My Dinner with Stygian Port [3]

As I’ve been mentioning, Stygian Port and myself have been collaborating, and by collaborating, I mean talking about nothing and everything. For now, I’ll be releasing these “meetings of the minds” [i.e., dinners of/with “andros,” in other words men who are not gynic] as podcasts. Stygian Port has released his write-up of the [un]historic occasion [in stereo on his site]. More of me on Saturn’s Day. {*4}


Before you hit start on the below player, I would strongly advise that anyone under the mental age of twelve, keep far away [that would be somewhere around 96% of the population]. Listening to this show may cause hemorrhaging in virgin brains. Come to think of it, this episode probably shouldn’t be listened to by anybody.

The podcast will surely offend a few many people. But, seriously, if you’re the kind of person that’s easily offended, then (1) don’t listen to it, but (2) should you still listen and become offended, proceed to go fuck yourself. Here’s a download link.

I’m sure everyone’s seen Nicole Kidman’s scrumptious ass by now, thus will understand why it’s so hard to resist. If you haven’t, or need to again, here it is.


Devilicious? Perhaps. Actually, if you stare at Nicole’s ass long enough, you might be privy to see/imagine a stinking brown turd coming out of it. That, would put your mind in the proper context to appreciate this end product: Australia (2008). For those in doubt, here’s a scene that I missed upon first viewing. The little boy grabbing Jackman’s finger, and the [scripted] methodical reaction that followed:


The camera zooms in on Jackman’s “finger” as it slowly rises from slumber to full-mast rigid. If you’re one of these people that thinks this scene was somehow missed or overlooked during the repeated dailies and edits this film went through, and accidentally “slipped through,” then, well, you’re a complete fucking idiot.


The Carney Cattle Company featured prominently in this film. Their logo, could well be converted into a sygil with minimal effort. Perhaps, that’s already been done?


I must also thank a guru of mine, for appraising me long ago, that there may in fact be a deep occult reason why the clock is set to 07:20. Below, is a related scene from Jennifer’s Body, “Needy” cleaning Jennifer’s regurgitate off the floor.


Of note, she said “cleaning the carnage off the floor.” For some reason, it resembled “oil.” Black gold? Texass Tea? That will make some sense sooner or later. Here’s the related “carnage” from the Simpson’s Zombie episode:


Burger “Squared?” Well, every festering turd has a few nuggets in it. Part of it is advisement of the aware, the rest is a methodical plan to make humanity a willing partner in its own destruction. There’s good reason why films like The Watchmen (and many other apocalyptic films of late) are reMinding us, “You deserve this!”


As came up in the zombie post discussion (Bring Out Your Dead), Australia is Oz and vice-versa. Here’s Kidman’s impromptu “random” story that “chanced” on her lap.


Below, is the first view, of many, from the classic original that the flim-makers wizards chose to share with us [the audience]. Odd view/perspective, no?


Here’s a photo of “The Pearl” theater, just in case your imagination couldn’t well enough picture it. Isn’t there a toothpaste called “Peal Drops?” Coincidence!


It reminds of another “pearl” of cinematic lore, one featured in a film starring yet another “ex” [X] of the infamous Tom Cruise [¿as in to “to cruise” gay bars, right Johnny?], Mimi Rogers. It also features David Duchovny, an “x-man” of sorts, and the sexaholic [and utterly discreditable] poster child of human degeneration


Said movie, The Rapture (1991), is about swingers, sex and big Jesus’s “second coming.” The pearl, in this case, was an early sign some dude alleged to be “God” shared with Christians [X-ians], that his boy’s second coming [i.e., the “rapture,” hm, yes, grunt, oh, yes] was imminent. What a mind-fuck that movie was.

Alas, we close off with a picture of Hugh Jackass, doing a little “horse-whispering” to the referenced Capricorn Mare. Considering what Stygian Port said [in the audio portion], it should now be abundantly evident why the Capricorn Mare is black and why [¿the ass it rode in on?] is putting it to sleep [metaphorically, death].


From the Rainbow Serpent, whom/which lays/lies Somewhere Over the Rainbow, we transition to another ‘ole Nick [nicole], Little Nicky. Coincidentally, when asked where he was from Lil Nicholass said, “The Deep South.” Faraway and down.


Undoubtedly, why idiots invite the evil into their house every Winter Solctice (milk & cookies), and why your children not yet ready for the MTV watch “Nick” at Night. Thanks to a random comment from a lad named Dave, overheard at my [XIX] bar:

She said, ‘How’d you like to waste some time?’
And I could not resist
When I saw little Nicky grind
She took me to her castle
And I just couldn’t believe my eyes
She had so many devices
Everything that money could buy
She said, ‘Sign ur name on the dotted line.’
The lights went out
And Nicky started to grind

The above lyrics are from Prince’s “Little Nicky.” Analysis should tell you she was far more than some random slut he encountered. Of course, this movie had a few requisite X-boxes and dialogue cleverly disguised/masked for the idiots watching.


If you watch the basketball scenes, it [the process of watching] becomes extremely painful, for those who give a shit about the fate of mankind. The wizards make it obvious that the dumb-jokes (e..g, the Wanda Sykes one-liners) are aimed at [making fun of] the same idiots who may enjoy the movie. And then, revelation:


The above scene is cut to immediately after the devil says the above line [exactly what my Burning Ring is surmising]. As a bonus, the man dumb-fuck in the middle is wearing a [spirit-trapping] grid pattern shirt. Even the Matrix showed us [via the underlying story to the aware], this “Zion,” this refuge for humanity, just happens to be located in the center of the Earth and coincidentally, looks a lot like hell.


Well, so much for the “Jew Control Theory.” Those sad sacks have been just as brainwashed as everybody else. One of my readers pointed out that Chicago is located in the 60606 zip code and has tons of demonic architecture. Coincidentally, Chicago established itself as and financed its growth through the business of “meat-packing” [that’s a double entendre] and animal torture/slaughter. Hence, for billions upon billions of animal souls, Chicago has long been “Hell on Earth.”

Little Nicky informs us that Chicago (the band) albums played [ass] backwards, offer up some interesting invocations. Leads me wonder why they call the place “Chi-town.” Would that be Chi-Town as in Chi [Greek “X”] Town, or as in Shit-own?


In case any are confused, the film took place in NY [i.e., another OZ]. In my Trumanesque world, I am reminded of my adversary while Living in Rio. I called him “LA Guy,” and he was a piece of shit excuse for a human being if ever I met one. He was the kind of guy that would hug you and act like your best friend whenever he saw you, and then bad-mouth you and try to pick up your girlfriends the moment you’d turn your back on him; omni-present, womanizing and yet clingy [¿needy?].

One night, I [from NYC at the time] and my mate, Sam from Australia [seriously, I am not making this up], came close to beating the crap out of that fucker. A passive-aggressive mutual friend, would just make a point of asking, every time we encountered said person, “So, when are you leaving Rio?”

The point of the story? He [dipshit] was the son of one of the members of the band, Chicago. There’s more to the tale, but alas, before I moved on from Rio on to locales North[east], a drunken “LA Guy” who had a habit of patting guy’s on the ass, as I came in from the ocean, tried to take it one step further with me and get a quick probe in. In other words, he tried to “check my temperature.” {*1}


These days, I have heard many a media-fed moron use the phrase, “Checking the Oil,” which is a far more lurid, and disturbing “twist” on the former, as it implies “digging” in quest for something. Alas, the above promo of Kim Kard[ash/ass]ian, courtesy of Grace, who uses her vision to “see,” may show exactly “what.”

