Rise and Fall Ye Apemen

This week, I was joined by fellow human being Eugene from The Underground Stream, to take a look at the gloomy and potential future of nuhamkind.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes Promo

Our source of inspiration for this discussion was the remarkably compassionate, yet extremely significant recent offering from The Priests of [Dead] Wood: Rise of the Planet of the Apes. Fret not, this was not a fanboy review. This was interpretation, application and transcendence. This was inspiration. This was creation.

The opposite of reaction is flow, moving along in time with the Season Cycle, and instead of fighting nature and clinging desperately to dated ideas as we find ourselves cramped, confined and suffocated. When the time has come, let go.

Fetus Gate Time ContainerThe Cycle of Seasons

Caesar (from the movie) does just that. He becomes Cain. He slays his own vanity and in the process changes the world. In case anyone is still speculative that the film-makers were not in sync with Eugene’s hypothesis of the comparison between Caesar crossing the Rubicon to destroy Rome and establish a blood line that would rule the world, and Caesar the Ape crossing the Golden Gate to create a new world in the Redwoods, you need to take a closer look at the below imagery.

Ceesar Crossing the Golden GateCaesar Crossing the Rubicon

The conspIndustry definitely has a useful function: to redirect you far away from the type of topics discussed on this show. It is imperative that you ignore the obvious. Anyone who calls themselves a “teacher” and fails to espouse the all important lessons of empathy and compassion, is utterly useless to you, and either a damn stupid nuham or a damn good conman, telling you exactly what you want to hear.

Evolution is Revolution

There is not a single human event, not one period in all of recorded human history, that is anything more than a minor blip in relation to the amount of animals that we collectively abuse, mutilate, torture, and slaughter on a daily basis. Not a one.

Animal Testing Damns Our Souls

And, as I stipulated long ago, if we see the bars and fail to see the mirror, then we are indeed doomed, and rightly so. When our time is up, our last hope may be that we are left with only one face to acknowledge and point a finger at: our own.

Ape Cage MirrorMan Cage Mirror

I’m glad I brought Eugene on, for he brought his obscure perspectives, and from these came the moral of the story of Peter and Judas. That lesson, is among many, those shifting from one reactionary perspective to the next, will miss [by design].

Monkey JesusLight Input Subdivisions

Our gates of light, have many lessons to offer us, and if we meditate on them in tranquility and with wisdom, we may pick up cosmic cues. As I realized after listening to [and reflecting on] the show myself, the “noise” of the conspIndustry was very likely designed to help us make sure we, the monkeys, miss them too.

Monolith 2001 Apes

We’re too busy stuffing death into our π hole, and lavishly decorating our own hell, with the shit that comes out of our other π hole, or that noise we regurgitate out of our former π hole (you know, that shit we spew out and and label as our “ideas”).

Mark Ryden Angelica CarnisGehenna is the Aparment Hell we Create with our Mouths

A real teacher like Plutarch will tell us “But for the sake of some little mouthful of flesh we deprive a soul of the sun and light, and of that proportion of life and time it had been born into the world to enjoy.” A shit/noise merchant will tell us that the pope is the leader of some imaginary Babylonian alien fish cult. When we open our gates to the latter, even for entertainment’s sake, wisdom seeps like diarrhea.

Led Zeppelin Pederast Hole BonanzaPope Wears a Fishy Vagina Hat

The chains by which our enemies bind us, are the same rules we forged to prevent those who annoy us from interfering with our [temperemental] sense of what is “right”. The blame for sapping all joy from even the most basic of natural activities lies squarely on our own lap. We even restrict our own relationship to the water, that which connects us to every one and everything on this planet [and beyond].

Beach Is No FunWestern Beaches Have Too Many Fucking Signs

But, what is the point at this late stage of our [de]evolution? Below, Ceasar has apparently [blatantly to those with their eyes not covered with crud] grasped the lessons of empathy and compassion. The creature he is “feeling” for is one who is not even his own species. As for as humans, most are far from capable of that accomplishment, and a good many are so hopelessly stupid, we can’t even feel that for those of our own species whose skin-tone is a few shades darker or lighter.

Ape Empathy and Compassion

Some won’t like this film, for the heavy hand the film-makes took on occasion; the lovely mockery that is the flinging of our own poo back in our face (an activity us apes relegate to our captive “superiors”). Several thousands years have failed to instill this lesson, so you can’t blame them or the many teachers who have come and gone. It’s all part of the [meat] show.

