Perpetual Adolescence [Stage 1]

As I try to make another timely shift forward, it is wise to look back and figure out why so many of us are “dead set” against, or more likely, incapable of making: that would be specifically what the title suggests; stuck in a closed degenerative loop.

Judging my cosmic events, I am exactly where I’m supposed to be, and my work is moving to exactly where the universe requires, I explain both ideas further within the show, as well as address some questions:


There are big events transpiring, and as my intro suggests, big events are ALWAYS transpiring. The only difference now is it is time to grow up, get out and be part of what is going on. There is beauty to create. Stop being a victim. I give you Life.

If you are familiar with my early work on the significance the Raven heralds, you may comprehend exactly what is happening in our universe and selves at the moment, but I will not repeat myself here. As quoth the raven, nevermore.

Note: On Saturday, February 2nd, I was doing an ad hoc music show, and took a break to mix with “real” human beings. Afterwards, I returned to have an impromptu “real” discussion with Ed Chiarini about life.

~ by celticrebel on February 6, 2013.

6 Responses to “Perpetual Adolescence [Stage 1]”

  1. So, I’ve heard that the Rebel Path has become great again.

  2. One of your best shows ever. It seems that you’ve gotten yourself on a very positive path, despite negative influences in the recent past.

    I particularly liked what you said about gray areas of research and how most people cannot handle nuance. Like you, I do find myself remembering Michael Tsarion in a very positive light: despite his tendency to bring up “The Black Pope” or whatever, I never forget all the insights into psychology that he gave me. His work on the history of psychology is airtight, is one of the most valuable and impressive things that anyone in the “truth” movement has ever achieved, and it shouldn’t be shortchanged by anyone, especially not by trolls who don’t seem to have learned from it. Maybe Tsarion himself learned to discern Jordan Maxwell in much the same way. Maybe when Tsarion was much younger he did learn some basic things from Maxwell that, at the time, pre-internet, he could not have learned anywhere else.

    About Terence McKenna, however, I unfortunately have to say that he’s one of the most useless influences I’ve ever come across. You said that you didn’t look into him; maybe you should, if only to get a glimpse of pure misleading New Age bullshit at its worst. I’ve TRIED to find glimmers of usefulness or truth in what he says, but I can’t find any. He is a total charlatan. And by the way, here’s something he had to say about males:

    “I would be very interested in seeing a set of social policies, tax incentives, medical policies, insurance policies, put in place to limit male birth. […]
    This is the way to feminize the human race. […] I’m a feminist. […] AS A HUMANIST I advocate a reduction in male birth.” – Terence McKenna

  3. Alex –

    I really enjoyed your show and applaud your new direction. It’s great to learn how you have changed and grown over time. You are an inspiration to those of us who have been stuck in the mud for too long.

    Much thanks –


  4. yeah so i saw the last couple minutes of this terrible show the other night… larry the pedo guy in the woods surrounded by young boys covered in mud cutting up and eating a dead moose. very disturbing and graphic. :[

    (starts around the 40 min mark…)

    an odd moment of truth from larry the pedo…
    “like a zombie eating fresh blood… look at him the zombie child from hell”

    of couse there are 33 episodes of this show…
    Larry visits Wisconsin to visit a milking house, watch a calf being born, take a bite out of the world’s largest cheeseburger, and visit a meat packing plant

    making “mud potatoes” with some boy scouts in the woods: (starts at 3:33… what else?):

    “i don’t know what we were on our way to do…. but we got a sack of potatoes and crisco.”

    “boy you got a lot of butter in there don’t you? :creepy laugh: you’re my kind of man!”

    picks up mud makes poop joke

    something about wiping his butt with a corncob

    “hey these kids making mud potatoes… don’t worry about them…. did you know over half the asstronauts at nasa were boy scouts?”

  5. Hey Rebel have you seen these awesome teen made, Jew-wise cartoons:



  6. Hey Rebel. I just wanna say I think you’re great.

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