Note the extremely specific placement of the shadow of the nozzle/head of the oil rig. Drilling for Oil? Texass tea. I think I’m gonna vomit. Argh, words entrap me.


The above scenes are serious overkill of numerology and symbolism. Considering I mentioned KK [11:11] earlier, it’s worth noting that the K line in Manhattan was closed down in 1988, and that the movie was made in 2000. In other words, the wizards put it there for good bad reason. Of course, Nicky had a gay roommate.


The above, and below scenes are from “Heaven.” Wait, so the entrance to heaven is through the Vesica Piscis? Sex is Death. More vagina symbols please?


Speaking of, we all know what one has to do to earn their red-wings,” one trophy this Rebel can proudly claim his personal case deficient of. But now, I ask you Adam Sandler, what exactly did you have to do to earn your Pink Wings? 👿

To transition from one movie to the next, we move right from the rear pink man-ring to the female one. Below, is our [the audience’s] introduction to [or, first exposure of] starlette Anna Farris in The House Bunny (2008):


Years of programming, has convinced [i.e., mind-fucked] the average bunny that movies are disconnected unrelated independent efforts. Just the other day, some idiot accused me of making it up [my blog] for entertainment and shock value. How do you reach someone like that? Quoth The Rebel, “I don’t bother.”


The [upper] above caption is the one mentioned [in audio] from Little Nicky, while the lower two [above set] are from Jennifer’s Body. Yes, lots and lots of fucking rabbits. Below, is the main “hole” worship shot I referred to from this movie. Seeing that it [the montage] is dedicated to Lucy, I would guess that is the front hole; the one that lies “somewhere beyond the rainbow,” also known as “death.”


The follow-up is our heroine’s response to her prostitute cell-mates. Yep, keep repeating that to yourself Shelly. All that matters is that you believe it. Same goes to all the other playboy bunnies, bunny wanna-bes and pretty much every girl on this planet who whores herself out for drinks, drugs, a chance to sit in ViP, or on a semi-permanent basis in exchange for a carbon rock [aka, a “diamond” ring].


More bunnies. More V’s. More sixes. And alas, just like in Little Nicky, Shelly and her fellow revelers seem rather excited and happy to find themselves in HELL.


Wow! Shelly shops at the same store as the [other] chubby balding gay guy from Little Nicky? That is unfuckingcanny! For the benefit of one cryptic Eugene, they do seem to emphasize the “Dou” in Doughnut. He may have a clue as to why.


In other news: IBM’s been assigned the task of predictively programming the sheep that “the grid” is gonna be the new internet. The below scene is from Jennifer’s Body, when the heroine delves into a book she found in the “scary” [I said “Boo” mother-fucker!] Occult section of her school’s library [a mind association game].


The House Bunny, coincidentally, had its own “virgin sacrifice” ritual as well. By chance, the sacrificee happens to be tomboy Natalie, played by Emma [sync-like-a] Stone, the tomboy “virgin” star of that twink-fest known as Zombieland.


Shelly’s proud of her body and displays it brazenly. Of note, it would seem that to most people who might care [the males in the audience], only get to see her back-side. Which, IMHO, is quite nice, but cuts right to the agenda.


Females [in the movie], are the only ones who get to see her vagina. Silly rabbit, pussy’s for girls. Yes, there’s good reason for that, and that reason isn’t “chance.”


And they lived happily ever after! But, perhaps I misinterpreted the first time around? The new math: “an asshole” + “a cock” = “the new pussy.” True Love!


We didn’t really get into Dead Girl (2008) that much [a little pun intended], but the agenda is making “pussy” a dead thing to males. Guess they’ve got another hole in mind. Anyone care to venture a guess as to what that is? Hm, and perhaps, judging by some of the images that have now invaded your mind, I’m helping them?


The above [right] scene is from eXistenZ, and pretty much supports precisely what Stygian and I talked about. If they create a new hole in the human body [in the case of Cronenburg’s movie mind-fuck, as a game-port for virtual reality], people will shortly thereafter be programmed to lick and fuck it. “Hey Jude, don’t make it bad.” Um, is there a little revelation of your acting talent taking place there?


Thus, we end up in Jennifer’s Body. Ever wonder what lies Behind the Green Door? Do you really want to know? I created the above image as something fanciful, for my [and your] amusement, plus the movie strongly supports my original recrafting.

But, you’ll have to make up your own mind, whether I stumbled into something more, after looking at the below series of [real] ads from [innocent] days gone by:


Coincidentally [well, at least somewhat in this case], when I logged into myspace yesterday, I found myself face to face ass with the below image. Thus, I gotta ask, does that pair of jeans, worn by our dearest back-door “queen” Megan Fox, come with “skid-marks,” or is the lucky winner gonna have to pay extra for that?


I jest, and I don’t. I can only recommend you watch the movie for yourself. It really is an amazing piece of work, put together/subtly crafted by geniuses, to cater to degenerates [i.e., your friends and neighbors] and “truth-seekers” alike. It is one subversive piece of artistry, and tells me, that people involved in the project either read my blog in detail, or I am fucking on to something/everything:


In at least three separate [unrelated] movies now, I’ve notice these “X-lamps.” My mom’s been in the home design business for ages, and to this day, despite my having been yelled at for daring to suggest/joke at one time, that she was turning her business into a lamp store [it’s because they are a royal pain to unpack], I have yet to see a single X-Lamp come through that place.


There are plenty of “X-boxes” and “Xs” in this movie, central to both the plot and subplot. For those in “the dark,” here’s the first post where I talked about them.


Heck, it even makes a point of telling you that the two girls, Jennifer and “Needy” had been friends since the days spent in the sandBOX [¿from ashes or dust?].


Taking it one step further into my [mental] breach is the DK (in this case Devil’s Kettle), and my prior supposition that the sigil, ala the Dead Kennedy’s logo, is somehow connected towards bridging across/cutting through the spirit grid.


Of little surprise were the fire themes, whether foreshadows [left] or the noncritical [plot-wise at least] burning fools running about in this film. I guess I need to shift my energies back to closing off the remaining two parts of my [open] octology.


Aside from either hints [or implants] to the wise, the “box-cutting” metaphor is also a trauma-reminder for anyone dumb-enough to fall for the yarn about Mohamed aTTa’s Flying Circus [my striking conclusions on]. No, I’m not reaching, there were other subtle [and not so subtle] reminders for such lemmings. Case in point:


It was hard to hear, but the drinks Megan is holding up were called something like “911 Turkey Shooters.” That’s kinda evil. Moving onwards, or backwards, to scatological references, this film was chock-full of back-door/brown-eye memes. As a matter of fact, I’m gonna trademark a new drinking game: watch this movie with friends and every time an anus or shit reference is made, you drink.


Plan on being wasted 30 minutes into the movie. You may also want to bring lube along, just in case. Most telling, or should I say, subservient to the exact fucking words I’ve been writing about, was the below, um, observation from Needy’s boyfriend. Are you fucking kidding me? Dude, the “front butt” is called a “vagina!”


