As Below So Above (Wisdom)

What is man? What is it that makes man what he is? What exactly does As Above So Below mean, and how does it relate specifically to the former questions?

mind body spirit energy

The Celtic Rebel, rested from a nice long vacation was back this past Sunday to address all of the above . That’s the show below [download free 32K version]:

To answer the questions, had to look back on the origins of man, and the origins or the understanding of man. Perhaps, even the origin of many of us lost souls.

greece origin mythology

Our mythology is a good way to look back and ascertain the wisdom hidden within for those with not eyes to see. Wisdom comes from experience, which includes the luxury of having made mistakes and the maturity to acknowledge them. The adolescent mindset is not capable of such, nor the detective work required to throw out the simple or logical in favor of the emotional, or outlandish.

tuatha de danaan irelandaliens

Hope the wait was worth it. As usual, much more to come on the new reinvigorated Rebel Path. Same time, different channel, making a difference.



Note: This may be one of the best shows I’ve ever done since the inception of the radio show. The above download is a 128K version of the [free] 32K version included herein. Naturally, the sound quality is going to be a lot clearer and a lot less “tinny.”

~ by celticrebel on May 8, 2013.

12 Responses to “As Below So Above (Wisdom)”

  1. Hi Alex

    welcome back. I played the song by Dimitris MitroPanos to my Greek friend Gabriella. Tears came to her eyes, she told me she loves this man and that he died recently, I had to stop playing the tune as she become emotional. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and music.

    Kim x

  2. I enjoyed your podcast… thank you. I don’t know why the RentaBois are so hip to destroy you… makes no sense.

    On another note: Spellcraft, it’s my thang.

    Oh the folly of not seeing what is right in front of you. Men are already Gods because Our God = Oh, you are god. OUR = Oh, You Are… get it?

    We speak the truth every day… get to know our language a bit better and you will real eyes, no matter which language you speak, there are commonalities and correspondence in all. From our lips, to God’s ears (who or whatever God is to you)… More here: – browse around, it’s a beautiful heaven we all live on…. we all live on… see?

    Since you are multi-lingual (wild word there !!) Celtic, the above should resonate with you.

    PS: Wow… 33 thumbs down (and counting, no doubt). Must be the RentaBois taking umbrage at the RentaBois comment, because, the average person simply wouldn’t care one way or the other. You must be doing something right Celtic.

  3. Hi Alex,

    Listened to your new podcast with interest. Wisdom certainly does come with experience but remember, it’s not just about acquisition – it’s about how you put that wisdom to use! Keep it up man 😉


  4. So I uploaded this show onto my little mp3 player and when I got to a point where I could listen to it at work it was like old times, except this time I wasn’t fussing at you under my breath. You “outdid” yourself this time.

    Really loved the poem too.

    A sea turtle approached our diving vessel on a calm clear day and it was being swarmed by fish, turns out they were feeding on the growth attached to his shell. It followed me down to about 80′ and then waved goodbye.

  5. Kimmi Popps, was unaware he had passed on. And thank you for correlating that human and personal story.

    Wanda Oreilly, nice site you have there. Ugh, bois will be bois (though, technically girls now) and do exactly what the collectivized heyna pack would be expected to do. “Its” [re]actions should not surprise anyone.

    Manfredo Mann, thank you. As to your personal additional point (not published), I tried responding but you used a non-working e-mail address.

    iamlonefrog, hehe. 😐 I plan on doing more shows of this subject matter and style in the months to come.

  6. Great show, really good to hear you again. Excellent as usual and the new format works well. Thanks again! 🙂

  7. This was a good show. I like it when you dive into deeper human and spiritual issues.

    Hey. I have a suggestion to replace your intro music/stuff for your new show!

    How about this song?

  8. Coincidence? ->

  9. Jehovah just monopolize the game. With the ultimate problem, action, solution finishing move he gets all of our energy because he plays both roles of God and Devil. I guess the greatest trick that was ever pulled, what is convincing the world that there is only one evil and one good that existed. Coca Cola, Fanta, Coca Cola, Fanta

  10. Hi Rebel,good broadcast.During the show, you mentioned, you had made a show about English language issues (ass-lick language) would you be so kind and tell me its title ,plz.English is not my first language ,hence it could be a very interesting and informative lesson for me. Thank you.

  11. A really good show….it’s amazing how you manage to put all this important information into a short show that offers so much to feel and consider…thank you rebel…

  12. What a great podcast. Celtic rebel i am very impressed with your broad knowledge especially regarding Greek history. However, as a Greek myself i would like to correct you in some things you mentioned that are wrong.

    First of all, ancient Greek and modern Greek are not different languages.
    Modern Greek is a simplified version of Koine Greek (The Greek that where spoken in the eastern roman empire aka byzantine empire) which in turn is a simplified version of attic Greek. Someone who knows modern Greek can read immediately ancient Greek from the original text and can understand many of the words (because they are the same!). The meaning of the text itself is more difficult to understand but depends on the context. Koine Greek is easily understood.

    Secondly, Ancient Greeks were not so different in appearence than modern Greeks. Actually, there was a propaganda in Germany in the late 18th and 19th century about the “aryan” blond race (indoeuropean-indogermanic) that immigrated from the north to the south and created the hellenistic and european civilization. This is a theory that cannot be proven. It make more sense to assume that the people from the south, the ancient Greeks, (which had better weather conditions) imigrated and colonized to the north and then spread hellenistic civiization. Note that the people of mediterenean (Spain, southern italy, Southern France, Greece, Anatolia) share same characteristics (dark-brown hair and eyes and white skin) and this is because of the common weather conditions. (The more sunny the place, the more darker the hair etc)

    Greetings from Greece!

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