Will to Power [2]: Dysfunction

What you see and what you hear, both happen to be sensory inputs which are easily controlled. What you “feel” is another matter entirely. But, unfortunately for many of us, you have to regain your humanity before you can begin to trust that sense.

aleister crowley: the most evil man that ever livedhelena blavatsky: satanic new world order architectrudolf steiner: nazi united nations schemer

Continued from the previous week/show, expanded more on the mystery of the circle, and focused on very real, practical and personal magik that we are capable of. The show is playable below [download 32K version for free]:

Again perspective, as I’ve been expanding on throughout the year, is truly a matter of how much control we have of our mind, and hence, our world. I’m sure, the below image may look foreign, yet eerily familiar to many. On the other hand, perhaps the colloquialism about how all the lunatics are locked outside the asylum may, as far as victims of “the truth” are concerned, be somewhat accurate.

the asylum of truth

The SAD TRUTH is that most who’ve been exposed to the truth have been conned into identifying those around them as Zombies, while doing struggling to avoid confronting the reality of the below “dream home” they long since realized.

choose death: the coffin box home

Sorry for the delay in getting this out, have been quite busy. Should body be able and spirit be willing, Part III of the series should air on Sunday, October 6th.



Note A: The above download is a 128K version of the [free] 32K version included herein. Naturally, the sound quality is a lot clearer and a lot less “tinny.”

Note B: This is part of a multipart series: Part I (The Circle), Part III [Pending].

~ by celticrebel on September 16, 2013.

11 Responses to “Will to Power [2]: Dysfunction”

  1. Bruce Lipton provides the science that supports your thesis. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jjj0xVM4x1I

  2. The Rebel is back!

  3. Jews are the origin of STDS! http://www.akisstobreakthespell.com/whats-the-matter-here.html

    Yes, consider the source, some lady called “Wanda”, but I found her through InsideTheEyeLive archives page when I was looking for some quality talk radio.

  4. Steiner was into Nietzsche, so he was obviously evil. best new show so far. the giveaway is that the truth-shouters are always covered in it .. http://murderedbyapig.tumblr.com/post/64013128634

    nothing a man says before the word ‘but’ really counts.

  5. “Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” — Sun Tzu – 500 B.C.

    “All men can see these tactics whereby I conquer, but what none can see is the strategy out of which victory is evolved.” – Sun Tzu – 500 B.C.

  6. The strategy that has been initiated against us, the outliers (intelligentsia) of the unconnected and unwashed masses, has proven to be extremely effective concerning the alternative truth movement. We’re far ahead of our time, which is why we have managed to stay ahead of the curve of the collective groupthink for so long. We delved into alternative theory when the government/media explanations insulted our perceived
    ‘intelligence”, and through research and discourse, eventually we rejected the preset alternative media as well.

    So /i/who/i/ initiated the strategy of social engineering against us? Not all jueeden are guilty of conspiring against the ghoyim. But they seem to be benefiting from the conspiracy the most. If it is not their patriarchs, or matriarchs, then there must be a greater entity behind them.

    In the ancient greek myths, it was stated that Hercules slew the Hydra as one of his labors. In his fight against this being, every time he chopped a head off, two more would take their place. So he then devised a clever solution. He took a burning torch and fought the hydra zweihander. On his right hand he chopped the creature’s necks off with his sword, and with his left he seared the stumps so that that no new heads could be grown in their place, cauterizing the wounds and preventing the starfish-like regeneration.

    I fear that it will be highly unlikely of the world to turn inward and look at their individual selves as the reasons for the current problems we have now. But there are systems that can be targetted and dismantled, at least in the short-term, by any means necessary. The Hydra has one body, one heart. And engaging it in an open fight as Herakles did would waste time and resources. So the question I pose to you, oh Celtic Rebel, of whose brilliance this world knows far too little, and can stomach even less, is simply this: Where/what is the nexus of this Hydra of Evil? And will destroying it push back the tide, if only for a brief while, of systemic corruption and abuse we’re beginning to see in this day and age?

  7. @ SerTrollsAlot

    It’s not as complicated as people tend to make it, not quite so dramatic. The mechanism of control a few levels more sophisticated than the Pavlovian base of all conditioning arrived with the discovery that a “voluntary” conformity and obedience to authority is by far the easiest to obtain as long as authority defines the narratives. This is explained quite clearly in chapters 9 to 11 (coincidence? ) of J-tribe psychologist Stanley Milgram’s classic study “Obedience to Authority.”

    Click to access milgram.pdf

    Read slowly and pay attention. It’s all there. All of social engineering in modern society is different versions and variations of this same experiment. I’m sure they knew all about it a long time before Milgram. Milgram’s book was just their way of informing the public the methods of their own control and see if they can figure out that the joke’s on them, not on some ‘evil dictatorship’ far, far away.

    Peter Gabriel – We Do What We’re Told (Milgram’s 37)
    vid: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5XZ_5B5mJS0

  8. I know you’ve been asked his many times but I don’t remember what your answer was.. have you released a song list by any chance? I’m trying to source as much good music as possible in any language. I suppose that goes without saying, why else would anyone need names of songs. Hearing a good song once is enough and I don’t need to horde it for myself like some pretentious millenial who needs constant stimulation. Problem is I’m not good with names and cannot remember anything more to add. I’m trying to introduce people to something besides mainstream rubbish.

  9. I dont like You anymore, Alex.
    This makes Me like You even more. Damnit. The Circle is complete.

  10. Well I can certainly understand why Steiner would be demonized, what with his evil doctrine of rational, independent thinking. Here’s a quote:
    “Our highest endeavor must be to develop free human beings who are able of themselves to impart purpose and direction to their lives. The need for imagination, a sense of truth, and a feeling of responsibility—these three forces are the very nerve of education.” Chilling, chilling stuff!

  11. my humble tribute to you, Alex.

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