“Why can’t I get just one screw? Why can’t I get just one screw? Believe me, I’d know what to do. But something won’t let me make love to you.”

Wait, is that their way of telling us he’s a fag? Before some chance reader from The Collective interprets that as “hate speech,” I’ll add, “Don’t shoot shoot shoot that thing at me” [literally, or figuratively]. By “fag,” I don’t mean homosexual. I mean little closet twink that has no fucking business being near a vagina, and needs to stop occupying the time of girls us genuine pussy fans [i.e. guys who don’t think the pussy is a “butt substitute”], could save from being converted through the methodical disgust that builds after wasting their time with likes of the former.

“Can I mix in with your affairs? Share a smoke. Make a joke. Grasp and reach for a leg of hope. Words to memorize, words hypnotize. Words make my mouth exercise. Words all fail the magic prize. Nothing I can say when I’m in your thighs.”


He’s got a fucking “Tito Puente on Broadway” poster in his room? He’s a poofer! For the slower people in the audience, his Mom blatantly displays the tool she gave him to protect himself. Pink panic! Oh my God! Now, that’s funny!!! Hey sissy boy, why don’t you hide behind your little bitch? Oops, I mean “man substitute.”


Personally, I don’t think the below image warrants further explanation. {*2} It also dispels the propaganda put out by eugenicist whores like Planned Parenthood [and their mindless recruits/suckers] that “Hollywood, by not promoting condoms idiot wisdom is leading to more teen pregnancies” [hint: “not selling enough product”].


Ooh, time for a sex scene. About fucking time, cause my penis has been sound asleep since this move began. Well, “sex scene” may be overly generous, because it is a far cry from what the phrase suggest. Looks pretty fucking boring to me. Harsh lighting. What an unappealing camera angle [below]. That’s odd, isn’t it? Oh, wait, I know why. D’oh! The new directive for showcasing “straight” sex. Yawn!


Now, let’s contrast it to the lesbian scene that follows not long after. Oh my! How sensual. Soft delicate kisses. Close ups. Rhythmic movements, accompanied by a musical beat synced to the [pulsating] human heart-beat. How hot is that?


Her boy twink, was even scripted a line [another nail to drive the point home], asking her about those “four minutes.” So, I wonder if this will leave any kind of impact on the mind of the average twelve year old girl that watches this movie? No. Obviously not. Only a crazy conspiracy theorist would think something like that.


Also purely random, was the sequence of events after Jennifer came to the football player, the “toughest guy in school.” She undoes his pants, and just when she touches his cock [not depicted, as the camera cuts to him, and he makes that goofy boy face all of us guys make when the curious soft hand touches our unit]. Jennifer then [while she’s stroking him] asks him the below question:


Coincidentally, said lad’s name is “Jonas.” A remote connection through this pile of crap is that JB is short for Jennifer’s Body and the Jonas Brothers, who share the same feminine build and “hair-style” as the virgin Emma’s “twink” from Zombieland. You hear that sound? That’s the sound of one of the elites pounding himself some Jonas Brother twink-hole as your ass is reading this. There are three of them, so odds are, that’s a safe bet to make whatever time day or night.

Had to include the below images. The one to the left speaks to my theory of the real definition of the word “hero” [more on that in an upcoming CR/SP podcast]. Also, the whole spiel by her mother [right] syncs to another old post of mine.


There’s also the potential that “needy” serves the role of a converted truth-seeker on one level. At the beginning we’re shown her being part of the apparatus, spreading disinfo [basically, ALL news headlines]. Later, she learns for herself [the radio scene] that the media lies and confronts other “mainstream” believing morons on “the truth.” And, like many of us, gives up, realizing it is a lost cause.


Speaking of the band, “Low Shoulder,” they justified their sacrifice of the [by no means a] virgin, by saying something to the effect of, “How do you think Maroon 5 got to where they are.” I’ve never heard of that band, and am not interested.

The Rolling Stone cover says loud and clear: “This band [their music] sucks ass.” [I’m suggesting that in the old fashioned negative connotation. Did I just date myself?] Anyway, the subsequent image says a HELL of a lot about their loyalties. Note the Vescicas and the chance intersection of the V above the Double-V.


Again, I seriously doubt that either of the below scenes were in any way conjecture. Well, unless by “conjecture,” you mean spell-casting; the intentional placement of images and words to serve the goals of the wizards [servants of the priest class].


Near the end, the “BFF” bond is broken/severed. I think Stygian is addressing the necklace in more detail, so I’ll skip it [the lesbian promotion meme-lette]. The BOXcutter is put to good use, being thrust deep into the box/heart/vagina. The blood starts to flow. Jennifer’s hymen/sliver [¿silver cord?] is broken; for good this time [i.e., “forever”]. Again, the penis/knife metaphor surfaces; just a little more overt this time around at The Holy Wood’s Box Office [Orifice]. {*3}


“City’s restless. It’s ready to pounce. Here in your bed from ounce to ounce. Sayin’ oh my my my my my mo my mother. I would love to love you lover. I’ve given you a decision to make. Things to lose, things to take. Just as she’s about ready to cut it up. She says: Wait a minute honey I’m gonna add it up. Add it up. Add it up.”

Alas, we have the discussed escape scene. Holy Butt-Fucking Virgin Mary, God-Damn Mother of the Overdue Antichrist! It really, just blows me away. Not only does she tear a hole in the grid, but afterwards tears another hole in the outer grid, speaking to the box within the box, the matrix within the matrix suggestion that Stygian and I were discussing in one of the prior shows [coming soon].


Now, I don’t quite know what to make of this. I’m not going to say it’s “good,” nor that it’s “bad.” Worth noting: she was wearing the bunny slippers during her escape [clearly demonstrated], which suggests the way out is through Lucy Für.

Two, what she does after she escapes [goes on a murder/revenge spree], is hard to justify in terms of spiritual escape, unless it was thrown in by one of the mindless, yet influential marketing people involved with the film on some level. In retrospect [post-publication], it [the end] makes a lot of “sense,” when one considers the subversive nature of the wizards [see my comment on other stereo channel].


Speaking of people involved, the credits tell us a lot, while directly reVeiling plenty. For example, they inform the audience that they are being fucked with. C’mon, are those real names or what? There’s actually some guy named Tummy Plucker? Please! I can safely say though, that some of the best minds in the business of wizardry and social engineering [the hidden hands] were involved in this project.

I highly recommend Jennifer’s Carcass. Not as a movie, because on that level, it sucks ass [literally and metaphorically]. However, if you watch it as one might watch an autopsy, and dissect layer upon layer of it, you may learn something. However, I do understand that watching an autopsy is not for everyone.

Well, that’s it for now. It shouldn’t take too long to put our other “Dinners With Andros” out, as none will require anywhere near the volume of support this one did. Let us know what you thought.


:: :: :: :: ::


*1: You have no idea how personally intimate some of the Oz themes in these films connect with events in my life, and won’t cause I won’t share them unless you find yourself sitting opposite me and picking up the tab for our drinks.