Note: Here’s a few of the links to some of the mentioned prior shows, and [not mentioned] related subsequent shows: Wading in the Drowning Pool, Dark Knight in Retrospect, Event Horizon Jesus, Waters of History, and Snowpiercer Got It Right.

~ by celticrebel on August 22, 2011.

25 Responses to “Rise and Fall Ye Apemen”

  1. VIDEO: The Kinks I Am the Apeman

    reminded me of the kinks song, more like evolution pushing, it seems like this show has synced up with my adolescent mind set while i was in high school searching for compassion in a world full of competitive fuck, who would throw each other under a bus for a chance at a plastic gold coated cock up their arse. in my graphic arts class i drew a monkey smokeing a ciggerette and the text i put said “monkeys test more things than perfume”…. as if perfume was better for the monkey than ciggerettes….. ignorant children

    much love rebel!

    -Brian Ragan from California

  2. Celt,

    Thanks again for the opportunity. A gracious host and witty counterpoint.

    What makes us human, like Caesar, is the want to fight and the reserve of hand. Ghandi, and others, bequeethed us passive resistance only because he knew the power of the British Crown to corrupt armed resistance. Men are easy to corrupt with passion, pictures and appetites.

    Only those who see past personal passion, do not fall for compromised situations, and who master their own mouths and wants .. will eventually stick a dagger in the heart of Empire.

    It has been coming for a long long long time. Many know it. Vast hosts in the ground are still between worlds anchored to their children who will one day overcome. A cosmic hallelujah for this day. The hosts in the ground as you noted include billions upon billions of animals. All waiting for the trumpet of “683” to sound.

    That which is vain only wears a face. It is hollow and spineless in its core and will not hold when the storm comes. The parts of us, all of us, that are also built in vain, will be destroyed.

    The cosmic pattern of “zodiacal kyklos” is beyond the corrupting astral magic of the priests/pederasts. The bankers have no real power except a sack of money and hired killers. Once the money is all gone and the rust on the dog chain finally eats through. The printers will go “bye good”.

    Is it not ironic that the printers also craft bibles? The supreme external petrification of what once was an inward song, sung by all men, the true “son” worshippers.

    You and I and many others feel the grief of it in our bones. We are inwardly calling, pining, vessels of vexation. We must continuously remind ourselves to withhold our hand. Not totally at all times. Sometimes the choice will be plain and open and yes even honorable. The hold is not becoming soulless murderers. The vexation belongs to a hand gifted from way on high to bear the cosmic sword.

    The cosmic sword is not made of the kingdom of iron. It is made of soul and spirit. And is unfailing once it is drawn. We are called to be patient and to pray. Not like they zombies, put to pray nonetheless.

    We did wound me by asking me if I remembered the days I used to blog. I do wrestle with this. I admit. I take written and mental notes, I collect coincidental clues, and weave patterns in my everyday world. The muse demands it. I obey. My pallette is in transition. Please forgive my time of trial.

    If persons who listened want to see into my eyes … please visit my blog and absorb cut and paste wisdom. I don’t believe in copyrights because “there is nothing new under the sun”. We are all possessed of Legion. Good luck with your own demons in the house built of your own openings.

  3. i was back in the box. floating in the strings, there was no pain, no fear no anxiety, at first I thought oh, a break from it all, then realized there was NOTHING all emotion was gone. we want to escape the horrors and seek an escape but what about the good stuff? who is leading or pushing us to make the decision to put all our inner strength into finding the way out? We are manipulated into fighting for the right to destroy ourselves, choose an abortion, march for the RIGHT to be homosexual, we take part in ritual when we watch traveling chefs eat bugs and slime, idolize junk on pawn shop shows and road shows. I think “they” are starting to turn against each other, the system is collapsing on ITSELF. Have some faith, there will be many when “it’s all over” who like now, won’t even be aware we had a problem! What if you and I made a movie with a truly happy ending for all of mankind, think it would come true?

