A Visit from Lee Rogers [#2]

Lee Rogers stopped in for a night to get caught up, and put an end to some of the untrue rumors circulating about why Oracle went away and when it is coming back.

lee rogers and vengaboys: european tourconspiracy groupie slut stamp

A lot of the conversation was dedicated to our former network, the krazy kids we dealt with over the years, and of course, the regular topic when we get together: how disingenuous, gullible, opportunistic and utterly vile most of our brethren in this [far from truth] industry are. The show is below [download free 32K version]:

We also got into the topic of today’s [Western] women and what the media has done to them. In “hind-sight,” Oracle was getting dangerously close to the edge of popularity, that place where groupies might be getting the logo etched on their backsides. That was as good a reason as any other to shut the thing down.

notebook twilight hunger games perpetual whoredom

The three above films are merely a small sampling, of a few of the films that I at least am aware of, that contribute to the ongoing problems of the forever ruining any hope of a somewhat natural relationship ever occurring between two people. Below, is one of the inspirations for the discussion relating to the above list.

The below idea is too swell a concept to just let loose. I hemmed and hawed on whether or not to edit it out, but there were too many cross-references to the notion throughout the show. Thus, it’s out there and I may as well try to own it.

big brother conspiracy edition © celtic rebel

We neglected to talk about all the nutters who came up with their own mildly retarded, yet extremely amusing theories as to the “conspiracy” behind Oracle. The most obvious of all the conspiracies surrounding Oracle is the uncanny one below, which should force anyone to wonder as to what the hell was actually going on.

the uncanny connection between the simpsons and oracle

The above is a test of sorts. If you can guess as to which former Oracle personalities ALL of the above are, it means two things: one, you listened to Oracle far too much, and two, you have no life. For those of you who didn’t work inside the system, or had something else better to do all day, I’ll give you one small hint: Lee and myself are not in the above collage…



Note A: The above download is a 128K version of the [free] 32K version included herein. Naturally, the sound quality is going to be a lot clearer and a lot less “tinny.”.

Note B: This was officially Lee’s 2nd appearance on The Rebel Path: the First was back in 2010. I was a guest on Lee’s daily show many times, the first being when Lee Dragged Me into the Oracle.

~ by celticrebel on August 8, 2013.

8 Responses to “A Visit from Lee Rogers [#2]”

  1. The audio quality of this show honestly sucks! 😦

  2. Thought you’d enjoy this, “Metrosexual Man”, by Blag “Jesus” Dahlia of the Dwarves: http://youtu.be/of89ZAfTWSI

    Great show, the audio isn’t the best but I still am enjoying it! 🙂 Thanks again!

  3. I contacted Lee Rogers after he made those horrible changes to this website over a year ago. Gave him the stats on what colors, fonts, layouts, etc., worked best (I am a professional programmer, but I cited industry sources).

    I was kindly trying to share with Rogers that his new layout was impossible to read. He responded with extreme viciousness.

    The guy is a complete asshole. Since you are associated with such a jerk [blah, blah, blah …]

  4. You’re confusing having more choices from perspectives of cultures different than your own which is a good thing, as long as certain standards of behavior and conduct are met, with equating the total value of all cultures. When this clever confusion is installed in your subconscious, you become incapable of seeing the deliberate weakening and destruction of the white European created cultures as a bad thing and confuse it with having ‘choices’ and ‘freedoms,’ none of which would be worth much without the crucial fundamental and foundational freedoms of the base culture beneath it.

    Multi-culturalism = Multi-standardism = confusion and the erosion of all real standards into a lowest common denominator.

    The standards that must be adhered to in order to conceive of and build all the modern conveniences of Western society can never be taken for granted, whether or not you want to factor genetics and race into it. In an ideal world, you can have the lesser choices along with the more important choices but it is not a matter of giving you a bunch of harmless more ‘choices,’ that is just a smokescreen and clever con-job, it is a matter of degrading the high standards of the choices you already had by watering them down and ‘equalizing’ with lower and lower standards until no one can even recognize what the true standards which built civilization even are and ultimately what true morality (that which gives more-to-all) is. ‘ In the end you may have lots of choices but these will be increasingly and overwhelmingly of a very equalized and inferior nature, like all the garbage in your supermarket, adhering to a very low standard: that of the proletariat of the spirit soon to be not much different than the actual physical proles of the communist nations. This is why they call it ‘cultural Marxism.’ It is to no one’s benefit but the International banking kabal of Jews who funded the communist blocks and the cultural Marxist ideology in the first place.

    [two more additional inputs redacted]

  5. The Quest for the source of Chaos, that many headed Hydra which controls world affairs, continues. What is behind the Zionist Conspiracy? Does “Magic” play a role in it? And which faction is ultimately guiding the world into the cesspool to which it has become currently? Only by understanding the source of evil can we hope to overcome it with a developed vaccine against it.

  6. Regarding the whore programming:

    Why is in the movie Idiocracy Starbucks of the future depicted as brothel franchise?

    Because in a Starbucks of the future, you will be able to shag a woman right on the toilett and it’ll cost you just a latte.

  7. Anymore shows to post? Getting antsy! 🙂 Sorry to bug, guess I’ll just have to be patient.

  8. I thought the sound quality was excellent. For both the music and the conversation. Someone else was unhappy with the sound; maybe check their browser settings or use another player.

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