As for Los Angeles guy, I heard he left Rio some time after me. Looking back, the guy probably hated me cause we always despise that which we can’t have. Fortunately, for him, the night Sam and I were gonna “pound him,” the secondary plan was to toss him into a river of shit by Leblon [Rio’s sanitation leaves much to be desired]. I shit you not! As is common in Brasil, where “plans” are utterly meaningless, our scheme was tossed out the window shortly after we hooked up with two lovely creatures in said pub. [LB]

*2: Stygian Port reprimanded me on said issue in one of these shows, reminding me that not “everyone” has looked into the issue or read my article on the topic. [LB]

*3: The first show I did dealing with the penis as a knife metaphor was the one where Heath Ledger “twists” his thrusting dagger up into Christian Bale’s netherhole. Worth a listen. I normally wouldn’t do this, but this “black guy” should probably “help out the white guys,” who may not be rhythmically inclined to follow my mental dance moves regarding the lyrics from the Violent Femme’s “Add It Up.” To get you started:

  1. the song popped into my head right after I wrote “vomit” and found myself trapped by/mired in language [“words all fail”]
  2. a “city” (as in “ready to pounce”) is, per Tsarion, based on the word cetis, which is an old term for vagina
  3. Jennifer’s “mother” enters her bedroom as she is dying/slipping away from this world, hence mother, lover, Capricorn and Cancer gates all present
  4. “cut it up” is what one might do with a knife/penis
  5. “add it up” connects us back to the closing image from The House Bunny

Don’t forget to start with the right brain/foot, else you’ll muck it up instead of add it up. The rest should be relatively obvious in relation to the context around them. [LB]

*4: I will be a guest on the Iconoclast Report this Saturday on Oracle Broadcasting. The show airs at from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM, and I should be making an appearance, morning coffee in hand at around 3:00 PM (Eastern Time). From what I understand, the topics I will be asked about are Mind Control, Disney and Miley “are you fucking” Sirius? [LB]

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  1. You guys are fucking crazy, stop reading into all this stuff! Jennifer’s Body was the best movie ever and I would love to pound Meagan Fox’s loose anus!!


    I like some of the new musical additions to the podcast, and the lyrics quoted throughout this. Nice pic from eXistenZ too. I wish I knew there was a volcano sacrifice in House Bunny(!), because I do bring up volcano’s oddly enough.

    The “gird pattern” shirts are an interesting find. It’s the harlequin design, and “Harley Quinn” is the Joker’s sidekick.

    A couple of synchs to Bill Murray’s movie Stripes: Bill’s character listens to Tito Puente albums. Also the words in your third footnote (this “black guy” should probably “help out the white guys,” who aren’t rhythmically inclined) is also a line in that movie.

    So, lets wait for the hate mail and angry comments to roll in… 😉

  2. to add to the Chicago part of your post…

    do you know what the “acorn” symbolizes? Check out chicago’s Millenium park on google maps. It is a friggen acorn. Obama and ACORN have some connection. I have no idea.
    Have you seen the new V miniseries? That show is overflowing with material to critique. well, the V on the cover of the promo shot is pointing at the acorn in Chicago…

  3. hi rebel, great podcast 🙂 , Im really interested to hear more about Lana Cantrell and what she says, i would love to get her book, (the one you are reading) but im not sure if they are still printing them anymore, and about the simpsons zombie episode, i meant to watch that one, but i missed it 😦 , ill probly find it somewhere on youtube.. also, very interesting about the Australia movie, i havent seen it, but i knew there would be a smorgasbord of things in there,
    as always, an exellent post too. 😉

  4. Nice job with this, it was a pretty entertaining listen. One of you made a really good point about “anti-semitism”. I just managed to get into Curb your Enthusiasm during a point in my life where I experienced many stupidly awkward social situations and I could relate to the show’s main source of humor. I was never a huge Seinfeld fan… I can totally see why you wouldn’t like CYE though.

    Oddly enough, I caught a really bad movie on SyFy called “Death Tunnel” (deconstruct that title as you will) which featured the same red X over the woman’s stomach motif as Jennifer’s Body (shortly after listening to the podcast btw), except this X was more of a plus sign, or a cross (rather than the X tilted cross). I’m pretty sure it was “symbolic” of the woman killing her baby or something. It was hard to tell what anyone was saying.

    She actually says “I’m going to eat your soul and shit it out” in Jennifer’s Body? How does anyone watching this with their left brain, like 99% of the audience, leave the theater with any reason to live (not that they had one before)? It’s really sad that someone let their 12 year old daughter watch that, I don’t think children should be anywhere near the trash that’s being whored out as “movies” these days.

    I saw Little Nicky when it first came out. It’s Adam Sandler, what more needs to be said… Did you notice the gay romance between the hairy demon and the guy with breasts on his head? And did you notice where they shoved that pineapple into Hitler? The movie’s quite clear about where your consciousness is supposed to be focused while watching it.

  5. ViolatoR, surprisingly, there’s been no expressed negative reactions so far, outside the predictable missives from two-longtime stalkers, coincidentally one of whom goes by a name that metaphorically translates to “anal discharge” and the other, a “name that is always gay” [pet last post]. Hm, maybe I should introduce the them so they can get together and do whatever it is one who hates me might? Regardless, they are reading, as one shared this link about a mind-controlled fox.

    Everett’s broadcast the show on Mystic Politics twice so far, and hasn’t received a “cease and desist” from the ADL yet, but did note, several listeners dropped off after the intro. 🙂

    r, had forgotten that the ambiguously gay duo of Orama and Emmanuelle hailed from Shit-own. The acorn logo kind of reminds me of Ma Bell. Have yet to see the new “V” mass psyche warfare airing.

    Anna, thanks. Here’s a link to that Treehouse of Horror XX episode. Oddly, considering what I’ve written of, it starts with Heath Ledger and SpongeBob costumes, Homer as “the gay blade,” piercing a doughnut and the term “criss-cross.” 😥

    Tommy, Curb Your Enthusiasm, regardless of some of the predictable Zionist-agenda promotion (which I’d hazard comes from Larry’s personal programming versus intent), is sometimes amusing. Of note, the episode dealing with incest survivors was pretty funny.

    Yea, come to think of it there’s probably some weird [an rather revealing] sync between the Gay Nazi SpongBob, Hitler, a pineapple/pineal gland and all of our minds/heads being collectively shoved up the rectum.

  6. Yes, finally.

    Very very excited to actually ear this.


  7. Thanks Celtic Rebel, another great analysis! When in the past I couldn’t wait for the next episode of whatever mindless show to come out, I now can’t wait for you to update your blog. Please never stop what you are doing! Take care!

  8. good job celtic.
    wow.!!! i like it!.

    We are nothin more than people auto-hipnotized by the emotional value of the interpretation that people, the tv, etc, gave to us. And that is because there is no questioning, as the life goes on. You crash with the law of the accident in which then as you are in the point of: look what i did! what a shit i am and then. EXCUSE ME YOU RE WHAT???? ME???? THAT SHIT THAT I DID IS ME??? REALLY???

    but you cant stop repeating yourself until knowing yourself.
    i think that not so many people will arrive to this line because they will continuue to other part

  9. In the UK Daily Telegraph they always have big ads in the bottom right of the spread that feature a big-ass Orange-coloured thing. Now British Gas (Lucifer) has a new TV ad kicking off with a giant polygonic spiky orange sphere. No obvious reason. The ads have a theme of travelling to nice cosy asteroids in space… this ain’t just about safety in Oz, it’s a House of Orange thing too.

