The Power of Words

Words are potent. The PenIs mightier than the sWord. One Simple Word, “No,” can render the sWord imPotent, stopping creation in its tracks. Words are magik[all].

depeche modein the beginning was the word: john

This show was/is/will be about the words, the lingustical constructs, that we string together with our lingual extensions, our tongues [download free 32k version]:

The quest for truth and beauty, and the multiple uses of our tongue are intimately related. We may not be able to utter the name of God (om), but we do apply our tongue liberally in pursuit of both truth and beauty. As the “Stealing Beauty” image [below] demonstrates, one minor lingual misstep on the quest to connect to our creator may lead you us to the truth instead, and that truth is inevitably, shit.

the word om or aumliv tyler's vagina

What effects have the words of others had on you? What effect have your words had on others? What are the shared burdens of the recipient and the messenger?

inspire othersinspiration lantern

If you don’t seize control of your own mind, and become a victim of events, then you may not only find yourself surrounded by events that control you, but also looking at a face in the mirror you no longer recognize as yourself. Roger Waters created an excellent album and a wonderful movie about just that: The Wall.

the wall heartbreak and insanitypink floyd fascist results

Of course, there was a lot more to the show. Many [expected] tangents going off on unrelated stories, and a few unexpected slips bringing us back to the core thread.

binary wizardryno more words

Live. Love. Learn. Grow. Stay your ReAction. Choose your words WISELY.



Note: The above download is a 128K version of the [free] 32K version included herein. Naturally, the sound quality is a lot clearer and a lot less “tinny.”

~ by celticrebel on August 27, 2013.

11 Responses to “The Power of Words”

  1. After listening to this I started to wonder if I really have some masochistic tendencies.

  2. Bob geld-hof( “money bag”) is actually Jewish but all conspiracy stuff aside…

  3. I once missed out on taking an excellent picture of a police woman in a anti riot suit. Her hair blew in the wind while the golden sun shone on her and on the police van at which she leaned against.

    Just to share a little anecdote which ties into the topics police and women.

  4. “the letter killeth, but the Spirit giveth life.”
    thanks for another great show.

  5. Hey Rebel, you gotta check this out, he he

  6. I don’t know what Bob Geldoff is famous for and i didn’t listen to your show yet but I rememeber seeing him saying ‘fuck Jesus’ or screw Jesus on a bbc programme so I’m not surprised if he’s Jewish.

    PS: random clicks on homo



  7. In the Beginning was the Word
    Man said ‘Let there be more light ‘…..

  8. I haven’t listened to the show yet but I came across a cover of a video game

    So I looked it up on youtube and there was a comment way down saying
    “i don’t like all the homosexual references this game makes”

    I figured it was a gay propaganda game based on the title/cover. I noticed it’s linked into the Army Men series. The cover of Sarge’s Heroes has an army of green men and one sexy woman, the usual formula for luring in boys. There definately was a YMCA “in the navy” vibe to the series when I saw ads for it. Makes sense now why they would call it army “men”.

    Just sharing in case you’re making Don’t Go West 3.

  9. in reply to Juri on Bob Geldof and Jesus, go to 3:43 in this clip to hear Bob say what he thinks of Jesus. seems pretty direct and clear.

    and his gran was Jewish according to this article from the Jerusalem Post

  10. Back on the Rebelpath.I might call soon,you’re a phenomena in my book.You bat at around 80%,and with power(doubles,triples…) when you nail/hit the ” baseball “

  11. PontyPool Linguistic Virus

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