When Right is Wrong (GoT)

The focus of this show was that being Right, can also mean being Wrong, especially when The Right is simply nothing more than a pre-programmed reAction to a series of well thought-out stimuli. Have you ever got the feeling that you may have just walked into a net? No? Oh, then you must totally be like Spiderman [and stuff].

trapped in net

The focus of this show [d/l free 32K copy] picked up where some prior shows left off: the subtle manipulation of our drive and our consciousness. The rather easy trick of getting us to walk exactly into whatever traps have been laid out for us.

Aside from the below memes which more than clearly hint to, for those willing to pay attention, the [long] con-game, several examples of how such manipulation can take place where provided during the show. Basic psychology may help fathom.

arlington roadwhite house down eisenhower

You SHOULD be able to see it now, IF you have taken a few steps back outside yourself. And if you haven’t, some good music may be part of the formula for helping you (some provided during show). Don’t focus too hard on the point of power you so readily perceive. Remember, power is but shadow and illusion.

yat-kha albert kuvezingame of thrones iron king

We can be as “right” as rain. But, it is about so much more than being Right. Clearly, when you step back and look at where you stand, those in the right, are the biggest dupes in this whole GAME. Yes, it’s a clever game, but a game nonetheless. And it relies on the FACT that well-meaning people cause, by far, the most harm.

anti gay multiculturalistspro gay multiculturalism

Got into some topics, which likely made several people very uncomfortable, and you should know, by now, that, that can be a good thing. While I do understand that I may have been a bit harsh, I neglected to consider that the now near-common occurrences of rape in the former Soviet Union, are not so … well, “undeserved.”

russians rapenu ham stupidity

If you are a true student of “history,” you should know that wherever the Red Army went, mass rape followed. The sins of the father may be being visited down on the son, as they have and will be for aeons that passed and are coming. We can only claim ignorance for so long. What you do to others, you do to yourself. Why is it taking mankind so long to figure this all so simple paradigm out? Why, oh why?



Note A: The version of the show [linked just above] is a High Quality 128K Recording. Your purchase of encourages the creation of more content.

Note B: This was the show that featured Metro Bob’s “Live Coverage” of the [um] riots following the Trayvon Martin verdict. And, in related matters, just found it kind of interesting that the subject of “peaches” came up during the Game of Thrones examples, so shortly after randomly coming up during the last Goldbug show.

Note C: The referenced prior podcasts that came up in the show were: Loosely Changed, How to Be a Man, & You Are a Machine.

~ by celticrebel on July 30, 2013.

7 Responses to “When Right is Wrong (GoT)”

  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BzZnHhK25Uc dude!

  2. Do you remember the famous Italian song “Susanna”. When I hear about family get togethers and bands playing, I rememeber this song. I think it’s powerful, unique and explains a lot about what has changed in the world and the innocence and joy lost even without knowing what the lyrics mean. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LdRba4hxjCk

    I was told it was the most popular discotekka song in the Soviet Union in the 80s.

  3. Thank you! 🙂

    PS: What were you just saying about “white supremacists”? Check it out:


  4. great show. really enjoying “Yat-Kha” .. and the GoT stuff was fun.


  5. Distinct from animals, who operate on instinct, humans have the brain capacity to form concepts, make choices based on this conceptual understanding of reality, and therefore to make the RIGHT or WRONG choices. No amount of outside programming can obliterate reality altogether, it’s impossible. You can deny that humans are able to perceive a complex reality and make choices and deny that ‘rights’ (the very condition of being able to choose what is ‘right’ for you) even exist, but the very fact of you even DENYING THAT RIGHTS EXIST proves that you are thinking and making choices as to ‘what exists’ and ‘what does not exist’ and therefore you negate yourself.

    How do you know if your choices were based on reality itself or a fraud that masquerades as reality ?