    Pink is obviously a synthesis of red n white that is of deep fascination to the Luciferians. See the red n white stripes, Crowley’s blood n spunk… an exploration of this, Celtic Rebel? Solar secrets…

  10. Corbeau, hope it was worth the wait.

    Abraxas Con IX, cool name. Thanks. Your words/sentiments are appreciated.

    cig, ola meu amigo de america do sul. While language is a barrier allowing clear epxression of your thoughts here, what you manage to express is clearer than what 96% of the world’s English speaking poplulation could express in any language. I hear you brother.

    Skipp, perhaps you are right, if Madonna’s canopy of blood and semen is swirled enough, we’re right back in the pink. Which, colloquially speaking, is a good place to be. 😀

  11. Wow great job Celtic this(podcasts with you & SP) really should be a weekly thing. I don’t know if this is that note worthy but that deadgirl movie reminded me of “Crash” and no not the shitty one that came out a couple of years ago. This one.

    I shit you not this movie was directed by the same director of eXistenZ and is about a group of people that have a car crash fetish. They get together and reenact famous car crashes(like James Dean) and proceed to masturbate and fuck each other. I bring it up because about 3/4s of the way in, James Spaders character is alone with Rosanna Arquette and she got in to a bad crash that left a disgusting gash on her leg that resembles a vagina. I think you know where this is headed, he fucks her in it. It might be worth a rent. Also thanks for not being a little faggot and worrying about offending retards who were programmed to find offense in everything.

  12. This blog has done me in. I can’t watch three minutes of a TV show or movie without seeing some kind of symbolic whatsis or making a connection that disturbs me…not that there is much worth watching these daze. 😛

  13. I’m glad you left that story about the dying girl in the podcast. The fact that her dying wish was to meet “Hannah Montana” may be the reason she developed cancer in the first place. I think maybe her higher self/soul realized this was a wasted incarnation and decided to pull up stakes. (Let the hate mail flow).

  14. I grew up watching Robocop five times a week on VHS, with aliens and predators and terminators thrown in for good measure. This is my psyche and I know its fucked, but compare it to an ego-scaffold made from today’s pop culture. We are so screwed! I think Jennifers body had a lot in common with lars von triers antichrist, which is a sleazy nasty film but at least it tries to say something. Female energy becomes toxic in captivity. We end up with gynocide, the bad mother, lunacy. Seems like most films are just showing us the punishments that await us if we won’t accept some bullshit saviour. Maybe by passsively watching we are shaping the cultural meltdown. Maybe the vampire waits for our ignorance, not our consent.

  15. Immortallywounded, ah, I had forgotten Cronenberger’s [other] sordid tale of deabuchery. I don’t remember that scene (it’s been a long time), but it sounds about right. Appreciate the supportive words for being bold enough to take the pink dresses of political correctness off.

    sam, so sorry to ruin your mind-control experience. 😉 After all, this IS what TV is for.

    Mat, thanks for commenting in on a decision I had misgivings about, but felt needed to be said. You may be right. The soul can only tolerate so much of this path of meaninglessness.

    B.L.Donnelly, the exposure of today’s teen movies compared to yesteryears is quite striking. It’s like rewatching the scene from Pretty in Pink where the boy holds up her panties in front of the nerds, except there’s a pronounced chocolate skidmark visible to all. Our ignorance is our consent, no?

  16. In an interview with The New York Times Megan Fox explained why Jennifers Body bombed. Because its a girl power film about a demon… mainstream America rejected it. She tells them quote; “The movie is about a man-eating, cannibalistic lesbian cheerleader, and that pretty much eliminates middle America. It’s obviously a girl-power movie, but it’s also about how scary girls are. Girls can be a nightmare.”

    Check out the New York Times article titled “The Self-Manufacture of Megan Fox” By LYNN HIRSCHBERG: How America’s leading starlet made herself up for the multimedia age.

    I mean what can I say… Megan Fox is a fox. And not just in the way you might think.. LOL

  17. Awesome stuff. Thought for the day……It’s all Alchemical sort of. That is to say, Theories such as Richard C. Hoagland’s interdimensional energy flow dictates that just as the Sun goes up and down, so to do we re-enact the Mythos over & over because we are it & it is us. It is reflected in the Media & in Synchronicity of certain dates & numbers. After some thought on the matter, I’m not sure how much of what we see is crafted . If you listen to Patti Smith’s other worldy ramblings (particularily “25th Floor” where she muses that; “The transformation of waste is perhaps the oldest pre-occupation of man. Man being the chosen alloy, he must be reconnected—via shit, at all cost”) & then hear her in interviews stating that she ‘channels’ lyrics & has even manifest the thoughts of a dog in song(!) You’ll start to see where i’m coming from. This is all us -not just through programming – but inherently.

    Or maybe not ha ha….

    Otherwise, why do they keep letting us in on the secret?

  18. ‘X-Box’ could be a traditional pyramid as viewed from above. (-__-)


  19. Maybe 42 and the colour red have significance when considering chi cultivation, or spirit power. Chi is conveyed by and permeates through the blood. Blood for the blood god or maybe grist for the mill?

  20. Deciph, wow, that’s some article. This tale narrated by YAJ, is quite revelatory. In conjunction with the prior article about Meg’s schizophrenia, this one tells us she was born in Oak Ridge [a secretive spook town, written of as an MK site by many], has a “we will all laugh at gilded butterfiles,” her Wizard of Oz programming, and more.

    It, of course, paints the myth of the randomness with which stars are made, while using coded language for insiders, i.e., “a fox .. not just in the way you might think.” Weird syncs: her tattooing the name of her 36 yo bf “next to [her] pie.” That would be Pi, aka π. 😯 Then there’s the comparison of director Michael Bay, one of the servants of dis charged with shoving humanity head/man up the shit-hole, with Hitler. 😡

    Oh, and I guess I was wrong on the length of the lesbian scene. 64 seconds it said. Randomly, selected, I’m sure.

    David, you’re one step ahead, or one step behind, depending on which order you listen to this set of podcasts in. That topic is precisely what SP/CR discuss in their/our next/prior show. Got that? ❓ Is that the same Patti Smith who wrote Pissing in a River?

    And by “us,” do you mean the tiny minority left with the ability to even slightly comprehend these revalations? Or, is the majority simply extras in our respective Truman sets, hence unconcerned with the script. Your last question/stipulation IS the big one.

    Hi Rebel4E, I will get to some of your comments on older posts in time. Someone brought up what you said before. Depending on framing/context it can be, but it goes far beyond that, and is completely unrelated in many circumstances.

    B.L.Donnelly, interesting addition to the mix you suggest there. The instance on Stygian’s post seems to support that. Hm, and “CHI”town has seen much blood/grist “grind” through it’s death/torture mill, has it not?

  21. All of this makes me question is sex natural considering it serves a as process to trap other light beings into 3d bodies. If you look at it from that perspective then indeed sex equals death, because your creating another carbon vessel prison for a spiritual being…on the other hand new agers tend to preach that light souls have chosen to come to this 3d prison to learn by having experiences…which begs the question neo asks to the oracle in the second part of the matrix about whether she, the oracle, being free will choice program is part of the system?…. to which she replies that all things are programs and that he would have to make his own mind wether she was there to help him or not…its then she tells neo we have already made our choices were here to understand why we made them… a meme? or the truth from the half?…who knows.