    Thanks again Alex

  4. Fantastic show guys. It was great listening to the two of you share ideas. The idea of “As above, so below” is paramount to getting us out of the hole we are in now I. We are all kept so distracted and busy and filled with inner turmoil that this becomes such a hard thing to do but we must break free of this and get in touch with our higher spiritual selves. Eugene, I thought what you were saying in the part where Rebel had his mic turned off and you kept talking was extremely powerful. You were on fire and I felt very moved by your words. Thanks for the show guys and in my opinion, it was definately one of the best shows I have heard in a long time and Eugene, you have a new member of your blog
    : )

  5. Earthen Paradise, thank you! Like the comment about perfume versus cigarettes. Many of our own well-trained monkeymen will never make that connection.

    eugene, I think we put together something truly special this past Sunday on a topic that needed to be spoken and heard. Don’t worry too much about blogging … you conveyed quite a lot verbally, and I will have to have you back soon.

    Nancy, nicely put. I do hear you. But, is nuhamkind still within reach of redemption, much less worthy of it? We shall see. Meant to get into the planting analogy, where few seeds take root, the rest serve only as nutrients/friction for those that do.

    Aaron, perhaps the phrase “as within, so without” would be much more apropo? One it connects to my work on the human stargate. Two, it denigrates the gods as it should. And three, it won’t scare our fellow primates who’ve ingested all the “freemasonic satanist illuminati” poison so much? 😈 Nice comment!

  6. Please read my post on why we don’t speak and write greek anymore.Really seems you did your piece on Romero zombies finally. We are the apes, zombies, slaves. We’ve had our consciousness shunned by replacing theos (consciousness) by divine (division) and later by god (malefic entity demanding bloody sacrifices), a transformation akin to change theory into diarrhea into gore. In the original texts of the bible, Iesou Christou may be translated into ‘I am sacred’ and his (my) father is his (my) consciousness. Totally changes the sense of the texts. In obrit (real translitteration of hebrew), the writing tradition was the same.

    Discussions then were very pragmatic. Big guys (gays :D) in clouds were barbar divinities, not theos (Satan, Lucifer and Zeus are theos, gods and divinities are not, Prometheus the promise of theos :D). The duality theos-daimon is the duality consciousness vs automatism (conscious theos: I go to the beach, not-conscious daimon: the walking that takes place). And theos opens up discussions impossible in english like : is Eros theos or pathos ? (in Plutarch too) Apocalypse would mean revelation. Revelation to us is the end of their world 😀

  7. I listened to your show yesterday and then immediately after watched an episode of the twilight zone which coincidentally was called Many Many Monkees. Even stranger was that this episode was basically a recap of what you had just said on your show. Here is a quote in which a woman is trying to make sense of an epidemic of blindness that is occurring in the episode. “blindness is happening because we have become monkeys… see no evil, speak no evil, etc. We have become such an uncaring society, and since we now turn a blind eye to suffering, nature has turned a blind eye to us” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Like I said I had literally just listened to this show a few minutes prior to watching this

  8. Rebel, if you haven’t already, you really need to read the works of Arthur Schopenhauer. He was a great proponent of the ethical treatment of animals in his day, and the cornerstone of his ethical system is compassion.

  9. As opposed to Descartes, who viewed animals as biological robots who only simulated pain and suffering. What kind of disconnect must exist within a person to come up with such bullshit????

  10. Marco Tempest: The magic of truth and lies (and iPods)

  11. http://www.celestialhealing.net/physicalveg3.htm here is a nice write up which details obvious physical traits of herbivores that we possess and the traits of carnivores that we do not.
    To suggest us omnivores is utter idiocy when the simple facts are analyzed.
    We simply cannot deal with or have the natural instruments to procure meat with no claws or sharp teeth, we don’t have acidic saliva required to cook the meat, we artificially simulate this process, our stomach acid is far too weak to break it down so there is no nutrition we can actually gleam from it, it simply passes through us taking from us nutrition as it is needed to counteract the toxic waste product it becomes in an intestine which is not designed for quick disposal of a rapidly decaying product but for slowly absorbing plant products.
    That is if meat actually manages to pass through us, as it can remain within us for years vegetarians are even found to still be passing meat after 20 years without eating it.

    This was an awesome show guys keep up the good work, what an excellent guest host. The union with kali the destroyer all right there in the name, much perhaps similar to the city of angles, anglers fishing for souls, angels, the messengers of jehova programming the masses.

