking forward to future shows… like tonight!

  11. Really good show and write up. Checked out immortallywounded’s suggestion. I have to agree. The more attractive girls were looking for women and unfortunately posing with their strap on. All in their early 20’s as well. Rebel, have you thought about getting a blog talk radio show? It seems like a better platform without as many interruptions and you probably wont have to self-censor.

    PS: Also that picture of obama reminds me of the scene from Sex and Death 101 when the girls are spray painting “death for president” on a wall with a bunch of hearts drawn on it. Not sure if you’ve seen it but it’s an interesting movie.

  12. aferrismoon, I left off noting the chance selection of the 41 cent stamp intentionally, but figured you’d catch it. Priceless info/addition about the “sterile vampire yoni.” Wow! And yes, the average woman has been conditioned to accept robotic machinations in lieu of feeling and reciprocal interaction (once discussed/complained).

    I recall that image of the bound dying black child. Very disturbing. At least Emily and Noah are gonna help now, right? 🙄 Yes, the commercials are annoying. Hint: they are always either exactly 2 or 3 minutes. 😉

    breezzy, I’m glad mat chose not to start a fencing match here. Doug seems angry and that’s a good thing, and he should bitch. But, in all honesty, he doesn’t get the bigger picture. In one skit he implies that terrorists are REAL. Perhaps, he’ll balance his comedy with growth and learning?

    Raffi, well as my local options are limited to zombies and automatons, had to “tear that shit up” in this manner. 😳 I guess some topic will have to get relegated to podcasts (e.g., how “fat” the average woman has now become), as some words there are no substitute for to express my anger on the subject.

    J, adding to what I said to IW above, was recently talking to some woman who said her teenage daughter was a lesbian. I asked what she looked like and she said, “hot.” Tried explaining that had her daughter never watched MTV, she’d probably NOT be think she was “lesbian” … but she’d have none of that. Am passing on your S&D101 note to the Stygian one.

  13. Liked the show. Wish you were on at a better time. I also think Oracle needs a lot less commercials.

    You need to come on Star Theory Radio soon. If you don’t, I’m going to have to start the rumor that The Celtic Rebel is a Reptilian pederast. Then I’ll photoshop some pictures of you with Henry Kissinger or something. The point is, get on the show.


  14. The first show was great!

  15. Great show on vagina day (notice how people are moving away from calling it valentines day and are starting to call it what it is, v-day).

  16. Doody.
    On Her.

    Semper Fi, Rebel.

    invisible sun

  17. Commercials aren’ t annoying , they exist because the present economy persists in taxing articulation.

    41 = AM via Hebrew letter.numbers , it means ‘mother’ after a fashion, as Hebrew seems to have a couple of other forms for ‘mother’.

    Sterility seems to be the effect of leftover androgyny. male and female unifying through compromise rather than through character

    Vagina rhymes with regina

    Always has done always will do


  18. Ferdinand, Oracle’s actually offered me a few time slots before this that I guess most would prefer including one 3 hours prior on same night. The present slot just happened to fall on the same time/night I was recording the podcasts, so I took it. The commercials are good breaks for the host, but a couple less an hour would be good.

    OK, OK. You twisted my arm. It’s ON!

    Steven UK, thank you.

    Emily, if just a few handfuls admit to themselves what the day is about, it will have been worth it.

    invisible sun, thanks mate!

    aferrismoon, just to add a thought to your stream there … this commercialization is also the reason we gauge our prospective mates (and even couplings) based solely on the material instead of heart/mind/soul. Hence, the “collective” celebration of our transactions. They’ve made whores of us all.

  19. Hi Celt. I find your work very interesting. Thanks for all your blog posts and podcasts.

    This little synchronistic nugget popped up for me today… an about about Silphium, or Laserwort; an ancient contraceptive herb that went extinct a long time ago. Here’s what I think is a pertinent quote:

    “Most of the primitive silver and gold coins from Cyrene were stamped with images of the silphium, some depicting just a single heart-shaped seed. It is thought by many historians that this ancient icon of unfettered lovemaking is the origin of today’s ubiquitous “I love you” heart symbol.”

    I’m not saying you aren’t right, but maybe there’s some clues to some other meaning here. Or not… It’s an interesting piece anyhow.

  20. I’ve found an article about birthcontrol in ancient times. It’s about a plant with the ability to prevent pregnancy.

    “Damn Intersting” that its fruit was heart shaped.

  21. The below link has some pictures that can only really be appreciated by the Celtic Rebel and visitors to this blog!

    Wrongs Ads [smilepanic]

  22. Keyser, see doctrine of signatures

  23. Alex, why do I keep getting sent your recent shows, the stygian port series?

  24. I mean “Damn Interesting”, not “Damn Intersting”, of course.

    @eugene: Thanks! This cleared it more up for me.

  25. Moog and The Keyser, odd how you both found this sync independently at about the same time. Hard to say which came first. Was the fruit found to have such effects on said area after its shape was noted [hence, programmed so in the holographic matrix], or did it come into being to address the purpose, kind of like mandrake’s effects on males?

    Marty, thanks. Much appreciated, and as you can see a couple made it into a recent post. I’d also like to thank one “wise woman” who had sent some of these to my attention some time back.

    Daniel Peter Skipp, et al, for some reason, either WordPress or the Google e-mail poster gets really confused when I post and article and then make it private while I rework it [as has been the patter since the radio show started].

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