  22. The Meagn Fox interviews were an interesting read. Everett’s gonna be shut down if he keeps it up, or at least lose his whole audience 😀 Did he say what he thought about it?

    I just watched The Simpsons Tree House of Horror XX, and wow! I loved the “criss cross” stuff from Throw Momma From The Train (and, I guess, a Hitchcock movie before that?). Plenty of X’s there. And the gay reference of Homer foreshadowed the later Moe-centered story where homer supposedly turned gay and ran off. Lots of gayness around Homer these days.

    I love Javier‘s last comment. He’s pondering the big questions, which is nice to see.

  23. Really enjoyed the podcast, thanks Celtic Rebel & SP. I laughed alot listening to it. Great job.
    Great analysis on Jennifer’s Body aswell. Learning new stuff every time I read this blog…

  24. I’ve just re-watched the miniseries “Tinman” which is a re-imagining of “The Wizard of Oz”. What a treasure trove! I may have to create my own blog just to analyze this skid-mark.

  25. Javier, great comment. The good questions are the ones I can’t even begin to answer. I find myself wondering if the “oracle” is representative of Lucy Fur. The dualistic one-god adversarial “software program” of our youth indubitably clouds our vision, leaving us more open to manipulation by the likes of the Warchowskis, et al.

    ViolatoR, Everett seemed more upset that I didn’t bring up “anal sex” during my interview on, hm Oracle Saturday, feeling the hm, network, needed it. I believe he uses the standard “the views of these madmen you are about to hear do not necessarily represent” …

    You should be more worried about yourself. 👿 The closer you associate yourself to me, may well lead towards you either stealing/sharing one of my many fanatic stalkers, or perhaps, even earning your own set of mentally unbalanced obsessive monkeys.

    Yea Throw Momma was basically a dumbed-down overtly Jewish retelling of the Hitchcock movie.

    Brian, we are but clowns here to amuse you. 😀 In seriousness, if we made you laugh, then we did this right.

    Mat, I’ve not seen that show, or is “mind-fuck” a better term? I guess in an upside-down world, what lies over the rainbow, if you probe deep enough is shite.

  26. Lol thnx violater in reality i tend to focus more on the forest than the trees so I depends heavily on sharp eyes that focus on small details to make up my macro theories, if you really want to see something that will make you ask questions, you have to watch this synch clip…it describes the meaning behind the X…take note he says at 4 years of age, 4 being the number of creation… he was caged, and that the cursed seal destroys brain cells…lol u might want to see this too rebel believe me animai and cartoons can give you better understanding than the best psyop movies.

    The vid:

  27. Entertaining and informative at the same time.
    Might there be a possibility of a guest in some episode?


  28. “Dude, the “front butt” is called a “vagina!””

    You are a bit misinformed here.

    Example of a front butt:

    Obviously, she cannot have a front butt. There is intentional effort to shift the meaning? Are all of the trendwords/attractors crafted for long term effect? How about ostensibly rebels such as 4Chan? At least it (especially second generation repeaters) is disgusting hivemind on autodrive.

    Words a like talismans for idiots and hivemind is the future. Breaking the matrix is the creation of the matrix.

    Javier: “All of this makes me question is sex natural considering it serves a as process to trap other light beings into 3d bodies. If you look at it from that perspective then indeed sex equals death, because your creating another carbon vessel prison for a spiritual being…”

    Gnostism in its various creeds.

    “on the other hand new agers tend to preach that light souls have chosen to come to this 3d prison to learn by having experiences…”

    Movement by TPTB

    “which begs the question neo asks to the oracle in the second part of the matrix about whether she, the oracle, being free will choice program is part of the system?….”

    Movie by TPTB. And that ‘eye-in-the-triangle is asshole’ is old hat.

    “The Illuminati believe that they can suck the life spirit out of a person through intercourse with what they call the Eye of Horus (the anus). This is why the leaders of this World Order (such as George Bush, Bill Clinton, and tens of thousands of others) are into sodomy, they are trying to vampirize all the years of life out of the victim to gain a longer life. Some of the sad child victims, who have been kept exclusively for this purpose do look like the life force has been sucked out of them.”

    Deeper insights into the Illuminati formula by Fritz Springmeier and Cisco Wheeler. I think it’s from 1996 – X-files era.

  29. About the gay agenda; here’s my opinion: I just watched the oscar worthy action movie “COM-MAN-DO” with good old Arnie… well – I like it (and even the soundtrack is cool).
    Of course, the main villain really does look like the lost member of the village people – and yes – knives may be symbolic dicks… whatever.
    But I still don’t really get that equation right: I mean, when I was a teenager I loved movies like this; with muscular heroes like Schwarzenegger, Van Damme or Lundgren – but I always wanted to look like these guys not because of being gay but because of getting all the girls.

    Another story: A guy from my circle of friends lately said: “Hey guys – does one of you happen to have some good porn movies – some NORMAL ones with the good old “in-out” action – but PLEASE without that stupid annoying ass fucking?!?”

    Well, I say that most guys are not really interested in putting their cocks up a lady’s butt – because it’s hard enough performing it with the “classic” entracne 😀

    Okay – and here’s a joke from southern bavaria: A farmer asks his neighbour: “Hey, have you ever put it in the wrong hole?” The neighbour then answers shocked: “God forbid! – she could get pregnant then!!!”

  30. Javier, you primed the pump, so to speak, but the well came up dry. The vid you linked is not available in the “oosa.” Can you send me the name of the vid or an alternate link?

    Corbeau, thank you. Funny you should mention that, cause SP was, just the other day, suggesting I bring on some of my “more erudite commenters.”

    F.B., I am DISinformed, but not in the way the word suggests. Was aware of the “font butt” phenomenon, which you find in the UFA,United Fatties of America, and the Euro Fat Union, which is catching up quickly.

    However, as you suggest, “Needy” is rail-thin and doesn’t even have a feminine pooch, much less foldable flaps of gluttonous flesh. Gay Boy is definitely talking about her second hole. Maybe he learned that on 4chan? 😀

    Some good quotes there, some of which appear in my prior posts. Will disagree with the gnostics somewhat, as I don’t think anyone chose to come to “a prison.” Kind of like those old hell “in disquise” jokes.

    C, SP and I laughed heartily over your comment, because ComManDo comes up in the next/last podcast. Soon my friend, soon! 😆

    Of course the gay guys like Ahnold and Wham-Bam got the girls in the movies. Recently, at a bar, I was entreated to some old guy call out one of the “text-happy” womanizing boys about being way too effeminate. His response: “Dude! I’m a proud metrosexual. Because of it, I get pussy every night of the week.” Oh, fools in their ignorance, so easy to engineer into exactly who you want them to be.

  31. Saul Williams is calling the hybrids “neo-indigenous”. He is so full of shite, anything for that all mighty dollar and fame.

    “Niggy Tardust is a representation of the generation that is to come, which is a generation of hybrids of people that belong and identify with more than one reality. People that identify with being black and white, Asian and Latino, male and female — it’s the androgyny of identity. That sense of self that is unified with all. Niggy Tardust symbolizes the neo-indigenous.”