  12. You are right Eugene, the fear of death keeps us enslaved (fear of cancer -> animal testing etc)…

    “When it comes time to die, be not like those whose hearts are filled with the fear of death, so when their time comes they weep and pray for a little more time to live their lives over again in a different way. Sing your death song, and die like a hero going home.” -Chief Aupumut, Mohican. 1725

  13. Hi Alex,
    This show was very intense and again so interesting. So are ALL your shows.
    Thank you very much.
    The pause after Eugene’s message probably was an intent so we could reflect on his words.
    About the Opel lope pole. What a symbolism:
    I used to drive an Opel Astra in Germany and on the one side of the door there was written California…

  14. Eugene’s comment above brings up a topic I’ve been obsessed with for a few years, when he writes:
    “..bibles. The supreme external petrification of what once was an inward song, sung by all men, the true “son” worshippers.”
    While “under the influence” of a psychedelic agent on several occasions, I became aware of just such an internal song that immediately made me certain that the writers of the bible were on mushrooms. I became aware of a “voice” in my mind, not my usual ego, that was engaging in an effortless monologue of truth which proceeded to the tune of this “inward song” or melody. I also noticed that this melody was present/intertwined in laughter, breathing, and the timing of natural sounds like dogs barking.
    My point is, I’ve also detected this same melody, artificially reproduced, throughout television and Hollywood productions, where sound effects, music and the delivery of lines inter-twine to perform this song, quite outside of the perception of the viewer who is like a fish in water. Christopher Nolan is a master of this. It’s so prevalent throughout movies that giving an example is superfluous (I also believe the ubiquitous “broadcaster cadence” used by every ESPN and TV newsperson is modeled on this melody to hypnotize the viewer) but the scene in Jurassic Park where the kid tells a joke about the blind dinosaur’s dog comes to mind. Spielberg also uses the multimedia-style cadence relentlessly. The friends who I’ve told about this tell me I’m looking too deep into nothing but I call to mind Bill Hicks saying “TV is like taking black paint to your third eye. Take mushrooms and squeegee your third f—ing eye!” I also recall Glenn Kealy saying the people at “the top” eat mushrooms. Not advocating! Just saying.
    Anyway, my two cents, apologies for the long post.

  15. London calling, Mongoose here.

    One day Ganymede had enough of being “cup bearer” to the gods –please feel free to imagine what that job entails – and poured out all of the wine, ambrosia, and water of the gods, refusing his fate any longer [LINK REVOLUTION]. The legend goes that the water all fell to Earth, causing inundating rains for days upon days, which created a massive flood that flooded the entire world [LINK WATER]. Zeus realized that he had been a bit unkind to the boy, so he made him immortal as the constellation representing the Aquarius myth. We are in, or entering, the Age of the Raped Boy; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kjxSCAalsBE

    Let the sunshine in? Justin Timberlake & Friend give you an idea of what you may be letting in… http://bertsboxofficeblog.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/friends-with-benefits-poster-206×300.jpg

    Mongoose out.

  16. Hi Celt

    It’s beginning…




  17. Alex and Eugene. Great show. After the show I decided to watch the movie and agree with your sentiments. The opposite of empathy…apathy…apathetic (a pathetic). Really, who are the animals inhabiting this planet?

    On the subject of underground societies and preparing for a change, I was reminded of a game I had played recently. It takes place in a post nuclear-war world. There were various, small, underground societies throughout the world. You can search and explore each of them. You find things to help you as you follow a story line, and there are also written documents and audio recordings left behind to tell you what happened.

    In one such place, the elite permitted apprx. 50 or so people to live in this underground society. Their food, clothing, air, water, etc would all be provided for. The place was controlled by a central AI computer system. 2 catches…1) they could not leave until the computer system deemed it safe…2) At the end of each year, one of the inhabitants had to be sacrificed. If the people refused to sacrifice someone, the entire society would be murdered.

    So you find that the people decided to vote for the person to be sacrificed at the end of the year. Through documents and recordings you come to find how corrupt the process was, who was chosen, murders/prostitution occurring to sway the vote etc.

    Once chosen, the sacrifice process was done by placing the person in a locked room where they would watch a short film about how their sacrifice was for the benefit of all, and they would be rewarded in the next life. Following this, 2 walls would slide back to reveal mounted turrets that would execute the individual.