    The right choices tend to benefit the organism, the wrong choices hurt it. This is the root of all morality and ethics, it has nothing to do with ‘doing for others,’ you ‘do for others’ only when ‘doing for others’ is seen by you in the higher light of long-term self-interest as being very reasonable, very ‘right’ and therefore ‘GOOD FOR YOU.’

    On a more advanced level, you can spend your whole life teaching others things with very little salary and direct monetary reward and still consider this absolutely rewarding to you spiritually in the longer term, so you keep doing it. The intellectual exercise becomes its own reward and it is perceived correctly by you as ‘good for others’ and ‘good for you’ at the same time, if you are an intellectual of this type since an entire society and revolution can be created by your efforts in the future and even this is like a long-term project with each step of the way, each victory of the ‘noble cause’ being its own reward.

    Therefore, protecting the individual human’s ability to MAKE FREE CHOICES is fundamental.

    And that is the basis for rights being SELF-EVIDENT and inalienable. They are inalienable because alienating them results in regression into barbarism and anything goes ‘might makes right.’ There is nothing more to ‘prove.’

    This is the ONLY and basic individual right, the right to think and make moral choices unmolested.

    Property rights are an extension of the ‘right thinking’ that created wealth versus the ‘wrong thinking’ that lost it or the ‘predatory thinking’ which took it from someone who did the ‘right thinking.’ Therefore, the predator, or the might-makes-rightist, modern or ancient, is penalized and punished in this system because it has been demonstrated that rights-make-the-most-might and if he won’t learn his lesson, he risks being penalized out of that society.

    ‘Civil rights’ are group rights gained at the expense of inalienable individual rights. It’s not ‘human kindness’ to put a gun to somebody’s head and force him to deal with those he would otherwise not choose to deal with ‘for his own good’ or ‘for the good of society.’ Forced segregation in the USA was similarly wrong because again it put a gun to individual people’s heads and forced them to not deal with blacks and other assorted ‘others’ (the Irish included at one time) even if they chose to do it. I am all for free choice between people. If people freely choose not to deal with certain other people, is it your job or mine to force them to be ‘kind’ to those they have their own reasons not to consider ‘kindred’ ? We will still be free to proselytize to them or try to convince them of the virtues of this or that ‘kindness’ or ‘tolerance,’ but we cannot force them to be ‘kind,’ only to avoid committing deliberate and demonstrable initiatory force or fraud against others. Who are we to tell them they are not allowed to mind their own business and not bother or be bothered by others ?

    Lysander Spooner- No Treason, The Constitution of No Authority – Audio File

    [audio src="http://archive.org/download/NoTreasonTheConstitutionOfNoAuthority/LysanderSpooner-NoTreason-TheConstitutionOfNoAuthority.mp3" /]

  6. With the spread of the works and research of men like Dr. Ivan (the Great) Van Sertima, Dr. John Henrik Clarke and the like, it is clear that white culture is not being destroyed but white supremacy is. The history of the west and its Euro foundation are being exposed as lies, as fraudulent as the bust of Nefertiti (and plenty of unmixed black women look like her, much to the chagrin of racists trying to steal Black history) and its eating whites up. Enter closet white supremacy like this Tsarion clown with their “Egyptians were Irish/white” trash and the picture becomes clear.

    As a matter of fact, the destruction of Black/African culture and history (proven fact) by whites sets a template for what destruction of a culture is; until armies March in and decimated Europe and enslave its people while looting the land of resources, whites look like fools and racists trying to advance such a lie.

    At least Jews don’t have to worry about being blamed and targeted anymore.Lol.

  7. oy vey, another timely article published after a rebel show http://www.salon.com/2013/08/12/i_love_and_hate_dating_russian_men/

    “Not surprisingly, the attitude toward rape in Russia is still depressingly medieval.”

    Here is a google image result for Diana Bruk, the credited article author: http://i1.ytimg.com/vi/USE_9NxFEdM/hqdefault.jpg?feature=og hahaha

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