    Saul Williams Learns From Trent Reznor, Rick Rubin and David Bowie

  32. Twisting the knife? Cronenburg? Crash?

    SRA. Satanic Ritual Abuse time! Yaaay! Must read The Ultimate Evil

    I would give a quote but it is 800 pages with annoyingly no index, just contents list, so I can’t be bothered to wade through it, even though it is brilliant, as it’s 03.35 here. He follows a trail of murders and characters around the country from LA to NY, Dakota and further to find a source back in the Process Church, which is a limited view.. The subject is not explored into the greater realms of CIA MK Programs and Global Child Abuse and Sex Slavery but then forgiveably as it is already 798 pages long! Near 800 bargains!

    However he does not connect the England-founded US Satanic/Luciferian Church network with the even the US Masonic Lodges never mind Masonic Crown NWO Elite so this extremely threatening and scary idea of Global Government Illuminati Elite killing us like sheep doesn’t rear it’s head to challenge the truth-seeker. A missed opportunity but obviously a much greater risk to Maury he dare not think or risk his neck on.

    In it, the pertinent juicy fact is that Roy Radin, a Hollywood 666 Cultist of probably medium rank, is quoted according to police statement to have said to his gay accomplice that in the Cult “You always drink the blood” and f@cked their poor victim (RIP) in his wounds as per Crash (!!!)! So it’s an established Satanic practice. He was too coked up and sloppy to not get caught but the wider links were ignored of course.

    The Ultimate Evil: and for a “balanced” view you could read this tedious and lengthy pernicious waste OTO defence which will convince many of the falsity of International Satanic Killer Cults, DESPITE the deluge of evidence for Global Elite Luciferian Mass Murder pouring out of the Media System/Sewer and all Government and Establishment life for those with clear eyes. There are many compilations of case notes on penal convictions for Satanic sacrifice and rape of children and adults. They claim to be altruist saints but the fruits of their Masonic Tree are plainly rotten and deadly poison.

    Google, you know… CIA MK Ultra, Finders Cult, read Fritz’s subtly disinfo-laden but 95% true classics on “Monarch”, see the torrents of advertising laughing at and degrading we slaves… Just because one is not psychopathic doesn’t mean there wouldn’t be a pyschopathic culture of assimilating Mafia, syndicating to try to rule the world, in which might succeed using the science of Mind Control

    Lest we wake up.

    Have a nice day! ;D

  33. quoth DPS: Just because one is not psychopathic doesn’t mean there wouldn’t be a pyschopathic culture of assimilating Mafia, syndicating to try to rule the world…

    Trying to rule the world? This realm belongs to Satan. Or so I’m told. And so it seams {sic}.

    Thus, as with all webs/fabrications, it too must fall apart at the edges {of reality}…

    Yes, waking up within the dream (or nightmare if u prefer) is of utmost import methinks.

    ciao, ta

  34. heha, great stuff!

    another ‘funny’ thing in COMMANDO: When Arnold car-jacks the woman’s porsch, she asks : “You’re not going to kill me are you?, not that you’d tell me if you were going to…” Arnold’s response is “sure I would” !!!

    (because it’s not the same ritual if they don’t tell you about it before it happens)

  35. Antares, I had never heard of Saul Williams until now, and see he’s just another black who took a “good Jew name,” ala Whoopi, just to get ahead in The Biz. He’s “the shit,” literally. Went ahead and block-quoted your text, lest anyone get confused it was you talking, as that’d make you sound like a real asshole. 😉

    Per [ahem, author] Benjy Eisen: “an artist of many talents.” My ass!

    Peter, interesting. That book’s likely worth a read. Obviously, Cronenberg [aka the “skull-fucker”] didn’t pull that scene out of his ass. What really goes on behind the “news” would probably cause most people’s brains to explode.

    Hm, just realized that Cronenberg directed Scanners.

    annemarie, that’s what the gnostic Cathars taught. Probably why there’s so few of them left around after “God’s” sacrificial bonfires.

    Dave, great catch. Great point. Of course they’d tell us! And, do. Argh, more on Commando … T-1 Day and ticking…

  36. lol youtube censored it for copyright and strangely enough the file corrupted on my comp too…no doubt the dark forces are stopping this connection from coming out to light oh well plan b… here is link describing the whole plot however the devil is in the details as they say..

    “Neji was born with an unmarked forehead… he was branded with the Hyuga Main Family’s Juinjutsu by his uncle Hiashi. All branch members carry this curse mark, as it is a symbol that one lives only to serve”

    “Neji concluded that fate is something decided at birth and that no matter what one does, people cannot escape their destiny”

    then here description of the actual curse seal destroying brain cells. Funny that the curse seal is an X derived from the original swatiska design

  37. Some synchromystic odds and ends (pun intended):

    “Rapture” made me feel weird after watching it, but I remember thinking the girl with the pearl was hot, so I guessed her to be the actress Stephanie Menuez. I checked her profile and saw she was in “Gremlins 2: The New Batch”, which is a train wreck of a film but a synchromystic’s dream (right down to the news crews from channels “9” and “11” covering a disaster in a New York skyscraper.) Then I noticed Joe Dante (the director) supplied the voice of the “Wicked Witch Gremlin”

    Yep, you said it: It all begins and ends with Oz.

    I thought of your side by side comparison of Saturn’s north and south pole. There’s been a lot of sci-fi films taking place in the Antartic (mostly horror). Connection? Not sure. Also there’s a (hip-hop?) line of clothing called “South Pole”.

    Taken from “Aliens”: “Allright sweethearts, you heard the man and you know the drill: Assholes and elbows! Hudson, come here…come HERE!”

    invisible sun

  38. Enjoyed the podcast – it was a little like eavesdropping on a private conversation. Guys love to talk about ass:)

    I just bought Lana Cantrell’s book. Fascinating stuff. And Jesus it’s huge. Nothing to discuss yet since I just finished the introduction. I’ve been sick (horrendous cold – not the unspeakable flu) so this will be good for all the laying low I’ve had to do…if I can hold it up.

    Thanks again!

  39. Javier, oh well, too bad. Interesting cause the cross/x is an extremely negative symbol, both spiritually and electromagnetically. Born to serve. Born to die. But, the swastika rebranded with fear and loathing, in this upside-down world, is actually a positively radiating one.

    invisible sun, some nice additions. Haha, the “drill.” Yea, I’d heard of the clothing line. One of my friends has a little girl who came home from a friend’s house wearing such. “Why are you wearing shorts that say butt-hole?” asked the Mom. The kid’s since decided never to wear such again. Honesty works.

    C, sorry it took me son long to get around to viewing and approving this. Oh my god, what an sick insane little clip. It pretty much covers every single topic we discussed. Which begs the question: who made this and why?

    knowglow, you know how we [guys] roll babe! 😀 You bought the book? Been meaning to do a write-up of some of her ideas (some of which I disagree with), but who knows when, or even if, that’ll happen. Regardless, that book is multi-functional. One, it expands the mind. Two, should someone break into your house, you can beat them to death with it. 😆

  40. Quickpost this image to Myspace, Digg, Facebook, and others!

  41. Yeah, that’s quite synchromistic, isn’t it. A friend of mine postet this Videoclip on facebook.

    Google tells this: Truckers Delight animated video clip directed by newcomer wunderkid Jérémie Perin (Premiere Heure) who takes the song’s title (a tribute to those little pleasures that the lonely truck- driver indulges himself in) and takes it to the next level. Think Spielberg’s Duel + Russ Meyer’s Faster Pussycat Kill Kill! and Marc Dorcel’s wildest fantasies. All warped into an 8-bit Sega era style graphic. And this clumsy and somehow pretentious description doesn’t even come close to what you’re about to see: it’s très funny,très dirty, -très sexy. Très Flairs indeed.