    So the yearly sacrifices, murders take place until there are only 5 people left. Finally, they defy the ritual and refuse to sacrifice anyone. Upon entering this information into the computer system, a loud message over the speakers plays for all the society to hear “Congratulations, your selflessness has saved you all….the outside doors will be unlocked and you are free to come and go as you please.” Upon hearing this…they are all disgusted with themselves and commit suicide.

    It was just a test. Damn dirty humans.

  18. Celt,

    Vibrations in the air always seem to coalesce. Maybe Les Visible was listening to the show.

  19. Somehow related, fresh off the press (my disinfo alarm is deafening) http://www.google.com/hostednews/afp/article/ALeqM5jCExHB-rnK1B_VS1u32xTxtIhYLg?docId=CNG.1afeabe27b3fdf7baf43064d26e3688b.01

  20. Mongoose again

    Led Zeppellin
    1. Released May 2003 – “How The West Was Won”

    2. The Ocean – song on multiple albums

    “Sitting round singing songs till the night turns into day
    Used to sing on the mountains, but the mountains washed away
    Now I’m singing all my songs to the girl who won my heart
    She is only three years old, and it’s a real fine way to start

    It sure is fine – I blow my mind
    Makes me feel so good, yeah”

    Alastair Crowley? Are you shitting me? The same way you should not look for false enemies you should not look to false “heroes”. If you are into drug addicted sodomist cack eaters who use everyone for their own ends and not to mention suspected pederast and child murderer be my guest.


    Infinite love x2
    Mongoose out

  21. VID: Rectal Smegma Drowned In Excrements live at Mountains Of Death 2011

    case and point

  22. Mongoose,

    Alister Crowley was indeed all these things and a British Agent as well.


    777 is a useful tool. Crowley was not the source of qabbala. Crowley also distorted the Tarot. Qabbala is beyond his reach. The tarot is beyond his reach. The study and learning of symbol language is for each its own thing.

    Hiedricks, Godwins, Biblewheel, are all useful qabbala references as well.

    Many of those mentioned in his piece on Sodomy gave us treasures we cannot refute.

    Sexual programming. The death of the family. Compromised situations. Combine them and throw in some other hot coals of mans infernal invention and you have a very noxious, volatile externals. The key though is that we on the inside are these things. Many unwilling and unknowing but never the less culpable.

  23. Danny Diaz, thank you for the heads up on Rectal Smegma – I have jotted down their name and will ask my gran to get their last album for Christmas!

    Eugene, thank you very much for your comment. I love the fact that you are passionate and emotive, human, in your work. The other excellent aspect, connected, is that you create – like your buddy the Celt. I also agree with you that every human being has the “coals of man’s infernal inventions” within them.

    But (always the butts with this blog) I believe you are who you act – I am no saint but Crowley took advantage of the young, women & those who trusted him in hideous ways. He was the opposite of what I call a human, he became a de – man. With all due respect I don’t care about his wonderful occult breakthroughs, he caused immense suffering and had no right to – none.

    It would have been better if he had never lived. He was scum. I hope Ammit fed well on his ka.

    Speak soon. Mongoose out.

    nb. Water links:”wet job/affair/operation” – secret service ass ass ination term = to liquidate

  24. @ Chris – Love that Twilight Zone episode Many Many Monkees

    And also to eugene in the lastest Les Visible he mentions “it can’t happen here.” That is also a book written by Sinclair Lewis in 1935 which was reprinted in 2005. In it he writes how life can be turned up side down when a fascist or corporate state takes over. He hits it out of the ball park with this masterpiece.

    Peace, love and understanding.

  25. Not young but not frozen. First listen..never heard of you but man I am sure glad to know you ozone wise. My second was the drowning pool. Your great big smarmy ego belies the human being that you are i.e. ha ha made me laugh. Your conversation with Eugene was…., words don’t express how rich it was. I just watched a movie in which the female character says she can talk to people but can’t communicate with anyone. That would be the story..so I really appreciate it when I find people talking my kind of language. I gotta say I had no idea about all the subtle mind fucking we are receiving in terms of pederasts with an agenda, and scum sucking pigs who murder souls and cheapen existence when it could be so beautiful. I knew of some of it like Larry King and an inkling that it was huge but never thought of it as you tell it. I really thank you. You inspired some bad poetry on my part and I hat tipped acknowledgement..unfortunate for you to be connected to such mediocre shiite but I felt it my duty show respect. For better or worse you acquired another listener and if I don’t get what you are about completely I’ll go with empathy.

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