    Well, the questio WHO makes such clips. Guys like me! Have you ever heard of the so called “demoscene”?

    he demoscene is a computer art subculture that specializes in producing demos, which are non-interactive audio-visual presentations that run in real-time on a computer. The main goal of a demo is to show off programming, artistic, and musical skills.

    When you watch those demos, they very often have such topics, but I think all this happens on a subconscious or synchromystic level.

    Nah… the truth is: We are the freemasons of the computer world. Everyone uses computers, but noone knows the scene… 😛

  42. knowglow: “Enjoyed the podcast – it was a little like eavesdropping on a private conversation.”

    When Alex and I started talking on the phone, it was very much like this “podcast,” and we thought there was enough good stuff in our conversations that recording the next ones could prove entertaining. So, here you go 😀

  43. You guys are really great at interpreting the agendas and double meanings. I just got done watching the Dr.Woods 911 videos, that’s amazing. I’m not so hard the mysticism sect of syncronicity fans. Seems to me there is a magic out there, it’s not all conditioning. I do still enjoy the use of my negatively charged paranoid awareness. I’m trying not to hold a bias against any form of belief system or mind entrainment … I think the false realities we accept we’ve accepted freely and knowingly on a certain level. This is a micro/macro relationship with the Amnesiac God Head Theory.

    Stygian Port sounds like a robot puppet from Mystery Theater 3000. I think you guys should run with that type of characterization, lol.

    I like how you guys have taken off the FIG leaves, blew away all that FOG and don’t mind being open about the way you feel about FAGs. Quick story, I sucked a dick when I was 5 once. Nothing really gay after that. [XXX] I have always been really friendly with homosexuals and often great friends with male homosexuals, never really known many lesbians. All girls hide in caves underground or something, I never see them. I am disturbed by the concept of homosexuality, yet remorseful for my feelings. I definitely and vehemently disgusted by homosexual illuminati’s agenda. You all could talk more about black people. All the Black male actors have to do a gay scene in Hollywood. You all talked about Rap & Hip Hop for a second but isn’t there a huge interracial sex propaganda while Jews and Greeks are very strict. Y’all could talk about Black / Brown agendas and you’re covering the depredation / masculinization of the female pretty well. Any other topics outside those bubbles would be great too cause you guys are having dirty conversations most of the time.

    There has to be something really beautiful, all inspiring, whatever it is that keeps you guys from killing yourselves. I was fascinated by the forms and functions of occult symbols. So I’m totally in love with your field observations. Listen to World Gone Square by Dark Circle … I got it off Red Ice. Funny … oh yes always tell us what you think is funny, it’s a diametric filter in my opinion and shows special stuff. Funny that coins are metal, still having some real value and square bills are debt. I’m into Non Euclidean geometry, much more psychedelic. Non E, like parabolas, let space fold dimensions with itself like this bifurcated Matrix y’alls a rantering around. Dogs know what’s up. A dog loves a ball and will chase a wheel. People love the wheel / circles. The circular / Non Eclidean grids are congruent to our material reality. The Ernst Mach Quadrant is congruent to consciousness. I came to this realization in Design class before becoming a paranoid / syncster. But afterwards I saw that MK AmeroNazi’s use a 13×13 Ernst Mach Cube to fracture the minds of programmed victims.

    the grid from Rome was divided by the length a soldier could throw a javelin

  44. cig, yeah, a lot of those games are overt male social engineering projects.

    C, well this takes us back to the conversation from Dinner [2], doesn’t it? When observing videos like the one in question are we really observing “synchronicity” or the ripples left behind from a boat that passed a long time ago? We’re still not closer to the identity of the captain, and we’re interpreting the results of AI systems?

    ViolatoR, jes!

    James, yeah, I think Dr. Woods time has come. Perhaps, as someone suggested, I can have her on as a guest in a future project. Odd observation: I know SP’s gonna watching an episode of MSK3000 to see what the heck you mean. 😀

    I talked about Black “Culture” in my first podcast I put out [Social Engineering 101]. I’ve had a surprising number of black females contacting me afterwards and thanking me for saying [having the balls to] what needed to be said. And just like the gay agenda, they’ve got too many of us afraid to speak out.

    Hm, the “key” to a 13x13x13 cubic matrix would be 19. Good comment. Interesting song. Were Jaye Z to take that dick out of his mouth long enough to listen, I think he’d highly disapprove. 😆

  45. hey man i love your site. you nd your own radio show cuz your stuff is so original. much love man keep up the great work.

  46. High Italian art: chi cago di notte

    Regards, (interestingly is french for ‘looks at’)

  47. Guess what?
    I Googled “jennifer’s body degenerative bullshit,” and this came up on the first page! Special :] So needless to say I gotta comment! Anyways watched that movie earlier, been avoiding it – now I know why – what a degenerative piece of shit. Hence the re-search that brought me here. Can’t sleep. Great article, I haven’t read it with the context yet and I want to say a lot more but I’ll keep it limited to that movie.
    First of all, like indie bands are the ones who go around sacrificing people for fame!!! What a crock of shit that was. And isn’t there enough sacrificing involved in fame – WITHOUT the occult being involved?
    More importantly – the way it sized up the high school girl mentality that THEY CREATED with these movies like Heathers and Mean Girls and Jawbreaker etc – they’re all the same effing movie – they throw in all this gay slang, nonchalantly, like they don’t know what they’re really saying, when you know, THEY KNOW EXACTLY what they’re saying. And when you boil everything down, all it is, is **homosexually-competitve** programming – in this case, geared primarily towards girls – not women, girls. Below 16, if not below 13. The fact that it’s rated R means fuck all. And with these movies, they’ve taken all the decency of two girls being actual friends, and protecting one another – which is natural – they’ve taken that possibility, and shat all over it, with this push to compete with one another – and all in an effort to possess, or claim one another. That’s your BFF – you own half of her vagina. I get it now. So your BFF is synonymous with your worst frenemy. She’s your best friend for fucking ever, unless you stand up for yourself, or contradict her – that’s the same as crossing her.
    That’s so evil – to create that – to perpetuate that. All those movies set women on that path – at a bright age – to compete with their own, for the same bitch boys. You are correct. Women’s rights my ass, all we do is fight for the right to claw each other’s faces off – that’s all we’ve learned. And at the day, what are we talking about? Parasitic people / vampires / monsters / etc in a *perpetually co-dependent energy exchange* with victims / hosts / “needy” people. Even her name!!! It was just so full of codes, For once I wish my mind could vomit. And when it was [finally] over with, I really wanted to talk to you.
    So what the hell is this… did Whoogle hear me in my distress? Haha… It’s never brought me to your work before. That is weird. Maybe it’s just a coincidence :] Maybe not. But you know what man? I stand by what I say, about going over your old work. Having re-read this with more context in mind will help me sleep. Because it does put me at ease, knowing you’re out there, explaining these things. So thank you for everything, as always.

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